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North Las Vegas Mayor Celebrates Black Businesses. There's Just One (Huge) Problem. Segregation is back, and it's better than ever! [Hat Tip: Jay Guevara] [CBD]
Early this morning my father the owner of this handle passed away in his sleep. One of his last wishes was for me to inform the staff and community of this website of his passing and to say goodbye on his behalf.
He is survived by his wife and two children and on our families behalf thanks for providing information, companionship and someone for him to argue with over the years.
Kind regards, GnuBreed's family
RIP to GnuBreed. [TJM]
Biden Admin to Wipe Out $1.2 Billion Federal Student Loan Debt for 153,000 Borrowers "[the] historic fight to cancel student debt isn't over yet." What about liquor store debt? [CBD]
Inbred retard shoots his mouth off! Prince William reveals concern at suffering of Palestinians
Reason #5,968 why we fought a war against his monarchy!
My latest piece has been published at The Pipeline. "The Collapsing Market for Used EVs" discusses their short useful life, and how the lack of a secondary market is starting to retard new EV sales. [Buck]
Viva Frei recaps Sweetdick's and Fani's testimony
He mentions a lot of things I missed (because I was blogging other stories). He points out that the IRS (under Trump, I imagine) will be looking into Sweetdick's finances because he seems to have been billing sexcations as business expenses.
He also points out that Fani claimed she moved to Yeartie's condo, not to have sex with Wade (because her own home was filled with her kids and her dad), but just to escape "death threats." But then, when asked, she admitted that her father stayed in that home -- you know, where the dangerous death threats were being sent. And her kids? They stayed in the Death Threat Home as well!
There's another day of this tomorrow.
Bitter Sweetdick:
When asked whether he recalled paying for a cabin in Tennessee where he and Willis were alleged to have stayed, Wade says simply, "I book lots of cabins."

You do? I think most people book few enough cabins that they remember pretty much all of them. He went on to deny he booked the cabin.
Wade then explains that he and Willis traveled to Tennessee from Atlanta just to have lunch out of fear that she might be recognized. ...

That's the part where he said he and Fani drove two hours to Tennessee (from Atlanta) just so that she wouldn't be recognized (what?), ate for an hour and a half, and then drove back two hours. Definitely, they didn't stay the night in Tennessee, no sir, definitely didn't stay in one of those hundreds of cabins Sweetdick books every other week....
Also: Fani has been scolded by judges for her unethical behavior before
Hmmm, do you think Fani's father would lie about telling his daughter to "always keep six months' worth of cash hidden in your apartment" to help defeat The White Man? Well, he is a co-founder of the radical Black Panther Party. So yes, I think he'd be eager to lie to help his daughter in her lies.
I'll be taking a half day on Monday (President's Day). I'll post some links and some open threads, but I'm going to try to take most of the day off.
Fani taking the stand.
Jonathan Turley on Twitter:
If I were counsel, I would not be thrilled by Willis demeanor. Anger is not an asset in testimony and Willis look like she was red hot when she suddenly appeared.

From Mark1971
I understand her labor -- we're forcing her to do the Emotional Labor of having to explain to us how racist we are.
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