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October 01, 2022

The Weekend Hobby Thread

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

Hobby thread 10 1.jpg

Good afternoon Morons and welcome to The Weekend Hobby Thread. No, that isn't me painting a wonderful canvas. That skill level is beyond my capapbility.

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King Harv Imperial Coffee

Ace of Spades Pet Thread, October 1


golden retrievers.jpg

* * *

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* * *

Good afternoon and welcome to the almost world famous Ace of Spades Pet Thread. Thanks for stopping by. Kick back and enjoy the world of animals.

Would you like a treat?

Let's enjoy the world of animals and leave the world of politics outside today.

* * *

There are a lot of stories and videos right now about pet and livestock rescues related to the hurricane. Anybody have any inside information?

For those of us not in danger but in uncomfortable weather, perhaps we should do more for the comfort of our pets.

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Saturday Gardening, Puttering and Adventure Thread, October 1



Happy Fall, everyone! Here's hoping that your weather is not destroying your home, yard or garden. Let us know if you are having difficulties from the hurricane.


Once again, my friend recently got together with a bunch of girlfriends from middle school (Yes, they still liked each other.) for a fall gathering in an interesting location. This time in Midway, Utah, where there are nearby hot springs and also an alpine loop road into the Wasatch mountains. It is near Heber City. She was able to take some photos.

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Thread before the Gardening Thread, October 1



Hurricanes and Energy

Hope everyone made it through the hurricane okay. What a HUGE storm. And it's not over yet. Please check in if you are in the storm's path and you have the means to communicate with us.


My niece's husband evacuated his wife and baby and several vehicles before a relatively recent hurricane a little further up the east coast from Florida. Not as big as this one. Before returning home, he bought chain saws and tools to share with friends and a generator. He and a buddy took a truck and small trailer, tools, generator and fuel to a hard hit area to help with recovery.

Could he have done this with an electric vehicle, or did he need another source of energy in addition to electricity?


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Saturday Morning Coffee Break & Prayer Revival

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

10 1 coffee break .jpg

French toast, maple syrup, real butter.................Now we need coffee................


Dark, bitter, like my soul.............Speaking of souls below the fold.............

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EMT 10/01/22


30 shopping days until Halloween.

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Daily Tech News 1 October 2022

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

  • Google Stadia's shutdown shocked developers too. (The Verge)
    "I woke up getting ready for my workday, and I see on our Discord private chat for the company that one of my employees sent a message saying 'is this true?,' with a link," Rebecca Ann Heineman, CEO of Olde Skuul, said in an interview with The Verge. "I follow the link and it's like 'oh, okay.'" Olde Skuul had planned to launch Luxor Evolved on Stadia Pro on November 1st and was even planning to meet with Google on Friday to discuss the release plan. That obviously isn't happening now.
    I feel bad for small developers who are looking for every avenue available to get games out there without going the gacha / loot box route or worse, NFTs, but if you didn't see this coming a mile away you have no business being in the industry.

  • Google Stadia never mattered and it never had a chance. (The Verge)

    That's more like it. Game streaming had its golden opportunity during the Wuhan Bat Soup Death Plague when everyone was at home and both consoles and graphics cards were all but impossible to buy, and it went nowhere. Now that that situation is over it's only going to get worse.

    Google shut down its own game studio in February last year, which should have given everyone ample warning to take the money and run.

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In Heaven There Is No O-N-T, So We Read It Here For Free


group chat.jpg

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Clean Lines Cafe


by Radoslaw Pujan

Old dog is exhausted just watching young dog run around like a lunatic.

Catnip warlord.



Little "tough guy" dog runs his mouth when he's restrained and far away from the big dog he's trying to intimidate, and then gets very quiet when he's unrestrained and close to the big dog.

'Sup, shawty?

Since you're giving those out...

Just five more minutes...

I made you something, do you like it?

I halp!

Which button do you think will do the most damage?

Otter juggles.

Another baby elephant shows you who's boss.

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Quick Hits



Only after public pressure is the murderer Shannon Brandt, who stalked, ran down, and murdered a teenager named Cayler Ellingson for being a member of a "Republican extremist group" which is 1, not illegal and 2, not even true, charged with murder.

And for some reason, conservatives have the crazy idea that government officials, including Republican officials, feel that violence against them is excusable and just the way things are.

A Glenfield man has now been charged with murder after allegedly running over another person at a street dance in McHenry on September 18.

41-year-old Shannon Brandt was initially charged with vehicular homicide in the incident.

The left has so normalized their constant political violence that police, judges, and GOP officials, including GOP DAs, just accept leftist violence as the normal, natural order of things.

NO. We do not accept it that any longer.

Miranda Devine

Now I'm hearing the FBI is leaking private health information about whistleblowers to the New York Times to try to discredit them. This amounts to unlawful reprisal against a whistleblower which the DOJ Inspector General should investigate.

A court has accepted the FBI's usual bullshit as to why it shouldn't have to disclose its thousands of FOIA'd documents about Seth Rich -- "will expose sources and methods," etc. (They have this bullshit as a macro) -- but the court at least did order his computer to be released, in two weeks.

By the way, the FBI originally lied and claimed it had no documents at all responsive to the FOIA request. Whoops! Whoopsie!

Tipped by commenter Grant Swinger, if that is his real name, a very interesting claim from LawDog, which sounds Learnéd though I don't know if it is, that the Russian pipeline explosion is almost certainly just a case of the Russians failing to do proper maintenance, plus a build-up of methane hydate crystals.

He says there's a process to extract water from natural gas when you inject it into the pipe, but then, you don't get it all out, and this gas has just been sitting in the pipe for months and months, so whatever was left in the gas had all sorts of time to get up to mischief. Like forming methane hydrate crystals.

LawDog doesn't explicitly say so in the article, but he implies that methane hydrate does not need free oxygen to explode. Someone in the comments says there's oxygen "in the lattice of ice" around the crystals.

He notes "issues" with the pipe:

They officially shut it down in July of 2020 for maintenance, and had cornbread hell getting it back on-line, and "issues" with maintaining flow throughout the next year; shut it down again in July of 2021, with bigger "issues" -- we say "issues" because the Russians won't explain what these issues were -- and even more problems, including unexplained, major disruptions in gas flow in Dec21/Jan22; Feb 22; and April 22.
In my experience when anything involving energy-industry hydrocarbons explodes ... well, sabotage isn't the first thing that comes to mind. And honestly, when it comes to a pipeline running natural gas under Russian (non)maintenance, an explosion means that it's Tuesday. Or Friday. Or another day of the week ending in "y".

He also points out the suspicious -- or non-suspicious -- timing of the explosions:

Yes, 17 hours apart. No military is going to arrange for two pipes in the same general area to be destroyed 17 hours apart. Not without some Spec Ops guy having a fit of apoplexy. One pipe goes up in a busy shipping lane, in a busy sea, and everyone takes notice. Then you wait 17 hours to do the second -- with 17 hours for people to show up and catch you running dirty? Nah, not buying it.

I don't know if he's right because I don't understand the science he's talking about and I can't say that anything he's saying is true or not.

But I would say that his explanation explains one thing: The dog that didn't bark, as Sherlock Holmes said.

Why isn't Russia blaming this on Ukraine and calling for an emergency UN Security Council meeting? Why aren't they screaming about it?

Why are they being uncharacteristically chill about it?

It would make sense that they would be a bit muted about it -- if they knew the pipe exploded during an attempt to depressurize the pipes (as LawDog speculates) and they do not want to invite further inquiry which would only wind up embarrassing them.

Still, I have no idea if any of this is even plausible. Interesting, though.

#SixSeasonsAndaMovie became a motto for the ratings-challenged Community TV show. Abed vowed that the short-lived TV show The Cape (was that it?) would be on for "six seasons and a movie" when Jeff said it would be cancelled in three weeks, and the show's crew, cast, and fans adopted this as their own goal.

They got canceled by NBC after five seasons, but then Yahoo "Screen," their short-lived attempt at an online TV service (remember that?) picked them up for a sixth season.

And now, they will finally fulfill the destiny of #SixSeasonsandaMovie as Peacock announces a Community movie.

I mean, an online streaming movie, which isn't fully a movie, but I guess it's what we call a movie now.

Unfortunately, Donald Glover, who played Troy and left in the middle of season 5, won't be coming back.

Oh what a surprise -- the Fauci's combined wealth increased by $5 million just during the two years of the pandemic.

He's a civil "servant." Must be nice!

Dr. Anthony Fauci and his wife's net worth grew by $5 million during the COVID-19 pandemic as thousands of US residents struggled financially, according to a government spending watchdog group.

The combined wealth of the 81-year-old retiring director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and his bioethicist wife, Christine Grady, soared from $7.5 million in 2019 to $12.6 million at the end of 2021, according to a report from the non-profit OpenTheBooks.

"Despite becoming a figure of controversy, the system has rewarded Dr. Fauci handsomely," the group's CEO, Adam Andrzejewski, told Fox News Digital. "While Dr. Fauci has been a government bureaucrat for more than 55 years, his household net worth skyrocketed during the pandemic."

The couple's wealth boost was due in part to major salary increases, cash awards and royalties, according to the report.

Fauci has consistently refused to disclose his royalties, which are paid to him by Big Pharma, and has lied to Congress about the information about these royalties already being available to the public. It's not. It remains a secret kept under lock and key, and he won't turn the key.

Europe's only surviving Queen, Margrethe of Denmark, was "inspired" by Queen Elizabeth to get rid of some her own goldbricking Harrys and Meghans and boot them out of the royal family.

Europe's only reigning Queen was inspired to revoke their titles by other royals - including her late cousin Queen Elizabeth II - and claimed it was to allow the four children of her younger son, Prince Joachim: Nikolai, Felix, Henrik and Athena, to live more normal lives. It follows similar moves by other royal families in Europe, including the Windsors, to slim down their monarchies, the Danish palace said later.

But her decision has 'upset' her second son Joachim and his four children. His eldest sons Nikolai and Felix - from his first marriage - have been branded 'playboy princes' because they are professional models who failed to complete their two-year military education after both concluded it was 'not right for them'. Prince Joachim insists his mother only gave him five days' notice. His first wife Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg, said last night she is 'in shock' and revealed: 'The children feel ostracised'.

Jacob Heinel Jensen, royal correspondent for national tabloid BT who has been at the heart of the story in Denmark, told MailOnline that the Danish Royal Family is in 'crisis' -- and is now in the midst its own Megxit.

He said: 'The situation we have in Denmark today is what the UK had two years ago. Yesterday we had a Prince Joachim going rogue on TV saying how upset he was, how his children are suffering. The parallels between him and Harry are there for all to see'.

'This slimming down is something we have seen all over Europe. The days of gigantic royal families with prince after prince and princess after princess, all paid for by the taxpayer, are over', he added.

It's so fun to hear the lamentations of the entitled.

Meanwhile, the Royal Twats may delay their Netflix series to edit out some of the nasty things they said about (checks notes) Harry's father and (checks notes) Harry's brother.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly want to edit their docuseries with Netflix and delay its release 'until next year' after the Queen's death, multiple sources have told Page Six.

[S]ources claimed the couple now want to make edits to the series, which would possibly delay its release until later in 2023, as they look to 'downplay much of what they have said about King Charles III, Queen Consort Camilla, and the Prince and Princess of Wales'.

One Hollywood industry source said: 'A lot of conversations are happening. I hear that Harry and Meghan want the series to be held until next year, they want to stall.

'I wonder if the show could even be dead in the water at this point, do Harry and Meghan just want to shelve this thing?,' they added.

Netflix signed a $100 million deal with these useless layabouts, back when Netflix thought they were making money and were signing deals with everyone. They were specifically paying for dirt and gossip, not soft-focus crap.

I wonder if Netflix will go the David Zaslav route and start looking for a way to "Batgirl" these two.

At The Dispatch, here's the picture of Lizzo that ran to advertise Allahpundit's godawful piece about Lizzo.

Except, you know, it's not Lizzo.

It's just... some other black woman.


I guess they all look alike to the lily-white smug Urban Progressive Karens at the Dispatch.

FaceBook fact-checkers, y'all:


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James Bond Producers: We're Going to Continue "Evolving" Bond "Just As Men Are Evolving," Showing More Emotional Growth and Offering "Meatier" Roles to Female Characters
Plus: Woke Hollywood Discovers a "New Movement"


Awesome. I know that's what every man is looking for in James Bond.

We love the New Soy-Filled Bond we've been getting.

Variety writes that Broccoli confirmed to them that the "humanizing of the once-womanizing spy and the ensuring of more fulfilling, meatier roles for the female stars of the franchise" done during her and her brother's handling of the franchise will "continue in the next films".

"It's an evolution," asserted Broccoli, who in addition to serving as a James Bond producer is also the current director of the UK chapter of Time's Up. "Bond is evolving just as men are evolving. I don't know who's evolving at a faster pace."

Speaking of Woke Hollywood: OK, Groomers.


I mean, it has been historically understood to be a children's fantasy, but sure, let's make it for adult homosexuals:

A new Wizard of Oz remake is currently in the works by director Kenya Barris, who says that the new movie will feature plenty of LGBTQ representation. Barris also stated that the original movie was a reflection of what was going on in the world at the time, which was the Dust Bowl and The Great Depression, and now the current world events of LGBTQ representation will be one of the defining factors of his remake.

According to Barris, "Now we're going to turn a mirror on where we're at right now and take disparate characters from the LGBTQ community, from different cultural communities and socioeconomic communities, and tell a story that reflects the world." This is certainly a different take on the Wizard of Oz, but one that many people are going to find quite exciting.

Actually, it's not as big of a deal that this is the "Gay Wizard of Oz" as you might think. As all these properties come out of copyright, there are going to be off-brand productions, like the Winnie the Pooh horror movie Blood and Honey.

Once these things go out of copyright, anyone can make any version they like. They usually just can't use the proper name of the property, which is usually trademarked, because trademark, unlike copyright, can last in perpetuity. (The Winnie the Pooh movie will probably be sued into dropping the "Winnie the Pooh" part of the title, though they can still say it in the movie. They just can't identify the product by the trademarked name.)

There's a competing Oz remake which will be more faithful to the original, but without the music. That version will be able to use elements that were created specifically for the movie -- such as the ruby slippers; in the novel, they were silver, I think -- because it's being made by Warner Bros., which made and owns the original.

One of the reasons I was annoyed at the Gay Oz was that there are like 15 Oz novels and anyone with a brain in their head would be attempting to lay the groundwork for a long string of family-oriented, book-faithful (mostly) Oz-centered films. I imagine that that will be the goal of the "real" Oz project.

So, there will be two different Oz movies for two completely different Americas.

Does anyone get the feeling that we are splitting into two countries?

What a smooth transition that was. Because WDWPro -- that stands for "Walt Disney World Professional," someone who says he's a Disney World insider with insider information -- says he spoke to a toy industry expert who told him the toy industry is now splitting between conservative and liberal. Or woke vs. non-woke.

Toys are major ancillary money-makers for Hollywood.

And now that Top Gun: Maverick acquainted Hollywood with the crazy idea that masculine heroes and masculine virtues like patriotism, stoicism, courage and toughness could make money, the toy industry is splitting between the Woke and Post-Woke sectors.

A toy insider with major connections is reaching out to That Park Place again with impressive details. According to this individual, whom we have verified as being an expert within the industry, the toy market in North America is beginning to split into politically-based markets. The rise of "conservative entertainment" is how it is being termed with executives inside the industry, many of whom are bewildered by this "new thing." And what fits into this "conservative entertainment" segment of the toy industry? It may surprise you.

Actually it probably won't. But it will be fun to read anyway.

So here are the "new criteria" defining the "new movement" of this "new type" of entertainment.

It's so new you guys, you won't believe how new it is.

Here are some criteria that various studios and merchandising partners are working with in regards to what corporations believe is a new movement. And, according to the source, that's being driven in large part due to movies like Top Gun: Maverick having phenomenal returns that broke through the ceiling of what analysts believed was possible.

* Patriotic

* Military and law enforcement positively portrayed

* Mostly if not all heterosexual, [redacted to protect site from algorithm damage]

* No spotlight on alphabet issues

It's so new you guys. What an innovation it is, to have a two hour movie which doesn't focus on Alphabet Issues.

I don't know what the redacted part is. Probably something like, "with actors who are the actual sex they're portraying, that is, no trans actors playing opposite gender."

* Marriage/family unit seen as positive institution; kids love and admire their parents, parents sacrificing for each other and their kids

It's like science fiction you guys. I think this might be the plan for a new Star Trek-style toy line you guys.

* Communities seen as unifying, institutions shown as positives

* Multiple white males in cast, can be majority ; in leadership roles

Oh My God you guy the newness here, it's Future Shocking me.

* Feminine good looking women, masculine men

* Hero archetype is intact

* Fire arms not seen as inherently bad, can be shown as a means of protection

This may read like a parody, and maybe WDW Pro is getting punked, but WDW Pro is a legitimate journalist/blogger/muckraker. He himself would not spoof his audience.

In essence, this looks very similar to how the market dealt with entertainment and the United States at the end of the Cold War, during the eighties and early nineties.

Why yes it is -- it sounds very much like The Before Times.

He writes that as one side of the toy market splits to market to "new movement," The Before Times market, the other side of the market will be liberated to chase the "old movement," the woke/alphabet people/feminist market that much harder.

Essentially, the market is doing what the market always does: it's searching for money. The problem in our current culture is that American is splitting into two distinct cultural groups... and there's no good way to unify those in media and merchandise. As a result, companies are going to begin separating their offerings into distinctly conservative and distinctly liberal properties. Sure, there will still be the Mickey Mouse brands that try to appeal to both sides, but as the source says, even Star Wars has been damaged by the bifurcation of the market.

Via Thinking Critical.

This is a toy guy, not a movie or TV guy, but he is part of the same schlock production chain that churns out this crap. He might not be in the center of The Media Blob, but he is part of one of its major Tendrils.

His source has previously provided information on how badly Marvel and Star Wars merchandise is doing in the marketplace -- something that is confirmed by a lot of people -- and that the situation is so bad that Disney is looking past its own brands, which are no longer top-of-line, to find the next "big thing." They're even looking to acquire, maybe, the Next Big Thing out of Japan. Like, the next Transformers.

Or a Manga property. Incredibly, Disney is now looking past Marvel to look for a manga property as its next cash cow. That's how well Phase 4 (or as Gary from Nerdrotic calls it, Stage IV) is doing.

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Hurricane Ian Re-Energizes Over Ocean and Slams Into South Carolina Coast


It just made landfall again in South Carolina, now as a category 1 hurricane.

AccuWeather meteorologists warned that despite being rated lower on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale than when it slammed into Florida with deadly consequence, Ian will still pack a punch and unleash life-threatening impacts as it pushes inland into Friday night.

"Ian's structure is similar to that of a powerful nor'easter, with most of the storm's rain and wind focused to the north and west of the center," AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski said. "But, make no mistake, Ian will hit with the force of a hurricane in the Carolinas, especially along the upper half of the South Carolina coast."

It might not be as disastrous but it won't be any kind of fun for South Carolinians. Note they're predicting "extreme" storm damage between Charleston and Myrtle Beach, with 10-15 foot storm surges:


Keep yourselves dry and safe!

The storm's track will take it onto land, into West Virginia, which, at least, should finally kill it, because, well, the only thing I know about hurricanes is that they strengthen over water and weaken over land.

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First Trans Army Officer Indicted For Attempting to Give Confidential Medical Records of Fellow Soldiers to Russians


Another historic "first," but one the media does not seem very interested in trumpeting.

Also, his wife was indicted. Who is a university professor.

At Johns Hopkins. The university that pioneered transgender surgery. And sex-changes for children.


The perfect progressive couple. I bet they have like fifteen of those "In This House" yard signs, Signaling their every Virtue.

The Army's first openly transgender officer was indicted Thursday on charges of trying to provide American soldiers' medical information to the Russian government.

A federal grand jury in Baltimore indicted Jamie Lee Henry and his wife, Anna Gabrielian, on charges of conspiracy and wrongful disclosure of individually identifiable health information. According to prosecutors, the couple met last month with an undercover FBI agent posing as a Russian diplomat and offered medical information from Fort Bragg, the home of the military's elite Delta Force.

Gabrielian, an anesthesiologist at Johns Hopkins University, told the undercover agent during an Aug. 17 meeting that "she was motivated by patriotism toward Russia to provide any assistance she could to Russia, even if it meant being fired or going to jail," according to the indictment. Gabrielian gave the undercover agent medical information on a spouse of someone who works in the Office of Naval Intelligence, and "highlighted" a medical issue that "Russia could exploit."

Henry, a doctor at Fort Bragg, gave the undercover agent information on five patients at the military facility, according to the indictment, first reported by the Baltimore Banner.

Henry has been praised as a pioneer of the transgender movement after coming out as transgender in an interview with BuzzFeed News in 2015. Henry claimed to be the first known active-duty Army officer to come out as transgender, and the first to legally change their name while in service.


Betcha he won't be celebrated as the historic "First" traitor he is now. Although maybe the media will start referring to him as "another white male Russian traitor."

I wrote that as snark, but it turns out the snark was in fact... 100% accurate. Both the DOJ and the media are refusing to report that this man's trans identity, or his "historic" status as the first trans army officer.

In fact, both the politically-correct DOJ and some of the trans-ally media are referring to him exclusively by he/him pronouns and calling him a man and the "husband" to the wife.

And they're calling him only by his last name, Henry. Which is, coincidentally enough, a male first name. His assumed female name is "Jamie Lee." Apparently they're refusing to honor this Trans Hero's chosen female name.

Chad Felix Greene

The 1st openly transgender officer commits treason and the DOJ and media misgender her and none of the major news orgs seem interested in reporting any of it.

Chad Felix Greene @chadfelixg

I notice there are very few articles about the 1st Trans Officer giving info to Russia and its been over an hour...

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Massachusetts National Guardsman Aggressively Pursues, Stops, and Boards Bus, Demanding to Inspect It To Make Sure Ron DeSantis Isn't Smuggling Any More Illegal Aliens Into His Progressive, Welcoming, Sanctuary State


Despite Massachusetts literally being a sanctuary state (and look how hard this "fact" check from the local PBS station strains to not admit that, but pesky facts force it to partly concede it*), an off-duty Massachusetts National Guard member followed a bus around, in an "aggressive" pursuit, and then pulled it over, on the suspicion it was carrying "migrants" to his state.

Which would have been allowed. And he would have had no legal authority to stop it.

But he did anyway. Because the liberals of Massachusetts hate fucking brown people and will break the law to keep them out. They just want to be credited as "loving minorities." At a comfortable distance.

But it turns out the bus wasn't carrying Dirty Migrants. It was carrying American senior citizen travelers.

An off-duty MA National Guard member tailed a Florida tour bus thinking it was carrying migrants.

He later confronted the driver and 37 senior citizens onboard, the Cape Cod Times reported.

The incident comes after Gov. Ron DeSantis sent 50 migrants to Martha's Vineyard.

An off-duty Massachusetts Army National Guard member tailed a Florida tour bus and confronted its senior citizen passengers, mistaking them for more migrants being sent to the state from Florida, the Cape Cod Times reported Tuesday.

The incident comes on the heels of a political stunt by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis chartering two planes to send 50 migrants to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. The state's governor Charlie Baker said the migrants have since been moved to a military base shelter in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

The off-duty service member pursued the tour bus for at least 10 miles to their hotel in East Falmouth, later confronting the bus driver, Michael Vaughn, and 37 senior citizens aboard.

"He thought there were immigrants on the bus," Vaughn, the owner of Tallahassee-based transportation company Mikes Limousine, told the Cape Cod Times. "He was totally wrong."

Vaughn told the local news outlet that the service member "was literally five feet off my bumper" as he tailed the vehicle, even when he tried slowing down and changing lanes.

That is obviously extremely dangerous.

Seems like he was threatening the bus to either turn back, or he'd execute a PIT maneuver and crash them out.

This Liberal Hero took video of himself trailing the bus.

"Look at this," he is heard saying in the video, per the Cape Cod Times.

"Tallahassee, Florida. A busload. Look at this. I'm following it all the way to the end. DeSantis bringing the border to your place."

"I saw it coming over the bridge, I'm going to follow it," he continued. "I was supposed to turn it off and go home, but here we go."


Video viewed by the Cape Cod Times showed Hoffman attempting to board the bus to see the passengers on board.

"I have every right as a U.S citizen to see what's going on," the service member is heard saying. "You know what I'm talking about."

Vaughn told the outlet he told the service member that the bus was carrying "old senior citizens. You're going to give them a heart attack."

The service member replied: "If it's 80-year-old people, I will walk away. Do you not see what's gone on on Martha's Vineyard?"

Ah yes -- the 44 Hour Siege of Martha's Vineyard. La Conquista, they call it there.

The man is being disciplined. Supposedly. Because, as we see with the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and NSA, you're always harshly punished when you break the law in a way that pleases The Regime.

Here's how Yahoo frames this story. Note that it's a Massachusetts fruitcake attempting to keep the Brown People Out, despite the state being, supposedly, a sanctuary state and Loving Brown People. (From a comfortable distance, you understand.)

But who's the Real Racist here?

You know who.


* Actually the fully concede it, but they contrive a way to give it a "partly false" rating. The definition of a "sanctuary jurisdiction" is one that does not cooperate with ICE as far as removals of criminals they have arrested who are illegals. A non-sanctuary jurisdiction will, when ICE asks them "Do you have these illegal aliens in your custody, and can you hold them if you do, so we can pick them up?"

That's an ICE detainer or a federal detainer. And then ICE will come pick them up from a jail or prison to deport them. (Or arrange to prosecute them, if it wants them for prosecutable crimes in addition to illegal presence in the country.)

Sanctuary jurisdiction refuse to honor ICE detainers.

Massachusetts does not cooperate with ICE and does not honor its detainer requests. Therefore, it's a sanctuary jurisdiction.

This "fact" check notes that but then says there is no specific law stating that Massachusetts is a sanctuary state. Well, you lying c***suckers, there usually isn't a law -- it's a policy choice made by an executive. It's usually not a law of any kind.

They note that some states have made it explicitly a law, like Oregon. Well, fine -- others haven't, like Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that police and prisons don't have to cooperate with ICE. That is a law of the courts.

Massachusetts is a sanctuary state, period.

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Gavin Newsom Signs Bill Making California a "Sanctuary" For Children From Out-of-State Seeking Transgender Surgery without Parental Consent; Bill Bars Any Legal Action to Stop Children By Out-of-State Courts


This guy thinks he's going to be president? Where? On Saturn?

On Thursday, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a piece of legislation that will designate the state as a sanctuary for children and teens seeking medicalized gender transitions.

Newsom's signature on the bill, SB 107, comes nearly a month after the California legislature passed State Senator Scott Wiener's bill, which was introduced in 2021.

Oh that pervert and pedophile again.

The bill allows families or individual minors who traveled to the state for the purpose of these medical procedures to be safe from out-of-state authorities acting on subpoenas, warrants, and child custody issues if the minor was brought into the state for procedures like surgical gender reassignments or the prescribing of cross-sex hormones.

The bill would also "prohibit law enforcement agencies from making, or intentionally participating in, the arrest of an individual pursuant to an out-of-state arrest warrant based on another state's law against receiving or allowing a child to receive gender-affirming health care."


In addition, the bill that the state will not honor or enforce "A law of another state that authorizes a state agency to remove a child from their parent or guardian based on the parent or guardian allowing their child to receive gender-affirming health care" if a case is pending in California courts.

This is essentially declaring war against the rest of the United States.

There's no way that this is constitutional -- California just told the Full Faith and Credit clause to go f*** itself. Or go cut off its own penis.

States are required by the Constitution to give "full faith and credit" to "the Public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State."

Essentially California is now in a state of -- what's that word the leftwing loves so much? -- Insurrection against the United States of America.

Meanwhile, the media has changed its story on whether or not transgender clinics perform surgeries on children.

OUT: Clinics never perform transgender surgeries on children and you should be deplatformed immediately for propagating this Russian Disinformation!

IN: Of course clinics perform transgender surgeries on children and G** bless them for the Miracles of Science (TM) their loving scalpels carve into kids!!!

Just one short month ago the Washington Post was calling Libs of TikTok a liar for writing that the Boston Children's Hospital provided its dubious "services" to children, and campaigning to get her banned from Twitter.

But now that it has been proven again and again that it is the rule that children as young as 13 -- or younger -- are offered chemical castration drugs or even masectomies, the media has shifted gears: God bless these beautiful clinics for the amazing work they do chopping the breasts and penises off our children.

Jarrett Stepman:

The legacy media has changed its mind. We are now informed that life-changing transgender surgeries on minors are real, and that they're spectacular.

Just a month ago, when the Twitter account "LibsofTikTok" revealed videos and audio from Boston Children's Hospital talking about various transgender surgeries (such as hysterectomies) and "treatments," legacy media pumped out a wave of "fact checks" insisting that this was all conspiracy theory.

To suggest that Boston Children's Hospital would do what it was advocating in public videos and private audio was hateful, dangerous, right-wing conspiracy theory, you see.

Well, now we are informed by The New York Times that "top surgeries" are being performed on girls in hospitals all over the country.

Oh. The ink barely had dried on the old narrative, and now we've slid on down the slippery slope to the new one.

In an extensive piece written by Azeen Ghorayshi and published Monday, The New York Times reported on how transgender "top surgeries" for minors have become a growing phenomenon. When reporters say top surgeries, they often mean mastectomy -- the total removal of female breast tissue -- though The Times' article never uses this word.

Will the Washington Post force Taylor Lorenz to issue a correction?

Nah, right?



From a CBS article promoting breast amputations for children as healthy:


More at Twitchy:

Jesse Singal

Quick morality update: Marketing medical procedures directly to children too young to understand their ramifications is [clapping hands emoji] good [clapping hands emoji] now [clapping hands emoji]


My God. If you don't know the Youth Slang, "yeet" means to eject, to throw away violently. Launching someone from a trebuchet would be yeeting them, for example.


She makes a double radical masectomy sound so cute!!!

And the use of the youth-slang Twitter word "yeet" indicates she's advertising to children.

Read his thread. He points out that one of these butchers brags of a zero-percent regret rate -- but, conveniently, is no longer in touch with 30% of her patients, and doesn't seem too stressed about following up with them to see how they're enjoying their maimings.

The "doctor" claiming to be unaware of a single case of regret is apparently unaware that one of her former patients is very noisy and energetic anti-transition campaigner who talks a lot about regretting transitioning.


Either "Doctor" Gallagher is lying about not knowing about cases of regret, or is intentionally avoiding discovering these cases.

Meanwhile, CBS touts a "study" claiming that "top surgery" -- their euphemism for radical double masectomy, itself a medical way of obscuring the brutal truth of chopping off healthy breasts -- is just great for young people.

The quality of life of young transmasculine people dramatically improves after receiving top surgery -- a mastectomy procedure that removes breast tissue -- according to a study by Northwestern Medicine.

The study, published in peer-reviewed journal JAMA Pediatrics on Monday, is the first to show that top surgery is "associated with significant improvement in chest dysphoria, gender congruence, and body image in transmasculine and nonbinary teens and young adults," Northwestern Medicine said in a press release.

Oh? Chopping off your breasts improves chest dysphoria? Oh, that's terrific!

But what is chest dysphoria?

Chest dysphoria is "the discomfort and distress from unwanted breast development."

So... people who have "discomfort and distress from unwanted breast development" -- in other words, people who want their breasts cut off -- will feel relief when you cut their breasts off.

So if I have "finger dysphoria," the feeling that my fingers are weird alien worms causing me harm, and I feel relief when I have them all surgically removed, we'd all agree that the amputation of a person's fingers is a very effective and healthy procedure for sufferers of finger dysphoria, right? And that this is the proper medical treatment, yes-yes?

This is a medical tautology, isn't it? They don't address the underlying mental condition causing the "chest dysphoria." They're not curing that.

No, they're not addressing the underlying mental illness, just the superficial symptom of the mental illness which they've learned from TikTok and Instagram is to blame their problems on their breasts. They blame their breasts for their problems, and so have "discomfort and distress about the development of unwanted breast development," so, yes, stands to reason, when you cut off their breasts, it will "solve" that one "problem."

But that's... that's not really the problem that needs to be solved, is it?

According to the people making $20,000 a breast lopping, it is, but what would disinterested people not cowed by the Trans Extremist Lobby say?

The study compared two groups of patients ranging in ages from 14 to 24: one group of 36 patients received top surgery, and a control group of 34 patients received gender-affirming care, but did not get top surgery. Three months after surgery, the patients who had the procedure experienced significantly less chest dysphoria than they had prior to surgery, while patients in the control group experienced around the same levels of chest dysphoria as they had at the start of their care.

Yes, the people with an irrational fear of their own tits experienced less irrational fear of their own tits after you chopped their tits off.

Now, what do you do when someone comes in with alien hand syndrome? Want to chop that off, too?


Prior studies have also shown that chest dysphoria is a pervasive issue for trans and gender non-conforming youth. In a study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2021, researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center "observed consensus that chest dysphoria is a major source of distress and can be functionally disabling to transmasculine youth."

Well at least the literature goes all the way back to 2021. We'd like to think we were basing our decisions to surgically alter our children on firm, well-tested science before we put them under the knife and irrevocably sexually mutilated them.

So, I mean, if this well-tested science goes all the way back to when gas was just $5.35 per gallon, I'm sold.

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Zelenzky, in a Hot War With Russia, Asks for Accelerated Entry Into NATO;
Also Says He Will Not Negotiate With Russia Until Putin Has Been Regime-Changed


Zeke Miller

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) -- Ukrainian leader Zelenskyy says his nation is submitting an 'accelerated' application to join the NATO military alliance.

Jack Posobiec XLV

Zelensky has announced Kyiv will hold no negotiations with Russia while Putin is President and that he is applying for full NATO membership today for Ukraine

Michael Tracey

On "Face the Nation" today Zelensky said about Putin's nuclear threat: "I don't think he's bluffing." He then repeated his call for the US to designate Russia a "state sponsor of terrorism" even if this will "make diplomatic negotiations impossible." Does anyone see an issue here

Is this the next step? Is this how the neocon/neoliberal foreign policy establishment makes the War of Vengeance Against Russia for Hacking the 2016 Election, which they promised would never happen, happen?

Will the neocon WWIII cheering section of Conservative, Inc. and NeverTrump, which still believes, along with their leftwing allies, that Russia "hacked our election," and that Donald Trump is a "Russian Agent," applaud?

P.S.: They're also bitter opponents of QAnon for believing the wrong crazy conspiracy theories, the ones not embraced by their leftwing Democrat Twitter palz!

Think of all the extraordinary blogging opportunities they'll get out of a nuclear war with Russia. They can write so many paeans to their manly sitting-on-their-asses virtues and courage before nuclear fires turn out all the lights.

Oh well, I guess we have go to full solemn war against Russia now, seeing as they Subverted the 2016 Election with FaceBook Ads, and just last week, Blew Up Their Own Nord Stream pipelines. (wink.)

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THE MORNING RANT: Get Woke Go Broke – Unilever Edition

—Buck Throckmorton

Another woke CEO has run his company into the ground and is being ushered out of his job. This time it’s Unilever’s Alan Jope.

He is a far-left activist who seeks to rid the world of the energy that fuels its prosperity, but you still have to wonder if his catastrophic mismanagement of Unilever might have caused him to go super-woke. Perhaps he thought loony eco-leftism might provide a protective shield against his inevitable ouster for the damage he caused the company.

If you aren’t familiar with Unilever, you are certainly familiar with its stable of brands, which include Hellman’s, Lipton, Knorr, Dove, Dollar Shave Club, Suave, and many other familiar products.

Jope became CEO of Unilever in January 2019. It didn’t take long for him to start trying to impose enviro-communism on the capitalist enterprise he ran, and to also impose it on all other businesses. Advocating for mandatory, externally imposed ESG (“Environmental Social Governance”) is not the hallmark of a man who believes in free enterprise.

Alan Jope - ESG.JPG

Unsurprisingly, there was pushback by people who believe in freedom and free markets.

Also unsurprisingly, with Unilever struggling under Jope’s mismanagement, he sought to buy some market share and gain additional revenue with an acquisition, specifically by acquiring the consumer healthcare division of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) whose products include Tums, Advil, and Excedrin. The final offer was £50 billion (roughly $68 billion at the time.)

GSK ultimately declined the offer. When the deal officially died in January 2022, Unilever’s stock quickly lost about 20% of its value. With the company in crisis, it was also announced that 1,500 employees were being let go.

Activist investor Nelson Peltz saw a great opportunity, not only with the battered stock, but also with Unilever shareholders desperate for relief from the damage Jope was doing to the company with his ESG agenda. So Peltz started buying shares, and by May 2022 he had worked himself onto the Board of Directors.

Jope responded to Peltz and the angry shareholders by doubling down on the ESG agenda that was destroying Unilever.

Just last week, before the news broke that Jope’s tenure was coming to an end, he appeared with Bill Clinton at whatever the Clinton Global Initiative is, and Jope remained defiantly adamant that he would continue to impose the eco-communist agenda on Unilever despite the “anti-sustainability” and “anti-woke” backlash.

Unilever's Alan Jope says company 'will not back down' on sustainability agenda: [Fox News – 9/21/2022]

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


Banksy Agency Job1.jpg

Agency Job

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report — 9/30/22

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. The weekend is here and as Hurricane Ian moves away from Florida, the trail of devastation is incredible. Again, it seems somewhat miraculous that I have not come across reports of deaths, so let's hope that that continues or at the very least it's kept to a minimum. That of course stands in sharp contrast to Leftists who are baying for the blood of people whom they consider worse than cancer and equally sick, for political advantage in that they can somehow use the destruction to hurt the prospects of a nemesis. The storm now seems headed for South Carolina, so everyone in its path please prepare and/or get the hell out of the area. Once again, prayers for everyone affected by this disaster and for a speedy and full recovery of the appropriately named Sunshine State, since these days, it's one of the few beacons of hope in a land where darkness has cast a pall since November of 2020.

And yet, with abject scum like Pee-Air Defecto, who the hell needs Leftists?

Utah Senator Mike Lee is up for re-election this year. His opponent is Evan McMullin, whose campaign ads, touting his experience as a CIA operative, are currently popping up in my feed at an impressive and alarming rate. According to the Deseret News, which published the results of a poll last week, the race is tight. The poll by the Deseret News/Hinckley Institute of Politics showed Lee with a very slight edge over McMullin, with Utahans favoring the incumbent 36% to 34%. Not much breathing room for Lee, there. . .

. . . It was no surprise to me to learn that Utah’s answer to Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney (Can we just call him “Liz” Romney?), refused to give Lee his endorsement ahead of the midterms.

The Deseret News said that a campaign spokesman stated that the support included endorsements, donations, or expressions of support. The same article quoted Romney as saying, “I don’t think endorsements make any difference in a race to speak of. People in the race are my friends. I usually try and avoid situations where they’ve been friends. I may endorse and I may not, but I really haven’t given it any thought at this point.”

Romney, of course, voted to impeach Donald Trump when no viable reason existed. He also allegedly told Joe Biden that he had to run as far back as 2018. Remember that this is the same Biden who railed that Romney would put black people “back in chains” during Romney’s failed presidential run. And does anyone else remember the Romney/Obama debates? Do you remember the first one where Romney came out great guns, won hands down, and then proceeded to tank the following debates like the 1919 Chicago White Sox? Romney has also written that America is in a state of denial and that:

[Alleged] President Joe Biden is a genuinely good man, but he has yet been unable to break through our national malady of denial, deceit, and distrust. A return of Donald Trump would feed the sickness, probably rendering it incurable. Congress is particularly disappointing: Our elected officials put a finger in the wind more frequently than they show backbone against it. Too often, Washington demonstrates the maxim that for evil to thrive only requires good men to do nothing.

Romney is criticizing elected officials who put a finger in the wind? Really? Really? I’ll wait for the laughter to die down.

And of course, there was the trial run for Obamacare that Romney put forward while he was governor of Massachusetts. . .

. . . After being a governor, running Bain Capital, and the Olympic gains under his belt, Romney wanted to add “Senator” to his resume and money to his pocket. And that is why he is so willing to slip on something sexy and slide into bed with the very people who were calling for his head just a few short elections ago.

To be upset about this is pointless. Rather, to be completely not surprised by it, unlike the pitifully transparent feigned Claude Rains-level "shock!" and bafflement from his colleagues in the GOP, saddens me to the core. Like their feigned disbelief, it's proof positive that the illusion of a two-party system is just that. Romney is a greedy, egomaniacal whore. Forget the private sector, such as it is or was. A seat in government guarantees you a payday that even Hyman Roth and Johnny Ola couldn't conceive of. The former famously quipped in The Godfather Part 2, "We're bigger than US Steel."

Maybe so, Hy, old boy. But you ain't bigger than "US STEAL." Romney, McCain, McConnell along with Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin, and all the rest of the old yocks on that side of the aisle (which is a meaningless distinction) are all part of the same scam that overturned our government decades ago and turned it into the very thing the founders abhorred; a charnel house that grinds our bones for their enrichment. Period. Donald Trump saw this, or more accurately, saw that the system was broken and miraculously ran and won with the aim of stopping it and reversing course. What I've come to realize, which I assume (and hope) perhaps he finally has, was that the system wasn't broken at all. It was running exactly as those in control of it intended. I think that explains his biggest Achilles heel in his staffing choices, and a kind of Pollyanna-ish view that others around him were behind his agenda. We know how that turned out.

What he did do was expose probably the greatest grift in history to millions of people who didn't see it or, worse, refused to see it. Nearly two years into this nightmare alternate universe, and we are reaping the whirlwind of ideologically driven scams and schemes that not only are impoverishing us on a daily basis but are putting us on the path towards total economic collapse. That is not hyperbole. This item caught my eye and it is quite telling:

Host Jackie DeAngelis asked, [relevant remarks begin around 1:35] “Obviously, supplies are going to be needed in Florida. This is the kind of thing that we keep the SPR for, emergencies within the country that are as a result of a natural disaster. If the situation worsens in Georgia, in the Carolinas, and all of a sudden, we find ourselves needing more supplies than anticipated when the administration and the [alleged] President [have] allocated those supplies, essentially, to just bring the price of gas down as a result of high inflation, your thoughts on where we stand, as a country, going into this.”

Carter responded, “Well, that’s a great point. And that’s what the reserves are for, for emergency situations, not to bring down the price of gas so that you can bring down inflation, which is what the Biden [junta] has used it for. Now, we find ourselves in a situation where perhaps we are going to need it.”

It's not that the Junta wanted to bring down the price of gas to ease our pain; they did it to mask the pain they have intentionally inflected on us by pursuing this mad delusion of fighting a non-existent threat of "anthropogenic climate change" by destroying the fossil fuel and petrochemical industry. And like a hurricane that hits a red state bastion, if it does cause suffering for your enemies, it's a bonus.

The easiest thing in the world for these maniacs to have done to maintain power was to leave the Trump economic miracle, driven primarily by unfettered, unhindered energy exploration of the reserves we have right here that are now easily accessible due to fracking and other technologies, in place. Of course, that would have alienated their insane base. Interesting parallel in how the GOP-e doesn't give a shit about us but would rather kiss the ass of the Chamber of Commerce. But, again, the allure of billions in graft safe in the knowledge that no one is going to go after you because you own the criminal justice system makes it the perfect crime, or not even a crime. So long as you "never take sides against the family" (another Godfather reference).

Of course, while money is mostly the storied "root cause" of this corruption, the ideological factor is now a key player in all this. And the glittering jewel of abject stupidity in this is our very own Alexandria "Titty Caca" Ocasio-Cortez. First, the shot:

Planned Parenthood Dr. Bhavik Kumar claimed in response to a question from Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA) that “men can have pregnancies, especially trans men.”

“Somebody with a uterus may have the capability of becoming pregnant, whether they’re a woman or a man,” Kumar claimed. “That doesn’t make a difference.”

“OK, we’re done,” Clyde replied . . .

[Titty Caca's reaction]. . . “The same folks who … told us that [Chinese] COVID’s just a flu, that climate change isn’t real, that January 6 was nothing but a tourist visit … are now trying to tell us that transgender people are not real.”

And here's the chaser, from the estimable Robert Spencer:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Workers of the World Unite) on Thursday tweeted a video of herself explaining why abortion is a “class issue and class struggle,” thereby demonstrating an even more open Marxism than this avowed socialist has shown up to now. In the process, AOC demonstrated the catastrophic illogic and counterfactual nature of Marxist thinking, and showed why, underneath her ditzy exterior, she is truly dangerous for the prospects of the United States remaining a free society.

Along with the video, AOC tweeted: “Abortion rights are a class struggle too. When the powerful force people to give birth against their will, they trap millions into cycles of economic setback and desperation. Especially in a country without guaranteed healthcare. And desperate workers are far easier to exploit.” In the video herself, she expanded on this, saying:

Y’know, I think it’s important to state that, um, that abortion is an economic issue. Forcing poor and working class people, uh, to give birth, um, against their will, against their consent, um, against their ability to provide for themselves or a child is a profound economic issue, and it’s certainly a way to keep, um, a workforce, uh, basically conscripted, uh, to large-scale employers and to employers to be p-, you know, to work more against their will, to take second and third jobs against their desire and their own autonomy, and so the idea that, um, abortion and access to abortion is somehow not a profound and central economic and class issue and class struggle, um, is certainly something that I think a person who has never had to contend, uh, with the ability to carry a child, um, you know, it belies that perspective.

. . . As one might expect from a Marxist, AOC’s analysis has a chilling subtext: her argument is essentially that the world would be much better off if there were far fewer people in it. It’s only greedy capitalists who want there to be more human beings, so that they can keep their rapacious capitalist machine going. In a society that is fully cognizant of the “class struggle,” by contrast, excess human beings are brutally murdered in the womb so that others are not “forced” to work more than they wish to. . .

. . . This is the same kind of thinking that has led in Communist regimes to the establishment of the gulags, Stalin’s forced famine in Ukraine, and similar atrocities. The gulags were established by those who believed that the human beings who were inconvenient because of their dissident political views could and should be worked to death and murdered on a large scale for the betterment of society. Stalin’s Ukraine famine was based on the assumption that those whom the state had designated as its enemies had forfeited the right to live, and could lawfully be killed by any means possible. Now AOC is saying that unborn children must likewise be sacrificed to the cause of establishing the Workers’ Paradise.

More Melonis. Less melon-heads with sagging melons. Have a good weekend.


  • "In short, the many who mockingly liken Schwab to Emperor Palpatine or Dr. Evil are actually not being excessively hyperbolic – there’s ample validity to those comparisons."
    The Grand Conspirator: Klaus Schwab
  • “I understand we need to give people more opportunities,” Goldfarb, a trained nephrologist, told The Post. “But there are some things you can’t sacrifice. This focus on diversity means we’re going to take someone with a certain skin color because we think they’re OK, that they can do the work. But we’re not going to look for the best and the brightest. We’re going to look for people who are just OK to make sure we have the right mixture of ethnic groups in our medical schools.” (not even that "they're OK" - jjs)
    UPenn Doctor: "Anti-Racist" Policies Are Wrecking American Medicine
  • "Every agency — from the Department of Justice to Defense to Agriculture — is attempting to mobilize voters."
    What Is the Biden Junta Hiding on Federal Voter Mobilization?

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Daily Tech News 30 September 2022

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

  • Minor correction to the story on Intel's A770 graphics card: It starts at $329, but that model has 8GB of RAM. The 16GB model is $349, which is a great price for a 16GB card if the card (and the drivers) are otherwise good. We'll see once the reviews come in.

  • Google is shutting down its game-streaming service Stadia. Expectedly. (Tom's Hardware)

    Everyone predicted its imminent death within days of its launch, because game streaming services suck, and Stadia both sucked and blowed because you had to pay for the service and then pay for the games as well.

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Just The ONT, Ma'am


Good evening Morons. I hope all of our Florida peeps have weathered the storm and are safe. My mom is in Lakeland. I haven't heard from her since yesterday, but I'm not too worried. She lives in a block house, she was well prepared, and Lakeland is inland. Why don't we open the ONT with a hurricane tip:


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Spooktacular Eerie Halloween-in-September Cafe



A lot of scaaaary links tonight.

Attack of the Ducks.

Oh no! She's in the clutches of a scaaaary ghoooooul!

Good reflexes.

Sound on: Weresquirrel. Chipsquatch!

Special Duncanthrax link.

This cat's getting ready for Halloween.

Spooooky ghooooooost...

Intruders at the windows.

The children of the night... what sweet music they make...

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Quick Hits
Updated: Joe Biden Wanders Off Again



The great, great video by Matt Orfalea demonstrating that the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) alleged a thousand times that the 2016 election was stolen, with "vote tallies" literally altered by Russia, and the election "hacked" by Putin?

Brilliant video. Blew up The Regime's lies about the "election denialism" of 2020 being somehow "unprecedented."

So what did The Regime's Monopoly Tech censors do?

The demonetized his channel his work appears on -- Matt Taibbi's -- to make sure they could not actually benefit from their labors, thus making sure they will not embarrass The Regime in the future.

Or, if they do, they will do so as paupers.


Today we're releasing a video Matt Orfalea has been working on, showing years of audio and video clips, tweets, and headlines in which Democratic Party politicians and media figures describe Donald Trump's presidency as illegitimate. Before it was even published on this site, Matt received the above notice.

I'd like to thank YouTube for making our point. The material in this video does not promote the idea that any election was stolen or illegitimate. On the contrary, it shows a great mass of comments from Democratic partisans and pundits who themselves make that claim, about the 2016 election. Those comments were not censored or suppressed when made the first time around, by the likes of Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Karine Jean-Pierre, Adam Schiff, Rob Reiner, Tom Arnold, and Chris Hayes, among many others.

Nor did any platform step in to issue warnings when my former boss, Keith Olbermann, promised with regard to Trump's ascension to the White House, "It will not be a peaceful transfer of power."

However, the decision to assemble these materials in one place, inviting audiences to consider their meaning, apparently crosses a line. Now we know: you can deny election results on a platform like YouTube as much as you want, you can even promise disruption, but drawing attention to such behavior angers the algorithm. It's hard to imagine a better demonstration of the double-standard in content moderation.

Remember, they just banned a 2019 Giorgia Meloni speech -- and only reinstated it when they were caught.

If you see a National Review writer or editor online, ask them how they're enjoying Google's money -- they get Google's money to write useless pap, while Google uses its power to strangle National Review's competitors, like Taibbi/Orfalea, who are doing genuinely useful work that benefits us.

Pretty nice little deal Google and Conservative, Inc. have going!

Speaking of Conservative, Inc.:



Aren't you reassured that twelve GOP senators object to the FBI executing assault-rifle raids on a Christian preacher's family for the crime of daring to shove an abusive abortion maniac away from his young son?

The fish rots from the head.

M&M has introduced a purple "spokescandy" character to promote inclusivity or self-love something.

"We're really excited about Purple because she's designed to represent acceptance and inclusivity," Jessica Adelman, vice president for corporate affairs and head of global communications at Mars Wrigley, told Marketing Dive. "We want her to be known for her earnest self-expression, keen self-awareness, authenticity and competence."

Don't want to eat the Inclusive/Self-Love candy? Well you don't have to; it won't be part of the actual candy. It will just annoy you in commercials.

Although Clownfish TV pointed out that purple M&Ms have usually made appearances at Easter time. So, for Easter, Mars will sell you some Gay and Trans candy for your kids.

I will be doing my own rebranding of M&Ms, as "Little Diabetes Pills."

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The "President" Attempted a Seance With a Ghost on Live Televison.
The Propaganda Press Refused To Air Any Coverage of It Whatsoever, Or To Even Mention It.



Despite the furore (I'm also learning British) over Biden's "Where's Jackie?" minutes of cringey dementia, and the persistent questioning by their own "reporters," none of the leftwing propaganda networks covered it at all.

Joseph Wulfson, Fox:

NewsBusters analyst Kevin Tober noticed that none of the three evening broadcasts, ABC's "World News Tonight," "CBS Evening News" nor "NBC Nightly News," made any mention of Biden's remarks.

"All three evening newscasts ignored the latest gaffe from our apparently senile President," Tober wrote. "The terrible combination of Joe Biden's almost daily gaffes and Karine Jean-Pierre's stunning inability to put together a coherent sentence makes it obvious why the leftist news networks have no interest in covering the administration's never-ending list of incompetence and failures."

ABC News and NBC News did manage to cover the story on their websites after failing to mention it on their evening newscasts. The controversy, however, was later mentioned on ABC's "The View" Thursday after the three networks went all-in on Hurricane Ian during the morning news programs. The liberal "View" hosts were largely defensive of Biden throughout the discussion.

CNN and MSNBC went completely wall-to-wall with Hurricane Ian coverage, leaving no room to address the president's gaffe on the air. The word "Jackie" was not uttered once on CNN or MSNBC from the time of Biden's gaffe through 12 p.m. ET on Thursday, according to a search of transcripts via Grabien Media.

MSNBC's "Morning Joe" managed to make time to cover the latest legal drama with former President Trump on Thursday but not for Biden's comments.

CNN covered the story online with an analysis piece headlined, "Joe Biden's latest gaffe plays right into Republicans' hands."

Oh, online. Bet it got top placement, too. Nope! It's not even on the home page. You have to actively search for the headline to find it.

On The View, Whoopie Goldberg raged at the media for daring to question Biden's mental state. Another stupid yenta (I don't know who these people are, I'm not AllahPundit) claimed Biden was just having a "brain fart" or "mommy brain" or just having some other kind of "moment."

What kind of moment?

You mean... a senior moment, don't you?

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You're Not Going to Believe This, But Someone Failed to Position Kamala Harris for Success at the Korean DMZ



Thanks to AnonysaurusWrecks.

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Fox News: Final Revision of Second Quarter GDP Is Negative 0.6%, "Cementing Start of Recession"


The Dow fell another 458 points. We'll be under 29,000 next week. And then Katie Bar the Door.

The estimate for the next quarter has continued to fall and is now down to 0.2%, and that's an optimistic 0.2%.

But the previous quarter, the spring quarter, is now finally fixed at having contracted 0.6%. And, as Fox Business says, this cements the start of the recession that Biden's henchmen say they're just not quite ready to declare yet. They need more data, you see.


The U.S. economy shrank for the second consecutive quarter in the three months ended June, according to the final estimate from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, meeting the criteria for a so-called technical recession as raging inflation and higher interest rates weighed on spending.

The updated report, released Thursday, showed that gross domestic product (GDP), the broadest measure of goods and services produced across the economy, shrank by 0.6% on an annualized basis in the second quarter. That is below the initially reported 0.9% decline and unchanged from the second reading of a 0.6% decline.

Economic output already fell over the first three months of the year, with GDP tumbling 1.6%, the worst performance since the spring of 2020, when the economy was still deep in the throes of the COVID-19 induced recession.


With back-to-back declines in growth, the economy meets the technical criteria for a recession, which requires a "significant decline in economic activity that is spread across the economy and that lasts more than a few months." Still, the NBER -- the semi-official arbiter -- weighs multiple factors when calling a recession and typically takes up to a year before announcing the decision.

Only "semi-official." Nothing stops the media from recognizing the obvious and saying that this fits the age-old "technical" definition of a recession, except for partisan allegiance to a lying Democrat "president." Rigging the news like they rigged an election.

I'm glad Fox finally stopped the charade, for its part.

Meanwhile, Biden has now wiped out nine trillion dollars in American wealth, because his economy is so strong. Call it "the Putin Boost" or whatever.

Americans' holdings of corporate equities and mutual fund shares fell to $33 trillion at the end of the second quarter, down from $42 trillion at the start of the year.

With major market indexes falling further since July, experts say losses from financial markets could total $9.5 trillion to $10 trillion.

Economists say the drops could add pressure to Americans' balance sheets and possibly hurting spending.

No shit really economists? Wow thank you for your sage prognostication. Say, Professor Fuckface, what do you advise re: my shoving your pointy head into the boys room toilet?

Weird how you guys are constantly predicting that the economy will grow under Democrat presidents and then when we lose NINE FUCKING TRILLION FUCKING DOLLARS your new prediction is, "We expect this might put a crimp in your spending plans. Whoopsie. M'bad."

Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, said the losses could reduce real GDP growth by nearly 0.2 percentage points over the coming year.

But you're still predicting positive growth, right? Like 0.1%? Anything positive so you can continue to pretend the president you rigged the election for hasn't driven us into a recession, right?

You fucking leftwing imbeciles.

"Listen to us, trust us, obey us! We're smart!" -- the people who get everything wrong literally all the time.

Meanwhile, the White House is in, get this, disarray, and has a "major shake-up" for its economic team "top of mind."

According to Axios, White House officials (notice they say White House officials, not Biden) are considering a "broad reorganization of President Biden's economic team." This is part of a shake-up being done by White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, who has former administration officials Jeff Zients and Natalie Quillian making up lists of people for Cabinet and senior administrative positions.

Among the people who the report is pointing to as likely to get the boot are Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Brian Deese, the director of the National Economic Council.

The decision is not final and is expected to hinge on the outcome of the midterm elections, sources familiar with the matter told Axios. Yellen's successor will need to be confirmed by the Senate, posing a challenge if the Republican Party takes control of the upper chamber. [....]

Deese, speaking at the Economic Club of D.C. on Tuesday, said he had "no plans to leave" the Biden administration.

"I've got my head down, and I'm certainly fully, fully absorbed in the work we're doing," Deese added.

Treasury spokeswoman Lily Adams said Yellen has no plans to leave.

The White House did not respond to a comment request.

A statement from Anita Dunn is intriguing, "While we are prudently planning for potential transitions post-midterm, neither Secretary Yellen or Brian Deese are part of those plans."

So not part of our plans because they're out? Or not part of our plans because they're not out? That comment is typical Biden confusion, it could be read two ways.

They're shaking up the economic team because the economy is so damn strong. That's when football teams declare rebuilding years, you know -- when they're strong enough to win the Super Bowl. That's when they fire the coaches and trade the quarterback.

Everyone knows that.

Janet, where are you? Where's Janet?

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"Russia Hacked Our Election"
Fact Check: Mostly Symbolic


This is amazing.

It falls to the left-leaning Matt Orfala to produce this, because the GOP Establishment is actually pushing the "Insurrection" narrative themselves.

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Biden Now Blames the Hurricane and Mom and Pop Gas Stations for the High Gas Prices His Strategy of Deliberate Scarcity and Suppression of Oil Production Is Causing


Confiscate the kulaks' farms and kill them, and then blame the dead traitors for the poor yields.

It's been part of the authoritarians' playbook since the 1930s.

Actually, it's been part of the authoritarians' playbook since the Reign of Terror. The French dictators demanded that bakers sell bread below the cost required to buy the wheat to bake the bread, and then imprisoned the bakers as saboteurs when they refused to make bread at a loss.

And now here comes the man NeverTrump swore to us was an "honorable" "moderate" "centrist" who would "restore our norms" and "save our Republic" to tell mom and pop gas stations to sell fuel at a loss, so that he can avoid the political heat of his policy of state-mandated scarcity:

President Joe Biden on Wednesday warned oil and gas companies against increasing prices for consumers as Hurricane Ian neared landfall along Florida's southwest coast.

"Do not, let me repeat, do not use this as an excuse to raise gasoline prices or gouge the American people," Biden said at the start of a conference on hunger in America.

Biden said that the hurricane "provides no excuse for price increases at the pump" and if it happens, he will ask federal officials to determine "whether price gauging is going on."

"America is watching. The industry should do the right thing," Biden added.

There are few signs that average gas prices have jumped significantly in Florida as the hurricane began to approach. AAA put the statewide average at just under $3.40 a gallon, six-tenths of a cent higher than a week ago.

A 99-day run of falling pump prices nationally ended recently, and the 14-week decline was the longest streak since 2015. The nationwide average price had risen past $5 a gallon -- and $6 in California -- in June as the economic recovery and an increase in travel boosted demand for gasoline and Russia's war in Ukraine caused a spike in oil prices.

Gasoline prices mostly reflect trends in global oil prices, and crude -- both the U.S. benchmark and the international Brent -- has been slumping since mid-June on growing fears of a global recession that would reduce demand for energy.

Many energy analysts believe prices are more likely to rise than fall in the next few months. But changes in sentiment about the economy, Russia's war against Ukraine, and even hurricane season -- always a threat to disrupt refineries along the Gulf Coast -- make predictions uncertain.

What does the Judas Priest David French say about this "honorable" "moderate" "restorer of norms" now?

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Top of Mind: The Leftwing Propaganda Media Actually Asks Karine Jean-Pierre What Was Going on In the Demented "President's" Mind When He Called Out "Where's Jackie?," Searching For a Dead Woman's Ghost


I covered this yesterday, but missed the most embarrassing part of any Biden scandal -- the simpleton Karine Jean-Pierre's hapless attempts to talk the Administration out of it.

Don't lie, Karine! You're bad at it! Your stupid peabrain can barely keep track of simple reality! It has no chance of contriving a consistent false "alternate facts" reality!

In case you missed it, Biden asked "Where's Jackie? Jackie, where are you?"

Congresswoman Jackie Walorski died eight weeks ago in a car accident. Biden issued a press release mourning her loss and ordered flags lowered to half mast.

Furthermore, a video tribute to her noting her untimely death played at this very event before Biden spoke.

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Hurricane Ian Diminishes In Intensity to Category 2, But Sweeps Over Central Florida with Massive Flooding;
DeSantis: "Basically a 500 Year Flood Event"


50-65 feet of the Sanibel Causeway Bridge collapsed,
cutting off Sanibel Island from the mainland and
stranding anyone who did not evacuate earlier

The spectacular part of the storm is abating. Now comes the grinding, miserable part of it.

There will be days of flooding, and it may take a long time for the water to drain away.

A commenter said that there are a lot of channels in flat Florida for floodwater to find its way the sea. But this article suggests it will take a while.

Much attention has focused on Hurricane Ian's storm surge flooding coastal areas of Florida, setting records in coastal areas like Fort Myers and Naples.

But the National Hurricane Center warned in an advisory Wednesday that "widespread, life-threatening catastrophic flash and urban flooding, with major to record flooding along rivers, is expected to continue across central Florida" -- damage that will last after the storm moves away.


The panhandle and Tampa Bay area's surface waterways are sloped, but Central Florida is flatter. Add to that the ground is already saturated at this point in the rainy season.

Threat level: Even when the rain ends, that doesn't mean the flooding will, Grimsley said.

What we're watching: Smaller, urban streams tend to "react and flood very quickly," but larger rivers take longer to build up and flood -- and then are equally slow to recede.

"The hurricane moves on here in the next day or two, hopefully," Grimsely said. But "flooding could continue for a week or more."

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Now Available!
The Deplorable Gourmet
A Horde-sourced Cookbook
[All profits go to charity]
Top Headlines
Video: Elizabeth Banks, who wrote a feminist screed movie, directed a feminist screed movie, and then marketed it as a feminist screed movie in Charlie's Angels, claims that it was never a feminist screed movie, but just a totally-apolitical fun action movie which was malevolently mis-marketed as a feminist screed movie (almost certainly, I would guess, by Evil Men who Won't Let a Woman Succeed)
She told men that if they didn't go out to see a movie that was clearly not made for them and in fact was a 100 minute long insult against them, then they were misogynists trying to keep women down. At the risk of playing into her infantile worldview: Shut up, bitch.
Stupid idea that could be clever: Can we get SJWs and transextremists to start pressuring corporations to post their "Corporate Pronouns"? Like, shouldn't we know what Nike's and Apple's pronouns, as corporate entities, are?
Sargon of Akkad's frequent podcasting partner Callum has returned from his insane trip to Kabul and posted his report
BTW, when the Biden Administration tells you the planes and helicopters they left behind are non-functioning, they're lying, he says
Hurricane Ian may intensify into Category 4 storm, hopefully on the "weak" side of cat 4, within the next 8 hours
It will start hitting Florida by tomorrow morning. I hope all Florida readers have either evacuated or otherwise made themselves safe and dry. The storm is going to hit almost all of Florida so I imagine aftermath will also be bad, with extensive damage meaning long periods of lack of power and blocked roads and empty shelves. Prayers!
No SMOD for you. [Mis. Hum.]
CJN podcast sidebar.jpg
S2-E5...Joe Mannix joins CBD and J.J. for the Not-Godwin's-Law Episode to discuss: Ex-FBI agent Steven Friend exposes/confirms the FBI as a tool of state political repression and suffers the consequences, Stacey "Tank" Abrams sings "Heartbeat, It's a Lovebeat" and attempts shifting the goalposts on when life begins in utero, The looming economic disaster as we circle the drain (to the junta's tune of "Happy Days Are Here Again"), the war heats up in Ukraine as Putin catches a draft, here comes "president" Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants to rescue the Mullahs with the a-bomb and cash to crush the Iranian people, and more!!!
Planned Parenthood, a short while ago: In the second month of pregnancy, "A very basic beating heart and circulatory system develop,"
Planned Parenthood now: In the second month of pregnancy, "It sounds like a heartbeat on an ultrasound, but it's not a fully-formed heart..."

Boy, The Science (TM) of embryology is "evolving" faster than The Science (TM) of immunology and virology! And The Science (TM) of human sexual development! I wonder what accounts for this?! They must be making some really great strides in The Science (TM) of embryonic development, right? Maybe one of those "Moonshots" Biden keeps babbling about!
Gay guy goes off on sexual indoctrination in schools
He wants to know why we also aren't "affirming" anorexic girls' body dysphoria -- why aren't we "validating" their delusions that they are grossly overweight, and giving them dangerous diet pills to help them become thinner?
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click -- One Hit Wonders' Failed Follow-Ups Edition
A lot of one-hit wonders were one-hit wonders for a reason, you know
Here's their actual one hit
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