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S3E2: Joe Mannix joins CBD and J.J. Sefton with his fascinating insights into China's crashing birthrate concluding that the so-called Chinese Century is very much in doubt, US escalates tensions with Russia by sending M1 battle tanks to the Ukraine, the Biden Documentgate Scandal might explode into something even bigger, and more!
Confirmed: Bill Kristol and his other Disinformation Grifters, along with their "mainstream" media co-conspirators, have chosen a strategy of coordinated silence to pretend that they didn't spend four years slurring Americans as "Russian agents." Matt Taibbi writes:
I asked for comment from a huge range of actors -- from the Alliance for Securing Democracy to Watts and McFaul and Podesta and Kristol to editors and news directors at MSNBC, Politico, Mother Jones, the Washington Post, Politifact, and others. Not one answered. They're all going to pretend this didn't happen. The few reporters who got this right contemporaneously, from Glenn Greenwald to Max Blumenthal to Miriam Elder and Charlie Wurzel of Buzzfeed to sites like Moon of Alabama, can take a victory lap. Almost every other news organization ran these stories and needs to come clean about it.

The Hamilton 68 tale has no clear analog in media history, which may give mainstream media writers an excuse not to cover it. They will be under heavy pressure to avoid addressing this scandal, since nearly all of them work for organizations guilty of spreading Hamilton's "bullshit" stories in volume.

On the plus side, none of them are denying the story, either: So they are all tacitly admitting it's all true.
More from Taibbi:
Levich's tale is at the heart of what is so sinister about the Hamilton 68 campaign. This was digital McCarthyism, taking people with dissident or unconventional opinions and mass-accusing them of "Un-American activities." The peculiar twist of the Hamilton 68 version of McCarthyism is that instead of targeting leftists (although there are several self-professed left-leaning accounts on the list), the bulk of the real accounts involved conservatives, with handles like ULTRA MAGA Dog Mom and @ClassyLadyForDJT.

Even at Twitter, where there were basically no open conservatives in the email record, it was recognized that Hamilton 68 (and at least two other research institutes using similar methodology) were simply taking organic Trumpish chatter and describing it as Russian scheming.

The site "falsely accuses a bunch of legitimate right-leaning accounts of being Russian bots," as Roth put it, getting "traction around partisan trends, to assert that any right-leaning content is propagated by Russian bots."

Morbidly obese degenerate grifter obsessive Bill Kristol wants you to send him some more money so that he can "Defend Democracy" against the authoritarians. Won't you help him?
Collin Rugg

BREAKING: Ronna McDaniel re-elected as RNC Chair.

The RNC is dead.
Bill Kristol, Michael McFaul, and "Alliance Securing Democracy" itself are all remaining in coordinated silence regarding Matt Taibbi's expos´ of their McCarthyite lies (and yes I am aware that is a slur on McCarthy, but there is no other generally-accepted word for what I'm describing). They're all counting on their Media frenz to keep the story buried for them -- which is probably a very good strategy, as the Media is once again part of the conspiracy, and is itself implicated. They have just as much reason as Bill Kristol to keep the lie going.
A while ago I said I'd post a Mystery Click that absolutely no one would know, with the exception, maybe, of Australian morons. So here it is:
Forgotten 80s Mystery ClickHere's the lyric hint for all the good it will do you:
I've tried to persuade you
But I couldn't make you stay
You wrote the story
And you let it end this way, yes you did
I'm short of the distance
I'm back where I started from
Preparing myself
For the sound of the starting gun

It's a little cheesy but it's a pretty good workout song, as long as the workout you're doing is aerobics and you're wearing neon leg-warmers.
The oldest datable runestone discovered at ancient cremation pit in Norway
The context of the find is datable through typology and C14, and it dates from 1-250 CE, which means it might very well be the oldest runic inscription discovered. I am thrilled to be on the team of the initial investigation of these inscriptions.
The first stone was found on top of a flat grave, and the skeletal remains are C14 dated to 25-120 CE. However, we can't tell if the stone was put there at the same time as this person had their burial ritual. The stone has several inscriptions on the front...
... and even one on the side. In addition, it has other markings, some of which appears to be non-meaningful, and others that might or might not be meaningful. Some of the runic sequences are difficult to interpret, but one of them seems to be "the headline", so to speak.

Jackson Crawford talks about the find here, and alludes to the stupid headlines the media will give this.
He talks there about his own area of interest, which is the script that the runes are based on/borrowed from. He rejects the idea that they're borrowed from Roman letters, and suggests they were instead based on Italic scripts used by Celtic tribes in the Alps, based on the Phoenecian/Greek alphabets. I personally favor this theory, chiefly because it's the only theory of runic evolution that I ever heard so obviously it's my current Front Runner.
Here's the video that caused me to become Lamont the Big Dummy.
Here's what really happened, of course
You know, sometimes, when it's almost the end of Friday, and you're just scanning for videos to put into the Cafe (and my old-reliable video accounts have barely been posting lately, so I've been more desperate for videos), you just kinda turn off your brain and say "Yeah this looks good" and post it, you know?
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click
A middling hit from a guy who had a lot of hits in the 80s. This one gets forgotten a bit, I think.
One day I'm gonna write a poem in a letter
One day I'm gonna get that faculty together
Remember like everybody has to wait in line
Oh, [title], look out world, oh you know I've got mine

He did one of those twenty minute short films that make up the "extended cut" of the video, which was a power move in the 80s for a certain level of artist
Look to the West just around sunset, and you'll see Venus below the slim crescent Moon. When it gets dark enough, you'll see Saturn appear to the lower West. The Moon, Venus, and Saturn will be aligned fairly close the ecliptic. Jupiter will be higher along that same arc.
Posted by: publius
79 The Mexican skull video must be in reverse
Posted by: 496

I'll be commenting all this week as Lamont, because I'm a Big Dummy. Yes of course. I'm such an idiot.
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click: Soft Soap Rock Edition (No, the Other One)
I wasn't looking for true love
But now you're looking at me
You're the only one I can think of
You're the only one I see
Elizabeth Holmes tried fleeing the country, buying a one-way ticket to Mexico after her convictions, prosecutors allege
She says she only wanted to go there for Dia de los Muertos and freak the children out with her spooky trannyvoice
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click
I can see behind your eyes the things that I don't know
If you hide away from me how can our love grow?

Features a spoken word line -- "Pure energy" -- from Spock, from the Star Trek episode Errand of Mercy. Also features McCoy from I, Mudd, saying "It's worked so far, but we're not out yet." The line "Destruction" is said by an android in I, Mudd.
Two other songs on the album sampled Star Trek. This caused a legal snag that only First Officer Spock could solve:
Just one problem: the samples weren't cleared and the record company refused to release the album until they were. The album was slated for release in December 1987, but got stuck in limbo when nobody from Paramount would respond to requests to authorize the Star Trek clips. The breakthrough came when the band's A&R man contacted Nimoy's son Adam and asked for help. Adam Nimoy brought the issue to his father's attention, and the samples cleared.
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