September 20, 2018

Mid-Morning Open Thread


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Las Meninas
Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez

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The Morning Report 9/20/18

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Running late this Thursday so I will attempt to be brief, despite the fact that there are other things that are really going to get lost in the sauce that are absolutely crucial to be paying attention to.

With the Brett Kavanugh Low-Tech Lying Fest, we already know the score. Chuck Grassley has essentially told the Democrats and their Lying Stooge Ford to either shit or get off the pot. IMHO, as of this writing with everything that has happened and the facts as we know them, such as they are, the Dems have stepped on a rake. Instead of torpedoing Trump and energizing their base, they have done exactly the opposite as we head into the home stretch towards the Midterms. But before I touch upon some of the most incredibly insane reactions and proclamations, in the lead and every bit as enlightening as to who and what they are and what they stand for, we have the continuing saga of DNC co-chairman Keith Ellison, whose been accused by his ex-girlfriend of physical and mental abuse.

Karen Monahan, who has all but been ignored by the Media (and worse) has come forth with actual medical records detailing the injuries that she allegedly suffered under the pimp-hand of Ellison. To add real insult to real injury, what have the Democrats done? Shunned her, and perhaps even worse. Naturally she now bitterly points out the hypocrisy with what is happening vis a vis Brett Kavanaugh and her own situation. And I don't think I really need to talk about Juanita Broaddrick and the half dozen or more women left in the wake of Bill Clinton.

Despite this, Democrat National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has proclaimed he is proud to have Keith Ellison as his number 2 man (the double-meaning of that is perfect). This is more than just disgusting - it's perfectly illustrative of who and what the Democrat-Left are and what they will do to grab, maintain and consolidate their power. In short, they are the embodiment of projection and hypocrisy. And circling back to the Kavanaugh fiasco, here are today's prime examples; a trio of glittering jewels of stupidity and gall.

First, we have Senator Maizie "Macadamia Nut" Hirono who is blasting GOP senators for giving Ford the opportunity to testify. Somehow that's abuse. So if we propose waterboarding her you'd be totes cool with that, eh Maizie? Then there's the odious talking coprolite John Garamendi who proclaimed women across the nation should be outraged at what these white senators are doing to Ford. Say, what? Last I looked, Balsey Ford is white. I guess when you have no cards, playing the race card works because I guess he, like all Democrats, think that black people are just too stupid to realize it's not 1991 an this isn't Anita Hill. Loathsome jerk, that one. And finally we have the Eric "Swallows-Well" Swalwell who is threatening that if Kavanaugh is confirmed, that he'll push for judicial impeachment once the Dems sweep into power come November. Sir, you have no ethics, no morals, no class and most of all not two brain cells to rub together and so not the sense to fully understand the words which you have uttered. Do you not realize what you are suggesting?

Well, maybe then again he does, given the constant drumbeat that this President stole the election, is illegitimate and is to be opposed "by any means necessary." And this is a tidy way of moving into our next subject which is the James O'Keefe's latest Project Veritas sting in which he exposes State Department and other bureaucrats boasting about their efforts to sabotage directives from the Executive Branch. And surprise, surprise, surprise! Allison Hrabar, the Squeaky-Fromme-mousy-looking-pint-sized-unibrow-thugette who harassed Kirstjen Nielsen has been caught talking about how she uses the resources of the department, on department time, to find out the addresses of Trump supporters and administration members for the purpose of sending goon squads over to protest/harass them and their families.

Supposedly the DoJ is now looking into the revelations of this video but I don't know what if anything they'll do. I know what should be done. They should at minimum be fired and their pensions forfeited, union rules be damned. If it's a war they want, then a war is what they should have. Con gusto. And Hrabar et al are just the little foot soldiers in what amounts to insurrection. Hell, they call themselves "the resistance" so why not treat them as such? When Palsi Pelosi and Cuck Schemer, let alone Brennan are calling for those still in the DoJ, FBI and intel agencies to refuse to declassify documents that the President lawfully orders them to, then you have what we call in the trade as "a situation."

Again, if this is a war - and it most certainly is, especially after all we have seen and heard since November of 2016 - then it should be treated as such. The ball's in your court, Mr. President.

In politics, not to be outdone by the Dems stepping on a rake, the Senate GOP did not include border wall funding in its budget an the House is likely to do the same, McAssKill is now an official no vote on Kavanaugh but with the overwhelming evidence that this is a shit-show, GOP candidates are now running in support of the nominee and PDT, Texas seat that was Democrat for over 100 years is now Republican, Dem candidate loves her some Black Panthers, and House Dems will try yet again to detox from the Botox.

In the Amnesty front, Oakland has passed an "Abolish ICE" resolution, the illegal alien animal that killed Mollie Tibbetts pleaded not guilty to murder charges, and since 2010 immigration from Muslim third world paradises is way up. Oh joy.

Internationally, PDT will push for religious liberty at the UN, Mike Pompeo has told Kerry to STFD and STFU, and no love between Putin and Xi just yet. Meanwhile, the Joo-Haters are going nuts at the prospect of the Eurovision Song Contest being held in Israel and Ford Motors has a better idea - promote Louis Farrakhan's theory that Jews make black males go homo (must be the weather, or big matzo balls). So, "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" in Ford glove compartments will be making a comeback? Sheesh.

Another story getting lost in the sauce is the House passing a bill that redefines the term "Crime of Violence" is raising alarm bells and Snoozy McSnoozerson sounds the right notes about Chicago gun deaths and the ACLU, BLM and Antifa.

From hither and yon, Chevy Chase thinks SNL sucks, but not for the same reasons we do, the NFL is in need of more violence; presumably on the field and not the off the field murder, rape, gunplay, drug dealing and mayhem of the players, and lastly, Netflix "documentary" on Roe vs Wade is about as factual as you'd expect.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

UPDATE: Louie Gohmert link fixed

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Wednesday Overnight Open Thread (9/19/18 )

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

“I think that may be the point — to confound us, so it’s harder to keep our eye on the ball. The ball, of course, is protecting American democracy … And right now, our democracy is in crisis.”The Bitch who will never be President

Quote II

Winning is habit. Unfortunately, so is losing. Vince Lombardi

Quote III

"I learned a lot from studying the civil rights movement of the United States, from Martin Luther King and Stokely Carmichael and Eldridge Cleaver. All in their own unique ways, I learned that the United States had failed in living up to the ideals that I had learned about in my high school history classes." Lisa Brown, Congressional Candidate

Quote IV

“In today’s world, someone who is suicidal sits home, nurses their grievance, develops a rage and is just as suicidal, but they take 20 people with them. There’s something that changed in the culture.” Tom Selleck

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Accuser's Lawyer: Having My Client Testify Under Oath Would be Contrary to the Purposes of Discovering the Truth

—Ace of Spades


You don't say.

Meawhile, former Obama official and eternal Obama partisan Jim Sciutto continues doing #FakeNews the CNN way by straight-up lying, as usual.

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Project Veritas Sting: Democrat Socialist Activist Who Led "Protest" Against Kirstjen Nielsen in Restaurant Admits to Running License Plates on Government Computers to Find Citizens' Home Addresses in Order to "Protest" Them

—Ace of Spades

She says they can't run license plates "officially," but she admits she ran them.


A coworker of hers admits that she uses the expensive Lexis-Nexis search service for use in her protesting activities.

Several of these miscreants brag that they cannot be fired, being government workers.

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Video: Meet the World's First Domesticated, Semi-Doglike Foxes

—Ace of Spades

A Russian scientist wanted to prove, back in the 1980s, that the evolution from wolf to dog was genetic and caused by selective breeding by man. To prove this, he bred foxes for decades, selecting for only one trait: friendliness towards humans (or at least lack of fear of humans).

Foxes that were fearful of humans or unfriendly towards them were not permitted to breed. (To be honest, given that this was done by Russians and scientists, neither group having excess empathy for lab animals, I assume "not permitted to breed" really means "not permitted to live.")

But the foxes that seemed warmer towards humans were allowed to breed. And over decades and many generations, they slowly produced more dog-like foxes.

The video below shows a San Diego couple who pay up to $9000 for the domesticated foxes and the import fees for exotic animals, and have about eight of them. They say the foxes are not housebroken at all, and not nearly as sweet-natured as dogs; but the video points out, too, that these were lab animals, bred and tested and then allowed to breed if they were sufficiently friendly, but not cared for as a master would care for his dog.

So, genetically they might be friendly foxes, but they haven't been socialized to be as friendly as dogs. Most of their early lives were spent in kennels and cages.

Who knows, maybe the next generation of these San Diego foxes, properly brought up by humans from puppyhood, might be more like dogs.

It's kind of interesting.

The TL;DR version is: No, domesticated foxes are no threat whatsoever to become Man's New Best Friend. While they're tame and unafraid of people, they're also pretty aloof. And who knows, maybe they're not housebreakable.

Still, they're kinda cute.

Video below, print article here.

If you want to dive right into the Road Test -- wild foxes vs. domesticated foxes as far as friendliness towards humans -- skip to 4:54 and watch for about 30 seconds.

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Something's Coming That Will Vindicate Kavanaugh?

—Ace of Spades

#SalonHot25 charter member AllahPundit digests some tweets which suggest that there may be some strong evidence emerging soon.

Whelan also suggested that while Kavanaugh was innocent of any crime, someone else might be guilty of one, and noted that it was a crime to lie to Congress.

I'm suspicious of all this -- not because I think Kavanaugh is guilty, but because, in my experience, life just doesn't work out this way.


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Kamala Harris: Accuser Should Not Be "Bullied" Into Testifying About It;
Mazie Hiromo: Men Should Shut Up

—Ace of Spades

The woman who orchestrated a national PR campaign to hype up the release of her Oscar-hopeful accusation should not be "bullied" into actually testifying about it.

And Senator Mazie Hirono demands that men "shut up" any time a woman lobs an accusation.

On Monday, Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) put on a show for reporters, ranting about the "men in this country" and telling them to "just shut up" with regard to the flimsy decades-old allegations of sexual assault launched at Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh at the eleventh hour.

"Guess who's perpetuating all of these kinds of actions? It's the men in this country. I just want to say to the men in this country, just shut up! And step up. Do the right thing for a change," Hirono ranted, when asked about being one of four women on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

I have an idea. If liberal feminist women cannot understand that due process and the requirement of evidentiary standards do not turn off just because another leftist feminist woman has made an allegation, perhaps they should be excluded from public debate and public office. Perhaps they're just not mentally capable of participating in participatory democracy.

Meanwhile, another man Blasey Ford alleges was present at this four guys, one girl (or two girls? Depends on her fuzzy, mutating memory) pool party denies he was at any such party.

"I understand that I have been identified by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as the person she remembers as 'PJ' who supposedly was present at the party she described in her statements to the Washington Post," Smyth says in his statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee. "I am issuing this statement today to make it clear to all involved that I have no knowledge of the party in question; nor do I have any knowledge of the allegations of improper conduct she has leveled against Brett Kavanaugh."

"Personally speaking, I have known Brett Kavanaugh since high school and I know him to be a person of great integrity, a great friend, and I have never witnessed any improper conduct by Brett Kavanaugh towards women. To safeguard my own privacy and anonymity, I respectfully request that the Committee accept this statement in response to any inquiry the Committee may have."

Update: Kristin Gillibrand, who looks okay when she's not fat, joins in the coordinated messaging about not "bullying" this heroine into testifying.

Note that the last accuser Gillibrand promoted was Mattress Girl, another confabulator.

Update: The Democrats are whining about "bullying" her into testifying, but of course it was Democrats who leaked her letter to the press, thus guaranteeing she'd be asked to testify.

They want her accusations shouted but never questioned.

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Jake Tapper Devotes Segment of Show to Trump's Penis

—Ace of Spades

Weird, he always had excuses about what he just didn't have time to do a segment on Ben Rhodes admitted he created an "Echo Chamber" in the media on the Iran Deal, or that reporters "literally know nothing."

I guess he has plenty of time for cock, though.

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Kavanaugh News


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Stomp me! Stomp me right now!


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Me, waiting to get stomped

Open thread until...

Stomp stomp!

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The Morning Rant


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"So it looks like Brett Kavanaugh's accuser has been identified and, guess what, she's a progressive activist college professor who apparently scrubbed her entire social media presence before her name was made public. She sends her letter to Senator Diane Feinstein who sits on it for weeks and then, after the confirmation hearings are over, gives it to the FBI for investigation, only with the professor's name redacted. Like, what are they supposed to do with it? So the FBI says this is not a matter for them to investigate (strange as it may seem, drunken high school groping is not a federal crime) and gives the letter to the White House. And now it's being reported that the professor will be a no-show at a proposed hearing next Monday and DiFi says she can't verify that she has said is truthful. This is all so stinky that even the extremely liberal San Francisco Chronicle newspaper editorialized against it. Grassley needs to shut down this shit show before it gets out of hand. Hell, it's *already* out of hand. There's no doubt in my mind that Kavanaugh is going to get confirmed. Even if Jeff Flake goes into a fetal position, they've still got 50 once Pence parachutes in. The problem is, the Democrats never seem to suffer any consequences when they toss in these stink bombs. Which they will do the next time and the next and the GOP needs to figure out how to make them pay for it. And last, some Eeyore conservatives are already complaining that these bogus allegations of sexual misconduct will permanently taint Kavanaugh's SCOTUS career. Really? I don't think so. Tomorrow will bring another day, the progs will gin up a new outrage, and everybody will forget this national freak-out, and Kavanaugh will go to work deciding cases according to sound constitutional law. And nobody will care. Just ask Clarence Thomas."

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


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After The Rain
William Merritt Chase

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The Morning Report 9/19/18

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Mid week and before we delve into the Kavanaugh sabotage disgrace, the other big story that is flying somewhat under the radar is the reaction to the the President's announcement that he is going to declassify documents relating to the FBI/DoJ manufactured witch hunt against his campaign and his nascent presidency (and still going strong in virtually all quarters of the bureaucracy per Project Veritas' latest revelations). The usual suspects - both figuratively and literally - are blasting the President's move as an abuse of power, threat to national security, obstruction of justice, blah blah blah, etc. That can only mean one thing; he's directly over the target and the documents will prove to all who have eyes to see and even the tiniest scintilla of a brain cell to reason that all the charges against him are a lie and that those who are screaming the aforementioned the loudest are themselves the guilty parties. Lee Smith at The Federalist lays out a fascinating unraveling of how in the waning days of the Obama Tyranny the strategy went from offense to defense, vis a vis preserving the Iran sellout and then sabotaging preventing President Trump's scrapping of it. Meanwhile, Robert Mueller is yet again trying to usurp executive branch authority by undercutting his boss' - that is, President Trump's - ability to issue a pardon to Paul Manafort. I'd say, who the hell does he think he is when, in point of fact, he has built his entire career and lived his life believing that of the American people 24/7/365. If there is a G-d in Heaven, I pray he sees fit to have Mueller thrown into the general population of a Federal prison, preferably the same one he tossed innocent people into to protect Whitey Bulger.

Now, on to the more or less main event. I am not going to go into any more details about this Accuser/Liar Ford's charges although in the RUFKM Dept., I find it interesting (read "disgusting") that the strident Leftist hack shyster who is representing her represented both Al Franken and Bill Clinton. And you'll be surprised, I'm sure, to learn of Accuser/Liar's interesting connections to Nazi collaborator George Soros and that the latter's minions are preemptively handing out bail money to rent-a-mob protestors in the event they get pinched.

It is now obvious that this woman is a paid liar in service of the Democrat-Left-Media complex. The parallel strategic goals are to sabotage Trump, fire up the base in order to protect the political hides of the old guard (Feinswine, Schemer, etc.) from the Maoists on the rise, pressure Trump into replacing Kavanaugh with a Bader-Meinhoff clone, and if successful hold onto their most powerful instrument of illegitimate policy implementation as well as in their mind fire up their base for the "Blue Wave."

From our perspective, the GOP leadership and key players including Jeff Flake of all people have apparently had it up to here (I'm pointing at my receding hairline [scalp, not crotch]) with this crap. Look, Feinswine herself is backtracking faster than a tobacco auctioneer on whether Accuser/Liar Ford is truthful or not, despite the Dems insistence on no vote until the FBI finds Kavanaugh guilty, the FBI - which has no jurisdiction on this whatsoever - has declined to investigate this, and Accuser/Liar Ford is not going to testify on Monday. Bearing all of this mind, then for the love of all that is good, Senators Grassley and McConnell should announce that the Monday additional hearing and flea circus is cancelled and that a vote in front of the full Senate will take place on Thursday.

If they do not do this, and if they allow Monday to happen (despite the optics being even worse for the Dems than they were the first time around) and if Kavanaugh is either stonewalled until after November or even until after 2020, the GOP is going to get wiped out in November. Worse than that, the Dems will now have a free pass to do this and get away with it from now on. Again, I call on Grassley and McConnell to end this garbage here and now. If you do that, I can almost guarantee a Red Wave come November. Assuming that that really is what they want, and the jury is out on that.

Last, but not least, in the REALLY R-U-F-K-M Dept., when I saw the link by Jeffrey Lord over at American Spectator my jaw just hit the floor. Cory "Blucher" Booker, the closet(ed) organizer is either utterly clueless or is a chutzpadik of such titanic radiance that it staggers the imagination, even for a Democrat (I know; embrace the power of "and"). On the verge of proclaiming himself "Spartacus" in his opposition to Brett Kavanaugh, and then as everyone in his party is seeking to destroy this good man over something that he allegedly did as a teenager, what does Booker go and do? Announce that he is sponsoring legislation to mandate leniency for teen offenders.

...If one assumes that Christine Ford's account is accurate, it happened for one reason -- the reason that no less than Cory Booker himself has -- truthfully -- asserted. Again, that is this:

Studies of youth brain development have found that the decision-making functions of the brain do not fully develop until much later than was previously believed to be the case. Despite this, some states still try 17-, and even 16,-year-olds as adults by default.

In other words? The activities of a 17-year-old Brett Kavanaugh, not to mention 15-year-old Christine Blasey, were the result of immature teenagers whose "decision-making functions" were impaired to begin with because they had brains that were not "fully" developed. Not to mention that if Booker is literally sponsoring legislation that would make it the law of the land to seal youthful criminal records, there is no way that Ford's 36-years later allegation -- when no charges were even filed in the day -- should be relevant in the first place..."

Well done, Senator Booker. You're not only a despicable egomaniac but you have just confirmed yourself to be dumb as a stump. Possibly lower than a Joe Biden-level functioning imbecile. Would be nice if the GOP made some hay out of this.

Moving along to the political scene, looks like Doomberg and possibly Hickenpooper and even the Wookie with the killer triceps are eyeing a 2020 run (the latter two are not in the links), the RNC is worried that GOP voters may not turn out because they think the midterms are in the bag, Virginia students evidently never heard of Kasich's father and a big "OK" for Loopy Ocasio-Fiasco.

On the Amnesty scene, the Feds are being forced to release illegal kiddie border jumpers to illegal alien felons (why?), chain migration is a freaking disaster of a time bomb and that ultimately leads to fundamentally transforming our nation. Which is a big Leftist wet dream.

Internationally, Whoa, Fat! is once again singing PDT's praises, crisis possibly averted in Syria, the Chi-Coms retaliate with $60 billion in tariffs, IBD analysis of China vs US in a trade/tariff war, Putin doesn't blame the Jooz for controlling the weather and Syrian SAMs (but mostly Syrian SAMs), a shocking yet unsurprising video from a UK sharia law no-go zone (y'know, the ones that don't exist), and PDT putting the screws to Iran is already paying big dividends.

In First Amendment, AgitProp and Censorship, interesting take on Google becoming the Chi-Com Stasi, Daniel Greenfield shreds the Trump killed 3,000 in Puerto Rico bromide, NPR attempts to sabotage promo efforts for the "Gosnell" movie (why have we NOT defunded NPR yet?), Vanderbilt Poofter is all wet, Brett Kavanaugh's wife is a class act, and more on the Wa-Po's border passport fiction.

Domestically, as the GOP dithers on Brett Kavanaugh, they manage to pass a titanic spending bill so fast that if you blinked, you missed it, Planned Parenthood's new prexy spews lies on The Yenta Patrol, aka The View, and Hurricane Florence defies the Global Warming fraudsters' "science."

From hither and yon, Rozelle, Cosell and Dandy Don are rolling in their graves as Monday Night Football craters to a new low for week 2, an essay on Feminazi male-blaming for doing the Fluke, and the insane corporate culture at Google.

On a point of personal privilege, today marks the 2nd Anniversary of The Morning Report. Thank you to Ace for affording me the privilege to be here, the Cobs for all their support and to all of you who come here, comment and make it all worthwhile.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (9/18/18 )

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

flag on ship .jpg


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

We just starve little children, we go bomb houses.Sen. Bernie Sanders, Politburo (I-VT)

Quote II

“The government’s abject failure – and the huge risk we face of a bad deal or a no-deal Brexit – means that giving people a fresh say is now the right – and only – approach left for our country." London mayor Sadiq Khan

Quote III

“Irony is just honesty with the volume cranked up.” George Saunders

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Breaking: Kavanaugh's Accuser Says She Won't Testify Until The FBI, Which Has Already Declined to Investigate Her Non-Federal-Jurisdiction 37 Year Old Allegations, Completes Its Investigation, Sometime After a Democrat is President

—Ace of Spades

Coming over Tucker Carlson: After saying she would testify, she now says she won't, not until the FBI investigation (which is not happening) is completed.

Strangely enough, this tracks perfectly with the Democrats' talking points that the FBI must conduct a long, slow investigation which, conveniently enough, delays the vote until after the midterms.

And what would Republicans do then?

Well, believe it or not, even Jeff Flake says if she doesn't testify, then they just move forward with the confirmation:

And Jim Acosta decided to deceptively edit a Kavanaugh clip to create even more CNN #FakeNews.

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New York Times to Issue Correction After Mistaking Academy Award Nominated Actress Angela Basset for... Omarosa

—Ace of Spades

Racism, straight-up.

By the way, did Angela Basset get nominated for an Oscar? I don't know. I assume she must have, at some point. Makes for a better headline-- so I guess, like the media, I don't care if it's true or not.

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WSJ: Questions Multiply About Blasey-Ford's Memory, and Motives

—Ace of Spades

A couple of good points here:

The woman accusing Brett Kavanaugh of a drunken assault when both were teenagers has now come forward publicly, and on Monday it caused Republicans to delay a confirmation vote and schedule another public hearing. Yet there is no way to confirm her story after 36 years, and to let it stop Mr. Kavanaugh's confirmation would ratify what has all the earmarks of a calculated political ambush.


Ms. Ford concedes she told no one about it--not even a high school girl friend or family member--until 2012 when she told the story as part of couples therapy with her husband.


The Post reports that the therapist's notes from 2012 say there were four male assailants, but Ms. Ford says that was a mistake. Ms. Ford also can't recall in whose home the alleged assault took place, how she got there, or how she got home that evening.


The Post says Ms. Ford contacted the paper via a tip line in July but wanted to remain anonymous. She then brought her story to a Democratic official while still hoping to stay anonymous.

Yet she also then retained a lawyer, Debra Katz, who has a history of Democratic activism and spoke in public defense of Bill Clinton against the accusations by Paula Jones. Ms. Katz urged Ms. Ford to take a polygraph test. The Post says she passed the polygraph, though a polygraph merely shows that she believes the story she is telling.

The more relevant question is why go to such lengths if Ms. Ford really wanted her name to stay a secret? Even this weekend she could have chosen to remain anonymous. These are the actions of someone who was prepared to go public from the beginning if she had to.


It would also be a serious injustice to a man who has by all accounts other than Ms. Ford's led a life of respect for women and the law. Every #MeToo miscreant is a repeat offender. The accusation against Mr. Kavanaugh is behavior manifested nowhere else in his life.

The WSJ's editors suggest this is all just a failure of memory, trying to avoid the inevitable claim that "you're smearing a victim."

But that's the very question that needs to be resolved first --whether she is in fact a victim. If she's not a victim, you can't just say "You're smearing a victim." That's begging the question, using the very claim that is in need of proving to help prove itself.

Meanwhile, Dianne Feinstein offers a ringing endorsement of Blasey-Ford's shaky powers of recollection, saying she cannot attest that everything Ford says is truthful:

Well I'm sold.

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Former Fusion GPS Employee: Almost Every Claim We Made About Paul Manafort Was Wrong and I Regret Having Pushed This Hoax On to the Public

—Ace of Spades

Chuck Ross reporting.

#SalonHot25 hardest hit.

A former contractor for Fusion GPS claims the opposition research firm got its investigation of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort "almost completely wrong."

Graham Stack, who was hired by Fusion GPS in July 2016, writes in the Kyiv Post that he "share[s] the blame" for creating what he now says is a false narrative that Manafort worked for the Ukrainian government to advance a pro-Russia agenda.

"There have been scores of media articles about Manafort -- and 90 percent regurgitate the simplistic narrative of Manafort as a Kremlin trojan horse," Stack wrote at the Kyiv Post.

"This narrative was developed by Washington commercial intelligence firm Fusion GPS in 2016, as part of their now famous dossier on Trump, distributed widely among major media outlets," Stack continued.


Stack, who has written for the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, argues that Manafort's work in Ukraine did not advance Russia’s interests.

"What we got wrong about Manafort -- and what Mueller has got partly right in his indictment -- is that Manafort was nothing like a pro-Kremlin influence on the former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, as the dossier alleged. Instead, Manafort was one of the driving forces pushing Yanukovych towards signing the agreement with the EU. The Kremlin has every reason to hate him," Stack wrote.

"Manafort was amazingly successful in bringing Ukraine into the Western fold," he said.

OUT: Manafort is a secret agent for Russia

IN: Manafort is a double-super-secret agent for the E.U.

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ABC News Political Director and Noted Thumb Matthew J. Dowd: It Doesn't Matter Whether Christine Blasey-Ford's Accusations Are True or Not; We Must Treat Kavaugh as Guilty to Vindicate a Higher Social Justice

—Ace of Spades

People often don't think about what "social justice" means. It means group justice, as contrasted with individual justice. Social Justice Warriors always claim race- and gender-based privileges (you know, like racists and sexists do) on the theory that "social justice" -- justice for an entire group's asserted challenges -- trumps any considerations of individual justice, individual merit, or individual achievement.

Noted leftwing troll and thumb Matt Dowd promotes the idea that social justice for a group comprising 51% of the world's population must trump any considerations of individual justice for Brett Kavanaugh.

Or Christine Blasey-Ford, for that matter -- whether or not not she was wronged just doesn't matter. What matters is that some women somewhere were wronged, and we must burn this scapegoat Kavanaugh to please our New Gods of Gender and Race.

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New Project Veritas Sting Video Series Catches State Department Official Bragging About #Resistance Activities

—Ace of Spades

More to come, as usual.

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This Is CNN: Thumb Chris Cillizza Says It's "Walking a Very Dangerous Line" to Ask Kavanaugh's Accuser When and Where This Assault Is Supposed to Have Taken Place

—Ace of Spades

Seared, seared into her memory.

But she doesn't remember where it happened, when it happened, or who else was there.

And asking those questions is "very dangerous," says CNN's Special Thumb for Snowflake Advocacy.

Meanwhile, Kavanaugh's accuser is ready to testify, except for the actual testifying part.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing Judge Brett Kavanaugh of high-school-era sexual assault, has so far ignored repeated inquiries from the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Chuck Grassley told Hugh Hewitt Tuesday.

Grassley announced Monday that the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold hearings on the woman’s accusations, which surfaced Sunday after Blasey Ford granted an interview to The Washington Post. The senator noted to Hewitt, however, that he had reached out to Ford and her attorney "three or four times" in the last 36 hours but has yet to receive any communication.

"It kinda raises the question: Do they want to come to the public hearing or not?" he inquired.

No, they don't. They want this accusation to be reported only by friendly media, with no one asking impertinent questions about when or where it is supposed to have happened. She will "testify" by lawyer and by media.

Meanwhile, the plan calls for Kavanaugh to be hailed back in front of the committee to be grilled not just on this woman's (not under oath) claims but anything else they can think of to embarrass him, like if he's ever touched a woman's boob without getting strict verbal consent and how many times he's been drunk in his life.

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Anne Hathaway Gets #WOKE, Demands We "Tear This World Apart" and Reject White Cishet Privilege (Of the Sort She Enjoys)

—Ace of Spades

Here's the background on this:

Everyone pretty much hates Anne Hathaway, also known as Brunette Linsay Lohan.

The public has turned on her. Her career is in steep decline. (She wasn't even a main star in Oceans 8.)

They find her false and desperate in her Oscar-grubbing.

So, who knows, maybe she's going the Tammy Faye Baker route and trying to get new fans by being Super-#Woke.

Actress Anne Hathaway told an audience Saturday night that she’s been frightened by the hatred of LGBT people that bigots spew -- but a speech by former Vice President Joe Biden went a long way to restoring her faith.


Hathaway said she felt better after hearing speeches from Biden and HRC president Chad Griffin, who spoke earlier in the evening.

"You guys just gave me my heart back," Hathaway gushed.

Then, speaking to the ladies, gentlemen and "gentlethem" in the crowd, Hathaway denounced white, straight and cisgender privilege.

"It is important to acknowledge with the exception of being a cisgender male, everything about how I was born has put me at the current center of a damaging and widely accepted myth," she said.

"That myth is that gayness orbits around straightness, transgender orbits around cisgender, and that all races orbit around whiteness."

Hathaway explained that it was when she spent time with the LGBTQ community -- her older brother is gay - -that she learned to reject this myth.

"I appreciate this community because together we are not going to just question this myth, we are going to destroy it," she told the crowd.

"Let's tear this world apart and build a better one."

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The Morning Rant: J.V. Edition



Chutzpah: 1. Killing your parents and asking for leniency because you are an orphan. 2. Senator Robert Menendez.

He is a lifelong crook, who emerged from a particularly corrupt part of NJ, and embraced the expanded opportunities for graft in the United States Senate. In addition, there are credible suggestions that he took part in offshore sexual adventures, possibly with underage people (see? I'm being PC!).

For Menendez to do anything but shut his mouth and meekly vote the way he is told by his superiors in the DNC is a travesty, and something that would be trumpeted from the mountaintop by an honest and impartial media. But...he is a Democrat and therefore off limits.

The milquetoast Republican challenger to Menendez' Senate seat has a non-zero chance of upsetting him in the November election, but I have no doubt that Menendez has mobilized his crooks and thieves and precinct captains and underage hookers to massage the vote, so he can maintain the style of life to which he has become accustomed, courtesy of the United States taxpayer.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Carraci Lord Wither goest.jpg

Domine Quo Vadis?
Annibale Carracci

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The Morning Report 9/18/18

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Tuesday and the disgusting and frankly dangerous attempt to derail Brett Kavanaugh's deserved appointment as an associate justice to the SCOTUS continues along with the President's decision to declassify all the FBI and DoJ documents, transcripts etc. related to the investigation-cum-sabotage campaign of his 2016 presidential campaign. And do not think that these two subjects are unrelated. They are one and the same. The effort to destroy this President has many fronts and many agents but the overall goal and message is crystal clear to all who have eyes to see: any attempt to reverse the 100+ year counter-American Revolution will be crushed. If you run as a reformer you will have your character assassinated (if not the target of an actual assassination), if you either win an election as a reformer or are appointed to office by one and share the same goal, you face the same threats (see the lead piece from Breitbart about the State Department). And if you are an originalist jurist who believes that the Constitution as written is not fungible and/or "a living and breathing document," as the IBD editorial states:

This is about sending a warning.

Democrats are warning conservatives, and those who would appoint them, that they will do anything to derail their nominations. That includes flagrant attempts at character assassination -- even if that requires throwing out unverifiable allegations from the distant past at the 11th hour.

At this point, the only real question that needs an answer is whether Republicans will reward Democrats for their craven attempts to scare highly qualified conservatives away from public service.


And that's why the link to the Washington Times piece that GOP Senate candidates now have to tread lightly on the campaign trail because of this is total bullshit and just making me incandescent with rage. Even considering the dynamics of the anti-Trump Republicans, whether it's Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, Janice Rogers Brown and now Brett Kavanaugh (to say nothing of the scores of cabinet nominees and political candidates over the last 30 years or more), this is all part of the same goddam orchestrated playbook from the Dem-Left-Media Complex. Use a smear, even one like this that is so patently obvious in the way it was vomited up by Dianne Feinstein as a weapon to hold over the heads of the GOP and make them cower in fear, apologize and then demand the withdrawal of the nominee for the good of country. The GOP either believes this or, more likely, pretends to believe this so as not to throw a wrench into the machine of the perpetual Leftward/over-the-cliff/globalist drift of the nation that has been preordained since forever.

Fuck that. THIS IS WAR. If you are running for Senate and you do not see this you really have no business seeking the job. The GOP for now is in the driver's seat. The reputation of the press and Leftists is in the toilet, and this President won by exposing them for the frauds, perverts and criminals that they are. What is being done to Brett Kavanaugh - unless absolutely 100% bona fide incontrovertible evidence comes forward to say otherwise - is an absolute travesty and a crime. If Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley full-throatedly went to the cameras and stated this flat out, cheers and applause would break out across the land at a volume that even John McCain and Ted Kennedy - the father of "Borking" - would hear even as they molder in their graves.

But, alas, we have to endure what is sure to be a flea circus and freak show come Monday, when Brett Kavanaugh and the lying, psycho, piece-of-shit Leftist slag testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, no doubt interrupted by Democrat confederates (heh!) intentionally brought in to fill the galleries and make a spectacle in front of the TV cameras. That is if Feinstein, Spartacus, Kamala-Toe and the other Democrats let them get a word in edgewise. I guess on a positive note, the delay is only until Monday, all of the aforementioned will go over with the public perhaps even worse than it did on the first day of the initial hearings, and maybe Accuser/Liar Ford won't even show up. And Feinstein refusing to cooperate with Grassley now that she's pulled this loathsome stunt speaks volumes, or at least it should. Meh - they're huddling now to get their story straight as well as pay off people to come forward and "corroborate her harrowing ordeal" of being ignored as a Janis Ian "At 17" wallflower - which of course is the same as rape.

I find it funny, disgusting funny not ha-ha- funny, that every nominee put up by the Democrats sails through because the GOP feels compelled to give deference to a sitting Democrat president's picks. Ruth Bader-Meinhoff, a loathsome old prune who has a complete disregard for our laws, Constitution and customs and even recommended the South African constitution over own as a model to be emulated (does that include the land expropriation?) and formerly served as the general counsel for the ACLU sailed through on a 96-3 vote (I hereby propose sainthood for Jesse Helms, Robert Smith and Don Reigle). This is madness. But is that worse than letting Robert Bork get borked and then "settling" for Anthony Kennedy? Like a choice between projectile colitis and shingles of the eye.

The GOP better confirm Brett Kavanaugh. That's all I can say. And I hope that going forward, no matter what happens, every nominee that this President puts forward is an originalist/strict constructionist. It's a winning campaign issue. It's just a pity we don't have a party that represents us going into the midterms to take full advantage of it.

Speaking of coups, the President late yesterday has authorized the release of all the FBI, DoJ documents and materials related to the "investigation" (read: sabotage) of his 2016 presidential campaign and everything that came after it. Aside from being long overdue IMHO and the 100% right thing to do, I suppose one can look at it as PDT's way of sucking the air out of the Feinstein Kavanaugh smear. Or is that so big that we'll get just the opposite? In any case the abuse of FISA, those who abused it and for what purpose will be revealed as the documents are examined. Not by the press of course, but by the real media such as you find on these pages. Again, I hope the Kavanaugh mess does not suck the air out of this because the revelations are going to be dynamite. But, all things considered, the prospect of lengthy terms in Leavenworth let alone a date with the hangman are seriously in doubt. But at least Hillary Clinton will never be President of the United States of America. And that can be taken literally and sarcastically right about now.

On to better news, on the Amnesty front the administration has cut refugee admittances to 30,000 which is a record low, the ACLU is admitting that so-called refugee families are splitting apart in order to game our system, the Wa-Po Nat'l Laugher lie about border passport denials has been blown to pieces and Sanctuary Cities love sex offenders. Meh, Future Democrats gotta Democrat.

In politics, Keith "Wife Beater" Ellison is actually in a dead heat with his GOP challenger, Joe Biden out-deplorables the word "deplorable," Bill Nelson is on board with Joo-hater Gillum to try and drum up black support, and Chris Collins though indicted will fight on for the GOP. Our hero.

On the international scene, Iran is about to get hit hard with sanctions, a Russky recon plane goes down over the Syrian coast and is a possible victim of friendly fire (heh), the "Fight for 15!" is killing what is still alive in Venezuela and goulash backlash as the EU is going after Hungary's Viktor Orban.

From hither and yon, the Trump effect hits Latinos with their biggest increase in household income ever, back to college and another year of indoctrination, and "boys will be boys" is hate speech.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

UPDATE: Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, starts at sundown. May you have an easy fast and be inscribed in the Book of Life! - jjs

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Monday Overnight Open Thread (9/17/18 )

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

Free speech carries with it some freedom to listen. Warren E. Burger

Quote II

Free speech is not just another value. It's the foundation of Western civilization. Jordan Peterson

Quote III

“Nothing. Zero. Nada. Zilch. “She didn’t say anything in the confirmation hearing, she didn’t say anything in our confidential session with Judge Kavanaugh when the senators and the nominee met privately. And now, after it’s all over, she produces the letter.” Sen. John N. Kennedy, (R-LA)

Quote IV

Colin Kaepernick has the absolute right to protest anything he damn well pleases. I don’t dispute that for one second. My father, my husband, and many, many friends have all served this country and were willing to fight for his right to kneel.

But that right goes both ways. I also have a right to express my disgust at your decision to portray him as some kind of hero. What, exactly has Colin Kaepernick sacrificed? His multi-million dollar paycheck…? Nope, you already gave him one of those. His reputation? No, he’s been fawned over by celebrities and media alike. Funny, Tim Tebow was never called courageous when he knelt. Sherry Graham

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Kavanaugh and His Accuser Will Testify on Monday; Confirmation Vote Delayed

—Ace of Spades

Well, at least there's still 60 days until the election. There's some room in the schedule.

Meanwhile, the legal adviser for Blasey Ford (the accuser)*, says that it's not up to her to corroborate her client's story, and if her client can't even say when or where this party allegedly took place, well, you'll just have to believe her anyway, like we believed the Duke Rape Hoaxer or Jackie Coakley.

During the interview, Katz revealed that there was another girl present at the party, which allegedly took place in 1982 while Kavanaugh was attending Georgetown Prep. Ford previously told the Washington Post that there were four boys at the party but never indicated if there were other girls beside herself.

"While we have you, perhaps you can help us fill in the blanks on some of her story. She says that she was at a party in probably 1982 in Montgomery County, Maryland. She says that there were four guys there, these are high school students, as was she. There were four guys there. Were there any girls there that day?" anchor Alisyn Camerota asked.

"Yes, there was another girl at this party, yes," Katz said.

Camerota asked if Ford has tried to talk to any of the other partygoers to see if they will corroborate her story, but Katz declined to place the burden of proof on her client.

"That's not her job to do that. If this is going to be investigated, it should be done by investigators," Katz asserted.

* CNN's legal analyst said that Kavanaugh, by hiring a lawyer, must have feared being prosecuted for lying. But Blasey-Ford hired a lawyer -- or a legal adviser -- first.

Does she also fear prosecution for perjury? Or does this logic only work the way left-wing CNN wants it too?

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CNN's "Legal Analyst:" Kavanaugh Hired a Lawyer to Defend Him Against These Accusations, So He Must be Guilty of Attempted Rape or Lying to Congress

—Ace of Spades

This. Is. CNN.

And this is a banana.

Meanwhile, CNN is tearing its hair out claiming the unredacted FBI texts are a threat to "national security:"

A twitter user suggests that the unredacted texts might contain references to reporters the FBI officials are leaking to, which seems possible.

Sean Davis is also dubious of CNN's hysteria.

Fixed. I put the right tweet in. Sorry.

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Trump: I'm Going to Declassify Those Redacted FISA Application Pages That Supposedly Establish My Guilt and Would Result in My Impeachment if the Public Knew About Them

—Ace of Spades

Yeah, all the evidence of his guilt has been lurking secretly in those redacted pages -- redacted to spare him, not the FBI! -- but he's going to rat on himself anyway.

Statement of the Press Secretary

At the request of a number of committees of Congress, and for reasons of transparency, the President has directed the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to provide for the immediate declassification of the following materials: (1) pages 10-12 and 17-34 of the June 2017 application to the FISA court in the matter of Carter W. Page; (2) all FBI reports of interviews with Bruce G. Ohr prepared in connection with the Russia investigation; and (3) all FBI reports of interviews prepared in connection with all Carter Page FISA applications.

In addition, President Donald J. Trump has directed the Department of Justice (including the FBI) to publicly release all text messages relating to the Russia investigation, without redaction, of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr.


Commenters mention comparing the redacted texts to the unredacted ones -- to establish these redactions are about sparing the DOJ/FBI embarrassment, not protecting nationals security.

Here's the Fletch theme and other pieces from the movie to get you in the mood for the coming twists. (Which may be flaming skull worthy.)

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Ahoy: Commodore Cuck Says He's Building a "War Machine" in the GOP to Challenge Trump in 2020

—Ace of Spades

Cap'n Bill is building a cruise ship to the future.

Conservative commentator and outspoken "Never Trump" critic Bill Kristol says he is building a "war machine" within the Republican party to challenge President Trump's 2020 reelection campaign, according to CNBC.

Kristol told the network that he's preparing "for a primary run against Trump," adding that Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) is on his shortlist of possible candidates.

You had my interest, but now you've got my attention.

I hear some sexually frustrated wives call their marital aids "War Machine." But that's just what I hear.

Cuck Cruise Rating:

🚢 🚢 🚢 🚢

4 out of 5 cabins on a cuck cruise.

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Susan Collins Statement Is Kind of Empty and Doesn't Move the Ball Much

—Ace of Spades

She wonders why this letter was not released until after the hearings.

Wants both parties under oath and both parties asked "a lot of questions."

She says in a Friday phone call with Kavanaugh, he "emphatically denied" the accusations and says he "never acted that way with this then-unnamed woman or any other woman." She adds again that he was "absolutely emphatic."

She does say that if it's proven he lied, then that would be "obviously disqualifying."

Asked at the end what she would do if this is merely a "he said she said" situation with no dispositive evidence either way, she wouldn't say what she'd do. She said instead something like "that's why it's important to get these questions answered under oath."

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#MeSue: Asia Argento Threatens Lawsuit Against Fellow Nutter Rose McGowan

—Ace of Spades

You've got your Borderline Personality Disorder in my Persecution-Messiah Complex! No, you've got your Persecution-Messiah Complex in my Borderline Personality Disorder!

Asia Argento is threatening legal action against Rose McGowan. On Twitter, Argento gave McGowan 24 hours to retract claims she made detailing how she discovered that Argento had reportedly paid off actor Jimmy Bennett, who alleges the actress assaulted him when he was 17 years old.

"Dear @RoseMcGowan," Argento tweeted."It is with genuine regret that I am giving you 24 hours to retract and apologise for the horrendous lies made against me in your statement of August 27th. If you fail to address this libel I will have no option other than to take immediate legal action."


After the story broke, McGowan said that her partner, Rain Dove, told her that Argento said she had slept with Bennett when he was underage and that she had been receiving unsolicited nude photos of Bennett since he was 12 years old.

Rain Dove?

These people are nuttier than a Snickers bar.

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Democrats Refusing to Cooperate in Scheduling Follow-Up Calls With Kavanaugh's Accuser

—Ace of Spades

For some reason they don't seem to want their 11th-Hour Accuser participating in an investigation.

Because they don't want an investigation. They just want Republicans to fold. And as soon as one Republican folds, that gives Trump State Democrat Senators permission to vote "no" as well.

And of course, Flake and Corker are already making all kinds of noise about folding.

They're exactly who we thought they were.

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Lisa Page Admits No Evidence of Collusion When They Opened Investigation, Raising Questions About Her Desperation to "Open the Case" "In a Formal Chargeable Way"

—Ace of Spades

They had no evidence, but they were determined to find some.

I was assured by my establishment betters that no one in the entire Department of Justice would do such a thing, ever.

Text messages from disgraced FBI figures Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, discussing whether to open a "case" in a "formal chargeable way" after Director James Comey was fired, are under fresh scrutiny after Page told congressional investigators there was no evidence of Russian collusion at the time, according to three congressional sources.

Two hours after Comey's termination became public on May 9, 2017, Strzok, a now-former FBI agent, texted Page, his then-colleague and lover: "We need to open the case we've been waiting on now while Andy is acting."

"Andy" is a reference to then-Deputy Director Andrew McCabe who temporarily took over the bureau until Christopher Wray was confirmed as director in August 2017.

Page, a former FBI attorney, replied to Strzok: "We need to lock in (redacted). In a formal chargeable way. Soon."

Trump's tweet about this below.

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#FakeNews Reporter Stages Dramatic Storm Footage;
Brian "Tater" Stelter Defends

—Ace of Spades

Blood in, blood out.

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The Morning Rant


talking ape.jpg
"Let's not go back to the old ways. I'm talking about these hippy-dippy types who style themselves 'pagans' who think we should regress back to the days when we all lived under a benificent matriarchy where everybody was happy and groovy and smoked pot all day and there were no wars or fighting. They actually believe this. But of course, it wasn't that way at all. There weren't any matriarchies, but there was a lot of fighting and wars and blood, not to mention human sacrifice. And would they really like to live in a culture with religious ceremonies wherein metal idols were superheated by fire and then infant children were placed alive in their arms to be burned to death to appease the gods? Is that what they want? No, of course it isn't, but there is a big reason why such practices are now nothing but distant specks in history's rear view mirror. It starts with the letter 'C'. The smelly hippie pagans hate it and curse it mightily, but they can only do so because they were born in a culture which is permeated by its norms and values. They're too ignorant to know how much of this is coloring their view of what they think paganism is. Or was. But it's not, and never was. So as I said, let's not go back there again. It's a brutal, barbaric place that we're well rid of."

What Could Go Wrong?


talking ape  03.jpg
"Wait, something about this looks
oddly familiar. Let's get a close-up
on that demon idol's face."

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Turner steamboat.jpg

Snow Storm - Steam Boat off a Harbour's Mouth
Joseph Mallord William Turner

Every time I look at a Turner I think something different. Sometimes it is awe of his fantastic skill at evoking elemental forces, and sometimes it's, "Huh? What the fvck?"

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report 9/17/18

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. In the lead as we head into a new week is the blatant, last-second, desperate Alinskyite smear of Brett Kavanaugh less than a week before his nomination comes up for a vote in the Senate on Thursday. Even if I'm being generous, this thing stinks to high Heaven. The fact that Dianne Feinstein knew about this from the moment the President announced Kavanaugh's nomination, (and considering the President had a list of potential nominees months ago, you can bet your ass the Dems had dozens if not hundreds of people working to dig up dirt on all of them) and yet said nothing until the absolute last second means that she used this information - true or not - as a weapon to torpedo the nominee. I put Michael Ledeen's piece up front because this woman is attempting to destroy a decent, honest jurist and family man and yet she has spent the better part of almost four decades embellishing her bank account while unwittingly - or not - against the will of the people and at the expense of this nation's national security. But I digress...

On a granular level, the accuser, one Christine Blasey Ford (big anti-Trump Lefty, surprise surprise) has now officially come forward after allegedly telling her Congress-critter, Democrat hack Anna Eshoo and then Feinstein that she did not want her allegations made public (then why even tell her in the first place?). But now, she claims that she feared for her life as Kavanaugh supposedly tried to rip her clothes off and rape her at someone's house when both were in high school. A supposed witness to the event who was identified in the report, who no doubt the Dems were relying on to corroborate the story is vehemently denying it.

But none of this matters at all. This is a straight-up character assassination and minus the details is a rerun of the "high-tech lynching" that was perpetrated on Justice Clarence Thomas back in 1991. In fact, I highly recommend the second link "Dianne Feinstein's Metzenbaum Moment" (I did not know, or didn't remember, that Anita Hill's attorney was none other than Janet Napolitano).

A few things to consider:

1) what Feinstein and the Dems are trying to do will have no affect on the general public, although a secondary objective is to try and deflect the damage done by the #MeToo movement which has claimed the scalps of quite a number of some of the most prominent political and cultural figures on the Left (ironic, given that the "War on Women" was supposed to be perpetrated by white Judeo-Christian conservative males exclusively). The Left is itching to try, convict and execute Kavanaugh as a way of evening the score and thereby legitimizing the propaganda that at most this is a male problem, and not a Leftist-Male problem.

2) the courts, especially the Supreme Court, is where the Democrat-Left gets its real power. Whatever they cannot inflict on us electorally or legislatively they do via their hacks-in-black from the bench. President Trump's placing of dozens of (hopefully) decent judges on the lower courts and Neil Gorsuch has devolved much of the Left's ill-gotten power away from them. If Kavanaugh is confirmed (please G-d) and if Ruth Bader-Meinhoff or perhaps the overweight, diabetic and hot-tempered Latina were to suddenly join the Choir Invisible, another Scalia-like pick to take their place will make what we are seeing now look like a meditation retreat in Tibet, as well as really screw the Left's ability to ram things down our throat and up our ass for at least a generation - bullets and bike locks notwithstanding.

3) The only power the Dems have to stop this rests in the hands of the GOP. So far, Chuck Grassley is standing firm but turds like Jeff Flake are stating that their sacred honor demands that we give a full and honest hearing of the accusations before casting any votes, or some such dreck. This is a total crock of shit and I fear that Flake could very well want to pull a McCain and give a thumbs down both to screw over Trump as well as burnish his credentials when he switches parties. Oh yes. This fake-tanned fuck-face is drunk on power and lucre and I fear he'll do this. More to the point, I fear others might use this as a pretext and cover to go wobbly as well. Not good.

4) If Kavanaugh is seated, just like the Steele Pee-Pee Dossier, the accusations will forever taint Brett Kavanaugh and all of the decisions he makes as an associate justice to SCOTUS as illegitimate. It will only add fuel to the fire of the Left's rage going forward. That alone is just utterly loathsome. And that I will never forgive, not that any of the above is even remotely forgivable.

Moving on, in Fake News and First Amendment issues, the NY Slimes is walking back its Nikki Haley drapery smear, Twitter purges a Coastguardsman for giving the racist "OK" sign, cops in Massachusetts are using the Facebook pages to monitor the activities of anti-Trumpers and Lefty heads are exploding, and the Euro-Peon Union is angling to get its hands on the internet.

In politics, Loopy Ocasio-Fiasco can't seem to articulate much of anything, especially where the $40 trillion will come from to fund her policies, Fauxcahontas is not concerned about that either as she ramps up her rhetoric for 2020, while Cuomo beat "Dickless" Nixon handily in New York, the down-ticket races went big time for the Dem-Socialites, Georgia Dem candidate for governor Stacy Abrams won't disclose her million dollar donors, and Daniel Horowitz is downbeat about the midterms; I agree with the points he makes about the dead GOP but not his conclusion. I think we'll hold Congress because the Trump base knows what losing it would mean. And with jerks like Beto Agarn in Texas as well as the Kavanaugh crap, I think that that is a fair wager to make. I hope.

Internationally, Pompeo slams Kerry, a pro-Israeli activist is knifed to death by a Palestinian,and an essay on Trump and the South Africa situation. Sliding into the related topic of Islam and terrorism, how that New Mexico jihad training camp festered for so long, the EU is totes kosher with Holocaust 2, and a sobering piece on moderate Muslims and other mythical beasts.

Domestically, good news on the President's deregulation efforts and this is the 10th anniversary of the 2008 financial crisis, and IBD asks the questions on what the Fed will do if that ever happens again.

From hither and yon, Taco Bell fired a miscreant who refused to serve English-speaking customers, voters could care less about "climate change" and yet Al Gore and the Dems continue f***ing that chicken, Harrison Ford is a jerk and a Venezuelan journalist (a real one, not Jm J Acosta) calls out Jim Carrey for his pimping socialism. If Carrey would live in a Caracas barrio without access to any of his money... yeah, sure.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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Sunday Overnight Open Thread (9/16/18 )

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

“Exercise makes you look better naked, so does Tequila. Your choice.” ~ Johnathan Bush (founder and former CEO of medical billing company Athenahealth Inc.)

Quote II

There are no rules when it comes to leftism. Owen Benjamin

Quote III

“Well, it has gotten warmer as you said, since the 1950s there has been a warming trend, but what we haven’t seen in terns of any long term weather measurements is whether there’s been any change in severe weather. There hasn’t been any increase in hurricanes. That’s on a global basis in the United States.”

“The frequency of hits of the United States by major hurricanes has gone down by 50 percent since the 1930s and 1940s. There’s been no increase in droughts, no increase in floods. Tornados are down but still weather varies a lot especially hurricanes, year to year, decade to decade.” Dr. Roy Spencer

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Cuck Rag Weekly Standard Accuses Dinesh D'Souza of "Puerile Antics," Overlooking Fact That Their Editor Emeritus Cap'n Bill Kristol Spends Almost All Day Engaging in Puerile Antics on Twitter, a Social Media Site Designed for Tweenagers
Also: The Cuck Cruise Brochure Has Also Strongly Urged Michael Bloomberg to Run For President: "Run, Mike, Run," the Headline Goes. This latest puerile antic was probably directed by Bill Kristol, still searching for a candidate to direct his billionaire backers' money towards, who many suspect is really still the top dog at the Cuck Cruise Brochure, with his title only changed to stave off a reader revolt.
Whatever happened to "Democracy in America"?
"As participation in civic life has dwindled, so has public faith in the country’s system of government."
Best Rap Hooks, Year By Year, from 1980 to 2018
Meh. Having listened through, I don't recognize a one of them past 1993.
Fucking Dirtbags: Liberal-Funded, FaceBook-Partnered Weekly Standard Now Pushing Out #FakeNews in Its Own Fact-Checks to Help Fellow Liberal Media Operation CNN
Maybe the Dirtbag Weekly Standard Will Next Claim that Noted Thumb Chris Cilliizza Wasn't Straight-Up Lying When He Claimed That Trump Told the FBI to Ignore the Kavanaugh Allegations, Making That Claim Up Out of Whole Cloth
If the Weekly Standard doesn't please their partner/boss FaceBook, who the hell is going to send them traffic? Their Donor Class patrons can write them checks but they can't pay people to read their shit.
Even More Flirt-Fighting About Food by, Get This, Sedentary Near-Obese Couchfruit Semi-Men
At least this time Tom "The Expert" Nichols is sticking to one of his two fields of core competency, 1 pouring food into his fat dicksucker or 2 aliens
When the aliens come to earth to open a fast-food franchise and begin offering Stunt Menu Items like The Doritos Milkshake, Tom "The Expert" Nichols will be your go-to commentator
Michael Anton Responds to Liberal Republican Defenders of Birthright Citizenship, Who've Now Decided that Birthright Citizenship is the Central Animating Principle of the Constitution
Liberal Republicans and Neocons define their Victory Conditions as proving to liberals they can do liberalism better than liberals. They are the chief ideological purity enforcers of the left. They make every leftwing priority a central priority for "conservatism," just offering "Market-based 'conservative' mechanisms" to achieve every agenda item on the leftwing checklist
A New Drift-Compatible Podcast
mic stand.jpg
Anyone planning on going to the Texas MoMe should RSVP to Ben Had. Check the left sidebar for contact info. [CBD]
Hurricane Florence Sit-Rep
Massive, massive flooding. Losses of life and massive disruptions for the affected areas.
Eating Cheese and Butter Daily Reduces Mortality Rate, Risk of Cardiac Event
The Experts previously told us that animal fats would kill us.
CNN's Amanda Carpenter: Kavanaugh Shouldn't Be Confirmed Because He Lied
Amanda Carpenter of all people should be suspicious of politically-motivated, evidence-free sexual allegations. But whatever you need to do to #OwnTheCons, fam
Remember, with the NeverTrump liberals, it's all about "#MuhPrinciples" and not about a preference for liberal Rockefeller wing Republicanism or pure tribal loyalties and vicious tribal antipathies. Just ask them -- they'll drone on and on about it.
Who Would Win in a Fight, The Predator or Kevin McAllister from Home Alone?
Bear in mind, one of them is a sadist with no human empathy whatsoever, and the other one's got a cloaking field
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