August 20, 2017

EMT 08/20/17


So tomorrow I make the trip to totality with my family.

If we are turned into zombies, could someone go feed our dogs?


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Overnight Open Thread (19 Aug 2017)


I'd be fine with this but not for the reasons they are calling for. Do it! NAACP calling for boycott of NFL, Atlanta Falcons. In fact, just boycott all sports, movies, entertainment. Knock yourselves out.

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Saturday Evening Movie Thread 08-19-2017 [Hosted By: TheJamesMadison]


It’s a Lord of the Rings style ending here!

the end or is it.jpg

That’s right, I’m just gonna keep on ending because that’s what great movies do!

Well, I was going to just leave the last one as it was and possibly revisit it later in time, but my mother, who does frequent the HQ from time to time (Hi, Mom!), insisted that I extend my thoughts a bit. So, because I’m such an independent thinker, I’m doing what my mommy told me to do.

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Saturday Afternoon Chess/Open Thread (Featuring Dress Pr0n) 08-19-2017


The Chess Game -- Ludwig Deutsch - detail.jpg
The Chess Game
Ludwig Deutsch

Good afternoon morons and moronettes, and welcome to the Saturday Afternoon Chess/Open Thread, the only AoSHQ thread with content specifically for all of us chess nerds who pay homage in the temple of Caïssa, goddess of the chessboard. Also, dress pr0n. Each week, I pick out a few lovely, modest, conservative dresses for the 'ettes to admire and appraise. And, for those of you who aren't nerdly enough for chess, you can use this thread to talk about checkers, or other games, or politics, or whatever you wish, only please try to keep it civil. Nobody wants to get in the middle of a pie fight on a Saturday afternoon.

Pic Note

Thanks to Skip for today's pic, which you can see entire if you click on it. He pointed me to a miniatures site where someone had incorporated it into a diorama, which you can see on this page.

Problem 1 - White To Play (546)

Hint: White mates in 3

20170819 - Problem 1.jpg
1r6/1p3r2/p1pR2p1/2P3p1/4k3/1PK2pPP/1P6/5R2 w - - 0 1

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Ace of Spades Pet Thread

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

pethtread photo .jpg

Sit. Stay. Good Moron.

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Saturday Gardening Thread: Big Butterfly Edition [KT]

—Open Blogger

Hello, Horde! Back from vacation! Pixy has decided not to let me embed photos for now, so an abbreviated thread today. Thanks to The Horde, we have some content. I hope to be back up to speed next week.

JustGotHere sent photos of our insect species of the week, from Central Texas.

A few weeks ago, we found a few beautifully strange caterpillars on the lemon tree on our covered back patio, and discovered that they were Papilio cresphontes, the caterpillar for the Giant Swallowtail butterfly. We didn't have a camera handy when the butterflies emerged from chrysalis, but here are a couple of the photos of the Papilio cresphontes if you'd like them for the Gardening Thread.

giant cat 1.jpg

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Thread before the Gardening Thread: Where did today's white nationalists get their inspiration? [KT]

—Open Blogger

Serving your mid-day open thread needs

Good morning, Horde. I'm back from vacation. Looks like while I was gone, some really dumb stuff happened.

It seems like a long time ago now that I made a comment about the leftist dominance of higher education on Facebook. A "friend of a friend" asked, in an eager but not obnoxious way, if I was aware that I was the beneficiary of White Privilege.

I asked him, not in an obnoxious way, what he thought the most likely positive and negative outcomes of the growing academic obsession with the concept of "privilege" would be. This was even before those odious secondary education conferences on Privilege were dreamed up. He did not seem too interested in discussing where the concept of Privilege would lead the country. It was apparently only important for white people and men to understand that they had it.

Well, I think Brendan O'Neill has nailed (on Facebook) one of the outcomes.

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Saturday Morning Weird News Dump

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

sat morn weird news.jpg

Good morning, hard to believe that it is Saturday again.

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EMT 08/19/17


A bit of a good story to partially stem all the bad in this world.

Thursday night, I'm driving down from Louisville to home in Tn. Late, but instead of stay the night, I want to beat the race traffic.

It's been raining, and it's foggy, and I'm driving a set of secondary highways through the Cumberland Gap in what I am sure is some amazing scenery on a clear day.

Come off one mtn a little past the Kentucky border into Virginia, and my right headlight goes.

10 minutes later, a Jonesville deputy has the rollers on behind me.

It's 3 a.m. The world is crazy. Your mind can't help but think of all the ways a simple stop can go wrong.

I pull into the first well-lit parking lot I find in their sleepy little town, put on the dome light, and hold the wheel at 10 and 2 until he taps on my window.

"You've got a headlight out"

"I know - it literally went out 10 minutes ago coming off that last mountain".

"License and registration" he asks.

I hand him my license and my CCW, telling him I am carrying, and it is in the door pocket, and that my registration is the glove box, and it's a mess in there, so it may take some looking.

He thanks me for letting me know re. the pistol, and tells me to take my time finding the registration.

I hand it to him, and he asks if he can take the gun from the car and put it on my roof while he calls everything in.

I know it's not a requirement, but I don't want a hassle. So I tell him sure and "Would you like to get it yourself? It's in the door-pocket, a round in the chamber, and the safety is on."

He agrees, I open the door for him, and he takes the piece and puts it on my car roof while he returns to his car.

A few minutes later, he comes back, says everything checks out, puts my pistol back in the door, and says to be sure I get the headlight fixed.

Then he says something really nice and unnecessary:

"It was a pleasure meeting you."

I presume it was because I was calm, courteous and let him know everything I was doing so there were no surprises.

But I appreciate that he repaid my respect.

Chris Rock will not steer you wrong when it comes to dealing with the police, it doesn't matter what your skin tone is.

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Overnight Open Thread (18 Aug 2017)


Not that the A-10 needed more teeth, but it can drop JDAMs now.

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Media Criticizes General Mattis for Telling Navy Sailors That Their Jobs Are Worth It, Because At Least They Know They're Not "Pussies"


Oh, dear. Our priestly caste of wan pencil-scratchers is once again a-tremble with the ecstasy of outrage.

I'm sure they're just trying to protect these sailors from #Triggering #Harm -- I'm sure these sailors have never heard such salty language!

"You will have some of the best days of your life and some of the worst days of your life in the U.S. Navy, you know what I mean?" Mattis told sailors at Naval Base Kitsap, Washington, according to the official transcript. "That means you're living."

"That means you're not some pussy sitting on the sidelines, you know what I mean, kind of sitting there saying, ‘Well, I should have done something with my life,'" he continued.

In response to his speech, NBC News complained that "Defense Secretary Mattis Uses Disparaging Term in Speech to Navy," comparing his remarks to Trump's comments on the infamous Access Hollywood tape about grabbing women "by the pussy."

Newsweek likewise complained that "Defense Secretary Suggests Civilians Are ‘Pussies' for Sitting on the Sidelines."

"Donald Trump's secretary of defense James ‘Mad Dog' Mattis appeared to suggest those who did not serve the country were ‘a bunch of pussies,'" read the lede.

The Washington Post consulted retired Col. Don Christensen, the head of an anti-sexual assault organization who said that Mattis' comments were "troubling."

Christensen noted that the remarks "clearly implied that those who don't serve are less manly than those who do."

Note this about that last sissy criticism: This comes from the same media that exalts itself as Truth Warriors elevated above every other walk of life in America.

Their objection isn't actually that Mattis suggested that one occupation is more elevated than another -- it's that he said the wrong occupation is the Most Exalted.

Everyone knows the media are the moast specialist people -- just read any magazine or watch any tv show! You'll see!

Open thread.

Don't forget, this stupid eclipse is on Monday, and I've decided okay, well, if it just happens once every 40 years or whatever, I guess I'll go look at it.

But it's hard to find eclipse glasses now, so if you're interested, start scrambling!

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Flashback: When Obama Declared That There Were "Many Sides" to Blame for Islamist Terrorism -- Especially Christianity -- Media Not Only Defended Him, But Castigated Critics Who'd Dispute Obama's "Many-Sides-ism"


Let's go all the way back through the mists of time, to a forgotten era of dinosaurs and wizard-kings, an age of wonder and mystery called "February 2015."

In this mythological age, evoking "many sides" to blame for violence was not considered "racist," but in fact was hailed as the very pinnacle of rationality and cosmopolitanism.

Despite the fact that it is always Islamists responsible for Islamist terrorism (see the name; just what it says on the tin), President Lord God Obama proclaimed that many sides were in fact responsible for the rivers of blood spilled by Islamists, including, most notoriously, the Christians.

His latest challenge came Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast. At a time of global anxiety over Islamist terrorism, Obama noted pointedly that his fellow Christians, who make up a vast majority of Americans, should perhaps not be the ones who cast the first stone.

"Humanity has been grappling with these questions throughout human history," he told the group, speaking of the tension between the compassionate and murderous acts religion can inspire. "And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ."

When Trump spoke of "many sides" offering violence, he was referring to the fact -- the fact -- that antifa thugs attacked the Nazis and, when the cops drove the Nazis from the park, surrounded them and attacked them with apparent police complicity.

When Obama spoke of many sides being to blame, he was going back to... the Crusades between 1100 and 1350 AD. Oh, and, of course, the famous Christian enslavement of Muslims, which did not happen.

The response from the media was not -- get this -- anger and bitter denunciation, but rather a moistened-crotched panting, along with a sneering dismissal of critics of the "many sides" talk as "the usual quarters."

President Obama is drawing some heat -- mostly from the usual quarters -- for invoking the Crusades while talking about Islam and terrorism on Thursday.

At the National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, Obama noted there was a time when people mass-murdered in the name of Christianity, too:

And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.

As many were quick to point out, the Catholic church's Crusades began more than 900 years ago, and the Inquisition began in the 13th century.

In the context of Obama's long-standing remarks on Islam and terrorism, though, invoking the Crusades and the Inquisition are wholly unsurprising. What is more surprising is that he hasn't done this sooner.

I'm not surprised the leftwing media has completely ignored its own history of defending "many sides to blame" arguments from the president.

I am surprised, however, that so many members of the #FakeNews "rightwing" media have, however.

More: At the eulogy for five dead Dallas cops assassinated by a Black Lives Matter terrorist, Barack "Many Sides" Obama offered this observation:

"We have all seen this bigotry in our lives at some point," obama told an audience of about 2,500 at a concert hall in Dallas. "None of us is entirely innocent. No institution is entirely immune. And that includes our police departments. We know this."

Telling cops they're racist at a funeral for their own was, by the media's estimation, the height of cosmopolitan nuance and sophistication.

Thanks to Soothsayer for that quote.

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If There's No Known Motive, It Must Be a Day That Ends in -Day


A young foreign man went on a stabbing spree in Finland;, no motive known or even suspected.

This follows the two-city Rogue Self-Driving Vehicle Attacks in Spain.

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New Netflix Crime Documentary Explores Issues of Injustice and Mob Accusations in Today's America


The lynch-mob may be coming for you.

A timely warning for a dangerous age. I think this might be the most important documentary of the new dark century.

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Maxine Waters: You Know, One Of Those White Nationalists That Really Cheeses Me Off is... Dr. Ben Carson


Ben Carson, MD -- White Power Acolyte.

She actually referred to him as a "white wing nationalist."

Clever, or is she just losing her faculties?

She also said this:

Complaining there is "uncertainty" because of the Trump administration, Waters said, "Mr. Mnuchin, who is the Treasury Secretary, who is responsible for over 36,000 foreclosures in this area, is now the Secretary of the Treasury," repeating herself.

"Standing next to him just yesterday, or day before yesterday, I'm getting these days mixed up," the 79-year-old California congresswoman said.

She's not as sharp as she used to be. And she used to be dumb as a shovel.

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Bannon Planning "#War" with "Democrat White House"?


Seems like it.

I've heard that, strangely enough, Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon were allies a lot of the time (and, I guess, enemies some of the time).

If you're wondering who Bannon and Priebus could possibly have in common as rivals of sufficient enough stature to cause them to team up -- well, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump and their various Democrat allies in the White House.

I've heard that Scaramucci's hiring was arranged by Jared and Ivanka specifically to get Spicer, Pirebus, and Bannon fired (and serve as an ally and promoter of Kushner and Ivanka). Well, Scaramucci didn't last long, but Spicer, Priebus, and Bannon are now in fact gone.

I think this might explain the rumblings about the "Democrat White House" -- allies of Bannon seem to think that Jared and Ivanka have now cleared most rivals and now are more firmly in control, and will be advising Trump in a Democrat/progressive direction.

Of course, this also coincides with John Kelly's appointment as Chief of Staff. This might have been his call, too. There are a lot of feuding factions, it seems, in the Trump White House, and maybe he just decided to eject someone on one side of it. Maybe out of ideological opposition to Bannon, maybe just to choose one side to win so that there'd be an end to the warring.

Oh: I should mention that Bannon's recent interview with the American Prospect might have been the final straw, but that seems more likely to be the act of a man who already knew he was being pushed out. So I don't see that as a causal.

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The Morning Rant


talking ape.jpg
"Comparing the crappy, biased #fakenews media coverage of Charlottesville and Barcelona, you might think, oh hell, doesn't journalism today have any standards at all? Actually, it does; it has at least two."

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


El greco Begger.jpg

Saint Martin and the Beggar
Doménikos Theotokópoulos

His colors are glorious, and even the oddly shaped people are strangely appealing. Or maybe I'm just a sucker for El Greco.

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The Morning Report 8/18/17

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. We end the work week with the Media now openly inciting violent insurrection and terrorism against a duly elected President and the citizenry in the wake of what is appearing to be more and more a staged event in Charlottesville; one made all the more tragic in that it cost someone their life. But to the terrorists it's a matter of eggs and omelets. That said, it's indeed a sad day when an horrific terror attack in Europe is now categorized in the Day-Ending-In-"Y" Dept. but on our shores a real Confederacy composed of real racialists and real Nazis is in the opening stages of attempting a real coup. And I'm not merely referring to the George Soros rent-a-thugs paid to shatter glass and crack skulls. That is just the fig leaf smokescreen of an excuse for the criminal element that sits in the Senate and House to make a mockery of our laws and traditions and remove a President that threatens their power structure and whom they have a personal hatred for; and by extension all of us who support him and elected him to clean it up and attempt to halt the 100-year slow poisoning of America as founded.

Some of the commenters here say we should chill; that the insane pronouncements from the media are in direct proportion to the loss of power and influence they traditionally have wielded. Maybe so. But when fringe totalitarian groups have the cover of law enforcement to shield them as well as politicians now on both sides legitimizing them as "the good guys" we are heading for an inflection point. Something's got to give.

Anyway, updates from Barcelona as well as links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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ONT Dump


Half assed.jpg

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Charlottesville Escalation and our Drama Culture [Warden]

—Open Blogger

My wife took our two boys, one five and the other 11 years old, to the younger ones kindergarten open house on Monday. At the event, which was organized by the PTA, were several food trucks.

After showing our kindergartner-to-be his new classroom, my wife got into one of the food truck lines. This one was selling "gourmet sandwiches," whatever that is. I imagine the word artisanal appeared somewhere on the menu. Perhaps there were heirloom tomatoes as well.

While standing in line, my wife noticed that the truck was covered with political bumper stickers, all of them left wing and anti-Trump. As she moved closer her eye caught one that read, "The last time we let Christians run government, it was called the Dark Ages."

My wife turned to our older boy pointed to the sign and said, "I can't give this man my money." He took a look and said, "Okay, Mom. Let's try one over there."

When she told me this story, I responded that I would have probably waited in line until I was up front, then told the owner why I wouldn't be giving him my money. She looked at me and said something that's stuck with me all week:

"No, I don't think anything at all about someone like that. It didn't make me emotional. I just wasn't giving him my money. Any further thought isn't worth my time."

And of course she was right and my knee-jerk response would have been wrong. What a great example she is to our kids.

What would have been accomplished by confronting that food truck owner, especially in front of a bunch of kids? He's got some opinions I don't like. So what? It's not like I'm going to change his mind about anything. Most likely, a person who would put a sign like that on their place of business would welcome a bit of conflict and drama. Why else put it there when it can only cost you money?

Which leads us to Charlottesville...

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Washington Post (The National Laughingstock) Publishes Op-Ed Calling for Political Violence


Yes, I can see now how completely opposed to political violence you are.

Marty Baron lives in a $1.7 million condo in Logan Circle. It’s seven blocks away from the headquarters of the Washington Post. And a 12 minute drive away from the FBI’s J Edgar Hoover Building.

Arrest him.

His paper’s latest contribution to wrecking this country is an editorial titled "Charlottesville showed that liberalism can't defeat white supremacy. Only direct action can."

It concludes with, “Start throwing rocks."

"Resistance, be it forceful or clandestine, threatened or explicit, stands as our 'rock.' Rocks can look like armed self-defense or nonviolent direct-action campaigns," N.D. B. Connolly, a history professor at Johns Hopkins who specializes in racism writes.

"In April 1968, amid a flurry of other 'rocks,' riots shook American cities following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. It took that rolling unrest, not the promise of further economic growth, to spur President Lyndon Johnson and Congress to action."

Incitement to riot is a crime. And it’s about time that the Washington Post along with other media outlets was held accountable for the violence that is tearing apart our cities and our campuses.

The National Laughingstock isn't quite done yet, though. Here is their thoroughly airbrushed, sanitized account of what Antifa supposedly is, which does everything to recruit for them short of including a sign-up sheet.

But what is antifa? Where did it come from? Militant anti-fascist or "antifa" (pronounced ANtifa) is a radical pan-leftist politics of social revolution applied to fighting the far right. Its adherents are predominantly communists, socialists and anarchists who reject turning to the police or the state to halt the advance of white supremacy. Instead they advocate popular opposition to fascism as we witnessed in Charlottesville.

We call this "mob violence" or "vigilante violence" -- except when we approve of it.

There are antifa groups around the world, but antifa is not itself an interconnected organization, any more than an ideology like socialism or a tactic like the picket line is a specific group. Antifa are autonomous anti-racist groups that monitor and track the activities of local neo-Nazis.

This picture at the Daily Caller shows the result of "monitoring" a "neo-Nazi" who showed up at a college speech. He was struck in the head with a U-shaped bike lock (a heavy improvised weapon made of steel). The professor who cracked his skull was ignored by police and only outed by 4chan -- after which, the police resigned themselves to arresting him on three counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

Here is a Politco story about "antifascists" (Politico's word) "monitoring" a speech at Middlebury College, which ended with a riot and "antifascists" wrenching the neck of a female prof who tried to protect the speaker Charles Murray.

The woman had to be hospitalized.

Let's read more about how great this leaderless "anti-fascist" movement is:

They expose them to their neighbors and employers, they conduct public education campaigns, they support migrants and refugees and they pressure venues to cancel white power events.

Note that pressure might occasionally involve riots and personal assaults with deadly weapons>

The vast majority of anti-fascist organizing is nonviolent.

Cite? Everytime they gather there is violence -- which they start.

But their willingness to physically defend themselves and others from white supremacist violence and preemptively shut down fascist organizing efforts before they turn deadly distinguishes them from liberal anti-racists.

Oh, they're defending themselves, huh?

The guy who sprayed this young woman giving an interview was attacking them, you say?

Antifascists argue that after the horrors of chattel slavery and the Holocaust, physical violence against white supremacists is both ethically justifiable and strategically effective. We should not, they argue, abstractly assess the ethical status of violence in the absence of the values and context behind it. Instead, they put forth an ethically consistent, historically informed argument for fighting Nazis before it’s too late.

Here's a historically informed, ethically consistent sucker-punch of a guy just standing on the street:

This is the Washington Post -- advocating physical violence against political opponents.

You want a war?

Be careful of what you wish for, fellas.

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Fusion Co-Founder Will Answer Questions -- But Not Publicly, and Not With Senators Present


The allowances we make for the people of the left, huh?

Glenn Simpson, the co-founder of the firm that assembled the infamous "Russian dossier" that purported to offer intelligence about then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, will be interviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee later this month.

Simpson's interview, however, will most likely be with committee staff instead of the senators themselves, according to a report by Politico, which cited a source familiar with the issue.

The funding for the dossier has become of increasing interest for conservatives, as it assembled a host of allegations against Trump while he was a candidate, most of which have either been debunked or can't be proven. Many of the sources of the claims in the dossier also can't be pinned down with any accuracy.

The dossier was used in part to obtain a warrant to surveil Trump associate Carter Page in 2016, according to a report by the Washington Post in April. Page has constantly mocked the document as the "dodgy dossier."

Will it at least be under oath, or are we just like Whatever on this?

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Missouri Lawmaker: "I Hope Trump Is Assassinated"


Remember what Big Brother told you, though: there is no such thing as a violent left. It's a figment of the racist Republican imagination.

A Democratic Missouri state senator from University City posted, then quickly deleted, a comment on Facebook saying she hoped President Donald Trump would be assassinated.

Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal told The Star she posted the comment out of frustration with the “trauma and despair” the president is causing with his statements about the events in Charlottesville, Va.

“The way I responded this morning was wrong,” she told The Star. “I’m frustrated. Did I mean the statement? No. Am I frustrated? Absolutely. The president is causing damage. He’s causing hate.”

He seems to cause a lot of it in the Democrat Party and media. And the GOP establishment liberal wing too. But I repeat myself thrice.

There Is No Alt-Left, Continued: "Let's Blow Up Mount Rushmore," a Vice article proposes.

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Jake Tapper "Reports" on Antifa Attacking Journalists... On Twitter. And Without Calling Them Antifa.


John Sexton is a close friend and I don't want to hit him on this.

But as a general matter, it's time for conservatives to stop being #CheapDates for Jake Tapper.

He mentioned this on Twitter. I doubt he will feature it on, you know, his actual TV show.

He does this a lot -- if you embarrass him about his non-coverage of a major story that he's embargoing because of his lefty politics, he'll mention it on Twitter, as he did here, but he'll keep his CNN show clean of this offensive material.

His show's on now-- let me know if he gets 'round to mentioning it.

If a critic points out his blatant hypocrisy -- his bullshit posture of a Real News MAN Who Reports Without Prejudice or Favor -- he'll give you a little "Shut up, I 'covered' that on Twitter" appeasement.

But it won't the make the actual TV "news" cast.

Check the timestamps here:

Notice, by the way, that he provides three descriptors for the protesters -- "Nazi/KKK/Alt-right" -- but his descriptor for antifa is just "people protesting the Nazs/KKK/Alt-right."

He's been on a jeremiad about specifically naming the evil groups -- why does he lose his nerve with antifa?

Later in this series of tweets, he notes a letter written by antifa defends/excuses this attack, but he's careful not to id the assailant as antifa.

Over the years, I've got a lot of excuses from Jake Tapper about why major stories do not appear on his show.

The Iran Echo Chamber story? I don't trust that source, he told me, not giving any reasons for that lack of trust. When I later told him Ben Rhodes and Ned Price had confirmed the quotes attributed to them, he said something like "It was a busy news day" or whatever.

Months later the Iran Echo Chamber story was in the news again, and I again asked why he wasn't covering it. Again he told me "I don't trust that source," forgetting, it seems, that he had already offered that excuse previously and I had already rebutted it by linking Rhodes and Price affirming the quotes.

Jake Tapper's main outreach to conservatives is just making bullshit excuses for his leftist bias -- he was a former "star" Salon reporter, don't forget -- which is hailed as some kind of victory by his fanbois on the right (of which there are many-- and I specifically do not include John Sexton (of whom I am a fanboi, as you might gather from my many links to him)).

When pressed, and with no avenue of easy retreat, Tapper will mention something on Twitter, and then Noah C. Rothman will applaud his "courage" for tweeting a story late in the night.

But he's #OnTheTelevision, and the television is the new Cult of the Saints. Many people just seem to lose their shit when someone from the TV!!! "interacts" with them on twitter. It's enough to create a permanent loyalty to the Great Television Celebrity for many.

I have to admit, I know people from movies or tv, and yeah, you do kind of think "OMG, someone from TV or the movies!" I admit it. Yes, it's a major thing. Even if you try to be cool about it, it's still a thing.

But the intense cult of loyalty Tapper has instilled in his devoted suckophants merely for retweeting them (or sending a cursory DM after they effusively praise him for his "bravery") is a bit too far, isn't it?

If you want to meet the real Jake Tapper, here's how you do it:

Criticize him online for bias. Oh sure he's quite swell if you're praising him. Who wouldn't be?

But try criticizing him for his bias.

You will then meet the Real Jake Tapper -- not the Pleasant Celebrity Who Pleasantly Accepts Your Fawning Admiration -- in your DMs.

And the Real Jake Tapper isn't the one who flatters you with some small amount of Twitter Attention after you praise him.

But then, he is #OnTelevision. And therefore, adult men should continue allowing themselves to be reduced to quivering schoolgirls when such a "celebrity" as he gives them some minor attention.

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Uh-Oh: Trump Tweets


Trump is apparently referring to a bloody campaign Pershing conducted against the Philippines (Muslim) terrorists.

Now, bear in mind, we've had a week now where the media has fallen over itself to defend violence against American citizens just for saying admittedly hateful and offensive things. Punch a Nazi has never been more popular, with even "prinicpled" figures on the right basically suggesting that vigilante street justice is approved if the target sufficiently upsets Jon Podhoretz.

But now that Trump has suggested some Punch an Islamist Terrorist justice (in the context of an actual war, which is legal), we're going to suddenly hear a lot of tunes changing on this question of whether or not you toss out the rules when you're up against Nazis. One rule for for White Nazis, another much more humane and understanding rule for Brown Nazis.

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Islamist Jew-Hating Nazi Crashes Van Into Crowd In Front of Kosher Market in Spain


I've been hearing for a week that we must name, specifically, the hateful Hate Groups behind this hate.

And yet, oddly, CNN is reticent to do so all of a sudden.

I won't be -- this is another attack by the anti-semitic racists of the Islamist Nazis.


"The police identify one of those responsible in the Barcelona attack: Driss Oukabir"

So he's either an Islamist, or an upcoming Star Wars character.

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The Morning Rant


talking ape.jpg
"Of course they're not going to be stop with a few Confederate generals. They're just getting started. Pretty soon it will be all statues. Then it'll be movies. Then books. They're on a roll and they're not going to stop until they've turned the entire country into 'Fahrenheit 451', Mao's Cultural Revolution, and '1984' all mashed up together and managed by Google"


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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Rembrandt Head of Old Man.jpg

Head of an Old Man in a Cap
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn

I have a soft spot in my heart for Rembrandt, because he seems to be painting humanity. I look at his works and know that there is a soul inside his subjects, whereas most other artists simply can't do that.

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The Morning Report 8/17/17

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. The Republican Party is no more. It is dead. It has ceased to be. It has joined the choir invisible and is pushing up the daisies. In the wake of last November's election, perhaps the most stunning upset in at least a generation and a complete shock to the Deep State establishment, instead of parlaying its victory and national mandate to begin the attempt to rollback the last eight to possibly 50 years of the Fabian Socialist counter-revolution, this collection of thieves, drunk on their own power and influence, have decided it better to keep lining their pockets by protecting their ideologically-driven Marxist cohorts in the Democrat Party than to try and save some vestige of the nation and system that got them elected in the first place.

But wait; there's more. And it's worse by orders of magnitude. Not content to merely play the role of Emanuel Goldstein with a wink and a nod to the Democrats and their Media overlords, with the victory of Donald Trump, their hatred of this man and by extension we who elected him has caused this group of supine stooges to actually lose their minds. John McCain, Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio are consciously and willingly helping to mainstream the ranks of Democrat-protected and funded terrorists and anarchists while blood-libeling we the people and the President as racist crackpots. It would be bad enough if these three bastards were merely backbenchers from a battleground state. They're not; they are leaders of the party and presidential candidates, two of whom were nominees. In the name of God, do you not know what you're doing?! Are you that spiteful and greedy as to not understand the goals and motivations of the people with whom you have just jumped into bed?!

Another far-left group at Charlottesville last weekend: the Workers World Party, a group of Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries who have declared their support for Kim Jong Un's murderous dictatorship in North Korea. Workers World's publication has consistently published propaganda-like screeds supporting Venezuela's murderous regime.

The communist group "sent many of its members to Charlottesville, Va., to beat back the Nazis and Klan who marched there," according to a post recapping the group's participation in the weekend's violence....

....Workers' World's stated goals are classic Marxism, including igniting an international socialist revolution and "the shutdown of the Pentagon and the use of the war budget" --- that is, the funding for the Department of Defense --- "to improve the lives of the working class and especially the oppressed peoples."

You three disgust me. I have no use for you. You are a collective disgrace to the nation. The sooner you disappear from the landscape of political discourse the better off we will all be.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

Wednesday Overnight Open Thread (8/16/17) Geography-Cities Edition

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



Quote of The Day

Quote I

Happiness consists not in having much, but in being content with little. Marguerite Gardiner

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Robots Are Stupid


...but probably more competent than 40% of the American workforce.

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Non-Partisan Media Which Is Totally Not In the Bag for Radical Violent Leftswing Organizations Now Comparing Antifa to WWII Veterans


Nailed it in one go.

Oddly, a whole bunch of the #JournOListMajors seemed to have the exact same idea at around the exact time. Some even used the same pictures of amphibious landing craft dropping doors open on Omaha Beach.

The media also spent a lot of time calling people Nazis for noting that the Media's Favorite Communist Street Thugs were communist street thugs.

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Tim Kaine Has Harsh Words For Violent Thugs, Not Including His Son Who Was Arrested for Violent Disruption of a Peaceful Rally


And indeed, "Linwood Michael Kaine" was indeed arrested and charged for his participation in a riot that included throwing a pyrotechnic device at an old woman's head.

The son of former vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine will face criminal charges for his role in a violent smoke bomb-fueled riot that broke out at a pro-Trump rally, according to a report Friday.

Linwood Michael Kaine, 24, of Minneapolis, Minnesota — whose father was Hillary Clinton’s 2016 running mate — was slapped with three misdemeanor charges tied to a melee in St. Paul, the Pioneer Press reported.

The charges, which were filed by the Ramsey county attorney Friday, include fleeing police on foot, concealing his identity and obstructing the legal process with force, according to the paper.

The Virginia senator’s son was initially busted on second-degree riot charges after a fight erupted between protesters and supporters on March 4.

One of the demonstrators allegedly tossed a smoke bomb into the crowd — striking a 61-year-old woman in the head, the Pioneer Press reported at the time. Others unleashed pepper spray and blew whistles and airhorns amid the chaos, according to past reports.

Linwood Kaine was wearing the black clothes and mask of antifa, but began stripping out of those clothes when cops came to wrangle him. They say he was apprehended while "spinning out" of his black antifa riot garb.

But the Ruling Class has rights and privileges the commoners do not have, and should not have.

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Jim "The Human Selfie" Acosta: Trump Showed His Colors, and They Weren't Red, White, and Blue


I guess he only knows the one poem, because now he's just on to naming primary colors seen in flags.

Having already said earlier in the day that Trump’s presidency went “off the rails,” Acosta showed up on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon seemed to echo much of what host Don Lemon said earlier today when the anchor stated that the president’s “true colors are coming out.”

“I think we saw the president’s true colors today,” Acosta stated. “I’m not sure they were red, white, and blue.”

Jim Acosta's main color is pink, and I don't mean that he's a communist. Well I do mean that, but not right this second. I'm just sayin', he seems like the kind of guy who likes a pink thong.

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Area Woman Gives Boastful Press Conference About Her Malicious Vandalism Charges


Supposedly she'll be charged. I foresee a short probation in her future -- not even a slap on the wrist.

She held a press conference to insist a slap on the wrist was too grave a penalty for just seeking Justice:

How did the police locate Thompson to arrest her? Once the protesters learned police were planning to make arrests, they held a press conference at the college with signs that read “Drop the charges.”

By the way, the statue she pulled down was... rather less of a pro-Confederacy monument than the historically illiterate vandals assumed.

The statue, which honored children conscripted against their will into the Confederate Army during the Civil War, stood in Durham's public square since 1924.

Let's just pull All the Statues down.

Oh wait -- bagman and fixer Terry MacAuliffe has already proposed that.

Update: Two more arrested.

All three criminals are associated with the Worker's World Party, a communist extremist group.

But there is no alt-left. It's just a made-up word.

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As Trump Predicted: Pastor Demands George Washington Statue Be Removed; Flashback: Leftists Demand Teddy Roosevelt Statue Be Destroyed


George Washington owned slaves -- and that's all he did.

A Chicago pastor has asked the Emanuel administration to remove the names of two presidents who owned slaves from parks on the South Side, saying the city should not honor slave owners in black communities.

A bronze statue of George Washington on horseback stands at the corner of 51st and King Drive, at the northwest entrance to Washington Park.

Bishop James Dukes, pastor of Liberation Christian Center, said he wants the statue gone, and he wants George Washington’s name removed from the park.

“When I see that, I see a person who fought for the liberties, and I see people that fought for the justice and freedom of white America, because at that moment, we were still chattel slavery, and was three-fifths of humans,” he said. “Some people out here ask me, say ‘Well, you know, he taught his slaves to read.’ That’s almost sad; the equivalent of someone who kidnaps you, that you gave them something to eat.”

Dukes said, even though Washington was the nation’s first president and led the American army in the Revolutionary War, he’s no hero to the black community.

“There’s no way plausible that we would even think that they would erect a Malcolm X statue in Mount Greenwood, Lincoln Park, or any of that. Not that say Malcolm X was a bad guy; they just would not go for it,” he said. “Native Americans would not even think about putting up a Custer statue, because of the atrocities that he plagued upon Native Americans. And for them to say to us ‘just accept it’ is actually insulting.”

This story is from last year, but goes with the new one: Leftist activist demand that New York Natural History Museum take down the statue of Teddy Roosevelt, a "racist."

BTW, I'm pretty sure Teddy Roosevelt's statue is there because he founded the museum.

Here's another flashback, this one to 2015:

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The Morning Rant


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"Well, here we go: A disgusting CBS news story about how Iceland is using abortion to 'eliminate' Down's Syndrome, and I don't know what's worse, making DS sound like polio or smallpox, or that the way they're doing it is by murdering DS kids while they're still in the womb, or the fact that this is just eugenics smuggled in through the back door."

Here is the article that CBSNews GP is referring to: "What kind of society do you want to live in?": Inside the country where Down syndrome is disappearing.

The article mentions that murdering DS children in the womb isn't strictly an Icelandic thing:

According to the most recent data available, the United States has an estimated termination rate for Down syndrome of 67 percent (1995-2011); in France it's 77 percent (2015); and Denmark, 98 percent (2015). The law in Iceland permits abortion after 16 weeks if the fetus has a deformity -- and Down syndrome is included in this category.

Progressive medicine is concerned primarily with determining who you need to murder and what the best methods are for murdering them.

Eugenics, formerly all the rage in Europe and even here in America, went underground after the destruction of the Third Reich, but, as GP observed, progressives keep trying to sneak it back in. They don't openly campaign for eugenics in the name of eugenics, but it always seems to be in the background of progressive thought, just waiting to come out when the time is right.

I see Patricia Heaton is on the same page as GP:

Oh, and lest we forget, you know who else is a big fan of eugenics? Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Copley Boyleston.jpg

Nicholas Boylston
John Singleton Copley

I would love to know what the hell is going on in this guy's head, and what Copley was thinking when he painted this portrait.

You Massholes might know his name....

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Petition Started to Formally Declare "AntiFa" a Terrorist Organization. 100,000 signatures are needed by September 16th to get a response from the White House. [J.J. Sefton]
How do you say "Aloha Snackbar" in Finland? 2 Dead, several injured in Finland knife attack. [Mis. Hum.]
Somewhat related to Gorilla Pundit's rant this morning, This is Rush Limbaugh from his show on August 18th: For 30 years, the Democrats have been able to call Republicans anything with impunity --- racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe, and add on to that --- and there's been never any pushback. All there is, is Republicans trying to kiss up to the media so that they individually are not included in the smear. Well, this is what pushing back looks like, just like this is what trying to strip power away from the establishment looks like. This is what it looks like when you push back. It was never gonna be easy, and it was never gonna be pretty. Somebody is trying to save the Republican brand by defending it against all of these smears: Racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia. Too many Republicans have been conditioned to go along with the allegation and to ask for exemption from it. I don't think President Trump's mission is to save the Republican brand. I think Rush is desperate not to alienate himself from the GOP but little by little, I think he has come to understand and to openly state that the GOP is every bit the enemy as the Democrats. The rest of that quote about what PDT is doing vis a vis fighting back is dead on. [J.J. Sefton]
California Bill: 1 Year in Jail for Using Wrong Transgender Pronoun "A new bill being considered by the California State Senate would punish people who “willfully and repeatedly” refuse “to use a transgender resident’s preferred name or pronouns” in a public health, retirement or housing institution." Because in all other respects California is functioning perfectly. [CBD]
They'll be satisfied after the Confederate monuments are down, right?
"protesters start DIGGING UP body of Nathan Bedford Forrest ..."
Movie Live-Blog Idea. Jason Bourne was the worst movie I saw last year, and last year was nothing but bad movies. I am thinking about live-blogging it and wanted to give people a head's up if they'd like to watch this massive piece of shit at the same time and goof on it.
Headlines: 8/15/17
Good fences make good neighbors in more than one way. [Mis. Hum.]
WaPo demands Race Riots to overthrow government.
Their call to violence tears down the statue of MLK.
Headlines: 8/14/17
Of course the ends justify the means. Confederate statue torn down by protesters. [Mis. Hum.]
UN HQ attacked in Mali. My educated guess? Neo-Nazi Amish Thugs. j/k [Mis. Hum.]
Actor and writer Joseph Bologna, best known for his send-up of Sid Caesar in "My Favorite Year" has passed away at 82. RIP. [J.J. Sefton]
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