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March 21, 2023

Mid-Morning Art Thread


Grueze White Hat.jpg

The White Hat

Jean-Baptiste Greuze

[Hat Tip: Blake]

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King Harv Imperial Coffee

The Morning Report — 3/21/23

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Well, the day that knuckle-dragging thug-pig Alvin Bragg will supposedly arrest former President Donald Trump for a non-crime has arrived. I have no more tears left because I am absolutely incandescent with rage against the tyrannical Marxist scum who hijacked my country and perhaps even more at those allegedly on our side who allowed it to happen to make a buck off of it.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but it is painfully evident to all but the most clueless that this country, as it was, as it was supposed to be and how we perhaps pretended that it was until 2020 is gone. Yet, here we are with this banana republic goon show upon us going on as if the 2024 election is going to make difference. And this is assuming that whoever the nominee is actually beats the margin of fraud. But when the fraud doesn't merely affect the system but is now the system itself . . .

At the risk of pissing off folks like Ace, CBD, Michael Walsh and others who were rightly peeved at Trump for his "Meatball Ron" and "Ron DeSanctimonious" attacks, as well as other legitimate reasons not to support him as the standard-bearer in '24 – including myself – Trump's all-cap rant against the corrupt system that hijacked the country and is driving it into the ground is dead on. Meanwhile, while the unprecedented and brazen act of political terrorism by arresting a former president was met with radio silence by DeSantis. Until yesterday:

Two days after Trump announced his impending arrest, and two days after hordes of Republicans – even his rivals, even “Never-Trumpers” – condemned the partisan overreach of a radical Soros-funded district attorney, DeSantis finally spoke up – and it was to take a cheap shot at Trump.

“I don’t know what goes into paying hush money to a porn star to secure silence over some type of alleged affair,” Mr. DeSanctimonious, er, DeSantis said.

“I have no interest in getting involved in some manufactured circus by some Soros-DA,” he continued. “He’s trying to do a political spectacle. He’s trying to virtue signal for his base. I’ve got real issues I got to deal with here in the state of Florida.”

If the weaponization of the criminal justice system isn’t a “real issue,” then DeSantis isn’t ready for the White House.

It pains me to have to say this but I happen to agree with that assessment, especially in light of the situation the nation finds itself in. And it goes double for Trump. I'll get to that in a second.

My colleagues and friends have taken the position that Trump had it coming given his puerile attacks on DeSantis. I would agree with that were it not for the fact that we're a red pubic hair's breadth away from full transformation into a Marxist dictatorship or worse, a puppet regime with the Davos-Brussels-Beijing Axis pulling the strings. I'm equally if not more pissed at the two people who should be seeing this and acting accordingly: Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. I'm usually kind of "meh" on Wayne Allyn Root, but he seems to get it, albeit unwittingly:

With the GOP divided and Democrats in control of government, the very existence of America is threatened. Look around. We are on the verge of World War III. The U.S. economy is in decline. Banks are failing. Our border is wide open. Crime is exploding. And inflation is wiping out the great American middle class. America is hanging by a thread.

Our only hope is the reelection of Trump as president. But even that is not enough. For any chance at all, America needs DeSantis to carry on after Trump. America and the world are simply in too precarious a state to fix in four years. But a lot can be done in 12 years. To that end, let me first offer Trump and DeSantis my advice on how they can work together to save America.

First, put your egos aside.

This isn’t about either of you. It’s about saving the United States of America from a communist takeover, combined with a foreign invasion at our border. Time is running out. . .

. . . With Trump and DeSantis in partnership, this strategy makes sense. But with a bitter primary fight, Trump must aim his campaign only at Republican voters. . .

. . . So, saving the greatest country in world history all comes down to putting ego aside and uniting Trump and DeSantis for the good of America.

Root is a completely clueless idiot, insofar as he is still under the delusion that campaigning is going to make a difference where elections are concerned. But he is dead on about the two of them putting their egos aside for the betterment of the nation.

If history teaches us anything, everything that we have witnessed since Election SEASON 2020 to the January 6th Reichstag Weenie Roast and beyond indicates that the Democrats along with Mitch McChicom and his ilk are going to do everything they can to steal 2024. And at this point, there is nothing to indicate that they won't succeed.

Yet so many people are Wayne Allyn Rooting themselves into the delusion that that won't happen, regardless of which of the two frontrunners they support. This has now gone beyond elections and beyond American politics as usual. When ordinary citizens are persecuted, blackballed, censored and now arrested and held as political prisoners in what was the United States of America – with an alarmingly large percentage of the population cheering it on – it's time to wake the fuck up and smell the covfefe.

That goes particularly for Trump and DeSantis. The fact that we are now at a point where we are encouraged not to hold rallies or even protest for fear that they will be infiltrated by DOJ glowies and saboteurs is abhorrent since mass rallies, protests and even a national strike are absolutely justified. Not just for what they are about to do to Trump but for what they are doing to our freedom, our economy, our security and our way of life. And let's say by some fluke they actually do beat the system and win. Is that really going to make a difference given the entire federal bureaucracy will sabotage their agenda at every turn? That is unless the military declares martial law after arresting the new president and summarily executing him and his staff in the Rose Garden, live on CNN of course.

Are we going to have to devolve all the way down to what is going on in South Africa before we do something?

This is no longer about just an election. This is about a movement for national survival. God-willing national revival. But if we're going to go down anyway, why not go down swinging rhetorically speaking?

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Daily Tech News 21 March 2023

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

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Monday Overnight Open Thread (3/20/23)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

Tonight's ONT has been brought to you by The First Day of Spring.

die winter spring.jpg


Not a good way to drum up business. Genius Award Winner.

MARCH 20--After using a butter knife to cause extensive paint damage to a 2023 Nissan, a Missouri man vacationing in Florida copped to the criminal mischief, describing his felonious conduct as a “spring break mistake,” police report.

The defendant, however, is a 52-year-old real estate executive, not a collegian sharing a St. Petersburg hotel room with eight friends.

According to cops, the vehicle’s owners, a married couple, spotted a man standing near their car Thursday evening and “making motions” near the driver’s side. When the duo confronted the man, he “laughed and ran off down the street.”

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Full Bloom Cafe



Wayward bull gets tough with helicopter.

Mitt Romney, Gentleman Farmer.

So if I understand this, all I have to do to pwn humans is walk across the keyboard...

Cat threat display.

Special Ninja Cat Attack: The underpounce.

Pouncing on a -- get this -- cat.

Kid gets involved in the show.

Puppy's ears are his greatest asset, and his greatest weakness.

Puppy smiles.

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Quick Hits


Georgia Democrats are not happy that Stacy Abrams has announced her intention to run again for governor, and grift more money, and lose, and then claim she won, and grift more money.

Via FoxNews:

However, AJC's Greg Bluestein reported that several Democrats are not excited at the prospect, writing, "But interviews with more than three dozen Democratic officials, party leaders and activists suggest she may not have the same unified support she enjoyed after her first defeat to Kemp in 2018."

"Like many other Democrats, [Chair of Monroe County's Democratic Party Yvonne] Stuart praised Abrams' work mobilizing voters and laying the groundwork for the party's 2020 gains. But she said she worried that Abrams lost partly because 'she fell into the trap of becoming too much of a celebrity' in between her campaigns," Bluestein wrote.

Stuart said, "I do believe there might be another charismatic Democrat that can take us all the way in 2026."

Remember when the leftwing propaganda media kept running video of "packed" hospitals early in the pandemic? And when people who knew something said that that kind of overflow was routine in hospitals, because they choose to keep themselves understaffed for the sake of profitability? And so that being at 90%+ capacity was quite normal, and in fact their whole business plan?

So who was right?

Well: 15 Days to Stop the Spread, Baby!

EXCLUSIVE: 24 hours of HELL in top NYC hospital: Patients left lying in hallways, urine soaked floors and staff incapable of providing answers for desperate family members - as city's healthcare system is stretched to breaking point

A woman rushed her mother to the Mount Sinai Hospital on Madison Avenue on March 8 because she suspected the 67-year-old was having a stroke

This was ruled out within 10 minutes - but then a nightmarish day for the cancer sufferer and her daughter began as they were left waiting in limbo at the ER

'Every corner was filled with people,' she said, describing trash littering the floor, urine pots kicked over and homeless people seeking treatment left ignored

Amazon is laying off another 9000 people, bringing its layoffs just since the beginning of the year up to 27,000.

The job cuts would mark the second largest round of layoffs in the company's history, adding to the 18,000 employees the tech giant said it would lay off in January. The company's workforce doubled during the pandemic, however, in the midst of a hiring surge across almost the entire tech sector.

These companies made absurd profits during the lockdowns -- and they hired a lot of people they only needed for that period of lockdown, too.

A lot of people were making $175,000-per-year salaries who would not have made anything like that except for the Regime's decision to lock us all in our houses.

And -- Outrageous! Google is laying off people, and even laying them off while they're on "medical leave"!

Would you believe that Google's mass firings from January are still going on? Google's reported mishandling of its biggest round of layoffs ever has employees up in arms, and they're doing everything from walking out on the job to sending angry letters to management.

First up, European Googlers are just now being laid off due to the January announcement. Reuters reports that more than 200 workers were laid off from the Zürich, Switzerland, branch of the company this week. The employees at that office walked out for a second time in protest of the move and even offered to take pay cuts or reduce working hours to stave off the job cuts. Google's layoffs seem driven by a desire to placate the stock market, though, so it's no surprise that these offers fell on deaf ears.

I think they like when people walk off the job: They're just telling Google "fire me next."


Current and former employees feel Google is being cruel in how it's treating employees who were on medical or parental leave during the layoffs. CNBC reports that Google has decided to not honor pre-approved leave for laid-off employees. Some Googlers formed a group called "Laid off on Leave," which is attempting to get Google to honor its previously agreed-to timelines for employees going through major life changes.

Making Google honor its previous leave agreements isn't just about employees getting paid when they have medical or family issues; it's also about having continual medical care when they need it most. ...

While employees' severance packages might come with a few more months of health insurance, being fired means instantly losing access to Google's facilities. If that's where a laid-off Googler's primary care doctor works, that person is out of luck, and some employees told CNBC they lost access to their doctors the second the layoff email arrived. Employees on leave also have a lot to deal with. One former Googler, Kate Howells, said she was let go by Google from her hospital bed shortly after giving birth. She worked at the company for nine years.

So Google is required to keep people on staff just to pay their medical bills?

Why, it's almost as if they're being forced to be a for-profit company, instead of just a Guaranteed-Work Program for minorities, trans people, and the dim-bulb daughters of wealthy upper class families!

Maybe you guy shouldn't have made those "A Day in the Life of a Google Development Person" TikToks you did, in which you advertised to Google's shareholders that there was so little work for you to do that you could literally attend two meetings in a day, and spend the rest of your day in the spa or playing foosball or drinking organic teas.

New York will permanently lower math and reading standards for students, because Democrats are just so devoted to education and just so good at it, too!

From the Times-Union: Stupidity is the "new normal."

New York will make it easier for students to reach "proficiency" on state math and English language arts tests, calling last year's lower scores the "new normal."

A scoring committee that reports to the Board of Regents said Monday that they must take into account the results of last year's tests for students in grades three through eight. Some schools posted shocking results -- in Schenectady, no eighth grader who took the math test scored as proficient. And the scores for the third through eighth grade tests throughout the state were much lower in 2022 than in 2019, a result no doubt of the absence of in-person learning during the first year and beyond of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The committee handles all scoring, not just this year's changes.

And keep in mind: New York's previous standards weren't exactly up there with Japan's or Korea's, either.

And now they're even lower. Because the leadership and main body of our teacher corps just wants to talk about their own pronouns and get validation from children that they're not getting from their fathers, and because they were lazy and status-grubbing and demanded to "teach from home" like the white collar workers they envy.

Jonathan Haidt points out that kids' mental health has really declined. John Sexton at Hot Air:

Jonathan Haidt has a forthcoming book on this topic titled Kids In Space: Why Teen Mental Health is Collapsing which should be out next year. The gist of his argument has two basic parts. The first is that there is lots of evidence showing a growing mental health crisis among teens, especially teen girls. There doesn't seem to be a lot of disagreement on that point. Last month the CDC released data which also found teen girls are having a very tough time.
"If you think about every 10 teen girls that you know, at least one and possibly more has been raped, and that is the highest level we've ever seen," said Kathleen Ethier, director of the CDC's Division of Adolescent and School Health, who said the rise of sexual violence almost certainly contributed to the glaring spike of depressive symptoms. "We are really alarmed," she said...

Almost 3 in 5 teenage girls reported feeling so persistently sad or hopeless almost every day for at least two weeks in a row during the previous year that they stopped regular activities -- a figure that was double the share of boys and the highest in a decade, CDC data showed.

The other part of Haidt's argument is about the cause. The data seems to suggest that this crisis is relatively new. The numbers indicating mental health problems seem to take off around 2011-2012. That's when indicators of depression and self-harm among teens started to rise. Haidt believes that's because the crisis is tied to the adoption of smartphones and social media.

Sexton quotes the New York Time's viciously partisan Michelle Goldberg, who previously claimed that girls were just committing suicide more because -- get this -- Because Trump, but then finally looked at the actual data and saw that the inflection point for rising suicidality/depression/chronic stress began in the Age of Obama, 2011-2012, and then also realized, Say wait, Trump wasn't on little girls' minds then...

Sexton quotes Matthew Yglesias, who says that this does have something to do with politics: Specifically, the left's embrace of catastrophism (the claim that every negative thing is a catastrophe that will destroy the world or Literally Genocide Trans People, etc.) and permanent victimhood as a status symbol.

I think the discussion around gender and the role of social media is an important one. But I also don't believe that liberal boys are experiencing more depression than conservative girls because they are disproportionately hung up on Instagram-induced body image issues -- I think there's also something specific to politics going on.

Some of it might be selection effect, with progressive politics becoming a more congenial home for people who are miserable. But I think some of it is poor behavior by adult progressives, many of whom now valorize depressive affect as a sign of political commitment.

Sure seems like leftwing people are very, very mentally ill. More than half -- 56% -- of liberal women aged 18-29 report that a medical professional has told them they have a mental illness. That's more than double the rate of conservative women.

Also note that they younger people are, the more mentally ill they are.


Don't blame Trump -- blame Greta Thunberg.

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Libs of TikTok's Book Event in New York City Cancelled Due to Credible Threats; Latitia James' Government-Sponsored Drag Queen Strory Hour for Children Goes Off Without a Hitch


Remember this, and remember the media's silence, the next time the media starts whining that if you criticize a person or organization on the left, you're literally trying to get them killed.

Chaya Raychik of Libs of TikTok attempted to exercise her right to free speech, but the event was cancelled because of threats of disruption from the left.

At an event in which children were present.

Think Jake Tapper will be discussing this today? Because I don't.


We have received threats of potentially inappropriate and unsafe behavior at the NYC story hour with Chaya Raichik on Sunday and have advised Chaya we cancel the event. With children being involved, we don’t want to take any chances.

We will find a way to combat this moving forward. Stay tuned for an announcement in the coming days.

But Latitia James' Drag Time Story Hour went on smoothly. No threats from "MAGA Country" thugs there.

The attorney general's event was quite an extravaganza. According to press reports, about 200 guests, including families, "enjoyed four back-to-back Story Hours" at The LGBT Community Center.

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CNN's Vile Propagandist Manu Raju Spins for John Fetterman, Claiming His Health Is Just Terrific


Weird flex for someone who checked himself into a hospital for depression, after just getting out of the hospital for dizziness, but you do you, Manu.

On Wednesday, Raju offered an update on Fetterman's condition that generated a lot of opposition.

"John Fetterman is making progress in his recovery from clinical depression and could leave Walter Reed within next two weeks, a person close to the senator told me. The senator's physician recently informed him that he will be 'as good or better than his best days post-stroke,'" he tweeted.

"Fetterman's stay has lasted this long because the doctors have been trying to get his 'medication balance exactly right,' per source. For instance, doctors learned his blood pressure med was too high, which may have contributed to dizziness when he went to GW hospital last month," he added.

I mean -- that's possible, but wouldn't they have reported he had, you know, low blood pressure then, too? Yes one can get dizzy from having blood pressure that's too low -- it happens to me during fasts if I get dehydrated -- but they would have reported he had low blood pressure, wouldn't they have?

Or maybe they're just concealing lying about all of his symptoms -- in which case, why should anyone believe what they're claiming now?

Mitch McConnell has been released from the hospital after his own fall at a "private dinner." He gave himself a concussion and a broken rib. He's doing rehab now.

Do any of these old f***s ever plan on leaving office or do they all intend to die on the public dime?

In case you missed it, I was leaked correspondence between John Fetterman and his devoted wife Gisele.

You may find that John's letters are best accompanied with this musical accompaniment, and that Gisele's flow nicely with this.

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Media Declares Another Code-Red on DeSantis


David Reaboi, Late Republic Nonsense @davereaboi

"Ron DeSantis has a Florida Problem" because... he's too popular here.

This might be the most fantastical concern troll of the week--and there's stiff competition.


The article is about Ron DeSantis' popularity in Florida permitting him to go "too far" on social issues like abortion and wokeness.

Ron DeSantis would seem to have everything going for him in the Republican presidential primary. There's just one small question: Will the good vibes now result in election doom later?

As the Florida governor cast out to early nominating states in recent days, even some of his supporters could see a problem brewing for him back home. Lawmakers in his home state are advancing controversial bills on gender and diversity policy -- base-pleasing issues for Republicans, but a potential liability in a general election. And on one cultural issue that did hurt Republicans in the midterm elections -- abortion -- DeSantis is going even further to the right, preparing to sign a bill banning the procedure after six weeks of pregnancy, with exceptions for rape and incest if victims offer proof of a crime.

"Wow," said Amy Tarkanian, a former chair of the Republican Party in Nevada, where DeSantis traveled over the weekend. "A lot of people don't even know they're pregnant at six weeks. I'm pro-life, but that's pretty extreme."

"I'm pro-life but I'm against limiting abortion." This is said all the time.

In the run-up to the primary, DeSantis solidified his place as Trump's chief rival for the nomination largely based on an electability argument. He was MAGA, like Trump, but without the former president's baggage or toxicity to moderate Republicans and independents -- the kind of voters Republicans will need to run Joe Biden from the White House next year.

But as DeSantis edges closer to announcing, he is testing the limits of how hard right he can go without undermining his rationale for running in the first place. It's a significant risk in a primary in which Republican voters -- sore from losing the White House in 2020 and a less-than-red-wave midterm two years later -- are desperate to nominate a candidate who can win.

"In a way, the Republican dominance of the Florida Legislature may end up hurting DeSantis because his proposals can become reality," said Barrett Marson, a Republican strategist in Arizona. "That may help him in a primary in Iowa or Texas or South Dakota, but in a general election in Arizona, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, it could be ruinous for him."

That fear isn't lost on Republican primary voters, either. In hypothetical matchups with Biden in a Morning Consult poll this week, DeSantis fared no better than Trump, with each trailing the incumbent Democrat by 1 percentage point. Moreover, when asked in arecent Yahoo News/YouGov poll who had the best chance of winning in 2024, DeSantis didn't stand out against Trump, either, with about as many Republicans and Republican-leaning independents naming Trump as DeSantis. That is a major shift from December, when far more Republicans viewed DeSantis as the more electable Republican.

David Strom reports on other media attacks on Meatball Ron from last week.

What's worse than Donnie Two-Scoops?

Well, Three-Fingers Ronny, that's what!


The Daily Beast also informs:

At any given fundraiser or VIP room where he's present, Ron DeSantis is usually easy to find--in the corner, keeping to himself.


During his donor retreat in Palm Beach in late February, an attendee stood up and called him "DeSatan," according to Republicans familiar with the outburst.

At his recent book tour stop in Davenport, Iowa, a volunteer English teacher and seasoned caucus enthusiast posed for a photo alongside the governor with the term "fascist" carved out within her design of a paper snowflake.

DeSantis has been slimming down -- another sign he's running for president -- so the leftwing media is now claiming, without evidence, that he's on Ozempic for weight control, and he must be, because he's totally a Fatty-Fat-Fatty by nature:

Tara Palmeri @tarapalmeri

Is DeSantis on Ozempic? He's lost a dramatic amount of weight since his inauguration two months ago


I don't know if he's on Ozempic and neither does this whore; she's just doing her duty as a Brave Media Truth-Teller to flood the zone with anti-DeSantis stories.

Another hit: DeSantis can only prove that he's ready to be president by repudiating Trump's policies and creating "separation" from him.

Um, yeah, so this is what I think they call the Bargaining phase of grief, isn't it? They're demanding DeSantis be a George Bush-like "a thousand points of light" Democrat Lite to prove he really deserves to be president.

The Daily Beast has another hit: If DeSantis is so "anti-woke," why has he not yet eliminated it from every single agency and bureau in Florida? He must be a liar! He must be a Secret Wokie!

Ron DeSantis -- why is he politicizing communism?!?!

NBC's Chuck Todd accused DeSantis of playing politics when he told an audience in Vegas that every November 10th, Florida schools teach kids about the dangers of communism.

"He's going out of his way to politicize something," Todd cried. pic.twitter.com/AQWUMeomIC

-- Kevin Tober (@KevinTober94) March 12, 2023

These are the same people who insist that students must hear about slavery non-stop, but when you mention that communism was bad too, they cry in outrage: "Stop indoctrinating children with your political lies!!!"

Adam Kinzinger is now boasting that Trump will "wipe the floor" with DeSantis when we get to the "battle of personalities."

So apparently there is someone Adam Kinzinger hates more than Trump.

I wonder why.


David Frum @davidfrum

Fascinating to watch Governor Ron DeSantis walk his nervous, wavering line on Ukraine. He's so tough against Disney!

The Washington Post is even in "Second Look at Trump" territory, positively comparing Trump's "free-wheeling" campaign style with the "scripted" DeSantis.

Trump campaign staffer Jason Miller even calls this a "Must Read"!


That headline is much more pro-Trump than the actual article. The article is mostly just a neutral comparison of styles -- but "free-wheeling" is almost always taken to be good, and "scripted" as bad -- he's lying! -- so it's not completely neutral. Just more neutral than the headline would suggest.

This is the first neutral-to-good article the Post has written about Trump in eight or ten years -- and of course it's only because they hate DeSantis more.

And that's not the first time the media has complained about this. A few weeks ago they complained that DeSantis was too "careful" in his remarks. Sub-text: He won't make gaffes and give us easy Hit Pieces on him! What a scumbag!

This is not really related to the main subject, but just to get this out of the way: Trump responded to DeSantis' barely-a-dig dig.

He said that DeSantis is a groomer, citing the leftwing account Meidas Touch, and also floated the idea that he might have some sexual allegations coming his way, from a man.

Note that Trump pushed the DeSantis-Might-Be-A-Groomer claim from the left months ago. He gave it more prominence than "Meidas Touch" ever did. So no, this is not Trump "counterattacking;" it's just him repeating an attack he's made a few times before.

I'm not super-complaining about this -- I supported Trump completely in 2016 and 2020, knowing he did this kind of thing, so I bought the ticket, and am now obliged to take the ride -- but I continue to be perplexed at people insisting that it's not fair to do the same to Trump in return.

And Trump demanding that people treat him fairly is just, well, too much.

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San Fransisco District Supervisor Has Completely-Unexpected Complaint About City Police Force


Via Instapundit and David Strom, a San Francisco district supervisor "strongly" supported the movement to defund the police in 2020.

Hillary Ronen @HillaryRonen

Aug 16, 2020

I want to make it clear that I believe strongly in defunding the police and reducing the number of officers on our force. For decades we've had an imbalance in our city's budget, with hundreds of millions of dollars going to SFPD to have them do work they are not qualified to do.

Hillary Ronen

After fighting to create Mental Health SF which redirects funds to mental health care crisis teams instead of police, I believe without a shadow of a doubt that SFPD is not where we should be putting our money.

But we have a big fight on our hands to make these cuts happen.

Hillary Ronen @HillaryRonen

If I've learned anything from my years in City Hall, it is that our best wins come through collaboration. We need unprecedented unity between those who wish to defund the police if we are to get passed this finish line together.

You'll never guess what she's saying now.

Actually, I'm pretty sure you saw the Spoiler Twist Ending of this movie coming back in 2020.

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Teenager Sues Doctors and Health Care Company For Cutting Her Healthy Breasts Off, Telling Her Parents That They Had to Choose Between "A Dead Daughter or a Live Son"


Sue them, sue them, sue them into poverty.

A teenager is suing a health care company and the doctors who put her on controversial puberty-blocking drugs at age 12 and removed her healthy breasts in a double-mastectomy surgery when she was just 13 years old, accusing them of "intentional fraud and concealment."

Layla Jane, an 18-year-old detransitioner represented by attorney Harmeet Dhillon, claims in a letter of intent to sue that she was rushed into the life-altering medical services while she and her family were not properly informed of risks and other vital information, such as the rate of desistence for childhood gender dysphoria.

"Layla immediately started puberty blockers and testosterone at age 12, and had a double mastectomy at age 13," the legal letter states.

"Two of Layla's initial providers advised that per Kaiser's official policies, Layla could not start cross-sex hormones until she was 16 and advised that surgery was not permissible until age 18," the letter claims. "But, soon thereafter, Layla ended up in the hands of Dr. [Susanne E.] Watson, Dr. [Lisa Kristine] Taylor, and Dr. [Winnie Mao Yiu] Tong. These doctors immediately approved Layla for cross-sex hormones and a double mastectomy at ages 12-13, without performing an adequate evaluation and treatment of Layla's extensive mental health co-morbidities."

"I don't think I should have been allowed to change my sex before I could legally consent to have sex," Layla said during a Fox News appearance this past week.

The doctors told her that her extensive co-morbidities -- that is, her pile of psychological problems -- would be cured if the family just let them chop off their 13-year-old daughter's tits.

There is no medical evidence to support this. They are lying to children and parents just to make money lopping off girls' tits.

Meanwhile Joe Biden, who used to shower with his too-old daughter, wants to pass a national law guaranteeing doctors the right to amputate childrens' organs.

"What's going on in Florida, is as my mother would say, 'close to sinful.' I mean, it's just terrible what they're doing," Biden said while speaking with actor Kal Penn.

"It's not like ... a kid wakes up one morning and says, 'you know, I decided that I want to become a man or I want to become a woman ... I mean, what are they thinking about here? They're human beings, they love, they have feelings, they have inclinations," Biden continued. "It's cruel."

"And the way we do it is we make sure we pass legislation like we passed on same-sex marriage. You mess with that, you're breaking the law and you're going to be held accountable," Biden added.

Kal Penn is a former Obama staffer. So Joe Biden refuses to give Fox the traditional Super Bowl interview, preferring to be interviewed by "journalists" who are actually former actors and who used to work with Biden in the Obama Administration.

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The Democrats Want a Civil War and They Might Wind Up Getting One


In case you missed it earlier in JJ's Morning Briefing, Soros-owned-and-operated DA Alvin Bragg is putting his planned arrest on Trump on hold to hear from one more witness.

But now it turns out that the Manhattan district attorney's office, which has Trump in its sights, just may be stepping back from the brink: Business Insider reported Saturday night that Trump's indictment is "on hold" until one more witness testifies Monday afternoon.

That's about all that has come to light, as the relevant authorities are being quite closemouthed about this whole thing. Insider says that "a source with knowledge of the investigation" told them on Saturday night "there is one more witness." The indictment is apparently not a certainty until this witness testifies.

But who is this witness? The Insider's source wouldn't say, and so all that we're told is that "a separate source, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, told Insider that the witness is not Allen Weisselberg, Trump's former CFO, who is serving a five-month sentence for admittedly masterminding a payroll tax-dodge scheme at the Trump Organization."

The mystery witness's identity has now been reported: Robert Costello, a lawyer for Rudy Giuliani. And a former legal advisor to... Michael Cohen.

A source with knowledge of the "hush-money" investigation has confirmed to the New York Times that Rudy Giuliani lawyer Robert Costello, a former legal advisor to Michael Cohen, will be appearing before the grand jury on Monday with the sole intention of undermining Cohen's credibility.

Steven Kruiser writes about people getting back on the Trump Train in response to this Soros DA's communist scheme to plunge the US into a civil war that will cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

American Democrats are continuing their descent into a Trump-induced madness from which there obviously won't be any return. They've escalated their insane war on Donald Trump to a point that has the potential to backfire in grand fashion. They really didn't think this one through. Then again, they haven't thought any of their Trump tantrums through. They're blinded by rage and won't stop until they get some red meat footage for the 14 viewers who still watch MSNBC and CNN.


Megan wrote a VIP column over the weekend that perfectly described what kind of effect arresting Trump will have. In it, she says that "ship-jumpers" like her will be "back on the Trump Train." That will no doubt be playing out in large numbers across America. That's plain to see for everyone but the Democrats:

SFK @stephenkruiser

#TrueStory. The Democrats' daddy issues are going to turn him into an unstoppable political martyr.

I will not be re-boarding the Trump Train over this, though I do feel that sense that maybe I should, just to teach the left a lesson. Or maybe I should just claim I'm back aboard.

JJ also linked Miranda Divine making the point that this Soros-funded election interference has the side-benefit of drawing attention away from the Biden Family Corruption probe.

If Democrats really wanted Donald Trump to fade away, as they claim, they would stop persecuting him.

Maybe they are so blinded by hatred that they can't see that every time they use the heavy hand of the law against the former president, they just cement his status as a MAGA martyr.

Or maybe they are so terrified of running against Ron DeSantis in 2024 that they actually want to martyr Trump to ensure he wins the Republican presidential primary ready for a repeat contest with Joe Biden.

In that scenario, Democratic prosecutors in New York and Georgia, and a partisan DOJ, play the role of picadors in a bullfight who soften up the bull with a thousand cuts before the decrepit old matador staggers out to finish him off.

Whether or not Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg really is about to arrest Trump this week, as has been reported, over trumped-up hush-money charges relating to a one-time assignation 17 years ago with porn star Stormy Daniels, Friday's leak from the court could not have come at a better time for President Biden.

The story that the first former president in American history would be charged with a crime, fingerprinted, put in a holding cell and maybe even perp-walked to humiliate him before the world is a dream come true for salivating Trump-haters.

But, more significantly, the story took the spotlight off the bombshell bank records released the previous day by the House Oversight Committee, showing $1,065,000 had been funneled from a Chinese energy company, through Biden intimate Rob Walker, to four immediate family members of Joe Biden: his son Hunter, brother James, and Hallie Biden, the widow of his late son Beau, who also is Hunter's former lover.

Also listed as a recipient of the Chinese money, which was doled out to the four Bidens in regular small increments between March 6 and May 18, 2017, was an as-yet-unidentified family member, listed only on bank wires as "Biden."

Wait -- there's a fourth Biden who received Chinese communist money, now?

That was a big weekend of news I missed.

Comer's team has subpoenaed further bank records and is expected to reveal the identity of that mystery person this week.

In anyone's language, that is a huge story.

Even the New York Times had to cover it, although with a typical "Republicans pounce" angle, and "balanced" by a story about an "investigation" by House Democrats into a supposedly missing gift to Trump from the Japanese prime minister of a $3,000 golf driver and $500 putter.

But the golf clubs are thin gruel against the impending exposure of the Biden family's foreign influence-peddling scheme, with then-VP Biden at its center.

So for the Democrats' spin machine, it was time for a Trump scandal, always their tactic in a "Break glass in case of emergency" moment like this, guaranteed to distract media attention, and keep voters in the dark about the real scandal swirling around Biden.

I don't think this is just about distraction -- I think this is also about intimidation.

The Democrats ordered up this political prosecution to get Republicans to back off of Joe Biden and his Chinese Connection.

I quoted Kyle Shideler last week. He pointed out that every time the Democrats commit a crime,
they weaponize the law enforcement agencies to accuse the Republicans:

Just as Hillary Clinton needed an answer to her own national security investigation and dialed up the completely-invented "Trump is a Russian Agent" scam to deflect from her own crimes, so too is the DOJ now dialing up some Very Dangerous and Scary Pro-Life Protesters so you don't notice the antifa and Jane's Revenge firebombers.


In a very real way, the FBI jujitusing a rash of anarchist attacks against pro-lifers into a reason to investigate pro-lifers is very similar to the J6 situation & Russia Collusion Hoax before it.


For the better part of a year, anarchist and black identity extremists launched massive violent riots. 2 billion dollars in damage, numerous people killed. Serious people (AG Barr) were calling for seditious conspiracy prosecutions & POTUS was threatening the insurrection act.

The DOJ/FBI was being hammered on its failures to investigate and prosecute, including when anarchists like Lisa Fithian openly called for preparing to occupy govt buildings in the event the 2020 election didn't go their way.

So with J6 we see an overwhelming demand to use the term insurrection and for DOJ to charge seditious conspiracy (including using as evidence the fact defendants armed themselves against Antifa which had attacked numerous previous rallies in DC).

And before J6 with the Whitmer fednapping case. The story HAD to be about right wingers storming government buildings in a seditious conspiracy. Why? BECAUSE that is what the radicals on the left were being accused of and the accusation needed to be neutralized.

That's why J6 couldn't be the story of a rowdy protest that got out of hand. It needed to be about seditious conspiracy to overthrow the government and an insurrection --specifically those words.

Similarly with the Russia Collusion hoax. We think of the previous Clinton scandal as being about classified information. Which is true. But perhaps more importantly, Clinton was being accused of selling access, including to Russia.

[Link to TheHill.com article] FBI's 37 secret pages of memos about Russia, Clintons and Uranium One The FBI actually released a few documents -- but they were just already-public letters from members of Congress demanding answers in the Uranium One case.

It was therefore imperative that the DOJ investigate Trump for foreign ties, and not just any foreign ties. It needed to be Russia.

In each case, what you see is the FBI/DOJ coming under criticism by conservatives for failing to enforce the law. And each time the response was "oh yeah. We'll enforce it good and HARD. Against you."

Complain about firebombs at pregnancy centers. We'll arrest sidewalk counselors. Complain about a presidential candidate selling Uranium to Moscow, we'll claim yours was a Russian agent. Complain about insurrection? We'll show you insurrection.

Again: What Trump is being accused of -- disguising a payment that he didn't want to put in campaign finance disclosures -- is exactly what we know for a fact Hillary Clinton did in 2016, when her campaign fraudulently listed payments to FusionGPS as "legal services" to be paid to her DC political lawyers. In fact, her DC political lawyers were just used as cleanskins to hide the payment; Hillary paid the FusionGPS money to them, claiming it was for "legal services," and her lawyers then paid the money to FusionGPS.

The money was not for "legal services." It was to pay for a fake dossier about a political opponent and then push that dossier to the FBI and the media.

Are we going to arrest Hillary Clinton next? If not, why not?

Below, Ron DeSantis blasts the Soros prosecutor Alvin Bragg, and the rest of the Soros prosecutors. He condemns this as an obviously-politicized prosecution and weaponization of law enforcement by Democrats.

He does get in a small dig at Trump, saying "I don't know what goes into paying hush money to a porn star to secure silence." But that aside, he's pretty firm on the outrageousness of this.

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THE MORNING RANT: 20th Century “Think Tank Conservatism” Cannot Save Our Cities

—Buck Throckmorton

Thurston Jewelers Minneapolis.JPG

Is lawless anarchy in major American cities the “limited government” that libertarian-leaning conservatives have been promoting for decades? If not, what is the conservative prescription to rescue our failed cities?

Christopher Roach had a great piece at American Greatness a couple weeks ago. It was about Chicago specifically, but it discussed in broader terms how Koch/CATO-style “small government” offers no solutions to the anarcho-tyranny in our major cities.

Before I get to Roach’s piece, I’ll mention that this is something I’ve previously covered, and as much as we conservatives may take some schadenfreude in watching cities suffer from their far-left policies, this country cannot survive if our major cities are all dystopian wastelands. We need to offer a conservative alternative. Here’s a snippet of what I wrote a few years ago.

It’s An Opportune Time for Municipal Conservatism [Buck Throckmorton – 11/23/2020]

It used to be that Democrat mayors and city councils were all about jobs programs, generous salaries and benefits for municipal employees, and a smorgasbord of services for residents. In exchange, the taxes and corruption of the power structure was tolerated, but citizens always felt they could rely on a certain level of policing and civil order. Republicans, by contrast, offered “limited government” and lower taxes, and they were routed at the polls for decades.

With our major cities now boarded up and in ruins, this is an ideal time for Republicans to assert a “municipal conservatism” that our dying cities are desperately in need of. But the worn-out, libertarian, anti-government Republican platform of old will not fix the anarchy that has overtaken our cities. Heck, the left’s demand to abolish the police could itself be defined as “anti government.”

What Republicans need to offer is city services done right: Policing; Patriotism; Cleanliness; Safety; Usable parks; Schools that teach the “Three Rs”; Anti-vagrancy; Pro-small business; Pro-church; Pro-America. The opportunity is huge because Democrats now oppose all of those building blocks of civilization.

Sure, let’s go ahead and promise to clean up the graft, to eliminate full-retirement for 50-year-olds, to reduce red tape, to replace pensions with 401ks, etc. But above all else, let’s promise and deliver a return to civil order in our cities. There is a huge demand for it.

Mr. Roach is making similar arguments.

Chicago Needs Liberty, But Order Too [American Greatness – 3/05/2023]

Chicago and Lightfoot indirectly illustrate a real problem with the “think tank” crowd who form the heart of Conservatism, Inc. All of these Koch-funded outfits, the Catos and AEIs, are libertarian-leaning. They counsel that big government is the problem, which is obviously true some of the time, with examples ranging from Chicago’s once-stringent gun control regime to the voluminous and burdensome Code of Federal Regulations.

But this is not the whole story or even the major obstacle today in America’s cities. There are also serious deprivations of liberty imposed by crime and disorder. If you do not feel safe at night going to the store, shopping, or getting on the train, you are not really free. It does not matter that this threat does not come from the government, but, in those cases, from government’s absence.

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


Ingres Odalisque.jpg

Odalisque With Slave

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

[Hat Tip: Tubal]

Posted by CBD at 09:35 AM Comments

The Morning Report — 3/20/23

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Were it not so utterly tragic, I'd be laughing my ass off instead of retching my guts up. For just over two years, we've endured the abject disaster of an economy induced into near total free-fall, the nightmare of rushing headlong to touch of World War 3, the confirmation that the origins of and response to General Tso's Sicken (Chinese COVID) were a total disaster, a national crime wave made worse by a non-existent border, rank incompetence in every department and that the titanic big lie that J-6 was a Trump-led violent insurrection that attempted to overthrow the government and seize power has been exploded with the release of 44,000 hours of video that seem to indicate DOJ agents provocateur were the source of all the violence that day.

So, the cherry on the parfait, the "waffer-theeen" mint that an engorged Mr. Creosote is about to swallow is that House investigations are confirming the un-spinnable fact that Joe "Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants" Biden (with help from his family) is quite probably the most corrupt politician to ever hold office in American history, having obtained the bulk of his lucre by selling his office and selling out America to the world's worst actors, including our worst enemies.

That last item, washed down with two jeroboams of transexualism, woke-ism, DEI-ism and another "ism" beginning with a "j" – journalism – surely is the straw that breaks the camel's back. Then, seemingly out of nowhere comes subpar-thinking affirmative action hire and Soros stooge Alvin Bragg to snatch the mint and switch it with a Tums. Or in this case, to my non-legal eagle eyes is for all intents and purposes, the close moral equivalent to a bill of attainder against the junta's greatest nemesis.

This is banana republic shit that even Haitians are raising an eyebrow at.

If Democrats really wanted Donald Trump to fade away, as they claim, then they would stop persecuting him. 

Maybe they are so blinded by hatred that they can’t see that every time they use the heavy hand of the law against the former president, they just cement his status as MAGA martyr. 

Or maybe they are so terrified of running against Ron DeSantis in 2024, that they actually want to martyr Trump to ensure he wins the Republican presidential primary ready for a repeat contest with Joe Biden. 

In that scenario, Democratic prosecutors in New York and Georgia, and a partisan DOJ, play the role of picadors in a bullfight who soften up the bull with a thousand cuts before the decrepit old matador staggers out to finish him off. . .

. . . But, more significantly, the story took the spotlight off the bombshell bank records released the previous day by the House oversight committee, showing $1,065,000 had been funneled from a Chinese energy company, through Biden intimate Rob Walker, to four immediate family members of Joe Biden: his son Hunter, brother James, and Hallie Biden, the widow of his late son Beau, who also is Hunter’s former lover. . .

. . . So for the Democrats’ spin machine, it was time for a Trump scandal, always their tactic in a “break glass in case of emergency” moment like this, guaranteed to distract media attention, and keep voters in the dark about the real scandal swirling around Biden. 

Enter Bragg, the Soros-funded, soft-on-crime DA who has been talking about Trump being indicted on something or other since at least 2019, and who made “Get Trump” a part of his election campaign. 

His case is a joke. The allegation is that Trump falsified business records by concealing a $130,000 payment to porn star Stormy Daniels which was made by his estranged former lawyer Michael Cohen in 2016. 

Everything rests on the word of Cohen, a convicted perjurer, who testified before Bragg’s grand jury for three hours last Monday, and then again on Wednesday. Before that he had been in for interviews with the DA’s office at least 19 times. 

But on Monday the grand jury will hear testimony from Bob Costello, a former legal adviser to Cohen before they fell out, who has acted for Trump’s some time lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and is a former supervisor with the Southern District of New York. 

Costello will cite evidence contained in the 2020 book “The Fixers: The Bottom-Feeders, Crooked Lawyers, Gossipmongers, and Porn Stars Who Created the 45th President” that Cohen keeps changing his story about the Stormy Daniels payments and can’t be trusted. 

Costello knows because he was an on-record source for the book and Cohen granted him a waiver of their attorney-client privilege to reveal what he had told him about his troubles when the feds first came knocking — and it’s nothing like what he’s saying now. 

When prosecutors were told about the book Friday, they knew nothing about it, says a source, which doesn’t say much for their due diligence. 

Oops. Building off of Miranda Devine above, Robert Spencer notes:

But now it turns out that the Manhattan district attorney’s office, which has Trump in its sights, just may be stepping back from the brink: Business Insider reported Saturday night that Trump’s indictment is “on hold” until one more witness testifies Monday afternoon.

That’s about all that has come to light, as the relevant authorities are being quite closemouthed about this whole thing. Insider says that “a source with knowledge of the investigation” told them on Saturday night “there is one more witness.” The indictment is apparently not a certainty until this witness testifies.

But who is this witness? The Insider’s source wouldn’t say, and so all that we’re told is that “a separate source, who also spoke on condition of anonymity, told Insider that the witness is not Allen Weisselberg, Trump’s former CFO, who is serving a five-month sentence for admittedly masterminding a payroll tax-dodge scheme at the Trump Organization.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, whose betrayal of his former client started this whole business about Trump having paid hush money to a porn star (which is what he might be arrested for, not any of the literally dozens of other crimes that Democrats have claimed he has committed over the last few years, up to and including trying to overthrow the government of the United States), “has told reporters he expected to be the grand jury’s final witness when he testified last Monday and Wednesday.” So whoever is slated to appear on Monday is a surprise witness. . .

. . . The principal charge is expected to be a felony, “falsifying business records in the first degree,” which would be based on the claim that Trump was involved in falsifying records to conceal the payment to the porn “actress.” Meanwhile, Trump continues to deny that he had any liaison with the porn star at all, and certainly there are precedents for wealthy individuals and groups paying out sums to claimants even though they know the claims are false, just to get them to go away. . .

. . . In the U.S., the Democrats enjoyed tremendous gains in both houses of Congress and won the presidency on the strength of Watergate, and they’ve never forgotten that lesson; in fact, tarring their opponents as criminals on bogus charges has become a cornerstone of their political strategy. And that is a prelude to treating them like actual criminals, complete with arrests, handcuffs, and perp walks. Whether or not it comes Tuesday, it’s coming.

While Spencer's observation is certainly true, the state of the nation today is markedly different from the Watergate era. Divided as we were even back then, there was still a level of trust in the institutions and traditions of the American governmental and legal system, as well as in the media, and even with diametrically opposed views on the issues of the day, still at least a modicum of respect for those with whom you disagree and the commonality of nation and heritage. Today, that has all but vanished on every front. In fact, an overwhelming percentage of the American people believe that we have a two-tiered justice system that favors those in power and the Left in general.

Whatever the calculus of the junta in going after Trump, they will only succeed in making him into a martyr. I have not been sanguine about a Trump candidacy in 2024. My biggest negatives are his age, his puerile name-calling against DeSantis, and most distressing, his making the theft of the 2020 election the central pillar of his campaign. He's had some flashes of brilliance with his trade package and his intent to go to war against woke-ism in all its forms. But so far, his negatives outweigh the positives. YMMV, but I think a lot of people are feeling this way about him.

But that said, I have always thought of him as the leader of a movement that goes way beyond mere electoral politics. In fact, it's kind of strange to read Miranda Devine's analysis insofar as the Democrat calculus of preferring to face Trump rather than DeSantis for fear of him wiping the floor with Biden or whoever, since they regard Trump to be a pushover. Considering they have all but institutionalized election fraud in the key swing districts and states they stole in 2020, what does it matter who is running?

For me, this has less if anything to do with who the candidate is in 2024 than mere distraction and above all else, retribution against Donald Trump. That's what all this is about.

Love him, hate him or whatever, Donald Trump intentionally or not started a movement that exposed the hypocrisy and corruption that has now completely subsumed our government and much of our society. Whatever they do to him or try to do to him, what he started will not be stopped. There is no going back now to the way things were. A lot of it was a lie, and there are powerful forces and more alarmingly a great deal of the citizenry duped into or otherwise consciously supporting the transformation of America into a socialist disaster to be served up to the Davos-Brussels-Beijing Axis, or perhaps a resurgent Islamic global caliphate.

So, go ahead and slap the cuffs on Trump. It worked so well for the British when they did it to Gandhi, didn't it?

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Daily Tech News 20 March 2023

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

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Sunday Overnight Open Thread (3/19/23)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

3 19 230nt.jpg


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

“I hope that you realize what damage you have done to the city. I hope, that after today’s city council meeting, you will pack your suitcase and get the hell out of my city.” reporter William Kelly

Quote II

“This campaign for reparations is led by leftist grifters looking to sell their latest lucrative book about being oppressed and progressives who expect a gold medal for their virtue signaling,” Ex-BLM member Xaviaer DuRousseau


The Comments of The Week

3 19 com1(1).jpg

3 19 com2(2).jpg

Screenshot 2023-03-12 at 9.19.14 PM(1).jpg

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Gun Thread: Still More March Edition!


031923 calendar scaled.jpg

Howdy, Y'all! Welcome to the wondrously fabulous Gun Thread! As always, I want to thank all of our regulars for being here week in and week out, and also offer a bigly Gun Thread welcome to any newcomers who may be joining us tonight. Howdy and thank you for stopping by! I hope you find our wacky conversation on the subject of guns 'n shooting both enjoyable and informative. You are always welcome to lurk in the shadows of shame, but I'd like to invite you to jump into the conversation, say howdy, and tell us what kind of shooting you like to do!

Q: Weasel, who is finally making a trip to WeaselAcres?
A: Weasel! Weasel are finally making a trip to WeaselAcres!

Yep, that's right guys 'n gals, I am taking a few days off this coming week and headed to the farm. The weather sounds great and I can't wait to get down there! I'll have some sort of trip report next Sunday. Also - be sure to keep an eye on the 2023 NoVAMoMe info below (no updates for this week).

With that, step into the dojo and let's get to the gun stuff below, shall we?

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Food Thread: It IS The End Times: French Toast With Maple Syrup Is Back On The Menu!



Why yes, that is French Toast. With buttermilk ice cream. And cinnamon sugar. And maple syrup.

And I ate it.

No...not because I have had some sea change in my life that has driven me towards horrible food combinations. I am nothing if not rigid and unwilling to change. It was a far simpler reason.

It was polite.

At an excellent breakfast joint we shot the breeze with a charming and amusing waiter (actually a manager filling in) about food and travel and life. I think we spent half an hour chatting with him, and he brought us that dish as a treat.

So I dug in with gusto, ate the damned thing (far too sweet!), thanked him for the delicious dessert, and then went back to the hotel and brushed my teeth!

I am intellectually and emotionally allergic to French Toast with maple syrup, but not physically, so it never even occurred to me to decline the gesture.

Meals are not just for fuel. They are part of what makes us human, and the joy of sharing food with others, and even the process in a restaurant is a civilized and enjoyable thing that is completely separate from the act of eating.

At some level we were in his home, as it were, and refusing that hospitable gesture would have been unthinkable.

When we are invited into someone's home for a meal, I think that the assumption is, or certainly should be, that the event is for the enjoyment of each other's company, and that the meal is a delightful bonus. So what if you don't like peas or broccoli or lamb or hamburgers...eat it, smile, say how delicious it is, and enjoy the company!

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First-World Problems...



[My apologies in advance for presenting a First World Problem...but then having a solution!]

Yeah...I am one of those people who has that special skill for losing small parts. You name it...guns or computers or plumbing or cars or just fixing some random equipment in the house, and I will invariably drop a small part onto the floor, or even more fun shoot it across the room...propelled by some tiny little spring that is shockingly powerful!

Magnets! Ain't they grand! That silly little pressed metal container has a few cheap rare-earth magnets embedded in the base, and it holds everything nicely...even on end, so it is easier to pick up when needed.

It's pretty much perfect, and a marvelous First World Solution to a First World Problem.

Oh...anyone who can identify what's in the magic magnet bowl gets a one year platinum membership to AoSHQ, with ampersand utility AND Troll-B-Gon!

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Now Available!
The Deplorable Gourmet
A Horde-sourced Cookbook
[All profits go to charity]
Top Headlines
Manhattan's Soros DA Alivin Bragg contacts police in anticipation of indictment of Trump next week
No more protection for Democrats, including presidents, their families, and their corrupt wives like Hillary. LOCK THEM ALL UP. If one side is going to risk political civil war by jailing the leaders of the other party, then we're all playing that game.
Alvin Bragg better stay within NYC's limits, too. That m*****f***er looks like violates drug laws on the daily, and I can see Red State Police sniffing at his hotel doors to see if any illegal substances are being consumed.
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click: Hall and Oates Deep Cuts Edition
This is from 1980's Voices. It was never a single, but maybe it should have been.
Operator, International Oh-One-One, oh/Put your love on the line, put your ear to the phone/Baby, it's no longer than a night and a day/But where you are is so far from the U.S. of A/And it ain't so easy, easy on the heart
CJN podcast sidebar.jpg
S3E8: The Irish Democracy episode, as author, historian and editor of The-Pipeline.org Michael Walsh joins CBD and J.J. from his home in Ireland to ask the ultimate question of "what are you prepared to do" to fight for whatever is left of America, the Trump vs DeSantis battle, will the Chi-Coms implode before we do, the abject incompetence of those who would be our overlords, climate madness, and a whole lot more!
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click
In the early-mid eighties, a big band's singer went solo, and made this song, written for his girlfriend Sherrie.
Cool new song I just heard and by "new song" I mean it's from 2011
These Young People making this racket are probably all in fixed-rate mortgage situations now
Former Rep. Pat Schroeder, Colorado lawmaker and women's rights pioneer, dead at 82

She knows who she will be voting for in the next election cycle

Posted by: SMOD
Your weekly reminder that the left supported Russia for 100 years exactly (1917 to 2017) and took its side in every dispute, arguing against every military system designed to deter them or shoot down missiles, arguing endlessly that we should concede the entire world to the Soviet Union, even laughing in a 2012 presidential debate at the notion that Russia was a "global foe."
But then in 2016 Russia spent $150,000 on FaceBook ads to stir up political trouble which a failed alcoholic lesbian claimed was "stealing the election."
At that point, the left became the absolute most unhinged of Dr. Strangelove level Russia hawks, and began attacking anyone who didn't now want to start a nuclear exchange with Russia a "RUSSIAN AGENT."
Just forget about those previous 90 years, eh, comrade? Like when the Democrat party was made up of front groups directly funded by the KGB?
Leftists have no patriotism, except to leftism itself. They championed Russia when it was invading the world and funding terrorist groups to attack Europe, Israel, and the US. They finally decided that Russia might be a Bad Guy when they ran $150,000 in ads on FaceBook that Hillary Clinton said "stole" the election from her.
Megyn Kelly actually interviewed the "former" CIA agent who now orders social media companies around about who to censor, Renee DiResta. You will be shocked, I'm sure, to discover that she doesn't have any conservatives working in her censorship pressure organization. Oh wait, she doesn't flatly admit that, she just hems and haws and says "I wish we had more conservatives working with us..."
They make absolutely no concessions about all the censoring they did of information that has been proven to be 100% True. They just keep repeating that it didn't come from the proper "reliable" sources. The only "experts" they think are "reliable" are the ones who get everything wrong. Which is a strange use of the word "reliable." Unless it just means... an agent who can be relied upon to advance Regime propaganda, no matter what the actual truth might be.
Which is, of course, precisely what they mean by it.
CJN podcast sidebar.jpg
S3E7: CBD and J.J. Sefton discuss the release of the J6 videotapes by McCarthy and Carlson, destroying the Leftist meme about a Trump-led violent insurrection, rabid Marxist Gigi Sohn's FCC nomination is dead but equally rabid Commie Julie Su is set to destroy free enterprise if she becomes FTC head, Chinese COVID-19 came from a lab!, Americans kidnapped and killed south of the non-existent border, and more!
Robert Blake dies at 89
And that's the name of that tune
"Eye of the Tiger," by Metallica
Thanks to Christopher R. Taylor
Topol -- actually Chaim Topol -- dies at 87
I was surprised to find out he was still alive. He always seemed old, even when he wasn't. People will talk about Fiddler on the Roof but musicals are gay. He was my favorite ally of James Bond. Whoops, spoiler.
Jonah Goldberg is 53 years old.
Again, I can't stress enough the income streams this discount mediocrity and professional fat fuck has simply because of the family he belongs to.
He does less work in a day than a ship's parrot and it's pretty much a given that he has a macro on his keyboard that automatically generates 7/8 of anything he writes.
Posted by: Azathoth

In fairness you can't t!ttyf**k a parrot, tho
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Seems Legit: "blow it out your ass Posted by: REDACTED at March ..."

TheJamesMadison, being witty and sophisticated with Ernst Lubitsch: "402 Interesting but there is no possible way VA fl ..."

Keep gp Out Yo MF'n Mouf: "403 You guys can't handle the truth. ..."

RedMindBlueState[/i][/b][/s][/u]: "[i]404 Comment not found Posted by: Doof at March ..."

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