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A site for members of the Horde to post their stories seeking beta readers, editing help, brainstorming, and story ideas. Also to share links to potential publishing outlets, writing help sites, and videos posting tips to get published. Contact OrangeEnt for info:
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"On April 10th, our father, Orenthal James Simpson, succumbed to his battle with cancer."
If his hearse isn't a white Bronco I'm going to be very disappointed.
-- Posted by: JackStraw
CJN podcast 1400 copy.jpg
Author and science reporter Robert Zimmerman of joins CBD and J.J. Sefton (we dragged him into the studio!) to discuss his recent three-part series on how far the Democrats will go to try to steal the 2024 elections, the potential mayhem that would follow, the potential for secession or dissolution of the USA as well as the hope for national revival, and so much more!
SEFTON UPDATE, Friday 4/5/24 -- Dear friends: the outpouring of love, prayers and words of encouragement from you all have absolutely blown me away. I can't even begin to express my gratitude at being blessed to have all of you in my corner. Anyway, despite the ridiculously appropriate Yiddish expression lok-in-kopf (a hole in the head, as in, "I need this like") I just wanted to let you know that I'm in good spirits, feeling no physical pain and taking it a day at a time. I'm itching to get back in the saddle, but for now, I'll just be lurking. God bless you all. J.J. Sefton
A small 4.8 earthquake gently rocked NYC and the tri-state area as if easing it to sleep, so you're going to hear drama queen shrieking about this minor trembler for a week
Gaza Ministry of Health

Earthquake, likely caused by Zionists, reached 174.3 on the richter scale in New Jersey today.

Also all of those unsold "Earthquake: NYC" scripts are going to get a fresh thumb-through.
Remembering Ted Kennedy's disastrous Easter Sunday "And thanks for the transformation of America into a hellhole." [CBD]
CJN podcast 1400 copy.jpg
CBD and J.J. Sefton (who?) discuss: The psychos at NBC go berserk at the hiring of Ronna McDaniel, the disaster, intentional or not, of B'more's Key Bridge, Trump might have a chance at beating the cheat, Lieberman's legacy, and more! Blessed Good Friday and Easter to all.
Like a Bridge Over Maxine Waters "I don't think I could have chosen a better or more appropriate metaphor for the abject disastrous state that this nation finds itself mired in than what happened this past Tuesday morning in Baltimore." My latest essay at Taki's Magazine. Please read and comment. [J.J. Sefton]
Youngkin Utterly Destroys Gun Control Push by VA Dems The rise of the power of the states! [CBD]
CBD speaks with special guest "Vox Clamantis," military intelligence vet, formerly of the Trump administration and legal eagle extraordinaire digging into the J-6 prosecutions, which are unprecedented political persecutions, the crucial US vs Fischer case coming up at SCOTUS, the pesky Constitution and gun rights, and more!
Gutfeld monologue sums up exactly what is wrong with the male/female relationship dynamic in society today. Female delusional empathy has ruined everything. [dri]
Ffrequently Asked Questions: What does the double-f in names like "Ffolkes" mean?
Answer: the double-lower-case "ff" was used to indicate a capital "F" in old scripts where there was no capital F at all. But this spelling -- which wasn't really a spelling at all, just an attempt to signal a capital "F" in names -- got mistakenly incorporated into English giving rise to names like "ffoulkes" and "ffrench." HL Mencken says that even though the original spelling would be "ffoulkes," you should go ahead and capitalize the first "F" so it doesn't look completely stupid. "Ffoulkes" looks 10% less stupid than "ffoulkes."
Bloody Knows (Or, Taken Completely Out of Kotex) "'Our speech is violence, but their violence is speech. . . ' Democrat Leftists are allowed to say whatever the hell they want, regardless of consequences real or imagined because they get to control the language. Unless and until we no longer accept that situation, we'll always be under the gun. And please don't take 'under the gun' out of context, or else my head will explode. Literally. Or not." My latest essay at Taki's Magazine. Please read and comment! [J.J. Sefton]
Quick movie review: The Beekeeper is definitely worth the $6 rental. Written by the guy who wrote Equilibrium and featuring the same kind of Unstoppable Force of Nature hero.
Bonus movie review: The Amazon Roadhouse remake is also really good. I'm as surprised to write it as you are to read it. Not sure why they didn't release it into theaters. Disclaimer: I barely remember the first one and have no affection for it so my review is not any kind of comparison at all. I'm not the kind of guy who would object that they "totally changed Dalton's character" or whatever. Though they did change his character.
Candace Owens leaves the Daily Wire, I assume with no love lost
BTW what does "no love lost" mean? Or rather, I know what it means, but why does it mean that? Why doesn't it mean that they love each other -- none of their love has been lost?
Answer: Per, it used to mean that the two parties were in love:
no love lost

Dislike, ill will, hate, as in There's no love lost between Bob and Bill. This term originated in the 1500s and until about 1800 could indicate either extreme love or extreme hate. The former was meant in "No love between these two was lost, each was to the other kind" (Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, 1765). Today, however, the term signifies ill will exclusively.

No word on why the meaning changed.
The Beekeeper just became available for rental and so I know what I'm doing for the next couple of hours. I'll let you know if it's worth the six buck.
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