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February 01, 2023

Daily Tech News 1 February 2023

—Pixy Misa

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King Harv Imperial Coffee

Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (1/31/23)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

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The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

"I've never wanted to be a mother, so I've always sort of had this running list inside my head of reasons I didn't want to have a baby or kids in general. Abigail – known as z00mie

Quote II

“I realize that this may be hard for some to forgive but I ask that you look at my 9+ years of public service and not just this one terrible decision." Upper Darby Mayor Barbarann Keffer

Quote III

Yes. And I’m an athlete. And you’re asking me about things that maybe somebody says are in my control. But I don’t believe that. So I don’t know what you want me to answer. And if it’s a provocative question, then, you know, you can spin the story however you want. Victoria Azarenka

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Odd Couples Cafe



Baby girl and baby husky grow up together.

Cat has a little clinger.

Cat makes a friend in the woods.

ICYMI: Go team!

Finish man believes he was born to be an ice princess. And also, that he is really a goose.

Some kind of weasel.

Otter encounter. Obviously, these people are not civilized and don't understand that sea otters are made of love.

Big big ship.

Is this real, and if it is, what is it?

The butterfly is often called Nature's Mohawk.

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Quick Hits


The father of marshmallow Peeps has died. His family has announced that, ironically, his body will be placed into a microwave oven, "just to see what'll happen."

Update on Angela Belcamino: Dave Reaboi says she's real, and that she's a "wannabe egirl." She is doing this trolling thing as a new strategy to get clicks and become famous. He says he got into an argument with her a year ago. So she may be a troll, but she seems to be on-the-level about what team she's trolling for.

I guess she wasn't getting any internet heat based on her looks or desirability, so now she's doing this schtick to get attention. It's not always Get Woke Go Broke -- sometimes it's more that someone is going broke, so they go woke in a last-chance bid for notoriety.

When you look up the word "twat" in the dictionary, you see a bright shiny blank area, because the photograph of her caught too much light reflected off that enormous 100,000 person capacity MegaDome she calls a forehead.

I once saw Bigfoot drive over twenty cars in Angela Belcamino's forehead.

Illegal aliens being put up in ritzy New York hotels were asked to leave. They city wanted to move them from their temporary quarters to a "migrant relief center."

The illegal aliens are refusing to leave the hotel. They want to keep living the high life on the American taxpayers' dime.

They truly are the best of us.

A group of illegal migrants who entered into the U.S. through the southern border, are refusing to leave their free NYC hotel rooms for a migrant shelter in Brooklyn, New York, sleeping in the street to protest. The migrants were initially placed at the Watson Hotel in Midtown Manhattan, but their schedule for relocation to a new migrant relief center, the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, caused uproar late Sunday night.

"It's outrageous. I think it's more to do with the fact there's going to be all-male [centers]," host Brian Kilmeade said. "They're trying to break it up."

Kilmeade alluded to previous reports that migrants were having sex in hallways of the Row, one of New York City's best-known hotels and drinking alcohol in the lobby. Trash bags full of untouched sandwiches provided for the migrants were discovered there after the migrants used unsafe cooking means to make their own food in their hotel rooms.

Oh I forgot about that: Earlier these Noble Visitors to Our Shores complained about the free food their ungrateful asses were being given at our expense.

"So they want to stop at the fraternity house, and they don't want to go to the Brooklyn [cruise port] for free, where they eat for free," Kilmeade added.

"So I cannot believe the audacity of somebody who would come to our country illegally, take a free bus ride to the number one city in the country, and then decide that they're going to pick and choose the free accommodations that they're getting."

Co-host Rachel Campos Duffy recalled speaking with homeless people in New York months ago when the city had used Randall's Island -- a large island in Hell Gate home to several sports fields and a psychiatric institution -- as a migrant holding center.

The homeless would have quickly taken the migrants' place at the Randall's Island center rather than typical homeless shelters, Campos-Duffy recounted.

"We are not putting Americans first. This is absolutely insane. And by the way... yeah, everything looks bad next to a really nice midtown hotel. I'd like to stay there, too," she remarked.

Claiming the Squatters Rights that Americans just won't do.

Rich liberal and basketball player Steph Curry believes in affordable housing for the poor -- unless you try to build it in his field of view. Then, he frets about "privacy and safety concerns."

What happened: Democratic activist and NBA star Stephen Curry wants to block construction of a multifamily housing unit near his $30 million estate in the San Francisco suburbs. Curry and his wife Ayesha expressed "major concerns in terms of both privacy and safety" regarding the proposed development of up to 16 townhouses on a site currently occupied by a single-family home in Atherton, Calif., where an acre of land costs $8 million.

"We hesitate to add to the 'not in our backyard' (literally) rhetoric, but we wanted to send a note before today's meeting," the celebrity couple wrote in a Jan. 18 letter to the town government. "Safety and privacy for us and our kids continues to be our top priority and one of the biggest reasons we chose Atherton as home." According to Almanac News, the Currys also said they were "pleased" to learn that the proposed development "would not contribute to very-low or low-income housing quotas required by the state."

That article then recounts other rich liberals who complain when the public works projects they so virtuously support are scheduled for construction in their zip codes.

Don LeMon is getting "frustrated" by his terrible ratings.

From The Wrap:

Some especially troublesome news out of this week's Nielsen numbers is that Licht's primary programming move, "CNN This Morning," also suffered the lowest week since its launch just three months ago. It averaged just 331,000 viewers while "Fox & Friends" had nearly 1 million and "Morning Joe" drew 760,000.

Licht hand-picked CNN's Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow and Kaitlan Collins to host the rebooted morning show. But so far that trio is failing to grow its audience. An individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap exclusively last week that EP Eric Hall was being reassigned to "CNN Tonight," hosted by Laura Coates, signaling that Licht is aware that the show needs to perform better.

Insiders also told TheWrap that even hosts Lemon, Harlow and Collins "seem to be growing frustrated" over the direction.

"The show can't decide strategically what exactly it is, so it's trying to be everything which can create whiplash for a viewer when segments seem off-brand in tonality," one insider said. "The audience for morning news on network TV is different than the cable news audience and since we're not gaining new viewers we definitely need to retain our legacy ones"

CNN just announced they'll be running Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday nights. We'll see how Bill Maher does now that there'll be actual ratings available.

(HBO and CNN are owned by the same corporate parent, Discovery Warners or whatever it is.)

The network said the new programming change will begin on Feb. 3 and air during "CNN Tonight."

Semafor previously reported, based on sources familiar with the matter, that network executives were considering a comedy to host a non-traditional program that could air in the 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. time slot. Maher was one of the many faces reportedly being considered, along with Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah and Arsenio Hall.

did you guys hear about the Houck trial - he was on with a few of the local talk show hosts today

anyway the govt offered him a plea deal - basically slap on the wrist if he pleads guilty - he said his WIFE (love her!) told him if he took that plea he may as well find a new place to live lol

he said while it would never have done the plea tho b/c he needed to set legal precedent to help the other people still being victimized by Biden's goon squad. (not in those words of course)
Posted by: BlackOrchid

The government just wants plea deals to retroactively justify their unjust prosecutions.

The escort got up into his face and insulted his son. The below video has no sound, but you can see it's the escort who initiated the confrontation:

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Biden Cover Story on Classified Documents Blows Up; FBI Searched His Penn Offices Back in November, Not Just His Lawyers As He's Claimed


Apparently Biden's search of his offices wasn't entirely a matter of his own doing, as he's repeatedly claimed.

He and his paid liars keep claiming that Biden is making disclosures voluntarily.

But when the FBI is going through your stuff, most would say that you're not acting entirely according to your own whims.

Joe Biden's illegal possession of classified documents is the presidential scandal that just won't go away. Despite the White House's best efforts to cover up what happened, news continues to leak out drip by drip, and the latest revelation is a bombshell.

According to CBS News, the FBI conducted a previously undisclosed search of the Penn Biden Center back in November. That would be the office where Biden's classified documents problem started. No one at the White House or the DOJ bothered to mention that until this leak.

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Meet the Most Obnoxious and Un-Self-Aware Sub-Moronic AWFL Troll In History


This is Jacky Macky Paisely Passey 2.0, only more obnoxious and self-deluded about her level of attractiveness.

I saw this noxious narcissist on Twitchy a month ago, and I didn't know what to make of her.


She's some kind of wannabe feminist influencer who is also under the delusion that she is "beautiful" and "hot," words she uses every three tweets to describe liberal women like herself.

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Super-Woke Leftwing Head of the Scottish National Party Says That All Trans Women Are Women. But Also, Sometimes Trans Women Will Be Kept in a Male Prison.


Scotland, which is pretty much now just the Soviet Union Current Year America with kilts, is determined to take every stupid leftwing meme and club reality with it until reality gives up and adapts itself to leftist talking points.

A Scottish man had r@ped two women and then decided, "Forgot to mention, I'm a woman now, so please take me to My Future Victims Prison, I mean, to the All-Female Prison."

This caused such a storm of controversy that the Scottish government was forced to change its policy.

Although their law still claims that all trans women are women, and completely indistinguishable from real women in the eyes of the law or the eyes of biology, Scottish law has been amended to say that in certain cases, trans women aren't 100% women.

After facing pressure to intervene in the transfer of a transgender convicted rapist to an all-women's prison, Scotland's government has decided to stop transferring such inmates with a history of violence against women to its all-female prison, according to reports.

The Agence France-Presse, or AFP, reported the decision was made just days after a rapist was removed from the all-female prison.

On Saturday, violent trans prisoner Tiffany Scott was granted permission to transfer to an all-women's Scottish prison after previous requests were rejected.

Scott is known as one of the most violent inmates in the Scottish prison system, the Daily Record reported, and managed to stalk a 13-year-old girl while incarcerated under a former identity as Andrew Burns, by sending her repeated letters.

While incarcerated, Scott has reportedly been involved in several violent attacks against guards, a female nurse and fellow inmates. She has also inflicted self-harm by attempting to hang herself after shredding "tear-proof" clothing and ripping an IV out of her arm.

Scottish government officials also faced pressure to intervene in the transfer of Isla Branson, another convicted rapist, who was initially granted approval for an all-women's prison. The decision was later reversed.

On Tuesday, Bryson was found guilty of raping two women in 2016 and 2019 while still known as Adam Graham.

Before sentencing on Tuesday, Bryson had been transferred to an all-women's prison known as Cornton Vale. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon ordered that decision to be reversed on Thursday.

The security issues surrounding incarnated prisoners and their gender identity has surfaced in the aftermath of a gender recognition bill that was passed in December by Scottish members of parliament. The bill was then blocked earlier this month by the U.K. government.

So now Scotland won't be putting the r@pist transwoman fox into the real woman henhouse.

But Scotland's First Minister and Woke Clownwhore head of the increasingly noxious Scottish National Party (noxious not because it's nationalist, but because it is Soviet on steroids) Nicola Sturgeon can't just bray "Trans women are women" any longer, because there are apparently some trans women who aren't women.

The left is raking her over the coals for this, but everyone should rake her over the coals until she just admits that no, trans women are not really women.

For God's sakes. Isn't that obvious?

Peter A Smith

Jan 30
Does Scotland's First Minister believe all trans women are women?

Scottish Gov has just implemented an effective ban on trans prisoners who've committed sexual & violent crimes against women being moved to a women-only prison. @itvnews

We ask this because ScotGov just tightened prison policy for trans people only. Cisgendered women cannot be sent to a men's prison, regardless of crime-- such fundamental rights of being a woman cannot be removed. But it is different for trans women. This has broader implications

It would appear Scotland's First Minister accepts there are caveats to her own belief that "all trans women are women." What does this say about her personal commitment to trans equality as a whole?

The interviewer tries to get Sturgeon to admit she doesn't really believe trans women are women, but Sturgeon insists they are, it's just that some dangerous trans women, who are women, can't be held in prison with women, for safety issues.

But, the interviewer objects, you wouldn't move real women to a male prison just because they were dangerous and had attacked other women, would you? And the answer which Sturgeon won't give is, "No, of course not, real women wouldn't be put in a men's prison, because they're really women."

Instead of speaking the obvious truth, she just keeps babbling contradictory parts of her deranged Book of Leftwing Dogmas, as her Evil Death Cult demands she does.

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Bill Gates Babbles When Asked About Jeffrey Epstein


He refuses to admit that Melina Gates warned him about being sexually compromised by Epstein.

"You're going waaay back in time," he says about his dinners with Epstein.

Not really that far back in time:

Pressed by ABC's Sara Ferguson about whether Melinda French Gates' distaste for Epstein was related to his ability to sexually compromise people, Gates replied: "No."

"I had dinner with him and that's all," Gates said.

Gates started meeting with Epstein in 2011, when the latter was already convicted of sex crimes and had to register as a sex offender, according to a 2019 report in The New York Times. The two met at least four times, the outlet reported.

French Gates said in March 2022 that she had felt uncomfortable with her ex-husband's meetings with the disgraced financier.

"He was evil personified. I had nightmares about it afterward," French Gates' told Gayle King of "CBS This Morning" of the one and only time she met Epstein herself.

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BuzzFeed Admits That Its Writers Are NPC Robots, Hires AI Program to Generate Content


BuzzFeed will be the first of many media companies to replace "content creators" with AI, but it won't be the last.

Legal Insurrection readers may recall that I reported on ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer), a chatbot launched by OpenAI this past November. The New York Times hailed it as "the best artificial intelligence chatbot ever released to the general public."

I also noted that the chatbot passed a Wharton Business School test as well as the US Medical Licensing exam . . . it is that good.

Now comes news that another program from OpenAI will be used to create content for the digital media and entertainment site BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed Inc. said it would rely on ChatGPT creator OpenAI to enhance its quizzes and personalize some content for its audiences, becoming the latest digital publisher to embrace artificial intelligence.

In a memo to staff sent Thursday morning, which was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, Chief Executive Jonah Peretti said he intends for AI to play a larger role in the company's editorial and business operations this year.

For the moment, AI will be used to generate "personalized" results for Buzzfeed's idiotic quizzes, but the company has posted a quiz that was created by the Chatbot, and plans to use the Chatbot to write BuzzFeed content -- taking cues from humans (or NPCs), who will provide its "prompts," or idea seeds.

Legal Insurrection notes that BuzzFeed's stock value increased on the news.

Mouse Traditionalist Magnífico @MagnificoIX

Instead of journalists learning to code, the code is learning journalism.

I'm just going to post links all day. I had very bad sleep last night and can't get my brain together. Maybe I'll try getting the chatbot to write some posts for me.

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Hunter Biden's ChiCom-Connected "Art Dealer" Lawyers Up, Won't Commit to Testifying Before Congress


The most corrupt family in America.

Hunter Biden's infamous art dealer with Chinese connections has not agreed to testify before Congress, citing the need to consult with legal counsel.

Georges Bergès, who has dubbed Hunter an "American story," confirmed on Thursday he received the House Oversight Committee's demanded letter from Wednesday requesting his appearance before the investigative panel.

"This week the Chairman of the House Committee on Reform & Oversight of the 118th Congress of the United States of America issued a letter to the Georges Bergès Gallery with certain requests," Bergès told Fox News.

"At the moment I cannot comment and I will refer you to my legal counsel, but know that my singular focus has always been, and will continue to be, the integrity of our artists and the privacy of our art collectors," he said.

It remains unclear if Bergès will testify with or without receiving a subpoena from the committee.

Hunter reportedly sold at least five paintings for $75,000 to anonymous buyers in 2021. The price tags for Hunter's pieces are up to $500,000.

More at the link.

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The Morning Rant: Minimalist Edition



The Law Of Unintended Consequences is always operative. Of course you can see it in a slightly different way, as explained in a Yiddish aphorism: "Man plans and God laughs." But there is more to this than the unforseen results of new technology used in novel ways. This is one more egregious example of the hubris and stupidity of our so-called "elites."

What happened to those decade-long environmental studies that seem to be required before we build a 20 foot foot bridge over a swamp in the Meadowlands? What about the survival of the North Atlantic Sargassum flea? All cast aside so that our obviously idiotic government planners can worship at the altar of Gaia and virtue signal their commitment to the Sustainable Organic Church of the Carbon Apocalypse.

Never mind that the environmental impact of these monstrous, ugly, fragile and polluting machines is completely unknown. Vibration? Electromagnetic fields? Sound? Changes in currents? How do these impact the oceans?

They don't know, and they don't care. Graft, virtue signalling, political correctness, wokism, naked vote buying...you name the leftist neurosis and it is operative in this massive boondoggle.

Dead humpback whale found washed ashore in New York amid uptick in endangered whale deaths along East Coast

Nine whales -- including two sperm whales and seven humpback whales -- have been found dead off the coasts of four East Coast states in less than two months, according to federal environmental officials. The discovery of the whales, five of which were beached in New Jersey, sparked calls from environmentalists to halt offshore wind development until more information was known about their deaths.

Of course the assumption that the deaths of these whales* are caused by the wind farms is nonsense, just as the assumption that there has been an increase in whale deaths is also nonsense. There are multiple other explanations for the appearance of these dead whales on the coast, and it could be as benign as the concomitant increase in their population! Yup...humpback whale populations have been increasing.

But the correlation between an increase in whale carcasses on our beaches and the wind farms is just too delicious to discard because of logic and rational analysis of the issue. It is my fervent desire that the rabid environmentalists, who seem to crawl out from under their rocks whenever some obviously benign project is proposed, will lose their minds over this one.

I want MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy) to be reconstituted! Does anyone remember the anti-nuclear power movement? Let's have Jackson Browne back for an encore! And maybe Graham Nash can blabber on about giant sponges and Bruce Springsteen can yell at us for a set or two.

Seriously...there is so little research on the long-term effects of these machines that building them in the oceans off our coasts is profoundly irresponsible. We simply don't know what will happen, and until there is enough data to make an informed decision about the net effects it makes much more sense to go slowly and build small pilot projects that will test for environmental safety and economic viability.

Or...you know...open Shoreham and reopen Indian Point...two nuclear power plants that could generate far more electricity than all of these wind farms combined.

*As for disposal? Well...duh!

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


Lippi Herod.jpg

The Feast of Herod: Salome's Dance
Filippo Lippi

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The Morning Report — 1/31/23

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. So, in looking at this hideous Tyre Nichols situation in Memphis, it reminds me of the story about the kid who goes on trial for murdering his parents, and then pleading with the court for mercy because he's an orphan. In this case, after begging for mercy, he blames the real guilty party: society.

Tadarrius Bean and Demetrius Haley both joined the MPD in August 2020 after education qualifications to become an officer were dramatically lowered two years prior. The department nixed the required associate’s degree or 54 college credit hours for recruits in 2018 due to a lack of applicants.

“They’re desperate. They want police officers,” retired NYPD detective Mike Alcazar told the Post. “They’re going through it, they check off some boxes, saying, ‘Ok, they’re good enough, get them on. . . ”

. . . Bean and Haley were also hired during the summer of the George Floyd riots, a global protest movement organized by Black Lives Matter in response to the death of Floyd in Minneapolis police custody. The protests spread to more than 2,000 cities across America, causing more than $1 billion in property damage and killing at least 25 people. Such a movement, whose main mantra was “defund the police,” significantly damaged police morale.

According to a June 2021 survey by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), the rate of retirement at police departments rose 45% in 2020 compared to the previous year, with a 20% increase in resignations. The hiring rate also dropped by 5%.

Simply put: police officers were quitting at unprecedented rates across the country to escape such a hostile environment, and departments were struggling to meet minimum staffing requirements. This coincided with a massive crime wave across America’s major cities.“

So at that very moment you’re hoping you can put police out there to try to deal with crime, you’re seeing the workforce shrinking with an unprecedented number of retirements and resignations,” PERF’s Executive Director Chuck Wexler told NPR.

While a shortage of recruits is no excuse for relaxing hiring standards for cops, it is a product of disastrous dynamics the Black Lives Matter movement and leftist elites have cultivated. There is a lot of power and money in stoking fears of racism and hatred. And it is all done at the cost of the safety of the American public, most especially black Americans like Nichols.

You know, in a way, "society" really is to blame for Nichols horrific death. American society turned upside down and inside out for nearly 50 years by something known as The Great Society. Everything that is wrong with America, or whatever the hell nation this has been transmogrified into since the last thing it looks like to me is America, can and should be blamed on Democrats, Leftists and the RINO flunkies who have profited and continue to profit off these nation-killing bloodsuckers.

Munchausen's by progressivism – so perfect an expression I wish I'd thought of it. Beat the host to near unconsciousness with a lead pipe and then ride in to the rescue with multi trillion dollar government programs that only succeed in flatlining him. Then, blame someone else for it. Isn't this the story of race relations and black America?

Look, there is absolutely ZERO excuse for what these cops did to Tyre Nichols, with the caveat that we still don't know the whole story of how he wound up on the receiving end of a murderous beating. It cannot be, as the racial arsonists and propagandists will no doubt insist that it was solely based on his melanin content. And that because the cops who did this were black were part of a white-controlled system and so, QED, they, too, are de facto white.

Funny how no one ever has the stones to ask these bastards the question, "Well if America is a white supremacist nation where black people have zero chance to ever get ahead, how do you account for Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey? Either they are too stupid to realize they're Uncle Toms or they are willingly working for the masters."

OR, the premise that America is a white supremacist nation where black people have zero chance to ever get ahead is complete and utter horseshit. Again, as I postulated yesterday, something that is so obvious and true yet people insist on believing their lying eyes. Is there racism? Can individual people be racist? Yes and yes. But nowhere in history has a society ever gone through what it did to try and eradicate the evils of the past, and some in the present, to try and build a more perfect union. And the fact that we are a multi-ethnic and multi-religion society makes the fact that we achieved what we have achieved in so short a time that much more miraculous. And "exceptional."

The unforgivable crime is those who have sought, and are indeed on the cusp of, absolute power have spent nearly one hundred years putting us at each other's throats so as to gain that power. Look at this Critical Crackpot Race Theory poison. Aside from distorting and perverting historical facts, the essence of the whole enterprise is to define America by it's flaws and the "original sin" as it were of slavery, not by the fact of how we as a people have tried and continue to try to overcome our flaws.

So Psaki-psircling back to Munchausen's by progressivism, the Left destroyed the police and made life unbearable for cops in uniform and for potential candidates to join the force. DEI (D-I-E) dictated that skin color, gender, sexual deviance and everything under the sun EXCEPT actual competence would be the criteria for hiring. And when even those candidates were not around, the bottom of the barrel was scraped. As it obviously was in Memphis. So, the race hustlers got the cops they wanted, and when yet another black male "who was just turning his life around" dies at their hands, it's still the fault of white supremacy and America as founded. Self-licking Ice Cream Cone Status: [x] Licked.

Meanwhile, in another part of the forest, while everyone is getting all worked up over another victim of Democrat-Leftism, there's the other side of police incompetence. Except this time, it really is political terrorism.

In the span of a few weeks, not only did authorities release all relevant videos, the five officers were arrested, investigated by a grand jury, indicted on second degree murder charges, and fired by the Memphis Police Department.

Transparency and justice, to the extent it ever will ease his family’s grief, came quickly for Tyre Nichols.

That is not the situation for four Donald Trump supporters who died on January 6, either wholly or partially due to the actions of Capitol and D.C. Metropolitan police officers on duty that day. More than two years after the fact, body worn camera footage is only slowly being released at the criminal trials of January 6 defendants. (Only D.C. Metro police are required to wear body cameras.)

And the Department of Justice, unlike the city of Memphis, is making it nearly impossible for the general public to access the very limited trove, which has been uploaded to a platform created to house all digital evidence for the department’s “Capitol Siege” investigation.

But the unedited video—the government has produced cherry-picked clips from otherwise protected recordings to bolster the regime’s “insurrection” narrative in the media and in court—so far documents what I described last week as the worst incident of police brutality since the civil rights movement. Footage from just three D.C. Metro officers revealed how police wantonly and, in some cases, viciously attacked American citizens exercising their rights to protest at a government building. Cops used an arsenal of munitions, including rubber bullets, flashbangs, stinger balls, and massive amounts of chemical gas against protesters assembled on Capitol grounds. . .

. . . And what about releasing the body-worn camera footage of Lila Morris, the D.C. Metro officer who repeatedly struck Rosanne Boyland with either a baton or stick on January 6? Newly released open source footage shows a horrific scene after her beating as protesters attempted to resuscitate her as other officers looked on.

Body cam footage of Morris’ colleague, Officer Terence Craig, indicated he was in the lower west terrace tunnel when the attack on Boyland occurred. “She’s fucking dead! This is on you, motherfuckers!” one man screamed at the officers. “This is the woman you killed, you fuckers!”

But where is Morris’ body cam video or that of other officers near her on January 6? Surely Rosanne Boyland is entitled to the same level of transparency and accountability as Tyre Nichols, since she too was pepper sprayed and beaten—where is #JusticeforRosanne hashtag?

According to testimony by Robert Contee, then-acting chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, more than 1,000 of his officers were at the Capitol on January 6. Quick clips of a handful of officers, including Daniel Hodges, who repeatedly referred to Trump supporters as “terrorists” during his public testimony to the January 6 select committee in 2021, have been used to garner sympathy and stoke outrage.

If it’s acceptable to make public small segments of body camera footage from selected officers, then the Department of Justice and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser should order the release of all footage on an accessible platform for the American people to see for themselves.

After all, Tyre Nichols isn’t the only victim entitled to the truth.

Except, Julie Kelly (which I know you know), some victims are more equal than others. While all this is going on, the DOJ has responded to Jim Jordan's demands for documents pertaining to Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants' crimes: FOAD.

When it comes to law enforcement, the fish stinks from the head. We're becoming both a lawless society and one where the book is thrown at those who refuse to knuckle under. A book? Hell, the entire library.

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Daily Tech News 31 January 2023

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

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Monday Overnight Open Thread (1/30/23)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

1 30 23 0NT.jpg


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

‘We are supporting the police with their investigation.’ A spokesperson for British Airways

I really don't think you had much of a choice there spokesperson.

Quote II

“I think we have to be very careful about what we are as a constitutional republic. I am not a fan of Ilhan Omar. She’s an anti-Semite. She’s a bigot. She’s a racist. She’s a socialist. But that doesn’t mean that we cancel people in this country. Republicans don’t stand for cancel culture. And that’s essentially what this is.” Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC)

Quote III

“I’ve been trying to understand the driving ideas underneath this globalist utopian tyranny that seems to be developing from the top-down, and I think it’s driven at least in part by this religious vision that I already described — you know, that you have to construe culture itself, especially industrial culture, as the tyrannical father raping and pillaging everything in its way, which is [an] unbelievably dangerous way to think — too one-sided,” Dr. Jordan Peterson

Quote IV

“As a result, Moderna made $19 billion in profits over the past two years and its CEO [Stephane Bancel] became a billionaire who is now worth over $6 billion. What is Moderna doing to thank the American taxpayer for their generous support? It plans to raise the price of the COVID-19 vaccine by 400 percent up to $130 when it goes on the commercial market. Meanwhile, it costs just $2.85 to manufacture the product.” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

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A Certain Set of Skills Cafe



This dude shreds.

She is good at jumping rope.

Another jump-rope shuffle girl.

I'll just dock right here.

Dog enjoys a bath.

What am I looking at here?! This post explains.

Super clingy cat.

Another Cat 1 Clinger.

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—Lamont the Big Dummy

More than 60% of Americans think that Scranton Joe Biden took those classified documents for personal gain.

Bad news for Joe Biden and his cover-up merchants in the FBI and the media.

A Rasmussen poll out Monday, and exclusively revealed here, shows that almost three-quarters of voters (72%) regard the president's handling of classified records as a scandal. That includes a majority (55%) of Democrats.

Nearly half (48%) of all voters say it is a "major scandal," according to the national poll of 1,000 voters taken over the weekend.

But even more damning for the president is that 60% of all voters believe it is likely that information from those classified documents "was used by Biden's son, Hunter Biden, in his foreign business deals." Fully 44% believe it is "very likely."

A lawsuit against Ron DeSantis' government, finding fault with his busing illegal aliens to blue jurisdictions, has been tossed out of court by a Florida judge.

Leon County circuit judge has dismissed a lawsuit alleging that the Florida Department of Transportation and a contractor did not fully comply with public-records requests about controversial state-funded flights of illegal migrants to Martha's Vinyard in Massachusetts.

Judge Angela Dempsey last week issued two similar decisions rejecting the lawsuit that the non-profit Florida Center for Government Accountability filed in October against the Department of Transportation and Vertol Systems Company, Inc.

The center contended that the department and the contractor violated the state's public-records law by not fully providing requested documents about the September flights of about 50 migrants from San Antonio, Texas, to Martha's Vineyard. The flights, engineered by Gov. Ron DeSantis' administration, have drawn national scrutiny.

Dempsey concluded that the center did not prove the department and Vertol had withheld documents.

"The burden is on the plaintiff to prove they made a specific request for public records, that Vertol received the request, the requested public records exist and Vertol refused to provide them in a timely manner," Dempsey wrote in one of the decisions. "While plaintiff meets the first and second prongs of the test, there is no evidence that the public records exist or that Vertol refused to produce public records in a timely manner."

A male Google executive has been fired, after alleging one of Google's top female executives groped and propositioned him at a drunken company party.

A Google executive claims he was booted by the tech giant for rejecting a high-ranking female colleague's grabby advances at a posh company dinner.

Ryan Olohan, 48, accuses Google of firing him after one its top executives, Tiffany Miller, groped him at a Chelsea restaurant in December 2019 and told him she knew he liked Asian women -- which Miller is, according to a blockbuster November federal lawsuit filed in Manhattan.

Miller, director of Google's programmatic media, rubbed Olohan's abs, complimented his physique, and told him her marriage lacked "spice," according to court papers.

The alleged hands-on encounter unfolded during a drunken company gathering at Fig & Olive on West 13th Street shortly after Olohan was promoted to managing director of food, beverages, and restaurants and joined a new management team that included Miller in Google's Manhattan offices, according to the lawsuit.

Per his story, she must have realized she was in trouble so she began retaliating against him by filing meritless HR complaints, claiming he was "microaggressing" her and wasn't "inclusive." I guess she means, he wasn't inclusive in what vadge he planted his seed in.

No, she actually claimed there were "too many white guys" on his team.

Again, this all looks like her trying to create a paper trail to defend against sexual assault charges.

The guy brought this all to Google HR which blew him off. They admitted that if the sexes were reversed, they would "escalate" the case -- in other words, discipline or fire the sex-assaulter -- but as women can do anything and never face punishment, they weren't going to escalate it.

And then, after going to HR again and again to fill up her victim's own file with complaints about "microaggressions" and "too many white guys," she got her victim fired.

Olohan said he reported the issue to Google's human resources department the following week, but nothing ever came of the complaint.

The HR rep "openly admitted ... that if the complaint was 'in reverse' -- a female accusing a white male of harassment -- the complaint would certainly be escalated".

Olohan claims Miller began retaliating against him after he made the complaint by criticizing him and reporting him to human resources for "microaggressions".

The retaliation allegedly continued at a Google-hosted event in December 2021 in which Miller drunkenly admonished Olohan in front of his colleagues. And although Google was aware that Miller's continued harassment of Olohan stemmed from his rejection of her sexual advances, it again took no action. Miller drunkenly berated Olohan yet again during a company get-together at a karaoke bar in April 2022.

Olohan said he began feeling increasing pressure from his supervisor, who told him that there were "obviously too many white guys" on his management team. In July he was encouraged to fire a male employee to make room on his team for a woman, the suit claims.

The following month, Google fired Olohan, ending his employment after 16 years at the company.

Is she hot? She's kind of average. Hot women don't have to paw married men, of course.



That pic looks like it's about 15 or 20 years old.

She looks like she's got a lot of miles on her, and like she's seen more wang than the midwives at her ancestral birthplace.

Gavin Newsome wants homeless shelters to stop insisting that residents not do drugs or be high on the premises. He says that the traditional cure for addiction -- getting "clean and sober" -- is "one of the biggest damn mistakes this country ever made," and says "we all need to self-medicate periodically."

He then insists than anyone having a glass of wine at the end of the day is just like a homeless man insisting that he should be able to shoot heroin all day long while living in a taxpayer-funded shelter.

Kevin Dalton @TheKevinDalton

"Clean and sober is one of the biggest damn mistakes this country ever made…We all need to self medicate periodically" - Gavin Newsom, explaining his plan to self medicate California out of our addiction epidemic.

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Federal Jury Acquits Pro-Life Activist Persecuted by Biden's DOJ on Trumped-Up Charge


This was the man the FBI sent over 30 agents to arrest early in the morning, when the wife and children were all at home.

As the left likes to say: Cruelty is the point.

He was alleged to have gotten into a scuffle with an "abortion escort," someone who escorts the abortion-seeking woman to the clinic. JJ just posted about this case last week, citing The Federalist.

The Biden [junta's] targeting of pro-lifers will be on full display this week with the Department of Justice's prosecution of sidewalk counselor Mark Houck beginning on Tuesday.

Houck's case first received national attention when upwards of 20 FBI agents swarmed his rural Pennsylvania home in September of 2022 to arrest him on charges that he had violated the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances, or "FACE," Act. The FBI executed the unnecessary SWAT-like raid -- reportedly complete with ballistic shields, a battering ram, and multiple agents aiming long guns at Houck -- while his wife and seven children watched in horror.

The spectacle was completely unnecessary, as prosecutors in such cases typically issue a summons to appear rather than execute an arrest warrant. In fact, Houck's attorney informed the prosecutor that he would accept a summons on Houck's behalf. . .

. . . A jury could begin hearing testimony as early as this afternoon, according to Peter Breen, the lead attorney for Houck. Breen also told me the trial could be over as early as Friday.

If convicted, Houck faces up to "11 years in prison, three years of supervised release, and fines of up to $350,000," according to a DOJ press release. Based on Houck's lack of any criminal history, however, the governing Federal Sentencing Guidelines would recommend a much lower range of six to 12 months.

But that is assuming both a conviction and one that could withstand an appeal, neither of which seems likely given the facts presented by Houck and the apparent lack of a conflicting version of events. Even an acquittal of Houck, however, would still represent a victory for the Biden [junta], which succeeded in chilling pro-lifer activities through the raid on Houck's home and his prosecution.

A federal court has now said "No" to Biden's DOJ's persecution of its political enemies.

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Felicia Somnez, the Leftwing SJW That Attempted To Cancel Half of the Washington Post for Not Agreeing Forcefully Enough with Her Feminist Temper Tantrum Demands, Is Now Working in... Retail Sale at a Clothing Store

—Lamont the Big Dummy

Learn to Fold.

The Spectator reports that Felicia Somnez -- who caused so much drama at the Washington Post last year, trying to cancel a sizable number of her colleagues -- is now working in retail.

For ideas on what to do next, perhaps outgoing Washington Post staffers should look to their former colleague Felicia Sonmez — who Cockburn can reveal is now working in retail, after a tipster clocked her while shopping for winter wear earlier this week.

Apparently she's been blackballed by the leftwing propaganda media. She attempted to hold a leftwing propaganda front company hostage to her leftwing SJW terrorist demands, but made a major miscalculation: She's white. You don't get to do that if you're white.

Cockburn also reports that the Post's infantile leftwing extremist opinion writer, Margaret Sullivan, has also been fired, or let go, however you want to put it. But leftwinger propagandists can only fail upwards (unless they hold their employers to ransom) and she immediately signed on to write leftwing screeds for The Guardian.

I'm sure she'll really stand out there. She'll bring such a fresh and unexpected political perspective to The Guardian.

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Bill Kristol's Money-Grifting Gollum Jonathan V. Last: You Know Who's Really Implicated by The Arrest of Crossfire Hurricane FBI Agent Charles McGonical for Taking Money from a Russian Oligarch?
Donald Trump, That's Who.


Speaking of liberals who lie because their liberal audience pays them to lie: The Dispatch and The Bulwark have made no mention of the exposé about the Hamilton68 lies they promoted. Even Twitter realized that all Hamilton 68 was doing was taking typical Trump/conservative leaning chatter and claiming that "RUSSIAN AGENTS" are behind it all, or at least amplifying it.

Matt Taibbi posted proof that the "RUSSIAN ACCOUNTS" Hamilton 68 claimed proved "RUSSIAN MANIPULATION" are almost all just American, British, and Canadian critics of The Regime.

I expected that.

What I was not expecting was effeminate Regime courtier Jonathan Last to claim that the arrest of the FBI agents who initiated Crossfire Hurricane for taking Russian money was not a black eye for his team of Russiagate Conspiracy Peddlers, but in fact very bad news for Donald Trump, as Charles McGonigal's arrest proves just how deep the Russiagate Conspiracy goes.

How, you might wonder?

Simple: Jonathan V. Last strongly insinuates -- these cowards won't commit themselves to Russiagate Conspiracy Theories because they're tired of having their past statements thrown in their faces, so now they just insinuate so they can say, "I never said that" -- that Charles McGonigal was a RUSSIAN AGENT, sure, but he was a RUSSIAN AGENT paid off to deliberately tank the Trump Russiagate investigation.

That's what he's insinuating. Russiagate was all true and none of us have anything to apologize for for promoting Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Theories for six years; and we'd have the poof of that, except that Oleg Deripaska, who must be some kind of Trump Kremlin Handler, paid off Charles McGonigal to make sure the proof never came to light.

Here are the people who rail against "conspiracy theories in which the absence of evidence is taken to be the final proof of the conspiracy" deciding that the absence of evidence for their Russiagate fantasies just proves the conspiracy is worse than we ever imagined.

1. The Real Deep State

Timothy Snyder's newsletter has become invaluable over the course of the war in Ukraine. But he has insights about American politics, too.

This week he discussed the arrest of FBI agent Charles McGonigal:

On 23 January, we learned that a former FBI special agent, Charles McGonigal, was arrested on charges involving taking money to serve foreign interests. One accusation is that in 2017 he took $225,000 from a foreign actor while in charge of counterintelligence at the FBI's New York office. Another charge is that McGonigal took money from Oleg Deripaska, a sanctioned Russian oligarch, after McGonigal's 2018 retirement from the FBI. Deripaska, a hugely wealthy metals tycoon close to the Kremlin, "Putin's favorite industrialist," was a figure in a Russian influence operation that McGonigal had investigated in 2016. Deripaska has been under American sanctions since 2018. Deripaska is also the former employer, and the creditor, of Trump's 2016 campaign manager, Paul Manafort.

The reporting on this so far seems to miss the larger implications. . . . In 2016, Trump's campaign manager (Manafort) was a former employee of a Russian oligarch (Deripaska), and owed money to that same Russian oligarch. And the FBI special agent (McGonigal) who was charged with investigating the Trump campaign's Russian connections then went to work (according to the indictment) for that very same Russian oligarch (Deripaska). This is obviously very bad for Trump personally. But it is also very bad for FBI New York, for the FBI generally, and for the United States of America.

In other words, it's bad for Trump that the man who was "fixing" his problems in the FBI has gotten arrested.

Don't worry, it gets even worse, Last says, just loving this latest conspiracy theory.

Don't worry. It gets worse.

The reason I was thinking about Trump and Putin back in 2016 was a pattern that I had noticed in eastern Europe, which is my area of expertise. Between 2010 and 2013, Russia sought to control Ukraine using the same methods which were on display in 2016 in its influence operation in the United States: social media, money, and a pliable candidate for head of state. . . .

Trump and Yanukovych were similar figures: nihilistic, venal, seeking power to make or shield money. This made them vulnerably eager partners for Putin. And they had the same chief advisor: the American political consultant Paul Manafort. . . .

Anne Applebaum once put the question the right way: why didn't the FBI investigate Trump's connections to Putin much earlier? In retrospect, it seems as though the FBI investigation of Trump's campaign and its Russian connections in 2016 was not only late, but weirdly understated.

"We were so right about Russiagate that we didn't even know how right we were!!!"

Read the whole thing.

If the McGonigal allegations are proven, then we have an entirely new set of problems. Not just that one political party was willing to become the cat's paw of a foreign government, but that a key part of America's law enforcement apparatus was in on the game.

Russia bought off the FBI to exonerate Trump you guys. We were always right, but the RUSSIAN AGENTS in the FBI destroyed all the evidence!

The Bulwark is always denying the Deep Staters they play Mob Lawyers for exist, but now, Jonathan Last says, we have proof of an actual Deep State: The one being run by the Kremlin for Trump's benefit.

In other words: An actual Deep State.

As always, projection is the sincerest form of Trumpism.

A member of his political team, Team Crossfire Hurricane 4Ever, got arrested taking money from a Russian oligarch, and it's a black eye for those who said these guys were corrupt, and this just proves that it's the Trumpists who are guilty of "projection."

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Now Available!
The Deplorable Gourmet
A Horde-sourced Cookbook
[All profits go to charity]
Top Headlines
Massad Ayoob: Castle Doctrine: Why You Should Remain Inside. Going outside one's home to confront a threat will likely get you charged with a crime. [dri]
CJN podcast sidebar.jpg
S3E2: Joe Mannix joins CBD and J.J. Sefton with his fascinating insights into China's crashing birthrate concluding that the so-called Chinese Century is very much in doubt, US escalates tensions with Russia by sending M1 battle tanks to the Ukraine, the Biden Documentgate Scandal might explode into something even bigger, and more!
Confirmed: Bill Kristol and his other Disinformation Grifters, along with their "mainstream" media co-conspirators, have chosen a strategy of coordinated silence to pretend that they didn't spend four years slurring Americans as "Russian agents." Matt Taibbi writes:
I asked for comment from a huge range of actors -- from the Alliance for Securing Democracy to Watts and McFaul and Podesta and Kristol to editors and news directors at MSNBC, Politico, Mother Jones, the Washington Post, Politifact, and others. Not one answered. They're all going to pretend this didn't happen. The few reporters who got this right contemporaneously, from Glenn Greenwald to Max Blumenthal to Miriam Elder and Charlie Wurzel of Buzzfeed to sites like Moon of Alabama, can take a victory lap. Almost every other news organization ran these stories and needs to come clean about it.

The Hamilton 68 tale has no clear analog in media history, which may give mainstream media writers an excuse not to cover it. They will be under heavy pressure to avoid addressing this scandal, since nearly all of them work for organizations guilty of spreading Hamilton's "bullshit" stories in volume.

On the plus side, none of them are denying the story, either: So they are all tacitly admitting it's all true.
More from Taibbi:
Levich's tale is at the heart of what is so sinister about the Hamilton 68 campaign. This was digital McCarthyism, taking people with dissident or unconventional opinions and mass-accusing them of "Un-American activities." The peculiar twist of the Hamilton 68 version of McCarthyism is that instead of targeting leftists (although there are several self-professed left-leaning accounts on the list), the bulk of the real accounts involved conservatives, with handles like ULTRA MAGA Dog Mom and @ClassyLadyForDJT.

Even at Twitter, where there were basically no open conservatives in the email record, it was recognized that Hamilton 68 (and at least two other research institutes using similar methodology) were simply taking organic Trumpish chatter and describing it as Russian scheming.

The site "falsely accuses a bunch of legitimate right-leaning accounts of being Russian bots," as Roth put it, getting "traction around partisan trends, to assert that any right-leaning content is propagated by Russian bots."

Morbidly obese degenerate grifter obsessive Bill Kristol wants you to send him some more money so that he can "Defend Democracy" against the authoritarians. Won't you help him?
Collin Rugg

BREAKING: Ronna McDaniel re-elected as RNC Chair.

The RNC is dead.
Bill Kristol, Michael McFaul, and "Alliance Securing Democracy" itself are all remaining in coordinated silence regarding Matt Taibbi's expos´ of their McCarthyite lies (and yes I am aware that is a slur on McCarthy, but there is no other generally-accepted word for what I'm describing). They're all counting on their Media frenz to keep the story buried for them -- which is probably a very good strategy, as the Media is once again part of the conspiracy, and is itself implicated. They have just as much reason as Bill Kristol to keep the lie going.
A while ago I said I'd post a Mystery Click that absolutely no one would know, with the exception, maybe, of Australian morons. So here it is:
Forgotten 80s Mystery ClickHere's the lyric hint for all the good it will do you:
I've tried to persuade you
But I couldn't make you stay
You wrote the story
And you let it end this way, yes you did
I'm short of the distance
I'm back where I started from
Preparing myself
For the sound of the starting gun

It's a little cheesy but it's a pretty good workout song, as long as the workout you're doing is aerobics and you're wearing neon leg-warmers.
The oldest datable runestone discovered at ancient cremation pit in Norway
The context of the find is datable through typology and C14, and it dates from 1-250 CE, which means it might very well be the oldest runic inscription discovered. I am thrilled to be on the team of the initial investigation of these inscriptions.
The first stone was found on top of a flat grave, and the skeletal remains are C14 dated to 25-120 CE. However, we can't tell if the stone was put there at the same time as this person had their burial ritual. The stone has several inscriptions on the front...
... and even one on the side. In addition, it has other markings, some of which appears to be non-meaningful, and others that might or might not be meaningful. Some of the runic sequences are difficult to interpret, but one of them seems to be "the headline", so to speak.

Jackson Crawford talks about the find here, and alludes to the stupid headlines the media will give this.
He talks there about his own area of interest, which is the script that the runes are based on/borrowed from. He rejects the idea that they're borrowed from Roman letters, and suggests they were instead based on Italic scripts used by Celtic tribes in the Alps, based on the Phoenecian/Greek alphabets. I personally favor this theory, chiefly because it's the only theory of runic evolution that I ever heard so obviously it's my current Front Runner.
Here's the video that caused me to become Lamont the Big Dummy.
Here's what really happened, of course
You know, sometimes, when it's almost the end of Friday, and you're just scanning for videos to put into the Cafe (and my old-reliable video accounts have barely been posting lately, so I've been more desperate for videos), you just kinda turn off your brain and say "Yeah this looks good" and post it, you know?
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click
A middling hit from a guy who had a lot of hits in the 80s. This one gets forgotten a bit, I think.
One day I'm gonna write a poem in a letter
One day I'm gonna get that faculty together
Remember like everybody has to wait in line
Oh, [title], look out world, oh you know I've got mine

He did one of those twenty minute short films that make up the "extended cut" of the video, which was a power move in the 80s for a certain level of artist
Look to the West just around sunset, and you'll see Venus below the slim crescent Moon. When it gets dark enough, you'll see Saturn appear to the lower West. The Moon, Venus, and Saturn will be aligned fairly close the ecliptic. Jupiter will be higher along that same arc.
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79 The Mexican skull video must be in reverse
Posted by: 496

I'll be commenting all this week as Lamont, because I'm a Big Dummy. Yes of course. I'm such an idiot.
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click: Soft Soap Rock Edition (No, the Other One)
I wasn't looking for true love
But now you're looking at me
You're the only one I can think of
You're the only one I see
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