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Steve Deace

Regardless of the outcome of the #GArunoff rest assured the GOP won't even read your tweets with suggestions of what to do differently/better, let alone put them into practice. Because it doesn’t care about winning or you, because it hates you.
Now the New York Times is saying it's 95% likely that the crazed abortionist Warnock will win
They say the remaining vote is "overwhelmingly" in Democrat counties. Nice of them to always hold that vote back until the end, huh?
If it's any consolation -- the GOPe was planning to sell you out whether they were in the majority or in the minority or had a tie in the Senate. Your hopes and wishes simply do not matter to them. Now donate to the GOP so they can use your money to pay leftwing consultants like Frank Luntz to tell them exciting new ways to lie to you.
Walker moves ahead of Warnock
And the New York Times disables its Likely Winner needle?
Dr. Benjamin Braddock

I hope Fulton County doesn’t have any plumbing issues tonight
Here's that review of "Deconstructing Karen" I mentioned yesterday
"If you're going to cry, you have to leave the room. Crying is part of white supremacy. Crying is how White Women draw attention to themselves."
Here's the trailer. That's a very short trailer -- it's very hard to find trailers or clips from this movie online. I think they're taking them down because the movie is getting memed so hard.
Settling an argument on the blog from a couple of weeks ago: the rule is that you use "a" before words starting with "h" where "h" is pronounced, and "an" before words starting with "h" where "h" is silent.
This isn't really the whole of the rule, because the "h" in "historic" is pronounced, and yet we're told it's "an historic first," but I guess it's... kinda-sorta sometimes not pronounced? I don't know. I lied, this settles no arguments. Really it just escalates them to the point of violence, which, honestly, was my intention.
There's a rule -- or a tendency -- in English to avoid "hiatus" (another "h"!), which is running two vowel sounds together. Because, to make the vowels sound properly, you have to insert a silence between them -- a hiatus between the sounds. Which is awkward. I think this is why they say "an historic." You do pronounce the "h" in "historic," but if you say "a historic," I think you run into the problem of hiatus, where, to make the sounds clearly, you have to insert a micro-pause between "a" and "historic," which is awkward. Easier, then, to just say "an historic," so you can just run the words together with no hiatus: "anhistoric."
This guy has a lot of videos about the real Secret Rules of English Speech. Or should I say, English Sbeech. Because that's how we usually say it.
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click: Soft Rock Easy Listening Edition
Is everything okay?
I just thought I'd write a song to tell the world how I miss you
'Cause each and every day
I think of all the words I never said and all the chances that I had to
Japan loses to Croatia on penalty kicks after a 1-1 tie
The B-21 Unveiling, live video
Tennessee Jed says it's white rather than matte black. I guess it's a daylight bomber?
Update: It's a jip. They give you sense of the thing's basic outline then they end the "unveiling." The image is blurry like Sasquatch.
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click: Cupid and Psyche 85 Edition
I took a backseat, a backhander, I took her back to her room/I better get back to the basics for you, yeah
Happening now (7:18 PM EST Dec 1): Awful people are streaming into Biden's state dinner with the Macrons, including Joe and Mika.
Elon Musk

Good conversation [with Apple CEO Tim Cook]. Among other things, we resolved the misunderstanding about Twitter potentially being removed from the App Store. Tim was clear that Apple never considered doing so.
Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie is dead at age 79
"You Make Lovin' Fun," from Rumors
If you care, here's Tim Pool and Adam Crigler cross-sniping about why Crigler left the Tim Pool show
TL;DR version: Tim Pool wanted to cut his pay when he realized how much the show was making, and how much Crigler was making from it
Sundance from Conservative Tree House: C'mon, it's obvious that Harmeet K. Dillon is an Establishment undercover operative with a mission to destroy the MAGA base
Even the wheels within these wheels have wheels, inside which are even smaller but more sinister wheels
Here's another possibility: The RNC put together a panel containing people who would represent the Establishment like Barbour, and people they thought would make the panel credible to nationalists and populists, like Harmeet K. Dillon and Blake Masters. In other words, it's a typical bullshit attempt to appease everyone and accomplish nothing. But no, let's go with the conspiracy theory that Harmeet K. Dillon has been an secret agent for the establishment all along. She's a master of The Long Con.
I'm sure he'll be announcing that he's put together a Detailed Spreadsheet that proves all of this, presently.
I'm less bothered that there's a high-strung conspiracy theorist prone to wild fits of fancy on the internet -- Breaking News, Film at 11 -- than the fact that there's going to be a hundred people repeating "Harmeet K. Dillon has been a Regime Agent for years, Sundance has Data Matrices proving it" by sunrise tomorrow, and meanwhile calling other people NPCs.
Jimmy Dore: the government has made it illegal to question the government online as regards the most important public questions
Notice that Conservative, Inc., on the payroll of monopoly tech, continues being all but silent about this -- while sometimes accusing its opponents on the right of favoring "fascism"
Grammy-winning Fame and Flashdance singer Irene Cara dead at 63 No cause of death was given. RIP [J.J. Sefton]
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