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Erick Erickson: The Democrats’ problem: Obama’s coalition isn’t their coalition
"These people do not turn out for other Democrats in off year elections. And in on-year elections, they turn out committed to Barack Obama." [rdbrewer]

Obama: We don't have a strategy for dealing with ISIS
Yes, he said that. More from Jake Tapper, The Lead. [rdbrewer]

Pop Songs as Sonnets
Via @Slublog. [rdbrewer]

Mollie Hemingway: Don’t Confuse Being A Feminist With Being A Perpetual Victim
"Could feminists stop encouraging women to see themselves as victims?" [rdbrewer]

Al Franken would like you to ignore the video of him holding two traffic cones to his chest as breasts
Via @lachlan. [rdbrewer]
MSM Hypocrisy Has No Lower Limit: "NCIS" Lawsuit claims CBS stopped purchasing Bert the Farting Hippo dolls from company that owns copyright and started importing cheap unlicensed Berts from China. What's their take on American jobs again? [krak/t]
Billboard: Album Sales Hit A New Low
Via Drudge. "As streaming gathers momentum, the U.S. music industry keeps breaking sales milestones -- the wrong kind. This week's 3.97-million album sales tally is the smallest weekly sum for album sales since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking data in 1991." [rdbrewer]
MSM News Org Apologizes for Inappropriate Live Streaming of Private Residence. “Our intention was not to be insensitive to his family..." Shocker: They aren't referring to Officer Wilson/Ferguson. [krak/t]
Eh: "Central Perk" Coffeehouse to Open in NYC for Just One Month, Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Friends and People's Inability to Move On
By the way it's in SoHo rather than on the Upper West Side near Central Park, where the "real" Central Perk ought to be

Couric Accused Sawyer Of Trading Head For Headlines [rdbrewer]

NYT: Turkey’s Imperial Fantasy
"What Mr. Davutoglu needs to do, above all, is to accept that his pan-Islamist worldview, based on archaic theories of expansionism, is obsolete." [rdbrewer]

Karen Tumulty and Robert Costa, WaPo: Obama’s immigration decision could roil 2014 election
"In the past few days, Democratic candidates in nearly every closely fought Senate race have criticized the idea of aggressive action by Obama." [rdbrewer]

Jim Geraghty: Another Day, Another White House Effort to Ignore the Constitution
"How many Democrats are beginning to realize what they’ve done, and what kind of man they’ve put in the Oval Office?" [rdbrewer]

Andrew Klavan, Truth Revolt: How To Speak Leftist [rdbrewer]

David Chase Says Tony Soprano Quote Was ‘Misconstrued’
You've been Voxsplained! [rdbrewer]

Eugene Volokh: Thuggery wins, free speech rights lose
"But I think the dissent is exactly right in noting that allowing a 'heckler’s veto' — speech suppression justified by the violence or threatened violence of the audience — simply provides (a) an incentive for more such violence, and (b) an incentive for government officials to suppress speech they dislike. Behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated." [rdbrewer]

Astronomy Magazine: Chandra X-ray Observatory picture of Eta Carinae
An interesting look at a star we usually see like this. Added: More from Wikipedia, including this near-infrared picture, also new to me. [rdbrewer]

Live Science: High-Tech Sleuthing Cracks Mystery of Death Valley's Moving Rocks
It's a combination of ice, water, and wind. Better video explanation here. [rdbrewer]

NYT: How the Supreme Court protects bad cops [rdbrewer]

Meghan O'Keefe, Decider: Disasterpiece Theater: 'Dune'
"However, there are some films that go beyond being disasters. They are so bad that it’s inconceivable that man alone made them." She makes a lot of good points, but I think it's an underrated movie. Unfortunately, the bad aspects tend to overshadow the good. [rdbrewer]

Magma From Iceland's Bardarbunga Volcano Moving As Quakes Intensify
"Now underground magma appears to have moved beyond the edge of the glacier and is heading for another volcanic system...." More from the BBC. [rdbrewer]

Video: Einstein the Robot
This one gets into "uncanny valley" territory. Also: A comedy robot. [rdbrewer]

Time: What Are Animals Thinking? (Hint: More Than You Suspect)
"Animals, the research is proving, are creatures capable of reflection, bliss, worry and more. Not all of them in the same ways or to the same degrees, surely, but all of them in far deeper measures than we’ve ever believed." [rdbrewer]

The Telegraph: Giant panda ‘faked pregnancy for extra treats and nicer accommodation
Thanks for the links, Drudge. [rdbrewer]

Mary Katharine Ham: It’s come to this: The War on Bacon is real
"This person is a miserable little local dictator on a power trip and we needn’t indulge him or her in American society. The word bacon is not insensitive." Via @DoreenHDickson. [rdbrewer]

Jim Geraghty: Obama Unveils New Plan to Work with Foreign Governments to Ignore the Constitution
"Look at how these people speak. If you cannot get the Senate to ratify a treaty (technically, passing a resolution of ratification), then the United States is not a party to that treaty. Period. Full stop." [rdbrewer]
Arby's is now selling a $10 “Meat Mountain” Sandwich. Suck it Vegans [dri]
Krauthammer: Obama's 'Narcissism' Won't Allow Him To Admit Any Mistakes He Has Made [rdbrewer]

10 of the Most Deadly Foods on the Planet
1. Puffer fish. [rdbrewer]

The Wrap: 550 Buyouts, Layoffs Imminent at Turner; HLN, CNN Among Cuts [rdbrewer]

Paul Ryan: "Give me more money to spend" [rdbrewer]

Video: Iron Dome takes out 15 rockets at once
Via @CuffyMeh. [rdbrewer]

Indian woman kills leopard that attacked her
"She had been fetching water in northern Uttarakhand state when the leopard pounced on her from nearby bushes - she fought back with a sickle and spade." Via @DrewMTips. [rdbrewer]

Mollie Hemingway: Feminism Or Sexism? Depends. Is It Beyonce’s VMAs or Vergara’s Emmys?
"It was what you’d expect from Queen Bey these days — a stage full of back-up dancers in 'naked stripper' costumes gyrating on strip poles, one of the most amazing collections of derrières I have ever seen.... Many in the media, sometimes the very same people who loved Beyoncé performance (!), were upset at Vergara’s bit." [rdbrewer]

Sean Trende: In Defense of the Brown-Shaheen N.H. Poll [rdbrewer]

Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight: Is The Polling Industry In Stasis Or In Crisis? [rdbrewer]

Fox News Hits Ratings Highs, MSNBC Sputters in Busy Week
"A busy week in news was a good one for Fox News Channel, which logged its second highest-rated frame of the year, but a weak one for MSNBC, which found itself deep in third place. Even with #Ferguson." [rdbrewer]

USA Today: NSA built 'Google-like' search engine to share data
"The National Security Agency built its own search engine and shares hundreds of billions of digital records with federal law enforcement and several other U.S. government agencies...." Did you guys know the NSA was set up for foreign intelligence and counterintelligence? [rdbrewer]

Mary Katharine Ham: Super: Federal grant funds plan to detect 'misinformation,' 'hate speech' on social media [rdbrewer]

Conflict of Interest--> DOJ Lawyer Representing IRS In Scandal Was Involved In IRS Scandal Working For Lerner
"Emails show that Strelka was directly involved in the IRS targeting of conservative tax-exempt applicants." [rdbrewer] 'Thigh Bone' on Mars Is Just Another Rock, NASA Says
Yeah, right. [rdbrewer]

Andrew Stiles: Shocking Development: For Once, Republican Candidates Aren’t the Ones Embarrassing Themselves
"This year, the GOP has strong candidates and a favorable map.... That’s a welcome change of pace, assuming they the GOP can’t find a way to screw it up between now and November." [rdbrewer]

Noemie Emery: Nobody’s Fault
"All the bad news, from Iraq to Ukraine, from Libya and Syria to the Mexican border, just seems to have happened: Obama was standing there, golfing or shaking hands with donors, and, like a burst of bad weather, the winds blew, the skies opened, and things went to hell." [rdbrewer]

The Independent: Hallucigenia revealed: The most surreal creature from strangest period in history of life on Earth
"If Salvadore Dali were God, he would surely have designed an animal that looked like Hallucigenia. It has been described as the most surreal creature that lived in the strangest period in the history of life on Earth, more than 500 million years ago." [rdbrewer]

Daniel Halper: Cornel West: Obama a 'Counterfeit'
"'[H]e posed as a progressive and turned out to be counterfeit. We ended up with a Wall Street presidency, a drone presidency, a national security presidency.'" [rdbrewer]

Kyle Smith: Why comedians and ‘SNL’ are shielding President Obama
"'I have to say, and even [Al] Franken agrees with me — I’ve talked to him about this — that the last couple seasons of the show were the only two in the show’s history where we were totally like every other comedy show: basically, an arm of the Hollywood Democratic establishment. . . . We just stopped doing anything which could even be misinterpreted as a criticism of Obama.'" [rdbrewer]
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