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Ben Domenech: Compassionate Conservatism Is Still A Thing
"[C]ompassionate conservatism such as it is – a marketing gimmick which deploys altruism in defense of big government solutions – is very much alive, even if it has ditched the terminology along the way." Via @TheH2. [rdbrewer]

St. Lous Post-Dispatch: Obama says GOP should stop hating; Blunt compares it to a junior high taunt
"President Obama says Republicans should 'stop just hating all the time.' Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Mo., says the President sounded like he was in junior high." Well, he kind of is. Via @MZHemingway. [rdbrewer]

The Only Difference Between Hamas and ISIS Violent Goals Are Their Names
"Just like ISIS the stated ultimate goal of Hamas is a worldwide Muslim caliphate living under Sharia law." Also from Yid: Catholic League Pres. Blasts Obama: Do Christian And Jewish Lives Mean So Little To You?. [rdbrewer]

Sean Davis: Halbig Shows How Leftist Wonks Just Aren’t Very Good At Their Jobs
"At some point, rather than constantly assuming that they know everything there is to know about everything worth knowing, it would be nice if just a few members of the esteemed Juicebox crowd acknowledged that maybe their close-mindedness was affecting their collective ability to accurately capture and report on American politics." Via @Slublog. [rdbrewer]
Virginia student settles lawsuit over her arrest after water mistaken for beer [dri]
Scott Walker Can't Lose. Wisky Supremes uphold Collective Bargaining reforms "In it's entirety." Points out that these words "The First Amendment" the unions were using in their arguments may not mean what they think it means:"...collective bargaining remains a creation of legislative grace and not constitutional obligation. The First Amendment cannot be used as a vehicle to expand the parameters of a benefit that it does not itself protect". [krak/t]
Video: Baby elephant totally disses cat [rdbrewer]

WaPo: Where cats are more popular than dogs in the U.S. [rdbrewer]

Andrew Klavan, Truth Revolt: Thanks, Christian White Men!
Video. [rdbrewer]

Pundit Planet: BREAKING: In Historic Move, Obama Signs Executive Order Impeaching Himself [rdbrewer]

William Kristol: Note to the House GOP: Kill the Bill
"The policy objections to the bill seem convincing to me—among them that it seems to appropriate more money, on a pro-rated monthly basis, than the president's proposal; that it might well make it harder, not easier, to send some or all of the illegal migrants back; that it changes the asylum laws in ways that might well backfire; and that it doesn't deal in any way the core cause of the problem...." Also from TWS: Lamar Alexander in the Crosshairs. [rdbrewer]

LiveSci: Odd Cause of Gaping Siberian Holes Possibly Found
"The crater's formation probably began in a similar way to that of a sinkhole.... Pressure built up, possibly from natural gas (methane), eventually spewing out a slurry of dirt as the ground sunk away." [rdbrewer]

Ramesh Ponnuru, Bloomberg: Desperate Democrats Can't Escape Obama
"Democrats are distancing themselves from the president across the country, even in blue states." [rdbrewer]

Jim Geraghty: New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo Is Having a Very Bad Morning
"Well, that’s the end of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s presidential ambitions: 'In an escalation of the confrontation between the United States attorney in Manhattan, Preet Bharara, and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo over the governor’s cancelation of his own anti-corruption commission, Mr. Bharara has threatened to investigate the Cuomo administration for possible obstruction of justice or witness tampering.'" [rdbrewer]

The Spectator: Now that Richard Dawkins is attacking Muslims and feminists, the atheist Left suddenly discover he’s a bigot
"But Dawkins was just as offensive when his target was Christianity...." They don't recognize the hypocrisy because of working memory overload, I suspect. That, or it's intentional, and they're evil--which I doubt. Via @MZHemingway. [rdbrewer]

Lachlan Markay: The ‘Billionaire’s Club’ Behind the Green Movement
"The 92-page report details how those individuals and organizations have disbursed tens of millions of dollars, often shielded from public scrutiny, to sway elections and public policy toward environmentalist goals. Much of the money behind the effort, the report claims, is laundered through non-profit groups prohibited from engaging in political activity." [rdbrewer]

Jonathan Turley: Muslim Mob Protests Blasphemy and Kills Seven-Year-Old Girl and Her Baby Sister in Retaliation
"The cause of the outrage was a simple picture posted on Facebook that was deemed offensive to Islam." I'm sure the outcry from moderate Muslims will be swift and devastating. I'm also sure Elvis circles the galaxy once a night in a beautiful space Cadillac. Also from Turley: Professor Claims California State University Fired Him Over His Creationists Belief. [rdbrewer]

Ross Douthat, NYT: Up From Greenwich
"WHEN Barack Obama won the White House in 2008, he did so in an unusual way for a Democrat: As the candidate of the rich. He raised more in large-dollar donations than any of his rivals and raked in more cash from Wall Street than John McCain. In November, he won the upper class’s votes: By 52 percent to 46 percent, according to exit polls, Americans making more than $200,000 cast their ballots for Obama." Via @Instanpundit. [rdbrewer]

The great orator speaks [rdbrewer]

Kirsten Powers, USA Today: Iraqi Christians' nightmare
"Thanks to ISIS persecution, Mosul is without Christians for the first time in 2,000 years." [rdbrewer]

Science 2.0: A 'Transformer Pulsar'
New type of pulsar. It shifts between radio and gamma ray emissions. As CAC says, stars squeezed down to the size of Manhattan are going to do some weird stuff. Scroll down for video. [rdbrewer]

Perseus Cluster Mystery Persists --'What We Found Could Not be Explained by Known Physics'
They found an atomic line in a spectrum that does not correspond to any known matter. One speculation is they've discovered the signature of dark matter. [rdbrewer]

WaPo: Federal review stalled after finding forensic errors by FBI lab unit spanned two decades
"U.S. officials began the inquiry after The Washington Post reported two years ago that flawed forensic evidence involving microscopic hair matches might have led to the convictions of hundreds of potentially innocent people." [rdbrewer]

Vulnerable Dems balk at Obama executive actions on immigration
"Democratic senators facing tough reelections want to put the brakes on President Obama’s plan to reform the nation’s immigration enforcement system through executive action." [rdbrewer]

Jay Caruso, Pocket Full of Liberty: The GOP Needs To Hire The Best Talent, Not The Connected Talent
"In the business world, someone causing such a public relations nightmare would be fired. In Republican circles, you’d likely find that same person just relocated to the same job in another campaign or state party." [rdbrewer]

Debra Saunders: Marijuana Prohibition Doesn't Work
"Last year, a Gallup poll found that 58 percent of respondents support legalization." [rdbrewer]

Peter Wehner: When It Comes to Israel, Liberals Can’t Handle the Truth
"The leader of Hamas says, point blank, it does not want a two-state solution. Yet scores of liberal commentators continue to make arguments like this: 'We have to get a solution. And it has to be a two-state solution. And it has to be basically encouraged, if not imposed, I think, from without.'" [rdbrewer]

Max Boot, LA Times: Obama needs to work on his foreign policy, not his golf game
"Carter initiated a defense buildup after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan; Bush initiated the 'surge' after the early disasters in Iraq. It is time for Obama to read the smoke signals and launch a similar course correction." Carter and Bush cared about people and the country. The malignant narcissist does not. [rdbrewer]

Charles C.W. Cooke: Roger Pielke Jr. Out at FiveThirtyEight
Climate scientist who was unafraid to go with the data instead of raving political sentiment. And Nate Silver didn't back him up. [rdbrewer]

TMZ: Orlando Bloom Throws Punch at Justin Bieber
Bloom always did seem like a cool bloke. [rdbrewer]

Nigel Farage, The Telegraph: David Cameron’s EU benefits diatribe fools no one
"The problem with mass migration is not so much the misuse of benefits by a minority – though that is wrong – but is the impact of mass, low-waged and unskilled labour upon the wages, employment opportunities and services in this country.... Just look at the way that growth is disproportionately helping the rich, who benefit from cheap labour supply, while the low-waged see pay cuts and freezes." Sounds familiar. [rdbrewer]
A typical day in Japan.
the log switch is excellent.
ht @debbywitt [ArthurK]
Video: The official sport of the AoSHQ lifestyle. [dri]

Interview: Andrew McCarthy Builds the Case for Obama’s Impeachment
"During our interview, Andrew will discuss his latest book, Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment. Andrew tells me, 'As Madison put it, impeachment was indispensable in the minds of the framers....'" [rdbrewer]
Scientist invents ice cream that changes color as you lick it. [dri]
Knife wielding Muslims promote religion of peace. Dozens killed in terror attack in China. [dri]
Koala Clings To Car for 88 km
He's mostly okay, except for scratches... they call him "Timberwolf" now
BNO News: Jihadists in northern Iraq execute hundreds in Tikrit massacre
Animals. Via @Slublog. [rdbrewer]

Neil Munro: GOP Leaders Revive Democrats’ Amnesty Hopes
"Democratic leaders are welcoming efforts by the House GOP leadership to amend a minor 2008 immigration bill, because it could revive the now-dormant, business-backed comprehensive immigration reform push. The House’s proposed change to the 2008 bill is 'an opening for us to have a conference on our comprehensive immigration reform,' said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid." [rdbrewer]
Darwin inmates repeatedly break out of prison, get drunk, then sneak back in. Living the AOSHQ lifestyle Down Under. [Fritzworth]
Jordan Schachtel, Breitbart: THIRD Rocket Arsenal Found At UN School In Gaza [rdbrewer]

Boy has mark of devil?
No, boy has mark of Bullseye from the movie Daredevil. [rdbrewer]

QUIZ: Parody Or Actual Article?
#1: "Harry Reid got it right: Clarence Thomas really isn’t black." Difficult, huh? [rdbrewer]

CBS DFW: Standing Room Only At Collin County Meeting About Immigrant Children
Thanks for the links, Drudge. [rdbrewer]

The Daily Mail: The revolutionary rub-on hormone gel that can banish depression
For those of you thinking of killing two birds with one stone, no, you can't use it on your wang. [rdbrewer]

CBS Chicago: Old guys rob pharmacy
Viagra. [rdbrewer]

Rolling Stone: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
New album: Hypnotic Eye. [rdbrewer]
The Hot/Crazy Matrix: A Man's Guide to Women. Scroll down and play the embedded video. Absolutely sexist (I don't see either of these men being able to marry an 8+), but absolutely hilarious. [Fritzworth]

Tell Boehner: 'No New Laws'
"Changing or repealing Wilberforce is an admirable project. But in the current legislative context it is quite likely to trigger an attempt to set up an ongoing House-Senate conference in which every frustrated pro-amnesty lobbyist will try to stick in their favorite part of the Senate’s monstrous Gang of 8 'comprehensive' legalization + immigration increase bill. Fixing Wilbeforce isn’t worth that risk--it just isn't." Don't do it, you guys. [rdbrewer]

Chris Cillizza, WaPo: President Obama’s competence problem is worse than it looks
"You can understand President Obama's current political problems -- and how those problems could make things very tough for his party in this fall's midterm election -- in a single word. And that word is 'competence.'" [rdbrewer]

David Harsanyi: Seriously, What Is John Kerry Doing?
"It seems like a rather big deal when Egypt, Israel, Fatah, Jordan, Saudi Arabia – ostensibly, all allies of ours – agree on anything. This development, one imagines, would be something the United States would be interested in fostering rather than destroying." [rdbrewer]

You Want MORE Proof of Hamas Using Civilians As Human Shields? Here are Ten More..
To go with the other ten examples Jeff published a few days ago. Plus bonus examples. [rdbrewer]

The Grid, PJM: 14 Ways Hamas Weaponizes Women, Children, Animals Against Israel
Slide show. Via @EdDriscoll. [rdbrewer]

David Ignatius, WaPo: John Kerry’s big blunder in seeking an Israel-Gaza cease-fire
"Secretary of State John Kerry has made a significant mistake in how he’s pursuing a Gaza cease-fire — and it’s not surprising that he has upset both the Israelis and some moderate Palestinians." But #SmartPower!!! [rdbrewer]

Stella Morabito: Big Government Is The Borg, And Resistance Isn’t Futile
"It’s a Borg community, a 'hive mind' without distinct individuals. In the end, these systems are really fragile house of cards when exposed to resistance by true individuals. Why else would political correctness be so tirelessly applied to punish dissenters?" [rdbrewer]
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