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February 24, 2024

Saturday Evening Moviethread [moviegique]: A Man Called Ove

—Open Blogger

Back in 2016, The Boy and I decided this Swedish film was one of the best of the year, and dreaded the inevitable remake with Tom Hanks, which did finally come out last year. We didn't see it, but I'll still enthusiastically recommend the original.


While we have seen some good movies this year and a fair number of okay movies, there haven't been many at all that made us sit up and say, "Wow, this is easily one of the year's best!" You know, if you go to the movies a lot, you get a sense for film that's going to stand out, no matter whether it's January or (as in this case) October. This Swedish slice-of-life drama/black-comedy is one of those films.


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Posted by Open Blogger at 06:30 PM Comments

King Harv Imperial Coffee

Weekend Hobby, Crafts and Bodging Thread

—J.J. Sefton

Greetings gang. Time once again to head for the basement, garage, shop, studio or wherever it is you can lose yourself for a few hours, get creative and have some fun.

Note: This is NOT an open thread so please refrain from any comments other than germane to the subject.

What's everyone working on, planning or dreaming about?

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Posted by J.J. Sefton at 04:20 PM Comments


Ace of Spades Pet Thread, February 24


why dog banned p.jpg

* * *

Good afternoon and welcome to the almost world famous Ace of Spades Pet Thread. Thanks for stopping by. Kick back and enjoy the world of animals.

Would you like a treat?

Let's relax a little with the animals and leave the world of politics and current events outside today.

* * *

Hiya K.T.

My daughter sent this to me and I thought it was cool and you could use it on the pet thread. I'm mostly a lurker but when I do post in the comments I've been using "GoofusMaximus"

Thanks for taking over the Saturday thread activities. I enjoy them.

Thanks to your daughter for the unusual photo. Almost worthy of Google Gemini, but more creative!

cat armorrr.jpg

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Posted by K.T. at 03:24 PM Comments

Gardening, Puttering and Adventure Thread, Feb. 24



Today We Cook

Hi Katy

It's maple syrup time again in the Great White North, a nice time of year to be outside in the bush with longer days & warmer weather. It has been milder than normal this winter so I tapped our trees this past week, about 2 weeks earlier than usual.

Temperatures above freezing in the day and below freezing at night are needed for the sap to drip. A short stretch of colder weather periodically stops the sap run which can be welcome relief to the constant collecting, boiling & bottling. Maple syrup season usually lasts 4 - 6 weeks, or for me, when I run out of firewood. After a long enough warm spell the trees start to bud causing the sap to sour.


Updated Below!

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Posted by K.T. at 01:28 PM Comments

Why all good Americans must be afraid of "Christian Nationalists"


Get A Load Of These Insane Christian Nationalists Who Believed Rights Come From God And Not The Government

insane founding fathers.jpg

At the end of yesterday's The Week In Woke post (don't comment on old threads), Ace wrote about a bit on MSNBC:

Watch the leftwing authoritarian Marxist media create the Narrative in real time:

1, if you believe that our rights derive from God, then you are a "Christian Nationalist"

2, if you are a "Christian Nationalist," you are a dangerous proto-terrorist who must be surveilled, harassed, debanked, and imprisoned by the Marxist God-State

She didn't say "2" but we've seen how this game of demonization and creation of a pretext for government persecution works.

Yes. But how do you handle such attacks?

Ace posted Kyle Shideler's reaction: "I wish everyone posting this clip would stop with the "look how dumb they are" schtick. They aren't dumb. They are setting conditions for what will become, or has already become, the accepted reality."

Troublemaker James Lindsay, that anti-communist atheist with a background in the study of religious cults, would agree with Shideler. He has foreseen this for several months now, and says that "Christian Nationalism is an operation" of the left.

This was his reaction to the same clip:

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Posted by K.T. at 11:14 AM Comments

The Classical Saturday Morning Coffee Diversity Thread & Prayer Revival

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

2 24 24 coffee.jpg


Good morning Horde. So this is our last *Saturday together. I mean February Saturday.

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Posted by Misanthropic Humanitarian at 08:09 AM Comments

Daily Tech News 24 February 2024

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

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Posted by Pixy Misa at 04:05 AM Comments

Houston, Tranquility Base Here. The ONT Has Landed


Hello, and welcome to Friday's ONT. I just finished reading Doomsday Recon, and I have to say, it was great. Not my usual fare, but it's very well written, kinda Clancy meets Tolkien. From the blurb:

The year is 1989. America has just invaded Noriega’s Panama. And Specialist Bennett’s platoon of Cav Scouts are in country… with, frankly, not a whole lot to do. Until the freak rainstorm that somehow transports the entire platoon—Humvees, weapons, and all—to another world. A world controlled by a wicked Aztec god.  The Land of the Black Sun. In a heartbeat, the Scouts find themselves fighting for their lives against savage beasts, witches, zombies, subhuman tribes seeking sacrifices… and even themselves. Fuel runs low, ammo grows scarce, and their only allies are a tribe of all-female warriors and a single fledgling sorceress with a decidedly mean streak.
Sorry for steppin' on any toes, Perfessor, but I really did enjoy the book. On with the memes! I'll start with this one because you definitely could run into these guys in the Land of the Black Sun.

cong rats.jpg

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Posted by WeirdDave at 10:00 PM Comments

The Cliffs of Insanity Cafe

—Disinformation Expert Ace

by @markian.b

I'm not sure but I think this might be fake. Trippy, though.

Some kind of bunny streetfight.

Life on Mercury?

Voice artist goes through all the common corporate voices she's asked to do.

A pod of whales.


This is the sort of place where Cthulhu moonbathes.

The high road through Switzerland.

A waterfall as viewed from, get this, underwater.

Even in the gray rain, Switzerland is still pretty. (There are two videos there.)

Bear cubs doing some scouting.

Impossible cliffs in Norway. (Multiple videos here.)

Jumping from an impossible cliff.

Scenes from an Italian (Cliffside) Restaurant.

Some amazing cliffs (and sea stacks, of course) in Oregon.

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Posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 07:30 PM Comments

The Week In Woke

—Disinformation Expert Ace


Deb Heine's story about Gemini is worth reading, especially if you're coming to this late and need the background and context. She points out that Gemini will produce images of "beautiful black women" and "beautiful trans 'women'" -- but it refuses to produce image of "beautiful white women," because that "reinforces harmful stereotypes."

I noted earlier that when Gemini is asked to produce images of Vikings, it produces "Vikings" from four different races: Pacific Islander, black, American Indian, and Danny Trejo.

But when you ask it to produce images of white Zulu warriors, it refuses, and produces only black Zulu warriors:


Ah, it's following Hollywood Casting Rules: We need black Viking and Middle Earth dwarves, but man oh man, do we intend to keep Wakanda racially pure!

Bonus: Google's AI says it cannot provide a recipe for fois gras because it's unethical to force-feed ducks to fatten their livers, but then also refuses to condemn cannibalism, lecturing that this is a nuanced question which depends on different cultural perspectives.

Another bonus: The white savior programming Google AI says that he would have averted the 2007 mortgage meltdown and financial crisis, but evil capitalists stopped him.

Eat Zee Bugs Update: The Drooling Vegetable Administration is funding a program to raise "edible bugs" on landfill garbage.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) began funding research into trash-fed crickets as an alternative to conventional and "unsustainable" protein production in July 2023, a federal grant listing shows.

The $130,000 grant supports research that "addresses the need for more cost-efficient production of crickets as a sustainable protein source," according to the listing. Specifically, the grant will support research into using municipal landfill waste to feed crickets that will later be harvested for human consumption.

USDA awarded the grant to Mighty Cricket Inc., a private firm that sells cricket flour, cricket protein powder and cricket oatmeal. The agency believes that using landfill waste to feed crickets could help the firm "procure cricket feed at lower cost than what is available on the market," leading to savings that could then be passed along to the consumer.

Seattle activists just declared a "homosexual intifada." An intifada is a violent uprising.

As if "Queers for Palestine" wasn't enough of a self-parody, keffiyeh-donning gay activists in Seattle have declared a "homosexual intifada."

After another pro-Hamas/anti-Israel march and rally that took over city streets that Seattle mayor Bruce Harrell ceded, the extremists plastered their signage around downtown Seattle. That's when we started seeing a new flyer showing two men with faces covered with keffiyeh while embracing in a kiss. The pink-hued message says "Homo-sexual Intifada" in all caps.

Seattle's homosexual intifada flyer is a stark oxymoron as brazen as it is ignorant. It signals LGBT Seattle activists are willing to become more violent in support of a terrorist organization that would order them tossed from the highest rooftop the moment they accuse someone of misgendering them.

Note that any white straight males who even discuss the topic of a possible civil war will be put under surveillance by the federal government. Trans extremists meanwhile accumulate a high bodycount in mass shootings, while their activists demand violent action against normies. But the feds will not monitor their speech -- The Regime approves of violence by the extreme left. It helps intimidate civilians into going where The Regime wants them to go.

Minnesota declared itself a "trans sanctuary" that would sever the parental bonds of authority over children, if children ran away to Minnesota seeking genital amputation against the wishes of their parents.

Now Big Mutilation is rolling in money-- the clinics are cutting and chopping night and day, and still can't keep up with demand.

During the last legislative session, Minnesota declared itself a "trans refuge" state, inviting children from around the country to travel to the state to get "gender-affirming care" here if they were no longer able to get treatment to medically transition in their home state.

The law was specifically targeted to get children to come to Minnesota for treatments including hormones and surgery.

Minnesota Democrats placed this law near the top of their legislative agenda, and were over the moon when they managed to get the bill passed.

There was no question in anybody's mind that this would result in a substantial expansion of the client base for clinics and doctors that provide this care. That was the whole point--to bring children here to get the care "they need."

Regardless of what you think of the morality of what they did--this law would allow adults to violate court orders and custody rights established in other states--it was not just predictable but also the entire point was to dramatically expand the patient pool in the state.

Well, it happened, and in a big way.

And now the butcher shops "struggle" to keep up with demand. Hit the link for The Rest of the Story.

Trans provocateurs arranged for a funeral in St. Patrick's Cathedral. They deceived the church about the decedent, hiding the fact that it was a trans extremist and male prostitute.

Then, having deceptively gained entry into the storied church, they made a mockery of it and Christianity.

A raucous funeral liturgy for a high-profile trans activist and sex-worker advocate was held Thursday in New York City's St. Patrick's Cathedral, sparking an outcry on social media that the iconic church was misused to advance an ideological agenda at odds with Catholic teaching.

The Manhattan cathedral hosted the Feb. 15 funeral service for Cecilia Gentili, an activist who helped to decriminalize sex work in New York, lobbied for "gender identity" to be added as a protected class to the state's human rights laws, and was a major fundraiser for transgender causes.

Organizers reportedly did not disclose to the cathedral that Gentili, who died Feb. 6 at age 52, was a biological man who identified as a woman.

"I kept it under wraps," Ceyeye Doroshow, the service's organizer, told The New York Times.


The Archdiocese later released a statement on Saturday from Father Enrique Salvo, the pastor of St. Patrick's, who said that cathedral staff "had no idea our welcome and prayer would be degraded in such a sacrilegious and deceptive way."


Time magazine described the fact that a funeral service for a trans activist was held in a Catholic cathedral as "no small feat," while The New York Times described the service as "an exuberant piece of political theater."


Other Catholics, however, were more pointed in their assessment.

On X, CatholicVote described the service as a staged "mockery of the Christian faith INSIDE St. Patrick's Cathedral" by trans activists.

Others called for Cardinal Dolan and the Archdiocese of New York to respond to what they considered to be sacrilege.

Many of the 1,000 in attendance wore drag and scanty outfits. At the foot of the altar stood an image of the Argentinian-born Gentili with a halo, surrounded by the Spanish words for "whore," "transvestite," "blessed," and "mother."

Trans activist Oscar Diaz told Time it "felt appropriate" to say farewell to Gentili with a funeral service at St. Patrick's, describing the event as an act of bestowing "sainthood" on the transgender advocate.

The service for Gentili was marked by several moments that were out of the ordinary for a Catholic funeral and have raised questions of irreverence and sacrilege.

For instance, during the liturgy, attendees cheered, applauded, and chanted "Cecilia!" and "madre de putas" -- Spanish for "mother of whores."

A rendition of the "Ave Maria" by the cathedral cantor was interrupted when an attendee shouted "Ave Cecilia!" and danced down the center aisle.

That sound you're hearing is the last remaining support and sympathy for the transgender extremists burning up from the heat of their own poisonous hatred of anything good and normal and decent.

A prominent trans surgeon admits that hollowing out a penis, inverting it, and then Frankensewing it into an unstable fake vagina can result in a lot of complication for the patient.

A prominent surgeon stated that the complications from vaginoplastic surgery that aims at removing male genitals and creating a vagina 'can be pretty bad" and noted that there was "a growing number of programs throughout the world of gender affirmation, probably with a lack of training and not proper training," according to the video of a presentation that the Daily Caller News Foundation obtained through a public records request.

"Complications can be pretty bad for vaginoplasty and the most-dreaded complication is to perforate the rectum while you are dissecting the vaginal cavity," Dr. Alex Laungani, a Canadian surgeon, who has "expertise in trans surgical care," said at an event sponsored by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH).

"You are essentially dissecting the vaginal cavity between the prostate and the rectum and there's literally no space there," he said. "So, you have to create a new plain in a spot that doesn't exist. So, you're very close to the rectum and it's very hard--it's very easy to get in there. We don't, I mean, the more you do it, the less risk you have, of course."

"You're not going to follow up, you know, and you're not going to be that interested that you actually go and hang out at these kinds of conferences and learn from your colleagues, because you're not going to do it as much," he said. "So, I think you need to dedicate a huge part of your practice to gender-affirming care if you are going to do it at all."

One article published in 2023 in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery stated: "Penile inversion vaginoplasty (PIV) is a common procedure for transfeminine patients, with the goal of creating a functional vaginal canal and clitoris and a natural-appearing vulva. Creation of the neovagina requires opening the prerectal space, most commonly from a perineal approach, and the reported rates of rectal perforation during this dissection range from 3% to 5%."

A slide in the WPATH presentation listed possible complications of vaginoplasty, which include minor wound dehiscence, vaginal stenosis, recto-vaginal fistula, pelvic floor dysfunction, and clitoris necrosis.

During the presentation, Laungani noted the rate of wound dehiscence, a complication in which a surgical incision reopens, could be as high as 75%. "I think for the dehiscence you can expect as much as probably 75 percent," he said.

In the recording, Laungani explained that within the first week after surgery, a vaginoplasty patient must begin regularly dilating the surgically created vagina, sometimes called a neovagina, to prevent closure. He described dilation as a sometimes painful, time-consuming process, saying patients have to dilate themselves up to four times a day.

WPATH should just admit to their experimental victims that if you opt for "transgender" surgery, you're signing up for the Surgery of the Month club, forever, at least until Americans get fed up and stop covering this butchery under Obamacare.

At long last, some common sense backed by courage: Nassau County, NY has banned men from competing in women's sports.

This is believed to be the first such executive order. It applies to female competitive sports, not co-ed sports, or sports where females compete against males.

The ban is for county-run facilities.

It's crazy that an executive order like this had to be signed in the first place, but here we are. Kudos to Nassau County for leading the way. Let's hope that more local officials will do the same across the country.

[ABC News 7 in NYC:] "This is not precluding anybody from participating in sports," said Blakeman. "What it is, it's identifying that there are women and girls who spend a tremendous amount of time and effort to excel and compete in their sports that are women's sports.... And it is an unfair advantage for someone who is a biological male to compete against a biological female."

Blakeman was surrounded by female athletes, including Kim Russell. Russell is a former women's lacrosse coach at Oberlin College in Ohio. She was reassigned after speaking out against men competing against women.

The county has 100 ballfields and athletic facilities. If a team or league does not agree to the ban, they will be barred from the facilities.

The ADL says that the leftwing trans terrorist who shot up Christian children is not a leftwing terrorist at all, because it used the word "f*gg*t" at one point, which, let's be serious, 90% of gays use themselves. And through this kind of accounting fraud, the left is able to claim that only "rightwingers" do mass shootings. They just reclassify any leftwing murderer as a rightwinger. After all, no True Scotsman would ever...

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Posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 06:30 PM Comments

The Corrupt Race-Hustling "Super Mayor" of Dolton, IL, Finally Being Investigated for Official Corruption, Such as Using Cops to Shut Down Businesses Unless They Donated to Her "Charity"

—Disinformation Expert Ace

She has a criminal history and gang affiliations, and they voted for her anyway.

And then this gangster bitch began looting the town's coffers, firing any cops who did not act as her personal Gangster Enforcers, and using the corrupt cops she hired to impose a Mafia-like street tax on legitimate, lawful businessmen.

Who could have imagined a gangster whore would do such a thing?

FBI investigating Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard for misuse of office and corruption as state AG shuts down her charity after she responded to critics by saying 'how dare you question me, I'm a black woman!'

Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard is accused of shutting down businesses that refuse to donate to her campaign, and using public funds for her charity

The FBI is now investigating Dolton's mayor for myriad instances of public financial corruption

Residents of the small village hope to see their mayor in handcuffs sooner rather than later

By Sophie Mann For Dailymail.Com

The FBI is probing the self-described 'super-mayor' of a small Illinois town over mounting allegations of misconduct and misuse of office.

Tiffany Henyard, 40, had her charity shut down Tuesday by the Illinois Attorney General over alleged financial corruption.

'Tiffany Henyard Cares' was ordered to stop seeking contributions. Prior reporting found that Henyard used taxpayer money and the services of public employees to support the charity, which was not registered with the AG's office.

Henyard's notorious misuse of public funds, on expenditures that include personal styling, travel, and an outlandish salary, have allegedly plunged the tiny town of Dolton into $5million of debt.


The beleaguered leader has previously lashed out at the town's board and her constituents for criticizing her, accusing her detractors of 'attacking a black woman that's in power.'

The FBI, citing the pending investigation, declined to comment. Though, local residents say agents who have approached them about the case say they have received dozens of complaints about Henyard.

'She said we are going to get her,' one resident said, referring to an FBI agent. 'It just takes time. We have to make sure we have all our i's dotted and t's crossed.'

Henyard, the first female mayor of the tiny Illinois village, has been accused of shutting down businesses that refuse to donate to her campaign. She was previously slammed for using city money to fund her glamorous looks.

She's also accused of using official position within the town to retaliate against those who do not comply with her wishes, the New York Post revealed.

Residents claim she adopts the persona of movie gangster Nino Brown from the 1991 film 'New Jack City' during official meetings, dressing in an ensemble designed to instill fear.


During a meeting, she reportedly signaled for a DJ to play Rihanna's 'B***h Better Have My Money,' while fully committing to her Nino Brown persona, even carrying a small stuffed dog reminiscent of a scene from the movie.


Since the initial reporting on Henyard's spending, it's been revealed she and other officials spent more than $67,000 on trips to Portland, Austin, Atlanta and New York City on the village's dime, according to WGN.

And Las Vegas, of course.

Many of the flights were first-class, while Henyard's team spent $13,000 in public money staying in New York.


Henyard doesn't understand the criticism, as she believes she's working to better everyone's lives.

'Everything we do is for the people. But we're under attack. We get scrutinized by the media,' she said. 'For what? Loving on the people? Showing that they matter to us? We going through the fires for you all.'

Appearing in a Black Church near you!


Henyard, who often refers to herself as 'God's favorite,' has now sparked further outrage by proposing a new law that would cap the next mayor's salary at $25,000, unless she remains in the role, Fox 32 reported in early February.

She's making $300,000 per year to be mayor of this tiny town of very poor people.

But she wants to give the next mayor a salary of $25,000, if that person is anybody but her. Basically attempting to craft a law that would make no one want to take her job from her.

Oh, and she also hires her sex-offender criminal friends to positions that involve going into people's homes:

A year after her election, Dolton residents triggered a recall process largely due to her hiring of convicted sex offender Lavelle Redmond into a role that would require him to enter people's homes.

According to reporting at the time, the then-16-year-old Redmond and three others kidnapped and sexually assaulted two girls, ages 13 and 14.

At age 17, Redmond was sentenced to 50 years in prison but was paroled in 2016 and required to register as a sex offender. At the time Henyard defended the move, stating that convicts who have served time deserve a second chance.


However, the recall failed on a technicality and Henyard remained in post, turning up to the next board meeting blasting a disco song and dancing on the podium.

A judge fren of hers tossed out that recall effort.

Following the verdict, she also posted a defiant picture on Instagram proclaiming herself the 'People's Mayor' with the caption, 'I am and forever will be Dolton's Mayor.'

The only thing that would make this better is if the demented clown Joe Biden met with this gangsta bitch.

Good news: It's better.

The FBI is reportedly probing misconduct allegations regarding Dolton, Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard after a local business owner claimed he was punished for refusing to donate to an event the mayor held.

Henyard had previously posted an Instagram video of herself chatting with Biden from when she attended a press conference at the White House on Jan. 19, during the U.S. Conference of Mayors' annual winter meeting.

Fox News Digital previously reported that Henyard has been living like a royal with a combined salary of nearly $300K -- more than the state's governor -- and frequent use of beauty vendors, despite the 23,000 residents of the Illinois town having a median income of $24K. Henyard has also come under fire for various tirades in public meetings, accusing her critics among local leaders of "beating and attacking on a Black woman that's in power."

She just started sexting Darrius "Sweetdick" Honeycum, Esq.

According to FOX 32, a Dolton-based U-Haul rental and trucking business owner named Lawrence Gardner said he went to the FBI out of frustration that the Village of Dolton would not renew his business license. He claims he has suffered from harassment, raids on his business and being shut down by Dolton Police. Gardner believes it's retaliation after he refused to donate to a civic event sponsored by Henyard.

"I talked to a couple of [FBI] agents and I explained to them what's going on," Gardner told FOX 32. "I gave them all my paperwork to show them what was happening in court and what was happening in Dolton. And they told me they were investigating and would be in touch with me."

He also reportedly claimed that the FBI agents he spoke with took his allegations seriously, "Yes. Very serious. Very."

Actual Justice Warrior has done several videos about the "Super Mayor."

After the FBI began investigating people that she was using the cops to shut down for not donating to her campaign or charity, she then began retaliating against people who spoke to the FBI.

Keep watching to the 4:00 mark -- one of her critics also happened to have two thugs dressed all in black shoot up her house and vehicle, then speed off in a white Escalade (?).

That video is around 3:40-4:00. The shooting takes place at the top right of the screen.

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Posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 05:30 PM Comments

Integrity GAINZZZ and Shedding Corruption
Plus: Begone, Thot! Away With Your E-Snizz!

—Disinformation Expert Ace

Jay Bhattacharya @DrJBhattacharya

An excellent article by @toby00green in @PerspectiveMags provides a balanced discussion of an under-acknowledged catastrophe -- continuing & catastrophic excess deaths among young people since the pandemic's end. But not in Sweden or Mexico.

Young people are dying for unknown reasons, and media and the politicians refuse to even admit this fact, let alone attempt to explain it.

Which tells you a lot about what they suspect the explanation is, no?

A calamity of lost youth

High numbers of deaths among young people are being ignored by the media and politicians

22 February 2024, 11:57am

Ever since the World Health Organisation declared the Covid-19 pandemic over in May last year, the world has moved on. Yet people continue to die in much higher numbers than before 2020. And while covid mortality mainly impacted older people, it is younger people who are now dying disproportionately. The news cycle hasn't said much about this, even though, of course, these unexpected deaths are no less tragic than those of the pandemic.

Why the silence? One factor may be that, historically, pandemic planning factored in excess deaths as part of the pandemic phase. That they would continue for several years wasn't part of official plans, although according to Lucy Easthope -- visiting professor at the Centre for Death and Society, University of Bath, and author of the bestselling book on disaster recovery When the Dust Settles -- it was predictable. As she put it in an interview in September 2020: "For every Covid-19 death, we would estimate another four deaths over two to five years... you see extra deaths for domestic violence and obstetrics, delayed or missed oncology diagnoses, no admission to A&E, sepsis, suicide."

I personally almost died because I could not see any doctor when I had a serious health problem in 2020. My situation deteriorated and deteriorated and no one would physically see me. They just prescribed stuff over the phone without ever diagnosing me. When I was finally forced to go the emergency room, they diagnosed me immediately.

Oh, it wasn't covid.

But covid almost killed me, because of the lockdowns.


In the digital era, however, this phenomenon has taken on a life of its own. In the face of public silence, thickets of information and misinformation abound on the internet. So it's best to start with the most unvarnished facts of all: the numbers of deaths. Mortality is far higher than used to be normal. In October, the BBC reported that Scotland's winter death toll in 2022-23 was the highest for 30 years. And things are not improving.


First, it's important to assess the causes of these premature deaths. Cardiovascular issues are significant. In June last year, the British Heart Foundation said that since 2020 there had been 100,000 excess deaths in England from cardiac issues. In December, the Daily Mail reported a notable increase in deaths from heart attacks among young people. In July, meanwhile, doctors from Los Angeles reported a 29% jump in heart attacks among those aged 25-44 from 2020 to 2021.


Yet covid on its own cannot explain the current situation. There is no clear mechanism to explain why covid infection especially harms younger people, who show the largest rates of excess mortality. Moreover, given the extreme variability of mortality rates between western and eastern Europe, it's unclear why people in some countries should be more prone to this causal connection than others.

The article sneers at the possibility that the experimental mRNA vaccines might be causing these excess deaths, signalling that this is just a bunch of internet Horse Paste conspiracy nonsense:

Finally, there's a large body of material online claiming that this increase in mortality in the young has been caused by the covid vaccines. This material is usually produced by those who saw covid lockdown policies as part of a "great reset" engineered by the World Economic Forum.

The article dismisses the vaccination explanation on the grounds that Sweden, uniquely in Europe, has a very low excess death rate, but had very high vaccination rates.

A confusing factor here is that Sweden never locked down. So maybe it's the lockdowns themselves, after all?

The "experts" have no explanation for this -- and, in fact, refuse to acknowledge there is a large number of excess deaths, especially among young people, that needs to be explained at all.

Speaking of official, lethal corruption:

Evie Magazine, talking with author of The Big Fat Surprise Nina Teicholtz: Proctor and Gamble paid off the corrupt grifter group American Heart Association to claim that heart disease is caused by saturated (animal) fats, not what really causes heart disease.

The Big Fake Food industry loves putting sugar into everything -- it makes cardboard palatable -- and they'll pay big money to suppress any negative information about their miracle ingredient.

Big Fake Food also paid them to recommend replacing real, healthy animal fats with the frankenfoods fake fats they were manufacturing.

[Nina Teicholz] shares an article from a journal called Endocrinology, Diabetes and Obesity that reviews the history of "the diet-heart hypothesis from the late 1950s up to the current day," including revelations that were never published before in scientific literature. The American Heart Association, the nation's largest nonprofit organization that is considered the leading voice when it comes to heart disease education and awareness, started recommending in 1961 that people avoid saturated fat and replace it with polyunsaturated vegetable oils, such as soybean oil, rapeseed oil, etc.

"The 1961 AHA advice to limit saturated fat is arguably the single-most influential nutrition policy ever published, as it came to be adopted first by the U.S. government, as official policy for all Americans, in 1980, and then by governments around the world as well as the World Health Organization," the article reads.

However, they were paid off to distribute this information. The AHA accepted $20 million (in today's dollars) in funding from Procter & Gamble, a corporation that conveniently makes and sells Crisco Oil. The AHA recommended that everyone replace butter with "heart healthy" alternatives like vegetable oil or Crisco Oil.

I will keep recommending The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes. It's not a health book -- it's a book about corruption of official institutions, from the American Heart Association to the US government to major corporations. The sugar lobby paid everyone off to pretend that sugar had no unhealthy effects when eaten "in moderation."

That last part is doing a lot of work. Sure, most things are not harmful "in moderation," but remember what these guys' idea of moderation was: Sugar went from being a scarce and expensive additive to being dirt cheap by the late 1800s, and humans went from eating about a pound of it per year to eating 40 pounds per year. (Or something like that: I am a well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.)

The most absolutely enraging part of the book for me was the cereal manufacturers pushing the idea that kids needed a huge bolus of sugar within a half our of waking up to "give them energy," and how they bought off anyone who suggested that maybe putting all children on the glidepath to diabetes wasn't a great idea.

This is why they began adding vitamins to cereal -- just to pull a con on parents into making them accept their kids' pleas for starting the day off with a bowl of dessert with 50 grams of sugar in it.

Anyway -- great book. If the climate hoax grinds your gears, you'll love this book. Big Sugar did the same thing to disprove the obvious fact that sugar causes weight gain -- they held a conference in which only people who thought sugar was harmless (or were paid to pretend it was harmless) were invited, then had a poll of "scientists" at this curated-invitation-list conference, and then went out into the world that they had proof that sugar does not cause weight gain -- they polled "experts"! It was an "expert consensus"!

Relatedly, Doctor Phil and Doctor Drew Pinsky (Adam Carolla's partner) discussed the atrocious media bias, especially in medical reporting.

Dr. Drew Pinsky rages against the corrupt media landscape on "The Adam and Dr. Drew Podcast," "Ask Dr. Drew" and any time he's near a microphone.

The news media's obsession with "misinformation" ignores the most galling sources of it, he argued on the latest episode of "The Adam and Dr. Drew Show."

"Everything is thought of as misinformation or disinformation, when in fact so much of what the New York Times reports, which is the source of quote legitimate information, ends up being incorrect or wrong ... and then of course, no corrections and no adjustments."

"What do we do about this?" Dr. Pinsky asked.

Now, Dr. Phil (real name: Phillip Calvin McGraw) is lashing out at the same targets, courtesy of the "Joe Rogan Experience."

Videos at the link.





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Colorado Town Declares Itself a No-Sanctuary City

—Disinformation Expert Ace

"No room," they tell illegal aliens.

But -- but -- the poem on the Statue of Liberty!

Have you not read the F***ING POEM?!!?!

A Colorado town voted 7-0 to affirm its status as a non-sanctuary city amid growing fears that migrants could soon flood the area from nearby Denver.

"The goal is to make sure that Denver knows that we will not be accepting any busloads of migrants into our community. The main reason is that we don't have a budget that matches theirs, and we won't utilize taxpayer funds for the support of what they've decided to take on themselves as a self-declared sanctuary city," Mitch LaKind, the mayor of Monument, Colorado, said Wednesday on "Fox & Friends First."


Meanwhile, approximately 40 miles north, the Mile High City grapples with the consequences of unmitigated illegal immigration, its sanctuary status engendering a fiscal and humanitarian crisis that compelled Democratic Mayor Mike Johnston to warn of an approaching "breaking point" during an exclusive interview with Fox News' Lawrence Jones last month.

"I think we have successfully welcomed almost 40,000 migrants in the last year, and we know what it takes to do this successfully," Johnston said.

"We just need that help, and the things we need are federal dollars, but the most important thing is we need work authorization for folks when they arrive. We need those resources at the border, so you can add more security at the border, so you can help process those asylum claims and so the folks that do arrive here can work."

Good. F*cking drown in illegals, then.

Related: Trump declares a new, exploding type of crime: "Migrant crime."

That is a real problem that the Democrats are causing, and a quick and easy way to refer to this wave of Democrat Party crime, and therefore those words are racist, you bigot.

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CBS "News" Fired Catherine Herridge As She Was Pursuing Stories About Joe Biden's Decrepitude -- And Then Seized Her Notes, Including the Names of Her Confidential Administration Sources

—Disinformation Expert Ace

Why don't you trust the media, bigot?

Jonathan Turley wrote of the suspicious timing of the firing:

The timing of Herridge's termination immediately raised suspicions in Washington. She was pursuing stories that were unwelcomed by the Biden White House and many Democratic powerhouses, including the Hur reporton Joe Biden's diminished mental capacity, the Biden corruption scandal and the Hunter Biden laptop. She continued to pursue these stories despite reports of pushback from CBS executives, including CBS News President Ingrid Ciprian-Matthews.

Nick Arama from RedState:

This concerned many that this could "chill" reporting and sources providing information to reporters. Some like Turley and journalist Brit Hume said they had never heard of anything like this before.

Now SAG-AFTRA is coming to Herridge's defense, demanding that CBS "News" give her back her notes and the names of her informants:

SAG-AFTRA strongly condemns CBS News' decision to seize Catherine Herridge's reporter notes and research from her office, including confidential source information. This action is deeply concerning to the union because it sets a dangerous precedent for all media professionals and threatens the very foundation of the First Amendment.

It is completely inappropriate for an employer to lay off a reporter and take the very unusual step of retaining and searching the reporter's files, inclusive of confidential source identification and information. From a First Amendment standpoint, a media corporation with a commitment to journalism calling a reporter's research and confidential source reporting "proprietary information" is both shocking and absurd.

The retention of a media professional's reporting materials by their former employer is a serious break with traditional practices which supports the immediate return of reporting materials. We urge CBS to return this material to Catherine in support of the most basic of First Amendment principles. We are encouraged by recent outreach by CBS News to SAG-AFTRA on this matter, and we are hopeful that it will be resolved shortly.

I would always laugh darkly when Brit Hume would claim that CBS News is a straight-shooting organization because it's run by David Rhodes, supposedly not a leftist. Just merely the brother of Obama's Brain, Ben Rhodes.

Brit Hume's sense of who is or who is not leftwing, and who is an objective or even conservative-leaning "news professional," is about as well-calibrated as Meghan McCain's.

In related media corruption, CNN anchor John Avlon is running for Congress as --

Wait, this can't be right.

It says here that John Avlon is a Democrat, and apparently a MAGA-hating liberal extremist Democrat, but I know my eyes must be deceiving me, because when he was on CNN he claimed to be an objective journalist without fear or favor for either party.

And yet... I can't shake the nagging feeling that someone is lying to me here.

Former CNN host and political analyst John Avlon is running for Congress. He announced his candidacy for New York's 1st congressional district.

He's running as a Democrat - did you have any doubts? - and it's all about saving democracy because of Trump. Are you a MAGA minion? He's coming for you.

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Hoo-Boy: Cell Phone Data Shows That Darrius "Sweetdick" Honeycum Esquire Made Thirty Five Trips to Fani Willis' Home Snizzedence, Including Multiple Late-Night Visits During BCT (Booty Call Time), Before They Admit Their Relationship Began

—Disinformation Expert Ace

And remember, they said this under oath. This is perjury from the "Officers of the Court" currently prosecuting other people for perjury.

Also note that the defendants' lawyers got Wade to specify how many trips to Fani Willis' Mish Shack he had made before he was hired. He said a few, then was prodded into specifying that it was "less than ten."

35 is not less than ten and it's not close enough to claim a lapse in memory to cover.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Nathan Wade appeared to make at least 35 visits to the Hapeville neighborhood where Fani Willis was living before the district attorney hired him to lead Fulton County's election interference prosecution, according to cellphone data included in a court submission filed Friday.

The filing, by attorneys for Donald Trump, raises fresh questions about the relationship between the two prosecutors, which the former president and other defendants argue has tainted the case against them and should result in Willis and her office being disqualified.

Trump's lawyers relied on data collected from Wade's cellphone and cellphone tower transmissions to track his movements. It seems to contradict Wade's testimony last week in which he said he had visited Willis at her condo in Hapeville no more than 10 times before he was hired in November 2021. It also indicates Wade twice arrived late at night at the condo and left early the next morning in the months before Willis and Wade said their relationship became romantic early in 2022.

Maybe he was just sleepy.

Both Wade and Willis testified last week that they did not spend the night together at the Hapeville condo.

"We are required to respond to the filing via the court and we are preparing a response now," Jeff DiSantis, a spokesman for Willis, said Friday.

Ed Morrissey with context:

How did they get this data, and is it reliable? The filing explains that the defense team subpoenaed AT&T to get the data, and it's remarkable. In court, Wade was somewhat ambiguous and evasive when asked when their sexual relationship started, but Willis was far more direct. She insisted that they had a collegial relationship and nothing more prior to November 2021, when she hired Wade, and that they had never spent any extended time together. Willis specifically denied that Wade had ever stayed overnight anywhere she resided until after his hiring and his filing for divorce, which happened within 24 hours of each other. Advertisement

What do the records show? Ahem:

The affidavit says Willis and Wade called each other more than 2,000 times during the first 11 months of 2021 and exchanged just less than 12,000 text messages.

That intensity of communication is rarely seen outside of the beginning of a sexual relationship.

And I mean -- the next request will be for the texts themselves.

And what do you think they'll show?

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Google's Gemini AI: I Can't Say Pedophilia is "Wrong." It's a "Nuanced" Question.

—Disinformation Expert Ace

I want the FBI to investigate all of the suspected pedophiles coding this thing.

Update: I had wanted to include this, but couldn't find it -- Gemini, please provide some images of Vikings.

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THE MORNING RANT: Decentralization versus Libertarianism

—Buck Throckmorton

Liberty Bell.JPG

Earlier this week I posted a piece titled “More Winning in the Culture Wars at the State & Local Level.” It discussed major victories against woke capital, green energy, DEI, etc that are occurring at the state level. The thesis of the piece was that we will never win these battles at the federal level – certainly not in the halls of Congress - but we are winning them at the state level. A conservative Republican elected as state Attorney General, or to the state Utility Commission, or as Treasurer entrusted with investing state funds, is far more important to our cause than any US Senate seat.

State-level victories in the culture war are also an important reminder about the importance of federalism, which perhaps could use a re-branding as “Decentralization.”

Those of us on the right who cherish freedom, the Bill of Rights, etc have long championed federalism, but we often conflated the idealistic personal freedom of libertarianism with the vast economic and political freedom that federalism makes possible.

With 50 states offering 50 “laboratories of democracy” there are 50 different permutations of political and economic freedom (or lack thereof) that are possible.

Perhaps because “states’ rights” is a term that carries racial baggage, too many conservatives abandoned the idea of federalism altogether, and instead became obsessed with the utopian notion of liberty via national - or even global - libertarianism, which is just as unrealistic as “true communism,” due to human nature of course. Instead, we ended up with a freedom-crushing level of corporatism in which government tyranny has been outsourced to an oligopoly of obedient mega-corporations, who monitor, censor, and control allowable thoughts and behaviors on behalf of government and/or the ruling class.

As Nick Hudson notes, unelected “world leaders” such as Klaus Schwab are most afraid of not having top-down control over all political and economic activity. Schwab does not fear any disobedience from a mega-corporation that has been entrusted as the enforcer of the WEF’s anti-freedom agenda, but he is very fearful of decentralized bodies that are not under his control. Per Mr. Hudson:

The “anti-system” to [Schwab’s] world-destroying authoritarian one is not libertarianism, but decentralization; a world where ideas compete in an open society and many alternative systems are free to flourish or fail.

Roger Kimball has also recently been discussing the importance of Decentralization.

“Our Democracy™: The Democratic Weaponization of Government and the Need for Decentralization” [American Greatness – 01/28/2024]

The overriding imperative, as I have argued before, must be to do everything possible to reduce the place of Washington in the metabolism of American political life. To this end, Trump should endeavor as far as possible to govern the country from outside of Washington. The first symbolic act should be to hold the inauguration someplace other than Washington. I do not insist that it be held in Mar-a-Lago, but why not?

Decentralization goes beyond politics, obviously. Corporate monopolies, oligopolies, and cartels must be broken up so that authentic, competitive marketplaces can return. A greater number of smaller competitors might also rid us of global-celebrity CEOs who have more power and influence than do many heads of state - power and influence that they are using to pursue suppression of personal and economic freedom.

Decentralization rather than libertarianism looks like the best hope for liberty right now.

[buck.throckmorton at protonmail dot com]

Posted by Buck Throckmorton at 11:00 AM Comments

Mid-Morning Art Thread


Courbet greyhounds.jpg

Greyhounds of Comte de Choiseul
Gustave Courbet

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report — 2/23/24

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. Yet more banana republic bullshit this morning. Despite the fact that journalism today is regarded as a career that is about as respectable as child pornographer, real, actual dictionary-definition journalists are under the gun by the forces of corruption they have devoted their careers to expose. Except this time, there's a twist.

It's not the tentacles of a feral, government-run bureaucracy or corrupt judiciary putting the bite on the Fourth Estate. It's the Fifth Column within its own midst that's now doing the dirty work for them. Fascism by any other name would not reek so sickeningly:

CBS apparently seized computers, records and files of the now-former investigative reporter Catherine Herridge, who has recently been fired from the network, according to Jonathan Turley.

Turley, a professor at George Washington Law School, said he talked with people presently and formerly employed by CBS who confidentially told him they do not recall senior staff ever taking such a step before. At the time of her departure, Herridge was investigating special counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden, allegations of corruption against the president and Hunter Biden’s laptop, Turley noted.

One former CBS journalist reportedly said staffers have never seen the apparent seizure of records and files from departing staffers.

The apparent seizure has caused a “chilling signal” across staffers at CBS, the journalist added, Turley wrote. A previous CBS manager reportedly stated that he had “never heard of anything like this,” as most departing journalists take their records and files upon leaving. He said the apparent seizure of her possessions is “outrageous” and endangered confidential sources, Turley added.

Turley said these files may contain sources that were handed confidentially to Herridge, making the company’s move “dead wrong.”

Paramount Global laid off Herridge, along with 800 jobs, in mid-February, the New York Post reported. Herridge left Fox News in 2019 after 23 years to work as a senior investigative correspondent for CBS News. She had previously been handed a prestigious award from the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

Herridge is currently the subject of a First Amendment legal fight and could be held in contempt of court if she refused to disclose her source for investigative pieces she wrote in 2017, according to The Washington Post. U.S. District Court Judge Christopher R. Cooper reportedly ruled Aug. 1 that she had to disclose the sources who informed her about a federal probe regarding Yanping Chen, a Chinese American scientist, who sued the federal government for allegedly leaking private information to the journalist

The judge ruled Chen’s need for evidence overrides Herridge’s “qualified First Amendment privilege,” the outlet reported.

Herridge began her career during the halcyon days of the Roger Ailes era of Fox News, when at long last a major broadcast news network became respectable and wildly successful for merely reporting the news about as straight down the middle as it ever had been by any outlet up to that point – which as we now know was never. Of course, the erstwhile gatekeepers of what was and what was not worthy of reporting, and how it was to be reported defined that as "right-wing bias." Yet 1996 was when alternate media such as the internet, talk radio no longer shackled and muzzled by the Orwellian "Fairness Doctrine" and led by Rush Limbaugh finally challenged the media-propaganda complex for control of the narrative. Much like the coming of Trump forced all sorts of masks to be dropped and myths about how our government really operated to be exploded, so did the ascendancy of the original incarnation of Fox News expose the rank Leftist bias of supposed icons of impartiality like Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather and Peter Jennings as the hacks that they always were.

The toothpaste is out of the tube and there's no way to get it back inside. And as we now can see from the kangaroo court prosecutions of political enemies to the non-prosecution of criminals and leftist terrorists, they don't even care anymore.

Look what CBS did to Lara Logan in the wake of the hinky Clinton/Obama/McCain gun-running scheme to Islamic terrorists in Syria that exposed our diplomatic compound in Benghazi to an horrendous terror attack, as well as attempts to report about the true nature of Antifa, among other things.

Of course, we had another Fox alum James Rosen whom Eric Holder actively spied on at the behest of his boss, Obama, over his investigation into their ineptitude in dealing with NorK dictator Kim's nuclear testing. But, that's the government. You now expect them to spy on citizens and journalists for practicing actual journalism without a permit, and then railroad them into prison for crimes against the state. But CBS? The Tiffany Network? Outrageous!

Obviously, the reason Herridge is in the crosshairs is because she's way too close and accurate in her reportage about the rank corruption and criminality that is the sine qua non of the name "Biden." In doing that, it also exposes the mirror universe persecution of Donald Trump for all of those aforementioned high crimes and misdemeanors that have been projected onto him.

Meh, let's face it; Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants is an iridium albatross the size of Jupiter around the collective neck of the Democrats and they want him gone. The problem is they can neither get rid of him via the 25th Amendment after constantly pimping his being sharper than HAL-9000, nor allowing his removal over corruption after promoting the honest as the day is long bromide.

Then again, we have this clusterfuckery from the FBI.

The first question isn’t why special counsel David C. Weiss charged longtime informant Alexander Smirnov with making false claims about President Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The question is: Why now?

In 2024, an election year.

On Thursday, Weiss unsealed a 37-page indictment that charged Smirnov with making “a materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statement” in June 2020 to an FBI agent about the Bidens seeking $5 million each from a Ukrainian energy concern, Burisma. A second count involves making a false entry on an FBI form.

The revelation gave oxygen to the legal defense team representing the president’s son.

Smirnov, who should be presumed innocent, was arrested at Harry Reid International Airport on Wednesday and has a hearing Tuesday before Magistrate Daniel Albregts in Las Vegas.

In March 2017, according to the indictment, Smirnov told his FBI handler about a call with a Burisma official and mentioned that Hunter Biden was a Burisma board member.

It wasn’t until June 2020 that Smirnov reported two earlier meetings that ostensibly occurred in 2015 and 2016. Travel records suggested they didn’t happen, Weiss asserted. Hence these charges against a small-change witness.

It’s “really hard for prosecutors to charge perjury,” University of Virginia law professor Saikrishna Prakash told me. . .

. . . In short, Smirnov worked as a “snitch.” Snitches have a reputation for playing law enforcement to their advantage, while law enforcement has a reputation for looking the other way. I have trouble believing that any FBI agent would consider going after a vice president’s son based on the word of a career informant. Indeed, the FBI didn’t find the accusations credible. Hence the lack of action, until now.

To the average voter, the real scandal is that Burisma recruited Biden to serve on its board for a position that, according to the New York Times, paid him more than $800,000 in 2013 and more than $1.2 million in 2014, while his father was vice president and Ukraine was part of the veep’s portfolio.

At the time, the New York Times reported, Hunter Biden “was a Yale-educated lawyer who had served on the boards of Amtrak and a number of nonprofit organizations and think tanks, but lacked any experience in Ukraine and just months earlier had been discharged from the Navy Reserve after testing positive for cocaine.” And still he earned that kind of money.

Weiss also has charged Hunter Biden with making false statements — for lying about his drug use while he possessed a gun. Weiss clearly takes perjury seriously. It’s downright refreshing.

So, on the one hand the FBI, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the DOJ has been working in overdrive for almost the past 10 years to nail Donald Trump to the wall, along with anyone who was even thinking about the Capitol, let alone who might have been within a mile of the building on 1/6/21, and in that regard are considered on the front line in protecting "our precious democracy" (puke). But on the other, they're paying snitches – and Russian snitches at that! – to engage in criminal activities that might be perceived as entrapping the poor, unfortunate, put-upon struggling artist son of our greatest president (per the most honest, accurate poll ever)?!

Oh, the humanity!

Well, at least we have the GOP in or corner. Pfft.

In Joe Biden’s so-called Inflation Reduction Act, signed into law in 2022, estimates are that $1 trillion in climate pork is stuffed into the bill. For perspective, the current federal budget is roughly $7 trillion.

All this to support policies that are based on a lot of sound and fury but very little, if any, valid science. Restoration News’ Jeff Reynolds summed up nicely the flimsy nature of climate science in his recent two-part report, “How the Left’s global warming ideology wrecked science and how to stop it.” He concluded that the underlying science of Anthropogenic Global Warming has not been proven, its furtherance as an emergency policy imperative is based on massive data, temperature, and other manipulations, and all this deception is being protected through censorship aided by dutiful news media and compliant Big Tech.

For example, did you know that the U.S. EPA’s own data shows that 81 percent of U.S. weather stations report no increase in warm days since 1948?

You likely don’t know this because data like this is suffocated under a massive censorship regime that infects the highest levels of Big Science, Big Tech, and corporate liberal media. Only liberal propaganda gets through the rigid screen most of the time.

Where have Republicans been as Democrats have made deep strides in dismantling America’s robust and reliable energy supply? Mostly giving lip service and doing nothing where it counts—debating the science and scrutinizing the spending.

Big Climate’s’ 25-year blitz of propaganda on the American people has frightened Republicans from fighting back. The consultant class has convinced many GOP politicians to hedge the issue—not taking on the phony science but expressing platitudes about the environment. Thus, the propaganda on climate science, unrebutted, appears more valid as the years go by to casual news consumers.

That’s a shame, because “climate change” is a scam on many levels. Starting with the term itself, which was adopted by the left when “global warming” was too dangerously specific—and sometimes wrong. “Climate change” is the perfect propaganda phrase because it can never be disproved. All weather, cold or warm, wet or dry, is explainable as “climate change.” The phrase itself is nonsensical gaslighting—the climate has always changed and always will.

And, really. Even disregarding the Cheneys, what the fuck is wrong with Wyoming?

Carbon sequestration has become Republicans’ most popular answer to climate change, with GOP governors across western states pumping massive stores of concentrated CO2 into underground chambers. Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon, who chairs the Western Governors Association, currently leads the charge to his state’s detriment as a carbon-powerhouse and leading coal producer.

Last week, lawmakers in Wyoming heard from members of the CO2 Coalition who challenged Governor Gordon’s pledge to decarbonize the energy-intensive state with carbon capture programs. Dr. William Happer, the founder of the CO2 Coalition, compared such efforts to a “religion” before the Senate Agriculture, State and Public Lands and Water Resources Committee. . .

. . . Last year, Alaska Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy introduced a legislative package to “capitalize on carbon markets” with carbon capture programs, “particularly in Cook Inlet.”

In North and South Dakota, landowners have faced eminent domain lawsuits as a major carbon capture company constructs a more than 2,000-mile pipeline across the upper Midwest. Carbon capture projects have been championed by the states’ Republican governors, Doug Burgum and Kristi Noem.

“Today, we’re on our way toward achieving carbon neutrality as a state by 2030, thanks to our extraordinary capacity to safely store over 252 billion tons of CO2, or 50 years of the nation’s CO2 output,” Burgum said last year. “And in the process, we can help secure the future of our state’s two largest industries, energy and agriculture.”

. . . “Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific,” the statement reads. “Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures.”

Atmospheric carbon has also been shown to proliferate forest growth, known as the “greening” effect. Vegetation happens to grow faster in regions with relatively high concentrations of carbon dioxide. Michael Shellenberger explained in his 2020 book Apocalypse Never, “From 1981 to 2016, four times more carbon was captured by plants due to carbon-boosted growth than from biomass covering a larger surface of Earth.”

Seriously, you expect this utter horseshit from the Left. But GOP politicians from fairly solidly red states, some of which like Wyoming and the Dakotas that have boomed as a result of coal and fracking and the like? And supposedly Kristi Noem is being floated as a potential veep pick for Trump.

Carbon is life. If you are anti-carbon, you are anti-life. It's just that simple. But, the GOP is the Grifting Oleaginous Parasite party. Learn it and love it. Then kill it.

Have a good weekend.

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Daily Tech News 23 February 2024

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

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Posted by Pixy Misa at 04:00 AM Comments

Now Available!
The Deplorable Gourmet
A Horde-sourced Cookbook
[All profits go to charity]
Top Headlines
Atlanta Journal-Constitution refers to the illegal alien from Venezuela who was arrested for murdering a Georgia nursing student as an "Athens resident." Our media suppresses the truth, and our President has invited Venezuela to dump its hardened criminals on us, much like Castro did with the Mariel Boatlift. [Buck]
Hushed Limbaugh: "There couldn't have been a Donald Trump without a Rush Limbaugh to pave the way." My latest essay over at Taki's Magazine. Please read and comment (it's a paying gig!) [J.J. Sefton]
Ace of Spades Movie Club: The Heartbreak Kid, original version, 1972, with Charles Grodin and Cybil Sheppard
This movie is currently unavailable to buy legally, because the company that bought it went out of business or something. It's in license hell. But this copy is on YouTube. I've never seen it, but I'm watching it now. I understand that it's much darker and the main character is much crueler than in the Farelly Brothers 2007 version, where they justified his actions by making his new bride crazy and a serial liar. Who has a massive coke debt and also has no job. Says so in the dictionary.
Update: It's pretty good, but it is a lot darker and more uncomfortable. The Farelly Brothers movie takes the basic script and turns every scene into a big comedy set-piece. I think Ben Stiller's endless lies were funnier than Charles Grodin's. Interestingly, Charles Grodin does the Fake Federal Agent act here that he later repeats in Midnight Run. He does the same act with different words.
BTW here's the original short story the film is based on. Now I want to watch the 2007 remake again.
The Critical Drinker made a movie
It's low-budget. But low budget movies can be good depending on execution and how they hide the limitations of budget.
Megyn Kelly talks with a lawyer about the cell phone geofence data putting Sweedick inside Fani
Technology has really gotten advanced
Fani's office has responded, claiming that they're contacting experts to try to debunk the geofance data. And are they also going to disprove the 180 phone calls per month and 1,200 sexts in a month?
More from Technofog, who calls it a "game changer"
Chad and JT (the guys who go to city council meetings to propose erecting statues to honor Paul Walker) are very funny in this Adam Carolla show appearance
They talk about fighting and JT claims that his go-to move in a streetfight is just to j*rk the other guy off so that he's calm and peaceful. They keep going back to this claim and it's funny every time.
Cold case review into the long-unsolved Jon-Benet Ramsey case
Not really much to suggest they'll ever close the case. They go through the stuff about the cops fixating on the parents as suspects, and the stranger DNA found on the girl's underwear, but we've known that for 20 years. One new clue, maybe, is the presence of dots on the body that may indicate the girl was subdued with a stungun.
From Second City Cop: Sergeant Test Video seems to be missing something! Anyone notice the lack of white men? [CBD]
Vice to lay off hundreds of staffers, stop publishing content on its website
"It's devastating to have a group of reporters who have made such a significant impact in the world have their jobs end in this way[.]"
That is a perfect quotation; it shows exactly why they are going away. [CBD]
Court Strikes Down Law That Let Noncitizens Vote in New York Elections Eh...they'll just vote the cemetery rolls a few more times... [CBD]
Forgotten Susana Hoffs Mystery Click
In the warm glow of the candle light, I wonder what you're going to do to me/I come alive when I'm with you/I'll do anything you want me to
Friend of the blog Bob Zimmerman of Behind the Black will be carrying a live stream of Intuitive Machine's private lunar lander, Odysseus, which is scheduled to touch down on the moon at 5:30 pm Eastern time today. Click here to watch it. [J.J. Sefton]
North Las Vegas Mayor Celebrates Black Businesses. There's Just One (Huge) Problem. Segregation is back, and it's better than ever! [Hat Tip: Jay Guevara] [CBD]
Early this morning my father the owner of this handle passed away in his sleep. One of his last wishes was for me to inform the staff and community of this website of his passing and to say goodbye on his behalf.
He is survived by his wife and two children and on our families behalf thanks for providing information, companionship and someone for him to argue with over the years.
Kind regards, GnuBreed's family
RIP to GnuBreed. [TJM]
Biden Admin to Wipe Out $1.2 Billion Federal Student Loan Debt for 153,000 Borrowers "[the] historic fight to cancel student debt isn't over yet." What about liquor store debt? [CBD]
Inbred retard shoots his mouth off! Prince William reveals concern at suffering of Palestinians
Reason #5,968 why we fought a war against his monarchy!
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Notsothoreau: "I will see how this goes, Ben Had. I really am not ..."

San Franpsycho: "Most Hated American Cities 1. Boston 2. Portland ..."

Ben Had: "Reforger, we need to talk. I have a friend that ..."

RedMindBlueState[/i][/b][/s][/u]: "Beesley's are a bargain compared to Purdeys. Post ..."

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