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Top Headlines
Here's the clip of the demented race-baiting fabulist Joe Biden claiming he's got tons of "Morehouse men" at the White House telling him what to do
I want the list.
It's not just a lie, it's racially condescending -- he thinks he's uplifting these poor black boys by lying and claiming the White House is filled with Morehouse graduates. He just never stops lying, and he lies with Obama's narcissism, thinking that a lie that associates the audience with himself elevates the audience. No, it degrades them.
Disney -- or someone with an interest in Doctor Who -- is now using bots to promote the dying show, choosing specifically to promote the drag queen "Jinkx Monsoon" to children for some reason
Master of the TDS rounded up dozens of accounts posting identical messages.
The media has been screaming about "disinformation" for years but never once mentions the armies of false-flag bots employed by the media itself to push a disinformation party line out to the public. Congress should investigate Disney's use of bots. I don't care if they pass a law, just investigate them to "gather information" about the problem.
And humiliate them.
Doctor Who, which had already posted the worst overnight ratings of any debut show, now posts the worst overnight ratings in its history, losing another 400,000
The overnight ratings were: 2.6 million, 2.4 million, and now 2.04 million. This is especially bad for the show, because episode 3 was supposed to be a big draw, as it was written by former Doctor Who standout writer and eh showrunner Steven Moffat.
The ratings are now the lowest ever -- and Doctor Who was previously canceled for bad ratings. The BBC would cancel the show (they've always hated it, and were happy to sacrifice it on the altar of THE MESSAGE), but they've got Groomer Corporation Disney's huge money backing it, so this groomer propaganda might crawl on.
Former Top Baltimore Prosecutor Applies for Presidential Pardon
For perjury and mortgage fraud? And the Drooler-in-Chief might just give it! [CBD]
Ain't it Good to Know, You've Got a Fiend?"Is it Democrat leftist ideology that drives their incompetence, or is it something else? The cognitive dissonance many leftists display is off the charts when the policies and laws they implement come crashing down -- mostly on our heads . . . Incompetence and cruelty, driven by ideology and cluelessness. Take any of those four words in any combination and it comes out just the same. Catastrophe." My latest essay at Taki's Magazine. Please read and comment! [J.J. Sefton]
CJN podcast 1400 copy.jpg
Joe Mannix joins CBD for a discussion about Israel's strategic and operational goals in Gaza, the politics vs. the reality of Fed rate cuts, Trump's debate stumble, the execrable government GOTV efforts, and CA's stupidity reaches new lows!
Interesting phrasing by Reuters. Instead of writing "Israel covers the remains of three hostages murdered by Hamas," Reuters goes with "Israel military says forces seized bodies of hostages from Gaza," like they're the aggressors here, like they did something wrong by recovering the bodies of their murdered dead.
I owe a commenter a hat-tip but it's coming fast and furious and I forget who posted this. My apologies!
Mad Libs: ____ is Now White Supremacy.
What was your Mad Lib?
Here's the official DEI Hire answer:
Black Studies Professor Claims Romance Is White Supremacy
"Romance had a beginning," Strings said, as quoted in the UC Santa Barbara story. "Romance is an old white cultural institution that began in the Middle Ages."
"One of the very first examples of a romantic story is Lancelot and Guinevere, she pointed out, which is about the trials of a man from a lower station who sets out to prove he is worthy of a higher class European Christian woman," the UC Santa Barbara story said.

thanks to Archimedes
This dude's smooth rap is a real panty-dropper
He's actually a YouTube comic, he's doing it as a joke. I didn't want to spoil it but I also don't want to mislead people.
In case you missed it: Michael Cohen's video pitch for a reality TV show starring his charismatic self, called "The Fixer"
Capitol Hill police have discovered a bag of cocaine in the Capitol Building.
A police source describes the coke bag as "larger than Don Henley's discreet on-stage coke snifter" but "smaller than Hunter Biden's weekender crack satchel."
Blame it on the Rain: Gavin Newsom blames his state's little tiny $45 billion budget deficit on... "rain bombs"
He didn't know there would be rain at the end of winter and into the spring. Officer, that tree jumped right in front of my car! (And I think Joe Biden shit my pants!)
"Joe Biden" visited Megyn Kelly
"Those films showing me stumbling are all fake... I'll take my Talking Pills, and I'm feeling fine, and then they show these fake movies of me falling on the stairs. End paragraph. New paragraph."
RFK Jr Endorses Abortion Up Until Birth
Nothing equivocal either. [CBD]
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