June 29, 2016

Overnight Open Thread (6-29-2016)


Quote of the Day I

Moreover, charity given as of right, for that is what the welfare state does, favors the undeserving more than the deserving, in so far as the undeserving have a capacity and even talent for generating more neediness than the deserving. (They also tend to be more vocal in their demands.)

The welfare state in fact dissolves the very notion of desert, because there is no requirement that a beneficiary prove he deserves what he is legally entitled to. And where what is given is given as of right, not only will a recipient feel no gratitude for it, but it must be given without compassion-that is, without regard to any individual's actual situation. In the welfare state, the notion of a specially deserving case is prohibited, for it implies a distinction between the deserving and the undeserving.

-- Theodore Dalrymple

Quote of the Day II

Before there was American exceptionalism there was British exceptionalism - in both cases, based on the idea that freedom is the unique mission of the English-speaking peoples.

It need not be put in such exclusionary terms. I would be very happy if many more countries regarded themselves as having a proprietary national interest in liberty. (The French think they do, but they don't.) At the very least, we should do what we can to preserve or re-establish that idea where it has a long history.

-- Robert Tracinski in UK After Brexit

Quote of the Day III - Life in the EU Edition

The French economy is stagnant. GDP growth for the latest quarter was 0.6%. Over the past decade, growth has rarely risen above 1%. The unemployment rate is over 10% and the youth unemployment is 25%. Clearly tax and regulatory reform, including more labor flexibility, are needed to encourage employers to hire.

As an example of the difficulty of firing workers, a French court this week ruled that Société Générale rogue trader Jérôme Kerviel, who lost $5.5 billion of the bank's assets in 2008 and almost caused its bankruptcy, had been unfairly dismissed. Société Générale was ordered to pay Kerviel $511,000 because it decided he was dismissed "without cause."

Quote of the Day IV - Yada Yada Edition

What gets reported is "Well, me and my girlfriends met at Lisa's apartment to pre- game. I had a beer and a shot there. Then we went to This Bar and That Bar and I had three shots at the first place and an Appletini at the second place plus this guy gave me half his beer. So, we were dancing and then Lisa and Cindy left. So the guy who gave me half his beer said we should go to This Other Bar to meet his friend and we did. And I had two shots and then he bought me this mixed drink. I don't remember what it was called or what was in it. And then I had another beer and we danced and I remember we were making out at one point in the bathroom and I gave him a blow job. Then I remember we left This Other bar-"

Needle scratch. Wait a minute. You gave him oral sex?

"Well, yeah."

-- From Bookworm's post on Alcohol and "Rape" Culture on America's College Campuses

And Then There Was One - The Last of the Doolittle Raiders

doolittleraid23 lastdoolittleraide1

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Democrat Party Platform: Prosecute Those Who Deny Global Warming


Not remotely fascist.

Democratic operatives responsible for creating their party’s platform this year have unanimously adopted a provision calling for the Department of Justice to investigate companies who disagree with Democrats on global warming science.

A panel of Democrats voted Friday to approve a final draft of the party’s platform to promote “Progressive Democratic Values,” which apparently includes investigating energy companies who “misled” shareholders about global warming.

I realize many people dislike Donald Trump intensely, but I continue to be baffled by those who obsess over his admittedly enormous flaws while remaining blissfully silent about the flaws of Hillary -- or the Democrats' not-even-hiding-it-any-longer embrace of totalitarianism.

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Huma Abedin Testifies: Hillary's Determination to Use a Subpoena-Proof Invisible Email System Interfered With Her Ability to Do Her Job


Remember, everyone: the official reason Hillary says she set up her own server was for "convenience."

Top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin testified Tuesday that the private email server Clinton chose to use for both personal and government communications may have hindered the former secretary of state's ability to do her job.

Citing an instance in which Clinton missed a call from a foreign minister because aides did not receive her emails on the matter, Abedin testified that the private email arrangement might have interfered with Clinton's ability to carry out her duties.

"So she wasn't able to do her job, do what she needed to do," Abedin said of the incident.

The former deputy chief of staff to Clinton was deposed Tuesday by conservative watchdog Judicial Watch in its Freedom of Information Act lawsuit over Abedin's personnel records....

Although Clinton claimed in March 2015 and many times since to have used private email in order to consolidate her communications on a single device, Abedin confirmed reports that Clinton had used multiple devices to access her emails.

"It was not her practice to do so, but when her system on her BlackBerry went down, there was a period where I know she did use her email on her iPad for maybe a week or two, if I remember correctly," she said.

Meanwhile, AG Loretta Lynch talked with Hillary Clinton's husband for a half hour on an airport tarmac, privately.

What did the AG talk about with the husband of the woman her FBI is investigating for espionage?

Yoga routines, she claims -- she swears they talked "a great deal" about personal stuff, like about grandchildren.

"Our conversation was a great deal about grandchildren, it was primarily social about our travels and he mentioned golf he played in Phoenix," said Lynch Tuesday afternoon while speaking at the Phoenix Police Department.

Note that Hillary claimed the emails she deleted involved her granddaughter.

This seems to be the go-to lie this bunch favors-- "The American Rubes like Families, so we'll claim all our corrupt communications have to do with babies and puppies!!!"

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James Cameron: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Was Just the Same Crap We've Seen Six Times Before


He's a friend of George Lucas, and that friendship causes him to claim insane things, like hinting that he thought the prequels were good, or at least sported an innovative visual style.

But he's right that we've seen all this crap before.

Cameron started out nicely, complimenting the Star Wars directors, before unleashing his criticisms of The Force Awakens.

He said: “George Lucas is a friend of mine, and he and I were having a good conversation the other day about it.

“I don’t want to say too much about the film. I also have a lot of respect for J.J. Abrams, and I want to see where they’re taking it next."

However he didn't leave it there...

He continued: "I have to say that I felt that George's group of six films had more innovative visual imagination.

"This film was more of a retrenchment to things you had seen before and characters you have seen before and it took a few baby steps forward with new characters.

"So for me, the jury's out. I want to see where they’re going with it."

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Staff Sergeant David Johnathan Thatcher RIP. [CBD]

—Open Blogger

Doolittle Raid funeral.jpg

From the Daily Mail....

Lieutenant Colonel Dick Cole, center, salutes his final comrade of the Doolittle bombing mission Staff Sergeant David Thatcher, gunner-engineer aboard the Ruptured Duck which crash landed off the coast of China.

These men were giants, and will be forgotten only if we forget them. They deserve to live forever in our hearts and minds....

[Hat Tip: some guy named DrewM]

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John Kerry: ISIS' Constant Slaughters of Innocents Just Prove How Badly They're Losing


This has the whiff of Hitler ordering non-existent divisions to attack Russia.

Apparently Obama's, Hillary's, and Kerry's plan is to show how much we're #Winning by allowing them to murder us at whim.

Secretary of State John Kerry faced swift criticism Wednesday for suggesting the terror attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport was evidence the Islamic State is getting "desperate" -- an assessment one top Republican official said "defies reality." Kerry made the remarks late Tuesday at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado, referring to ISIS by the name Daesh.

I think Greg Gutfeld noted how absolutely perfect that was -- so many cliches in one moment.

Crediting coalition efforts, Kerry said it's been over a year since the group launched a "full-scale military offensive."

But they've taken more territory than they can comfortably hold -- why would they launch new offensives during a period that would naturally be used for consolidation?

"Now, yes, you can bomb an airport, you can blow yourself up. That's the tragedy. Daesh and others like it know that we have to get it right 24/7/365. They have to get it right for ten minutes or one hour. So it's a very different scale,” Kerry said. "And if you're desperate and if you know you're losing, and you know you want to give up your life, then obviously you can do some harm.”

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mike McCaul, R-Texas, slammed the secretary’s assessment.

"They've said they're on the run for many years, and they're not," McCaul told Fox News Wednesday morning. "I think the airstrikes have ramped up external operations … This is an unprecedented pace of terror in modern times. And so to say they’re on the run … absolutely defies reality."

Underscoring Kerry’s questionable characterization was news Wednesday that Islamic State militants were pushing back U.S.-trained Syrian rebels in a battle for control of a town on the Iraqi border.

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Quinnipiac: Clinton 45, Trump 41


A 4-point deficit is better than what we've seen lately.

But it's also still losing.

While Trump is surprisingly close in Pennsylvania, a new battleground poll shows him well behind in six other swing states.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread [CBD]

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Daughters of Odessa.jpg

Daughters Of Odessa (Martyrs of Modernism)
Frederick Hart

From the linked article by Tom Wolfe about the artist:

The hot-blooded boy's passion, as Hart developed his vision of the Creation, could not be consummated by Woman alone. He fell in love with God. For Hart, the process began with his at first purely pragmatic research into the biblical story of the Creation in the Book of Genesis. He had been baptized in the Presbyterian Church, and he was working for the Episcopal Church at the Washington National Cathedral. But by the 1970's, neither of these proper, old-line, in-town Protestant faiths offered the strong wine a boy who was in love with God was looking for. He became a Roman Catholic and began to regard his talent as a charisma, a gift from God. He dedicated his work to the idealization of possibilities God offered man.

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Overnight Open Thread (6-28-2016)


Hoo Boy: Special Snowflake Intern Gets Fired After Delivering a Petition to Employer For a Less Strict Dress Code

This is what happens when a university snowflake encounters the corporate world.

Now as foolish as the girl was this is really a failure of her educators and parents. She was only repeating what she had been trained to do and rewarded for all during her snowflake education. She truly did not see that she had no standing to complain and that her narcissistic activism would be disapproved of so strongly. And from her letter in the article it doesn't appear that she has learned very much from the experience either.

But of course young people have always been a bit self-focused and prone to do all the stupid, foolish things that young people are wont to do though the exact menu of which stupid, idiotic things are chosen from varies from generation to generation. So I'm not surprised that there was a person like the letter-writer making a fuss over the dress code the way she did. Usually people like this just get severely embarrassed or let go and all the other newbies have a smirk at their foolishness and also learn a lesson from the example.

But what stands out here to me is that all but one of the interns signed the petition. Which means that all the signers ran the petition-signing scenario through their future-world consequence prediction machine and decided that yes - this will work out great! This common high level of unfounded self-esteem mixed with a complete unfamiliarity with how the real world actually works may be a unique trait of young millennials that is over and beyond all the traditional youthful stupidities. (thanks to Gabe for the link)

Triumphant Nigel Farage Speaks Before a Contentious, Booing European Parliament

EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker to Nigel Farage: 'Why are you here?'

Farage responds:

"Isn't it funny? When I came here 17 years ago and I said that I wanted to lead a campaign to get Britain out of the European Union, you all laughed at me. Well, I have to say, you're not laughing now, are you?"

"I know that virtually none of you have ever done a proper job in your lives or worked in business or worked in trade or indeed ever created a job. But listen, just listen,"

Greg Gutfeld: Brexit's babies: Why the Leavers won and the losers can't stop crying

How did this lead to Brexit? I have a theory.  Philosophers who are way smarter than me have studied this perplexing priority  -- that despite leading moral lives we tend to care more about a small problem in our vicinity (my roof is leaking), than a larger problem far away (a mudslide kills hundreds).

Even more, research shows that the larger the suffering, the less we react. Meaning our heartstrings will be pulled harder by the photo of one starving child - than many children equally in pain. It's weird but true. We care less when there is more.

What we are seeing with Brexit is a play on this weird reflex.  Because a starlet once lived in London, this compels her to express an oh-so-brave stance against Brexit (even though a week ago she might have thought Brexit was a laxative). Yet, has she said anything about Venezuela, or Syria, or Afghanistan, or the Taliban?  I must have missed it.

My point: it's no longer a comparison between one starving child and many, it's a choice between exercising one's moral superiority in a risk-free environment (let's go on Twitter and call pro-Brexit people racist or dumb) - and calling out real horror (islamists chucking gays off bridges and buildings).

This moral cowardice as expressed by the most well-known of earthlings is what led to Brexit.  Brexit wasn't just evidence of a natural concern over one's well being in the face of rising Islamism amidst the European Union's lax immigration policy, it's also a big middle finger (or two "middle" fingers, if you're British) to those who cannot prioritize injustice, or evil.

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Trump: I'll Protect You From Foreign Competition


Not sure this will work.

I have to confess: I'm starting to get depressed. Not so much that Trump will lose, but that Hillary will win.

I'm not saying this to demoralize anyone or to do the "ha ha told you Trump would lose" thing that so many Mario Fans want to do.

Just really starting to wrap my head around the 9th through 12th uninterrupted years of Democratic misrule, this time by the most corrupt female schemer since Olivia Medicci.

Open, depressive thread.

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Marvel Gives Canadian Leftist PM Justin Trudeau the Obama Treatment, Slapping Him on the Cover of New "Civil War" Series


Definitely give Marvel, ABC, ESPN, and Disney your money.

Because this is quality Entertainment. You'd be missing out if you didn't watch this silly bullshit.

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Al Qaeda Advisory to Terrorists: Make Sure You Attack Straight White People Or Obama Will Call It a "Hate" Crime and Deny Us the Credit


Obama is so determined to not call terrorism terrorism that terrorists have to change their targeting just to get some blame for their murders.

n an article first reported by The Foreign Desk, Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) called for more self-directed Muslim terrorists to kill in America. But the article, titled “Inspire guide: Orlando operation,” tells terrorists to “avoid targeting places and crowds where minorities are generally found” because if gays or Latinos appear to be the targets, “the federal government will be the one taking full responsibility.”

So when ISIS strikes a bunch of white people, you can credit Obama for having chosen the target.

You may remember that Obama has bragged that he's very good at targeting which people to kill.

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At Least 10 Dead, 40 Wounded in Terrorist Attack at Istanbul Airport


They never stop coming.

Update: 10 now reported dead.

It is now reported that two suicide bombers were attempting to enter the airport, but were fired upon by security/police. They then detonated their bombs. I suppose that means the carnage was less than it was planned to be.

Another Attack: A female suicide bomber woulds 13 near Grand Mosque in Turkey.

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And Now a Word from British Toonces


From @MWR, this twinkie.

He looks as you'd expect.

(Old Toonces sketch here.)

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EU Schemers Have Exactly the Right Medicine for Citizens Sick of Technocratic Busybodies Ruling Their Lives: Even More Powerful Technocratic Busybodies Ruling Their Lives


Democracy is for the Big People.

The foreign ministers of France and Germany are due to reveal a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states in what is being described as an "ultimatum".

Under the radical proposals EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels.

Controversially member states would also lose what few controls they have left over their own borders, including the procedure for admitting and relocating refugees.

The plot has sparked fury and panic in Poland - a traditional ally of Britain in the fight against federalism - after being leaked to Polish news channel TVP Info.

The public broadcaster reports that the bombshell proposal will be presented to a meeting of the Visegrad group of countries - made up of Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia - by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier later today.


Britain voted to leave the European Union in an historic referendum last Thursday
Responding to the plot Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski raged: "This is not a good solution, of course, because from the time the EU was invented a lot has changed.

“The mood in European societies is different. Europe and our voters do not want to give the Union over into the hands of technocrats.

“Therefore, I want to talk about this, whether this really is the right recipe right now in the context of a Brexit."

Only true "elites" have grandly retarded ideas like this.

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Oh Look! Another Know-Nothing Sports Figure Demonstrates That He Does, Indeed, Know Nothing [CBD]

—Open Blogger

I am an absolutist when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. I am even uncomfortable with felons who have served their time being denied the ability to defend themselves. And yes, that is a contentious topic that can be discussed rationally. Just like other parts of gun control can be discussed with well-meaning opponents of the 2nd Amendment. I know, I know, they don't exist....but they really do. I have had discussions with knowledgeable people who are willing to consider my viewpoint, but simply disagree.

And that is fine.

But people like Steve Kerr, who are profoundly ignorant of even the most basic facts about guns are incapable of having rational and reasoned discussions, and he clearly demonstrates his abject, blinding stupidity here. Warriors coach Steve Kerr on gun control: 'Our government is insane'

When 90 percent of our country wants background checks on gun purchases and we've got our senate and our house not only voting it down but using the Bill of Rights as a reason for people to have rights to carry these automatic weapons, and we're getting people murdered every day at an alarming rate.

I'm shocked...SHOCKED...that our congress is referring to the founding documents when they protect our rights. I honestly have no idea why they didn't just pick up the phone and call Steve Kerr...he clearly has a handle on the issue, and we should all be grateful that he not only is a great coach, but he knows the Constitution too! My God...the man coached the Warriors to a record-breaking regular season and then took that incredible momentum into the play-offs....and got his ass kicked by an inferior team.

Yeah....Steve Kerr got out-coached. So his intellect is clearly not top-notch, especially when all he had to do was run an offense a little bit more sophisticated than playground basketball. But he couldn't even do that, and we are supposed to take him seriously as a critic of our basic rights?

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GOP Releases Major Report on Benghazi, Fingering Hillary Clinton


And you know how distasteful that can be.

I'm just catching up with this now.

Also see Steve Hayes contrasting the public lies and private truths told by Hillary Clinton.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread [CBD]

—Open Blogger

Chihuly Chandelier.jpg

Dale Chihuly

[Hat tip: AtC]

And something a bit more traditional below the fold....

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Overnight Open Thread (6-27-2016)


Quote of the Day I 

Interviewed by Kyle and Jackie O on the KIIS Radio Network on Wednesday, the Opposition Leader was asked whether he'd ever been inside a strip club.
"I have," he began, confidently enough, before going to water altogether.
" ... once or twice, way back in the day, uni days.
"I left once I realised what it was."

-- Australian opposition leader Bill Shorten explaining that he was shocked, shocked to find naked women dancing in establishments targeted at gentlemen

Quote of the Day II

Today, you can see Wynton Marsalis playing mid-60s-era cool jazz in freeze-dried form at Lincoln Center. Or as Mick Jagger quipped when he inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1989, "Jean Cocteau said that Americans are funny people: first you shock them, then they put you in a museum." As with rock and roll and old media's Newseum, which John Podhoretz accurately dubbed "The News Mausoleum," once a genre builds a museum for itself, it's effectively over as a creative form.

-- Ed Driscoll explaining why jazz qua jazz is dead

Why The Brexit Polls Were So Off

Cameron and the Remain campaign made a final mistake. At one point, Cameron's pollster tweeted that virtually every intelligent person thought leaving the EU a stupid idea. After the horrible murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox, "Stronger In" became "Kinder In." The implication was that people concerned about immigration or just not happy being governed from Brussels were narrow-minded, xenophobic, or worse.

When you try to delegitimize somebody's vote, you don't change his mind, only his willingness to talk about it. The effect was to understate Leave in the polls. Of the nine final polls, seven showed Remain in the lead, with Remain's pollster showing a ten-point lead. The same effect was present in exit polls commissioned by hedge funds, which led to Brexit campaigners prematurely conceding the result of the referendum and to markets confidently pricing in a Remain win. There was a spiral of silence at work which deceived the Remain camp about where it stood and the campaign it should have fought.

Why the Bookies Got It So Wrong Over Brexit

Some big money bets were made on Remain while lots of smaller bets were made on Leave. And bookies set the odds to divide the money evenly so they're guaranteed a profit off of the vigorish. (h/t to Christopher Taylor)

So if most of the cash went on Remain, as it did, bookies would have to follow the money and make Remain the favourites.

Which meant that what Mr Shaddick called "The supposed helpful side effect of these markets, their potential to help understand the probabilities of the various outcomes," was just that - a side effect, and the not main aim of the odds set.

Ahead of voters going to the polls, all the bookies warned that favourites sometimes lose.  (They might be more likely to win, but their victory could not be guaranteed.)

And the bookies all agreed that while three-quarters of the £40 million eventually gambled on the referendum was placed on Remain, when it came to counting individual flutters, bets on Leave far outnumbered punts on staying in the EU.

Was the #Brexit Do-Over Petition the Greatest Internet Troll Ever?`

Russia is Severely Harassing US Diplomats All Over Europe

From sending agents to private social events to following their children around to breaking into their apartments and rearranging furniture and killing their pets.

Why? Because Putin has Obama's number: He's a pussy. And therefore the US under his leadership is also a pussy.

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Shocker: Judicial Watch Unveils Even More Clinton Work-Related Emails Which She, Get This, Deleted


The pattern seems to be that she deleted emails about her illegal email system.

And she's claiming those are "personal."

Indeed. Crime is a personal kind of thing.

An additional 165 pages of emails from Hillary Clinton's time at the State Department surfaced Monday, including nearly three dozen that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee failed to hand over last year that were sent through her private server.

The latest emails were released under court order by the State Department to the conservative legal advocacy group Judicial Watch. The batch includes 34 new emails Clinton exchanged through her private account with her deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin. The aide, who also had a private email account on Clinton's home server, later gave her copies to the government.

The emails were not among the 55,000 pages of work-related messages that Clinton turned over to the agency in response to public records lawsuits seeking copies of her official correspondence. They include a March 2009 message where the then-secretary of state discusses how her official records would be kept.

"I have just realized I have no idea how my papers are treated at State," Clinton wrote to Abedin and a second aide. "Who manages both my personal and official files? ... I think we need to get on this asap to be sure we know and design the system we want."

In a blistering audit released last month, the State Department's inspector general concluded Clinton and her team ignored clear internal guidance that her email setup violated federal records-keeping standards and could have left sensitive material vulnerable to hackers.

The audit also cited a then-unreleased copy of a November 2010 email Clinton sent Abedin in which the secretary discussed using a government email account, expressing concern that she didn't want "any risk of the personal being accessible."

Meanwhile, Citizens United is also accusing the State Department of delaying the release of emails involving "Diane Reynolds," which is actually Chelsea Clinton's nom de cybercrime.

A watchdog group asked a federal court on Thursday to order the State Department to expedite its release of Chelsea Clinton-related records, arguing that at the current rate it would take the department 38 years to produce all the documents.

Citizens United has been suing the State Department to turn over correspondence between department officials and Chelsea Clinton, who used the pseudonym “Diane Reynolds” in many of her emails. It is also asking for emails between State Department officials and the Clinton family’s long-time aides Amitabh Desai, Justin Cooper, and Oscar Flores.

The D.C. district court ordered the State Department to release portions of the records to Citizens United on a rolling basis every four weeks, but did not specify an end date to complete the production.

Open thread.

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President of the EU Parliament Slams Britain For "Violating the Rules:" "It Is Not The EU Philosophy That The Crowd Can Decide Its Fate"


Democracy can't be left in the hands of the filthy commoners.

Zero Hedge also excerpts this good Matt Taibi column about "the elites" (sneer quotes definitely sneering) who are constantly seeking little exceptions to the democratic practice in certain circumstances-- those circumstances being every single time they don't get their own way.

David French wonders if the filthy commoners aren't getting to the point of offering the (sneer quotes) "elites" the exact same level of loyalty the "elites" offer they themselves.

Is it any wonder that citizens of one of the greatest and strongest nations in human history would recoil from an international order that was proving mainly that it could enrich an elite without seeming to lift a finger to preserve the nation’s core values and traditions -- the very things that had made it great and strong? Is it any wonder that citizens of other great countries are -- wondering what loyalty they owe to that same elite?
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The "Elites" Are Revolting


Elizabeth Nolan Brown on the "elites" no longer even bothering to pretend they're interested in democracy.

The transnationalist cosmopolitans of both the left and right have tapped their Inner John Olivers and they're ready to shove aside the consent of the governed and just rule by fiat.

This is as ugly an anti-masses sentiment as I can remember. And the consequences of it are likely to be dire. Ordinary people are effectively being told they're too dumb for politics. And democracy is being treated as a negotiable commodity that can be cast aside if we the stupid people make the wrong decision. This is a species of tyranny. The mask has slipped. Our normally conscientious elite, feeling bruised and aloof after the referendum, has dispensed with its usual platitudes about "respecting all views," and shown that beneath the polite veneer there lurks an ancient fury with the least and the dumbest; with the masses; with the people.

This piece similarly collects up the "elites'" fury at their inferiors.

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Third Most Spoken Language Map [CBD]

—Open Blogger

third most spoken.jpg

Most of them are not surprising, but a few are real head-scratchers. Pacific-Island languages in Utah?

Anyway, it's a fun diversion to try to figure out exactly why some of these languages are spoken in each state.

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DoJ Mandates "Unconscious Bias" Awareness For Agents, Lawyers



The U.S. Justice Department will announce on Monday that more than 33,000 federal agents and prosecutors will receive training aimed at preventing unconscious bias from influencing their law enforcement decisions, department officials told Reuters.

The training will bring Justice Department employees in line with many local police departments across the country that have implemented bias prevention plans following a spate of shootings of unarmed black men by white police officers.

Nationwide protests following those shootings blamed police bias for unnecessary use of force against minorities.

Maybe part of this bias training could involve stripping the left of its right to riot. The government seems to believe the left has such a right. Over and over again, we see the left rioting without any legal consequences; now they're actually assaulting people, and even stabbing them.

And still the government gives the Space to Destroy.

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Supreme Court Unanimously Sets Aside Bob McDonnell's Corruption Conviction, Saying Jury Instructions Made It Too Easy to Convict


The Court leaves intact the possibility of a new trial, so he's not out of the woods yet.

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Merkel Wants to Block Countries from Following Britain Out the Door


General exit?

Angela Merkel has said the EU needs to stop other countries following Britain out of the door amid market fears that the bloc is 'no longer governable' after Brexit.

The German Chancellor told her conservative party board in a conference call that it was necessary to prevent other European Union members going down the same path as Britain.

Merkel is also said to have revealed that international financial markets are concerned the EU is 'no longer governable' in the wake of Britain's exit vote.

She added that it was not the right time to pursue a quick deepening of cooperation between euro zone member states.

The EU should instead act on popular concerns such as securing the bloc's borders, creating jobs and improve internal security, she said.

By the way, a British butcher is now selling meat in pounds and ounces.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread [CBD]

—Open Blogger

three figures.jpg

Three Figures Pink And Gray
James Abbott McNeill Whistler

This guy's range was impressive. From soft, gauzy works like the above, to impressionistic landscapes to crisp and detailed realism (look for "Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1"). He could do it all.

Well, he couldn't hit a curve ball, but that's beside the point.

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Overnight Open Thread (6-26-2016)


Quote of the Day

Remember, the police and the FBI cannot protect you. They can only avenge you. You have to protect yourself.

-- WeaponsMan commenting on the long list of missed signals that Omar Mateen was destined for some kind of Sudden Jihad Syndrome.

Nigel Farage's Life's Work Comes to Fruition as the UK Votes for Brexit

For over 25 years he's been relentlessly making the case that Britain should leave the EU, a position long considered so extremist and out there that it was simply unthinkable. But last week a majority of Britons agreed with him and voted for Brexit.

Few men have endured the sheer amount of official scorn, mockery, revilement, and unhinged criticism over the years that Farage has. But he persevered on anyway. His entire life has been one giant unsafe place and stands in rebuke to all the university snowflakes who get the vapors at even a hint of disagreement. Ironically without a seat in parliament to fall back to his very success in getting Britain to leave the EU could mean the end of his political career at least for a while.

faragebrex1 faragebrex2

The EU's Potemkin Democratic Structure

It's an oligarchy in all but name. Most of its intrusive rules come from unelected bureaucrats and are never put to a vote.

Jean-Claude Juncker has been the president of the European Commission for the last couple of years. He presides over a population of nearly 500 million -- well, 500 million minus 64 million as of today.

Do you know how he was elected? He wasn't.

His fellow commissioners, all baker's dozen of them, went into a room, closed the door, and appointed him. As with all European commissioners, the people didn't hire him, nor can the people fire him.

Like all commissioners, he lives tax-free at public expense and enjoys an essentially unlimited expense account.

The EU has never presented the world with a certified budget, because it is so rife with corruption that the accountants cannot get (or are told not to get) to the bottom of it.

EU Leaders Order Britain to leave 'As Soon as Possible' as Commission Chief Juncker Warns Split 'Won't be an Amicable Divorce'

Why the EU was hated Part I


Why The EU was Hated Part II: EU To Ban Electric Tea Kettles and Toasters After Brexit

For being too energy 'inefficient'. Note that they held off announcing this until after the referendum since it's exactly the kind of thing that would drive the tea-and-toast-loving Brits nuts.

The UK's Probable Future Prime Minister Was Hounded by America's IRS For So Long That, in Disgust, He Renounced His Dual American Citizenship Last Year

Because Boris Johnson was born in the US and lived there for several years as a child the IRS came after him nearly 50 years later demanding back taxes for his income and house sale in Britain.

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How The Times Have Changed [Mis. Hum.]

—Open Blogger

53 years ago today, June 26, 1963, President John F. Kennedy gave his famous speech in West Berlin in which he said, "Ich bin ein Berliner". President Kennedy stood for freedom.

A little over 29 years ago, on June 12, 1987 another US President stood with freedom and the West Germans.

As of April 2016 we had this. A man who lectures our allies on their freedoms.

Oh yeah, on top of that he throws like a girl.

Open thread.

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Sunday Evening Chess/Open Thread 06-26-2016 [OregonMuse]

—Open Blogger


Good afternoon morons and moronettes, and welcome to the Sunday Evening Chess/Open Thread, the only AoSHQ thread with content specifically for all of us chess nerds who pay homage in the temple of Caïssa, goddess of bughouse and blitz chess. And, for those of you who aren't nerdly enough for chess, you can use this thread to talk about checkers, or politics, or whatever you wish, only please try to keep it civil. Nobody wants to get into a pie fight on a peaceful Sunday afternoon.

And sorry I'm a day late with this, I was out of town all day yesterday.

White Mates In 1
Oops, I Meant Black Mates In 1

20160625 - White mates in 1.jpg
FEN: [6rk/1bp2Q1p/p2p4/1p2p3/5N1N/1P1P3P/1PP2p1K/8 b - - 0 1]

And for those who might be stuck on this, I've provided a hint that you can see if you swipe the blank space past the word 'Hint:' on the line below.

Hint: Underpromote

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Food Thread: You Know What's Really Going To Leave A Mark On All Of Those $15/hr Minimum Wage Workers? Robotic Pizza Making [CBD]

—Open Blogger


There are already functional and efficient hamburger makers, not to mention robotic ordering systems. So the writing is on the wall, but these guys are expanding the horizon to a traditionally hand-made product, and they think they can do it better, not just more efficiently. Inside Silicon Valley's Robot Pizzeria

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Riot Thread [Y-not]

—Open Blogger

The Food Thread should be going up soon, but there's a riot going on in Sacramento, so here's a thread for that.

It's a very confused situation, but I gather that there was a "Nazi mega rally" scheduled and that (Leftist) counter protesters started attacking anyone they suspected of being part of that protest.

I'll update this thread as things become clearer.

**Updates below the fold**

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Nevada Senate Race [Y-not]

—Open Blogger

While we wait for the rest of the cobloggers to sober up make bail, here's a quick thread to amuse you.

According to the Cook Political Report Senate race ratings, the Democrats have a good shot at re-taking the Senate. However, two seats currently held by Democrats might flip: Nevada (which they rate as a tossup) and Colorado (which they rate as a leans Democrat). Although there's some concern about the GOP losing the Senate, I thought it might be instructive to look at the Republicans' prospects of flipping Harry Reid's old seat.

Here's what Harry Enten from FiveThirtyEight had to say the week before the state primary:

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Greg Gutfeld Drunk-Tweets and It's Epic [Y-not]

—Open Blogger

I will cut and paste the text of his ensuing tweets below for those of you who have trouble loading embedded tweets:

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Sunday Morning Book Thread 06-26-2016: Corruptions [OregonMuse]

—Open Blogger

Baldwins Book Barn West Chester PA 525.jpg
Baldwin's Book Barn, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Good morning to all of you [redacted] and bar[omitted]ers everywhere and all the s[removed]ea. Welcome to AoSHQ's stately, pres[deleted], internationally [censored] and high-[deleted] Sunday Morning Book Thread, now conforming to the new Department of Justice content standards. The Book Thread is where men are [omitted] all the 'ettes [redacted], safe spaces are where we [deleted], and if you've seen one sn[redacted]ake, you've seen [omitted]. Unlike other AoSHQ comment threads, the Sunday Morning Book Thread is so ho[deleted]ty, pants are req[omitted]d. Especially those cargo pants with lots of pockets for extra [censored], because you'll never know when you'll need them. And because it's better to [redacted] and not [omitted], then [whole thing entirely redacted to save time].

Attack of the Clintons

So the Hillary! campaign is reported to be in damage control mode because of this book, Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate by Gary Byrne, which actually won't be released until the 28th.

But haven't we heard all of this 'Clintonia' before, all of the screaming hissy fits, the non-stop horndoggery, the throwing of weighty objects, the dissing of the military and also of the Secret Service assigned to protect them? I'm thinking of Partners in Power: The Clintons and Their America by Roger Morris, which came out in 1999:

The author pulls no punches, dealing openly with allegations of cocaine use in the Governor's Mansion during the Clinton years, screaming and profane fights between the two Clintons, and a compromise on Hillary's part to live with Bill's hundreds of one-night stands in order to attain her goal of First Lady.

There's also On the Make: The Rise of Bill Clinton by Meredith Oakley that covers his Arkansas governorship, and whichever editor came up with that title really should've been fired.

Unlimited Access : An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House by Gary Aldrich, which came out in 1998. Aldrich, who spent 30 years with the FBI, the last five as an agent responsible for background checks on White House staff. His primary concern was the lax security in the Clinton White House, but also, I think this is the book that described how one of the Christmas trees inside the White House was decorated with drug paraphernalia.


The point is, none of these books did any real damage to the Clinton Sleaze Machine, which just keeps rolling along. Priapus survived impeachment and his loathsome wife has been an ambulatory canker sore on the body politic ever since. There's just no getting rid of her. But considering the track record of these tell-all books, the best response by team Hillary! to this new one would've been to simply ignore it, and have faith that the MSM would have their backs. That's the way it's always worked out in the past, so why not now? The fact that her team is now desperately trying to smear the author just gives credence to his charges.

You know who's also got a new book coming out? Dinesh D'Souza. His latest, Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party will be available on July 18th, probably to coincide with the release of his documentary of the same name.

From her Alinskyite past to her hopes for America's progressive future, the presumptive Democratic nominee is revealed to be little more than a political gangster intent on controlling the nation's wealth. D'Souza chronicles the sleazy ascent of the Clintons and makes clear what some voters have long suspected: that Hillary is far more dangerous and corrupt than Bill ever was.

After watching the trailer, it's obvious that they put a lot of money into it. Also, D'Souza is trying to bring to debate the sleazy history of the Democratic Party, which there has never really been a public discussion about. Because the gatekeepers would rather prefer not. Don't know if D'Souza will be able to force the issue, my guess, probably not, but God bless him for trying.

The question is, is D'Souza's book and movie about the Clintons specifically, or the Democratic Party in general?

And I think the answer is yes.

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EMT 6/26/16 [krakatoa]

—Open Blogger

Mason jars or tin cans?

Posted by Open Blogger at 06:00 AM Comments

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Top Headlines
Headlines: 6/29/16
There was no golf course handy. So he had to lecture us on what kind of vehicle to drive. As we approach the birth of our nation, freedom means driving a Hybrid car or a gas guzzling pickup truck. It's called being pro-choice. [Mis. Hum.]
Scientists have discovered a compound that is capable of killing 98% of MSRA. The Antarctic sponge could be an option. [Mis. Hum.]
Damn, I feel better. I bet you do too!!! Semi-Retired POTUS "We stand with the people of Turkey". Where's your shrill wife with the cardboard tweet sign? [Mis. Hum.]
The 2nd Amendment is for the people. The Founding Fathers explained it well via Steven Crowder. [Mis. Hum.]
3 Somali ISIS wannabes on trial in MN. Interesting trial insights by a blogger who has attended the trial. [Mis. Hum.]
Good news: Cruz-backed candidate wins GOP primary in Colorado. "Glenn who consolidated much of the grassroots support, won a crowded five-way contest on Tuesday. He was leading by almost 13 points when the race was called. Glenn had a come-from-behind victory after unexpectedly knocking off a conservative favorite at the state's April convention and wowing state Republicans during his speech." Link to his campaign site here. [Y-not]
NewsMax interview of Senator Mike Lee. Lee: "Instead of passing a law explaining how we're going to clean up the air, they pass a law saying 'we will have clean air'". Good point. [Y-not]
Andrew C. McCarthy: Willful Blindness and Radical Islam. Transcript of McCarthy's delivered remarks at the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing on "Willful Blindness: Consequences of Agency Efforts to Deemphasize Radical Islam in Combating Terrorism." Obama administration officials blew off the hearing, by the way. One chart showing that denial's not just a river in Egypt. [Y-not]
Dead heat in new Q poll. National poll of registered voters shows Trump tied with Clinton within the margin of error. Clinton up 5.5 points in RCP averages of four-way race. Clinton up 6.2 points in two-way race. Battleground polls released yesterday show Clinton ahead. [Y-not]
Hey, it's my convention and I will do as I please. Please tell me you're not inviting a convicted rapist to the GOP Convention. [Mis. Hum.]
Headlines: 6/28/16
I was fired from my internship for writing a proposal for a more flexible dress code. via Gabe, said imbecile intern (and colleagues) submitted a PETITION to management, thinking it'd be received like these things are in school. Hilarity ensues.
Welcome to the real world, kids. Might want to leave that internship off the resume. [tmi3rd]
Hillary Clinton's response to the Benghazi Report. Tone deaf witch. [Mis. Hum.]
Orlando attack timeline of terror. 2:02AM Shots fired. 5:15AM Subject down. How can you defend "gun free zones"? [Mis. Hum.]
Never wear white military uniforms after Labor Day in Libya. Good Lord. [Mis. Hum.]
SCOTUS declines to hear religious liberty case. A country found on religious freedom appears to have swung 180 degrees. [Mis. Hum.]
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