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Evidence for Cosmic Inflation Theory Bites the (Space) Dust
"The most exciting astronomical discovery of 2014 has vanished. Two groups of scientists announced today (Jan. 30) that a tantalizing signal... was actually caused by something much more mundane: interstellar dust." [rdbrewer]

NBC: Could Particle X Explain Dark Matter? Scientists Have a Plan
They think it might be 50 times lighter than an electron, and that it interacts with normal matter, not light. "[T]he researchers say particle X 'would have been missed by all experiments so far,' but might be detectable in space." More detail from The Daily Galaxy. [rdbrewer]

James Glanz, NY Times: Deflation Experiments Show Patriots May Have a Point After All
"When a gauge indicates that the ball contains 12.5 p.s.i. — the minimum allowed by the N.F.L. — the actual pressure is more than twice that amount because the surrounding pressure of the atmosphere must be considered. This roughly doubles how much a dip in temperature can lower the pressure." Whups. Added: @JohnPSquibob reminds me the Colts' balls didn't have the same decrease. Added 2: @CrankyTRex says the Colts' balls may have started out at a higher psi. [rdbrewer]

Adam Kredo: Open Jihad Declared in Egypt Following State Dept. Meeting with Muslim Brotherhood-Aligned Leaders
"The meeting was described by a member of the delegation, Maha Azzam as 'fruitful,' according to one person who attended a public event in Washington earlier this week hosted by the group." A "fruitful" meeting with State leads to a call for jihad? [rdbrewer]

Time Magazine’s Jeffrey Kluger writes what might possibly be the stupidest article about climate ever – climate change causes volcanoes [rdbrewer]

Neatorama: Pit Bull - Dachshund Mix Is A Thing Of Bizarre Beauty
"Dragon" would be a good name. Via @Alyssa_Milano. [rdbrewer]

Biden: 'The Past Six Years Have Been Really, Really Hard For This Country'
And now that we're addressing this out in the open, Democrats, let's work together to keep it all from going to hell over the next two years. Added: More from CBS DC. [rdbrewer]

The Kelly File: Insight into the rising tensions between White House, Israel
Brit Hume on the ongoing fury at the White House over Netanyahu's visit: The president needed to "put on his big boy pants" and welcome Netanyahu to Washington. Indeed, rolling with it would have been the better course of action. Problem is, the mean girls are running the show. [rdbrewer]

Charles Krauthammer: The Final Solution: a Nuclear Iran
"Anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe, and in the Middle East a new Holocaust looms." President Teenager is on it. [rdbrewer]

Charles Krauthammer: Hillary's Message Is "Hillaryness"
Video. [rdbrewer]

Kevin Costner: Anytime Someone Wants To Shut A Conversation Down, You Just Invoke Race
Video. [rdbrewer]

Bill Whittle, Truth Revolt: Racial Racket Ball
Video. More at [rdbrewer]

Byron York: Public opinion left out of picture in Obama immigration drive
"Put another way, 86 percent of Americans would like immigration into this country to remain at today's level or to decrease, versus seven percent who want to see it increase." [rdbrewer]

Editorial: The Times’ low Blow
"At The New York Times, it seems, some key facts are just not fit to print when they don’t fit the liberal narrative." But, the Narrative. [rdbrewer]

Megan McArdle, Bloomberg: When Bread Bags Weren't Funny
"There's a reason old-fashioned kitchens didn't have cabinets: They didn't need them. There wasn't anything to put there." [rdbrewer]

Michelle Goldberg, The Nation: Jonathan Chait and the New PC
Eh, worth a look. "Unlike some of Chait's critics, I think there is such a thing as renascent political correctness." No, it never went away. It's just that authoritarian progs are now bothering liberals. [rdbrewer]

Peggy Noonan: America’s Strategy Deficit
"No one thinks this administration is the A Team when it comes to foreign affairs, but this is unprecedented push-back from top military and intelligence players. They are fed up, they’re less afraid, they’re retired, and they’re speaking out." [rdbrewer]

Buzz builds around Walker
"Even some of Walker’s biggest proponents were surprised by how well he did in Iowa last weekend." [rdbrewer]
Communist Party USA Chairman Vows Cooperation With Democratic Party
They're not even trying to hide it anymore. H/t @Derekahunter, WBAL radio
Andrew Klavan, Truth Revolt: Attack of the But-Heads!
Video. Leftists and Islamists have something in common: big buts. [rdbrewer]

CNet: Bill Gates is worried about artificial intelligence too
Via Drudge. "Microsoft's co-founder joins a list of science and industry notables, including famed physicist Stephen Hawking and Internet innovator Elon Musk, in calling out the potential threat from machines that can think for themselves." Our intelligence has a million years of evolution behind it, plenty of time to work out a lot of issues. AI will start at the finish line, without the inhibitions on behavior we have. [rdbrewer]

Charles C.W. Cooke: Why Mike Huckabee’s Cornpone Politics Drives Me Crazy — And Will Never Work
Agreed, and I'm from the "grits and gravy" portion of the country, as he describes it. Raised in the city. I've had grits, like, maybe twice. I haven't had sex with a cow in over a year. So I find this appeal to stereotype more than a little annoying. Wait. I have to go holler "yeehaw" out the window... [rdbrewer]

GlobalPost: Here’s what moviegoers in Baghdad think of ‘American Sniper’
Spoiler alert: They don't sound like the prog speech police types over here. "'He was a hero and he went through difficult training,' Jalal explained, saying Chris Kyle was just serving his country, a universal duty for all men. 'Besides,' he shrugged, 'it’s just a movie, and I like war movies. If they are true or not, whatever!'" Via @DrewMTips. [rdbrewer]

Patrick Howley: ‘DO NOT DISCLOSE’: Obama Admin Tells Banks To Shut Up About Its Targeting of Consumers, Gun Dealers
"The Obama administration’s Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is threatening banks to be silent about the administration’s new programs supervising and investigating private bank account holders." [rdbrewer]
Draw and Strike: Attention Peasants: The Show Trials Have Been Cancelled Until further Notice!
"In his book, 'Vision of the Anointed: Social Policy As A Basis For Self- Congratulation', Professor Thomas Sowell discusses four stages of failure that necessarily follow when social 'experts' or 'activists' attempt to bring about changes in a group or culture...." [rdbrewer]

Watch Obama Refer to Himself 118 Times in Three [sic] Minutes [rdbrewer]

John Sexton, Breitbart: The Primitive Roots of Political Correctness
"Altruistic punishment, simply put, is the expression of negative emotions toward those who fail to cooperate with the group. It is a pressure tactic designed to whip people into line with the tribe and its goals." [rdbrewer]

Sean Davis: Language Policing Doesn’t Pervert Liberalism, It Is Liberalism
"Modern liberalism depends on the language police, and Jonathan Chait himself is Exhibit A." [rdbrewer]
Ben Shapiro, Truth Revolt: The First Amendment is Dead
Video. Because we have to walk on eggshells around people's feelings. [rdbrewer]

CBS Boston: Tom Brady Has A Cold
Teddy Bear the porcupine's prediction is starting to come into focus a little, huh? [rdbrewer]
National Sorority Organizations Order UVa Chapters to Stay Home While Fraternity Brothers Are Out Partying
In order to reduce the possibility of Fake Rape Allegations, I imagine... Note the local chapters are objecting to this absurd nannyism

Kevin D. Williamson: Liberals Seek PC Exemption
"[C]ontrary to Chait’s characterization, [political correctness] never went away. The difference is that it is now being used as a cudgel against white liberals such as Jonathan Chait..." [rdbrewer]

BBC: 'Super Saturn' with giant rings is first outside solar system
"'If we could replace Saturn's rings with the rings around J1407, they would be easily visible at night and be many times larger than the full moon....'" Added: More from Fox News. [rdbrewer]

Josh Kraushaar: Obama Is Setting Up Hillary Clinton to Fail
"The president's approval rating is inching up, but there's little public enthusiasm for his liberal agenda. That puts Clinton in an uncomfortable position." Don't forget: it's all about Obama. [rdbrewer]

Harry Enten, FiveThirtyEight: How Meteorologists Botched The Blizzard Of 2015
"Forecasters, including yours truly, decided to go all-in on one weather model: the European model (or Euro). And the Euro was way off. Other models had this storm pegged." [rdbrewer]

Neil Munro: Poll Shows Democrats Lose Swing Voters Over Amnesty
"Voters will side with the GOP if they fight President Obama’s effort to print work permits for millions of migrant workers, according to a new poll." [rdbrewer]

Robert Wargas, The Telegraph: How do identity politics work? A quick refresher course
From about a year ago. "Savage acts the way he does because he believes he is entitled to do so. He believes his status as a member of The Oppressed exempts him from the rules of common decency and politeness that his Bourgeois Oppressors follow." [rdbrewer]

Gabe: How Not to Fight Terrorism
"The Expatriate Terrorist Act before Congress is unconstitutional and unnecessary." [rdbrewer]

Gabe: Mike Huckabee Urges A Constitutional Crisis Over Marriage
"It is not the situation that, as Huckabee suggests, all three branches of federal government must first agree on what the law is for it to be the law of the land. It is even less the case that Congress and the president get to determine that the Constitution means something contrary to what the Supreme Court decides." [rdbrewer]

Robert Tracinski: Why Islam Is More Violent Than Christianity: An Atheist’s Guide
"But in today’s context, it’s absurd to equate Islam and Christianity. Pointing to the Spanish Inquisition tends to undermine the point rather than confirm it: if you have to look back three hundred years to find atrocities, it’s because there are so few of them today.... As an atheist, I have no god in this fight, so to speak." [rdbrewer]
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