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March 28, 2023

The Morning Report — 3/28/23

—J.J. Sefton

Good morning kids. Considering transexuals are a protected victim class, should we not categorize the horror that happened in a Nashville school yesterday as a "mostly peaceful" mass-shooting? I don't mean to be flip considering the situation, but when one looks at the suicide rate of people who are brainwashed into thinking they're a woman trapped in a man's body or vice versa, or confused children whose psyches aren't fully formed and then physically and chemically mutilated by quack doctors and shrinks by parents who view their own flesh and blood as nothing more than the latest fashion accessory or the ultimate in virtual signaling, what happened in Nashville is hardly surprising.

Neither is the reaction from the usual quarters (mostly hind).

Democrat Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee said Monday there was “no hope” of working with Republicans who supported Second Amendment rights, implying they were dangerous for supporting the Second Amendment.

“It’s hard for me to serve up there now with some of the people I have to serve with,” Cohen told MSNBC host Katy Tur. “They’re part of the danger. They could go — I’m not going to get into that — it’s just that they are so attached to guns and there’s no hope on them.”

. . . Cohen’s comments came after Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old female shooter who identified as transgender, killed three children and three adults at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, before being engaged and fatally wounded by law enforcement after reportedly entering the school via a side door.

Cohen’s comments came as [so-called quote-unquote "president"] Joe Biden, congressional Democrats, media figures and celebrities demanded a ban on so-called “assault weapons” in the wake of the shooting.

Speaking of President Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants, here are literally the very first words he uttered at a press conference about the tragedy:

“My name is Joe Biden. I’m Dr. Jill Biden’s husband, and I enjoy ice cream, chocolate chip. I came down because it was chocolate chip ice cream. By the way, I have a whole refrigerator full upstairs. You think I’m kidding. I’m not,” he said.

Well, in all fairness, Joey was channeling Leftist icon and hero Charles Manson who once quipped:

Death is no more important than eating an ice cream cone.

But of course, to the Left, it's the manner in which one dies and the situation surrounding the death, vis a vis scoring political points and advancing their aims, that's important. Hundreds of black males shooting and stabbing each other to death day and night in Democrat-controlled hell-holes? Criminals running wild in the streets raping, robbing and killing – B-urning L-ooting M-urdering? Ditto the massive waves of illegal aliens and the heroin, crack, fentanyl and whatever the hell else is flooding in from a non-existent border? Crickets.

And the deaths of Ashli Babbitt and Roseanne Boyland? Ditto-ditto.

Kudos to chicken-snarfing Cohen for demonizing guns and conservatives/Republicans in the same foul breath. He and his ilk could care fuck-all for the poor victims of socialism/leftism in the form of a psycho-tranny with evil on his warped brain. But as an expedient to disarming the populace who really are the only thing potentially standing in the way of them gaining absolute power, then let the glycerine tears flow down like a mighty river, to coin a phrase.

It's funny, as in stomach-churning, how he and his fellow travelers are always going on about "hate speech." They're experts.

Steven Shaviro, a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences professor, wrote in a Facebook post on Sunday that while he does not “advocating violating federal and state criminal codes,” it is “far more admirable to kill a racist, homophobic, or transphobic speaker than it is to shout them down,” according to the New Guard. The professor was reportedly placed on leave and the incident was reported to law enforcement agencies for review.

“When right-wing groups invite such speakers to campus, it is precisely because they want to provoke an incident that discredits the left, and gives more publicity and validation to these reprehensible views than they could otherwise attain,” Shaviro wrote, according to a screenshot of the new deleted post. “These protesters get blamed instead of the bigoted speaker; the university administration finds a perfect excuse to side publicly with the racist or phobes; the national and international press has a field day saying that bigots are the ones being oppressed, rather than the people those bigots actually hate being the victims of oppression.”

. . . WSU President Roy Wilson responded to the post in a Monday email to the campus community condemning Shaviro’s language, according to a screenshot obtained by the New Guard.

“The post stated that rather than ‘shouting down’ those with whom we disagree, one would be justified to commit murder to silence them,” he wrote. “We have on many occasions defended the right of free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, but we feel this post far exceeds the bounds of reasonable or protected speech. It is, at best, morally reprehensible and, at worst, criminal.”

And yet, this "professor" was not immediately shit-canned? Hey, Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray! Pfft. I suppose the solution is not just to ban the speakers you object to but to ban anyone who would want to attend their speeches in the first place.

But of course, Trump said "retribution" and that should immediately land him a date with Old Sparky, eh Steve Cohen? Meanwhile, in another part of the forest an aide to Senator Rand Paul – you remember Senator Paul, who was nearly beaten to death by a Leftist neighbor but which the propagandists described as merely a heated exchange which the Senator provoked – was assaulted and stabbed in D.C. A town that almost passed a bill further decriminalizing crime. And the assailant from what I understand was just released from a federal prison and has a rap sheet longer than a migrant caravan on the outskirts of Juarez.

Yet it's the NRA and transphobia, h8trz!!!

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King Harv Imperial Coffee

Daily Tech News 28 March 2023

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

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Monday Overnight Thread – 03/27/2023 [Roger Ball]

—Open Blogger

Crop Duster.JPG

[Roger Ball is a long-time, loyal Ace of Spades moron who comments under a different nickname and often corresponds with me and some of the other Cobs, offering up feedback and content suggestions. He is a former Navy pilot who flies everything from commercial jets for {huge airline} to paper airplanes with his progeny. I challenged him to once again take some of his content offerings and come up with a backup ONT to share with the horde. Thanks for coming out of the bullpen again tonight, R.B. – Buck]

DUST to DUST…not what you think

Greetings, horde. It is always an honor to fill these pages with…uh…you know the thing.

How about if we start tonight by trying to get some history right? We can look at WATTS UP WITH THAT 2022 Media-Climate Fact Check.

"This summary serves as a fact check on the top ten disasters that mainstream media attributes to climate change."

What boring lives we would have without disasters, no? Scott Johnson at Power Line addresses the “Extermination Nation” theme of the climate mafia: THE EXTINCTION NEXT TIME

Paul Ehrlich:”Oh, humanity is not sustainable. To maintain our lifestyle (yours and mine, basically) for the entire planet, you’d need five more Earths. Not clear where they’re gonna come from.”

Man. Sounds lake an expert if there ever was one, eh?

John Dutton (Yellowstone) might have a good perspective:

Dutton Earth Sheds Us Like a Skin.JPG

Via HAMMER, VDH weighs in on our current history in the making: The Baleful Cargo of Woke Diversity Worship

"We forget that what once separated the Western world from the rest was not race, climate, or natural bounty, but its gradual creation of meritocracies replacing the pre-civilizational rule of the clan, the tribe, or the race."

The tribes of grifters and looters lie and are supported by the Propaganda Media. And we are letting them win. For now.

DEI - DESTROY EVERY INSTITUTION, like our election system.

Philip Schuyler - Dust to Dust.JPG


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Geronimo Cafe



Some cliff-jumping.

Beautiful short videos and photos from Lake Como, Italy.

Japanese gondoleer.

Digital black panther face.

Sleeping with a cat.

Firing up a coal-burning miniature train. I think it burns coal, but I'm not sure if the coal is burned just to produce smoke, while the train actually runs on electricity, or if the thing is actually propelled by the energy of the burning coal.

Baby otter explores the (river?) water for the first time.

That's a big buffalo or bull or bison or whatever it is.

Big moth!

Little dog tries to make a friend.

It's not just the cherry blossom trees which are blooming. The goat trees are in full flower, too:

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Quick Hits
Update: Transgender Killer Confirmed; Left Behind a "Manifesto"


Noted leftwing flake and frequent Allahpundit-linkee Aaron Rupar posted a completely faked, photoshopped image, supposedly a picture of a page from official Florida teaching materials. Again, it's completely fake, but that's how Aaron Rupar has always rolled.

It was linked by leftwinger and fake "historian" Kevin Kruse, who also rolls that way.


PoliMath @politicalmath

Two separate worlds, two separate sets of facts

This image is fake, it is not what is taught in Florida schools

Most on the left will never know this. It spreads in their social circles and becomes their truth

For Marxists, their propaganda is fact, and your facts are propaganda.

Agatha Christie is the next classic novelist whose words will be censored for the sake of "modern sensibilities."

Agatha Christie is the latest bestselling novelist to get the rewriting treatment for 2023 readers, according to a British newspaper.

The bestselling novelist in the world, Christie created enduring popular sleuths Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, and the Daily Telegraph reports that new editions of both these series have had original passages amended or removed by publisher Harper Collins.

The Telegraph states that digital versions of new editions of the books written between 1920 and 1976 (the year of Christie's death) include text stripped of "descriptions, insults or references to ethnicity, particularly for characters Christie's protagonists encounter outside the UK."

For example, in the book Death on the Nile -- published in 1937 and recently remade for the big screen by Kenneth Branagh -- references to "Nubian people" have been removed, as have several references to non-British characters' physiques. The word "local" replaces "native"

A line in Christie's debut novel The Mysterious Affair at Styles which has Poirot commenting on a character being "a Jew" has gone. And Christie's narration and sections of dialogue uttered by unsympathetic characters have also been cut, according to the newspaper.


Equality 7-2521 @Prometheus_Ego

Why is Ron DeSantis doing this?

Meatball Ron is always up to something.

Has-been former writer Joyce Carol Oates, who Twitchy amusingly dubs a "Twitter hot-take machine," says that we might as well censor Agatha Christie, because Christie wasn't a serious writer who wrote about "sociological realism."

Joyce Carol Oates @JoyceCarolOates

Agatha Christie is not revered as a stylist, nor as a writer reflecting sociological realism; rather, her plots are clever & usually provide some sort of "twist." changing her language will hardly matter as it would in a more literary writer (Twain, Faulkner).

What a smelly old witch.

Someone, I think maybe Jim Treacher, wrote "Artists against art" in response to this attention-starved spinster.

Flashback, 2021: the American Booksellers Association joins the Hitler Youth and figuratively burns a book which the Maoists have decided should never have been published-- Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier. They apologized for sending copies of the book to booksellers, as they always do with books to interest booksellers in buying them. They promised to "do better" in screening which books may be promoted and which ones must be figuratively burned.

Update: The transgender killer left behind a manifesto.

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Are You Ready for the "Trans Day of Vengeance"?
Update: Joe Biden Makes Ice Cream Jokes



That sounds like a call to violence.

Do you think Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray are investigating this group for the promotion of domestic terrorism, or nah?

Are trans people really being murdered?

Um, no. It's, get this, another lie from the trans extremists.

A very based take from David Strom:

'm not exactly sure what they will be avenging. They claim a trans genocide is upon us, but in their own propaganda, they claim that 6 trans people have been murdered this year. There were 26,031 murders in 2021. The TDOV people claim 60 murders in 2022 for trans people. 1.6 million people in the United States identify as trans. That works out, I think, to 3.75 murders per 100,000. That is less than half that of the general population.

Black men die by homicide at a rate of 55 per 100,000. Trans people: 3.75 per 100,000.

Every murder is a tragedy and a crime, no matter the victim. But what is shocking about the murder rate for transgender people is how low it is, not how high.

The Daily Wire did a deep dive into the FBI stats and found that there is statistically almost no hate crime against transgendered people...

When trans activists talk about a "genocide," they are not actually talking about physical harm done to transgendered people. Their claim, actually, is that our desire to keep them from recruiting more people into their cult is a genocidal act, as they otherwise have no means to reproduce.

It's a neat sleight of hand if you think about it. But it also gives the lie to their claim not to be recruiting. They want to expand their ranks because the alternative is not being able to reproduce. The grooming itself is the point.

In Tennessee, a 28-year-old "heavily armed woman" entered a Christian school and began killing people, including children. This woman has been identified as "Audrey Hale" by NBC News.

Although the connection to the shooter is not yet confirmed, an "Audrey Hale" who goes by "he/him" pronouns and who sometimes calls herself by the male name "Aiden" has been found on LinkedIn.


If this is true, prepare for a media blitz of sympathy for the shooter and a condemnation of the victims and all other Christians -- essentially, the media will declare this shooting of Christian children to be kinda justified.

Ron DeSantis will be named as the real criminal here. Although Tennessee governor Bill Lee will share credit for that, having signed legislation that limits transgender "therapy" for children.

The media routinely publishes claims that to limit transgender procedures according to the age of the victim-patient is "literally genocide."

How many times did the media think it could claim that any disagreement with the extremist trans agenda was "literally genocide" before an extremist believed them and took action premised on the idea that she was "fighting genocide"?

Update: They awoke Biden from his daily 21 hour nap to comment. He started off with some ice cream humor before making his thousandth rote call for a ban on non-existent "assault weapons."

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Fired Woke "Gay Latina" Victoria Alonso Threatens Legal Action Against Disney; Disney Says She Committed a Clear Breach of Contract


I mentioned that Alonso is a "gay Latina" (not "Latinx," bigot?) because her own lawyer is apparently making the case on just that. That Disney "silenced a gay Latina."

Another wokie using her sexuality as a sword and her race as a shield.

Disney fired her, they claim, because she breached her contract. Disney had an exclusive deal with her, but she produced the film Argentina 1985 for a rival studio. That's a breach right there. Disney then told her not to promote that film or any other rival studio's films. But she went out on the red carpet and promoted the film anyway.

Disney fired her, citing this as their reason.

This is what her lawyer calls "silenc[ing] a gay Latina."

After being fired from her longtime role as Marvel's VFX and postproduction president, Victoria Alonso is ready to fire back against claims about why she lost her job. Patty Glaser, Alonso's attorney, issued a Friday statement to Variety denying that Alonso was fired because of her role as a producer on Argentina, 1985. Instead, Glaser claimed that her client was "silenced" by Disney. (And no, she made no mention of the highly criticized visual effects in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.)

The Hollywood Reporter first reported that Alonso's involvement in Argentina, 1985 -- which Amazon Studios helped produce -- breached a contract she signed with Disney in 2018 that prohibited work with company competitors. THR claimed the veteran exec was given a pass under the condition that she would stick to Marvel projects moving forward and not promote any other work. Allegedly, Alonso's decision to promote Argentina, 1985 anyway caused her exit. "The idea that Victoria was fired over a handful of press interviews relating to a personal passion project about human rights and democracy that was nominated for an Oscar and which she got Disney's blessing to work on is absolutely ridiculous," Glaser responded. "Victoria, a gay Latina who had the courage to criticize Disney, was silenced."

What they're suggesting -- and Midnight's Edge agrees with this -- is that the breach of contract is just a pretext for the firing, not the real reason.

Midnight's Edge points out that as far as pretexts for firing go, this is a bulletproof pretext. If you're exclusive with one studio you're not allowed to work with another or promote a rival's films, period.

But they also agree that the bulletproof pretext was used to hide the more serious reasons for firing.

Like the fact that she went out on the red carpet to attack Disney for not being pro-gay enough, and bragging about how she browbeat Bob Chapek into getting into an extremely costly fight about the Parental Rights in Education bill. Which the Midnight's Edge people think cost them "billions" or even "tens of billions" due to the loss of control over the Reedy Creek district.

Several outlets have suggested this is a reference to Alonso's comments at the 2022 GLAAD Awards, where she called out Bob Chapek, then CEO of Disney, out for his handling of Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill. Reportedly, she was told after the awards ceremony that she could no longer do press for Marvel.

And apparently she kept talking to the press -- another breach. Or maybe not a breach, but an act of insurbordination against a superior giving her a direct order to stop dragging the company into her private political battles.

More here. Citing a report from Puck...

The report points out that Disney could have simply paid her out for any number of reasons, according to the recent backlash against Marvel VFX in the public eye. According to Puck's Matthew Belloni, the dispute first came up in mid-2021 while renegotiating Alonso's contract, with Disney discovering she had been producing Argentina, 1985 for Amazon Studios, a direct competitor.

"Disney's Alan Bergman and Marvel's Kevin Feige were super annoyed at yet another example of Alonso prioritizing her personal endeavors over the company, and the bad precedent it would set for other Disney executives"

Despite this breach, Disney granted leeway to Alonso due to her tenure at Marvel Studios and allowed her to keep her name on the project as long as she didn't promote it. In the following months, Alonso would give an interview to Indiewire about the project, as well as attend the BAFTAs in London. These incidents are what ultimately led Disney to let Alonso go.

It's just breach after breach with this bitch, and then she whines that as a Gay Latina she should be allowed to do whatever her ugly heart wills.

Note that bit about "they could have paid her out" (or paid her off). Apparently Disney did not give her a big pay-out on the way out the door, or she would not be risking it by threatening to sue Disney and attacking them.

It was reported that everyone was present at her termination.

Who do I mean by everyone?


Legal and human resources were all present. Disney seemed to imagine that this was going to be a non-amicable separation, and had all their legal and DEI ducks in a row for the firing.

Her lawyer claims that she was "terminated when she refused to do something she believed was reprehensible."

What could that mean? Spread suntan lotion on Bob Iger's luscious manly thighs?

The lawyer refused to add details, but the Midnight's Edge guys talked about this. I don't think they actually said it, but the feeling I got from them is that maybe Alonso refused to fire any of her LGBT employees. Iger had ordered the firing of 7000 people, and among those the first to go were many HR people. It might be that Alonso said "over my dead body" will any of the wokies and DEI advisors and "sensitivity readers" at Marvel be fired.

And then she was.

That's all speculation. They don't know themselves, and they didn't even say that; I'm just guessing that they were driving at that.

The lawyer continued making threats:

"Disney and Marvel made a really poor decision that will have serious consequences," Glaser concluded. "There is a lot more to this story and Victoria will be telling it shortly -- in one forum or another."

Other reasons for firing Alonso, as noted by the Midnight's Edge guys:

Alonso is in charge of special effects, and Marvel's special effects have gotten weaker and weaker, to the point now where people are openly mocking them.

Alonso is also in charge of physical production, and Marvel movies have gone greatly overbudget lately, requiring costly extensive reshoots.

Marvel movies have just generally been underperforming. Alonso, as Marvel's #2 executive, bears responsibility for that.

Combine the dwindling box office with the exploding production cost and you have a problem.

Alonso has also repeatedly alienated Marvel's largely straight male fandom by injecting woke politics into everything, including musing that the name "The X-Men" is outdated and sexist, and that Marvel might change the name of the group to "The Mutants" or "The X-People." She is also seen as a big advocate for the M-She-U -- Marvel's remaking itself into a mostly-female-skewing franchise.

The last big reason for firing her is that they had to fire someone, so it was either fire her or fire Feige. And they still have faith that maybe Feige can make a movie people will want to see again -- if they get rid of this woke scold, who, they're hoping, is the main problem here. I think they're hoping that this aggressive, butch woman was able to ride roughshod over this weak, retiring, feminine geek Kevin Feige, and he just wasn't man enough to tell her "No." So they think maybe without her there, the division can return to profitability.

But Kevin Feige has frequently championed the "M-She-U," so I don't think Disney will get out of its funk just by firing Alonso.

A lot of people are now saying that Marvel Phase IV just proves that Feige wasn't actually the guy making the trains run on time at Marvel. Rather, it was people like Jon Favreau and James Gunn and the Russo Brothers. They've left Marvel now, and we can see how well Marvel's doing without them.

In more bad news for Marvel: Jonathan Majors, who is intended to be the Thanos of the next few years in Marvel movies, was arrested and charged for being a Big Bad Guy in real life, specifically of slapping around his girlfriend. And "strangulating" her.

The actor Jonathan Majors was arrested Saturday in New York on charges of strangulation, assault and harassment, authorities said. On Sunday, an attorney for Majors said there's evidence that he is "entirely innocent."

New York City police said that Majors, star of the recently released "Creed III" and "Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania," was involved in a domestic dispute with a 30-year-old woman. Police responded around 11 a.m. Saturday to a 911 call inside an apartment in the Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea.

"The victim informed police she was assaulted," a spokesperson for the NYPD said in a statement. "Officers placed the 33-year-old male into custody without incident. The victim sustained minor injuries to her head and neck and was removed to an area hospital in stable condition."

A representative for Majors denied any wrongdoing by the actor.

"He has done nothing wrong," the representative said in an email to the AP on Saturday. "We look forward to clearing his name and clearing this up."

On Sunday, an attorney for Majors, Priya Chaudhry, came out more forcefully, saying Majors "is provably the victim of an altercation with a woman he knows" and blamed the incident on the woman having "an emotional crisis."

Chaudhry said there was evidence clearing Majors, including "video footage from the vehicle where this episode took place, witness testimony from the driver and others who both saw and heard the episode, and most importantly, two written statements from the woman recanting these allegations."

The woman may have recanted, but that happens all the time in domestic violence situations. The prosecutor is apparently continuing the prosecution. I don't think they would do so if the video proved he was innocent.

But who knows.

The US Army had hired Majors to do recruiting commercials, but those ads have now been pulled.

The arrest of actor Jonathan Majors has upended the Army's newly launched advertising campaign that was aimed at reviving the service's struggling recruiting numbers.

Majors, who authorities said was arrested Saturday in New York on charges of strangulation, assault and harassment, was the narrator of two ads at the heart of a broader media campaign that kicked off at the start of the NCAA's March Madness college basketball tournament.


In a statement Sunday, the Army's Enterprise Marketing Office said that the Army was aware of Majors' arrest and was "deeply concerned by the allegations." It added that while Majors "is innocent until proven guilty, prudence dictates that we pull our ads until the investigation into these allegations is complete."

He may be innocent. He was the one who called the police. The woman could have been having an "emotional crisis" and hit him until he responded.

But for now, this is just more bad news for the Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight at Disney Marvel.

One of the Midnight's Edge guys said that Victoria Alonso urged the hiring of majors and "personally vouched" for him.

So maybe a little delayed-fuse bomb from the Gay Latina destroyer of franchises.

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The Criminal Government Jails Another Innocent


If you have two standards of justice, spoiler alert, you have zero standards of justice.

Jazz Shaw:

Riley June Williams has been sentenced to three years in prison along with three years of supervised release and a $2,000 fine...

She was just 22 years old at the time. Prosecutors had done their best to throw the book at the young woman, asking for more than seven years in prison. Her attorney requested one year and one day. The judge apparently felt that three years was a compromise. But as with so many of these show trials, a closer look at what Williams was actually accused of and the charges where they managed to obtain convictions doesn't exactly paint the picture of a dangerous desperado.

[Associated Press:]

A Pennsylvania woman linked to a far-right extremist movement was sentenced on Thursday to three years in prison for storming the U.S. Capitol, where she invaded then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office with other rioters.

Riley June Williams, 23, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was charged but not convicted of helping steal a laptop from Pelosi's office suite during the riot on Jan. 6, 2021.

A federal jury convicted Williams in November of six charges, including a felony count of civil disorder, after a two-week trial. But it deadlocked on two other counts, including "aiding and abetting" the laptop's theft.

She "invaded" the office.

I thought she was just an Undocumented Visitor, no?

She admitted stealing Nancy Pelosi's stupid gavel, which is a cheap implement that Jazz Shaw says would cost between $20 and $100, tops.

The prosecutors ginned up a case against her by claiming that her words were an "accelerant" for "mayhem."

So she was jailed for her words.

Riley entered the building through a door that had already been broken open by others. Once inside she allegedly "yelled at" some of the police officers. Prosecutors described her actions as "acting as an accelerant, exacerbating the mayhem." (Whatever that's supposed to mean.) She was also accused of "using men wearing helmets and body armor like a human battering ram," pushing them toward some of the Capitol Hill Police from behind. How much actual "pushing" of adult men the slightly-built young lady could manage was not explained.


At her trial, the jury didn't seem to be too impressed with the monstrous nature of Riley's crimes. They failed to convict her of "obstructing an official proceeding." That's the big ticket item that supposedly made the riot "an insurrection." They also refused to convict her of "aiding and abetting" the theft of a laptop from Pelosi's office. How does one even do that? How many people does it take to steal a laptop? Did she point at it and yell, "look! There's a laptop?"

In the end, Riley Williams was convicted of interfering with law enforcement officers, resisting or impeding law enforcement officers, disorderly conduct, and, of course, "parading." (They've charged everyone from the riot with parading.) And for that, the now-23-year-old Williams was sent to prison for three years. This is happening while actual rioters in California and Oregon who smash the windows out of stores and steal as much as $1,000 worth of retail merchandise are given probation if they are even pursued at all. It's one hell of a justice system we've got going here, isn't it?


Meanwhile, Julie Kelly reports on the FBI flooding more informants into the Proud Boys than there are actual Proud Boys.

Meanwhile, Antifa remains almost entirely unprosecuted by federal "law" enforcement!

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Jen Psaki on Her New MSNBC Show: Ron DeSantis Is a Hypocrite Because... He Wants to Defend US Borders But not Urkainian Borders


Bonchie at RedState note that her presentation is terrible, too. Apparently she thinks that flapping her arms around like Kermit D. Frog welcoming the next guest on the Muppet Show projects energy and authority.

But that's not what I'm really pointing out in that video, though. What struck me the most is how unprepared she was to deliver her talking points which so obviously make no sense. Apparently, she thinks it's hypocritical to believe that Putin is a war criminal while also asserting that America's borders are more important than Ukraine's borders?

How are those two things in contention?


The former press secretary's rise to MSNBC host is yet another example of a beltway acolyte on the far left who gets promoted specifically because of what position they held prior and what identity boxes they check. Past performance doesn't even factor into these decisions. It's all about notoriety and toeing the line. MSNBC saw Psaki avoiding questions and giving binder-read answers in press briefings and for some reason thought, "you know, we should give that woman a national television show."

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Women's Rights Activist Posie Parker Physically Assaulted by Trans Extremists at a Speech in New Zealand



Respecc all women

except the actual women

SkyNews calls her an "anti-trans activist." They also called the physical attacks on her "an altercation," not specifying who was altercating and who was being altercated.

Enemy comms. Isn't Sky another Rupert Murdoch fake-conservative venture?

Note that Posie Parker's real name is Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull.

Anti-trans rights campaigner Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull has hit out at New Zealand after fleeing the country following an altercation at one of her rallies.

The British activist, who also goes by the name Posie Parker, has been conducting a "Let Women Speak" tour of Australia and New Zealand.

She was holding an event at Auckland's Albert Park, where her supporters were vastly outnumbered by counter-protesters chanting "go home Posie, go home".
The anti-trans activist was outnumbered by thousands of counter-protesters.

Note they're calling the uninvited disruptors "counter-protesters." Parker was not there as a "protester" -- she was giving a speech after having secured legal permission to be there.

They are attempting to cast this just as a fight between "protesters" (Posie Parker) and "counter-protesters" so that the casual reader will come away thinking "both groups have the right to protest, right?"

But only one group was there to "protest." One group was there to hear a speaker they wanted to hear.

The counter-protesters, many of whom held signs emblazoned with messages of support for trans youth, managed to drown out Ms Keen's voice when she took to the rotunda at Albert Park.

Again, what as Posie "protesting"? She was giving a speech -- but she was prevented from doing so by trans extremist disruptors.

When she appeared on the stage, the anti-trans activist had juice, water and eggs flung at her.

She "had" these things "flung at her."

Was it the trans extremists who active-voice threw objects at her? Who can say. All we know is that passive-voice Things Were Flung.

In fact, she had them flung at her. She insisted on them being flung at her.

She assaulted herself, you see.

Here she is, being hustled away by a cordon of police protecting her from the mostly peaceful trannies, after having assaulted herself:


Eliana Rubashkyn, an intersex and trans activist, dropped a litre of tomato juice on Ms Keen's head, which she said represented the blood of "our people".

She told the media after the altercation that she had attended the event to "stop the hate against our communities".

"New Zealand needs to stand up in front of the world and say this is not welcome here. We protect trans people."


Upon leaving the event, she demanded to be taken to a police station citing fears for her life.

She took to Twitter hours after the event concluded, slamming the country as "the worst place for women".

I get to leave the worst place for women I've ever visited and they live there," she wrote.

"I will forever be indebted to them. We will not stop fighting until they are safe to live in their own land. I'm so sorry I couldn't do more."

She said she had left New Zealand on the advice of police, who "genuinely believed" she was lucky to be alive.

Trans/gay extremist group "Aukland Pride" denied that there had been any violence at the speech, claiming this was a "baseless rumor" and "urging" media not to report on what trans extremists had done.

Warning them, they mean -- the same can happen to you if you report the truth.

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Ripley's Hero: Adam Kinzinger Was On Board of Advisors to Alleged Pro-Ukraine Group That Scammed People Out of Millions of Dollars and Is Now Under Federal Investigation


Ghosts of the Ghost of Kiev!

First Kinzinger promoted a fake soldier:

In 2022, Newsweek ran a glowing story about an American man who claimed to be a volunteer fighting with the Ukrainian Army. Vasquez claimed in March 2022. that he'd "taken out 7 Russian tanks."

Former Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger advocated for Vasquez, urging Twitter to verify his account, and posed in pictures with him.

Only the story of Vasquez joining the Ukrainian Army turned out to be fake. "Kinzinger's favorite Ukraine hero just deleted his account after it came out he is a fraud," Jack Posobiec said.

A representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the "ZSU," stated flatly that Vasquez has never had a contract to fight with the Legions of Ukraine, their foreign volunteer outfit.

"He will not be able to show enlistment papers with the ZSU. It is a rigorous process that requires weeks, if not months to complete. Invitation letter, Background checks, physical and intellectual tests, and a contract for either three years or until the end of mobilization.

"To be in ZSU means dedicating your life to ZSU. Not coming and going. Was James at the front? Seems so. Was James in the military? No. It is very specific. There are no special contracts with ZSU units, only Legion Units. I can't speak for Legion but James was not in Legion.

"For the sake of avoiding controversy I stayed out of it while other soldiers, real soldiers, called him out. I met James three times while I was in ZSU, all three times he was a civilian. It was shocking to see him say he was going on a mission to Soledar after we already left.

"But more shocking was the fact that James couldn't legally go on mission since he wasn't in the ZSU. Neither units, not companies, nor battalions can sign a soldier directly to a ZSU contract. It goes through a record/recruiting center and then to Brigade level."


In the March 2022 story, Newsweek quoted James Vasquez, saying "Alright. So far, we took out seven Russian tanks, after a long fire fight we took control of the area."

Kinzinger endorses anything fake having to do with Ukraine, so he also endorsed an organization called "Ripley's Heroes," supposedly established to raise money to arm the Ukranians.

The organization is now under federal investigation. A New York Times article describes the allegations. Ripley's Heroes, allegedly, bought optics technology on the restricted export list and sent it to our New Palz in Ukraine without bothering to get an export control waiver.

In fact, they seem to have made a straw purchase, concealing the identity of the buyer and the intended recipient.

Last spring, a volunteer group called Ripley’s Heroes said it had spent approximately $63,000 on night-vision and thermal optics. Some of the equipment was subject to American export restrictions because, in the wrong hands, it could give enemies a battlefield advantage.

Frontline volunteers said Ripley's delivered the equipment to Ukraine without required documentation listing the actual buyers and recipients. Recently, the federal authorities began investigating the shipments, U.S. officials said.

In his defense, the group's founder, a retired U.S. Marine named Lt. Col. Hunter Ripley Rawlings IV, provided deal documents to The Times. But those records show that, just as the volunteers said, Ripley's was not disclosed to the State Department as the buyer.

In addition, the group raised over $1 million, but only a fraction of that has been spent on arming anyone. The Times details less than $100,000 of equipment being purchased.

Ripley's says it has raised over $1 million, some of it thanks to the former Connecticut contractor, Mr. Vasquez, who claimed to be the group's chief strategy officer and promoted Ripley's to his online audience.

Ripley's spent around $25,000 on remote-control reconnaissance cars last year, but they never arrived, shipping records show. Colonel Rawlings said Polish authorities held them up over legal concerns.

While "Ripley's Heroes" has applied for nonprofit status, he won't reveal where the money is going to the Times. He would have to do that if he were a legally-recognized nonprofit, so why is he refusing?

Colonel Rawlings has said that his group is awaiting American nonprofit status. But he has not revealed his spending or proof of a nonprofit application to The Times or to donors who have asked. So it is not clear where the money is going. "I believed these guys," said Shaun Stants, who said he organized a fund-raiser in October in Pittsburgh but was never shown the financial records he asked for. "And they took me for a fool."

Corporate records in Poland and the U.S. show that Colonel Rawlings also started a for-profit company called Iron Forge. In an interview, he said he expected his charity and others to pay Iron Forge for transportation, meaning donor money would be used to finance his private venture. But he said no conflict of interest existed because Iron Forge would ultimately send money back to the charities. Details are being worked out, he said.

None of that sounds real to me.

So Kinzinger started by endorsing a fake soldier and would up endorsing a fake armament "charity."

In fact, he was on the board of advisors of "Ripley's Heroes."

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THE MORNING RANT: Economic Nationalism and the USA’s Historical Aversion to Unrestrained Free Trade

—Buck Throckmorton

Prosperity at home.JPG

Principled Free Traders™ have often been the target of my writing, not because of my having a deep ideological hostility to free trade, but because they have used the term “free trade” as a false-flag for their globalist hostility to US sovereignty, and for their open contempt for working-class Americans.

Unlike 1990s-era free trade, which was promoted as being about reciprocal, barrier-free trade, America’s 21st Century Principled Free Traders™ have advocated for unilateral surrender to foreign mercantilism. (Mercantilism is the economic theory that a country’s wealth increases by having a surplus balance of trade, using protectionism as necessary to ensure the favorable trade imbalance.) Principled Free Traders™ favor unrestricted access to the US market for products made in hostile, authoritarian countries, while gladly accepting that those countries maintain tariffs and prohibitions on importing products from the US.

After doing a learn-to-code grave dance on those working class Americans who lost their middle-class lifestyle, Principled Free Traders™ argued that it was all cool, because products made by cheap foreign labor (and slaves) gave Americans more spending power.

As for me, the reality is that I’ve historically been more of a reciprocal free trader - what many of us called “fair trade” – than a protectionist, thus my contempt for the globalists who actively sought to harm America in the name of free trade.

But more and more I’ve had to rethink even my fair trade beliefs. I was clearly naïve about NAFTA, because it surprised me to learn that Canada was blocking American dairy products from their market despite the “free trade” agreement.

While the original NAFTA liberalized nearly all agricultural trade among the three countries, there were a few notable exceptions. Canada maintained tariffs on dairy goods ranging from 241% for liquid milk to 298% for butter. The trade protection is an essential element of its national program to establish fair dairy prices and manage supplies.

It took Donald Trump demanding that NAFTA be renegotiated for me to finally understand that NAFTA still allowed carve-outs to benefit other countries at the expense of the US. In other words, not free trade, nor fair trade.

Curtis Ellis had an excellent piece at American Greatness a few days ago about our country’s history with foreign trade, and how protecting domestic economic production fueled America’s growth and prosperity. He also documents how even such famous free market thinkers as Adam Smith (“The Father of Capitalism”) was not a free trader, and certainly not a unilateral free trader who advocated surrendering to foreign mercantilism like today’s Principled Free Traders™ do.

This quote really stuck out, “We taxed foreign industry, not our own.”

We now have domestic statesmen and leaders who are ashamed to be Americans, and who seek to inflict harm on US manufacturing and American citizens if it will benefit those in foreign lands.

Below are a few snippets that I’ve blockquoted from Mr. Ellis’ piece, but please click and read the whole thing. It’s a little long, but it’s also a “read every word of it” piece.

An American System for America Prosperity

Our founders understood that America could not be independent and strong if we relied on other nations for our manufactured goods. They understood the United States had the natural resources, the technology, the labor force, and ample customers at home to support domestic industry and be largely self-sufficient.
Washington believed the United States could manufacture as well as farm, and he instructed Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton to come up with a plan to develop industry on these shores.

Hamilton’s plan, detailed in his 1791 Report on the Subject of Manufactures, called for tariffs that would raise revenues and protect infant American industries against predatory competition, and government procurement contracts to encourage American manufacturers.

For most of this country’s history, tariffs were the main source of federal revenue. There are many valid criticisms of tariffs and the incentives they create. But we replaced that revenue source with onerous taxes on income and investments, with a whole other set of negative incentives…most importantly that government feels that earning an income is bad, and must be punished with progressive taxation.

The tax on imports raised revenue to fund the government and prevented foreign goods from smothering our own infant industries. Tariffs were the nation’s primary source of revenue for its first 150 years. Consider: we taxed foreign industries, not our own.

In 1791, Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton delivered his Report on the Subject of Manufactures to President Washington. It laid out the plan for the federal government to nurture the growth of domestic manufacturing industries in the United States rather than allow the new nation to depend on manufactured goods from abroad.

Hamilton’s report stood in contrast to “free traders” who believed America should confine itself to farming, export raw materials, and buy manufactured goods from Great Britain.

What about other great Americans through the years?

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


Leloir Dinner.jpg

Choosing the Dinner
Alexandre-Louis Leloir

I like this piece, but another artwork has been in the news...a sculpture by some 23-year old guy named Michelangelo. Unfortunately photos of his sculpture of the biblical David don't do it justice. Nor do photos of his other famous piece called "Pieta." That one might be even better!

Here is a link to a video . It's a travelogue by Rick Steve, who is sort of irritating, but the view of the sculpture is good. And here is one of The Pieta after they relit it with modern lighting.

Let's not forget Rodin, who in spite of being a Frog could sculpt with the best of them.

There's another pasta eater named Donatello, whose version of David is quite different, but just marvelous.

So what's the connection between current events and three great sculptors? They all showed the genitalia of some of their subjects. Was it sexual? No*. Is it appropriate for children to see? I think the answer is yes, but my opinion means nothing, and the parents' decision is the only one that matters.

Anyway, it's an interesting topic, but arguing about what sculpture is the greatest in the world might be fun too!

*Although...I was in the Rodin Museum in Paris last summer and I photographed one of his pieces that struck me as discordant because of its overt sexuality. But that was the only one.

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report — 3/27/23

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. If the fact that there are only two links in the Shampeachment/Trump Persecution section this morning might be an indicator in and of itself that the trumped-up charges against Trump by NYC DA (diversity asshole) Alvin Bragg has all but collapsed, the nature of the links surely are. First, state-controlled media legal "expert" Dan Abrams ripped Bragg a new one for his butchery of due process, but then the real whammy came from none other than Andrew "Angel of Death" Cuomo who just came right out and stated, in regards to the case, "It's all politics."

Still, the Junta and its propagandists went all in on generating a whole lot of smoke about an impending frog-marching of Trump to prison, so I can't imagine actual fire not to come with it. We shall see. That said, Trump himself hit the campaign trail and yet again drew a huge and raucous crowd down in Waco, TX. The propagandists of course are having a field day butchering his turn of the phrase "retribution" as a call for violence, when of course, it's nothing of the sort. It's meant purely in political/metaphorical terms. Of course, despite my own never forgive and never forget attitude about 2020, Trump makes the huge mistake of making it a central pillar of his campaign. The other thing that falls flat are his attacks on Ron DeSantis, and his attempt at imitating the Florida governor being tearful and pleading went over like a lead balloon.

As of right now, if I were to make a prediction, I think the nomination is Trump's to lose. Even if Bragg's case falls apart, no doubt they will try to manufacture even more crimes out of whole cloth, which will only make his support that much stronger. As for DeSantis, any more huge gaffes like the Ukraine flip-flop are going to sink him. Despite my not being sanguine about some of the names attached to DeSantis (Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan, among others), as well as Trump's running on 2020 revenge, I would have no problem eagerly voting for either, regardless of who comes out on top.

DeSantis has kicked serious ass as Florida governor on a whole host of fronts, and Trump's record of domestic and foreign policy accomplishments – along with exposing the Deep State by his mere presence – puts him in the pantheon of our greatest presidents.

Regarding the campaign, it's going to be what it's going to be and no amount of my wishing for the two of them to make the unprecedented move of turning their fire solely and in unison on the Democrats, RINOs and Deep State and seeing how things shake out is just not going to happen. Too bad, for them and for all of us. And of course, all this might very well be moot since the now institutionalized fraud machine will be more or less fully operational come election "season."

Speaking of the 2020 election, here's yet another not-so-little telltale indicator that things were not kosher, to say the least:

An explosive allegation was made: In Pima County, thirty-five thousand (35,000) votes had been added to each Democratic candidate in the election, including Joe Biden. The allegation was made anonymously by someone claiming that he or she met with Democrat Pima County election officials on September 10, 2020, where a plan to rig the vote was hatched. . .

. . . Thanks to the efforts of former Arizona Representative Mark Finchem and a brilliant analysis by pattern expert Shiva Ayyadurai, we can guess which precincts allegedly received the phony ballots. Finchem obtained precinct-level voting data for Pima County, the county he represented. These data included, by precinct, the number of people requesting mail-in ballots, the number of people returning the ballots, and the votes for each candidate.

Dr. Ayyadurai, a pattern recognition expert, noticed that Pima County’s 2020 election had an extraordinarily high mail-in ballot return rate (about 87 percent) when compared to the national average (71 percent) or the average of other Arizona counties (67.6 percent). Even more interesting was the pattern and distribution of precincts in Pima, when arranged by their mail-in ballot return rates. . .

. . . The figure below is a little complicated but worth studying. It is not an Ayyadurai graph, but is similar to the graphs in Dr. Ayyadurai's Pima County analysis. Ayyadurai calls it his “fishtail” graph, for obvious reasons. It is a fascinating diagram that seems to confirm massive fraud in the 2020 election. . .

. . . The unnatural pattern in this graph is almost impossible to explain unless there was fraud. There may be a temptation to explain Trump’s apparent loss by saying he was not as popular as other Republicans. However, that was probably not the case. As you can see in the image, Trump had a commanding lead over other Republicans in precincts with average or lower return rates. (And remember: The “average” for Pima -- shown with the vertical line -- was about 19 percent higher than other Arizona counties.) However, when we move to the right side of the graph, into the super-high (and very unrealistic) return rates of 92 percent to almost 100 percent, Trump starts losing relative to other Republicans, and Biden gains relative to other Democrats.

What does it mean? It appears extremely likely that those extra 35,000 votes were dumped into certain Pima county precincts, and/or votes were switched between the two presidential candidates.

Now apply Pima County to the swing districts in GA, PA, WI, MI and NV et voilà! 82 million votes for Biden. Is this proof positive? No, not by itself. But if you compare these kind of data analyses with other states as well as over time in prior elections, it's yet another piece of the puzzle that does not reveal the kitten in the basket of yarn.

So turning from fraud, we go to insurrection. No, not the bullshit lie of January 6th but yet another real, actual, violent Leftist (pardon the multiple redundancies) terrorist attack that happened almost 70 years ago in the Capitol that for some reason, the Democrats and the media (BIRM) never ever bring up. Hmm. . .

Joe Biden says the events of January 6, 2021 were the greatest threat to American democracy since the Civil War. That invites a look at what happened at the Capitol on March 1, 1954, when Joe Biden was 11 years old.

Lolita Lebron, Rafael Cancel Miranda, Andres Figueroa Cordero, and Irvin Flores Rodrigues, were members of the Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico (PNPR), which had attempted to assassinate President Harry Truman in 1950. On March 1, 1954, the four took a train from New York City to Washington, D.C., arriving at Union Station shortly after noon.

U.S. Representative Alvin M. Bentley (R-Mich.) took a bullet to the chest. A bullet struck Iowa Republican Ben F. Jensen in the back and Clifford Davis (D-Tenn.) suffered a wound in the leg. The gunfire also wounded Democrats George Hyde Fallon of Maryland and Kenneth A. Roberts of Alabama. Amid the chaos, members took quick action.

Congressmen and pages carried the wounded Bentley and others to safety, and one representative used his tie as a tourniquet. Rep. James Van Zandt (R-Penn.) rushed to the balcony and tackled Rafael Miranda, who had fired most of the shots. Capitol visitors overpowered three of the shooters, and a search of the city turned up Irvin Rodriguez.

The shooters were tried and found guilty. On October 26, 1954, Judge Lawrence E. Walsh sentenced them to more than 70 years, but none of the shooters would serve the full stretch.

Andres Cordero died in 1979. That same year, President Jimmy Carter commuted the sentences of Lebron, Miranda and Rodrigues. Carter’s decision sparked an objection from Puerto Rico Gov. Carlos Romero Barcelo who argued that the prisoners’ unconditional release would encourage terrorism and “constitute a menace to public safety.”

. . . President Carter and his secretary of state described the commutations as “a significant humanitarian gesture.” Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti saw “little substantial risk of the defendants’ engaging in further criminal activity or becoming the rallying point for terrorist groups.” The Fuerzas Armadas de Liberacion Nacional of Puerto Rico (FALN) wasn’t listening.

Over the next decade, the FALN perpetrated 72 actual bombings, 40 incendiary attacks, eight attempted bombings and 10 bomb threats, resulting in five deaths, 83 injuries, and more than $3 million in property damage. Also active was the Ejercito Popular Boricua, known as the Macheteros. In January 1981, the Macheteros infiltrated a Puerto Rican Air National Guard base and blew up 11 planes, causing approximately $45 million in damages. The capture and conviction of FALN and Machetero terrorists brought the bombings to a halt.

On August 11, 1999, President Bill Clinton extended offers of clemency to 16 of the terrorists in federal prison. That prompted a report from the House Committee on Government Reform titled “The FALN and Macheteros Clemency: Misleading Explanations, a Reckless Decision, A Dangerous Message.” For the committee, the 16 terrorists, “appear to be most unlikely candidates” for presidential largesse. . .

. . . For Biden, the greatest threat to the nation does not proceed from Islamic jihadists, violent criminal cartels or genocidal Stalinist dictatorships like China. Remember, for the Delaware Democrat, the bosses in Beijing are “not bad folks,” and Communist China is not even competition for the United States.

For Joey Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants it is we the people of We The People that pose the greatest threat. Mostly to his 50-plus-year grift of selling his office out to the highest bidder, which goes hand in hand with the anti-American Left and Democrat Party's destruction of the nation, that has been going on since the time of Aaron Burr.

Kudos to the estimable Lloyd Billingsley for this article and one a few weeks back about the filthy commie slags from the Weather Underground who attempted to bomb the Capitol 40 years ago.

But Trump said "pussy!" Worse, he said "retribution!"

If there is a God in Heaven . . .

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Daily Tech News 27 March 2023

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

  • Microsoft needs to stop shoving crap into Windows. (Tom's Hardware)

    An evergreen story, but in particular this time about the MSN news that is shoved down your throat unless you go through and switch it off in seventeen places. The Start Menu search will still look things up on Wikipedia which is something that nobody on the planet has ever wanted and I don't know how to turn that off.

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Sunday Overnight Open Thread (3/26/23)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

3 26 23ONT Open.jpg


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

"Anti-social behaviour can ruin lives," UK Levelling up secretary Michael Gove

Quote II

"All organizations that are not explicitly right-wing will over time become left-wing. John O'Sullivan

Quote III

“I haven’t seen any evidence that the seal of confession has impeded the prosecution of domestic abuse or child abuse, [and] as a mother of ten children, I am very serious when it comes to the safety of my children, so I do not want to downplay abuse …our church has had a terrible history of abuse,” Andrea Picciotti-Bayer

Quote IV

“The fact that we live in a city where they would rather fight someone that is doing something positive is what I find so disheartening,” Geoff Claus


The Comments of The Week

3 26 commnet 1(1).jpg

3 26 comment 2(2).jpg

3 26 com 3.jpg

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Gun Thread: End of March Edition!


032623 calendar scaled.jpg

Howdy, Y'all! Welcome to the wondrously fabulous Gun Thread! As always, I want to thank all of our regulars for being here week in and week out, and also offer a bigly Gun Thread welcome to any newcomers who may be joining us tonight. Howdy and thank you for stopping by! I hope you find our wacky conversation on the subject of guns 'n shooting both enjoyable and informative. You are always welcome to lurk in the shadows of shame, but I'd like to invite you to jump into the conversation, say howdy, and tell us what kind of shooting you like to do!

Well I made it down to WeaselAcres for a a couple of days renewing my roots on the land. I didn't do any shooting this time, but you may recall last summer the sickle bar mower broke for no reason while I was trying to cut down a tree with it. Evidently, a sickle bar mower is designed to cut grass and not trees so this weekend I disassembled the bar and drive mechanism for inspection in an attempt to figure out what is wrong with it. Suffice it to say I need to order some parts.

2023 NoVAMoMe stuff is still down below (no new updates this week).

With that, step into the dojo and let's get to the gun stuff below, shall we?

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Food Thread: Goat Cheese Is A Breeze, Unless It Makes You Sneeze, Otherwise Please, Give It A Squeeze, It Really Is The Bee's Knees!


goatcheese salad.jpg

Many's the long night I've dreamed of cheese--toasted mostly.
-- Ben Gunn [In Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island]

Cheese is almost always a good thing; as a meal, a topping, an addition, and all things in between! And recently we have been enjoying goat cheese in salad. And why goat cheese? because it has just enough firmness to provide the occasional small chunk, but it blend deliciously with the dressing and seems to coat the lettuce leaves with a delectable frisson of tartness that compliments the dressing and the lettuce.

I usually make a classic vinaigrette with the addition of a small amount of honey because I like a hint of sweetness, and it is that contrast with the goat cheese that works so well.

We have used Parmesan to great effect as well, and I won't throw you out of my dining room for suggesting it, but goat cheese works with more than just flavor, and I really like ingredients that do double duty.

The Frogs will often use rounds of baguettes toasted with goat cheese as toppers on composed salads, and I absolutely approve, especially if the salad has sauteed gizzards in it! And if you haven't had deep fried goat cheese you simply haven't lived life to its fullest!

Give it a try. You can start with Feta if the idea of goat cheese makes you pause. Yeah, it's got a bit of gaminess, probably from the trace amounts of caproic acid in the goat milk.

Give it a shot...you'll like it...I promise! My word as a dildo!

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First-World Problems...


rug glue.jpg

You all know the problem. A small rug slides on the hardwood floor and people die! It's long past time that Congress regulates this issue, with registration, serial numbers, training and qualification mandates, minimum age before legal use, etc.

But in the meantime, regular Americans have to struggle with the sometimes existential problems associated with the deadly combination of highly polished and slick floors, and inadequate slide resistance on small rugs.

Hell, should we call them "Saturday Night Specials?"

[Addendum] For some reason an earlier version posted instead of the complete opus.

That strip of perforated material is sticky on both sides to hold the floor and the rug.

Of course it doesn't work for more than a few weeks, and every time one moves the rug to clean its stickiness is degraded. I even tried spraying some glue on it, which didn't work for more than a week!

Posted by CBD at 02:00 PM Comments

Where Is Galileo When We Need Him? Stop The Pendulum!


Is this the typical American pendulum? We often swing from insanity to insanity until we (usually...hopefully) find some relatively levelheaded middle ground.

At first glance that is exactly what it is. Michelangelo's sculpture of the biblical figure David is one of the glories of Western civilization, and arguably* the greatest sculpture ever! The typical 6th grader can find prurience on a box of oatmeal, so concerns that a simple viewing of David and his genitalia are going to sexualize these kids seem overwrought and hysterical. Any competent teacher can control that, explain the historical use of nudity, link the sculpture to the Bible, and then tell the story of David and Goliath!

A principal was fired over 6th graders seeing a photo of Michelangelo's David sculpture

Hope Carrasquilla of Tallahassee Classical School in Leon County is no longer employed by the school. She was given a choice by the school board – resign or be fired. She chose to resign. Why? Well, that is the question. Was it because sixth-graders were shown a picture of Michelangelo’s David sculpture in their Renaissance art history class?

Carrasquilla’s termination was the subject of a last-minute emergency board meeting that was scheduled for 7 a.m. Monday. Three parents complained about the photo being shown in class and how the exposure to the world-renowned classic was handled. The school is a charter school. Parents send their children there for a classical education. Renaissance art history is to be expected as part of the curriculum. These are sixth-graders, not kindergarteners. Typically, sixth-graders are 11 and 12 years old.

Except...is that all that is going on?

Florida school principal resigns after complaints over "pornographic" David sculpture

School board chair Barney Bishop told CBS News Saturday that Carrasquilla was asked to resign over "a number of other issues,'' and the latest incident was the culmination.

He claimed that Carrasquilla knew that if she blamed the Michelangelo photo for her resignation, the "mainstream media" would "twist it" and wouldn't report the truth.

Without more information it is difficult to understand why this teacher was sent packing, and because our experience over the last generation has taught us to discount pretty much everything ever uttered by any official anywhere, we may never know the entire story.

But "Michelangelo's David is not pornographic. Books portraying sex between minors and adults are pornographic, and insidious because they are undoubtedly part of a carefully constructed program to desensitize children to the horror of pedophilia. Viewing an absolutely spectacular sculpture with tremendous historical context is simply part of a well-rounded education.

Would I be irritated if I weren't informed beforehand of the topic and the photo being used? Maybe. Probably not. But I can't speak for other parents, and it is reasonable for those three parents to be irritated.

On the other hand, this will be used by the leftist media to show the evil of "censorship" and how parental notification laws are injuring our children! Which is arrant nonsense and can be refuted with ease.

So what happened? Who the hell knows!

*We can discuss this on The Art Thread...The "Pieta" ain't bad, Donatello's "Mary Magdalene" is in the running, and some guy named "Rodin" did some good stuff! [Just don't mention Duchamp or you're gonna get savaged!]

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Now Available!
The Deplorable Gourmet
A Horde-sourced Cookbook
[All profits go to charity]
Top Headlines
Part 2 of the second episode of Fresh Prez of DC, "Full Blown Malarkey"
The Fresh Prez has heard there's some malarkey in the White House, so he's gone "Undercover Boss" as an illegal alien handyman named Jose Brandon. He doesn't understand the concept of Undercover Boss.
Here's Part 1
Forgotten 90s Mystery Click
And it might be... The comfort of a knowledge of a rise above the sky but will never parallel the comfort of an acquisition in the [song title]
Oh man, the jean-shorts-over-black-stockings look, what a fashion
"What TV show was this chick on?"
Live in 2016
There's another sneak peak for the Dungeons and Dragons movie I reviewed this Sunday the 26th at 2pm in various theaters.
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click
Frontman quit his old band over his resistance to adding synthesizers to their sound, and then released a cover of a Louis Prima song loaded with synthesizers
Holy shit this is crap. I forgot how bad this was. I thought his big complaint is that he didn't like the non-hard-rock his old band was taking? His version also doesn't improve on the original.
Steve Martin doing his Let's Get Small act.
I've listened to this album 400 times. I never had a visual to associate with it. I always imagined it in black and white, because the album art was in B&W.
I mistakenly said that this recording could be during the sessions when he recorded Let's Get Small. I thought he did that at the Troubador. But he didn't; Simon Jester just reminded me he did that at the Boarding House. My mistake!
CJN podcast sidebar.jpg
Author, historian and expert on Islam, Robert Spencer is CBD and J.J.'s special guest where, with the backdrop of Donald Trump's imminent arrest and detention as a political prisoner, they discuss his timely book "The Sumter Gambit: How the Left is Trying to Foment a Civil War," as well as major realignments in the Middle East, and much more!
@zerohedge - 2h
SEC Hits Lindsay Lohan, Jake Paul, Soulja Boy And Others With Crypto Fraud Charges
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Big scoops from Kamran Pasha about Disney
According to his source "sparrow" who has proven reliable in the past, and who is he has confirmed the identity of, Bob Iger has ordered a full audit of Kathleen Kennedy's Lucasfilm. He's suspicious about the spending going on over there, and why Kennedy could only offer an insulting $5000 payoff to a producer she offered a job to, and then withdrew the offer. Iger wants to know why money is so tight that only $5000 was offered in a breach of contract case where a more typical payoff would be $500,000. Apparently Lucasfilm offered to do their own internal audit, and Iger said no, he wanted Disney's own accountants to audit Lucasfilm. Sounds like he said, "I'm ordering a complete Shut-Down of Star Wars until I can figure out what the hell is going on down there."
Pasha also says that there will be more big names being fired at Disney. Not as big as Victoria Alonso, but part of the point of that is that when the next big names get fired, the press won't be as interested because it's a let-down after Alonso's firing
That former San Francisco police commissioner and would-be politician just deleted one of his tweets telling someone complaining of having $10,000 and passports stolen from a car to go back to the suburbs, p*ssy.
He kept the first tweet up, though.
Meanwhile San Francisco will probably jump at the chance to elect him DA
Report/Rumor: Panic in the halls of Disney as the Wokies awake to a new reality in which they can be fired for poor performance; Iger orders executives to make the already-announced 7000 layoffs on an accelerated basis and start firing people now
Iger is a woke monster. He's only doing this because Disney is losing billions, and he has an activist investor who will stage a proxy fight unless he gets this woke disaster straightened out fast.
Kathleen Kennedy suffers a brand new string of humiliations and failures
Discussion/speculation: Victoria Alonso had been set on a glide path to a "soft exit" back in 2021
The key idea here is that Alonso's position was made-up only for her. The position did not exist before they gave it to her, and it almost certainly will not exist now that she's gone. They're suggesting that she was "promoted" to a non-vital job as part of a plan to eventually get rid of her. But after the huge cost overruns of Marvel's latest flops, they decided to push her out sooner rather than later. Although she's in charge of VFX, she's also in charge of "physical production," meaning the actual shoots (and re-shoots, and re-re-shoots, and re-re-re-shoots) of Marvel movies.
Note that it's been previously rumored that both Marvel and Lucasfilm have taken to a shooting technique they call "scrapbooking," where they film multiple possible endings and multiple plot-exposition scenes which will lead to those possible endings. Then they choose which movie they want to assemble after test screenings. And because audiences haven't liked these movies lately, they wind up having to do re-shoots and more re-shoots later. This is obviously very costly. I don't think that's Alonso's fault, though: Having a good script in hand isn't part of physical production, it's part of development. And ultimately it's Feige approving this "scrapbooking" CYA strategy rather than just getting the script into proper shape before shooting and saying, "The script is the story, period."
Not positive this is actually happening, though. But multiple channels report on it.
Manhattan's Soros DA Alivin Bragg contacts police in anticipation of indictment of Trump next week
No more protection for Democrats, including presidents, their families, and their corrupt wives like Hillary. LOCK THEM ALL UP. If one side is going to risk political civil war by jailing the leaders of the other party, then we're all playing that game.
Alvin Bragg better stay within NYC's limits, too. That m*****f***er looks like violates drug laws on the daily, and I can see Red State Police sniffing at his hotel doors to see if any illegal substances are being consumed.
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click: Hall and Oates Deep Cuts Edition
This is from 1980's Voices. It was never a single, but maybe it should have been.
Operator, International Oh-One-One, oh/Put your love on the line, put your ear to the phone/Baby, it's no longer than a night and a day/But where you are is so far from the U.S. of A/And it ain't so easy, easy on the heart
CJN podcast sidebar.jpg
S3E8: The Irish Democracy episode, as author, historian and editor of The-Pipeline.org Michael Walsh joins CBD and J.J. from his home in Ireland to ask the ultimate question of "what are you prepared to do" to fight for whatever is left of America, the Trump vs DeSantis battle, will the Chi-Coms implode before we do, the abject incompetence of those who would be our overlords, climate madness, and a whole lot more!
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click
In the early-mid eighties, a big band's singer went solo, and made this song, written for his girlfriend Sherrie.
Cool new song I just heard and by "new song" I mean it's from 2011
These Young People making this racket are probably all in fixed-rate mortgage situations now
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