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Manhattan's Soros DA Alivin Bragg contacts police in anticipation of indictment of Trump next week
No more protection for Democrats, including presidents, their families, and their corrupt wives like Hillary. LOCK THEM ALL UP. If one side is going to risk political civil war by jailing the leaders of the other party, then we're all playing that game.
Alvin Bragg better stay within NYC's limits, too. That m*****f***er looks like violates drug laws on the daily, and I can see Red State Police sniffing at his hotel doors to see if any illegal substances are being consumed.
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click: Hall and Oates Deep Cuts Edition
This is from 1980's Voices. It was never a single, but maybe it should have been.
Operator, International Oh-One-One, oh/Put your love on the line, put your ear to the phone/Baby, it's no longer than a night and a day/But where you are is so far from the U.S. of A/And it ain't so easy, easy on the heart
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S3E8: The Irish Democracy episode, as author, historian and editor of The-Pipeline.org Michael Walsh joins CBD and J.J. from his home in Ireland to ask the ultimate question of "what are you prepared to do" to fight for whatever is left of America, the Trump vs DeSantis battle, will the Chi-Coms implode before we do, the abject incompetence of those who would be our overlords, climate madness, and a whole lot more!
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click
In the early-mid eighties, a big band's singer went solo, and made this song, written for his girlfriend Sherrie.
Cool new song I just heard and by "new song" I mean it's from 2011
These Young People making this racket are probably all in fixed-rate mortgage situations now
Former Rep. Pat Schroeder, Colorado lawmaker and women's rights pioneer, dead at 82

She knows who she will be voting for in the next election cycle

Posted by: SMOD
Your weekly reminder that the left supported Russia for 100 years exactly (1917 to 2017) and took its side in every dispute, arguing against every military system designed to deter them or shoot down missiles, arguing endlessly that we should concede the entire world to the Soviet Union, even laughing in a 2012 presidential debate at the notion that Russia was a "global foe."
But then in 2016 Russia spent $150,000 on FaceBook ads to stir up political trouble which a failed alcoholic lesbian claimed was "stealing the election."
At that point, the left became the absolute most unhinged of Dr. Strangelove level Russia hawks, and began attacking anyone who didn't now want to start a nuclear exchange with Russia a "RUSSIAN AGENT."
Just forget about those previous 90 years, eh, comrade? Like when the Democrat party was made up of front groups directly funded by the KGB?
Leftists have no patriotism, except to leftism itself. They championed Russia when it was invading the world and funding terrorist groups to attack Europe, Israel, and the US. They finally decided that Russia might be a Bad Guy when they ran $150,000 in ads on FaceBook that Hillary Clinton said "stole" the election from her.
Megyn Kelly actually interviewed the "former" CIA agent who now orders social media companies around about who to censor, Renee DiResta. You will be shocked, I'm sure, to discover that she doesn't have any conservatives working in her censorship pressure organization. Oh wait, she doesn't flatly admit that, she just hems and haws and says "I wish we had more conservatives working with us..."
They make absolutely no concessions about all the censoring they did of information that has been proven to be 100% True. They just keep repeating that it didn't come from the proper "reliable" sources. The only "experts" they think are "reliable" are the ones who get everything wrong. Which is a strange use of the word "reliable." Unless it just means... an agent who can be relied upon to advance Regime propaganda, no matter what the actual truth might be.
Which is, of course, precisely what they mean by it.
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S3E7: CBD and J.J. Sefton discuss the release of the J6 videotapes by McCarthy and Carlson, destroying the Leftist meme about a Trump-led violent insurrection, rabid Marxist Gigi Sohn's FCC nomination is dead but equally rabid Commie Julie Su is set to destroy free enterprise if she becomes FTC head, Chinese COVID-19 came from a lab!, Americans kidnapped and killed south of the non-existent border, and more!
Robert Blake dies at 89
And that's the name of that tune
"Eye of the Tiger," by Metallica
Thanks to Christopher R. Taylor
Topol -- actually Chaim Topol -- dies at 87
I was surprised to find out he was still alive. He always seemed old, even when he wasn't. People will talk about Fiddler on the Roof but musicals are gay. He was my favorite ally of James Bond. Whoops, spoiler.
Jonah Goldberg is 53 years old.
Again, I can't stress enough the income streams this discount mediocrity and professional fat fuck has simply because of the family he belongs to.
He does less work in a day than a ship's parrot and it's pretty much a given that he has a macro on his keyboard that automatically generates 7/8 of anything he writes.
Posted by: Azathoth

In fairness you can't t!ttyf**k a parrot, tho
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