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BBC isn't denying rumor that new Doctor Who will be... former Doctor Who David Tennant
The show is so dead this is the only possible move that could, maybe, save it.
Tennant was touted as the possible old-doctor-returning-as-next-doctor precisely because the show was so horribly damaged the only way through was back to the days when it was good. Sort of everyone was thinking it, and now it's a rumor that the BBC isn't denying. Also the BBC got the showrunner, Russel T. Davies, who was running the show when Tenant was the Doctor.
Ed Morrissey: Biden shows he's a great guy by saying it's not personal to Peter Doocy; also, Biden's snarky comeback shows he's mentally acute and not senile and all
Hot Air, "Breaking news from a conservative point of view." Yes yes, a "conservative point of view." Hot Air is indubitably where all real conservatives go to get their conservative takes.
Via Bonhomme, Neil Young is pressuring Spotify to remove Joe Rogan. He says they can choose between having Young's music or Rogan's podcast, but they can't have booth."
In the words of Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Well I hope Neil Young will remember/Spotify don't need him around anyhow."
Guess I better make sure I tell Spotify I've listened to Joe Rogan multiple times, but have not liked or saved a single Neil Young song to a playlist. They can have Neil Young or they can have my subscription money. Posted by: April

A friend says, "Oh Poor Neil -- this just isn't going to go the way he thinks it's going to go."
Neil went begging Trump for money in 2014? And this sounds like his manger's idea rather than Neil's? At least according to former Trump aide Michael R. Caputo.
BREAKING: The US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, says 127,000 Russian troops are now stationed along Ukraine's border.

Barbara Starr
CNN now reporting: Biden administration now in final stages of identifying specific military units to send to Eastern Europe to deter Russia. Next steps likely to be prep orders and then deployment orders once final decision several US officials tell CNN.

Let's Go Brandon
More Stronk Alec Baldwin impression
I like how he captures Baldwin's arrogance and nastiness, even with a baby
Ugly people look better with face diapers. Studies say wearing a mask makes one look better. And I call Bull Shit. [Mis. Hum.]
Rock Icon Meatloaf Dead at 74 His name was . . . Marvin Lee Aday. Bat Out of Hell is arguably among rock's greatest albums. RIP [J.J. Sefton]
Comedian Louis Anderson has now died too, at 68, due to blood cancer
Stop by the ONT Friday night at 10pm for a collective toast to Oregon Muse and redc1c4.
CJN podcast sidebar.jpg

J.J. Sefton, CBD and Misanthropic Humanitarian jabber about Biden/dementia and Ukraine, A moral compass, A Texas synagogue, and of course our friend OregonMuse
More bad news...long-time commenter "redc1c4" has passed away.
IRS Will Require Facial Recognition Scans to Access Your Taxes. Users will have to submit sensitive government documents, their social security number, credit history, and a facial scan to third-party company ID.me. [dri]
Both bills have now been defeated. I think Chucky the Crying Blob will now call for a change of the rules, and that will be voted down, and we'll be done here. Except for his Crying Speech.
They're speechifying on Schumer's proposal to scrap the filibuster. I really want to see the Crying Senator cry again.
Philip Melanchthon Wegmann

In honor of Biden's first year in office, @DNC will project a light display in front of the White House tonight to celebrate accomplishments like "record job numbers, infrastructure investments, and shots in arms under President Biden and Vice President Harris."

The lights will be green as a signal to Putin to invade Ukraine
The first of two voting takeover bills has failed to win cloture. They'll vote on the other one, and then Chuck Schumer will move to proceed to vote on them without cloture, that is, invoke the nuclear option. He will fail on that -- we all expect -- 52 to 48. And then they'll be on to next week's Distraction Theater production.
Oh, forgot to mention: Chuck Schumer will almost certainly give a speech where he cries about how horrible this all is. He always gives one of those. He gave a Crying Speech when he was trying to keep the filibuster, too.
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