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This thought criminal is not showing the proper level of Respect and Deference to his News Aristocrat Better, Jake Tapper
"Daddy, where were you back in '20 when Martha was mean to the reporter?"
"Well son, I was right there, weeping with the rest of the brave firefighters, and acting like a Senate seat belonged to a particular family."

I've never seen so much racism, Can we just finally pass a law stating that only corporate-credentialed "journalists" have free speech rights, and also have the right of Prima Noctae?
loi: Super-Woke FakeNews "Watchmen" series cancelled, will not return to HBO
Also, the Game of Thrones prequel was cancelled some time ago, allegedly for being "too woke." The main character had been gender-swapped from male to female, and, it is rumored, even HBO thought the show leaned in to hard to its #YasKweenSlay feminist messaging.
Supposedly there's another Game of Thrones prequel they're still developing, but the first one had gone to pilot before being cancelled. We'll see if they ever actually spend money to hire people and build sets for this other alleged series, or if they're just trying to spare George R. R. Martin and Dan Benioff & Dan Weiss from outright declaring that they killed Game of Thrones and there is no remaining popular interest in the demolished IP. Gary from Nerdrotic seems very doubtful that this other series will go past the script phase.
Let all the Corporate IPs burn, and may ten thousand Hollywood liberals go bankrupt and be forced into new careers of smuggling cocaine...
This is my all-time favorite end credits sequence
I don't even like this movie. Just the very, very ending. It's so Pure 80s Hollywood.
Bill Hader's very funny Lorne Michaels impression
If you think you don't know what Lorne Michaels sounds like, you're almost certainly wrong -- Michael Myers swiped Dana Carvey's impression of Lorne Michaels for the "Doctor Evil" character. Everything from the pretentious pseudo-British accent to the pinky.
Memorial Service for Moron rickl 1/24/20
Got a reply from Rickl's sister about the date and time for the memorial service: I'm thinking about 12 noon on Friday the 24th, as we fly back to Dallas on the 25th. Honestly, Rick was never one for a lot of fuss or formality, nor was he very religious. So, here's my thoughts on what I'm planning to do.... A quiet service in our backyard. Although they are predicting 3 to 5 inches of snow, I'm hoping it's like Texas, where they can't predict the weather hours in advance, never mind a week in advance. We will share some memories of Rick, have some food, and since he enjoyed a good beer, have a toast with either a Philly classic, Yuengling beer, or a good hot cup of Black Rifle coffee. (We also found a stockpile of Black Rifle coffee, so I think that this toast would incorporate 2 of his favorite beverages!) Afterwards, we will spread his ashes. Please let me know how many people you think would come, as we are having his house cleaned out with a company on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I could rent a few chairs, or consider having lunch at a local restaurant (Richie's) after the memorial. ==== If you would like to attend, e-mail either me (moronettetami at gmail) or Mis Hum (petmorons at gmail) an e-mail and we will give you the address. (Please include your AOS nic in the e-mail) Don't want to post the home address on a thread.
Strong, empowered woman makes stunning and brave statement about body positivity
Blame Publius. He's to blame. Me? I give you quality content about stunning and brave women like this.
Babylon Bee: Somber Impeachment Ceremony Concludes With a Performance From The "Impeachment Dancers"
WASHINGTON, D.C.--It was a somber day for the U.S., as House Democrats formalized the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi took seven solemn hours to sign the articles of impeachment with 582 custom pens on silver trays before she sent them over to the Senate. As the articles were handed over, the Impeachment Dancers entered the room, marking the dark day with a well-choreographed dance number accented by a tasteful amount of pyrotechnics.
Former Obama WH staffer eagerly retweets the liberal Washington Examiner's #RespectTheMedia chiding, claiming the liberal rag is "conservative"
Isn't it wonderful to have a "conservative" media funded by rich liberal billionaires and stocked top to bottom with mincing liberal SJWs?
Nasty partisan hack Jake the Snake Tapper does the "Sealion" defense for his CNN Hack-Colleague Manu Raju
Fake News Men have to defend each other.
Brendan Buck, Paul Ryan's former communications chief, retweeted Jake Tapper. Of course. They're all actually in the same party together. But the party is more of a class than an ideological vehicle. And the class is very angry that the classes they formerly ruled over have rebelled and no longer show them what they feel is proper deference.
Hypervirile giant tortoise with unrivaled sex drive said to have saved his entire species from extinction by impregnating 40% of all living female giant tortoises
Scientists have given the shelled lothario the nickname, "Not Jonah Goldberg"
The name is said to have been given to the tortoise "in honor of him not being Jonah Goldberg, not even a little bit"
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Christienomics? Republicans Buzzing About Cool New Way To Cut Federal Spending Without Touching Taxpayers' Checks -- Cut Federal Employee Wages | Main
August 10, 2010

Christienomics? Republicans Buzzing About Cool New Way To Cut Federal Spending Without Touching Taxpayers' Checks -- Cut Federal Employee Wages

DrewM. linked this briefly in his DOD cuts post, but he suggests that maybe it's important for a stand-alone post. He's right.

The upside? This affects only Obama voters, pretty much. The cost is borne by them. (It's the right thing to do, too, but let's just talk political effect.)

It is a truism that the taxpayer is always up for increasing someone else's taxes. It stands to reason, then, they'd also be game to cut someone else's pay, right?

This is straight from Obama's playbook -- when a cost is to be imposed, only impose it on those who vote against you.

As Alinksy said, make them live up to their own rulebook.

Okay, that's not really exactly on-target but close enough.

Whenever a conservative suggests reducing the federal deficit by cutting spending rather than raising taxes, there's always someone to ask: Well, what would you cut? Americans may say they want less government spending, the argument goes, but they don't want anyone to touch their services and subsidies and monthly checks.

Fair enough. But there's a persuasive counter-argument going around in conservative circles these days: You can start cutting government spending without cutting anyone's services or subsidies or monthly checks. Just bring the pay of federal workers into line with pay in the private sector.

A recent Heritage Foundation study found the average federal worker (excluding the uniformed military) makes $78,901 a year in wages and salary versus $50,111 for the average private sector worker. When you count generous health and pension benefits, the average total compensation of federal workers comes to $111,015 a year versus $60,078 in the private sector.

In recent years, that disparity has been fueled by an explosion of federal generosity on the high end of the pay scale....

If Congress were to freeze federal pay raises until the private sector begins to catch up, the savings to taxpayers would be considerable. Heritage scholar James Sherk estimates that ending the disparity could save the taxpayers $47 billion a year. (A study by the American Enterprise Institute put the figure at $40 billion.) That won't get close to balancing the budget, but add up 10 years of that and the government will save significant money.

Indeed. And it's very nearly cost-free, as far as political damage.

posted by Ace at 11:42 AM