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Bryce Dallas Howard Whines About A Contract She Voluntarily Signed For 'Jurassic World,' Chris Pratt Steps In And Earns Her More And just like that! A man steps in to take care of a strong and independent woman! Feminism...ain't it grand! [CBD]
Liz Cheney already has her grifting website up, once again comparing her to Lincoln. So this was all planned.
Coming soon: "Chuy for Tejas, El Abraham Lincoln Del Sud"
Wait that might not play, might need to hire an Establishment Beltway Political Consultant for 15% of my grifting take to research whether Lincoln will play in Texas
ABC "News:" Liz Cheney did something Donald Trump has never done. She admitted she lost.
Say has Hillary Clinton admitted she lost? Every time I see her, she claims she won but that the election was "stolen." Weird how all the Hillary Clinton Voters of the media have no problem with that.
LOL. On the Five Sean Duffy just said, "I've worked with Liz Cheney and she's a drip."
Posted by: redridinghood

That Tigercat? You don't say?!
She has the animal magnetism of an intellectual, but the intellect of pet store clerk
Liz Cheney is getting "crushed" in Wyoming and is about to give some kind of speech before she returns home to... Virginia. The speech is said to be "Churchillian" in as much as Churchill was fat.
Just kidding, she's whining like she always does. She says she conceded to Harriet Hageman and allows "This primary is ended" but threatens, "Now the real work begins."
She is now literally comparing herself to Lincoln, noting that he too lost a congressional race before winning the presidency. She's quoting his Gettysburg Address and talking about winning the Civil War.
This is amazing. It is literally amazing me that she had the stones to compare herself to Abraham Lincoln. I'm truly sorry I told a joke earlier because now you probably don't believe me that this whiny entitled narcissist nepot brat just said "I AM LINCOLN, BITCHES"
Her speech, if you can tolerate it. Trigger Warning: contains more whining than a Gender Studies mixer that short-stocked the White Claw.
Is it too early to break out the Adult Beverage of your choice? Looks like Liz Cheney will have an early start on her presidential campaign. ***SNORT*** [Mis. Hum.]
Well Duh! What a surprise. NotSen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., on Tuesday admitted that the Inflation Reduction Act won’t "immediately" temper inflation, telling reporters that the necessary investments needed to bring down prices would take some time. Manchin’s comments came after President Biden signed the landmark climate change and health care bill into law on Tuesday, delivering what he has called the "final piece" of his pared-down domestic agenda. Though Democrats have labeled the measure the Inflation Reduction Act, nonpartisan analysts have said it will have a barely perceptible impact on prices. [Mis. Hum.]
Forgotten Summer Mystery Click
Hi, hi, hi, hi there
Una parola de Ace "Chuy:"
Hace a week ago, I realized that anyone could grift their way in Democrat politics fundraising money every dos anos for one failed election bid after another, como Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke.
Todo that is required is to give yourself a fake Hispanic nickname so that people wrongly believe you're Hispanic when they see your name in the voting booth.
Cuanto you are asked porque you call yourself "Beto," you just lie and say "Aye, Dios mio, there were some jovenes who used to call me 'Beto' because they liked my sick skateboarder moves and they considered me an honorary Hispanic who would one day make a bueno Gobernador de Tejas. Their abuelas all told me so and said I was como un John F. Kennedy mexicano and that I should take away all the negras pistolas malas.
If I just promise to take away todas las negras pistolas malas, las medias will cover up and lie for me and never point out that I am almost as white as Anderson Cooper's prom dress.
Por esta razon, yo soy ora "Chuy!" Soy your next Democratic Gobernador de Tejas. En serio!
Dame todos tus dineros, por favor.
Sr. Bill Kristol, "El Jefe Maximo de Fraude" -- llamame! Let's set up "uno grifto"! Entendo que you are el hombre to hablar to about that! Come on, let's take your fur-children-bragging, Box-Wine chugging, Gwyneth-Paltrow-worshipping, vision-board-manifesting, triple-masking, vaccination-date-tattooing, Instagram-ranting, In This House... sign-posting, barren-wombed sexually-shriveled psychologically toxic "Cool Aunt" AWFL donor base in their stinky stretched-out LuluLemon tights that they say they bought "for yoga" but are primarily worn for "couch flattening" -- and ride their mentally-ill asses in one last glorious Grift Rodeo!
WNBA commercial pushes Black Lives Matter in its second image and also pushes ESPN so definitely start watching that, guys
Pretty much they're telling you, "Watching the WNBA is not entertainment, it's a social responsibility that progressives and feminists have to be pressured into"
Bill Burr responds to Megan Rapinoe whining that women's sports don't pay as much as men's: "Feminists failed the WNBA. It's their job to support it, not mine!"
"I don't accept a Jew, Israeli or Zionist, or anyone else who speaks Hebrew. I'm with killing them wherever they are: children, elderly people, and soldiers." -- Fady Hanona, New York Times Contributing Reporter
...until Friday, when the NYT got called out and had to dump him.
The importance of diversity, accessibility, diversity, updating, diversity, modern sensibilities, diversity, Female Dwarves of Color (FDOCs), and diversity in Amazon's Lord of the Rings billion dollar fanfic
Not mentioned: fidelity to Tolkein
The scuttlebutt is that Amazon is attempting a Game of Thrones-style intrigue and politics show, set in Tolkein's world. But... that's not really Tolkein, is it? I know this won't help you get that sweet sweet Game of Thrones audience (if that still exists?), but Tolkein wrote male-skewing adventure and war stories. There's not really too much skullduggery and backstabbing because morality in Tolkein is pretty well-defined. There's not going to be a redemption arc for Hot Sauron. Or at least... I hope there's not going to be one!
Whatever. Everything's hilariously, wretchedly terrible, it's kind of awesome. There's never been so much Not to Watch. We're living in a Golden Age of Television Not-Viewing.
From What the Hell is Going On, Ari Fleischer discusses his favorite fresh anecdote of leftwing media bias -- and ignorance -- in his new book:
On the Saturday after the election when the networks declared Joe Biden the winner and Fox News declared Joe Biden the winner, church bells went off in Paris. Fireworks went off in London. ABC, NBC and CNN all reported, live on the air, that this was part of the international celebration of Joe Biden's victory, celebrating Donald Trump's defeat, people around the world, because that's how they thought of it. When you were in a newsroom and everybody you know is celebrating Donald Trump's defeat and then you see fireworks or hear church bells, you think, "Aha, the world thinks just like we do." Well, you know what? It was the weekly call to mass in Paris. It happens every Saturday night. And the fireworks in London was a commemoration of a 500 year old holiday called Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night, celebrating the failed assassination attempt on King James in 1605. Nothing to do with America's election.

When your mindset is the world celebrating, you shoehorn events into it, and then because you're a reporter you have the power to go on the air and just tell people that. Well, they were all wrong. And did they retract it? Nope. @disclosetv JUST IN - Hadi Matar, 24, of Fairview New Jersey, is identified as the suspect of stabbing Salman Rushdie, according to law enforcement.

"We will work tirelessly to obscure, confuse, and conceal the motive for this easily-solved crime," the FBI vowed. "Our record in pretending ignorance in violent crimes perpetrated by favored constituencies of the left, and our allied street paramilitaries such as antifa and BLM, speaks for itself."

Thanks to andycanuck
Analysis: Twitter is probably 25% bots, and maybe as high as 50% bots
He says Twitter knows this but allows it, and lies about it, because the fact is that people are abandoning Twitter and they don't want the public to know that -- because once people start realizing everyone else is leaving Twitter, it will cause a feedback cycle in which the Cool Thing is to leave Twitter. He says something like this happened to MySpace, and collapsed the service, and its share price.
joerocks.jpeg Tickets for Joe Scarborough & The Premeditations on sale now... and tomorrow... and the day after that... and all the way through showtime...
Anne Heche dead at 53 after fiery cocaine-fueled crash one week ago: Actress has NO brain function
No word yet on whether she died OF covid or WITH covid; guess either one counts
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Christienomics? Republicans Buzzing About Cool New Way To Cut Federal Spending Without Touching Taxpayers' Checks -- Cut Federal Employee Wages | Main
August 10, 2010

Christienomics? Republicans Buzzing About Cool New Way To Cut Federal Spending Without Touching Taxpayers' Checks -- Cut Federal Employee Wages

DrewM. linked this briefly in his DOD cuts post, but he suggests that maybe it's important for a stand-alone post. He's right.

The upside? This affects only Obama voters, pretty much. The cost is borne by them. (It's the right thing to do, too, but let's just talk political effect.)

It is a truism that the taxpayer is always up for increasing someone else's taxes. It stands to reason, then, they'd also be game to cut someone else's pay, right?

This is straight from Obama's playbook -- when a cost is to be imposed, only impose it on those who vote against you.

As Alinksy said, make them live up to their own rulebook.

Okay, that's not really exactly on-target but close enough.

Whenever a conservative suggests reducing the federal deficit by cutting spending rather than raising taxes, there's always someone to ask: Well, what would you cut? Americans may say they want less government spending, the argument goes, but they don't want anyone to touch their services and subsidies and monthly checks.

Fair enough. But there's a persuasive counter-argument going around in conservative circles these days: You can start cutting government spending without cutting anyone's services or subsidies or monthly checks. Just bring the pay of federal workers into line with pay in the private sector.

A recent Heritage Foundation study found the average federal worker (excluding the uniformed military) makes $78,901 a year in wages and salary versus $50,111 for the average private sector worker. When you count generous health and pension benefits, the average total compensation of federal workers comes to $111,015 a year versus $60,078 in the private sector.

In recent years, that disparity has been fueled by an explosion of federal generosity on the high end of the pay scale....

If Congress were to freeze federal pay raises until the private sector begins to catch up, the savings to taxpayers would be considerable. Heritage scholar James Sherk estimates that ending the disparity could save the taxpayers $47 billion a year. (A study by the American Enterprise Institute put the figure at $40 billion.) That won't get close to balancing the budget, but add up 10 years of that and the government will save significant money.

Indeed. And it's very nearly cost-free, as far as political damage.

posted by Ace at 11:42 AM