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The anti-feminists view of Aliens. BTW, I've now subscribed to this fella's YouTube account. Lots of fun stuff. - NDH
Epic Debate Over Spock
• Buttal: Matthew Continetti, Washington Free Beacon: I Don’t Love Spock
• Rebuttal: James T. Kirk, The Federalist: 5 Reasons Area Warmongering Kate Upton Blog Is Wrong About Spock
(Rebuttal cries out for buttal.) [rdbrewer]

David Bernstein: Unintentional self-parody alert: Dana Milbank predicts 'social upheaval' if the USSC rules against Obamacare
"'[T]he nation’s social fabric' will be torn part... and 'there will be no place to hide from the national conflagration that follows.'" [rdbrewer]

Bloomberg: The Hillary Camp's Rationale for Staying Quiet
Via Drudge. "Sources tell Bloomberg Politics that her team is betting that the news cycle will move on...." [rdbrewer]

Thomas Ferdousi, Pundit Press: Doctor in Menendez Scandal Made Payments to Hillary and Her Scandal-Plagued Brother
"There has also been a consistent set of donations to Hillary going back years." [rdbrewer]

Stephen Gutowski: Some Bros Filmed Harrison Ford’s Plane Crashing on a Golf Course
Nice Carl Spackler impression, bro, but learn how to hold a camera. [rdbrewer]
Charles C.W. Cooke: Progressives, It's Time to Start Panicking
I don't know if he means it or if this is just some mindf*ck trolling psyops
David Duchovny coming back to TV this summer
"'Aquarius,' which explores the cat-and-mouse game between Charles Manson and the police in the years leading up to the infamous Tate-LaBianca murders in the late 1960s, will bow on Thursday, May 28 with a special two-hour opener. It will regularly air at 9 p.m." --Variety. [rdbrewer]

Distinguised open-blogger and member of the Moron Horde 'Fritzworth' cited in Fox News report
(Also linked below.) Bruce Webster, a/k/a @bfwebster, has been talking to Fox and ABC about Hillary's emails. You can find him at And I Still Persist blog. Related post here. [rdbrewer]
‘How secure could it have been?’ IT crowd questions if Hillary email could have been targeted. Fox News gets to the heart of the Clinton e-mail issue: where was the server physically located and how secure was it? Oh, yeah, and they quote me. And link to the article y'all got to see yesterday. AOSHQ, cutting edge as always! [Fritzworth]
Daily Mail: How hero pilot Harrison Ford crash landed his vintage plane on a golf course to avoid catastrophe over homes
"Aviation expert Rick Dake told People that Ford's landing was amazing considering the unforgiving nature of the World War II-era plane. 'Everything he did was perfect,' Dake, of Aviation Consulting Experts, told People." [rdbrewer]

CBS Boston: New Procedure Changes Brown Eyes To Blue
Via Drudge. [rdbrewer]

BGR: The world’s tiniest drone shows privacy may be dead for good
Via Drudge. [rdbrewer]

Tablet: We’ve Known About Hillary’s Email for Years. Why the Hoopla This Week?
Iran. "Clinton’s use of the email account, Gibbs also suggested that Clinton’s behavior violated normal procedure, and possibly the law—a charge echoed in dozens of stories sourced to anonymous administration officials, in what had all the hallmarks of a well-organized political hit." Related: I'll be selling popcorn for Clinton-Obama: Thrilla' in Manilla. Via commenter "LoneStarHeeb" (prolly @TexasJew). [rdbrewer]

David Harsanyi: Unifying Theory Of Media Scandal Coverage: It’s Always The Republicans’ Fault
The first one on Harsanyi's list: "Will the GOP Go Too Far? If there is a scandal involving a Democrat brewing, we must immediately contemplate how the GOP will fare." [rdbrewer]
Observer: California Prosecutor Falsifies Transcript of Confession
"Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski declared months ago in a much-quoted opinion that there is 'an epidemic of Brady violations abroad in the land.' And yet, prosecutors continue to deny there’s a problem." (Link added.) The prosecutor did not go to jail. Via @Popehat and @tmi3rd. Related: The devil and the law. [rdbrewer]
Bill Whittle, Truth Revolt: The Leader of the Free World
Really good video. More at [rdbrewer]

Legendary CBS Anchorman Ponders if New Ice Age is On the Way
Walter Cronkite warned of a new ice age in 1972. [rdbrewer]
Billary's greatest hits - storified.
Ahh, the 90s. ht @rdbrewer4 [@ComradeArthur]
Gateway Pundit: Saudi Columnist: Netanyahu Is Right to Address Congress; Obama Is 'One of Worst US Presidents' In History
But he thinks he's great and, basically, unfathomable to smaller minds (everybody). Narcissists gonna narcissist. [rdbrewer]

BI: ISIS just 'bulldozed' the ancient Assyrian city of Nimrud
"Nimrud, one of the jewels of the Assyrian era, was founded in the 13th century BC and lies on the Tigris River around 30 kilometres (18 miles) southeast of Mosul...." Too bad we didn't leave that residual force in Iraq, like all the generals wanted. But think about it: who in the world is more likely to think "I know better"? Via @DoreenHDickson. [rdbrewer]

Alex Griswold: David Gregory Admits Liberal Media Bias In ‘Off-The-Record’ Talk
"Journalists covering the event were chagrined to discover that while every other speech and event was on the record, Gregory demanded his talk be off-the-record. Unhappy with having this precondition thrust upon them, a number of reporters broke protocol and began live-tweeting Gregory’s chat." Also from TheDC: Hacker Discovers Hillary Clinton Created MULTIPLE Private Email Accounts. Nine of them. [rdbrewer]

Sean Davis: Here’s What The Unemployment Rate Looks Like If You Add Back Labor Force Dropouts
"The official unemployment rate masks a problem that’s been plaguing the economy since shortly before the 2009 recession: a continuing decline in the labor force participation rate...." [rdbrewer]

Breaking: Food, Language, Global Warming, and Your Mother Are Now All Racist
"First up, Mother Jones declares your mother’s advice that you eat three healthy meals a day to be totally racist, you guys." [rdbrewer]
Where is (or was) the Clinton e-mail server? A new article on Fox shows that Clinton was using multiple e-mail addresses. But the accompanying screen shot suggests she was using a commercial web-hosting firm (and a very dubious one at that) for the domain -- one that I pointed out in my last article on the subject. [Fritzworth]
Long, Grim Excerpt From That Jon Ronson (???) Book on Social Media Shaming
This chapter about that Adriana woman who got those guys fired for making "dongle" jokes that reached Her Preciousness' dainty ears... Spoiler Alert: She's still proud she did that and angry at them for saying she got them fired (which she did, but she doesn't like being blamed, so that's further Oppression of her).... she comes across, frankly, like a religious maniac. Must read (Do also note the horrible shit that was then sent to her in similar Ravening Wolfpack tactics... also bad, though I have to say, it is amusing that she still can't see the stuff she objects to is the same shit she did. For this religious lunatic, it's totally different, because the White Male Oppressor is Of The Devil.)
Oh, Dear: The Daily Mail Says That Sydney Leathers Has Induced Another Democratic Pol to "Text" Her, And Send Her Some Gifts
This "Midwestern Democratic statesman" was running for mayor during these sexcapades... Oh, and he apparently calls himself BitchBoy
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