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If you were in the fantasy hockey league last year, please e-mail me at benaoshq at gmail dot com. We're moving the league to a different website and I don't have your contact information. Put "Naked Asian Women" in the subject line of the e-mail so I know its legit.
KWTX: Rocket Explodes at Space X
"A SpaceX rocket exploded in mid-air early Friday evening. According to witness accounts, the rocket started to head toward nearby homes shortly before it exploded." [rdbrewer]

CENSORSHIP! Forbes Deletes Pro-Israel Opinion Piece
"Within hours of the article going live, the post was taken down. Ballabon was given conflicting reasons for the removal of the post. The one reason he wasn't given was the most obvious one: 'Forbes Magazine' did not like the post's pro-Israel content." [rdbrewer]

Study casts doubt on chain of causation between poverty and crime
"Neither of these conclusions is likely to be welcome to social reformers." [rdbrewer]
NL Times: Almere jihadist killed in N. Iraq battle
According to Kurd fighters. This was the guy on Twitter posing with the heads of murdered people and with the "we're number one" finger point. [rdbrewer]

Matthew Continetti: 1,461 Days of Summer
"I disagree with the idea that this August has been different, in any meaningful way, from the rest of Obama’s second term. For this president, the distinction between 'time off' and 'time on' is meaningless. For this president, every day is a vacation. And has been for some time." Via @JohnEkdahl. [rdbrewer]

WMUR 9, ABC: Poll shows Brown nearly tied with Shaheen
Brown only down 2. Wow. Via @GabrielMalor. [rdbrewer]

Ed Rogers, WaPo: Is Obama acting like a former president?
Obama wants to hang with people who give him narcissistic supply--movie stars, "interesting Italians," etc. Right now, Washington isn't giving him that. [rdbrewer]

HUH? Global Warming Causes Global Cooling?
"Ah I get it now hot water sinks. Wait a water doesn't sink COLD water sinks." [rdbrewer]

Allahpundit: White House: That round of golf after the Foley video was released doesn’t show the depth of Obama’s grief
"But listen: Precisely because there are so many low-information voters out there, I think he’s dead right in how he’s calculated the cost/benefit in all of this. Namely, there’s no cost." [rdbrewer]

Richard Fernandez, PJM: It's Alive
"The president prided himself on being able to straddle all sides of an issue at once as the 'only adult in the room'. He could take the big view of things and therefore hated the idea of 'war' because it was so limiting, implying that one had to take just one side in a quarrel. Why, with his great mind, Obama figured he could take all sides." Via @EdDriscoll. [rdbrewer]

CNN: Romney: Clinton won't be able to distance herself from Obama
"'She was very critical of the president’s foreign policy, and basically said "he doesn’t have one,"' Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, said, according to Bloomberg. 'I used to say that during the campaign.'" [rdbrewer]

Daniel Halper: General: 'Destroy the Islamic State Now'
Agree. We're going to have to fight them eventually. Might as well do it before they get more organized. "'Make no mistake, the abomination of IS is a clear and present danger to the U.S.'" [rdbrewer]

Sonny Bunch: Comedy in the Era of Obama
"It’s comedy designed to remind the smart set that it believes the right things, holds the right views, supports the right pols, vouches for the right laws. 'Look at how dumb The Other is,' these shows scream. 'We are smarter. We are better. We are good.'" And that's why it's not funny. [rdbrewer]

Mary Katharine Ham: Teamsters appeal to 'Top Chef' for employment by threatening to bash in Padma Lakshmi’s face
"The popular TV show had overstepped its bounds, you see, by hiring non-Teamster production assistants or something." [rdbrewer]

WaPo: A question for Washington pollsters: How wrong must you be to never work again? [rdbrewer]

Sky News: Giant Crack Appears In Mexico
"An earthquake or a leaking levee may be behind the appearance of a kilometre-long trench near Hermosillo." [rdbrewer]
Armchair Astronautics: Space Observatories
Nice chart of space observatories "showing their orbits, spectral bands and a graph showing spectral coverage vs. angular resolution...." [rdbrewer]

WaPo: Regulators: No one can copyright animal selfies, not even monkeys
"In the first major revision of copyright practices in more than 20 years, the office said works created by animals belong in the public domain." Takeaway: Always claim you took the picture, even if the monkey did. [rdbrewer]

MailOnline: Are we becoming more STUPID? IQ scores are decreasing - and some experts argue it's because humans have reached their intellectual peak
"Some believe the Flynn effect has masked a decline in the genetic basis for intelligence.... Some have even contentiously said this could be because educated people are deciding to have fewer children...." [rdbrewer]

Adam Kredo: Oversight Report: Obama Admin Violated Law by Freeing Taliban Members
"The GAO concluded in a report issued Thursday that the Obama administration failed to provide proper notification of the Taliban release and illegally used taxpayer funds that were not appropriated to enable the inmate transfer, according to the report." [rdbrewer]

ONN: Washed-Up Toddler Can’t Point Out Things Like He Used To
"'A month ago, I was so much quicker at letting everyone know if I saw a train, a car, a rock—you name it,' said Boyd, adding that he couldn’t help but feel like, nowadays, he’s just going through the motions whenever he notices a bug, points at the bug, and says 'bug' several times." [rdbrewer]

Jim Geraghty: Welcome Back to Wartime With President Obama [rdbrewer]

Mediaite: Officer ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ Identified as Ray Albers; Will Undergo Psych Eval
Not arrested for assault with a deadly weapon like anyone else would have been? [rdbrewer]

Joy Pullmann: How Community Organizing Busted A Union And Sparked An Education Revolution
Via @DoreenHDickson. [rdbrewer]

Mike Ditka Says Criticism Of Redskins’ Name Is ‘Horseshit'
Blames controversy on "politically correct idiots." Also from TheDC: CNN Explodes After Larry Elder Says Racism ‘Is Not A Major Problem In This Country’. That's because they're invested in racism. [rdbrewer]

Stephen Green, PJM: Wargaming November
Incumbents versus angry voters. Via @EdDricsoll. [rdbrewer]

Man who lived years as hermit adjusts to society
Hermits are returning to society. It's really getting bad out there. [rdbrewer]

Daniel Halper: Bill Clinton Now Enjoys $1,000 Cigars
If asked, I bet he'd lie, "Sure I like them, but I never bought one." At any rate, even the evil, rich Romney never did that. [rdbrewer]

Hollywood Democrats Fear Loss of Senate Majority
You guys like the way things are going? Granted, you're insulated from what it's like out here, but good grief. [rdbrewer]

Senator lives like a Rockefeller but bills the cost to taxpayers
Rockefeller takes charter flights to his state 60 miles from D.C. at over $4k a pop each way, paid by taxpayers. "Rockefeller also left his Capitol Hill trappings to mingle with West Virginia residents fewer than 11 times per year, even though his home state is only an hour away. That means Rockefeller goes home less often than nearly every other member of Congress, yet his total travel costs are among the highest...." Asshole. [rdbrewer]
Mediaite: Officer ‘Go F*ck Yourself’ Removed from Ferguson Duty
"If you’ve followed Ferguson coverage at all this week, you’re likely aware of video showing an officer pointing his rifle directly at unarmed protestors while threatening 'I will fucking kill you!'" Update: Suspended. [rdbrewer]

Actual Headline: Obama, Outraged Over Beheading, Vows to Stay on Course
It's the New York Times. Via Twitchy. Related. [rdbrewer]

Emily Lakdawalla, The Planetary Society: Curiosity wheel damage: The problem and solutions
Detailed account of what is going on with Mars Curiosity rover's Jiffy Pop foil wheels. [rdbrewer]

Jonah Goldberg: In Ferguson, a Race to Be Wrong
"Legions of activists and commentators have convinced themselves that we know exactly what happened." [rdbrewer]

James Miller: 'SNL' Political Secrets Revealed: Hillary's "Entitlement," the Sketch Obama Killed and the Show's "Karl Rove"
"In an exclusive book excerpt, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and even Sarah Palin recount the inner battle between the left and right." Via @Lachlan. [rdbrewer]

Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Missouri Governor Calls for ‘Vigorous Prosecution’ of Darren Wilson
Outrageous. [rdbrewer]

Popehat: Sunil Dutta Tells It Like It Is About American Policing
"Do we have a justice system? By name, yes. Is it effective in deterring cops from abusing citizens or punishing them when they do? No." Via @Slublog. [rdbrewer]

Fox’s Kurtz: CNN’s Jake Tapper ‘Grandstanding’ in Ferguson
"'This media invasion in Ferguson I think is inflaming the situation because all the agitators want the exposure they see the bright lights, they see the correspondents, some of them are making a name for themselves or openly siding with the protesters.... Some doing a good job, some grandstanding in my view,' Kurtz added." Also from Mediaite: Father of ‘Affluenza’ Teen Arrested for Impersonating a Cop. [rdbrewer]

Jim Geraghty: After ISIS Beheading Video, UK’s Cameron Cancels Vacation, Obama Returns to His Vacation [rdbrewer]
Invisible Animals. The planet's crawling with them!
"Well, I haven't seen any of th... ohhhh!" [ArthurK]
Dead Snow 2 trailer Release date 10/10/2014 [dri]
Daily Mail: Is the SUN driving climate change? Solar activity - 'and not just humans' - could be increasing global warming, study claims
"Researchers in Sweden have, for the first time, shown how solar activity affected the last ice age 20,000 to 10,000 years ago." [rdbrewer]

Andrew Stiles: Every Self-Respecting Human Being Should Hope Sean Eldridge Is Humiliated in November
"Sean Eldridge is a carbetbagging feudal lord who has spent the last several years chain-buying mansions in New York’s Hudson River Valley in an effort to find a congressional district that might elect him...." [rdbrewer]
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