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Derek Hunter: the woke-off to replace Fredo
I like the suggestion that we pressure CNN to do what it's always pressuring everyone else to do: Hire a woman of color. Preferably a lesbian with one side of her head shaved and dyed a bright shade of putrid.
Libs of Tik Tok is about to be interviewed on Fox (for first interview ever)
Brief on-phone interview, didn't say too much.
Great Adam Carolla rant on the covid measures really about being about testing the population to see how much control by the state they are willing to accept.
Good part at the end: They inflict the worst controls on kids (who face almost zero risk from covid), "Because you can't crate-train a middle-aged dog, you can only crate-train a puppy."
Nick Searcy's new documentary about the January 6th nonsurrection, "Capitol Punishment," is now out.
Julie Kelly

This film by @yesnicksearcy is outstanding.
Mind-blowing accounts of terrorist-style FBI raids on Americans and their young children.
Heartbreaking new footage of Ashli Babbitt and interview with her husband, Aaron.
Please spare $10 and watch.

Trailer here
I first heard of this when he responded to baseball cvck's disgraceful tweets calling for even longer sentences for Q Shaman. Searcy addressed Cvck as "Hey, stupid." Which is better than he deserved but Searcy prides himself on being a gentleman.
Julia Marsh @juliakmarsh

There is an alleged Chris Cuomo sexual harassment victim represented by a high profile attorney, according to a source Source tell me the "additional information" that's come to light mentioned at end of CNN statement are sexual harassment allegations
I can only lol so much
Comment at that Seth Rogen "Santa Inc." trailer: "Seth Rogen should appear in more serious movies. Perhaps a period piece with Alec Baldwin."
CJN podcast sidebar.jpg
Sefton & CBD rant about abortion, guns, and some other stuff...
447 Hey Ace can you do a post on Google/YouTube messing with the election in France? I know they would never do such a thing here but sort of thinking this might be something. Posted by: mercury

hey I just saw this comment and just saw this story a couple of hours ago. maybe I'll write about it on Monday. But I mean, they do it here, and no one cares, including the GOP, which just blesses it because Muh Corporations and Muh Corporate Donations.
The only interesting thing I can speculate is that maybe France and Europe, which are willing to slap the tech monopolies with consequences, will do something? But I don't know if they will, because YouTube is limiting the reach of a video by a "far right" candidate (Eric Zemmour) and most of establishment France will not mind this particular censorship, even if they object to the intrusion, generally, of a transnational monopoly in their politics.
Another staffer decides to no longer Position Kumala for Success:
Tim Perry @tperry518 A source familiar confirms Peter Velz, Director of Press Operations for @VP Kamala Harris, also plans to leave the VP's office "in the coming weeks."

I have a theory: Kumala is incompetent and dislikable and can only move up on her knees. I'll be on the lookout for further evidence for this theory.
Highway Robbery: No Probable Cause. No Crimes Committed. No Charges Filed. Watch Cops Seize Combat Vet's Life Savings [dri]
This guy is virtually the Pitch Meeting guy
Ooh, looking and sounding like the Pitch Meeting guy is TIGHT!
Kurt Schlichter

never proofread. it's a sign of weakness.
That has long been my motto.
What if Steve Inman were young, female, petite and in person? Go, Antifa! [KT]
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