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Saturday Night Live is not funny but that's okay, it pushes the approved Men Are Stupid and Useless message The Regime approves
BTW I have no idea what all these idiotic shows are that you obviously spend all day watching, Female Writers of SNL. So who's the idiot here?
Which countries will be the next Sri Lankas?
70 countries are listed as in possible danger of defaulting on their sovereign debt. 107 have at least one of the three indicators of possible sovereign default. (Among those indicators: Rising food prices and rising fuel prices. The third is rising debt payments.) This could get bad.
By the way, this is the first time I've seen this news outfit, "WION," The World Is One Network, a privately owned Indian news company. I don't know anything about them besides what Wikipedia says. This report seems professional enough. I'm at the point where if it's not American, I trust it more.
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CBD and J.J. are joined by co-blogger Buck Throckmorton to discuss topics he has selected including: Censorship in schools, Chi-Com encroachment into the South Pacific, Fuck NATO, "The Sustainable Organic Church of the Carbon Apocalypse," Starveflation, the COVID crime against humanity, 21st century feudalism, and more!
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click: Frontmen go solo edition
I saw Matt Dillon in black and white there ain't no colour in memories
He rode his brother's Harley across the TV while I was laughing at Dom deLuise.
Now I'm cycling all my video tapes, I'm crying and I'm joking
I've gotta stop drinking
I've gotta stop thinking
I've gotta stop smoking
Evangelos Odysseus Papathanassiou, the composer who went by the name Vangelis has passed away at 79. Vangelis is best known for his theme for the 1981 film "Chariots of Fire," the iconic soundtrack for "Blade Runner" and many other films. Always one of my favorites for haunting, evocative, modern orchestral works. RIP. [J.J. Sefton]
At 6:54 pm (Eastern) tonight a ULA Atlas-5 rocket will launch Boeing's manned Starliner capsule on its second attempt to complete an unmanned demo mission to ISS. NASA's live coverage will begin at 6 pm on NASA-TV. I have embedded the youtube channel of this live stream below the fold. At the moment the station is broadcasting its regular NASA propaganda (some of which is actually informative).
Watch live on Bob Zimmerman's Behind the Black linked here [J.J. Sefton]
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PA Senate primary- Trump love Oz; why? Sean Hannity is a no-neck douchenozzle, Massive backlash against Dems/Black disaffection, the "White Stalinist" Buffalo shooting, Is Musk looking to buy Twitter or take it down? Will the Russian quagmire in Ukraine become an American quagmire? The COVID fraud, a crime against humanity.
Doug Mastriano is projected to (easily) win the Republican nomination for governor.
For Senate, it's a two way race between McCormick (32.1%) and Oz (30.8%). The two front Establishment-Trump attack on Kathy Barnette seems to have doomed her to third (23.2%). F*** Sean Hanity.
Dave Wasserman @Redistrict I've seen enough: Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R) has lost renomination to state Sen. Chuck Edwards (R) in the #NC11 GOP primary.
Update! Deb Heine just reminded me -- Jen Psaki was just asked where this "Ultra-MAGA" term originated, and she, get this!, lied and claimed that Joe Biden had just spontaneously invented it on his own.
But the WaPo just reported it took the Biden Brain Trust SIX MONTHS to come up with the hot new political slur
I just need to change my vagina to an AR-15 so I'll have fundamental rights again.

Jesse Kelly
But then you'll have to clean it.
Cruel. Also, I'm looking up "Histrionic Personality Disorder" to see if those suffering from it like expressing it online.
Holy snap.

@seanhannity is doing a full throated hit on @Kathy4Truth [Kathy Barnette] in the republican primary race in Pennsylvania, right now. Then brings on @DrOz so the both of them can attack her.
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