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Top Headlines
Biden just incited an assassin yesterday, repeating the "bloodbath" hoax and threatening his lunatic criminal supporters that there's going to be a civil war unless Trump is stopped
Why won't Trump lower the temperature on the Democrats' rhetoric?
Caroline Wren

These Democrats recently introduced legislation to strip Donald Trump from his secret service protection:

Rep. Bennie Thompson
Rep. Troy A. Carter Sr.
Rep. Barbara Lee
Rep. Frederica Wilson
Rep. Yvette D. Clarke
Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman
Rep. Jasmine Crockett
Rep. Joyce Beatty


THREAD: A lot of people are harping on this but as a lawyer I wanted to explain some of the legal subtleties at issue that motivated their decision to introduce this legislation:

1/n Jarvis

They wanted him to be assassinated.

Newsweek's variation on "Republicans Pounce:" "Republicans outraged" by assassination attempt on our candidate as he's about to win the presidency
Are we not supposed to be "outraged"? If Obama had been shot, would the story have been "Democrats outraged by assassination of first black president"?
You are pushing us to the brink of civil war.
Democrats tried to strip Trump of his SS protection in April. Here are the ghouls at MSNBC, including the disgusting hag Jennifer Rubin, laughing about it.
Dan Bongino @dbongino I want to repeat, and can absolutely confirm, the USSS Director Kim Cheatle has repeatedly turned down requests for a larger security footprint around President Trump. Despite knowing the threat level is catastrophic. Resign tonight.
CBS "journalist" Margaret Brennan faults Trump for not "lowering the temperature" of rhetoric
They're really doing it: They're blaming Trump for his own attempted assassination.
INVESTIGATE. The networks have no right to use the airwaves the government gives them, free. They are supposed to run these for the PUBLIC INTEREST. The entire public, not just the 1/3rd of the country that are braindead leftwing NPCs.
Now they're talking about "retaliatory violence" -- backlash, in other words -- from the right. As they do with Muslim bombings, they're passing right over the violence just committed by their political allies to shift the story to the HYPOTHETICAL FUTURE violence of the right. There is just no time at all to talk about what the left has just done, we have to change the story immediately to talk about what the right MIGHT do.
Keep it up. Keep it fucking up.
Deleted the post about the false identification of the shooter. His picture, with his blown-out skull, is on Twitter, and he's a thin guy, not a fat guy.
Biden's brain went out again, can you reboot it when you have the chance?
via andycanuck
Jim Hays @JayHamiltonMAN My brother had a stroke and when he's talking and loses his train of thought he says, "anyway," which is a tell word (that he forgot) and allows him to skip what he forgot but continue talking.

Biden also returned to 1988 form in telling the reporters that he's smarter than they are (in foreign policy, his self-insisted field of expertise). I mean, he might be smarter than some of them, but that's a low bar, innit it?
Just keep repeating, "I was Reassured by Biden's Masterful Command of Foreign Policy." Let's get this meme going.
Why is this broken conservative clock correct 24 hours a day?!?!

Posted by: New Yuck Times
The four Republicans who voted to save Garland:
Duarte (CA)
Joyce (OH)
McClintock (CA)
Turner (OH)
The Republican Party needs to crush all four. And they won't.
Kamala is tanned, ready, and rested, and talking about Time again
She loves talking about Time, Space, and Venn Diagrams. She is pretending to be Neil DeGrasse Tyson. You lose, Kamala -- Neil DeGrasse Tyson is also an idiot.
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