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This week's guest: Tom Brady's balls

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Update on the Patriots suspiciously low fumble rate.
Patriot players fumble a lot more when on other teams. 2 PSI is a big deal when other people are trying to rip the ball from your grasp. ht @jackmcoldcuts [ArthurK]
Scott Walker at the Freedom Summit
ICYMI. [rdbrewer]

Draw and Strike: Why #Gamergate Has Won, Is Winning, and Will Continue to Win
"GamerGate has helped to change how many of the big gaming media sites report on the industry." [rdbrewer]

NY Post: Coyote caught in Mahattan
"Cops in the badlands of Stuyvesant Town corralled this coyote early Sunday." Picture. [rdbrewer]

Byron York: New faces grab spotlight in 2016 GOP race
"Walker walked away with the best notices. He already has the most productive record of any candidate, but was never known for electrifying audiences. On Saturday, especially in the later parts of his speech, he actually did electrify the audience." [rdbrewer]
World War II vet works to convince the IRS that he's not dead. Meanwhile, they just got another letter from the IRS. It wanted to know why Siegfried Meinstein has a credit balance of $14,000 in taxes he prepaid for 2014. And why the IRS can’t find his return. [Y-not]
Unreality Mag: A Massive Gallery of Incredible Optical Illusion Art by Robert Gonsalves
Kind of interesting. Via @Daddy_Warpig. [rdbrewer]

Yahoo, AFP: Argentine prosecutor shot point blank in forehead
That doesn't sound very suicide-y. BTW, this was "shortly before he was about to make explosive allegations about President Cristina Kirchner...." More from Fox News. [rdbrewer]

Showbiz 411: Box Office: 'American Sniper' Hits $200 Mil, Biggest of Eastwood’s Career [rdbrewer]

Time: CBS Reveals Supergirl Details: The Costume is ‘Awesome’
"CBS has been searching for the perfect actress for several weeks and sources say the network is leaning toward a lesser-known performer for the role." Does Helen Slater have a daughter? Added: According to the NY Post, they found their girl, Melissa Benoist. [rdbrewer]

Time: See How One Artist Dramatically Changes Bratz Dolls to Look Like Real Girls
Make-unders. [rdbrewer]

Cameron Joseph: Scott Walker takes Iowa by storm
"Activists say Walker came out on top after 10 hours of candidate speeches. 'It was a clear Walker victory. He had expectations coming in here, he was on everyone's shortlist and he had to meet those expectations and I thought he far exceeded them,' said former Iowa Republican Party political director Craig Robinson." [rdbrewer]

Chris Wallace Grills WH Chief: Doesn’t Obama Realize He Lost The Midterms?
"'WALLACE: The president famously said to Eric Canter in 2009, elections have consequences, I won. Well, guess what, in November the Republicans won. What are the consequences? Doesn’t the president need to scale back his agenda to find areas of agreement with the Republicans who won the mid-term?'" [rdbrewer]
Video:Police officer's body cam captures fatal shooting (warning:graphic). I think this is a positive, we can see the entire incident as it occurred, no lies about anyone having their hands up. Also captured is the cops anguish afterwards.

Real Science: A Classic Example Of Climate Fraud By The Union Of Concerned Scientists
"They cherry picked starting their graph at the minimum during the drought of the late 1950’s, because the earlier years wrecked their claim. So they simply threw the other data out." [rdbrewer]

Video: Sassy daughter refuses to remove herself from table [rdbrewer]

@DanHannanMEP: This is wonderful. The original models for American Gothic.
Via @ComradeArthur. [rdbrewer]

Mysterious Signal Points to Monster Black Hole Merger
Kind of interesting they found a merger in progress. Also from Enterprise in dry dock. [rdbrewer]

IFL Science: Amazing Video Takes You INSIDE The Largest Photograph Ever Taken
"Earlier this month, NASA and ESA released the biggest and highest resolution image of our galactic neighbor, Andromeda, that has ever been taken. The 1.5 billion pixel image was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope." [rdbrewer]

Daily Mail: Rosetta's comet in amazing detail: Steep ravines, icy surfaces and a thick dusty veil are captured in high-resolution photographs
Interesting pictures. Via @ComradeArthur. [rdbrewer]

NY Times: How the Brain Stores Trivial Memories, Just in Case
"The new study suggests that human memory has, in effect, a just-in-case file, keeping seemingly trivial sights, sounds and observations in cold storage for a time in case they become useful later on." [rdbrewer]

Yahoo, AFP: Kirchner: Argentine prosecutor killed to discredit me
Yeah, that's the ticket. More from AP. [rdbrewer]
Ernie Banks A shortstop with real power, a great glove, and an infectious attitude that made it impossible not to love baseball.
This video might just end the longbow vs crossbow debate once and for all.
Times of Israel: Netanyahu ‘spat in our face,’ White House officials said to say
Via Drudge. "'He spat in our face publicly and that’s no way to behave. Netanyahu ought to remember that President Obama has a year and a half left to his presidency, and that there will be a price...'" No one disses the Eighth Grade Mean Girls running this country. [rdbrewer]

Michael Walsh: It’s Barack Obama’s Cloud Cuckoo-Land and We Just Live In It
"[H]e appears to be living in a fantasy land of his own device, one in which he, Barry, remains beloved by the masses who didn’t bother to show up at the polls." Via @EdDriscoll. [rdbrewer]

Chris Beck, SpliceToday: I Was Swiftboated on Twitter
"What makes the SJW phenomenon particularly worrisome is that they’re actually convinced that they’re morally superior to the 'unanointed ones.' In their fervent, narrow minds they are the absolute arbiters of what constitutes the various offenses they police—racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, Islamophobia, etc.—just like the religious cops in Afghanistan who whip women in the streets...." [rdbrewer]

Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.: Climate Reporting’s Hot Mess
"AP takes the cake in the relentless campaign by global-warming journalists to discredit their own profession." Via @TheH2. [rdbrewer]

Bill Whittle, Truth Revolt: Number One with a Bullet
Video. [rdbrewer]

Andrew Stiles: Hillary Clinton Is George Costanza
From a couple of days ago. "Every decision she's ever made in her entire life has been wrong." [rdbrewer]
Miss Universe competition's "National Costume" event: It's not usual that the U.S.A. is shy and demure when compared to Canada. (I've been to Canada and that is how all the women dress)
The graphs and stats that say the Patriots are cheating cheaters who cheat.
Don't skip watching the embedded video! ht @Blitzkreg6 [ArthurK]

Patrick Howley: EMAIL: Missouri Democratic Governor ORDERED National Guard To Stand Down During Ferguson Riots
"Republican Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder previously speculated on Fox News that Nixon or Eric Holder’s Justice Department might have kept the National Guard out of Ferguson that night." [rdbrewer]

New Carl's Jr. girl [rdbrewer]

Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE: White House aide says Obama will 'steamroll' Democrats in Congress after they split with White House on Cuba, Iran, energy and trade just a DAY after combative State of the Union
"White House aide says Obama 'is in the last two years and party loyalty isn't worth what it used to be. He's going to steamroll them.'" Because it's all about Obama. [rdbrewer]
Regarding the President's twitter account...
Queen's IPod, region locked DVDs and this. [ArthurK]
Video: "NFL 2015" — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL [rdbrewer]

Mollie Hemingway: Why Everyone Should Be Terrified By The GOP’s Abortion Bill Debacle
"Sixty percent of voters said they would support it, while 33 percent said they were opposed.... It takes a special combination of incompetence and cowardice to miss an easy lay-up like this, but apparently the new Republican Congress has it in spades." #WhereWasBoehner [rdbrewer]

David Harsanyi: If The GOP Can’t Pass A Late-Term Abortion Ban, What Can It Do?
"If the party representing the pro-life position, a party with a sizable historic majority, can’t pull together a vote on an issue as unambiguous and risk-free as this one, what are the chances if it coming to a consensus and offering compelling arguments on issues like health care or tax reform?" [rdbrewer]

Laura Ingraham: The GOP: Choosing donors over Voters
"I think it's pretty clear that the next two years are going to be a disaster for the GOP unless they somehow come up with a really strong presidential nominee. Speaker Boehner and Senate Majority Leader McConnell apparently intend to be little more than punching bags for President Obama. They do not seem capable of putting together a coalition of members who can pass laws that would be popular...." [rdbrewer]

Eric Owens: ‘Liberal,’ ‘Tolerant’ Vanderbilt Muslims Seek To Bully Black Professor Into Silence
"'What I’m really trying to show her is that she can’t continue to say these kinds of things on a campus that’s so liberal and diverse and tolerant,' Yamin declared." One of the best self- awareness fails ever. Also from TheDC: Scientists Fear Another ‘Little Ice Age’ Is On The Way. [rdbrewer]

Allum Bokhari, Breitbart: Civil War Brewing for the Cultural Left
"Today, however, it is progressives who are not just standing up for the right of private censorship, but also actively demand it. It is progressives, not Christian conservatives, who now lead campaigns against sex and violence in the media." [rdbrewer]

Abortion bill dropped amid concerns of female GOP lawmakers
Oy. [rdbrewer]
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