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Via the boiling nuclear furnace of cosmic madness Azathoth, @fearthefloof/NevilleTheCat exposes the massive privilege of our elite-but-not-elite "journalists" and National Hall Monitors
With this much wealth and privilege, you'd think they'd have something better to do than sit on Twitter 24/7/365.
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S2-E6, CBD and J.J. Sefton discuss: Will abortion save the Democrats' bacon? The vicissitudes of the Latino vote and will open borders swamp a growing conservative shift in that group? Italy and Sweden elect populist candidates; are they waking up? ceding the language and allowing the Left to define and dictated terms of normalcy, Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants praises Coastguardsman hero who will lose his job for not getting the Covid shot, the continued war on fossil fuels, Psaki-psircling back to prospects for Lee Zeldin in New York despite a useless state GOP, Nordstream Pipeline: sabotage or poor maintenance, and much more! Plus, next week Dave in FL returns with more election prognostications as the midterms approach.
On this day in history10/04/1957, two events occurred: Most have heard of the launch of Sputnik but fewer know that it was the broadcast premier of Leave It To Beaver. [dri]
"Coal Miner's Daughter" and Country legend Loretta Lynn dies at age 90

A statement from the family of Loretta Lynn.

"Our precious mom, Loretta Lynn, passed away peacefully this morning, October 4th, in her sleep at home at her beloved ranch in Hurricane Mills." The family of Loretta Lynn.

Hurricane Mills, what a name!
A emotionally battered, broken man reviews She-Hulk episode 6
"The show is getting really hard to watch," viewers say
By the way, the "friend" whose wedding She-Hulk attends in this laugh-an-hour comedy spectacular is a transsexual because of course
It has been an iron law that SJW Diversity Hires are not allowed to fail, or, rather, always fail upwards. This is such a noxious, notorious disaster that it might break that rule. There might be some actual career damage for the obnoxious, entitled, spectacularly untalented gals who made this piece of shit.
Chris Gore, formerly of Film Threat, reviews "Bros"
Spoiler: Hooboy. Here's a quick synopsis: Gay gay gay gay gay. Gaygaygaygay, gay gay, gay gaygaygay. Gay? Gaygay, gay. Gay! Gay-gay. Gaygaygaygay gay gay.
Every single subplot is something gay. It is, as George Constanza would say, deeply gay, steeped in gayness. It's like they took the rejected pitches for five gay Netflix shows and mashed them together into one Frankengay movie. I guess they thought they might be the last gay movie ever made so they had to jam every gay issue into one movie. Which might have turned into a self-confirming fear -- this probably is the last high-budget gay romcom.
Oh, and you're bigots for resisting teaching your kids about homosexuality when they're in second grade, but you knew that, homophobes.
"The failure of 'Bros' is earned. It's an earned failure."
David French says it's "completely false" that he called the Blaze management to complain about a tweet criticizing him. He also says "it's a complete lie" and "never happened."
Just noting his side of it.
As to attempting to get Julie Kelly fired, he says he wasn't trying to get her fired, he was just " call[ing] out your grotesque lie about a person who was a victim of childhood sex abuse at 12 years old" to her boss
I don't know, usually when Karen contacts your Manager it's not just an informational "rap" sesh.
While homophobia about two men falling in love likely figured into "Bros" box office flop, the $4.8 million opening suggests that many LGBTQ viewers didn’t show up to see the comedy in theaters either. So why did "Bros" disappoint?

It's not homophobic to not want to see a gay romcom. Your invitation for straight people to be gay, made about six million times, has been heard, and is once again politely declined.
Twitchy notes:
"Straight people aren't entirely to blame." Either Zack Sharf or William Earl, the two writers behind the story, noted that he "saw a group of men being openly homophobic by mocking the 'Bros' poster for featuring a guy putting his hand on another guy's butt." The star power just wasn't there.

Should I watch gay porn too? How far do I have to go, exactly, in celebrating gay sex? But yeah, the "star power wasn't there" is an understatement. Bill Eichner is an absolute, a real entry in the Who's Who of Who's That? He had a couple of very minor low-budget basic-cable filler shows, mostly running around with a camera asking people stupid questions. He should obviously have been given a movie to make and star in in the first place. This is like making a swords-and-sorcery action movie starring Jonah Goldberg: The Riddle of Sandwich.
I just realized that, now that his movie is bombing and he's losing all the money he guilted out of his backers, he's using a variation of "fan baiting" -- he's attacking "straight people" in "certain parts of the country" for not seeing his movie, not to actually get those people to see his movie, but to create a Culture War Imperative to guilt lefties into paying to see the movie, in order to teach those Homophobic Red Staters a lesson and win one for Team Progressive.
What a disgusting troll, stirring up civil strife to sell some tickets to his crap movie. But this is what they always do whenever their latest sh*t offering is in the toilet.
This just the old political maxim: If you want to draw a crowd, pick a fight. Hollywood uses this cynical political maneuver constantly now.
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click: Hot Canadian Cheese Edition
This one started going through my head on Friday and I have been RAWKIN' out to it ever since.
NY Judge Rules Polygamy On Same Level as Couple Relationships Slippery Slope? Nope...that was 10 years ago. We are over the cliff. [CBD]
Video: Elizabeth Banks, who wrote a feminist screed movie, directed a feminist screed movie, and then marketed it as a feminist screed movie in Charlie's Angels, claims that it was never a feminist screed movie, but just a totally-apolitical fun action movie which was malevolently mis-marketed as a feminist screed movie (almost certainly, I would guess, by Evil Men who Won't Let a Woman Succeed)
She told men that if they didn't go out to see a movie that was clearly not made for them and in fact was a 100 minute long insult against them, then they were misogynists trying to keep women down. At the risk of playing into her infantile worldview: Shut up, bitch.
Stupid idea that could be clever: Can we get SJWs and transextremists to start pressuring corporations to post their "Corporate Pronouns"? Like, shouldn't we know what Nike's and Apple's pronouns, as corporate entities, are?
Sargon of Akkad's frequent podcasting partner Callum has returned from his insane trip to Kabul and posted his report
BTW, when the Biden Administration tells you the planes and helicopters they left behind are non-functioning, they're lying, he says
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