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IJ Review: Actor James Woods Demolishes Glowing Article on Obama with One Tweet
"[W]hen CBS published its article about Obama’s amazing athleticism, a lot of Twitter users came back with humorous incredulity..." [rdbrewer]

John Fund and Hans Von Spakovsky: Holder and Obama are making race relations worse, inflaming hatred
"A Pew Research Center poll found that only 40% of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling race relations. Black approval is down to 57%, while approval among whites is down to 33%.... Eric Holder has one of the lowest approval ratings of any public official." [rdbrewer]
Let's hope this isn't a repeat of MH370. AirAsia flight QZ8501 from Indonesia to Singapore missing [stuiec]
NYT: The Slow Death of ‘Do Not Track’
"If regulators go along, the rules would allow the largest Internet giants to continue scooping up data about users on their own sites and on other sites that include their plug-ins, such as Facebook’s 'Like' button or an embedded YouTube video. This giant loophole would make 'Do Not Track' meaningless...." I have an idea: Forget about what the bigs want; instead, make it a felony to collect browsing information from consumers who have chosen "Do Not Track." [rdbrewer]
The Stupid Club Expands
The Euro may not be the unalloyed good thing that it was supposed to be...[CBD]
Housemate Walker Fight! Hillary & Bill in scuffle? Seriously, this was my first thought. [krak/t]

Obama: America Has Become ‘Less Racially Divided’ Under My Presidency
"'No,' the president answered. 'I actually think that it’s probably in its day-to-day interactions less racially divided.'" [rdbrewer]
Another "Good Kid" inexplicably does a bad thing. Fatal Mistake: People at home had guns as well. "Good Kid." You keep using that phrase. I do not think it means what you think it means. [krak/t]

Sorolla, "Bathtime, Valencia"
a/k/a "Zombie Kid at the Beach" (1908)
Politico: OBAMA IS BACK!!!
Ace has been joking about this for a while now, but it looks like Politico really is pushing an "Obama is back!" meme. [rdbrewer]

Opposition to de Blasio reaches new heights
Yeah, but de Blasio can do this. [rdbrewer]

NSA Forced to Spell Out Violations After Suit
"In another instance, an analyst in late 2011 'reported that, during the past two or three years, she had searched her spouse’s personal telephone directory....'" [rdbrewer]

The Independent: Mystery of Bulgaria's green cat finally explained
From a few weeks ago. "But it has now emerged that the – as yet unnamed – moggy has been sleeping on the top of an abandoned pile of synthetic green paint in a garage." [rdbrewer]

EnidNews: Oklahoma earthquakes: USGS continues to look at increase
Via Drudge. Look at the chart. People want to attribute the increase to the disposal of wastewater in injection wells, something that has been going on for decades, not just the last couple of years. Also, the quakes are two to four miles down. No one drills that deep. So, the theory sounds implausible. (It's a magma plume!) [rdbrewer]

Joseph Curl: At Christmastime, George W. Bush was Santa, Obama is Scrooge
Bush never left D.C. before Christmas. He did that so that the hundreds of people involved when he traveled could be home with their families. Obama doesn't think about things like that. It takes a certain amount of mental horsepower to color within the lines, whether they're legal, traditional, ethical, or lines that simply represent the bounds of decent behavior. Obama can't do that. He does what he wants with little or no regard for others. [rdbrewer]

ValleyCentral: Police: Cartel claims they have kidnapped Border Patrol agent
Via Drudge. Protip: This is not a good idea, cartel dummy. [rdbrewer]
Why Does Nobody Want To Play With Turkey? "It became the first member state that had military exercises with the Syrian army and the Chinese Air Force; awarded a NATO-sensitive air defense contract to a Chinese company; supported jihadists in Syria and the Muslim Brotherhood elsewhere in the Middle East; allied with what NATO nations view as a terrorist organization (Hamas)..." [CBD]
Bloomberg: U.S. Spy Agency Reports Improper Surveillance of Americans
CHRISTMAS NEWS DUMP: "The National Security Agency today released reports on intelligence collection that may have violated the law or U.S. policy over more than a decade, including unauthorized surveillance of Americans’ overseas communications." [rdbrewer]

Inside the Star Wars Imperial Handbook
"The Star Wars 'Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide'... launched this fall to give fans insight into the technology, philosophy and culture of the Empire's military." Gallery. Also from 101 Best Night Sky Photos of 2014 by Stargazers. [rdbrewer]

BI: 15 Awesome Photos From Sony's 2015 World Photography Awards
"[T]he World Photography Organization has decided to reveal a selection of some of their favorite submissions from the contest so far." [rdbrewer]

Ben Shapiro: Jeb Bush Vs. Ted Cruz
"Republican elites do not believe in the dismantling of the welfare state; they believe in its maintenance. They do not believe in the unsophisticated free marketeering of the tea party; they believe in a strong government hand on the economic tiller, so long as that hand is benevolent toward their friends. They do not believe in small government; they believe in large government that serves their ends." [rdbrewer]
Christmas greetings from Ronald Reagan
It's amazing. The set looks just like the Oval Office. You can't even tell that he's on a golf course (Isn't that what Presidents do on Christmas?).
Weasel Zippers
T'was the night before Christmas
How can that which can not be repaid, be repaid? Not to go all Saving Private Ryan, but by earning it.
Hanna Rosin, Slate: Why We Still Need to Investigate the Rolling Stone Rape Story
"It’s not to get the truth from Jackie. It’s to scrutinize the larger story Sabrina Rubin Erdely tells about sexual assault on campus." [rdbrewer]

CDC reports potential Ebola exposure in Atlanta lab
Via Drudge. "The potential exposure took place Monday when scientists conducting research on the virus at a high-security lab mistakenly put a sample containing the potentially infectious virus in a place where it was transferred for processing to another CDC lab...." [rdbrewer]

Yahoo, Reuters: Facebook must face lawsuit over scanning of users' messages: judge
"Facebook Inc must face a class action lawsuit accusing it of violating its users' privacy by scanning the content of messages they send to other users for advertising purposes, a U.S. judge has ruled." Video. [rdbrewer]

Huffington Post gets it wrong in last night’s St. Louis police shooting story
"The story was written by Sebastian Murdock, an associate editor at the Huffington Post, apparently before police issued their statement." [rdbrewer]

Breitbart: Mind over matter, the brain alone can tone muscle
"New research suggests muscles respond to simple thoughts of exercise; simply imagining exercise can trick the muscles into delaying atrophy and even getting stronger." What happens if you imagine you didn't eat that coconut cream pie? Does that work? [rdbrewer]

Feminist Amateur Hour
"If you ever get bored with professional feminist crazies like Jessica Valenti (“Damn these gendered Christmas chores!”) and Amanda Marcotte (“Damn that Baby Jesus!”), you should check out the craziness churned up by the amateurs at Everyday Feminism." [rdbrewer]
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