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August 14, 2022

Food Thread: Tomatoes And Inflation...Not Inflated Tomatoes!


wasted tomatoes.jpg

Well, that's one way to deal with extra tomatoes, but there are others that are less messy!

Late last summer as the local tomato harvest was winding down, we lucked into a huge amount of pretty ripe and good tomatoes. There wasn't enough mozzarella and basil and balsamic vinegar in the world to eat that many tomatoes, so I decided to slap them on the grill for a few minutes and see what happened.

And what happened was a very good thing. The tomatoes lost some of their juice (but not much), picked up a delicate smoky flavor...more like roasted really, and I was able to peel them about half way.

So now what? Hell, I plopped them into a blender and was left with sort of a thin tomato sauce that tasted great, was a fantastic addition to pretty much everything, and best of all? It froze perfectly. So in the deepest darkest days of winter I had a taste of high summer. I dug up the last of it out of the freezer a few weeks ago, and used it to tune up some plain old sautéed squash, zucchini and onions. It turned into sort of a vegetable stew, and it was delicious.

Yes, even I, a committed carnivore will eat vegetables when they taste good! Of course it was complemented by a very large grilled pork chop, so that may have helped...

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King Harv Imperial Coffee

First-World Problems...



We have hard water, and in spite of a reasonably effective water softening system, our glasses eventually pick up that irritating embedded staining that is impossible to remove. Oh, I have tried vinegar and other acids, but short of an Aqua Regia bath, those stains aren't coming off!

Just imagine how it makes my beer feel! How insulting that I have to pour good beer into tainted glasses!

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Too Little, Too Late. And More Of A Wait.

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

Gibson's Bakery a small family owned bakery is located in Oberlin, Ohio. You may recall in 2016 this business made the news.

If you don't the following comes from Wikipedia.

2016 shoplifting incident
On Wednesday, November 9, 2016, an underage African-American Oberlin College student and Student Assistant Treasurer,[7] Jonathan Aladin (aka Elijah Aladin), attempted to purchase a bottle of wine using a fake identification card.[6] The store clerk, Allyn D. Gibson, a son and grandson of the owners,[4] rejected the fake ID. Gibson noticed that the student was concealing two other bottles of wine inside his jacket.[8][4] According to a police report, Gibson told the student he was contacting the police, and when Gibson pulled out his phone to take a photo of the student, the student slapped it away, striking Gibson's face.[9] The student ran out of the store. Gibson followed and then grabbed and held onto the shoplifter outside the store after the shoplifter had also assaulted the store owner, David Gibson.[4] Two other students, Cecelia Whettstone and Endia Lawrence, friends of the shoplifter, joined the scuffle.[4] When the police arrived, they witnessed Gibson lying on the ground with the three students punching and kicking him.[9] The police report stated that Gibson sustained a swollen lip, several cuts, and other minor injuries.[5][10] The police arrested the students, charging all three with assault and the shoplifter with robbery as well. In August 2017, the three students pleaded guilty, stating that they believed Gibson's actions were justified and were not racially motivated.[9][11][12] Their plea deals carried no jail time in exchange for restitution, the public statement, and a promise of future good behavior.[11][13]

Fast forward to 2017.

Civil complaint
In November 2017, Gibson's Bakery filed a civil complaint against Oberlin for libel, slander, interference with business relationships, and interference with contracts in the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas. Gibson's argued that the college supported the protests that damaged its reputation and that the college unlawfully broke its contract with the bakery.[9] In the complaint, the Gibson family alleged that some Oberlin College professors attended the demonstrations, joined in the chants with a bullhorn, and gave course credit to students who skipped class to attend the demonstrations. It also claimed Oberlin employees distributed boycott flyers and allowed them to be photocopied for free on school machines.[6]

The Jury comes back with its decision.

Verdict and responses
In June 2019, the jury found in favor of the Gibson family, awarding $11 million in compensatory damages, before further hearings on punitive damages and legal fees.[19]

Today is August 14, 2022 and and the Gibson family still hasn't seen one red cent.

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Sunday Morning Book Thread - 08-14-2022 ["Perfessor" Squirrel]

—Open Blogger

(ht: David Carter)

Welcome to the prestigious, internationally acclaimed, stately, and illustrious Sunday Morning Book Thread! The place where all readers are welcome, regardless of whatever guilty pleasure we feel like reading. Here is where we can discuss, argue, bicker, quibble, consider, debate, confabulate, converse, and jaw about our latest fancy in reading material, even if it's nothing more than the secret documents hidden in Melania Trump's underpants drawer. As always, pants are required, especially if you are wearing these pants...

So relax, find yourself a warm kitty (or warm puppy--I won't judge) to curl up in your lap, tap a keg of maple syrup for your pancakes, and crack open a new book. What are YOU reading this fine morning?

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EMT 8/14/22


Happy Sunday.

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Daily Tech News 14 August 2022

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

  • Running Android without Google. (Tom's Guide)

    Okay, so the hardware in the two tests reported here is sold by google - the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 - but the software is two versions of Android - /e/OS and GrapheneOS - stripped of all the Google-specific software and tracking.

    You can still install the Play Store and install all your usual apps, and they will (mostly) work the same as before. The one thing highlighted here is that you will lose Google's custom camera app - and this results in a marked drop in photo quality because the software is doing most of the magic there.

    But if you want out of the Google trap without losing compatibility entirely, either of these might be a viable option.

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Saturday Overnight Open Thread (8/13/22)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

8 13 ont.jpg


The Saturday Night Joke

A pastor was 10-minutes into his sermon when he noticed his young son in the balcony with a pea-shooter.
He was leaning over the "balcony"—aiming, and popping people in the head.
As the pastor prepared to deliver a very public scolding of his boy – the 7 year-old son hollered out, “You keep preaching Dad, and I’ll keep’em awake! (H/T Isophorone Blog)


Yes indeed folks, it is the Overnight Open Thread, but it's Saturday night as well. So let's try and have some fun, okie dokie?

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Saturday Evening Movie Thread - 8/13/2022 [TheJamesMadison]

—Open Blogger

Wes Craven

This is the first time I've gone through the body of work of a filmmaker and simply regretted the decision. After having done several foreign filmmakers in a row (Kurosawa, Tati, Melville, and Kobayashi), I decided to search out a more modern, American filmmaker with name recognition, and I quickly settled on Wes Craven. I'd known Craven's name for a long time, his work on such big-name horror movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream was simply far too big to ignore or miss.

He certainly has some good films to his name. The aforementioned pair of horror films are joined by The Serpent and the Rainbow, New Nightmare, and Red Eye as his collection of solidly good films. I genuinely enjoy these five. However, he made twenty-four films (included a handful of television movies), and the rest are a mixture of mediocre and outright bad films. The clear majority of his work is just simply not good at all.

As I was getting towards the end of his body of work, the one thing that popped up most prominently was the idea of authorship. Most of his best films he did not write, and most of his worst films were projects where he has the sole writing credit. That really colored my view of him as a storyteller. Of his five films I like best, three (Scream, The Serpent and the Rainbow, and Red Eye) were written by others while the other two (the pair of Nightmare on Elm Street films he directed) were his. Of the six I liked least, he wrote five of them (The Hills Have Eyes Part 2, Shocker, My Soul to Take, Swamp Thing, and Night Visions) while only one (Summer of Fear) was written by someone else.

Craven himself was most fully responsible for the vast majority of his worst films, and his best films were mostly written by other people. Not every great director needs to be a writer as well (Scorsese has writing credits on only five of his films while Spielberg has it on only two of his), but the preponderance of Craven's name on the screenplays of so many of his bad films and on so relatively few of his good ones told me something. It told me that he was simply not very good at telling stories in a cinematic medium.

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Weekend Hobby, Craft and Bodging Thread

—J.J. Sefton

Greetings, all. Time once again to head to the garage, basement, shop, studio, craft room or wherever else you go to make a mess and lose yourself in something creative.

Please note this is not an open thread, so please refrain from things political. Lord knows we have lots of opportunities for that. Okay, here we go.

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Ace of Spades Pet Thread, August 13



* * *

Welcome to this weekly respite from most of the outside "civilized" world -- the Ace of Spades Pet Thread.

Thanks for stopping by. Sniff out your best treats, kick back and enjoy the world of animals.

Reminder: For current events and politics, the Thread before the Gardening Thread (a couple of threads below) is almost always an Open Thread.

Watch out for skunks.

* * *

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Saturday Gardening, Puttering and Adventure Thread, August 13


bunratty castle limerick ireland.jpg

Bunratty Castle and Gardens near Limerick, County Clare, Ireland

My cousin visited recently.

Bunratty is looking quite fine
Vikings once sailed in to dine
Four castles were built*
And fighters were kilt
Now tourists seem rather benign

* Recognize the Motte and Bailey construction style?

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Yes, woke institutions really are that bad


ministry of truth approv.png

From Dr_No

We have seen a lot of stories lately about how our institutions are being taken over by radical ideologies. Today, a few updates, mostly concerning medicine and education. Nurture your personal relationships with people you trust, because as Russell Brand has said, the big institutions (in particular) are not your friends.

Outrages in Medicine

American Academy of Pediatrics

Last week, we reprised Muldoon's piece on the AAP, reviewed criticisms of a bogus paper in their flagship journal and discussed their refusal to allow pediatricians to comment on their position statement concerning care of children and adolescents with gender dysphoria, etc. in What is happening to the The American Academy of Pediatrics?


There are more comments on the bogus study above, which tried to discredit Abigail Shrier's work and the prior findings of other researchers. The lead author of the bogus paper is also a leading advocate of the idea that if kids who say they are transgender are not affirmed in their belief, they will commit suicide.

And via J.J. Sefton's Morning Report yesterday, physicians are getting around the AAP's refusal to allow commentary on their position statement on this issue during the designated comment period. Physicians are adding their commentary to the position statement on another issue. Heh.

And pediatricians are also "privately slamming" the Academy. Rumble, rumble, rumble.

A little revolt!

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Saturday Morning Coffee Break & Prayer Revival

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

8 13 coffee.jpg

A little coffee with one's cream? Unlike my soul, black and bitter.


Good morning Moron Horde. Just a couple of rules before the Prayer Revival.

1) Opine and/or bloviate away in this open thread.
2) Be nice to one another including the dastardly swamp critters.
3) For heaven's sake, no running with sharp objects.
4) Enjoy your weekend, or don't enjoy it. It's all up to you.

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EMT 8/13/22


I guess now is the time in our republic where we start designing our gay uniforms and the proper number and placement of medals?

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Daily Tech News 13 August 2022

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

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I Can Tell You, My Love For You Will Still Be Strong, After The ONT Is Gone


Happy Friday everyone! How are y'all doing in this brave new world?

is-not fascism.jpg

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Cuteness Overload Cafe


Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland
photo by Sam Rogers

More info about Eilean Donan Castle, here, including a video.

Don't crowd, there's also a 4:30 pm show.
Tiny baby panda.

Baby Tigger.

Would you like some fries with that shake?

Rescuing Graham the Lamb. He's pretty cute.

Two exotic cats, a caracal and serval, playing together.

This retriever is taking his job home with him.

It's like Kirk vs. The Gorn.

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General Michael Hayden, Former Head of the CIA, Deranged Coup Plotter, and Signatory of Bogus "Hunter Biden Laptop Is Russian Disinformation" Letter, Calls for Hanging Former President Trump


Now don't any of you call for the hanging of Michael Hayden. Remember, he's a member of The Regime, and only members of The Regime are responsible, reasonable, and informed enough to know when they should and should not call for the execution of their political enemies.

You stupid plebes do not know these things, and would just make fools of yourselves if you tried.

And also, it's illegal for you to do so. Only high members of The Regime have full free speech rights. Any sub-persons such as yourselves attempting to exercise free speech rights similar to high members of The Regime will be put on an FBI watch list and subjected to audits from the 87,000 new IRS agents Biden has hired to harass you into compliance.

Political violence is a very serious issue plaguing our nation, and we're only allowed so much of it, and the left has called "dibs" on all of our allotment.

So back the eff off.


I'm not going to ask what the penalty would be for interfering in a political election not once but twice -- he was also a crazed peddler of Russiagate Conspiracy Theories -- because, being a plebian, I cannot possibly grapple with the sort of intricate, elevated "Let's hang our political enemies" political discourse that Regime luminaries such as Michael Hayden dabble so effortlessly in.

By the way, the original tweet, the one Russiagate Promoter/Laptop Denier Michael Hayden endorsed, was from "presidential historian" Michael Beschloss, who is, I read, one of "about a half dozen" academics that our degenerated-brain puppet "president" Biden routinely meets with.

So Biden's historian-advisor is also calling for the execution of Biden's political enemies.

I want to stress, just because you see your Social, Intellectual, and Moral Superiors calling for the hanging of their political enemies does not entitle you Lowly Lessers to do likewise.

Another Regime official, The Fiercely Heterosexual Cory Booker, said the prodigious quantities of masculine testosterone surging through his totally attracted-to-women veins and coursing through them like untamed, completely-straight mustangs makes him want to physically assault Trump, but again, note that he is simply a more entitled member of a more exalted caste than you are, and is allowed to say things like this without being subjected to, say, dawn raids by the FBI searching for anyone who's come into contact with the diary written by Biden's whore daughter ratting on her pedo father for showering with her.

Quod licet Iovi non licet bovi, the Romans say, which means, "What is permitted to the gods (Jovi) is not permitted to the cattle (bovi)." Michael Hayden, Michael Bechloss, and other Regime luminaries are iovi, gods; you are mere bovi, cattle.

Know your place, cattle.

Below: One of the Iovi. Look at him glow with divine magnificence.

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Quick Hits


After the Human Centipede of Twitter Know-Nothings just kept shitting the words "Release the warrant" into each other's mouths as if this meant anything -- as if the warrant would contain the affidavit supporting the warrant -- we finally got the warrant, and boy oh boy, does it say... nothing.

The warrant says they've come to seize all of his presidential documents.


The warrant is so specific that in line c., it demands... every Presidential record created during Donald Trump's entire term. Every single one.

So yeah, this is a super-specific warrant. Releasing it really cleared matters up.

Is everyone now illuminated? Now that "Trump's bluff has been called"?



Boy, whoever scouted that incredible Young Conservative Talent and brilliant wide-ranging mind we know as Sarah Isgur Flores, man, I'd like to buy you a steak dinner, sir. You really picked out a winner there.

You definitely did not just promote her as a "conservative" because she had ovaries and could say "I like Reagan, eagles, freedom, and trucks" without giggling too much.

Well done, Conservative, Inc. Well done, as usual!

But we did some "outreach" to stupid AWFL suburban Wine Moms who vote with us once every six cycles! I'm so glad we paid Sarah Isgur Flores all these years instead of actual conservatives who could advance actual conservatism.


Kinzinger admits Trump won their feud, at least "in the short term:" "Yeah, he won. In the short term at least," he said. "There's no use in pretending somehow I scored some major victory and saved the party."

He says he voted for Trump in 2020, which is surprising.

Bang bang Zaslav's Silver Hammer came down upon his snout
Bang bang Zaslav's Silver Hammer made'm sorry he whipped it out...

Breaking911 @Breaking911

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin leaving CNN

From the Bee:

CELEBS * AUG 12, 2022

Jeffrey Toobin Departing CNN To Expose Himself To New Audiences

Our woke military:


From a friend: "I'm about to fail my workplace violence prevention training because the test was designed by high school girls."

@USNavy really striking fear into the hearts of our enemies these days.

Based on the limited context I see, I think the question concerns someone with a crush on another person, who is disappointed that person doesn't share her feelings, so she crumples a photo of that person. The question is, should this crumpling of a photo be reported to the crumpler's supervisor as a possible sign of workplace violence?

He answered "No," because it's not violence and none of his business.

The Navy -- the US Navy! -- says it is violence, and Navy personnel should now rat on each other to their supervisors about such minor matters.


This is the US Navy, again, whose profession is actual violence, now claiming that photo-crumpling is actual violence.

Jesse Kelly linked this, commenting, "We're going to lose a major war."

Oh there's no doubt about that. The only question is, will that lost war completely destroy the US, or just destroy and humiliate the US government, permitting sane citizens to take the country back?


In four days, Liz Cheney will be unemployed.

Just kidding!


From GrandOldMemes on Twitter.

No but seriously, in addition to immediately inking a deal with CNN to provide "expert commentary" except on any of the issues upon which she might disagree with Jake Tapper, she'll immediately be appointed a "Resident Fellow" at AEI lobbying for Google and FaceBook as well as a job with a foreign policy shop in which she'll lobby for a shady foreign country, possibly Ukraine, without ever registering with FARA but that's okay because she's part of The Regime and The Regime is above the law.

AllahPundit will sink into a deep depression but then he'll check the TVGuide and say:

"Oh, there's a good Maddow on tonight on the new 'MSNBClassic' streaming channel I signed for as a lifetime subscriber for the low, low locked-in price of just $40 per month. It's an episode from January 2018 -- Peak Russiagate.

"Sigh. Peak Russiagate -- those were the days, m'boy! Every day the walls were closing in and every night the train was running out of track! We wuz KANGS then, I tell you! Twitter was an Algonquin Round Table of Russiagate Conspiracy Theorists and Dulcet Rachel was our Dorothy Parker!!

"I think this episode is the one where she talks about Trump's secret backdoor server connection to Russia -- everyone knows that Trump is a very tech-savvy operator and often speaks in binary and alphanumeric to throw off the feds -- and she gets so physically excited by the top-notch all-star reporting of the real journalism site Slate I think you can see her spontaneously lactate on camera!!!"

Noted Deranged Russiagate Conspiracy Theorist Jonah Goldberg, who believed every single impossible-to-believe thing his leftwing media palz told him, suddenly discovered a thing called "skepticism" when confronted with Hunter Biden's laptop.

He believed it was Russian disinformation of some kind. At the very least, he believed the laptop had been insinuated into the public view by shady actors, probably by RUSSIAN AGENTS.

When someone pointed out the laptop and simply been abandoned at a computer repair shop and the owner himself had turned it over to the FBI, Jonah demanded, incredulously, "And you believe that? At face value?"



Jonah, you either have to get smarter, or you have to lose 70 pounds. That's it, that' my ruling. The "Fat and Dumb" thing just isn't working for me any longer, Jonah. This is no longer the Chris Farley Decade, and it hasn't been for about 12 years.

It's just not funny anymore, Jonah. I guess it was kinda funny when you were younger, but you're old now and your skin looks worse and worse and your hair seems to have moved from the city to the outer suburbs -- each neighbor is now quite far away from the next; each hair can have a party without fear of keeping the neighbors up at night -- and now the whole package is just, well, Sad!

Julie Kelly

Don't forget all the "influencers" on the Right who promised Merrick Garland and Lisa Monaco would run the DOJ fairly and impartially should be run out of the business for being wrong....again.

Who we are.



A walk down memory lane -- and a walk into the near future, from Deb Heine:

Deb Heine, Dissident @NiceDeb

Gird your loins average Republicans. From day 1, the Biden Regime has (like Obama) sought to punish political enemies. Until now, they focused on politically active folks. Now they appear to be about to revive the Obama era abuse of the IRS to go after conservatives. /1.

Remember those bad old days? Between 2009 and 2011, IRS audits against small businesses increased 32%. Among the 100s of businesses raided by the IRS and Department of Justice, using paramilitary, gestapo like tactics, was Mountain Pure Water Bottling & Duncan Outdoors, Inc. /2

Who can forget the raid on Gibson Guitar (located in Tenn.) where armed agents from the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife raided 4 factories, confiscating guitars and sending hundreds of employees home. Gibson was accused of using illegal wood in violation of the outdated Lacey Act. /3

Underreported at the time was the fact that Gibson's chief executive, Henry Juszkiewicz, contributed to GOP politicians. By contrast, the Dem donor CEO of Martin & Co. a another guitar maker, reportedly used the same type of wood but was left alone.

On 01/18/2012, 40-50 heavily armed, hostile gov agents raided Mountain Pure water, scaring the heck out of everyone in the building. The owner said he was cursed at, spat on & bullied in such an egregious fashion, he felt like they were trying to provoke him to react violently./5

The owner, John Stacks said his son, Court Stacks, the General Manager, had a loaded gun pointed to his face. His seven and a half month pregnant wife watched news coverage of the raid at home in horror. She would later lose the baby. /6

Stacks said one of the agents told him, "we're the federal government and we can do anything we want to." This was all over an SBA loan the owner secured through the Federal Emergency Management Agency to recover tornado losses to his home, warehouse, and associated equipment. /7

A documentary called "Rampant Injustice" exposed some of the Obama-era federal abuses of power. The video features a reenactment of the Mountain Pure Water raid. I was told that the misconduct of the agents were even worse than was depicted in the video.

The articles and videos Deb references can be found in the thread where she first posted.

Surprise: Political "experts" aren't experts, and their pronouncements and predictions are less accurate than those of random members of the public.

Cable news and talk radio are brimming with political experts -- pollsters, consultants, former politicians, etc. -- who supposedly have keen insight into what will happen in the world of governance. The thing is, when they make predictions on political matters, they're pretty bad at it.

Between the 1980s and early 2000s, Philip E. Tetlock, a Professor of Psychology at Penn focused on politics and decision-making, conducted a long-term study in which he recruited 284 people whose professions included "commenting or offering advice on political and economic trends" to predict the outcome of various political events. At the same time, he had laypersons do the same, collecting 82,361 forecasts over two decades. When the study concluded, the experts barely outperformed the non-experts, if at all.

Reviewing Tetlock's work, Professors Adrian E. Tschoegl and J. Scott Armstrong, both at Penn, noted, "Beyond a low threshold, additional expertise did not result in greater accuracy in forecasting, and there was some evidence that those with the most expertise were less effective at using new information and thus less able to improve their accuracy."

A study published in 2008 echoed Tetlock's results. A Swedish researcher had members of the public, journalists, and political scientists attempt to forecast the outcome of Swedish parliamentary elections. When all of the predictions were aggregated, members of the public were actually most accurate.

Well, I mean, here's the thing: They're not being measured or tracked on these things, apart from these few random studies. What gets measured gets improved; what doesn't, doesn't.

These flakes and phonies are allowed to make as many bad predictions and "wish-casts" as they like without ever being called to task for it.

We see that now in the media, with no one in the media bothering to check any more if "reporters'" reports are actually, you know, accurate. "Reporters" who simply lie are rewarded and allowed to simply continue lying because their lies please a constituency.


So why do political experts endure and get rewarded with outrageously high fees if they regularly offer such poor prognostications? Armstrong has a theory: The Seer-Sucker Theory.

"No matter how much evidence exists that seers do not exist, suckers will pay for the existence of seers," he wrote. "One explanation is that the client is not interested in accuracy, but only in avoiding responsibility. A client who calls in the best wizard available avoids blame if the forecasts are inaccurate."

I was very briefly hired in a job involving advising clients. I knew nothing about the subject matter. The two pieces of advice I was given: Make definitive statements; people aren't paying you for vague or wishy-washy bullshit, they can imagine that themselves. They already have uncertainty. They want certainty. So give it to them.

And: Just say it confidently. Doesn't matter if you have no idea what you're talking about. Say it confidently.

I guess those are really the same advice, in two different formats.

Every media jerkoff you see on TV is just following that advice.

And also: They're lying for a partisan audience.

And also: They're possibly being paid to front for some client.

Don't believe a word they say.

The FBI's partisanship renders it unfit for purpose:



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Great, The Algorithm's Going to Push This FemCore Song Until It's a "Hit"


The song is called "W.I.T.C.H.," which, uh, stands for Woman In Total Control (of) Herself.

Oh, God.

Rumor on the street is that her apples are delicious

The jury said she's charming, but her exes say she's wicked

I swear to God, I saw her howling at the sky

She ain't out to get you, but she's better on your side

And she don't wanna be anybody else
She's a woman in total control of herself
It's such a wonder to be under her spell
What a woman, in total control of herself

Villainous kitty queen, she's got tricks up her sleeve
And I got a few up mine
She said, "Am I bad to the bone 'cause I get what I want?"
Mama said it ain't no crime (ah!)

She don't wanna be anybody else
She's a woman in total control of herself
It's such a wonder to be under her spell
What a woman, in total control of herself


Come out and play, it's fun in the dark
Tell me, "Why you're so scared of a woman in charge?"
Baby, don't run, you're breaking my heart
Tell me, "Why you're so scared of a woman in charge?"

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Alex Berenson: The White House Specifically Demanded That Twitter Ban Me.
And Then Twitter Did.


National Review and the various on-the-take Conservative, Inc. undisclosed Google and FaceBook lobbyists will ignore this.

Biden Administration officials asked Twitter to ban me because of my tweets questioning the Covid vaccines, even as company employees believed I had followed Twitter's rules, internal Twitter communications reveal.

In a White House meeting in April 2021, four months before Twitter suspended my account, the company faced "one really tough question about why Alex Berenson hasn't been kicked off from the platform," a Twitter employee wrote.

The employee recounted the meeting discussion afterwards on Twitter's internal Slack messaging system. The message, and others, make clear that top federal officials targeted me specifically, potentially violating my basic First Amendment right to free speech.

The First Amendment does not apply to private companies like Twitter. But if the companies are acting on behalf of the federal government they can become "state actors" that must allow free speech and debate, just as the government does.

Previous efforts to file state action lawsuits against the government and social media companies for working together to ban users have failed. Courts have universally held that people who have been banned have not shown the specific demands from government officials that are necessary to support state action claims.

In my case, though, federal officials appear to have gone far beyond generically encouraging Twitter to support Covid vaccines or discourage "misinformation" (i.e. information that the government does not like).

Instead, top officials targeted me personally.

Andrew Slavitt, senior advisor to President Biden's Covid response team, complained specifically about me, according to a Twitter employee in another Slack conversation discussing the White House meeting.

"They really wanted to know about Alex Berenson," the employee wrote. "Andy Slavitt suggested they had seen data viz [visualization] that had showed he was the epicenter of disinfo that radiated outwards to the persuadable public."

By the way: Andy Slavitt's idea of "disinformation" is the right-wing claim that monkeypox is primarily spread by gay men having gay sex, a "myth" he was recently attempting to pressure people to stop spreading on social media.


So you can see, he's a real Science and Health Nut, and does not permit his politics to influence his scientific analyses whatsoever.

So we should definitely have him in charge of our National State-Imposed Censorship Boards.

According to an interview he gave to the Washington Post in June 2021, Slavitt worked directly with the most powerful officials in the federal government, including Ron Klain, President Biden's chief of staff, and Biden himself.

The Slack conversations also show the pressure Twitter employees felt internally to respond to the government's questions about whether the company was doing enough to suppress "misinformation" about Covid and the vaccines. An employee writes that the questions at the meeting were "pointed" but "mercifully, we had answers."

From Twitter's intracompany Slack channel:



Meanwhile, via Ed Morrisssey at Hot Air (which I can now link more freely, given that BulwarkPundit is leaving), Twitter -- a monopoly in the business of microblogging -- just coincidentally banned another reporter critical of the administration.

I wonder what conversations the White House might have had with Twitter about Paul Sperry? He's had a lot of embarrassing scoops about them.

Twitter continued to crackdown on dissenting political views this week with the permanent suspension of columnist and commentator Paul Sperry. The suspension came down after Sperry allegedly tweeted about the FBI's raid on Mar-a-Lago. Sperry said that Twitter gave "No warning, no explanation, reason given." That is a signature for the company, which has little transparency or ability to challenge such private censorship.

Twitter has a long and documented history of suspending those with dissenting political, social, or scientific views, particularly before major elections. Sperry says that he tweeted the following:

Funny, don't remember the FBI raiding Chappaqua or Whitehaven to find the 33,000 potential classified documents Hillary Clinton deleted. And she was just a former secretary of state, not a former president.

DEVELOPING: Investigators reportedly met back in June w Trump & his lawyers in Mar-a-Lago storage rm to survey docs & things seemed copasetic but then FBI raids weeks later. Speculation on Hill FBI had PERSONAL stake & searching for classified docs related to its #Spygate scandal.

Sperry went on to note that "the current deputy general counsel at Twitter is also the former general counsel at FBI HQ under Comey. His name as you may know is James Baker, and he was the top attorney who reviewed the fraudulent anti-Trump FISA wiretap warrants for probable cause."

Obviously, all of those points can be -- and have been contested -- by others. However, that is the point. Social media should be a place for the exchange of viewpoints as part of our national dialogue on controversies like the Mar-a-Lago raid. Twitter, however, has long dispensed with any pretense of neutrality in limiting such discussion to fit its own corporate agenda.

Its own corporate agenda -- and also the agenda urged on it by a censorship-crazed government.

The undisclosed Google and FaceBook lobbyists scream bloody murder when Josh Hawley proposes adjusting the Community Decency Act to require political neutrality in moderation for monopoly or near-monopoly-sized platforms only, but when their Silicon Daddies are caught repeatedly taking direct orders from a leftwing White House about which conservatives and which dissenters to ban, the "Muh Corporations" Cartel can't be f***ed to say a thing.

All Green Lights from the National Review MuhCorporations Smart Set on this? You guys don't even want to sound a warning horn to your MuhCorporations buds at Google at FaceBook to stop having these private confabs with the government where they receive their orders as censorship deputies? You don't even want to instruct the White House you supposedly oppose to stop imposing censorship through third-party deputy corporations?

Rich Lowry? AEI "Fellow" Ramesh Ponuru?

You're supporters of this? No problem with it? Weird, National Review has previously been against "public-private partnerships" to accomplish what the government is forbidden from doing, and corporate fascism generally. I guess now you've "evolved" on this issue, as you've evolved on so many other issues.

Do you have any idea how this looks when you all collectively pretend you all "didn't see these stories" each and every time they appear?

Do you know what conclusions people are drawing about your integrity?

And not just the editors -- all of the writers who very conspicuously refuse to cross Google and FaceBook, but then wear National Review's legacy like a skinsut and demand respect.

If you want to defend this, then defend this. Earn your Google money.

But stop pretending "We were absent from work the entire year and a half the Biden Administration was openly pressuring the social media companies to deplatform conservative writers and dissenting covid researchers and scientists."

Start writing The Conservative Case for "Public-Private Partnerships" to Create Compassionate Censorship Codes to Safeguard's America's Purity of Thought.

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Boston Children's Hospital Now Advertising "Gender-Affirming Hysterectomies" to Young Girls With a Cheerful-Looking Pitchwoman Who Looks Like She Could be a Mouseketeer


They also have services for children nine and under.

At the Post-Millennial: Boston Children's Hospital won't, at the moment, give irreversible hormone therapies or mutilating surgeries to children "nine and under."

They will, however, start preparing them for those hormones and surgeries, which can begin at age 10:

For children 9 and under, the hospital helps facilitate a social transition that prepares them for their 10th birthday, which is when children are offered individualized treatment plans that can include puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and chest surgeries.

This is the worst thing I've seen in this madness, and I've seen a lot of terrible things.

Pass a federal law allowing people to sue their doctors and the hospitals at which they were performed for "gender affirming surgeries" through age 40:

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Deborah Birx, Pathological Liar, Would-Be Messiah of the Needle, and Deep-Seated Incompetent


A hot little article from Michael P. Senger at Tablet.

Deborah Birx, White House coronavirus response coordinator under President Donald Trump, was one of the "trifecta" of three leading public officials who successfully pushed COVID lockdowns in the United States. Virtually every page of Birx's new book, Silent Invasion: The Untold Story of the Trump Administration, Covid-19, and Preventing the Next Pandemic Before It's Too Late, reads like a how-to guide from the front lines of subverting a democratic superpower from within. It bears repeating, from the outset, that lockdowns were never part of any democratic country's pandemic preparedness plan prior to Xi Jinping's lockdown of Wuhan, China.

The lockdowns that Xi pioneered and Birx so zealously advocated for reportedly led to over 170,000 non-COVID excess deaths among young Americans while failing to meaningfully slow the spread of COVID anywhere they were tried. It would have been impossible for an enemy agent armed with anything less than nuclear weapons to have inflicted so much damage on America's economy, social fabric, and historical freedoms in such a short period of time.

Notably, though Birx's memoir has earned relatively few reviews from human readers on Amazon, it's earned rave reviews from Chinese state media, a feat not shared even by the far more popular pro-lockdown books of professional genuflectors to power like Lawrence Wright.

The glowing response from Chinese state media should come as no surprise. Nearly every sentence of Birx's book faithfully parrots the Chinese Communist Party's foreign and domestic propaganda, which helped facilitate Xi's weaponization of the COVID response to eliminate the independence of the CCP's private sector rivals.


From here, it gets worse. One page later, Birx tells us how traumatized she still is from having watched videos of Wuhan residents collapsing and falling dead in January 2020, and praises the "courageous doctor" who shared them online:

The video showed a hallway crowded with patients slumped in chairs. Some of the masked people leaned against the wall for support. The camera didn't pan so much as zigzag while the Chinese doctor maneuvered her smartphone up the narrow corridor. My eye was drawn to two bodies wrapped in sheets lying on the floor amid the cluster of patients and staff. The doctor's colleagues, their face shields and other personal protective equipment in place, barely glanced at the lens as she captured the scene. They looked past her, as if at a harrowing future they could all see and hoped to survive. I tried to increase the volume, but there was no sound. My mind seamlessly filled that void, inserting the sounds from my past, sounds from other wards, other places of great sorrow. I had been here before. I had witnessed scenes like this across the globe, in HIV ravaged communities--when hospitals were full of people dying of AIDS before we had treatment or before we ensured treatment to those who needed it. I had lived this, and it was etched permanently in my brain: the unimaginable, devastating loss of mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, brothers, sisters.

Staring at my computer screen, I was horrified by the images from Wuhan, the suffering they portrayed, but also because they confirmed what I'd suspected for the last three weeks: Not only was the Chinese government underreporting the real numbers of the infected and dying in Wuhan and elsewhere, but the situation was definitely far more dire than most people outside that city realized. Up until now, I'd been only reading or hearing about the virus. Now it had been made visible by a courageous doctor sharing this video online.

Birx's book was published in April 2022. The early videos she recounts as the source of her trauma were exposed as fake by the Associated Press and other outlets in February of 2020.

Our rotten, incompetent government class has three points in common:

1, they are worshipful admirers of China, and wish the US could emulate it in its communist efficiency and brutality

2, they are incomptent

3, they are easily deceived, including by their own delusions

Birx will now demonstrate these features of the rotten incompetent American government class:

In the next paragraph, Birx tells us how she grew even more determined after seeing that the Chinese had built a hospital in 10 days to fight the virus:

Dotting it were various pieces of earth-moving equipment, enough of them in various shapes and sizes that I briefly wondered if the photograph was of a manufacturing plant where the newly assembled machines were on display. Quickly, I learned that the machines were in Wuhan and that they were handling the first phase of preparatory work for the construction of a one-thousand-bed hospital to be completed in just ten days' time ... The Chinese may not have been giving accurate data about the numbers of cases and deaths, but the rapid spread of this disease could be counted in other ways--including in how many Chinese workers were being employed to build new facilities to relieve the pressure on the existing, and impressive, Wuhan health service centers. You build a thousand-bed hospital in ten days only if you are experiencing unrelenting community spread of a highly contagious virus that has eluded your containment measures and is now causing serious illness on a massive scale.

BuzzFeed had proved that images of rapid hospital construction in China were faked on Jan. 27, 2020.

To recap, Deborah Birx--the woman who did more than almost any other person in the United States to promote and prolong COVID lockdowns, and attempted, with the support of mainstream media outlets, to silence anyone who disagreed with her--tells us in 2022 that she'd been inspired in her work by images that were widely known to have been faked (as if the real images of old age homes in Italy and elsewhere weren't bad enough) before the lockdowns even started.

That's Chapter 1.

This is the evidence-based "scientist" who imposed lockdowns on our country for two years.

And, to emphasize again: These fakeries were publicized in 2020. This old sourc*nt published in 2022 -- and even had on-staff fact-checkers at the publisher to check her claims.

I'm just kidding, no one in publishing or the media does that any more. They sometimes claim they do when they get sued, but it's another Media Lie. They fling this bullshit out into the world without the slightest effort to insure accuracy.

I just wanted to make you laugh.

The only time they'll check is if you're making an obviously defamatory claim about someone they're pretty sure is alive.

But she could have checked these claims herself, if she was interested in telling the public the truth.

Got you again. Zing!

He then turns to Birx bragging about how she lied the country into lockdowns. She is upfront about this: She plotted her lies, she lied her lies, and then she reinforced her lies. And later, she boasts about her lies.

But I'll direct you to the article for all of that. If you haven't already read this material -- her endless lies, and her open bragging about how skillful her lying was -- you have to read it.

And enjoy this: Anthony Fauci praises himself, saying that people are going to medical school now because of "The Fauci Effect," because he symbolizes "integrity" and "truth."


This video depicts a caricature of an evil, world-destroying James Bond villain

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"Sources Say" There's a New Spin Why the FBI Had to Raid the President's Home Over Some Paperwork:
ThE TrAiToR TrUmP iZ CoNcEaLiNg DoCuMeNtZ aBoUt NuKeZ





Pull the other one. It has bells on.

This is what you got? This is what you're going with now?

Jimmy Failla

Normally an FBI raid is for a VERY specific item located in a VERY specific place but in this case agents spent 9 hours looking around and didn’t find much of anything. Sounds like Liz Cheney's dad told her Trump had weapons of mass destruction.



Election Wizard

Funny how the DOJ/FBI is leaking like sieve just hours after AG Garland told the nation about how professional and honorable the Department is.

Wait, the DOJ/FBI is refusing to offer information publicly, and then leaking unsubstantiated claims to friendly Washington Post stenographers who will ask no questions and offer no pushback...?

Does this feel familiar to anyone else? Does it feel, in fact, like rather well-trod ground?

Does it begin to feel, in fact, like a cliche?

Or are we in reruns of season 2 of The Great Trump Hunt?

If anyone believes that spin, raise your hand.

Now take that hand and slap yourself in the back of your head, dum-dum, to teach yourself not to be such a gullible dope all your life.

Here's an exact transcript of the thought processes that went into this lie:

"Hmmm... how do we justify this new warrant on the president... we have to make it sound good... it has to sound really important. It can't be something lame about the fucking National Archives, those bunch of pansies and bookworms.

"Last time we said it was because he was a Russian Agent. Can we say it's about him being a Russian Agent again? No, people won't believe that. The Russian Agent story kind of blew up in our faces. There's only so many times you can go to the Russian Agent well...

"We kind of need it to be bigger than the Russian Agent story. What's bigger than the President being a Russian Agent...?

"Hmm, we might have made a pretty pickle for ourselves with starting right off with the Russian Agent cover story. That's a hard one to top!

"Oh wait, I know what's bigger than the President being a Russian Agent -- what if he's a concealing NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!!

"No wait, that's stupid -- how could Trump smuggle a nuke out of the White House? And where would he even get one? Unless we can figure out a way to claim he disassembled a nuke and smuggled it out in old Big Mac cartons, this isn't going to work at all...

"But... but we could say he has a document about a nuclear weapon, right...?!

"Right? Right! I mean, shit, US government documents contain a reference to nuclear weapons like every twenty or thirty pages! It's bound to be true, just based on the law of averages! If he's got more than 100 pages of documents, there are probably a solid three or four mentions of nuclear weapons in there!


Anyone want to bet against me?

"Sources say."

"Sources say" again, huh?

I seem to remember "sources saying" a lot of things during Russiagate.

Does anyone else remember that?

Matt Taibbi does.

We are Demanded to Forget all the previous Regime lies in this Empire of Lies, so that we can accept the Regime's new lies, but he rebels, and remembers.

Taibbi remembers that the press previously reported that a FISA warrant would never be issued against a presidential candidate without compelling, substantial, crushing evidence undergirding it, and therefore, of course, there must be compelling, substantial, crushing evidence undergirding the FISA warrant.

Everyone else remembers that, right?

Or has the Regime chant -- Forget... Forget... Forget... -- already begun to work its obliviating magic?

The hugeness of the story has become part of its explanation. An action so extreme, we're told by expert after expert, could only be based upon "pulverizing" evidence.

Throughout the Trump years we've seen a numbing pattern of rhetorical slippage in coverage of investigations. The aforementioned Politics Insider story is no different. "Likely" evidence in the headline becomes more profound in the text. An amazing five bylined writers explain:

Regardless of the raid's focus legal experts quickly reached a consensus about it: A pile of evidence must have backed up the warrant authorizing the search.

They then quoted a "former top official in the Justice Department's National Security Division" -- you'll quickly lose track if you try to count the named and unnamed intel spooks appearing in coverage today -- who said, "There's every reason to think that there's a plus factor in the quantum and quantity of evidence that the government already had to support probable cause in this case."

Politico insisted such an action must have required a magistrate's assent "based upon evidence of a potential crime." CNN wrote how authorities necessarily "had probable grounds to believe a crime had been committed," while the New York Times formulation was that "the F.B.I. would have needed to convince a judge that it had probable cause that a crime had been committed." Social media was full of credentialed observers explaining what must be true. "The affidavit in support of the MAL search warrant must be something else," said Harvard-trained former Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Signorelli, one among a heap of hyperventilating names:

[Click here to see a Human Centipede of Twitter Know-Nothings all shitting in each other's mouths]

It's amazing how short our cultural memory has become. Apparently few remember all the other times this exact rhetoric was deployed in the interminable list of other Trump investigations, only to backfire later. Does anyone remember this doozy?

Applications for FISA warrants, Comey said, are often thicker than his wrists, and that thickness represents all the work Justice Department attorneys and FBI agents have to do to convince a judge that such surveillance is appropriate in an investigation.

I remember, Matt!

Or at least I want to remember! But The Regime keeps chanting: Forget... Forget... Forget...

That Washington Post story from April 11, 2017, "FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor former Trump advisor Carter Page," by Devlin Barrett, Ellen Nakashima, and Adam Entous, was one of the key moments in the Trump-Russia scandal. It repeatedly stressed the illustrious credentials of all involved, noting, "any FISA application has to be approved at the highest levels of the Justice Department and the FBI," before dismounting to the crucial conclusion:

The government's application for the surveillance order targeting Page included a lengthy declaration that laid out investigators' basis for believing that Page was an agent of the Russian government and knowingly engaged in clandestine intelligence activities on behalf of Moscow, officials said.

The next day, the New York Times kicked the story forward by citing "a government official" who confirmed that the FISA court had obtained a warrant against Page "based on evidence that he was operating as a Russian agent."

Within a few days after that, Politics Insider -- the same outlet telling us today about the import of the warrant -- ran a piece by intel community spokescritter Natasha Bertrand called, "We just got a huge sign that the US intelligence community believes the Trump dossier is legitimate." The article deployed the circular logic that drove years of Trump-probe stories. We have evidence of an investigation, therefore the investigation must have evidence:

The FBI reportedly used the explosive, unverified dossier detailing President Donald Trump's alleged ties to Russia to bolster its case for a warrant that would allow it to surveil Carter Page, an early foreign-policy adviser to Trump's campaign. It's a key signal that the FBI had enough confidence in the validity of the document to work to corroborate it and present it in court.

It's impossible to overstate how much mischief and inaccuracy was spread by one Washington Post report about the FISA court approval, which makes it all the more incredible that the paper won the Pulitzer Prize for its Russia coverage.

It's not really incredible, is it?

Militaries have sometimes resorted to hiding their greatest slaughters of innocents... by handing out medals. Hide your greatest catastrophes under a pile of ribbons and awards.


Many outlets, like Vox, noted that only the accusers had seen all the evidence, and the mere proles among us had not: "Law enforcement officials and Democrats who've seen the underlying intelligence," they wrote, "emphasize that the dossier allegations were only part of the justification for the Page surveillance." Callum Borchers in the Washington Post went the "FBI must have more" route:

It is wrong to say that this "Western intelligence source," presumably Steele, formed the foundation of an article in which at least three other sources featured more prominently... And it is hard to see how the article could have been a big factor in obtaining a warrant because it contained little, if any, information that the FBI did not already possess or which was not in the public domain.

Lest anyone need reminding about how all of these stories turned out, the Justice Department Inspector General found that "inaccurate information" and a host of other corrupted procedures were used to produce the "probable cause" in Page's FISA warrant. Michael Horowitz, the IG, also found "the FBI did not have information corroborating the specific allegations against Carter Page," and added, for the benefit of commentators like Borchers who insisted the Steele material was not, well, material, that it actually "played a central and essential role in the FBI's... decision to seek the FISA order."

But here we go again. The Regime chants Forget... Forget... Forget... and its courtiers and stenographers are writing the exact same story: They would never have authorized a raid on the president's home without "pulverizing" evidence, therefore, there must have been some truly "pulverizing" evidence.

Top-Level Genius Joe Scarborough -- I mean, he's the guy who landed the shaved she-ape Mitzi Barishnykov or whatever her name is-- just had a guest on to explain the FBI must have had serious evidence backing the warrant, and anyone doubting this is attacking a "non-politicized" agency and "independent law enforcement."

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The Morning Rant – Awful Corporate Executives Making Awful Decisions

—Buck Throckmorton

United Airlines Plans to Fly an Imaginary Supersonic Plane Using Boutique Biofuel in Just 7 Years

It is becoming painfully obvious that a great many executive offices in corporate America are occupied by idealistic, green enviro-dupes.

A start-up company has promised a radical new supersonic jet that is “net zero” and runs on a boutique fuel, and United Airlines’ credulous executives are already hyping this as a plane they will be flying in just 7 years. (They won’t.)

United entered into a contract with Boom Supersonic in 2021 to buy 15 of their proposed planes. How’s it coming along so far? Well, a drawing of the plane does actually exist. A couple of weeks ago the first design sketch was finally released, with much media hype.

This Is What Your United Flight Could Look Like in the Near Future [People – 7/20/2022]

United Boom.JPG

On Tuesday, aviation company Boom Supersonic revealed the design for its highly anticipated Mach 1.7 Overture passenger jet, which touts a speed twice as fast as the standard passenger airline.

Set to begin production in 2024, the supersonic plane seats 65 to 80 people and uses 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

United Airlines has already expressed interest in using the jet in the near future, posting a photo of the new design on Instagram with the caption, "Our hearts went BOOM!

Boom has raised about $250 million dollars (including $60 million of your tax dollars,) initially promising that its first test flight would occur by 2019. That first flight hasn’t happened yet.

The company touts its hypothetical airplane as “the world’s fastest and most sustainable commercial airliner.”

Although there is not even a full-sized mock-up of the proposed jet, Boom has assembled one plane, a 1/3 scale mock-up that has seating for one person. One. It’s been rolling around the tarmac at an airport in Colorado, but it has not taken flight.

And then there’s the laughable promise about running on “Sustainable Aviation Fuel.” Turning french fry grease into mass market fuel is the 21st century equivalent to the fusion energy hype of 40 years ago. The technology for industrial scale SAF doesn’t even exist.

The U.S. Department of Energy is working with the U.S. Department of Transportation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and other federal government agencies to develop a comprehensive strategy for scaling up new technologies to produce SAF on a commercial scale.

You can go ahead and put this on your calendar now, United Airlines will not be flying this supersonic plane in 2029. You know it. I know it. But United’s executives don’t know it. They really want to believe in the sustainable snake oil they’ve been sold.

There was a time when I would have thought United’s executives were just seeking some publicity with this, but having watched auto manufacturers torch their balance sheets by investing in doomed-to-fail EV operations, I have no doubt that United’s executives actually believe this imaginary plane will be flying for them soon.

A whole lot of creative destruction is necessary in the corporate world to cleanse it of the sustainable organic idiots now occupying C-Suites.


Why Your “Delivered” Package Has Not Yet Been Delivered To You, and Other Fraud Incentivized By The “Goal Setting” Management Fad

This story came out just a week ago, and no one should be shocked by these types of employee actions at major corporations any longer. The reality is that executives have incentivized such behaviors with the idiotic “Goal Setting” management fad.

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


Lester Proposition.jpg

The Proposition
Judith Leyster

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report — 8/12/22

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. The weekend is here and a story out of my erstwhile hometown has some relevance to the situation we find ourselves in. A buck naked homeless derelict was just strolling through the City Hall subway station the other morning, as commuters walked by like it was nothing. So, what's worse, the naked guy or the non-reaction from the crowd? In the season 2 premiere of the podcast (sidebar and here), CBD posited his concern that like the jaded straphangers, by this November and certainly two years from now, the American people will have become so inured to the economic destruction visited upon them that they're just not going to remember the Gestapo raid on Mar-a-Lago, let alone the theft of the 2020 election. My personal fear is that the American people will have become inured to an increasingly tyrannical government that when the FBI come for their neighbors, they'll just keep their heads down, draw the shades and turn up the volume of The Kardashians to drown out the screams and cries until the sirens fade away.

Whatever one postulates on the reasons behind the raid — the FBI looking to plant evidence, looking for the evidence about its treasonous acts in overthrowing Trump, creating a photo op, or merely sniffing Melania's panties and whacking off to it — this is absolutely unprecedented in the history of this nation. FDR's roundup of Nisei Americans and throwing them into concentration camps is up there, to be sure. But this is an outrage. Meh, why am I getting so worked up about it? I mean, what do you expect from people who will openly and proudly use their power to persecute their political enemies? They literally destroyed our society in 2020 under the pretext of a public health emergency and then the death of a criminal at the hands of police officers doing their duty to create chaos that ultimately undermined our electoral system so as to enable the rigging/theft of a national election.

Did Joe "Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants" know about or even give the go-ahead to Lavrenty Garland and Fey Wray for the raid? Hell, Joey doesn't even know the time of day and shakes hands with the air, but go back to the Halcyon days after the 2010 midterms. Did Barack Obama know that Lois Lerner, John Koskinen and the rest of the IRS, now "fortified" (pun intended) to be bigger than the United States Marine Corps, were going to do everything in their power to sabotage the granting of 501-c3 non-profit status to any political group that was not Democrat or Leftist, specifically any that were affiliated with the Tea Party movement? The salient point is that it didn't matter, the same as it didn't matter if whoever is controlling the drooling paste-eater-in-chief out of Kalorama knew of or gave the order to hit Mar-a-Lago.

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre had a pre-written response at the ready for when she would inevitably be asked this week whether President Joe Biden had any advance notice that the FBI would be raiding Donald Trump’s home in Florida.

She said no, and that’s probably true. She also repeated the line that the Justice Department works independently. That’s probably true too. And that’s what’s so terrifying.

Democrats and the permanent bureaucracy in Washington are simply following their vindictive impulses. If there’s anything new here, it’s their view that gaining power in 2020 was a license to crush the political momentum that put Trump in office and continues to upset the establishment that preferred things the old way — when their interests were served and to hell with everyone else. . .

. . . The same way Democrats never have to tell the media to write each day that Republicans suck, Biden doesn’t need to tell his Attorney General Merrick Garland or the FBI what to do. He didn’t need to say a word to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They don’t have private conversations on how they’re next going to stick it to the people they hate. They have a common understanding and, besides, they talk about it in public anyway.

“Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?” — Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, three days after the 2020 election.

“[Trump] must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” — Democrat Rep. Jim McGovern in June.

“Merrick Garland Do Your Job!” — Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson in June.

When this is how the party talks openly about its opposition, there’s no need for any kind of private direction or assurance. They want everyone to know.

There's also the parallel question of whether or not they understand that Donald Trump is innocent of any crimes, and more to the point, that those who support his agenda and more broadly those who support the ideals of America as founded are also not guilty. At the highest levels, they don't give a shit. It's purely will to power. On the broader level, they are, as the great Eric Hoffer labeled them "true believers." They are so absolutely sure of their righteousness and our evil, that anything is on the table to achieve justice or paradise on Earth. "By any means necessary."

On the belt buckle of every Nazi soldier in the Second World War was the inscription Gott Mit Uns, "God is with us." "To Serve and Protect" and "Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity" also have a nice ring to them, n'est pas?

Whatever the 11-dimensional chess that the junta is engaging in to either goad Trump into running thinking he'll get crushed, or more likely to goad a Trump supporter into committing an act of violence that can be used as a pretext to really seize absolute power — and given the nature of the FBI they can just manufacture a false flag quicker than you can say Gleiwitz Radio Station — the salient point remains that this latest abomination will not be the end of it. Along with the additional IRS agents who are not going to be auditing anyone except non-Democrats and punishing them via the process, every other apparatchik in every other agency is going to harass the living shit out of us until we cry Uncle Joe.

So where does this leave us going forward? It's either Balkanization or a civil war that leads to liberation or subjugation. If somehow we are to liberate ourselves from this tyranny, there will still be a sizable group in this country of true believers that will never accept it.

It took the U.S. to forcibly dismantle the Nazi systems of Germany and to force Japan to remake their systems.

It may take another, more powerful nation to disband our totalitarian systems, as well. Barring the return of Christ, it might just have to be Russia or China to make our Deep State agencies go the way of the Cheka, the Stasi, and the God-Emperors of Japan.

No President can do this. It's too entrenched. Overwhelming force must be applied, and no President, not even the most Trumpian, has that kind of force.

So when I get black-pilled and told Russia is fighting the American Empire of Lies, I can only wish them Godspeed, for we obviously share the same enemy. Putin's fighting the American Deep State? My answer? "Good! At least someone is."

Posted by: Taqiyyologist, Rickrolled by Jesus at August 10, 2022 07:58 AM (M9XmQ)

On that cheerful note, have a good weekend.


  • "Retrenchment has begun on the right. Bereft of a figure like Donald Trump, the right is now moving back toward various old, hollow positions. There is hard work being done to shift the political and intellectual foundation of the right by figures such as Oren Cass, but the inertia has not yet been overcome."
    The Realignment That Failed
  • "The majority of the scientists behind the paper identifying the virus are affiliated with Chinese Communist Party-run scientific institutions, which are notorious for their ties to the regime’s military efforts and biological warfare programs."
    NEW: Outbreak Reported In China, Virus Identified By Wuhan Institute of Virology Collaborator
  • Daniel Greenfield: "Winning battles while losing the war has taught them nothing."
    Why Aren’t Our Generals Learning?
  • Glenn Reynolds: "Looking around, it seems pretty clear that this isn’t a problem just for BlackRock and the Democrat Party. All over America — and to a substantial degree, the world — institutions seem to be run on behalf of the people who control them rather than to support their missions or the people they’re supposed to serve."
    Woke Elites Control the Institutions Meant to Serve Us

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Daily Tech News 12 August 2022

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

  • $15 well spent I'd say. (Towards AI)

    For $15 the author got, well, see for yourself.

    Most of the $15 was spent figuring out how to ask for what he she wanted, but that's kind of the deal in any artistic endeavour.

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I Don't Know What To Do With Those Tossed Salads And ONTs


Welcome to Thursday night! Hey, look what I found! A perfect example of government at work!

train quote.jpg

He does have a point.

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Astronomical Clock Cafe


Astronomical clock tower, Prague,
built 1410

From Wikipedia:

The Orloj is mounted on the southern wall of Old Town Hall in the Old Town Square. The clock mechanism has three main components -- the astronomical dial, representing the position of the Sun and Moon in the sky and displaying various astronomical details; statues of various Catholic saints stand on either side of the clock; "The Walk of the Apostles", an hourly show of moving Apostle figures and other sculptures, notably a figure of a skeleton that represents Death, striking the time; and a calendar dial with medallions representing the months. According to local legend, the city will suffer if the clock is neglected and its good operation is placed in jeopardy; a ghost, mounted on the clock, was supposed to nod its head in confirmation. According to the legend, the only hope was represented by a boy born on New Year's night.

I have no idea how to read that thing but maybe this will give you a hint?

This video details the astronomical features of the clock.

Video of the clock here.

For the animated figures, including the Apostles who present themselves in the windows of the clock, skip down to "Animated Figures.



Bunny agility training.

Baby beagles taking the new paws out for a test drive.

Go team.

Little frenz.

Thweat dispway!

LOL: "Final scene of the Titanic."

Couch commandos.

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Now Available!
The Deplorable Gourmet
A Horde-sourced Cookbook
[All profits go to charity]
Top Headlines
I don’t accept a Jew, Israeli or Zionist, or anyone else who speaks Hebrew. I’m with killing them wherever they are: children, elderly people, and soldiers." -- Fady Hanona, New York Times Contributing Reporter
...until Friday, when the NYT got called out and had to dump him.
The importance of diversity, accessibility, diversity, updating, diversity, modern sensibilities, diversity, Female Dwarves of Color (FDOCs), and diversity in Amazon's Lord of the Rings billion dollar fanfic
Not mentioned: fidelity to Tolkein
The scuttlebutt is that Amazon is attempting a Game of Thrones-style intrigue and politics show, set in Tolkein's world. But... that's not really Tolkein, is it? I know this won't help you get that sweet sweet Game of Thrones audience (if that still exists?), but Tolkein wrote male-skewing adventure and war stories. There's not really too much skullduggery and backstabbing because morality in Tolkein is pretty well-defined. There's not going to be a redemption arc for Hot Sauron. Or at least... I hope there's not going to be one!
Whatever. Everything's hilariously, wretchedly terrible, it's kind of awesome. There's never been so much Not to Watch. We're living in a Golden Age of Television Not-Viewing.
From What the Hell is Going On, Ari Fleischer discusses his favorite fresh anecdote of leftwing media bias -- and ignorance -- in his new book:
On the Saturday after the election when the networks declared Joe Biden the winner and Fox News declared Joe Biden the winner, church bells went off in Paris. Fireworks went off in London. ABC, NBC and CNN all reported, live on the air, that this was part of the international celebration of Joe Biden's victory, celebrating Donald Trump's defeat, people around the world, because that's how they thought of it. When you were in a newsroom and everybody you know is celebrating Donald Trump's defeat and then you see fireworks or hear church bells, you think, "Aha, the world thinks just like we do." Well, you know what? It was the weekly call to mass in Paris. It happens every Saturday night. And the fireworks in London was a commemoration of a 500 year old holiday called Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night, celebrating the failed assassination attempt on King James in 1605. Nothing to do with America's election.

When your mindset is the world celebrating, you shoehorn events into it, and then because you're a reporter you have the power to go on the air and just tell people that. Well, they were all wrong. And did they retract it? Nope.
Disclose.tv @disclosetv JUST IN - Hadi Matar, 24, of Fairview New Jersey, is identified as the suspect of stabbing Salman Rushdie, according to law enforcement.

"We will work tirelessly to obscure, confuse, and conceal the motive for this easily-solved crime," the FBI vowed. "Our record in pretending ignorance in violent crimes perpetrated by favored constituencies of the left, and our allied street paramilitaries such as antifa and BLM, speaks for itself."

Thanks to andycanuck
Analysis: Twitter is probably 25% bots, and maybe as high as 50% bots
He says Twitter knows this but allows it, and lies about it, because the fact is that people are abandoning Twitter and they don't want the public to know that -- because once people start realizing everyone else is leaving Twitter, it will cause a feedback cycle in which the Cool Thing is to leave Twitter. He says something like this happened to MySpace, and collapsed the service, and its share price.
joerocks.jpeg Tickets for Joe Scarborough & The Premeditations on sale now... and tomorrow... and the day after that... and all the way through showtime...
Anne Heche dead at 53 after fiery cocaine-fueled crash one week ago: Actress has NO brain function
No word yet on whether she died OF covid or WITH covid; guess either one counts
A friend tips:
At a bar having lunch and NFL Network is on. On the crawl, they keep repeating "the midterm elections will be some of the most consequential in our nation's history. Register to vote and make your voice heard. Go to (whatever dot com) for more information"

It wasn't easy to boycott the NFL, but I did it.
Salman Rushdie attacker in custody
"We may never know the motive," vowed the FBI...
CJN podcast sidebar.jpg
We're back with Season 2! CBD and J.J. discuss: the horrendous Gestapo-like raid on Mar-a-Lago, the political ramifications for the midterms and '24, how do we defeat the Leviathan, prospects for turning disaffected Dems into MAGAs, the lack of pizza, bagels and a decent museum in shiksa-land and more!
Armond White on Kevin Costner's "I'm With Liz" T-Shirt, and the shallow hippie liberalism on offer in the movies he produces:
"This career arc demonstrates how a political mindset can curdle and -- through sanctimony -- turn toward promoting that authoritarianism that liberals now embrace."

You know who was stung by that line about a liberal political mindset curdling, through sanctimony, into authoritarianism? Grossly fat cvckold Kevin D. Williamson:
With all due respect to Armond White, it is the people who attacked the government of this country on January 6 who are the turncoats, not the people investigating that assault. To call the January 6 hearings "show trials," calling to mind the Stalinist festivals of brutality, is foolish and irresponsible.
As for Kevin Costner, it is true that movie stars sometimes say ill-considered things about politics. Movie critics, too.

Go Shame-Eat another Dunkin Donuts 18-pack, Williamson. Your sugar is dropping again.
From the Things That Definitely Happen All the Time Department:
Alex Thompson

On the plane to NH the night of the Iowa caucuses, [Elizabeth] Warren said: "Everyone comes up to me and says, 'I would vote for you, if you had a penis.'" link to Elizabeth Warren's penis fantasies
Author Salman Rushdie, still living under fatwah of death from Iran, stabbed at a book event in Western New York state
Feels "Trump Inspired" to me
Video of the attack
The attack took place at the Chataqua Institute, which Mark Hemingway says has security. Chataqua is a lake resort that has fashioned itself into a kind of "intellectual" getaway destination, with authors and thinkers visiting to give lectures throughout the summer.
Joe Kent defeats Jaime Herrera
Herrera Beutler's district does not lean as heavily Republican as Newhouse's, prompting her to vie for the favor of Democrats and independents during her campaign, which was not enough to save her.

I'm so surprised that a NeverTrump liberal sought the votes (and approval) of Democrats. Blow me over with a feather.
Hot Air's Official Bulwark Linker links The Bulwark
Oh great, Noted Genius Amanda Carpenter has thoughts. Thanks for alerting me, Allah. Say, has Salem cautioned you about linking your next employer so much while not linking any Salem properties?
An imponderable from Robert...
Who is more Christlike?

A. Jesus
B. David French

Honestly I think it's a trick question -- the more important question is, "Who is more David-French-like?" Did Jesus ever throw open the doors of his wife to the indigent? I think not.
Jesus, let's face, had a good run, but David French is the New Hotness Messiah.
A friend says, "Wow, what a Murderer's Row of guests that Noted Super-Conservative Guy Benson has for us today."
I have a dream of a "conservative media" that is mostly staffed by, get this, actual conservatives.
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