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Ross Stevens, CEO of Stone Ross Asset Management, Withdraws $100 Million Donation from UPenn Due to Liz Magill's Smirking Nonchalance About Her Ghetto Trash School's Antisemitism
A lot of institutions, from Disney to the FBI to the Ivy League, want to see just how vile they can be before the public burns them to the ground
See this article for an argument about why the speech at Harvard should be protected. To be honest, I would agree... if Harvard had established a fairly absolutist position on free speech. But Harvard has already set a standard of eggshell-fragility for speechcrimes. If it says that calling for intifada right into Jews' faces is not harassment, then it's saying that Jews specifically can be subject to the sort of insult and taunting that none of the schools' Very Special Minorities are expected to bear.
If Harvard wants to explicitly publish its Racial Hierarchy, then fine, make that official and explicit, and let's see exactly where everyone ranks.
For a reminder, here's a Yale student screaming at a dorm advisor who wrote a private email questioning the wisdom of imposing too-strict guidances about Halloween costumes. Both the professor seen here and his wife were forced to leave their positions. So, this is the kind of eggshell-fragility standard that the Ivy Leagues have established as what minorities can demand when it comes to protection from speech.
Forgotten (Late) 80s Mystery Click
I'll tell your mama, I'll tell your friends/I'll tell anyone whose heart can comprehend/Send it in a letter, baby tell you on the phone/I'm not the kinda girl who likes to be alone
Garrett asked me to look this up for him
CJN podcast 1400 copy.jpg
Author and pundit Harry Stein joins CBD and J.J. to discuss: Will the Gaza War and rising anti-Semitism finally wake up American Jews to the danger of Leftists, the George Santos hypocrisy and uselessness of the GOP, the death spiral of NYC, and much more!
Commenter "Martini Farmer" has a bunch of really nice photos up on his Flickr page. [CBD]
This comedian on Carolla does a sick Jordan Peterson impression
Part of the trick is that he's memorized Jordan Peterson-esque soundbites, so if you mention a car, he can just say "Well a car is where it's at, isn't it? It's driving in the dead center of the road between order and chaos and that's a bloody crucial thing, you know! We need to get that straight and fast or else what're we even doing here, man!"
Whatever you say, he's got an "order versus law" or "lobster hierarchies" torpedo in the tube ready to fire
Later on he does a good Trump, too.
Here he and Carolla discuss the word salad speaking styles of Barack Obama and Gavin Newsom
Ace? Is this something? [TJM]
DeSantis v. Newsom debate on Sean Hannity at 9pm Thursday
I don't have Fox and can't figure out a way to watch it. This guy might be stealing the signal for his YouTube show.
Garth Merenghi -- author, dream-weaver, visionary, plus actor -- reads from his newest tome of terror, Incarcerat
He's on a book tour but apparently will not come to the US. Boo. I don't mean like a ghost, I mean Booooo. Booooo.
The Story of "Christmas Wrapping." The song he incorrectly thought was suddenly a hit was "I Know What Boys Like." Despite that being kind of iconic, it never went anywhere sales-wise. It was the "toss-off" nothing of a song "Christmas Wrapping" that became their big (surprise) hit.
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