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Episode #131, Ace and Drew Double Feature.

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The Rubio Menace: A Rubio Candidacy Will Drive the Stake Through the Heart of Any Kind of Push For Actual National Sovereignty
Mickey Kaus writing... He doesn't announce this, but what he's complaining about is the Establishment's nasty habit of winning on arguments by refusing to have the argument at all. Marco Rubio will not be nominated due to his position against American sovereignty; he will be nominated because he's "electable." Having been nominated for reasons having nothing to do with his position on American sovereignty (he's against it), we will nevertheless have elected the anti-sovereignty position without having ever had an actual debate on it.
This is how they manage us. This is how we permit ourselves to be managed.
Pop quiz, hotshot: Who said the following, SJW or Fox News personality?
"'["Bimbo"] gins up other comments along those lines, which is diminishing obviously to not just the woman who is being attacked, but to women in general.'" I've seen the light. I called someone an asshole once. I realize now I was really calling the whole world an asshole. Sorry, whole world. Via @k_mcq. [rdbrewer]

Gabriel Malor, NR: Strict Scrutiny for Firearms Restrictions?
"An appeals-court panel rules that gun-control laws must pass an exceedingly high threshold to be constitutional." [rdbrewer]

"Virtue signalling"
A useful neologisim. From last October. Thanks to commenter "gp." More from Acculturated. [rdbrewer]

The crane collapse in NY
Video. Via @JohnEkdahl. [rdbrewer]

Bloomberg: The Rich Are Already Using Robo-Advisers, and That Scares Banks
Via Drudge. [rdbrewer]

Kausfiles: The Rubio menace
"I wanted to find out: Was Rubio really as slick and insubstantial in this setting as John Edwards? Answer: No. He’s slicker." [rdbrewer]

TheHill: Democratic establishment starts to gang up on Sanders [rdbrewer]

Jack Shafer: Time for Chelsea Clinton's Easy Ride to End
"Why is the press treating a wealthy, 35-year-old political operative like she's still a White House kid?" Via @Slublog. [rdbrewer]

Reuters: Crane collapse in lower Manhattan
More from USA Today. [rdbrewer]

TheDC: Refugees Go Clubbing In Russia, Harass Girls, Wake Up In Hospital The Next Morning
"A group of 51 refugees were brutally assaulted outside a night club in Murmansk, Russia, after they groped and molested women at a night club Saturday. The refugees had previously been ordered to leave Norway for “bad behavior” and tried their luck in Russia. What they didn’t realize when they went out clubbing in Murmansk is that Russians have less tolerance when it comes to sexual assault on local women..." I like to begin the day with a heartwarming human interest story. [rdbrewer]
4th Cir. applies strict scrutiny to MD's "assault weapons" ban, sends case back to district court This means Maryland has an extraordinarily high bar to clear in order to ban the Evil Black Rifle. Great news for the pro-gun side.
Yahoo, Reuters: U.S. eyes ways to toughen fight against domestic extremists
In other words, if you talk about Patrick Henry, they want the power to label you a domestic terrorist so they can get around the Fourth Amendment warrant requirement even easier (even though this thing is being framed in terms of punishments and not search and seizure). And even though most domestic terrorists are of the left wing loon variety. Note also the rhetoric: They're lumping in militia groups--which are provided for in the Constitution, unlike the Justice Department--with Islamic terrorist groups. As if they're the same threat. Or even similar. [rdbrewer]

Trump resists staff calls to change course
They say when you're making movies, you always want to be using someone else's money. That way you don't skimp when you need to spend some. Anyway, one might think Trump might want to spend some money now, at the beginning of the primaries, when he needs some wins. [rdbrewer]

Mary Katharine Ham will be part of the ABC GOP debate on Saturday
Congratulations. Good luck and have fun on that. [rdbrewer]

Fox411: Playboy's first non-nude issue debuts its cover, centerfold
Via Drudge. It think it's a good idea. Naked chicks are everywhere, just a click away. In a way it's sexier to have them wearing something. [rdbrewer]
Reuters Rolling: Trump 38.4% Cruz 16.2% Rubio 10.8% Carson 7.1% Christie 4.2% Kasich 2.8% Paul 2.5%
Via @ComradeArthur. [rdbrewer]

Chuck Ross, TheDC: Lawmaker Says He’s ‘Never Read Anything That’s More Sensitive’ Than Information In Hillary’s ‘Top Secret’ Emails [rdbrewer]

Bloomberg: The Fed Wants to Test How Banks Would Handle Negative Rates
Looking into anything that might stave off the big bust until after the next election? [rdbrewer]

AP: Shadowy companies, big bucks: Election mystery money returns
Via Drudge. "The AP over several days pieced together who was behind some of the donations.... The largest, obfuscated super PAC donation was IGX's $500,000, paid to the Rubio-aligned Conservative Solutions PAC. The AP discovered the contribution came from self-described investor and IGX owner Andrew Duncan of Brooklyn, New York, whose firm was listed in a prior donation to Rubio." [rdbrewer]

Fox News: Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul suspends presidential campaign [rdbrewer]

Chicago Trib: Marco Rubio is the establishment GOP's new kid in town
Ayup. [rdbrewer]

Mirror: Makers of 'mindblowing' sex robot with virtual vagina swamped with orders
Via Drudge. [rdbrewer]

Eddie Scarry, Washington Examiner: Woodward: Clinton 'shouts,' needs to 'get off this screaming stuff'
"'I think a lot of it with Hillary Clinton has to do with style and delivery, oddly enough,' Woodward said on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe.' 'She shouts. There is something unrelaxed about the way she is communicating.'... 'I'm sorry to dwell on the tone issue, but there's something here where Hillary Clinton suggests she's almost not comfortable with herself,' Woodward said." She's an angry, nasty person, and it leaks through sometimes. [rdbrewer]
How to Kiss Someone Without Committing Rape
It's harder than you might think -- by the rulebooks in place on college campuses now, you have to affirmatively secure a "yes" to the question "May we start kissing again?" every time you take a pause, or it's sexual assault
No wonder people are going gay -- who can do the paperwork for heterosexual sex anymore?
Mayor of a German Town: Ten year olds shouldn't provoke migrants by walking past their home.
You might say those areas are... NO GO ZONES. [@ComradeArthur]
CNN: Texas county reports sexual transmission of Zika virus
"Dallas County Health and Human Services in Texas said it has received confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that a case of the mosquito-borne Zika virus was transmitted through sexual contact this year." [rdbrewer]
Finnish media video: How unarmed women can protect themselves against rape. The Left's plan is less effective than a 45 caliber Colt Commander. H/T Weaselzippers [dri]
Breitbart: Cruz: IA Results ‘Victory For the Grassroots,’ GOP Nominee Won’t Be Picked By Establishment, ‘Reagan Coalition’ Coming Back [rdbrewer]

The Guardian: Scientific ignorance about Zika parallels Aids crisis in 1980s, say Brazilian experts [rdbrewer]

Mirror: Was Zika outbreak caused by release of genetically modified mosquitoes in Brazil?
"The genetically engineered insects were designed to stop the spread of dengue fever but critics now fear the programme may have had a deadly consequence." Added: Commenter "Mr. Wolf" says "there is NO way Zika virus could have been 'genetically engineered in Brazil' as the virus ORIGINATED in the Zika jungle in Africa." Added: Commenter "Buzzion" has a different view: "The sidebar piece does not say the Zika virus was genetically engineered. And it makes no mention of it original origins." So, read critically. Decide for yourself. [rdbrewer]

Market Watch: Coin toss broke 6 Clinton-Sanders deadlocks in Iowa — and Hillary won each time
Ace already mentioned this about ten hours ago, but I just wanted to add an observation or two. First, what a crock of shit. Second, Iowa Dems need a new rule that any coin flip decision must be certified by two Notary Publics. This would put their oaths on the line and require a criminal conspiracy to fake. Still not impossible, but much harder to pull off. Because six for six? [More curse words.] Sanders was robbed. [rdbrewer]

Michael Bastasch, TheDC: Poll: 91% Of Americans Aren’t Worried About Global Warming
"A YouGov poll of 18,000 people in 17 countries found only 9.2 percent of Americans rank global warming as their biggest concern." A hidden camera caught the reaction of at least one person. [rdbrewer]

Texas Tribune: As Feds Plan to Cut Border Monitoring, Texas Officials Ask Why
"In a letter to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, the lawmakers said the cut to a requested 3,850 hours of aerial detection and monitoring in 2016 amounts to 50 percent less coverage than recent years." [rdbrewer]

Bloomberg: Google Search Probe by U.S. Should Get New Look, Utah Says
"U.S. antitrust officials should consider revisiting their closed investigation into Google’s search practices in light of claims by the European Union that the company manipulates results, said Utah’s attorney general." Google will just throw a few more million around to Dem and GOP establishment dinosaurs in DC and all will be well. [rdbrewer]

Yahoo, AFP: Thai junta push Google, Facebook and Line to scrub web
There's a dark web and a scrub web? I wonder what that is. Dibbs on naming the next web. [rdbrewer]
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