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Biden's brain went out again, can you reboot it when you have the chance?
via andycanuck
Jim Hays @JayHamiltonMAN My brother had a stroke and when he's talking and loses his train of thought he says, "anyway," which is a tell word (that he forgot) and allows him to skip what he forgot but continue talking.

Biden also returned to 1988 form in telling the reporters that he's smarter than they are (in foreign policy, his self-insisted field of expertise). I mean, he might be smarter than some of them, but that's a low bar, innit it?
Just keep repeating, "I was Reassured by Biden's Masterful Command of Foreign Policy." Let's get this meme going.
Why is this broken conservative clock correct 24 hours a day?!?!

Posted by: New Yuck Times
The four Republicans who voted to save Garland:
Duarte (CA)
Joyce (OH)
McClintock (CA)
Turner (OH)
The Republican Party needs to crush all four. And they won't.
Kamala is tanned, ready, and rested, and talking about Time again
She loves talking about Time, Space, and Venn Diagrams. She is pretending to be Neil DeGrasse Tyson. You lose, Kamala -- Neil DeGrasse Tyson is also an idiot.
Kamala can smell the Oval Office coming within reach -- she's almost giddy as she Explores the Studio Space with her dullard "unburdened by what has been" stump speech line. Look at her, getting all funky-fresh with it! She's feeling her oats now, Jack! What is she doing with her arms, man? It's like she's signalling to a ship on the horizon.
Harvard Caves, Retracts Suspensions for Five Pro-Hamas Protestors
Terrorist-supporting and a watered-down curriculum for $80,000/year? [CBD]
Solid weird science drama Severance returns in January 2025
And the last season of Cobra Kai -- ??? -- returns to Netflix July 18. Can't wait to see that without paying Netflix.
Google absolutely refuses to autocomplete "Joe Biden dementia." I guess Google's algorithms just haven't detected any special interest in such a search!
When you type in "Donald Trump," the first suggestion is "Donald Trump hannibal lector"
[Microsoft Bing refuses also!][CBD]
I'm getting very frustrated at these elites questioning my mental capacity. These elites say I can't build shelves. I don't care what the elites think about my shelves, I care what Ordinary Americans think. C'mon, man!
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