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6 South Florida: Judge Orders Immediate Release of Jailed Marine Andrew Tahmooressi
"A Mexican judge has ordered the immediate release of a jailed U.S. Marine veteran who spent eight months behind bars for crossing the border with loaded guns." Via @DoreenHDickson. Added: More from Fox News. [rdbrewer]

The Revolution Devours Itself
"As videomaker and blogger Ladd Ehlinger Jr. tweeted when hapless PR agent Justine Sacco found her reputation destroyed by her fellow leftists (just in time for Christmas) over a single ill-conceived tweet, 'Just because you’re in the mob one day, don’t think it protects you from the mob the next day.'" [rdbrewer]

Northern Virginia Gun Owner Swatted
He went into a 7-11 for coffee. The swatter told the cops he was robbing the store. I guess s/he was hoping someone would die. [rdbrewer]
NBC 4, Washington: Federal Government Made $20 Billion in Secret Purchases in Recent Months
"Thousands of federal workers are issued taxpayer-funded credit cards, and as long as they buy items that cost less than $3,000 -- or 'micropurchases' -- they can simply swipe and buy and it's possible no one outside of some agency bookkeepers will ever know what they bought." One agency has $30,000 dollars in Starbucks purchases. [rdbrewer]

Joel Pollak, Breitbart: Revealed: The Tech Sector's Permanent Campaign for Amnesty
", the immigration reform initiative founded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, plans to launch a massive political push in December to support President Barack Obama's planned executive action on immigration." Who cares if low wage earners lose jobs? He needs more billions. Fun fact: Haley Barbour runs one of these groups, Americans for a Conservative Direction. (Even the name is a lie.) So Barbour makes money fighting for what these fatcat liberals want. Think about that. [rdbrewer]

Andrew Klavan, Truth Revolt: Is Obamacare Working, Or Are We All Going to Die?
Video. [rdbrewer]

Happy Halloween
Wired: 20 Incredible Photos of a World Too Tiny to See [rdbrewer]

Daily Viral Stuff: 30 Seriously Impressive Pumpkin Carvings
Via @DoreenHDickson. [rdbrewer]

Bill Whittle, Truth Revolt: Weaponizing the Government
Video. [rdbrewer]

EDITORIAL: Mark Warner’s Halloween mask of moderation
"It’s a trick to get his liberal voting record past Virginians amid the wave of anti-Democratic sentiment sweeping the nation." [rdbrewer]

Breitbart: George Will: Putin 'Angry' Like Hitler
ISIS "child's play" compared to Putin and the nukes he has to play with, to paraphrase. [rdbrewer]

The Top 10 Liberal Superstitions
"2. Government spending stimulates the economy." Also from WSJ: Peggy Noonan: Is Sacrificing a bit of comfort for public health such a great indignity? [rdbrewer]

Jim Geraghty: Coming to North Carolina: An Attack Ad Against the Media
Flanking maneuver. Good idea. And a nice ad. Video. [rdbrewer]

Jay Cost: End of the Age of Obama
"Sure, the president has another two years in office, but he is now the lamest of lame ducks.... But more than this, he seems to have no friends, and few allies, on Capitol Hill. ¶ One fact of politics that the president never fully grasped is that Congress, not the White House, is the center of our political system." [rdbrewer]

Charles Krauthammer: Election Day looking like a referendum on competence
"The list of disasters is long, highlighted by the Obamacare rollout, the Veterans Affairs scandal and the pratfalls of the once-lionized Secret Service. Beyond mere incompetence is government intrusiveness and corruption, as in the overreach of national security surveillance and IRS targeting...." And Ebola. And the fact the world is "exploding all over." And... [rdbrewer]

Maria Konnikova, The New Yorker: Is Social Psychology Biased Against Republicans?
"“The same people who are exquisitely sensitive to discrimination in other areas are often violently antagonistic when it comes to political ideology, bringing up clichéd arguments that they wouldn’t accept in other domains: ‘They aren’t smart enough.’ ‘They don’t want to be in the field.’”" A must- read. Advance copy (PDF) of Haidt's paper coming out early next year. [rdbrewer]

Jonah Goldberg: What Monsters Portend
"In The Walking Dead, evil that emerges among the living is foreshadowed by the zombies." [rdbrewer]

Dennis Saffran, PJM: Next Big Culture Clash: Banning Football
"The metrosexual, feminized left targets 'America's Game' for extinction." They couldn't be more intolerant. Via @EdDriscoll. [rdbrewer]

Dan Riehl, Breitbart: Jeb Bush Promises GOP Immigration Reform To Spanish-Speaking Media [rdbrewer]

FBI Announces Investigation of GOP Senate Candidate Days Before Election
"Acknowledgement of investigation is contrary to decades-long FBI practice." [rdbrewer]

Women’s Studies Major Gets Spanked
"Two words: Spanking porn." [rdbrewer]

Politico Violates Godwin Law
"I’ll say this much for them: you have to hand it to Politico for making it competitive in a race to the bottom with the Haaretz cartoonist depicting Netanyahu flying a blue and white passenger plane labeled ISRAEL into the WTC...." [rdbrewer]

Weasel Zippers: Left-Wing “Stop The Violence” Organizers Arrested For Nearly Beating Roommate To Death…
Via Monty. [rdbrewer]

Funny or Die: 10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man
Via @JohnEkdahl. [rdbrewer]

America Rising: Mary Landrieu Thinks She and Obama Are Unpopular In Louisiana Because Voters Are Racist And Sexist
Video. [rdbrewer]

Typical Pumpkin Thief

Ashe Schow: Feminist lawyer denounces handling of campus sexual assault cases
"She goes on to describe how a 'single investigator' serves as the prosecutor, judge and the jury in a case. She explains that the accused usually cannot cross-examine their accuser or witnesses and are denied legal representation." She calls it "Kafkaesque." [rdbrewer]

Jon Gabriel: Goofus and Gallant on Government
"Since I’m all about the youth vote, I updated the comics of my childhood with timeless messages about the free market and limited government." [rdbrewer]

MRC: George Stephanopoulos: Reliably Crowning Democrats as Debate Winners
"MRC has documented how, in eight out of the last nine general election presidential debates (every one since he joined ABC News in 1997), Stephanopoulos has gone on his network’s airwaves to claim victory for the Democratic candidate...." [rdbrewer]

MKHammer: "Frozen" is just Disney's "The Shining"
"Exhibit A: Elsa and Jack." Via @seanmdav. [rdbrewer]

Wired: Maniac Pumpkin Carvers Create Custom Jack-o’-Lanterns
"'Our process starts with the design,' Evan said. 'We sketch out [blah blah-blah blah-blah] [pumpkins].'" [rdbrewer]

Popular Mechanics: The 50 Greatest Sci-Fi TV Shows Ever
Via @Slublog. [rdbrewer]

Josh Kraushaar: White House in Denial: President Obama Is Costing Democrats Control of the Senate
"White House officials are preemptively spinning a midterm defeat, and they're using their own fantasies to do it. They're starting to blame candidates for not supporting President Obama enough. As a top White House official told The Washington Post's Karen Tumulty, 'He doesn't think they have any reason to run away from him. He thinks there is a strong message there.'" Narcissist thinks he's awesome. That is so unusual. [rdbrewer]

CJ Ciaramella: Senators Eye Asset Forfeiture Reform
"Several U.S. senators are considering reforms to federal civil asset forfeiture laws—which allow the government to seize citizens’ property even if they are not convicted or charged with a crime—following several high-profile investigations by news outlets." More from the NYT. [rdbrewer]

NYT: In Upstate New York House Race, Republican Makes Her Youth a Selling Point
And she has an 18 point lead. [rdbrewer]

David French: The Embarassing, Sophomoric Malice of Obama-Administration Foreign Policy
"Next, there’s the sophomoric, malicious style of campus rhetoric, where stigma is the preferred method of argument. It’s hard to overstate the propensity towards name-calling even of 'elite' academics, and the culture of the academy is one where groupthink is enforced and reinforced through vicious rhetoric." Via Monty. [rdbrewer]

Dems rush to save suddenly vulnerable incumbents
"Desperate Democrats are rushing to save suddenly vulnerable House incumbents, even in states where President Barack Obama cruised to double-digit victories...." [rdbrewer]

Grist: Climate depression is for real. Just ask a scientist
Aww. Yes, ask a scientist, a person who is supposed to remain emotionally detached from their area of study. Via @TheH2. [rdbrewer]

The Guardian: Suite scandal: why Bach's wife cannot take credit for his cello masterwork
"The theory got some attention, was dismissed by Bach scholars and then (I thought) died forever; but here it is again. ¶ Professor Jarvis is a charming and sincere man – I met him then to talk it over. But I’m afraid that his theory is pure rubbish. Anna Magdalena Bach did not write the Bach suites, any more than Anne Hathaway wrote Shakespeare’s plays...." Via Monty. [rdbrewer]

Fox News: Amelia Earhart plane fragment identified
The last time you saw this story, they had just found out it might be from her plane. Now they think it is. And it might be, but note that the company seeking the money for the expedition is the company that identified the fragment. More from Discovery. Via @DoreenHDickson. [rdbrewer]

It Was Obama Who Called Netanyahu 'Chickenshit'
Maybe. John Kerry thinks Netayahu is denying him his rightful Nobel Peace Prize. So, it's hard to tell. [rdbrewer]
Another flying car
Thing is, this one looks good. More at WaPo. [rdbrewer]

Kate Hahn: I Am Going to Start Ending Every Sentence With "Bitches," Bitches.
"I used to think that 'bitches' as a punctuation mark was affected—an attempt to appear carefree by co-opting nihilistic Breaking Bad gangster slang, bitches. But now I have to add it to anything just to be heard, bitches." [rdbrewer]

Nina Teicholz: The Last Anti-Fat Crusaders
"The top scientist guiding the U.S. government’s nutrition recommendations made an admission last month that would surprise most Americans.... Yet the experts now designing the next set of dietary recommendations remain mired in the same anti-fat bias and soft science that brought us the low-fat diet in the first place." [rdbrewer]

Discover Magazine: This Is Your Brain on Psychedelic Drugs
"Now some mathematicians have jumped into the fray, using a new mathematical technique to analyze the brains of people on magic mushrooms." [rdbrewer]

Timothy P. Carney: Kay Hagan's corporatism and cronyism enriches her campaign, family
"Hagan consistently votes for government to pick winners and losers — through grants, loan guarantees, and special one-time tax breaks. Those winners align very nicely with her donors, the companies she’s invested in, and even her own family’s bank account." Pig. [rdbrewer]

Ron Fournier: Millennials Bolt Obama for GOP in Midterms
" In a stunning turnaround, likely voters in the so-called millennial generation prefer a Republican-led Congress after next week's elections, and young Hispanics are turning sharply against President Obama." [rdbrewer]

Jonah Goldberg: Whatever, Margaret
Margaret Carlson seems unaware there is a point where exaggeration more closely resembles lying. Via @ComradeArthur. [rdbrewer]

The Register: Voyager 1 now EIGHTEEN LIGHT HOURS from home
And it still works. [rdbrewer]

K5: Breath test developed to detect disease [rdbrewer]

Greg Gutfeld: Bill Clinton's Startling Admission
Identity politics is our biggest worry. [rdbrewer]

Yahoo: Forgotten Corvette collection emerges from the dust after 25 years
"The story of how Max acquired the cars began in 1989, when music network VH1 held a contest to award a lucky viewer with a Corvette from every year of the model's existence, from 1953 to 1989." [rdbrewer]

CHE: 50 Years of Stupid Grammar Advice
"The Elements of Style does not deserve the enormous esteem in which it is held by American college graduates. Its advice ranges from limp platitudes to inconsistent nonsense. Its enormous influence has not improved American students' grasp of English grammar; it has significantly degraded it." [rdbrewer]

Ebola doctor ‘lied’ about NYC travels
"Dr. Craig Spencer at first told officials that he isolated himself in his Harlem apartment — and didn’t admit he rode the subways, dined out and went bowling until cops looked at his MetroCard the sources said." Nice going, hero. [rdbrewer]

Human Events: Heroic Ebola doctors and nurses lie to police, blow off voluntary isolation
"The notion of isolation and mandatory testing as some kind of insult has been taken to fetish levels by nurse Kaci Hickox, who has become something of an anti-isolation activist." One could be forgiven for thinking this martyr is in it for the recognition and the personal feel-goods more than, you know, actually serving others. Via @Slublog. [rdbrewer]

Daily Mail: Phil Collins brings the world's largest private Alamo collection - including Jim Bowie's legendary knife - 'back home' to Texas
What a great guy. Via @TheH2. [rdbrewer]
Another mammoth skeleton was found. I was going to provide a link, but mammoth skeleton. Added: @Juneslili says it's pretty cool, so here it is. [rdbrewer]

Video: Chicago Activists Unchained, Destroy Black Leadership
Via @Weirddave0. [rdbrewer]

Nobody Expects the Guy Caballero Democrats!
""Texas Democrat At Wendy Davis Event Said Greg Abbott 'Just Rolls Around’ In His Wheelchair...."" Also from Ed: Some idiot in the administration called Netanyahu a chickenshit. [rdbrewer]
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