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S2-E5...Joe Mannix joins CBD and J.J. for the Not-Godwin's-Law Episode to discuss: Ex-FBI agent Steven Friend exposes/confirms the FBI as a tool of state political repression and suffers the consequences, Stacey "Tank" Abrams sings "Heartbeat, It's a Lovebeat" and attempts shifting the goalposts on when life begins in utero, The looming economic disaster as we circle the drain (to the junta's tune of "Happy Days Are Here Again"), the war heats up in Ukraine as Putin catches a draft, here comes "president" Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants to rescue the Mullahs with the a-bomb and cash to crush the Iranian people, and more!!!
Planned Parenthood, a short while ago: In the second month of pregnancy, "A very basic beating heart and circulatory system develop,"
Planned Parenthood now: In the second month of pregnancy, "It sounds like a heartbeat on an ultrasound, but it's not a fully-formed heart..."

Boy, The Science (TM) of embryology is "evolving" faster than The Science (TM) of immunology and virology! And The Science (TM) of human sexual development! I wonder what accounts for this?! They must be making some really great strides in The Science (TM) of embryonic development, right? Maybe one of those "Moonshots" Biden keeps babbling about!
Gay guy goes off on sexual indoctrination in schools
He wants to know why we also aren't "affirming" anorexic girls' body dysphoria -- why aren't we "validating" their delusions that they are grossly overweight, and giving them dangerous diet pills to help them become thinner?
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click -- One Hit Wonders' Failed Follow-Ups Edition
A lot of one-hit wonders were one-hit wonders for a reason, you know
Here's their actual one hit

Vanderbilt has issued a statement in response to our investigation. They do not specifically deny anything in my report. Their only defense for drugging and mutilating kids is that their parents allegedly consent to it. That's all the confirmation you need.

Thanks to Jane D'Oh
National Review demands that Glenn Youngkin cancel his plans to campaign for Kari Lake, claiming she's a "proponent of the Big Lie"
National Review is The Big Lie. Just admit you're now a Democrat propaganda website. Why are you lying to people? You're funded by Democrats. You push Democrat talking points. You agitate almost exclusively for the election of Democrats -- well, Democrats and the "Republicans" Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who themselves ally with Democrats. If you want any credibility about calling out "The Big Lie," admit your actual current partisan affiliation, and your current financial backing.
By the way, I came across this because National Review's tech monopolist patron Google links it prominently as a "Top Story" for any search for Kari Lake -- of course. It's a mutually beneficial relationship. Google gives them money and traffic, and National Review, in turn, provides them with intellectual cover for their monopoly-powered censorship of conservatives, while also propagandizing for the leftwing politicians Google knows will protect them.
Oh, and commenters there are pointing out that this "article" is a barely-disguised DeSantis hit piece, contrasting the previously "sensible" Youngkin with the crude populist Trumpist DeSantis.
A commenter writes, "Why doesn't NRO get it over with and just run a 'Never DeSantis' issue already?"
Oh, they will. Believe me, they will.
NeverTrumpers always have to be reminded that they're posing as opposed narrowly to the Singular Evil of Donald Trump, and not any and all anti-Establishment, anti-Beltway populist and/or nationalist politicians in general. But they are opposed to them all.
"But his tweets" is The Big Lie. "But he said p*ssy" is The Big Lie. "But I'm terribly afraid he's not really a conservative!" is The Big Lie. They oppose him because they are neoliberals and always have been. They held a precarious grasp on power in the GOP, holding onto power despite having a very unpopular issues profile not only with the greater electorate but within the GOP itself, and could only hold on to that power by lying and smearing all possible challengers. When a single well-funded, credible (if only just) candidate arose to challenge them, we all saw just how very infirm the hold of the neoliberals' on the party was.
And they intend to grab power again the same way they held on to it before: by lying about their actual agenda, and smearing all opponents as racists and "extremists." And they will purge, purge, purge the party down to a few tens of thousands of neoliberals and suburban Karens living in the Acela Corridor if that's what it takes to put them back into control of the GOP again.
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S2 E4: J.J. and CBD discuss: A minute or two on NJ and NY rejection of the SCOTUS 2A Bruen decision, Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis expose leftist immigration hypocrisy on Martha's Vineyard, King Charles "da turd," Biden junta's marching orders to the entire bureaucracy to interfere with states' electoral procedures, How the Trump miracle broke the stranglehold on Democrat voting blocs, Fentanyl: "scourge" or distraction?, and much more!
Gina Carano on why the evil groomer corporation Disney fired and defamed her
She's a real sweetie. Very cute person. The evil groomer corporation should be made to pay for defaming her. I think she must have been advised that she can't sue Disney or "you'll never work in this town again," but so what? Disney's libel of her, she says, caused everyone in Hollywood to blacklist her. So sue away.
Forgotten 80s TV Themes Mystery Click
Here's the less well-known season 1 theme. I liked this one better. It reminds me of Joe Walsh.
This theme inspired the Greatest Event in Television History
Nice melons
It's artistic. Look at the color composition.
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