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Shocker, yet another Christian-baiting post from Hot Air's lunatic evangelical atheist. And to the Daily Beast, of course. Who else would link this besides Hot Air's Official Daily Beast Linker and also their official Christian Baiter?
You sure told off Daddy with this post, Allah. Congratulations!!!
Salem should fire Allah now. He's doing as much damage as he can on his spiteful way out the door to The Bulwark. Or just make him work weekends, full days, and give others the days off. That way his spite-posts will have the least reach and do the least damage to the already-battered brand.
Personally I think Hot Air is already dead due to their own decisions -- Get Woke Go Broke -- but if they have any hope of recovering, they need to act.
Or is Salem really doubling down on chasing the Maggie Haberman Demographic?
Looking forward to seeing Tomorrow's Catch of Jim Swift links, JV Last links, Amanda Carpenter links, Charlie "3-Wives" Sykes links, Bill Kristol links, David French "Christians don't really believe in Christ" links, Matt K. Lewis links, and of course Aaron Rupar and Justin Barogna links. All the essential nutrients in a well-balanced True Conservative breakfast.
Olivia Newton-John, Dead at 73
I really liked her Xanadu and Magic songs, written, I'm sure, by Jeff Lynne of ELO. Nope, Magic was written by John Ferrar. Yeah that one didn't sound like ELO.
An appreciation of Newton-John's singing ability, as she sings a song I don't know, "Sam"
Solid couple of skeleton jokes from Pitch Meeting
At least there's 15 seconds of entertainment to be had from Groomer Disney's Ms. Marvel
Extreme violence warning: Smoke shop owner defends his business from antifa thief with big knife, going Michael Myers on the robber
I don't know if the robber will wind up surviving this. The shopkeep stabs him repeatedly, including once in the neck (!).
This is what you get now. People are DONE with this shit.
World record jump from 25,000 feet, with no parachute
You know, it's really the last 200 feet that are the problem
thechorizosystem.jpg The most detailed image of Proxima Chorizo ever
The Science (TM) here is amazing. Must read!
Thanks to Ordinary American.
BTW, only part of the story is his little joke, which is funny. The bigger part is the "I F***ing Love Science!" idiots all mindlessly retweeting it.
A couple of weeks ago I predicted the Democrats would blame the Republicans And Fox News for "talking down the economy."

My prediction is about to be realized, apparently.
Posted by: Soothsayer's
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click: Forgotten 80s Movies Tie-In Themes Edition
This is one of those mini-movies they used to make. It looks bad. I like the song better now than I did at the time, though. I hated it at the time. Now I think it bops!
Oh no!
Gannett reports 'challenging' Q2 earnings, plans cost reductions

"Gannett, owner of USA TODAY and local news operations in 45 states, reported Thursday that it would undertake a 'significant cost reduction program' amid a challenging economic backdrop marred by soaring inflation rates, labor shortages and price-sensitive consumers."

from gdgm+
You know what reduces costs? Layoffs. And Learn-to-Code pamphlets.
"I have the most heavily tattooed vagina in the world!" shouts British nitwit, trying and failing to get her father's attention.
She's bragging about this, but what I hear her saying is, "I have a very, very large vaginal canvas to paint on."
thanks to redridinghood
There will be no Establishment Restoration, c*cks.

There will be no Establishment Restoration, c*cks.

There will be no Establishment Restoration, c*cks.

There will be no Establishment Restoration, c*cks.

There will be no Establishment Restoration, c*cks.

There will be no Establishment Restoration, c*cks.

Read it. Learn it. Live it.
Yahoo News: A jury ordered Infowars host Alex Jones must pay $4.1 million to 2 Sandy Hook parents -- far less than the $150 million the plaintiff's attorneys requested.
284 Btw 100% duck fat in a can? Where can I get that?
Posted by: thathalfrican

296 I first read that as 100% duck fart in a can.
Posted by: bill in arkansas

I would like to pay 100% duck fart in a can to make love to my wife while I watch.
Posted by: David French
USAToday's "statewide enterprise editor" for Florida shows that the media "does not choose sides" and only "calls balls and strikes:"
Kathryn Varn

Gov. Ron DeSantis just suspended one of Florida's only reform-minded prosecutors, Democrat @AndrewWarrenFL.
That time that humorous alt-rock band Ween put out a country album and called it 12 Golden Country Hits
Content advisory
I don't think this is making fun of country music. I think it's more like: A lot of what Ween does is like a bad idea someone dared them to do and they just went with it.
Or, like: Everything they do is at least half a goof.
Christina Pushaw

MAJOR announcement tomorrow morning from @GovRonDeSantis.

Prepare for the liberal media meltdown of the year

Everyone get some rest tonight.

This is not going to be a presidential announcement; he still has to run for, and win, his second term as governor. So it will be a policy announcement, or a policy results announcement, I imagine. Or maybe a new plan to bus illegal aliens to Delaware and Nantucket. Though I think it would have to be something bigger than that.
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