December 12, 2018

The Morning Report - 12/12/18

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Midweek and the big story of course was yesterday's "meeting" between the President and Cuck Schemer and Nancy Palsi. It is incredible to me that after all this time, in spite of everything that we have witnessed over the past three years that these people can be so smug, self-absorbed and deluded into believing the propaganda that they are dealing with some sort of moron. Did they not remember the meeting on gun control where the President totally owned Feinstein, Durbin and all the others with the cameras rolling for all of America to see last January?

To be fair, that performance was a more subtle rope-a-dope affair but it had the same effect; exposing the Democrats for the totalitarian jagoffs that we know them to be. This time, expecting the President to just roll over and surrender on the signature agenda item that got him elected - border security and its physical manifestation of the wall - he turned the tables and more or less forced them to admit that as a matter of policy, they and their party are against secure borders. If you watch footage, their body language speaks volumes. No amount of blathering from either of them could disguise the fact that they were both rhetorically pantsed on national television. And the cherry on top was Palsi spewing loudly about how she and the Democrat House are going to be totally transparent, unlike the Republicans, and then within a nano-second she insisted that the TV cameras be turned off and removed from the room. Brilliant.

A few observations on this: first, anyone who has any doubts whatsoever on this President and his steadfastness, sincerity and commitment to the American people should be disabused of that notion here and now. Second, this is not just politics for Trump. I believe that he believes that national sovereignty and secure borders are essential for the survival and prosperity of this nation. Third, this guy is a fighter. By him rejecting the standard political model of Republican/conservative evil and Democrat/Leftist good and throwing their bullshit, hypocrisy and insanity right in their faces - Queens accent and all - is the equivalent of upending the tables of the moneychangers in the temple and setting a new paradigm for future politicians on our side to do the same (please G-d).

Other links in the same vein, IBD and Betsy McCaughey implore the President to not give an inch, the President is boasting about shutting down the government over the wall funding and that is another meme I wish he would explode since nothing gets "shut down" and life goes on no matter what happens, and is also saying that he will use the military to build the wall if need be, Nancy Palsi proves (as if any more were needed) that she is a low-class, sub-intellectual, vapid front-hole, 3,000 aliens are caught in a single day at the border, the real crisis is the mass asylum-seeking scam, the cost of the wall at $5 billion is a rounding error compared to the massive pork in all the continuing resolutions (G-d forbid we should ever have an actual budget with real spending limits) but the cost of DACA amnesty would dwarf it, monetarily and culturally, and the administration seeks relief from SCOTUS over the lower court interference with the new asylum regs. And that there is a whole other issue in the judicial overreach department (see the Domestic Policy section).

In politics, starting with the Democrat scandal sheet, a Florida PAC is playing fast and loose with Andrew Gillum campaign funds, total radio silence from California Dems on Kamala-Toe's aide's sexual harassment revelations, funny how the NY State AG is ignoring Al Sharptone's new book deal, and champion of the planet and defender of evil oil and carbon Bernardo Sandersnista sure does burn a lot of Jet-A in private jets. The people - fly United - will never be defeated... but they ain't riding up here with me to stink up the joint (more champagne, comrade).

Meanwhile the President said that impeachment would not be a good idea for the Dems, the GOP will never kneecap the baby-killers, 5 million Christians are pissed at Luap the Lesser for his anti-Israel aid stance (where's Loopy Occasional-Jewish?), if you thought Palsi with the gavel the first go round was bad enough, just wait until January, and can the GOP Senate thwart the Democrat House for the next two years?

In First Amendment and Fake News Fakery, the Google CEO went before a Congressional committee and pinky-sweared that there was no bias at all at Google, which is akin to Ahmedinejad stating that there were no homosexuals in Iran. None that could stay aloft, anyway. Kudos to Matt Gaetz for ignoring the obfuscations about Russia and getting to the heart of the matter which is censorship and abuse of conservative voices. But Steve "purple-nurple" Cohen wanted to know why all the tech support people sounded like Joe Biden's 7-11 Slurpee Machine operators, which was all the funnier since the CEO of Google is a dot-head Indian and not just 1/1024th Cherokee. Sheesh. Elsewhere Mark Levin ripped the media for continuing to spew the Southern District of NY's anti-Trump garbage, writers at the teen webzine Slate are striking because the site is not Leftist enough for their taste, and a look at formerly-great Britain turning into A Clockwork Orange vis a vis thought crimes.

To the Mueller witch hunt and continuing coup against the President, we the people and We The People, we mentioned Mark Levin above, Conrad Black about the collapse of the collusion hoax, Feinstein, Warner and Richard Burr-in-the-backside want leniency for FBI leaker and liar James Wolfe, Rabbi Dov Fischer with a speech the President should give, and now with the renewed angle of attacking the President for the Sloppy Daniels non-illegal payoff-payoff, the hypocrisy of the Congressional slush fund that actually pays off victims of harassment and why we need to see who benefitted from that insanity. Forget about the people passing laws to give them money. This is worse by orders of magnitude.

One item in the 2-A category but it's a biggie; NJ State Police are assuring us they have no plans to go door-to-door to arrest people with 10-round magazines. This whole thing is troubling on so many levels.

To the foreign desk we go where we look at the terrorist attack in Strasbourg, Hezbollah's terror tunnels and the Iranian connection, the administration is going after Chi-Com, Russky and Farsi propaganda, what could and should be done by us vis a vis Russia and the Crimea situation, and the administration does the right thing and blacklists the Pakistanis for religious freedom violations. Elsewhere, what the hell do we do about Afghanistan and the administration signs a bill to give aid to victims of ISIS genocide.

Back over here, the Senate confirmed two judicial nominees after a two-month freeze thanks to Flakey Flake, McYertle is going to keep the Senate open during the holiday break to steal taxpayer money and release hardened criminals onto the streets. Speaking of that, this politicization of masses of people wrongfully imprisoned flies in the face of two pieces on the Cyntoia Brown case and this Steven Avery guy from some reality show. And once again, it's the media that obfuscates the true nature of these people to serve the greater good of the Leftist agenda to put scum on the street as yet another Cloward/Piven tactic to destabilize American society. And this story out of New York where the cops got into a tug of war with a woman and her infant is disturbing to say the least. Despite all the players involved being "of color," the Left is using this as a pretext to attack the police everywhere as symbols of racist oppression, or something. Feh.

In economic news, a look at our enslavement to China and IBD on the debt and tax revenue, which is soaring. Also, Betsy DeVos gets praise from a lefty prof for kneecapping Title IX insanity, Harvard of all places explodes the gender pay-gap myth, the EPA is going to end the insane Obama-era Waters of the USA regulation, and the worldwide revolt agains the globalist "climate change" scam-o-rama. May that also include the Islamization of the world too.

From hither and yon, Christian Toto is high on the defeat of the PC crowd over "Baby It's Cold Outside," more on the Kevin Hart persecution, Jamal Khashoggi is Time Magazine's Person of the Year (who cares), on being gay and conservative and lastly the disturbing piece about a 9-year-old black child killing herself after being persecuted for the unforgivable sin of being friends with white people. Thank you, Barack Obama for that one.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (12/11/18 )

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

If you're having trouble keeping track, the French protests, Trump, Brexit, the Austrian and Italian elections, and the sudden cancellation of the "Murphy Brown" reboot are all the work of Russian bots. Whereas the Tijuana caravan, the UK grooming gangs and that rental car heading toward you on the sidewalk outside the Berlin Christmas market are the authentic vox populi. Mark Steyn

Quote II

“There’s nothing bad about that song. And it just breaks my heart and I know my dad would be going insane right now … He would say, what’s the matter with you? You know, get over it. It’s just a fun song,” Deana Martin

Quote III

“Some tenuous connection to a politically fraught issue does not justify abdicating our judicial duty. If anything, neutrally applying the law is all the more important when political issues are in the background,”Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

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Blow-Off Thread: Are These Something?

—Ace of Spades

A sequel to a reboot and a revisionist retelling.

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Asked What Actual Conservative Policies She Supports, The Washington Post's Fake Conservative Jen Rubin Runs Away

—Ace of Spades

She was speaking at a, get this, "libertarian" event run by a group called the Niskasen Center.

Hmmm... again, that sounds familiar.

Let's check in with Julie Kelly of American Greatness again to see if the Niskanen Center shows up in her list of people and organizations funded by Pierre Omidyar.

Pierre Omidyar is the "wealthy benefactor" and socialist plutocrat behind the Sovieteshly named "Democracy Fund."

In 2017 alone, Democracy Fund spent more than $47 million to bankroll dozens of organizations, including several that support anti-Trump Republicans. (Kudos to Democracy Fund for its transparency. Figures only are available through 2017.)

Here are a few:


The Niskanen Center touts itself as a "center right" think tank, with numerous self-styled libertarians (or former libertarians, anyway) on its staff. But its policy agenda is indistinguishable from that of the Democratic National Committee. Niskanen pushes climate change policies, including a carbon tax, loose immigration rules, and universal health care coverage. It has been criticized for its climate advocacy and it's funded by other left-leaning foundations.

So now let's check in with the Washington Post's dishonestly-bylined "conservative commentator."

Rubin, who has been criticized by a number of conservatives for not actually espousing conservative ideas and principles, spoke on a panel sponsored by the Niskanen Center in Washington DC about how those on the Right have "wildly exaggerated" the problems with U.S. immigration. She also said the Republican Party exhibits a "blind spot towards race, "and that it "needs a new base" after it was infiltrated by Dixiecrats with the rise of Donald Trump. Rubin was joined by Bill Kristol and Peter Wehner, who agreed the right has been corrupted by Trump primarily because of the fringe racists who became mainstream within the GOP.

What a shock.


After the panel discussion had ended, I asked Rubin if she still considers herself to be conservative, to which she replied: "Yes, but I think the rest of the party has gone insane."

When I tried to ask her what conservative principles she holds, she said that she "had to run" and turned away from me to continue walking down the aisle to greet other attendees.

Bre Payton lists all the positions upon which this Resolute Conservative has completely reversed itself in order to put herself in more perfect opposition to Trump.

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Google CEO: After an Extensive Investigation, We Have Determined That the Russian Campaign Against the Very Foundations of Our Democracy Spent... Four Thousand, Seven Hundred Dollars on Ads. Total.

—Ace of Spades

Well. Let's do what the leftwingers and cuck neocons want and drop a few Unscheduled Sunrise bombs on Moscow then, huh?

Russia spent as much money on ads to "compromise" our election as the average teenager spends on a used scooter.

Pinchai refused to answer whether a smart phone could be used to track his movements across the room:

For example, Rep. Ted Poe (R­–TX) held his iPhone aloft and repeatedly demanded whether Google would be able to use his phone to track him if he moved across the room. In response, Pichai began to explain that it depends what apps and services he has on his phone and what permissions he gave them.

Poe sharply cut him off: "This is a yes or no question."

Pichai tried again … it depends. “I genuinely don’t know without knowing what services-- "

"It's not a trick question -- you make $100 million a year, you ought to be able to answer that question!" Poe yelled. "I'm shocked you don’t know...most Americans don't know what this phone can do."

The typical Twitter Pests are making an issue that Poe was asking about an iPhone rather than an Android phone, the latter being the one made by Google, but of course an Android phone is designed to be a tracking device in your pocket, and Pichai understood what Poe was asking about.

Video here.

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UK University Demands that Comedians Sign Contract Guaranteeing a Humor Safe Space

—Ace of Spades

Not unbelievable.

"Attached is a short behavioural agreement form that we will ask for you to sign on the day to avoid problems," wrote Fisayo Eniolorunda, the club's event organizer, in an email to Kisin and four other comedians sent Sunday.

"This comedy night... aims to provide a safe space for everyone to share and listen to Comedy," states the behavioral agreement form. "This contract has been written to ensure an environment where joy, love, and acceptance are reciprocated by all."

"By signing this contract, you are agreeing to our no tolerance policy with regards to racism, sexism, classism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia or anti-religion or anti-atheism."


"All topics must be presented in a way that is respectful and kind. It does not mean that these topics can not be discussed. But, it must be done in a respectful and non-abusive way," the agreement added.

Kisin told PJ Media that he initially "couldn’t believe it."

Here's a question which I think is worth discussing: Have we reached "Peak SJW," which means the high point of SJW Neo-Puritanism for Mutants, but also means the point at which it declines?

I have not thought we hit this point at which people regain their sanity before. That might have been a big difference between me and various cucks, who always told themselves "This too will pass, mustn't say anything too imprudent about the current situation, just offer occasional jibes about SJW excesses and sometimes a Sternly Worded Essay," whereas I saw this as a growing and very serious threat that showed no signs of abating. Quite the opposite.

For some reason, though, now I'm open to the possibility that we might be on the verge of a fight-back, and that we might be living in the Last Days of NPC Mobs.

Was the Kevin Hart mob-hunt a scalp too far? Was attacking athletes for routine tweets -- boys calling their friends "fags" -- when they were 14 or 15 years old too far?

Look at these sanctimonious Neo-Puritans piously telling us the athletes brought it on themselves by being... children at one point:

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Judge Orders Creepy Porn Actress to Pay Trump Just Under $300,000 in Legal Bills

—Ace of Spades

This is a wompening of an order of magnitude unprecedented.

Note: If the terrorist situation starts getting newsy again, I'll figure out some way to update it.

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Possible Terror Attack in Strasbourg, France Christmas Market; Two Reported Killed, 11 Wounded, 2 Critically; Suspect "Identified" and Being Chased

—Ace of Spades

A man has opened fire in Strasbourg's town center, hitting several people. He is currently at large.

Update: There are more updates below, but an important one is this: Police have "identified" the gunman and are currently chasing him.

Update: New report says two dead, 11 wounded, two of those in critical condition.

Shocker: Officials now speaking of a terrorist attack. Officially, the authorities have begun to evaluate if it was/is a terrorist attack. Unofficially they are confirming their belief that it was/is.

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Of Course: French Elite Bothered by Yellow Jacket Uprising, So They Begin Claiming It Was All Just a RUSSIAN Political Operation
Update: Active Shooter Situation Underway In Area of Christmas Market in Strasbourg

—Ace of Spades

This is how it will be going forward -- if you disagree with your Media/Tech Elites, you will be investigated for Conspiracy to Give Aid and Comfort to Russian FaceBook Terrorists.

You motherfuckers have two choices remaining: Reform and repent, or face a full-on revolution.

I'm in the mood for a revolution.

France opened a probe into possible Russian interference behind the country’s Yellow Vest protests, after reports that social-media accounts linked to Moscow have increasingly targeted the movement.

According to the Alliance for Securing Democracy, about 600 Twitter accounts known to promote Kremlin views have begun focusing on France, boosting their use of the hashtag #giletsjaunes, the French name for the Yellow Vest movement. French security services are looking at the situation, Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Sunday in a radio interview with RTL.

The Alliance for Securing Democracy?

Oh, you mean that FakeNews outfit that accuses everyone of being a RUSSIAN PLANT and that just so happens to be funded by leftwing Iranian Pierre Omidyar, aka Bill Kristol's Sugar Daddy.

Alliance for Securing Democracy: This outfit "develops comprehensive strategies to defend against, deter, and raise the costs on Russian and other state actors’ efforts to undermine democracy and democratic institutions." It operates Hamilton 68, a dashboard that tracks Twitter activity tied to allegedly Russian accounts: the site has come under criticism for its sketchy methods and results. Kristol and Chertoff are advisers to ASD; it received a grant of up to $300,000 in 2017 from Democracy Fund.

Strange how Buzzfeed and France24 began pushing a similar line, that FaceBook's algorithm is to blame (and they must of course change their algorithm to prevent this from happening again) within a day of each other.

Whenever the news isn't the way our FakeNews Elite don't like, they immediately gin up a pressure campaign to get their tech giant friends to change things so that the Deplorables can't be riled up.

Back to this Bloomberg publicity tour for Pierre Omidyar's Dossier:

Russia has been criticized for using social media to influence elections in the U.S. and elsewhere. Attempts to use fake news reports and cyberattacks to undercut the 2017 campaign of French President Emmanuel Macron failed, but Russian-linked sites have pushed questionable reports of a mutiny among police, and of officers' support for the protests.

"An investigation is now underway," Le Drian said. "I will not make comments before the investigation has brought conclusions."

The Twitter accounts monitored by the alliance usually feature U.S. or British news. But the French protests "have been at or near the top" of their activity for at least a week, according to Bret Schafer, the alliance's Washington-based social media analyst. "That's a pretty strong indication that there is interest in amplifying the conflict"f or audiences outside France.

The Alliance for Securing Democracy is a unit of the German Marshall Fund of the U.S., which monitors pro-Kremlin activity.

Yes, and Pierre Omidyar as well.

The article does go on to note actual clickbaity FakeNews being pumped out by RussiaToday and Sputnik, but, uhhh... how does this distinguish them from the Non-RUSSIAN media?

They literally all lie, using the same techniques, and make splashily false claims on Twitter and write clickbait headlines to get hits.

Gunfire in Strasbourg; Four People Reportedly Shot (But Claims Vary):

A man has opened fire in Strasbourg's town center, hitting several people. He is currently at large.

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Tablet Magazine: The Origin of the Women's March is a Story of Virulent Antisemitism

—Ace of Spades

And also anti-white racism, if anyone cares about that.

Which they don't. Because Intersectionality.

In fact, they've pretty much nominated Jews as "super-whites" so even hardcore antisemtism is now okay too.

Four white women, one of them Jewish, wanted to put on an anti-Trump rally but then feared they were too white.

So they reached out to some kind of media fixer named Michael Skolnik, who gained notoriety due to his connections to Russell Simmons (himself a supporter of Louis Farrakhan), to ask him to recommend women of color to add to their group. (Apparently, these liberal white women didn't know any-- what a shock.)

And what they got were loud-and-proud antisemites, and Linda Sarsour hadn't even joined yet.

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Trump: Let's Debate the Wall in Public, Now
Pelosi and Schumer: No Let's Hide the Debate and Stage-Manage It
Leftwing Media and Cucks: This is Terrible, Why Won't Trump Agree to Stage-Manage the Democratic Process?

—Ace of Spades

Worth the watch.

The leftwing media and their cuck cocktail party plus ones are beside themselves over this.

Doesn't Trump know that Democracy is supposed to be stage-managed? How can you have a successful Failure Theater production without a script?



You can't know how ebola is really transmitted because that might cause a lack of confidence in the NIH.

You can't know how the FISA was obtained because that might cause a lack of confidence in the IC and FBI.

The people need to be Made Confident in their betters or else the whole system falls apart!!!!

Guys -- our Betters really cannot bear too much direct scrutiny. If the Deplorables and the Garbage People see the low quality of the alleged Betters we might have a Yellow Jackets situation on our hands.


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LOL: The Oscars Academy Is "Considering" Having No Host at All

—Ace of Spades

They're probably "considering" this because, due to #WokeStasi political purges, No one in their g****** right mind would put himself through the Struggle Session Gauntlet of just going on TV and telling terrible, terrible jokes.

This will be a spectacular televised demonstration of The Great Disappearing -- an Oscars with no host, because they #Purged the last one and no further volunteers for the bloody altar of Political Correctness are volunteering.

I'd love it.

And we'd have an Oscars with no audience and no host.

Kevin Hart's abrupt departure as Oscars host has left the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences scrambling to find someone to take the gig. As of now, the situation remains fluid as the group's leadership explores options, including going host-less, individuals familiar with the situation told Variety.

The Academy was blindsided by Hart's announced departure Thursday night, according to two insiders. The Board of Governors will convene on Tuesday night at a previously-scheduled meeting where the matter will inevitably be discussed.

"They're freaking out," said a top comedy agent, speaking on the condition of anonymity. There were no contingency plans in place by the Academy or broadcaster ABC, according to another insider. The show's producers are back to square one.

Late night hosts might seem an obvious choice, given their national profiles and history with the show (think Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart and David Letterman). But the Academy is now said to be gun shy about going with someone anyone who might be too edgy, noted an industry source. Then again, going too safe could be fatal for the show’s record-low ratings -- the telecast was watched by 25.6 million people in March, a 19 percent drop from the previous year.

Another option being tossed around is not having any host at all, but rather "a bunch of huge celebs, something 'SNL' style, and buzzy people" to keep the show moving, the insiders said. A stunt like a group monologue was floated, one source added.

Yes, let's see a group of people we can hang from the fucking lampposts for our Ritual Mortification Amusement.

I like Kevin Hart. I don't love him, but I like him.

But if this guy winds up putting The Great Disappearing on live TV, because he dared to do three things --

1, saying "Fuck you, I'm not apologizing again, I didn't even mean the first fucking apology you made me make and I'm a lot richer now than I was then so go fuck yourself" and then

2, saying, "You know what? I just called my accountant and he says I'm richer than I thought I was. So I don't need to do the fucking Oscars. Go fuck yourselves and good luck getting a host ready by showtime" and then

3, not saying "Nah it's cool, we're fine" when other black people start accusing the #OscarsSoWhite of racism--

then I think I will love him.

They set the fires. Let the motherfuckers burn.

Verses 2 through 5: From Victor29.

2 And I saw a strong Tweeter proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the envelope, and to loose the seals thereof?

3 And no man in hollywood, nor in the comedy circuit, was able to open the envelope, neither to look thereon.

4 And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the envelope, neither to look thereon.

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The Morning Rant: J.V. Edition



When Rick Perry spoke of his desire to make the Federal government a much less important part of Americans' lives, this is exactly the stuff he was thinking about. The French government chose to degrade the quality of life of its average citizens to such an extent that the apolitical...the quiet and politically disinterested...were moved to demonstrate and march and riot to be be heard. Crushing the working class with onerous, politically-driven taxes is just the tip of the iceberg in France. That the people have risen to protest is a testament to their lack of choice, and even worse, their despair.

Professional protesters chanting their canned pap is one thing, but when the people -- the real people -- feel strongly enough about something to uproot themselves and act, then we all must pay attention.

Riots in Paris: The police underestimated the madness of the crowd.

They couldn’t have seemed less disposed to violence, nor more apolitical. They were respectful of the police, and vice-versa. As cops drove by, relaxed, the Gilets Jaunes smiled at them, like kids excited about their first trip to the big city, waved at the officers, and gave them the thumbs-up. The cops reciprocated. The sentiment was fraternal. “We’re all weary, overtaxed working men,” they were saying to each other. “We’re on the same side.”

I concluded they were just what they were advertised to be: family men and women who couldn’t make ends meet and who were tired of Macron’s attitude. Why this protest, why now, I asked? The fuel tax was just the straw that broke the camel’s back, they said; it made the difference between “able to make ends meet, barely,” and “not able to make ends meet.” It had just been getting steadily worse every year since the economic crisis began. They had run out of hope.

France is a strange place, with strange political traditions, some of which are quite passive and conciliatory (Vichy anyone?), and some of which are quite violent (Jacobins anyone?). I am trying to draw parallels with the United States, and while some of the feelings are similar, we simply don't have enough in common for any significant similarities.

That is not to say we can't respond to government intrusion...I just don't think we would do it the way the French are acting. I wonder how America would respond if a Democrat administration crushed the middle and working class with similar taxes? Would we riot? No, I think not, but we would punish them at the polls.

So what is the proverbial American straw?

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Kandinsky Blue Segment.jpg

Blue Segment
Wassily Kandinsky

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The Morning Report - 12/11/18

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Lots of things jumping this Tuesday so here we go. As the year draws to a close and the Democrats are set to take over the House in the coming weeks (feh), there seems to be this sense of the President stalling, committing unforced errors, going overboard with Twitter etc. etc. and a concomitant perception that he's losing the one and only thing that he can't: the support of the base. Anecdotally, I've read commenters here as well as elsewhere and callers into the national talk shows getting all wobbly and eeyorish and I can understand the temptation. The border wall is unfunded, we were stabbed in the face by the GOP-e with the Obamacare repeal fiasco, Planned Parenthood remains essentially fully funded courtesy of the same GOP-e that should have cut them off as well as pushed for a balanced budget and fiscal responsibility with no more continuing resolutions during the two years it controlled the purse strings. But no.

And now Mueller is set to release his "findings" which will find not a shred of evidence to even hint that the President conspired/colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election, but which will no doubt smear him as borderline crooked, incompetent and sleazy which is all the Democrat-Media Complex will need to move ahead with impeachment. Circling back to our own media, when Tucker Carlson and other staunch supporters starts to get all wobbly on Trump, it's no doubt that many of us will start having our own doubts about things. And this is exactly what the Left wants with all of this crap; to sew the seeds of doubt in your mind so that the President loses the kevlar/teflon coating of high 40s to low 50s approval numbers and drive it down to a level that makes it politically acceptable for Republicans in the House to join the Dems and call for his impeachment and even resignation.

STOP RIGHT THERE. Whatever failures there were in the implementation of the key agenda items, the fault lies with the GOP leadership and NeverTrumper underlings in Congress and elsewhere that did all they could to sabotage him with every bit as much zeal as those on the Left. And when you consider what has been happening both at the border, in the economy, in foreign policy, and in completely exposing the frauds and hacks in the media and showing those on our side in Congress who are willing to listen how to fight back and win, the first two years of this Presidency have been wildly successful. And much of it was achieved almost entirely singlehanded by this President. Now more than ever, he needs and deserves our support.

And this leads us to the news links and to immigration and amnesty where, in spite of everything the President has done - or perhaps out of desperation because of everything he has done - illegal immigration has spiked to the highest number in a decade. Meanwhile, the Left is freaking out over the President's insistence on a no freeloader rule for those seeking citizenship legally. Also, echoing my sentiments at the outset Lindsey the Graham-inator is encouraging the President to not give in on border wall funding, an honest judge actually ruled in favor of Trump ending an Obama asylum program, the invasion caravan is looking like it's failed and is petering out, and a would-be invader displayed the Pelosi spark of humanity by dumping her toddler here and vamoosing south.

To the Democrat corruption files or embargoed news items from the Agitprop Media, lawyers are desperate to seal all documents related to the FBI raid on the Clinton Crime Family Foundation whistleblower, thousands of Chicagoans commit voter fraud at the behest of the Democrat ward healers to keep an insurgent reformer off the ballot (guess the party), and Lacy Clay is a goniffing momzer of the first order, paying his sister a cool $200-Gs from campaign funds. But, but, but Stormy Daniels!!!!

And speaking of which, as impeachment talk ramps up, in Mueller witch hunt news, James Comey continues to put his foot in his mouth, seemingly with no repercussions at all, the Michael Cohen plea deals is blood in the water to the insurrectionists and Rand Paul with a friendly reminder about the true nature of special prosecutors.

In politics in general, the big news is who will Trump pick to replace outgoing chief of staff John Kelly? A dark horse yet a welcome name is that of conservative stalwart Mark Meadows. A couple of good essays analyzing the situation as well as putting it in context to my opening paragraph. Elsewhere, the DNC is ordering the staff to be completely impartial for the 2020 primary (comedy gold), perhaps Nancy Palsi isn't the shoe-in for Speaker as Andrew Cui-Bono is putting the screws to a recalcitrant Congresscritter on Long Island, with all the bullshit about Trump politicizing the new AG pick, lest we forget who ran the DoJ under Obama, how to fight back the Dems' dirty pool and a good piece using Loopy Ocasio-Fiasco's fascistic reaction to being criticized as an indicator of fascistic proclivities of the Left.

To First Amendment and Fake News Fakery, a yuuuge victory for James O'Keefe/Project Veritas and the first amendment, Google stands accused of attempting to sabotage Breitbart's ad revenue while at the same time helping Pakistani head-choppers and clit-clippers keeeeel you, the aforementioned Media Trump derangement is really deranged and did you hear about the Neo-Nazi jailed for threatening Jews who is likely a Leftist? Me neither... as intended.

On the international scene, Theresa May's career hangs in the balance after totally cocking up Brexit, to the extent that she had to cancel a vote on the issue because the legislation is a hot mess that leaves Brussels in control of the process. And there was a wild scene in Parliament debating the issue. Across the Channel, several good analyses of the rioting in France and Macron's apparent surrender. Is it about Global Warming, Socialist Failure, Taxation or all of the above? See the links and discuss amongst yourselves. Elsewhere, the administration is taking a tough line on Iran, Michael Ledeen on Iran at war, the Euro-peons enabling the Farsis to get nuked up, Jared Kushner is a boob for falling into the peace process process crime, and the administration calls out several top NorKs including Whoa, Fat's! #2.

Over to the wonderful world of Islam where the Feds charge an Ohio man for planning an ISIS-style synagogue slaughter, CAIR loves David Duke and will the Feds be charging the New Mexico compound jihadists with terrorism? Stay tuned...

Domestically, Chief Justice John Julia Crockovich Roberts teamed up with Brett Kavanaugh in rejecting two cases that would have stopped federal funding to Planned Parenthood, to which the conservative justices reacted with a strong rebuke to the duo. We know Roberts is the new Kennedy. Let's hope this is a one-off for Kavanaugh. Then again, Terry Jeffrey reminds us that Kavanaugh ruled that it was totes kosher for an illegal caught at the border to get an abortion in the US.

Elsewhere, some very good economic news about food stamp usage (down), factory job openings (up), and Trump perhaps holding the upper hand for ratification of the USMCA. I thought this was a done thing. Oh well. In health news, big CPAP is listening, and euthanasia pimps pimp starvation for the terminally ill.

In Indoctrination Inc., Massachusetts schools lead the way - mostly in Jew-baiting, teachers withhold grades to protest Confederate monuments, and students demand "safe spaces" before allowing comedians to come take the stage. No, they're not afraid of their words, per se. They're afraid that their words will ring true and thus challenge their rule.

In FemiNazism, the first time two of the top "Women's March" leaders met they had an anti-semitic Joo-hate fest that was so hideous, evidently it was covered up until now. Shocking, right? And from hither and yon, Francis the Talking Pope is changing the lyrics to "The Lord's Prayer," the Baby It's Cold Outside madness, an interesting take on the welfare state through the lens of life in Mumbai and lastly, a lengthy piece from our friends at City Journal about the ills of modern life, government and control. Quite good.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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Monday Overnight Open Thread (12/10/18 )

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

"There is no better or more appropriate veteran to name the Manhattan VA after than Margaret Corbin," Kristen Rouse

Quote II

To the extent that PETA does any of these things, it does none of them well, opting for only the most ham-fisted Banksy-type shit in an attempt to shame individual people into becoming vegans. And this strategy hasn’t just failed—it’s made a mockery of the animal rights movement at a time when strong, well-organized advocacy could do a lot of good for everyone, regardless of whether they choose to eat meat or not.

Fix your shit, PETA, or fuck off. Paul Blest

Ahh, the left "eating" the left.

Quote III

Today’s Mrs. Grundys — let’s call them Mx. Grundys to be up to the moment — are progressive bullies intent on shutting everyone the hell up lest anyone fail to conform to their narrow sense of what is and is not acceptable. The humorless scolds have decided they are in charge, and for complicated reasons the rest of the culture is going along.

And they are driving us all crazy. John Podhoertz

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For Those of You Who Hate Will Ferrell and Have Been Asking the Career Fairy to Take His Career Away, Your Wish May be Granted

—Ace of Spades

No one is talking much about the Holmes & Watson parody and there's not much advertising for it.

I think this may be a one-cheek sneak release.

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Married "Transgender Men" Will Not Impose a Gender on Their Child Until "It" Tells Them What It Is

—Ace of Spades

This is child abuse.

Transgenders are less than one tenth of one percent of the population.

But they're raising a child, who is 99.9% likely to have a conventional gender, as if it were a transgender.

These are the same sort of people who scream that it's monstrous to make gay kids "act straight" or pretend to be straight.

Is it better to take a normal-gender kid and put it through a transgender childhood to see if it takes or not?

Don't tell me the answer; of course the answer is "yes, it's so much better."

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Sharyl Atkisson Digests Comey's Testimony For You

—Ace of Spades

A lot of unremembering, a lot of dissembling, and a lot of incompetency.

Read the whole thread at twitchy.

Or read Atkisson's full article at Epoch Times.

But here's a couple of important points:

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Trump: It was Great Being at the Army-Navy Game in the Presence of HEROES
Bill Kristol: How DARE You Call Them HEROES YOU MONSTER!!!

—Ace of Spades

Is it time we... did something with grampa?

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Victor Davis Hanson: In Order to Justify His Deviation from the Law, Robert Mueller Has Also Embraced Unequal Justice

—Ace of Spades

Mueller probably knew there was no "collusion" from early days, but, to justify his mandate and appease the leftwing media culture which is demanding he reverse the 2016 election, he has gone after a series of process crimes, crimes that did not precede the investigation, but occurred during the investigation -- claiming Flynn "lied" to investigators, for example. (Despite the fact that the investigators Flynn "lied" to say he didn't lie at all.)

Mueller has gone after peripheral figure racking up pleas for process crimes not associated even remotely with his actual ambit, which is Russian collusion.

Well then, Victor Davis Hanson asks -- if you've gone beyond your brief to prosecute peripheral process crimes, why are you ignoring a rather large number of crimes committed by Hillary's Minions to set this all up?

Mueller has already weaponized politics, making a crime out of the tawdry business of opposition research -- but only sort of, since his interests in doing so are highly selective. And so his chief legacy will have little to do with whatever he finds on Donald Trump. He has already established the precedent that there is now no real equality under the law, at least as Americans once understood fair play and blind justice.

Once Mueller deviated from his prime directive of determining whether Donald Trump colluded -- sought help from the Russian to win the 2016 election in exchange for the promise of later benefits -- and turned to indicting political operatives for supposedly giving false testimonies about political shenanigans and engaging in illegal business practices, lobbying, and tax avoidance, he either knowingly or unknowingly established a precedent that the serial misdeeds of 2016 would be treated unequally under the law.

Yet Christopher Steele, a British subject and de facto unregistered foreign agent, is eminently indictable and extraditable. He was paid through two firewalls (Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie) by Hillary Clinton to tap Russian sources to compile a smear dossier on her opponent, with the intent of warping the U.S. election -- a classic example of foreign-agent interference in an American campaign. If we were to take away that one purchased document, then the FISA court warrants, the informants, and all the CIA, FBI, and DOJ machinations would likely have disappeared or never arisen.

Obama-administration officials Bruce Ohr (whose wife worked on the dossier) at Justice, James Comey at the FBI, and John Brennan at the CIA all in some manner colluded with Steele, either directly or indirectly, to monitor the Trump campaign and then to seed the dossier among government agencies and courts, both to ensure its leakage and to brand it with a stamp of official seriousness, warranting investigations and media sensationalism.


Bruce Ohr filed a false federal disclosure affidavit, in that he did not reveal, as required, that his wife was employed by Fusion GPS to work on the Steele dossier. Nor did he disclose that after the election he had been in contact with Steele, offering his help in the effort to find proof of collusion.

James Comey, along with Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, and Sally Yates, at various times submitted requests to a FISA court that deliberately never disclosed that their chief evidence for such surveillance was 1) paid for by Hillary Clinton (instead, the applications claimed vaguely that it was a product of generic opposition research, likely and by design confusing its Republican-primary origins with its maturity under Clinton auspices), 2) used as a circular source for news accounts produced in turn to establish its fides, 3) unsubstantiated and either not fact-checked or found to be impossible to verify, 4) compiled by an author already dismissed by the FBI as a unreliable asset.

Either Andrew McCabe or James Comey has likely perjured himself; or both may have. Their conflicting testimonies about leaking information to the media, and the relative importance of the Steele dossier for FISA court warrants, cannot be reconciled.

And so on.

Read the whole thing. Jonah Goldberg won't, so maybe cook up a juicy Hot Twitter Headline for him, would you?

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Families of Hostages Held by Iran: "We Will Remain Quiet No Longer"

—Ace of Spades

Weird, I keep hearing about this Jamal Kashoggi fellow but I never heard much about the Americans still held hostage by Iran when Obama was delivering them $150 billion.

I'm sure there are reasons for that.

Families of hostages held by Iran, including Americans, declared in an open letter this week to world leaders, media outlets and human-rights organizations that they "shall remain quiet no longer."

"We come from many countries, with different backgrounds and different perspectives, but we have banded together now to come to you as one voice," they wrote, noting that in September, on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, "several of our families gathered together for the first time to share stories and struggles about getting our loved ones released."

"We met again a few weeks ago, this time to share our testimonies with the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran," they added. "The similarities between our loved ones’ cases is striking. Each story is not just a case of arbitrary detention, but deliberate and tactical moves by the Iranian authorities to secure bargaining chips."

The coalition includes the family of hostage Baquer Namazi, 82, who was arrested in Tehran in February 2016 after trying to secure the release of his son, Siamak Namazi, a U.S. citizen and businessman who was arrested in October 2015 while visiting a friend in Tehran.

Read the whole thing and then ask yourself why the media only seems to care about the information op being run on us by the Turkey-Iran-Qatar access.

It might have something to do with the media relying on the liberal Brookings Institution to tell them what foreign news is important and worth covering, and which isn't.

And it might have to do with Qatar paying huge money to the Brookings Institution.

From Wikipedia:

An investigation by The New York Times, reported on September 6, 2014, found the Brookings Institution to be among more than a dozen Washington research groups to have received payments from foreign governments while encouraging U.S. officials to encourage support for policies aligned with those foreign governments' agenda.[108]

The New York Times published documents showing that Brookings Institution accepted grants from Norway with specific policy requests and helped the country gain access to U.S. government officials, as well as other "deliverables".[109][110] In June 2014, Norway agreed to make an additional $4 million donation to Brookings.[108] Several legal specialists who examined the documents told the paper that the language of the transactions "appeared to necessitate Brookings filing as a foreign agent" under the Foreign Agent Registration Act.[110]

The Qatari government was named by The New York Times as "the single biggest foreign donor to Brookings", having reportedly made a $14.8 million, four-year contribution in 2013. A former visiting fellow at a Brookings affiliate in Qatar reportedly said that "he had been told during his job interview that he could not take positions critical of the Qatar government in papers".[108] Brookings officials denied any connection between the views of their funders and their scholars' work, citing reports that questioned the Qatari government's education reform efforts and criticized its support of militants in Syria. However, Brookings officials reportedly acknowledged that they meet with Qatari government officials regularly.[108]

Of course, Brookings is just one of Qatar's smaller investments.

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Environmental Sissies Celebrate: Yay! Shipping Giant Maersk Says It Will End Its Use of Fossil Fuels by... Um... 2050

—Ace of Spades

See this limp sap squeeing about it.

Here's the article, but I'm sure you can already predict the future: Maersk collects up Coupons for Free Hugs from enviromental sissies for 30 years, then, in 2048, writes its first press release stating that "Man, this vow to stop fueling our ships with, you know, fuel, we might have gotten a bit ahead of ourselves with that," then in 2049 writes another press release stating "Where the fuck are the fusion reactors? We were told we would have fusion reactors by now. It's those pointy-headed limp-dicked scientists' fault, not ours!"

Then, in 2050, they write: "We intend to be fossil fuel free by the year 2090."

And the sissies start squeeing again.

Anyway, here's part of the article:

Maersk's target, although distant, is one of the most ambitious from a global industrial group promising to end carbon emissions altogether.

Newsflash: It's not ambitious to promise a thousand hamburgers on a Tuesday 32 years off.

The further off the completion date of the promise, the less ambitious it is.

I vow that I personally will use only renewable, clean fuels by 2050 myself.

Caveat: 1, I'll probably be dead, and will be providing fuel rather than using it, and 2, pretty much my promise relies on fusion being perfected.

In other words: I have the same plan as Global Warming Hero Maersk.


Maersk is not pushing one technology -- ideas such as biofuels, hydrogen, electricity or even wind or solar power have been mooted -- but is stressing the urgency as most vessels have a life of 20-25 years, meaning that viable solutions need to be found soon.

In other words: We're waiting for someone else to fix this for us.

Which is weird, because that's my plan.

"To reach the target by 2050, in the next 10 years we need some big breakthroughs," Mr Toft said. 

Soooo... Fusion then?

We read each other so well, Maersk. It's like fusion-powered kismet.

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The Telegraph: This Christmas, Why Not Give Your Wife the Gift of Cuckery?

—Ace of Spades

I just got an email from Max Boot: "THIS +1000."

When I told my husband I was interviewing a writer who thinks men should give their wives a 'cheat pass' this Christmas, he understandably had some questions. "How would the wife find someone suitable for the occasion?" he wondered.

I think by asking "How would the wife find someone suitable for the occasion?" he just gave her, implicitly, a cheat pass, for being such a homo.

(We were talking in the abstract, of course...

Of course you were, darling.

...and I deemed it safer to treat this as rhetorical.)

Safer to treat it as rhetorical. Which implies it could be treated another way.

I assured him that yes, it was all very unfeasible, and concluded he'll more likely gift me jewellery.

In other words, it's feasible.

But Wednesday Martin, whose latest book Untrue explores "why nearly everything we believe about women and lust and infidelity" is wrong, is not being flippant. "We now know long-term relationships are harder on female desire than they are on male desire," she says.

Wednesday Martin is the freak who just called for women to go on a "sex strike" unless Democrats won the midterms.

She also argues that it's not men who crave sexual novelty, but women:

They have learned that the overfamiliarity with a spouse and the institutionalization of the relationship that accompany companionate domesticity actually dampen female desire in ways they don't male desire -- suggesting long-term, monogamous relationships may actually be harder for women than for men. Anthropologist Meredith Small has noted that the single most documented preference across species of female primates is ... a taste for sexual novelty. Canadian researchers found that straight women's bodies respond to a greater range of sexual stimuli than heterosexual men's, calling into question the easy presumption that it is men who have wide and varied sexual menus. Other research and experts like Esther Perel tell us of female study participants and patients who find the security and comfort of their marriages -- the very things we are taught women crave -- to be anaphrodisiacs that blunt their lust.

It is women, not just men, and women perhaps even more than men, who pine for sexual adventure. Without it, many of us find our libidos wither. And then we may resign ourselves to serving what we think others deserve, rather than feeling entitled to get ours and get off.

Crazy in the head, also crazy in print

More from The Telegraph's article at this website, Stuff.

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Nonpartisan Unbiased Lifelong Republican Reverend Jim Comey: We Have Use "Every Breath We Have" To Push Trump Out of Office

—Ace of Spades

There are only two ways to explain this:

Either he was already incredibly biased against Trump at the start of of his "investigation" and therefore should have recused himself, or started unbiased but became outraged, radicalized, and insane because Trump decided he wasn't doing a good job and fired him.

Neither is very reassuring about this "investigation," the FBI, or the permanent Derp State of bureaucratic Washington.

Former FBI Director James Comey asked American voters Sunday night to end Donald Trump's presidency with a "landslide" victory for his opponent in 2020.

"All of us should use every breath we have to make sure the lies stop on January 20, 2021," Comey told an audience at the 92nd Street Y on New York City's Upper East Side. He all but begged Democrats to set aside their ideological differences and nominate the person best suited to defeating Trump in an election.

"I understand the Democrats have important debates now over who their candidate should be," Comey told MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace, "but they have to win. They have to win."


"Leakin' James Comey must have set a record for who lied the most to Congress in one day. His Friday testimony was so untruthful!," Trump wrote, adding in a second post: "On 245 occasions, former FBI Director James Comey told House investigators he didn't know, didn't recall, or couldn't remember things when asked."

Comey laughed at the idea Trump had even looked over the actual testimony, joking to Wallace before she could read the tweets, "He's finished reading the 253 pages?"
After hearing the words out loud, he turned serious.

"My reaction to it is actually disturbing to me, which is kind of, 'Eh, there he goes again.' I thought I was 'Lyin' James Comey' now I'm 'Leakin' James Comey'. But I kind of shrug and sometimes smile and laugh about it and then I have a secondary reaction, which is to be horrified at my own numb reaction," Comey said. "We have to remind ourselves the President of the United States of America is publicly announcing that people are committing crimes, that they should be in jail."

Comey used the power of the state to put Trump in jail just because he wanted Hillary Clinton to be president, but it's dangerous for Trump to tweet at him.

And note that CNN claims that Trump is claiming without evidence -- the media's new favorite phrase -- that Comey is not telling the truth when he claims so much failure of memory. But as the next article points out, there is evidence of this -- at least of Comey claiming a suspicious amount of early-onset dementia.

On Friday, Comey admitted to congresssional questioners that he never even bothered to verify the claims made in the "dossier" he used to secure a FISA against Trump and people in his orbit, and made the further astonishing claim that he doesn't think it's his job to do so.

Republican lawmakers were aghast at his sudden lack of recollection of key events.

He didn't seem to know that his own FBI was using No. 4 Justice Department official Bruce Ohr as a conduit to keep collecting intelligence from Christopher Steele after the British intel operative was fired by the bureau for leaking and lying. In fact, Comey didn't seem to remember knowing that Steele had been terminated, according to sources in the room.

"His memory was so bad I feared he might not remember how to get out of the room after the interview," one lawmaker quipped. Lamented another: "It was like he suddenly developed dementia or Alzheimer's, after conveniently remembering enough facts to sell his book."

Faintness of memory is a common symptom for witnesses under the intense spotlight. But lawmakers were relieved when Comey could remember one fact that is essential to understanding if his FBI acted appropriately in the investigation of Donald Trump and Russia.

The towering ex-FBI boss confessed that the FBI had not corroborated much of the Steele dossier before it was submitted as evidence to a secret court to support a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page in the final weeks of the election.

And Comey admitted much of the dossier remained uncorroborated more than six months later when he was fired by President Trump.


Comey now has confirmed what Republican lawmakers like Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa), Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) have warned about for months -- that the FBI used an unverified dossier, paid for by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party as political opposition research, to justify spying on the duly nominated GOP candidate for president just weeks before Election Day.

John Solomon's whole article is good.

Note that the media uses the phrase "without evidence" to describe the statements of Republicans who are first-hand witnesses to events. In other words: They don't count.

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The Morning Rant


talking ape.jpg
"I'm watching the 6-part documentary 'The Clinton Affair' on A&E, and you know what chaps my buns? They write off the exposure of the Clintons' crimes as just smear campaigns by political operatives such as 'The American Spectator' magazine, and Rush Limbaugh. But then they need to show someone who tells us these things, who sort of tells us the way things really are, a straight-shooter whom the audience can trust, and do you know who they pick? David Effing Brock. They don't bother to mention Media Matters or American Bridge 21st Century or any of the other organizations Brock has put together to smear conservatives, boost Hillary Clinton. The audience is never told any of these things, and one of the most rabidly partisan attack dogs in national politics is presented as a more or less neutral, unbiased observer. Oh, and attack politics was completely unknown in Washington until it was invented by Newt Gingrich. I'll bet you morons didn't know that, either. But 'The Clinton Affair' isn't all bad, it does do a pretty good job showing how Bill Clinton was such a complete sleazebag. Unlike Trump's past sexual adventures, Bill was carrying his on while he was on the job, as President, in a little room adjacent to the Oval Office. One of his secretaries obviously knew what was going on and ran interference for him. And some of the women who are now hollering '#MeToo' were among his most ardent defenders. So when Trump's critics bring up Stormy Daniels, they only response they deserve is a loud, braying horse laugh."

Fine Art:

hillary - portrait.jpg

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Monet Lillies Bridge.jpg

Water Lillies And Japanese Bridge
Claude Monet

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The Morning Report - 12/10/18

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Monday again and we have lots of linkages so here we go. The Mueller witch hunt and ongoing soft-ish coup against President Trump and We The People (E-Pleb-Neesta for any Yangs or Komes out there) takes the top slot for the first time in quite a while as the long-anticipated report from Torque-your-mudder Mueller is expected to be released. There will naturally be absolutely nothing of any substance or even remotely resembling this thing we call "the truth" insofar as the claims that the President conspired, collaborated, colluded or in any other way stole the 2016 election with the aid and assistance of Vladimir Putin. With regards to James Comey, the apple-robbing crooked cop who willingly allowed himself and the FBI to be used as a weapon to try and sabotage candidate and then President Trump, Daniel Sobieski over at American Thinker says it best: "Comey lied." His full essay on the subject is worthy of your time as is the usual outing from Victor Davis Hanson who unpacks the whole horrid thing. But the Democrats sure as night follows day will not allow a minor detail like the truth get in the way of using this mountain of nothingness to attempt to impeach the President once they officially preside over the House come late January. More on that later.

To the immigration and amnesty front we go where although things have seemingly quieted down on our southern border vis a vis the bought-and-paid for swarm of invading Central American peasantry intent on invading our country and claiming their right to citizenship (and our wallets), we have a Mexican national sentenced to 8 years for helping Bob Menendez with his love life, the US is adamantly opposed to the UN's effort to destroy our and the west's national sovereignty, more on that hack-in-black and thug DA who shielded an illegal alien criminal from ICE, and Humberto Fontova on the real refugees fleeing real tyranny that the media is strangely silent about.

To politics we go where the Sacramento Bee is having none of Kamala "Toe" Harris' Sergeant Schultz defense of her top aide's sexual harassment suit, John Kelly is set to ankle as chief of staff and Luap the Lesser is not happy with Trump's choice of Bob William Barr to replace him, Jerry Nadler, who wouldn't float if he was tied to the Hindenburg is seriously floating the idea of impeachment while, of all people, Maine Senator Angus King is warning of the implications if the Dems pull the trigger (which no doubt they will), Pew Research has an enlightening poll showing what happened after 8 years of Obama and SJW madness, Loopy Ocasio-Fiasco is mum about her support of Joo-haters, Schemer and Palsi are playing hardball over a potential government shutdown while the lame duck GOP is fighting hard to waste even more taxpayer dollars and line their pockets before time runs out, a look at the 2020 field from the Never-Trumper perspective, Tucker Carlson is wrong about blaming the President for the lack of a wall and Obamacare repeal, New York's lawmakers stink on ice and a very interesting case out of Massachusetts could have big implications if/when it reaches SCOTUS.

In First Amendment and Fake News Fakery news, the Media are total hypocrites when it comes to Heather Nauert's nomination to be UN Ambassador, Daniel Greenfield unpacks what the Leftist antipathy to Facebook is really all about, Loopy Ocasio-Fiasco lets her inner tyrant flag fly in response to Trump Jr., and more on that New York scheme to take away guns for wrong-think.

And segueing perfectly into the 2-A category, now that Jersey has effectively banned 10-round magazines, how are they going to enforce that law? And pint-sized putrid pre-pubescent punk Little Shitler Camera Hogg blasts Rubio and the Word of G-d, as well as a look at deconstructing the anti-gun cult.

At the foreign desk, I love Paris when it sizzles and evidently so does Belgium and the Netherlands, Canadians might torch Ottawa if Justin Trudeau pulls a carbon tax in Canuckistan, several essays on this Huawei incident including speculation from Spengler that the Deep State had the CFO arrested in order to torpedo Trump's trade deal with the Chi-Coms. Meanwhile, Deutchers go uber ballistic for guns, while Putin continues to make maneuvers around the globe including sending nuclear capable bombers to Venezuela to bolster Maduro, which also no doubt sends a message to Trump vis a vis Ukraine and the US Navy's maneuvering through disputed waters off of Japan. In related national defense category, the President taps General Mark Milley to head the JCoS and General McChrystal is putzing around in Afghanistan which begs the question, what the fuck are we doing there? And in the wake of the UN not condemning Hamas, the dark age pedophiles/bestiality enthusiasts celebrated by shooting up a pregnant Israeli woman. Meanwhile, an Irish professor in Paris had a little bit of an oopsie; he showed a drawing of Mohammed in his class and was stabbed to death.

Back over here, the US murder rate is taking a dive, a private prison operator in Illinois is pissing off the right/wrong people by actually reducing recidivism, a case involving the recouping of forced union dues is heading to SCOTUS, two essays on the US oil boom (thanks Obama, NOT), break up the Fed before they break us up, and a really interesting piece on Ron Wyden's wife getting mugged by reality here in the rotten apple. Also, a look at the fantasy of "free" healthcare, more on the Church sex abuse scandal, a Virginia high school teacher is fired for refusing to knuckle under to the transgender madness, and a good companion piece on the utter shambles (as intended by the Left) of American education.

In Red-Green enviro-Communism news, sea level rising is a hoax, Loopy Ocasio-Fiasco's plan to fight so-called "climate change" is an impossible and impossibly expensive shit-show, and California will now mandate expensive solar panels on all new houses. Hmm, what if I started a company to sell fake-but-accurate looking solar panels to the trade? Charge full price and give a 97% rebate - winning!

From hither and yon, two pieces on the Twitter shaming of Kevin Hart and the guy who just won the Heisman Trophy, the Left wants us to knuckle under and crawl and a look back at Alexander Solzhenitsyn on the centennial of his birth. Amazing how his words ring true today and serve as a warning to us. Hope we heed them.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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Overnight Open Thread (12-09-2018 )


I Am Free.jpg
[Hat Tip: Curmudgeon]

"We're human beings and the sun is the sun -- how can it be bad for you? I don't think anything that's natural can be bad for you."
-- Gwyneth Paltrow
Those who survived the San Francisco earthquake said, "Thank God, I'm still alive." But, of course, those who died, their lives will never be the same again.
-- Barbara Boxer
A little learning is a dangerous thing;
Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring
There shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
And drinking largely sobers us again.
-- Alexander Pope
Is Paris burning?
-- Adolf Hitler
I must get out of these wet clothes and into a dry Martini
-- Robert Benchley
All successful newspapers are ceaselessly querulous and bellicose. They never defend anyone or anything if they can help it; if the job is forced upon them, they tackle it by denouncing someone or something else.
-- Henry Louis Mencken

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Gun Thread: All I Want for Christmas Pt. 2 [Weasel]

—Open Blogger

remington-ad scaled.jpg

And who doesn't want Christmas to last a lifetime? Hmmmm? Commies and Liberals, that's who!

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Food Thread: Set Aside Your Childish Ways And Come To The Savory Side (It's In The Bible!)



Why...yes! That is a stuffing waffle. And a damned good one too. As I may have related to you a few weeks ago, I made a lot of stuffing. Maybe three times what we needed, so I froze a lot and made this waffle with a bit.

Nothing much to it, although I thought it through a little and mixed the stuffing with egg, flour and some baking powder. It took more than 10 minutes to cook, but it ended up quite nice and moist, with a crisp exterior and some loft from the baking powder. The stuffing was savory and rich (yup...sausage!) and the waffle was an excellent accompaniment to some roast chicken. It didn't rise as much as a plain waffle, so be warned, you'll have to load up the waffle iron with lots and lots of the stuffing mixture.

I know that some of you deeply deluded and, frankly, wrong-headed people like bread and eggs with sugar, but it is time to leave your childish tastes behind and become adults. So put down the syrup and pick up the salt and butter and pepper and all of those marvelous grown-up flavors that separate the men from the boys.

Seriously, this worked out really well and was easy to make, so give it a shot. You'll thank me. Well, no, you won't, but still, try it anyway.

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Should We Take Occasional-Cortex Seriously?
This Guy Says, "Yes."


The woman is a national treasure; everything she says is a wonder of stupidity and ignorance and vacuousness and best of all, cluelessness. She really does think so highly of herself that she doesn't bother to stop a bit and learn something about the topics she discusses. We are all luckier for her existence, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Besides, her presence in the next Congress is meaningless; her voting record will be exactly what her predeccesser's was.

But is she a threat? Is her rank stupidity simply not enough to prevent her insane ideas from going more mainstream? This guy thinks so.

Why The Right Should Start Taking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Seriously

Yes, the tweet was incorrect. Yes, it would be nice if the people in our government had some actual knowledge about the things they talk about. Still, it is critical for folks on the right to avoid the mistakes made by the left. We must learn from how they treated (and treat) President Trump and endeavor not to make the same mistakes.

Do not underestimate this woman, and do not think your savage mockery of her stupidity will be an effective tool to stop her. It won’t. It will instead be personalized by her supporters, creating an army that will lay down and die for her (or at least vote for her), just like the army Trump has. You should be afraid of Ocasio-Cortez. Be much more afraid than you are.

I think his comparison to Trump is interesting but ultimately incorrect. There is a core of truth and undeniable utility in most of Trump's pronouncements as a candidate. Many of them were twisted beyond recognition by the media or simply truncated without the ability to appreciate his context.

Ocasio-Cortez is different. She really is stupid, and she is probably a bit nuts too. But that might not be enough...

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You Will Be Forced To Celebrate!


Remember back in the day, those simpler times when the professional homosexual pressure groups (a subset of the far left) swore up and down that all they wanted was acceptance?

Christian Teacher Fired for Refusing to Use Transgender Student's New Pronouns

Vlaming, 47, was charged with discrimination after failing to use male pronouns to address a biologically female student. Vlaming did not intentionally misgender the student, but avoided using any pronouns to address or talk about the student in order to accord with his Christian faith, the Times-Dispatch reported.
This is a travesty of biblical (no pun intended) proportions. Simple recognition of biology is no longer enough to navigate the world. We must now acquiesce to, and actively participate in the destruction of 2,500 years of Western thought and ignore a moral code that has seen us through unimaginable brutality and created the foundations for the glory that Man has achieved.

No, we must now revel in the profound psychosis that is transgenderism, and we must lift our hands and pray to the new God...the God of self absorption and id and selfishness and narcissism.

I am sure it will all work out well.

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Sunday Morning Book Thread 12-09-2018


thomas mann archive, zurich.jpgThomas Mann Archive, Zurich

Good morning to all you 'rons, 'ettes, lurkers, and lurkettes, wine moms, frat bros, and everybody who's holding your beer. Welcome once again to the stately, prestigious, internationally acclaimed and high-class Sunday Morning Book Thread, a weekly compendium of reviews, observations, and a continuing conversation on books, reading, and publishing by escaped oafs who follow words with their fingers and whose lips move as they read. Unlike other AoSHQ comment threads, the Sunday Morning Book Thread is so hoity-toity, pants are required. Even if it's these pants, which do have one virtue in that at least match the rest of the suit.

WARNING: The Sunday Morning Book Thread May Be Hazardous To Your Wallet, Bank Account, Or Credit Rating.

Pic Note

Thomas Mann was an author, and social critic. Born and raised in Germany, he beat feet for Switzerland in 1933 when Donald Drumpf Adolf Hitler rose to power. His best known novel is probably his first one, Buddenbrooks: The Decline of a Family, which is considered a modern classic. It also earned him the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1929.

It Pays To Increase Your Word Power®

The use of a male pseudonym by a female writer is called PSEUDANDRY.

Usage: MSNBC's pseudandrous fussypants Don Lemon collapsed yesterday from an estrogen overdose.

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EMT 12/09/18


If it's Sunday it must be EMT.

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Saturday Overnight Open Thread (12/8/18)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Saturday Night Joke


A man came to visit his grandparents, and he noticed his grandfather sitting on the porch, in the rocking chair, wearing only a shirt, with nothing on from the waist down.

"Grandpa, what are you doing? Your weenie is out in the wind for everyone to see!" he exclaimed.

The old man looked off in the distance without answering .

"Grandpa, what are you doing sitting out here with nothing on below the waist?" he asked again.

The old man slowly looked at him and said "Well...last week I sat out here with no shirt on, and I got a stiff neck. This is your grandma's idea."

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Saturday Evening Movie Thread 12-08-2018 [Hosted By: Moviegique]



I approach revisiting most of the comedies made in my lifetime with a degree of trepidation. Much like horror movies, comedies tend to lean on surprise and atmosphere (which I'm just realizing now as I type this), both of which are very ephemeral. Additionally, comedians tend to wear out their welcome rather quickly, and just mentioning their names can be eyeroll inducing. Then, when enough time has passed to forget (or at least forgive) the desperate last gasps of a great comedian, the original stuff is rediscovered and enjoyable in all its original genius.

elf 01.jpg
Some induced eyerolls (and worse) from day 1.

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Chess Thread 12-08-2018


As always, the chess/dress pr0n thread is an open thread, so there is no such thing as an off-topic comment.

Easier Problem - Black To Play (844)

Goal: Easy mate in 4
Hint: Get that rook out of there

20181208 - Problem 1.jpg
k4r2/ppB5/8/1P1p2p1/6Qp/1P2P1nP/2PP1qPK/6R1 b - - 0 1

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Ace of Spades Pet Thread

—Misanthropic Humanitarian


Will this end well?


Welcome to the almost world famous Ace of Spade Pet Thread. Give the pet a treat, grab yourself something and enjoy the world of animals.

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Saturday Gardening Thread, Going Bold [KT]

—Open Blogger


Lurker anonymous sent in the fun photo above:

Living in San Diego I look forward to my display of aloes and succulents blooming. They bloom late fall and add so much color to the yard. Sometimes it takes a year or two for them to start producing and in some cases even longer. This one only took a year.

In front is an Aloe cameronii, which I believe is in the red aloe family, and the taller succulent in back is a Pedilanthus bracteatus.

Once you get hooked on aloes you just want more!

PS really look forward to the garden thread and the pet thread each Saturday. Thanks for doing this.

I love how the succulents, artwork and birdhouse go together, don't you? The fence serves as a fine backdrop. I wouldn't be surprised if the succulents attracted some hummingbirds, too. Bet they are easily visible.

We have been discussing hardscaping and garden ornamentation off and on lately. Below, some examples of hardscaping and garden ornamentation from the largest private home in the United States. And a little information about a couple of guys who did some bold designing.

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