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Update! Deb Heine just reminded me -- Jen Psaki was just asked where this "Ultra-MAGA" term originated, and she, get this!, lied and claimed that Joe Biden had just spontaneously invented it on his own.
But the WaPo just reported it took the Biden Brain Trust SIX MONTHS to come up with the hot new political slur
I just need to change my vagina to an AR-15 so I'll have fundamental rights again.

Jesse Kelly
But then you'll have to clean it.
Cruel. Also, I'm looking up "Histrionic Personality Disorder" to see if those suffering from it like expressing it online.
Holy snap.

@seanhannity is doing a full throated hit on @Kathy4Truth [Kathy Barnette] in the republican primary race in Pennsylvania, right now. Then brings on @DrOz so the both of them can attack her.
True Conservative Ric Grennell has a new line of attack on Kathy Barnette: Kathy Barnette said something bad about Islam or something
I notice he doesn't actually quote her. Given Ric Grennell's spotty history with quotations, I think I'll adopt a skeptical posture here.
A friend tells me that Ric The True Conservative Grennnell is talking about her calling for a ban on sharia law in the US, which apparently offends Ric's (and Mehmet Oz's) cosmopolitan liberal sensibilities.
Whatever Grennell's client is paying him, it's not enough. Grennell is at the top of his game.
He's decided this new line of attack is his winning message.
Can't wait until Ric Grennell plays the "Kathy Barnette is insufficiently affirming of trans children's gender aspirations" card
John Cleese
In case you haven't seen it yet...
Ricky Gervaise was asked what he thought of Piers Morgan inteviewing the Taleban
He said " I've lost all respect for them "
UPDATE! Kathy Barnette releases her military documents, saying she was light on staff, and, impliedly, couldn't get around to dealing with media inquiries. The forms indicate she was rank E4, Specialist, I think, in Army National Reserves. Which is what she said she was.
Discharge type: Honorable
Whew. I think it checks out. But I dunno. I just get worried when something seems too good to be true. Like, when do you ever get good news you weren't expecting, out of the blue? Like, almost never. You get bad news out of the blue.
But hopefully this is all on the up-and-up and we can go back to fighting about other stuff.
Uh-oh: Barnette campaign hangs up on the Free Beacon when they ask for her DD-214 military discharge records
Which would also establish that she served in the first place...
Ugh, now I'm worried. We're gonna need this document before the primary because if it turns out she's a fabulist, that dooms us in the general election.
In a comment, I said that Posobiec was agitating for Ric Grennell's and Oprah's candidate, Mehmet Oz. I got him confused with someone else. In fact, he's agitating hard against him. I apologize for the error.
He also linked a twitter copy of the anti-BLM, anti-Defund the Police video that Ric Grennell is lying about.
Again, sorry for the error. There are a group of conservative influencers I know only from Twitter and, in my head, they all tend to default to "Posobiec." That guy? That's Poso. That guy? Also Poso. This other guy fighting with Poso? Also a type of Poso. I wrote in haste without checking which Poso was pushing the Grennell hit.
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Joe Mannix joins J.J. and CBD to discuss: Officially-sanctioned violence in response to Roe v Wade leak and doxxing of Justices, What power does the DHS Ministry of Truth have to enforce misinformation laws and where are these laws anyway?, A cultural shift?, Poking the Russian Bear, and Lufthansa WTF?!
New TV series "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" is as woke as you would expect. Did you know that Trump supporters caused WWIII because they wanted to audit the 2020 election? Or as the show put it: WWIII "was caused by competing ideas of liberty". See, the Left was interested in expanding liberty not engaging in globalist totalitarianism. (Note: video has spoilers and risque, politically incorrect language. The narrator seems to be a bit eccentric too. [dri]
Endurance Undocks from ISS for Splashdown Tonight; Watch here.
The schedule (all times Eastern): 11:48 p.m. Trunk jettison 11:53 p.m. Deorbit burn 12:04 a.m. Nosecone closed 12:43 a.m. Dragon splashdown
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