April 13, 2021

Daily Tech News 13 April 2021
— Pixy Misa

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  • Nvidia announced their new Grace CPU, which they claim offers ten times the performance of x86 servers. (Tom's Hardware)

    Couple of problems here, of course.

    First, it will be out in 2023.

    Second, it's actually slower than last year's AMD CPUs, never mind this year's or next year's or 2023's. The claimed speed increase is for a specific design of server using this chip, compared with a different design of server using a different chip.

    This chip does include NVLink, offering very high CPU to GPU bandwidth - far more than a generic PCIe bus. On the other hand, each CPU connects to just one GPU in this design, where a dual-socket AMD server can run ten GPUs at full bandwidth.

    The CPU core itself is a standard Armv9 design, and they don't even specify which one.

    In short, it's designed for one specific, lucrative field: Training large neural networks. It's not exciting at all as a general-purpose server processor.

Something is fishy here.  Art by Bangzheng Du.

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April 12, 2021

Monday Overnight Open Thread (4/12/21) [Misanthropic Humanitarian]
— Ace Open Blog


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Quarantine Cafe: Senior Husky Rides Across America Edition
— Ace

Bear with OCD: more...

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Insurrection? Biden Calls for "Peaceful Protests" and Looting and Riots Ensue
— Ace

As this twitter user points out, the last time a president did that, they called it an "insurrection" and discussed the possibility of prosecuting him.

And what now?

In addition to the many acts of violence and looting below, one Black Lives Matter "protester" threatens to doxx police officers and kill their families.

Something tells me the FBI will not be opening a case on this "protester."

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Corporate Scion of a Chickhawk Family Liz Cheney: Trump Is Creating New Insurrections By Stating That There Were Election Irregularities in 2020
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Quick Hits: The Death's Door Into the Rumor Mill Edition
— Ace

Company is now selling fake masks. It's called fakemaskusa.com.

David French only thinks about two things: Attacking Christians, and hot, throbbing musky manhood.

Here's a quote from that, taken from Hot Air. I won't even guess which seething anti-Christian liberal New York City bigot decided that David French's newest attack on Christians deserved a wider audience.

If you—like me—looked at the awful misconduct the #MeToo movement exposed in Hollywood and the mainstream media and thought, "This is a clear sign of a cultural crisis,” I defy you to read page after page of horrific Christian abuses—including in many of the most powerful institutions in Christendom—and think, "Those are just a few bad apples in a healthy church.” Here is the key insight Evangelicals can and should take from the book. If you simply add a dose of Christian seasoning and language to an aggressive, secular conception of masculinity—and then marry that aggressive, secular masculinity to religious doctrines of male leadership—the result is disaster. Obsession with male power (rinsed through scriptures misused to manipulate and subjugate not just women, but every person subject to the male leader) manufactures abuse.

Fear not, though, the Pharisaical Hate-Preacher David French is here to offer another psalm in the David-French-centric new pagan religion he's creating.

Semi-trailer takes care of presumed Social Justice Warrior fleeing police while deliberately putting other drivers and pedestrians at risk:

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Walmart Corporate Liaison to Arkansas Asa Hutchinson: Conservatives Shouldn't Ask Republican Politicians to Change the Law
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Walmart's owned-and-operated governor informs GOP voters that if they want changes in the law, they shouldn't bother GOP politicians with their concerns and desires. They should instead just "work inside their churches" or whatever.

See? The left gets its agenda enacted by law and by corporate decree, and the right -- according to GOP politicians themselves! -- gets to agitate within their own "communities and churches."

In other words, he's confirming what we've long said: It literally doesn't matter if you elect Democrats or Republicans. You will have no voice in the political process either way.

But you can agitate futilely in "your own communities and churches," if you want to pretend you have some say in America.

Remember, Asa Hutchinson's FIRST attempt at spin was that he would have signed this "culture war" bill if it just contained a clause granting grandfather (grandparent? Why assume the gender?) status to those already undergoing gender mutilation.

Now he admits that no, he's against any "culture war" effort at all -- if it's from the right -- and if conservatives have a problem with the left's culture war, they can just make pointless noise about it in their own "communities and churches."

Note that he's asking you to act instead of acting himself.

Also note that what he advises you to do -- work in your own "communities and churches" -- is a non-solution. 

Further note that you can do that bullshit without electing a single Republican politician.

And maybe we should consider doing just that.

Meanwhile, celebrities pressure Southwest Airlines to also join the crusade to destroy America:


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Update: Police Body Camera Footage of Minneapolis Shooting of Wanted Criminal Released
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Another case of violent resisting of arrest.

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New Mostly Peaceful Riots in Minneapolis After an Officer Shooting
— Ace

Look at all the Social Justice they're doing!

Quick, megacorporations! Donate another billion to Black Lives Matter!

Its grifter founders need new houses in Beverly Hills!

The perp fled a traffic stop when his outstanding warrant was discovered. So once again, we have a perfectly innocent wanted man resisting arrest or fleeing an arrest when, out of the blue, racist police shoot a man for no reason.

Seems we'd have a lot fewer shootings if people stopped resisting lawful arrest but it's Official Racist to notice that very simple, very obvious, very true idea.

Note: Any racist moron can speak the truth, but only the Truly Virtuous can commit themselves to repeating a Noble Lie.

Meanwhile, spontaneous outbursts of mostly peaceful protest lay waste to new swathes of the city.

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100 Megacorporations Plot to Overthrow Traditional American Way of Life; Mock Mitch McConnell for Saying Corporations Should Be Apolitical
— Ace

Make sure you congratulate the Really Smart Wing of the (fake) Republican Party who shepherded this nightmare into reality.

cOrPoRaTiOnS aRe OuR fReNz


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