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Steve Friend
@RealStevefriend Little birdies are telling me there is more concern about "right-wing" violence as a response to the Trump assassination attempt than the attack itself within the IC community. That's probably something Congress look into.
Trump appears at convention with wound dressing over ear, and is moved to tears by crowd's applause
It's weird to see Trump cry. Well not crying, but misty, and on the verge of tears.
A brush with an assassin and the miracle of his salvation has humanized him. I just hoped it hasn't humanized him too much. We need the steel. And frankly, we need some of that old anger, too.
BTW, for cord-cutters, the convention is on Newsmax2 on Pluto, in the News + Opinion section of the menu. It's over now, but remember for tomorrow.
Babylon Bee LOL
12 Women Come Forward Alleging They Were Sexually Assaulted By Whoever Trump's VP Pick Is

A new wave of controversy erupted as 12 women came forward alleging they had been sexually assaulted by whoever Trump's vice presidential pick would end up being.

The damning allegations began to come in despite the fact that Trump has yet to officially name a running mate or even disclose whether the pick is a man or a woman. Sources confirmed at least a dozen highly credible accusers emerged to demand justice against whoever the VP candidate might be.

"Whoever the VP pick is, I am here to tell my story of how I was inappropriately touched by them," claimed one accuser. "As soon as Trump sees fit to announce who his running mate is, I'm going to positively identify him... or her. Whatever. No matter who he picks, they aren't going to get away with what they did. They must be held accountable!"

Look who's second from left on the bottom row
(It's Kathleen Kennedy, destroyer of LucasFilm, of "put a chick in it and make it gay and lame" infamy)
The Childless Cat Ladies of the NEA are determined to raise your children, haven avoided the responsibility of having their own:
Becky Pringle

Educators know what's at stake this election for our students and for our country. Trumpís pick of JD Vance is just another MAGA extremist supporting Project 2025 and Betsy DeVos's agenda. The choice is clear: NEA members are committed to reelecting President Biden and VP Harris.
Fact: Trump moved his head, and thereby avoided the fatal bullet, to point to his Jumbotron screen
Conclusion: Trump's Jumbotron did a better job of protecting him than the Secret Service. Should we make Jumbotron head of the Secret Service? #DEIforJumbotron #DontBeAScreen-Hater
Leftwingers upset that JD Vance has attacked the "childless left" and "childless cat ladies"
I mean, he is right. Many women have a drive to mother others, and if they don't have children, they focus that displaced Big Mother Energy on mothering adults and complete strangers and people with no need of their dubious maternal wisdom, and the rest of us are pretty sick of it
From commenters: Doug Burnum told he is not the VP. Marco Rubio as well.
Someone posted that the oddsmakers have increased the odds that Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin is the pick.
The case for Youngkin over Vance: I prefer Vance, but Youngkin is governor of Virginia, and Virginia is a swing state whereas Ohio is not (and hasn't been for years). If you take Virginia from Biden, it's over. I think it's already over and you don't have to scheme to take Virginia, but the old idea that you pick a governor to swing a state would suggest Youngkin is the better candidate.
This is a terrible, terrible idea, obviously:
Benny Johnson @bennyjohnson
I have just heard from a TOP Source that RFK Jr. is in Milwaukee meeting with Trump right now on the Vice Presidency. Trump has yet to decide his VP.

Trump is ahead, he does not need to pick a lunatic leftwinger to win. Let's not forget that Trump is himself 78, and overweight-- and he has assassins gunning for him. The Vice President may well become President (unfortunately).
I don't believe this claim.
It's time to put Trump in a bullseye
-- President Joseph R. Biden 7/8/2024
Biden just incited an assassin yesterday, repeating the "bloodbath" hoax and threatening his lunatic criminal supporters that there's going to be a civil war unless Trump is stopped
Why won't Trump lower the temperature on the Democrats' rhetoric?
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