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8 David French: SCOTUS just erased part of the constitution.
Posted by: Cat Ass Trophy

All this weak, effeminate man craved all of his life was some headpats and filthy lucre from the leftwing Lunatic Fringe.
His shitlib opinion column headline here
more of his sodomaniacal ravings here
Tom Elliott
@tomselliott NBC's @KenDilanianNBC [aka "Fusion Ken"]: "This is another example among many that are playing out right now of the Supreme Court playing a huge role in American elections, & it's not necessarily the case that thats a good thing for the Supreme Court. The approval levels of the court poll at historic lows ... It's going to be seen by many people as the court essentially interfering in some sense in the election, & so this is all sort of playing out here in terms of how we assess the Supreme Court & its legacy."

SCOTUS bastards our interfering with our interference of the election! Posted by: Anonosaurus Wrecks, Is this the real life?

More NBC: The Supreme Court won't stop interfering with our interference in the election!!!!
CJN podcast 1400 copy.jpg
CBD and Misanthropic Humanitarian Shoot the breeze about coffee, cars, the disappointment of Nikki Haley, and the SCOTUS Trump holding, plus music!
Utah Tells the Feds To Pound Sand I know, it's "Reason," so you'll probably get a contact high...but it's a good article. [CBD]
Five hours until Rachel Maddow has an on-air neurological event...
I gave up reality when my obstetrician told me my last pregnancy was twins.
Commenter: Captain Josepha Sabin
If It Saves Just One Life . . . "The only part of the economy that is 'prospering' because of open borders and the anarcho-terrorism that it fuels is the funeral industry." My latest essay over at Taki's Magazine. Read and comment [J.J. Sefton]
Happy Texas Independence Day! (3/02/1836) It’s fascinating that in my lifetime, the defining moments and phrases of the Texas Revolution have switched from the victory at San Jacinto (“Remember the Alamo! Remember Goliad!”) and the valor at the Alamo (“I shall never surrender or retreat.” “Victory or death!”) to the defiance at the Battle of Gonzales that lit the fuse of the revolt (“Come and Take It.”) Celebrate responsibly defiantly. – [Buck]
As I mentioned in the quiz, On Her Majesty's Secret Service has one of the best (and most sadistic) one-liners in the whole Bond franchise
Another movie song quiz coming at 3:10 Eastern
Mentally-ill unemployable man begins screaming, calling judges "whores," and condemning them each to hell; wellness check needed
The Unemployable Keith Olbermann sounds bad, physically. I think we're seeing his last days. He's obviously mentally ill. A few weeks ago, Katy Tur, the young woman who let him enter her for career advancement purposes, asked a question of a guest that wasn't 100% in line with shitlib orthodoxy, so he went "on the air" on his "podcast" (I think these are really just his rantings, captured on tape by concerned welfare officers) to claim that he had written almost all of "her" news stories and she even asked him to write "her" book for her. I know that she's no prize herself, but mentally sane people do not trash ex-lovers in public. It's unseemly, first of all, and second of all, only a maniac fails to appreciate that this kind of public smearing can go both ways. But Keith Olbermann is literally insane and has no reputation to protect, so he feels he's immune to any retaliation.
Oh, and thirdly: All she did was ask a single question that wasn't 100% loaded with leftwing agitprop. Her "offense" that merited this public retribution was a single question that lasted one point two seconds.
LOL: ghost pournelle sends this hilarious clip of Liam Neeson doing some "improv comedy" with Ricky Gervais
Suuuuuper funny, thanks!
Here's a fuller version thanks to Michael Puttre
The joke is that rather than going along with the improve -- doing the "Yes, and" thing, where you agree to whatever your partner has created and go along with it -- he keeps saying "no" to anything Gervais offers. It's a great sketch. It was also a great sketch when Gervais did it first on The Office.
Is Letitia James living large on campaign funds that were laundered through Act Blue's ghost bots? One donor made over 3,200 small donations to Act Blue in 2022. Some of that money found its way to Letitia. [Buck]
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