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Space Ice's review of Road House (the Patrick Swayze one) is so good that you'll start doing half-naked tai chi at dawn
He calls the villain in the movie "Bob Iger." He's always making jokes about what shitholes LA, SF, and NYC are. I'm telling you, this guy is a (taps nose) Good Fella.
Critical Drinker summarizes the Warhammer "Wokehammer" controversy
Warhammer exploded in popularity (and money-making) during covid so BlackRock and Vanguard and all the other wokies decided to step in and ruin it to propagate "The Message"
Reddit rumor: Games Workshop changed the lore of Warhammer 40K because Amazon -- which infamously ruined Tolkein with Rings of (Girl) Power -- demanded that insert a female character in power armor.
There actually is a an all-female unit of "Fighting Nuns" called the Sisters of Battle. There is already-existing lore about female fighters. But according to this rumor, Amazon said that the Sisters of Battle weren't enough, they wanted female characters in the emperor's bodyguard (the Custodes). There are additional claims/speculations that Henry Cavill may walk away from the project, which I find hard to believe, because this is his dream project. He called this "the greatest professional honor of my life." He's been playing the game and reading the novels since he was 10. He is probably the wokies' greatest weapon in this fight.
86 All Agents of Control ". . . [the chaos] of elegant, natural freedom and independence [what Adam Smith referred to as 'the invisible hand'] is in direct contravention of those who have unleashed ideologically driven chaos by destroying freedom of choice in the quest to 'control' individuals as just one mass of a populace. Again, for our own good because we're too stupid and unenlightened to know what's good for us." My latest essay at Taki's Magazine. Please read and comment. [J.J. Sefton]
A reviewer from Tablet calls Civil War a "good movie" with "stupid politics"
The film relies on a mostly unexplained premise that a future third-term U.S. president has dissolved the FBI, turning the United States into an authoritarian state. Garland doesn't beat the audience over the head with his intentions or his politics. However, in his press tour for the film--including an advance NYC screening earlier this week I attended--he revealed that he felt no need to explain why the country broke apart. "Everyone knows," he says. Indeed, we do.
Without making it explicit in the film, Garland clearly wishes to make an allusion not just to the orange man--and his all-too-familiar badness--but the much-lamented rise of "dangerous populism" across the West. Garland is subtle in how he takes sides, but he clearly aligns with the elitist interpretation of rising mass dissatisfaction as driven by the bad behavior of deplorables and their ignorant love of "disinformation."
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click, OG Rap Edition
I roam in the zone of the microphone/And I'm on the throne but I'm not alone/Got bones of steel and not of stone/I'm known to be prone and make your momma moan
A little Sam Kinnison sample in there, with him screaming "Dick in your mouth all day."
Bill Barr Responds to Trump Hush Money Trial: 'Abomination' He even says he'll vote for Trump! [CBD]
Ohio GOP leaders reject Democrats' plan to get President Joe Biden on November ballot
The GOP is changing into something that can fight. Slowly. From time to time. Which is an improvement.[TJM]
CJN podcast 1400 copy.jpg
CBD and J.J. talk about the US tax code, designed to destroy the American middle class and entrepreneurialism, the Junta's complicity in Iran's direct attack on Israel might push us closer to ww3 than ever, gaming Israel's response, the banana republic lawfare hurled at Trump is actually boosting his popularity even among blacks, latinos and women, Trump sounding rational on abortion which the Democrats desperately cling to to save them this November, and more!
Maine Governor Allows National Popular Vote Legislation to Become Law "Absent a ranked-choice voting circumstance, it seems to me that the person who wins the most votes should become the President. To do otherwise seemingly runs counter to the democratic foundations of our country[.]" In other words, "I am entirely ignorant of American History and its political philosophy" [CBD]
Maher: 10/2023: "... she eventually rose to CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation and helped preside over the transformation of Wikipedia --once branded a "people's encyclopedia" -- into an information weapon wielded by the national security establishment. In 2017, Maher participated in a special event hosted by the U.S. State Department and entitled "Wikipedia in a Post-Fact World." "She currently serves on the U.S. State Department's Foreign Affairs Policy Board..." Posted by: LenNeal at April 15, 2024 05:27 PM
More Twitter hottakes from the grimly dour zealot CEO of NPR, who announces proudly that she's a childless cat-lady because "the world is burning"
Candace Owens declared if women don't use their eggs, "they scramble," and that these childless leftwing AWFLs feel their maternal instincts, spurned though they are, acutely, and with no children to mother, instead insist on mothering adult strangers.
Grimwoke Future: Mark Kern (co-creator of Starcraft, Warcraft) writes that Games Workshop is wokefying its line of miniatures and the entire lore of the (very lucrative) Warhammer 40K franchise to appease BlackRock, Vanguard, and the "European equivalent of BlackRock," who collectively own 25% of their stock
Henry Cavill is developing a Warhammer TV series. This is the exact wrong time for Games Workshop to spit on its actual audience. (If there's ever a right time.)
You may not think that suddenly deciding that women have always been part of the Emperor's personal bodyguard is a big deal, but a huge amount of the appeal of Warhammer is its extensive and interesting lore. The game is expensive AF and it's the lore that keeps fans dedicated to the brand. The Custodes (the bodyguards) have been repeatedly called out as all-male for decades. And now, to appease fucking Larry Fink, 40,000 years of lore are being rewritten.
"On April 10th, our father, Orenthal James Simpson, succumbed to his battle with cancer."
If his hearse isn't a white Bronco I'm going to be very disappointed.
-- Posted by: JackStraw
CJN podcast 1400 copy.jpg
Author and science reporter Robert Zimmerman of joins CBD and J.J. Sefton (we dragged him into the studio!) to discuss his recent three-part series on how far the Democrats will go to try to steal the 2024 elections, the potential mayhem that would follow, the potential for secession or dissolution of the USA as well as the hope for national revival, and so much more!
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