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The conservatives who drove out John Boehner would need to get behind Paul Ryan unconditionally for speaker
"That means no opposition, no sniping, no acceding to demands in exchange for support." If this is true, it's disappointing. Is this how you build consensus? Many in the House would like to see reasonable rule changes, for example. He won't entertain that? He doesn't want to talk about amnesty? How is this "bridging the gap" between the wings of the GOP? This is simply more of the same: establishment types couldn't care less about public sentiment, and they want limited-government conservatives to simply shut up. They care about their real constituents: wealthy donors. #BringBackNewt [rdbrewer]
Vanity Fair: Hillary Clinton: “I’m Really Not Even a Human Being”
I KNEW IT! Well, we all knew it. The robot rumors were true. [rdbrewer]

RCP Average
Trump +5.3. [rdbrewer]

Trump on refugees: ‘They look like prime-time soldiers’
"'[T]hey’re mostly men, and they’re strong men,' Trump said on CBS’s 'Face the Nation' on Sunday. 'They look like prime-time soldiers.' ¶ 'But where are the women?' he asked. 'You see some women, you see some children. But for the most part, I’m looking at these strong men. So you ask two things: number one, why aren’t they fighting for their country? And number two, I don’t want these people coming over here.'" [rdbrewer]

Michael Rubin: Was Erdoğan Behind Ankara Bomb?
"No terrorists have issued a claim of responsibility.... I talked to friends and contacts that ranged the gambit from unapologetic Kemalists to apolitical Turkish businessmen to unabashed PKK supporters, and there was a remarkable consensus that Erdoğan and his handpicked allies in the Turkish intelligence service should be at the top of the list of suspects." [rdbrewer]

Breitbart: Paul Ryan ‘Terrifying,’ ‘Open Borders Seeps Out of Every Pore Of His Being’
Via Drudge. "As donor class Republicans and beltway pundits intensify their 'Draft Ryan' campaign, anti-amnesty advocates are pleading with House Republicans to quash the candidacy of the man they call the most open-borders member of Congress." #BringBackNewt [rdbrewer]

Scott Greer: House Speaker Paul Ryan Would Only Escalate The GOP’s Civil War
"That’s because on two key campaign issues Ryan is not only out-of-sync with the base, he’s the leading Republican championing the opposing view. Those two issues are, of course, immigration and President Obama’s trade dealing." #BringBackNewt [rdbrewer]

Kevin Williamson: OK, Let’s Fight
"The free-for-all over choosing a new House speaker isn’t chaos; it’s democracy." [rdbrewer]

Victor Davis Hanson: A Liberal’s Ten Commandments
"To better advance their causes, liberals should follow these modest Ten Commandments to live the rather "progressive" lives that they advocate for the rest of us." Via @EdDriscoll. [rdbrewer]

Forgotten 70's Mystery Click
Hint: An American band. Added: Large pic. [rdbrewer]
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BCochran's Baseball Playoffs Post
Yeah, it's at his blog, so watch out for tiny little velociraptor herders [CBD]

Moving the Goalposts: What Feminist ‘Rape Culture’ Discourse Is About
"American women are now less at risk of rape than at any time in the past 40 years, and the emergence of a frantic hysteria about 'rape culture' on college campuses therefore seems contradictory — unless you understand how feminist theory 'problematizes' heterosexuality." [rdbrewer]

Former Intelligence Analyst: Political Correctness Is A Manipulative Tool For Centralizing Power
"It was a project of cultural Marxists to capture the mediating institutions in our culture for ideological gain – the media, Hollywood, pop culture, academia and more. 'If you push an agenda to centralize power, you need mass ignorance and effective propaganda.'" Related: A must-watch video on the history of political correctness. [rdbrewer]

Michael Walsh: Richard Dawkins on Islam: ‘To Hell with Their Culture’
"Host Maher then added liberals should protect those who are being repressed regardless of who it offends. He went on to say this includes women forced to wear religious clothing, which led to Dawkins extraordinary comment. ¶ 'But that’s their culture and you have to accept it. It’s the one exception. Liberal about everything but this one exception, it’s their culture. Well, to hell with their culture.'" Interesting, since college profs will try to tell you one culture isn't superior to another; they're just different. Wrong. [rdbrewer]

Actual Headline, The Independent: Israeli Security Forces Kill Boy, 16, After Stabbing in Jerusalem as Violence Continues
So Israeli forces went around stabbing people and killed a boy? As William Jacobson asks, "Can someone fix this headline?" And let me ask: What is the problem with reporting clearly when Palestinians kill? "The headline, which is what most people read and sets the theme of an article, portrays the boy as the victim...." [rdbrewer]

Amir Taheri: Obama will be the only person sticking to Iran deal [rdbrewer]

Breitbart: Editor Temporarily Banned from Reddit
"Despite Wong’s accusations of organised voting campaigns on the part of his opponents, there is nothing to suggest that his apparent unpopularity on Reddit is anything other than the natural result of widespread dissatisfaction with the direction of Cracked." Wong has turned Cracked into ersatz Salon--which was already pretty ersatzy, IYNWIM. [rdbrewer]

Donald Trump's greatest fan talks to Neil Cavuto [rdbrewer]

Breitbart: Gingrich Says He Would Have ‘Moral Obligation’ to Accept House Speaker Role if Asked
"The former Speaker asserted that House leadership needs to have a sound strategy on how to deal with the continuing resolution that comes up in December and the debt ceiling." [rdbrewer]

Soopermexican, The Right Scoop: Newt Gingrich DISMANTLES Obama’s naive foreign policy
Scroll down for video. [rdbrewer]

Let's get this party started.
Jonah Goldberg: Bring Back Newt
Rep. Bob Barr: Bring Back Newt
Jeffrey Lord: Bring Back Newt
Live for Films: Bring Back Newt
Joss Whedon: Bring Back Newt
Disney - Pixar: Bring Back Newt
BringBackNewt: Bring Back Newt
@rdbrewer4: Bring Back Newt

Carson declares war on the press
"Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson admonished the Washington press corps Friday, calling the news media 'embarrassing' and 'insincere' and vowing to 'expose' the institutional bias he says runs rampant. ¶ Speaking at a gathering of reporters and communications professionals at the National Press Club in Washington, Carson lashed out at the press, citing several instances where he believes his views have been misrepresented." [rdbrewer]

Mediaite: Andrew Sullivan and Bill Maher Battle Over Hillary: She’s ‘A Talent-Free Hack’
Surprised Maher would spend so much time trying to defend such a nasty, negative person--and horrible politician. Well, she is a Democrat. So the bar is lower, I guess. Maher refutes Sullivan by trying to minimize his views as simple hate. [rdbrewer]

The Salt Guru: False Prophets
Video. FWIW, the Salt Guru is my favorite guru. [rdbrewer]

Time: How Che Guevara Didn’t Let Asthma Affect His Ambitions murder parents in front of their children. [rdbrewer]

Yahoo, Reuters: Clinton's support slides ahead of first Democratic debate
Via Drudge. "Clinton's support among Democratic voters fell 10 points within less than a week." So it's true: the more she talks, the more people hate her guts. [rdbrewer]
Renee Ellmers Rejects Affair Rumors As Completely Baseless; Says She'll Pray for Those Bearing "False Witness"
You know, one thing I'll say, I've noticed people are terrible gossips, and will claim to "know" things they plainly don't know at all, but have merely heard or suspected.. I hear gossip like this about DC people and I gotta tell you it usually seems to me that the chief information a gossip wants to present to you is "I am Important and Connected and I Know Things the Common Folk Don't Know"
It's Moderates In the House, Not Conservatives, Who Are Sowing the Chaos
Orderliness is a function of predictability, and the fact that moderates are now talking about forming a coalition with Democrats is an unpredictable, chaos-sowing maneuver... the conservatives, on the other hand, are predictable: they always prefer a conservative, but will, if needed, support a more moderate leader... The Moderates, on the other hand, are the ones talking about unprecedented coalitions with liberals. So who's the problem here?.

Scientists say ‘runner’s high’ is like a marijuana high
If that were true, @ConArtCritic would be svelte. [rdbrewer]

Peggy Noonan: Shows of Strength From Trump and Putin
Via Drudge. "Donald Trump has entered his second act. His polls, sometimes characterized as weakening, are in fact strong. As Bloomberg’s John Heilemann said on 'Morning Joe,' if Jeb Bush had Mr. Trump’s numbers everyone would declare the race over." [rdbrewer]

Clickhole: 18 Facts About The Ocean That Will Blow Your Mind
"2. The ocean’s two halves—underwater and the waves—are connected using an apparatus called Horizon’s Joint." [rdbrewer]

SciAm: How Elephants Stay Cancer-Free
"The animals have 20 copies of a key tumor-fighting gene; humans have just one." [rdbrewer]

CampusReform: Clemson University apologizes for serving Mexican food
No, not gas. Insensitivity. "Dr. Doug Hallenbeck, Clemson University’s Senior Associate Vice President of Student Affairs apologized for the event’s 'flattened cultural view of Mexican culture.'" Via Drudge. [rdbrewer]

Chris Cillizza: Kevin McCarthy’s implosion signals a full-blown Republican revolution
"If you are Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or John Kasich, what happened on Thursday in Washington should put a lump in your throat. The Republican establishment has been operating for months -- really since the rise of Trump -- under a belief that, eventually, things will return to 'normal'...." [rdbrewer]

Mediaite: Newt Gingrich Leaves Door Open to Return As Speaker of the House
AFAIC, the only thing you can say about that is BRING BACK NEWT! Let's get this show on the road. Added: With Boehner's record of failure, you're going to let him pick a successor? Sweep these guys out. [rdbrewer]

Michael Isikoff: Benghazi committee, under fire, releases more Clinton emails
"Hillary Clinton used her private email account to pass along the identity of one of the CIA’s top Libyan intelligence sources, raising new questions about her handling of classified information...." Via @GabrielMalor. [rdbrewer]

Kimberley Strassel: The Real Benghazi Investigation
"The Clinton-McCarthy spat is a shame. Trey Gowdy has led a model search for the truth." [rdbrewer]

Lanny Davis, Fox News: Hillary Clinton will be president... just look at how Republicans can't stop attacking her
Does that even make sense? Hillary is such a creepy figure, you have to wonder what Lanny Davis gets out of his knee-jerk defense(s). Still on the payroll? [rdbrewer]

NPR: Area Man Pickets MFA Because He Hates French Impressionist Paintings Of Renoir
No, not The Onion. "'Rosy cheeks are for clowns, do your job take them down,' they chanted as they stood at the end of the museum’s horseshoe driveway on Huntington Avenue for about an hour." [rdbrewer]

Eddie Scarry: Press just can't wait for the end of Donald Trump
"It's true that Trump's seemingly endless rise in polls and media coverage has leveled out and, in some cases, taken a dip. But he still maintains the lead in recent polls and usually by a large margin in a crowd of 13 other candidates." [rdbrewer]
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