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Trump: I’m winning because Americans are 'tired of being the patsies'
"Trump argued he is surging in national polls because he represents the Tea Party supporters ignored by Democrats and betrayed by Republicans. ¶ 'I love the Tea Party,' Trump said. 'You people have not been treated fairly. These are people who work hard and love their country, and then get beat up by the media. It’s disgusting.'" Check out the video. [rdbrewer]
Found on Zillow, this magnificent 16 bd, 35 ba, 55,000 sq ft residence is a showstopper. It's valued at $388M but is firmly ensconced in the "Make me sell" category which, frankly, is shocking, because I'd swear it's been bought and sold a number of times. - NDH

Julius Krein, Weekly Standard: Traitor to His Class: Nothing is more terrifying to the elite than Trump’s embrace of a tangible American nationalism
"What Trump offers is permission to conceive of an American interest as a national interest separate from the 'international community' and permission to wish to see that interest triumph. What makes him popular on immigration is not how extreme his policies are, but the emphasis he puts on the interests of Americans rather than everyone else." Large pic of the Trump wigs. [rdbrewer]
Ever wonder what happens when 2000 rounds of AK ammo are burned in an enclosed space? [dri]
Fogotten 70's Mystery Click
Harry Nilsson, "Jump Into the Fire." Come for the bass riffs. Stay for the drum solo. [rdbrewer]

BI: Boeing: Don't worry about China's economy — they're going to buy nearly $1 trillion worth of planes [rdbrewer]

BI: The heroin crisis is so bad in one US county that there were 16 overdoses in one day
"Washington county is nestled on the southwestern edge of Pennsylvania, bordering West Virginia." Tangentially related: Why don't they make heroin the drug used at executions? [rdbrewer]

Jonathan Foreman, Commentary: The Timothy Hunt Witch Hunt
"The Timothy Hunt affair represents more than the gratuitous eye-blink ruination of a great man’s reputation and career. It demonstrates the danger of the extraordinary, almost worshipful deference that academia, government institutions, and above all the mainstream media now accord to social media. It is yet more evidence of the way moral panic and (virtual) mob rule...." Via @Popehat. [rdbrewer]

Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney: Restoring American Exceptionalism: President Obama has dangerously surrendered the nation’s global leadership, but it can be ours again—if we choose his successor wisely
"President Obama has departed from this 75-year, largely bipartisan tradition of ensuring America’s pre-eminence and strength. ¶ He has abandoned Iraq, leaving a vacuum that is being tragically and ominously filled by our enemies. He is on course to forsake Afghanistan as well. ¶ He has made dangerous cuts to America’s military." Narcissists like Obama think they're geniuses, completely inscrutable to anyone not on their perceived level. The fact is they're more like dogs: once you know one, you know them all. They're utterly predicable: they think they have it all figured out when the reality is nothing of the sort. But you can't tell them anything. Via Drudge. [rdbrewer]

Daily Mail: 'It is a world of self-delusion': Male and female phone sex workers share intimate details about their jobs and their clients as they pose in their own homes for gritty picture series
Very gritty. Or I'd say gritty-funny. [rdbrewer]

Daily Mail: What do you do when you have £6 billion to spend?
Make low-interest loans available to small businesses to both "send the elevator back down," to get people employed, and to revv up the economy? Create a small fleet of 747 flying hospitals that bring doctors, surgeons--including plastic surgeons for kids--supplies and support staff to 3d world areas with few doctors? Nope. "Russian billionaire splashes out on £292 million superyacht he designed himself to enjoy with his supermodel wife." Via Drudge. [rdbrewer]
NY Mag: Ted Cruz Is the Only GOP Candidate Who Knows How to Handle Donald Trump
And from yesterday, Trump and Cruz are teaming up for rally against the Iran deal. :) [rdbrewer]

Forgotten 70's Mystery Click
Alice Cooper, "My Stars" from School's Out. Wonderful long intro to this song. Great piano riffs. Added: How to do some of those piano runs. [rdbrewer]

Walker criticizes Boehner’s slam on Cruz
"Walker said on Friday that such language is counterproductive to GOP interests regardless of who utters it. ¶ 'No, it doesn’t at all, particularly at a time when so many Americans, rightly so, are frustrated that we can’t get things done in Washington,' he said when asked if such language helps the Republican Party." [rdbrewer]

OneMorePost: Unusual Friendship Between Wolf And Bear Documented By Finnish Photographer [rdbrewer]
Sarah Palin: The Media Would Never Ask Religious/Spiritual "Gotcha" Questions of Any Democrat, Like Hillary Clinton
She's completely right, but I think her example of Hillary Clinton is wrong; I think Hillary Clinton is an actual Christian (or she's spent enough time faking it to be smooth in answering). I think Palin was practicing Defensive Pundit Medicine in not naming the person who seems rather unlikely to gush forth with a geysering stream of detailed information about the Christian faith: Barack Obama. Maybe Obama could answer these questions; I do know, however, the media never asked him to.

By the way, has America's Greatest Christian found a new church to attend yet? (Answer: No. The Famously Christian Obama never goes to church, and the media doesn't bother noticing this.)
DeepStuff: New technique could enable design of hybrid glasses and revolutionize gas storage
"The work revolves around a family of compounds called metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), which are cage-like structures consisting of metal ions, linked by organic bonds. Their porous properties have led to proposed application in carbon capture, hydrogen storage and toxic gas separations, due to their ability to selectively adsorb and store pre-selected target molecules...." [rdbrewer]

Daily Mail: Buzz Aldrin developing 'master plan' to begin colonies on Mars by 2040 as he launches partnership with university
"His current proposal for colonizing Mars involves a concept called 'Cycling Pathways to Occupy Mars' in which missions would be perpetually cycling between Earth and the red planet. ¶ Aldrin's long term plan for colonizing Mars would take intermediary steps, testing out bases on the Moon and stationing astronauts on Mars's larger moon Phobos." [rdbrewer]

Pat Buchanan: America's Racial Wounds Reopen
"The Washington Post headline got it right: 'Gunman's letter frames attack as racial revenge.' ¶ Other news organizations downplayed the racial aspect. But had those murdered journalists been young and black, and their killer a 40-something 'angry white male,' the racial motivation would have been front and center in their stories." [rdbrewer]

Daily Mail: The inoffensive everyday phrases used by reporter Alison Parker that earned her a death sentence because Flanagan deemed them 'racist'
Apparently this asshole considered just about everything racist. Like that time someone brought a watermelon to the office party, and not only that... but where they placed it. Free words-o-wisdom: If you're thinking a lot of innocuous things are racist and you get fired a lot, maybe the problem is you're an asshole. [rdbrewer]

Peggy Noonan: America Is So In Play
Via Drudge. "One is the deepening estrangement between the elites and the non-elites in America. This is the area in which Trumpism flourishes. We’ll talk about that deeper in. ¶ Second, Mr. Trump’s support is not limited to Republicans, not by any means. ¶ Third, the traditional mediating or guiding institutions within the Republican universe—its establishment, respected voices in conservative media, sober-minded state party officials—have little to no impact on Mr. Trump’s rise." [rdbrewer]

Daily Mail: More than 200 migrants feared dead and 200 rescued as two boats packed with refugees desperate to start a new life in Europe sink off the coast of Libya
Via Drudge. [rdbrewer]

Ann Coulter: The Constitution Still Doesn’t Grant Birthright Citizenship
"An impartial observer might contest whether the amendment is “clear” on that. 'Clear' would be: All persons born in the United States are citizens. ¶ What the amendment actually says is: 'All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.'... ¶ To the contrary, the cases in the first few decades following the adoption of the 14th Amendment leave the strong impression that it had something to do with freed slaves, and freed slaves alone...." Like I've argued in email, why have the clause and subject to the jurisdiction thereof at all if everyone born here is a US citizen. [rdbrewer]

Watchdog: Senior Official Let Household Watch Porn On 7 Government-Owned Computers
"An unnamed high-ranking Department of Commerce official kept at least seven government-issued computers at her home where somebody used the equipment for months to view pornography and web sites featuring racial slurs." Where can I get one of those jobs where I get paid over $100k dollars, including excellent medical and retirement bennies; where I can travel to conferences parties at first-rate hotels several times a year at someone else's expense--travel which includes fat per diem payments--and where I can watch porn all day and not get fired? Oh, and bonuses at the drop of a hat. Cuz I could handle that. [rdbrewer]
Why Bernie Sanders Won't Attack Hillary Clinton
These are his claimed reasons, at least.... a cynic might say his real reason is that he's not actually running for President and just wants to serve as a useful socialist foil for Hillary to play off of in order to depict herself (when needed) as a "centrist"....
Rich Lowry: The Field That Failed
To stop Trump, that is... Lowry looks at a bunch of factors, none of which are insignificant, but somehow dances his way around the most important one: Trump is the only guy expressing a view on illegal immigration shared by a large number of primary voters. The rest of the guys (mostly) are still giving us the "High Tech Virtual Fence" shuck-and-jive... As much as the Establishment screams that Trump is crude, vulgar, and ill-informed (and he is indeed those three things), they fail to acknowledge that lying to voters in a dismissive and condescending fashion is also a kind of crudeness and vulgarity... But I guess they find hoodwinking the Stupid Voters to be "elevated" or something
Video: Large submarine passes close to beach [rdbrewer]

Video: Hillary laughing
Stay with it. It gets funny at the end. [rdbrewer]

Stella Morabito: 10 Key Ways To Break The Mass Delusion Machine
"Thus, power elites can shape behaviors and attitudes by applying various techniques of crowd psychology, focused on propaganda and silencing dissent. ¶ The end product is thought reform or 'collective belief formation.' It’s all about molding your perception of a given issue so your perception will influence others’ perceptions, creating an 'opinion cascade.' Effective propaganda also keeps you in the dark about the fact that you are being manipulated." Her first point: drop political correctness. It's propaganda compliance. [rdbrewer]

Jim Geraghty: New Polling: Biden’s a Stronger Candidate than Hillary
"Remember yesterday’s crazy article, contending Joe Biden would be a tougher opponent for Republicans to beat than Hillary Clinton? Take a look at these new numbers out this morning from Quinnipiac...." [rdbrewer]

Conservative group releases Hillary sting video
"The video was filmed secretly by a Project Veritas operative posing as a Hillary for America volunteer. One campaign official is shown telling volunteers to ask people whether they support Clinton before offering to register them to vote, saying “we don’t want to make our focus — voter registration.” [rdbrewer]
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