April 21, 2019

Sunday Overnight Open Thread (4/21/19)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

And so it's going to be very hard in our society to ever build a cathedral again, much less to repair them, because we don't believe in what they represented. And it's ironic, because we don't like the past. We are at war with the past. We tear down monuments. We don't build cathedrals. We erase names. We say to Father Serra or Christopher Columbus, you don't live up to our standards of race, class, and gender, moral superiority. Shame on you. Victor Davis Hanson

Quote II

“This is a dangerous felon who should not have weapons around children and families. Today's arrest by the FBI indicates clearly that the rule of law should be in the hands of trained law enforcement officials, not armed vigilantes.” New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas

Quote III

“Ilmar Omar is crying she’s receiving death threats. They’re no death threats. There just some people saying something.” Lynne Patton

Quote IV

"Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been over shadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers. President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Quote V

“Holding Mark Zuckerberg and other top Facebook executives personally at fault and liable for further wrongdoing would send a powerful message to business leaders across the country: You will pay a hefty price for skirting the law and deceiving consumers,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.)

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Gun Thread: Reloading 101 Pt. 3: Easter Edition - Working with Powder [Weasel]

—Open Blogger

Hair-Hare-In-Scope-Optics scaled.jpg
There's a Hare in my Scope!

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you've bitten the heads off of your chocolate bunnies and found all of the eggs hidden in your back yard. Remember, if you're good, the Easter Bunny will leave a quarter under your pillow tonight. Or is that the Tooth Fairy? Either way, let's pick up where we left off with reloading and other fun gun stuff last week, shall we?

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Food Thread: Variety Is The Spice Of Life



Some of my favorite cooking is simple stuff; grilled steak, fried eggs, roasted chicken, Sautéed fish. There is a minimalist theme that runs through that list...the list of the seasonings required start and finish with salt (okay...pepper too...sometimes). It's technique and raw ingredients that drive the quality, but that is by no means the only or best cooking at Chez Dildo.

Sometimes I have a hankering for some maniacal 20-ingredient monstrosity that is, hopefully, a symphony of flavors that come not from the main ingredient -- finned or feathered or hoofed -- but some of the incredible range of flavors we have available to us in most supermarket spice aisles.

It is no wonder that the Spice Trade was a very big deal for a very long time in most of the world. Sure, we all know somebody who just doesn't give much of a shit about eating, and considers meal-time sort of like pulling up to the gas station to fill up. But most of us also love to have our tongues and noses tickled by pungent or spicy or sweet or sour or bitter flavors that compliment the foods we enjoy.

I have a 36 test-tube rack with herbs and spices in it, and that is just a start. Sometimes I will read a recipe and find some odd word in the ingredients, and discover that it is a spice or herb from Africa or Asia or South America that is used and enjoyed by tens or hundreds of millions of people...and I have never heard of it or tasted it! That's neat.

And even spices that are not for everyone (like cilantro) can, in some dishes work out really well.* I have mentioned before a dish at a local Chinese restaurant that is, seemingly, half cumin, half hot peppers and half sautéed lamb. It's ridiculously out of balance, except that it tastes wonderful!

Anyway, don't be intimidated by weird spices and odd combinations. Sure, some of them won't work for you, but you might discover something really pleasing and interesting.

*Except for bay leaf, which is grown in the crack of Satan's ass and is not meant for human consumption.

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Ronald Reagan Was Correct: "No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear"


Reining (reigning?) in the power of the Justice Department would be job #1 in a Dildo administration. Well, maybe 1A. Job #1 would be putting a time limit on those stupid video challenges in baseball.

Anyway, Americans should have some expectation that court cases will not continue forever. Or, for that matter, any government interference in commerce or the legitimate exercise of our freedoms. Yes, I'm referring to the ridiculous Voting Rights Act of 1965.

The Standard Oil Case, 100 Years On

I was stunned earlier this week to read in the Wall Street Journal that the famous antitrust lawsuit against Standard Oil that broke up John D. Rockefeller’s massive creation and decided at the Supreme Court in 1911 was still an open case at the Justice Department a century later, and is only now being closed up at long last:

The Justice Department wants to bring to an end its breakup of Standard Oil Co., which started in 1911, along with its efforts to ensure competition in the markets for horseshoes and player-piano rolls.

After a review of old legal agreements, the DOJ on Tuesday asked the U.S. District Court in St. Louis to terminate the decree that was the ultimate outcome of its case championed by President Theodore Roosevelt against the Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey. . .

“To say it’s been overtaken by events,” said Daniel Yergin, who wrote a Pulitzer Prize-winning oil-industry history, “is a vast understatement.”
And it gets better! Shockingly, there seems to be little evidence that Standard Oil was actually guilty of the monopolistic practices that were used as evidence to break it up!

I know...I know...the government never lies. I am as surprised as you are!

Read the whole thing...it's well worth it, if for no other reason to remind one that monopolies are in many ways and cases a figment of the fevered imaginations of the anti-business left.

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Sunday Morning Book Thread 04-21-2019


pickens library 01 525.jpgPrivate Library of T. Boone Pickens

Good morning to all you 'rons, 'ettes, lurkers, and lurkettes, wine moms, frat bros, and everybody who's holding your beer. Welcome once again to the stately, prestigious, internationally acclaimed and high-class Sunday Morning Book Thread, a weekly compendium of reviews, observations, snark, and a continuing conversation on books, reading, writing, and publishing by escaped oafs who follow words with their fingers and whose lips move as they read. Unlike other AoSHQ comment threads, the Sunday Morning Book Thread is so hoity-toity, pants are required. Even if it's these pants, which are just baaa-aa-aa-aaa-aa-aaa-ad.

Pic Note

You're going to want to click on the photo to see the larger version. The woodwork is magnificent.

Bad Library Jokes & Puns:

I think Muldoon may have written some of these:

I asked the librarian where to find a book of patriotic American songs. She said “Over there.”

I asked the librarian where to find books about paranoia. She whispered, “They’re right behind you.”

I asked the librarian for a book about Pavlov’s dog and Schrödinger’s cat. She said it rang a bell, but she didn’t know if it was there or not.

I asked the librarian for a book on engine lubricants. She said to look in the nonfriction section.

I asked the librarian to recommend an author who wrote dinosaur novels. She said, “Try Sarah Topps.”

I asked the librarian for a book about Stockholm Syndrome. She told me the first few chapters were horrible, but by the end, I would love it.

(h/t Bluebird of Bitterness via mindful webworker)

It Pays To Increase Your Word Power®

ABSUMPTION is the process of gradually destroying something.

Usage: The Democratic Party's Feast of the Absumption falls on May 1st this year. Of course, it falls on May 1st every year.

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EMT 4/21/19


Easter Morning Thread.

“To be sure, it was not Easter Sunday but Holy Saturday, but, the more I reflect on it, the more this seems to be fitting for the nature of our human life: we are still awaiting Easter; we are not yet standing in the full light but walking toward it full of trust.”

― Pope Benedict XVI, Milestones: Memoirs 1927-1977

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Saturday Overnight Open Thread (4/20/19)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Saturday Night Joke

I was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching my wife, Beverly, who was looking at herself in the mirror. Since her birthday was not far off I asked what she’d like to have for her birthday.

‘I’d like to be eight again’, she replied, still looking in the mirror.

On the morning of her Birthday, I arose early, made her a nice Big bowl of Coco Pops, and then took her to Adventure World theme park. What a day! I put her on every ride in the park; the Death Slide, the Wall of Fear, the Screaming Roller Coaster, everything there was. Five hours later we staggered out of the theme park. Her head was reeling and her stomach felt upside down

I then took her to a McDonald’s and ordered her a Happy Meal with extra fries and a chocolate shake.

Then it was off to a movie, popcorn, a soda pop, and her favorite candy, M&M’s. What a fabulous adventure!

Finally, she wobbled home and collapsed into bed exhausted.

I leaned over my wife & with a big smile lovingly asked, ‘Well Dear, what was it like being eight again?

Her eyes slowly opened and her expression suddenly changed. ‘I meant my dress size, you idiot!!!!’

The moral of the story: Even when a man is listening, he is gonna get it wrong.

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Saturday Evening Movie Thread 07-14-2018 [Hosted By: Moviegique]


Ben Hur:

According to Wikipedia, 1959 saw the popularization of the sword-and-sandal epic through a smash-hit Italian film distributed in America as Hercules, starring Steve Reeves. No citation is given for this, but one wonders if another little film—you probably haven't heard of it—called Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ was a factor as well. A box-office monster, this film ranks #14 in the all-time adjusted-for-inflation box office—and as I like to point out, the adjusted-for-inflation does not adjust for population. Just as with TV 60 years ago, movies like this had an outsized influence compared to, say, the #15 film Avatar.

It won 11 Oscars, an honor only shared with two other movies, Titanic and Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. And while Ace's love of 1982 is not unfounded, 1959 can give any year a run for its money: Some Like It Hot, North by Northwest, Rio Bravo, Pillow Talk, Anatomy of a Murder, Imitation of Life, The 400 Blows and on and on. As host Ben Mankiewicz pointed out in his intro, this film was so popular, the merchandising for it was bananas, and for years after it came out. You could even get Ben-His and Ben-Hur robes. As Mankiewicz doesn't point out, making this movie 10 years later would've been utterly unthinkable.

None of us had ever seen Ben-Hur, but not one of us balked at the three-and-a-half-hour running time. (And when movies of yore ran this long, they put in an intermission at least!)

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Saturday Afternoon Chess Thread 04-20-2019


mae clarke plays capa.jpg
Mae Clarke Vs. Capa

As always, the chess/dress pr0n thread is an open thread, so there is no such thing as an off-topic comment.

Easier Problem - White To Play (962)

Goal: White can force a mate in 4
Hint: Force Black to trade away his knight

20190420 - Problem 1.jpg
6n1/2q2Nkp/4Kpp1/8/7Q/8/3B4/8 w - - 0 1

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Ace of Spades Pet Thread

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

image1 (10).jpg


My bad, I forgot to keep track of who submitted today's opening picture. If you are here in the comments take a bow! Thanks for the submission.

In the meantime, welcome to the almost world famous Ace of Spades. Relax and spend a little time in the world of animals.

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Saturday Gardening Thread [KT]

—Open Blogger


Hello, gardeners and garden admirers! Today we try to say goodbye to winter and welcome spring. Lots of bright colors today. A few veggies and such, and some gardening tips.

I really like the photo above. It reminds me that the bees of Notre Dame Cathedral survived the blaze. Our photo is from crisis du jour. He calls it "Touchdown":

I'm a longtime lurker at Ace. I post rarely (once per year, +/-) but read daily, including your gardening thread when I have opportunity ... which is infrequently because I work most Saturdays. Even so, thanks for your efforts in making the Gardening posts! They're a good break from the weekday focus on politics and culture.

I didn't realize until today that you publish reader-submitted photos. I don't have a garden - and my thumb is not green at all - but I do have a camera and a Flickr page. Over the years I've posted more than 100 flower photos at Flickr, mostly closeup shots using my 'macro' lens. I often have no idea what it is I'm shooting; I just point the camera at something that looks pretty and press the button.

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The New Futurism [KT]

—Open Blogger


The City Rises (1935)

Happy Easter Saturday! Today, as we remember not to trust too much in the Arm of Flesh, perhaps we should also consider not trusting too much in the inventions of the Arm of Flesh.

Last week we discussed surrealism. This artistic and philosophical movement got going between the World Wars. Futurism, as art, started before World War I, extending from 1909 to 1944. Note on representative pieces at the link.

From the Tate Museum:

Futurism was launched by the Italian poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti in 1909. On 20 February he published his Manifesto of Futurism on the front page of the Paris newspaper Le Figaro.

Among modernist movements futurism was exceptionally vehement in its denunciation of the past. This was because in Italy the weight of past culture was felt as particularly oppressive. In the Manifesto, Marinetti asserted that 'we will free Italy from her innumerable museums which cover her like countless cemeteries'. What the futurists proposed instead was an art that celebrated the modern world of industry and technology:

We declare...a new beauty, the beauty of speed. A racing motor car...is more beautiful than the Victory of Samothrace. (A celebrated ancient Greek sculpture in the Louvre museum in Paris.)

Sort of reminds me of the architecture historian who thinks the fire at Notre Dame was liberating because the building was overburdened with meaning. Along with the librarian who wants to eliminate book collections because they, you know, help explain culture.

Wired called the Italian futurists "techno-utopians". Maybe there are some of those today, too.

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Saturday Morning Coffee Break

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



It's the weekend! Woot-Woot!!! Caffeine and a look at things that didn't get too much attention here at the AoSHQ this past week.

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EMT 4/20/19


If this actually gets published at the appointed time, it will be an EMT miracle.

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Overnight Open Thread (04-19-2019)



One of my main conclusions from them #MuellerReport so far is that the vast majority of *reporting* on Trump and Russia was extremely accurate.
-- Julia Ioffe
"Based on what we have seen to date, going forward on impeachment is not worthwhile at this point. Very frankly, there is an election in 18 months and the American people will make a judgement..."
-- Steny Hoyer

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Good Friday Night Open Thread

—Ace of Spades

Happy weekend, and happy Easter!

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Earnings and Economic Data May Indicate That Fears of a Slowdown Were Overblown

—Ace of Spades


According to Refinitiv, 74% of the companies reporting so far have beaten expectations. Based on forecasts and actual reports, earnings for the S&P 500 as a whole are expected to decline 1.7%, the first negative quarter in three years. Some forecasters had projected an earnings decline of 4% or more.


The equivalent of the economy's first-quarter report card will be released Friday, with the first reading of GDP. The outlook for first-quarter growth has suddenly shifted upward, after a series of better data releases later in the quarter.

CNBC/Moody’s Analytics Rapid Update survey shows economists’ median forecast is now tracking at 2.4%, way above the 1% expected earlier in the quarter, when severe winter weather and the government shutdown were stifling the economy.

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Mark Levin: Let Me Explain Why Prosecutors Bring Cases to a Court, not Op-Ed Essays to the Public, In Words So Simple That Even Jake Tapper and Joe Scarborough Can Understand Them

—Ace of Spades

Dude goes off.

Worth the watch. It's 6:25 long.

Also worth watching: Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad, dressing down the press as "smear merchants" at press conference.

He's running on the UKIP line to be a European Minister of Parliament. Obviously, he's not going to win that, and I don't know if the UK will even have MEP's after the summer. (Assuming they don't just cancel Brexit.)

So this is really just a publicity stunt.

But he takes the opportunity to tell the media they're failures that no one trusts any longer. Check out his one minute (or so) rant.

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Leftwing Partisan Propaganda Media: "Collusion? Never Heard of It."

—Ace of Spades


Let's take a look:

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Ohhhh: New York Times Reports That It's Very Possible the Entire Steele Dossier Was Itself Kremlin Disinformation

—Ace of Spades

Didn't they dismiss this possibility for two and a half years and also smear anyone who noticed the entire basis of this conspiracy theory that Trump was a Kremlin asset actually came from Kremlin assets?!

Oh right, they did do exactly that.

And now, as Pitch Meeting Guy would say:



Now the dossier, financed by Hillary Clinton's campaign and compiled by a former British intelligence agent, Christopher Steele, is likely to face new, possibly harsh scrutiny from multiple inquiries.

Republicans in Congress have vowed to investigate. The Justice Department's inspector general is considering whether the Federal Bureau of Investigation improperly relied on the dossier in applying to the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court for a warrant to eavesdrop on Carter Page, a Trump adviser. The inspector general wants to know what the F.B.I. learned about Mr. Steele's sources and whether it disclosed any doubts about their veracity to the court.

The Times spends a few paragraphs alibiing the Clinton campaign and Steele (and themselves) by explaining all the ways in which this dossier could have been completely wrong, and yet innocently so.

Only after those alibis do they venture another guess:

Another possibility -- one that Mr. Steele has not ruled out -- could be Russian disinformation. That would mean that in addition to carrying out an effective attack on the Clinton campaign, Russian spymasters hedged their bets and placed a few land mines under Mr. Trump’s presidency as well.

Oleg D. Kalugin, a former K.G.B. general who now lives outside Washington, saw that as plausible. "Russia has huge experience in spreading false information," he said.

Mr. Steele declined to comment for this article.

Of course, The Daily Caller reported on that possibility weeks ago, when the media was still dismissing the possibility as a conspiracy theory which couldn't possibly be true because it disagreed with their own preferred conspiracy theory.

No Matter How Cynical I Get I Can't Keep Up Update: MikeN brings up a possibility I didn't think of -- what if this new claim is itself a cover story?

173 Ace, don't fall for this. This is being leaked by the same people who were leaking against Trump before. The purpose is to try and protect the fact the dossier was written not by Russians, but by the people who wanted to spy on Trump.

Well, actually... right. Certainly they were paid to deliver a product with specified dimensions and, whaddayaknow, their paid Kremlin-asset "sources" just happened to tell them stories that fit their design.

So yes, this is at least mostly true. But is there a chance that they colluded with Putin to interfere with an election?

I'd say yes-- they just might have been spreading Russian disinformation knowingly. With both sets of partners in the conspiracy getting the political results they wanted.

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New York Times Issues Series of Embarrassing Corrections About Basic Christian Beliefs

—Ace of Spades

Even I know most of this stuff and I only went to Sunday school about three times.

As for the saints-sacraments -- I also guessed that they might be relics or statues.

Based on this French language tweet:

But 1, that's partly because I was translating from the French "saints sacraments" and didn't know if those words had a special meaning when paired (they do -- it's just not on WordReference.com!), and 2, I also said I did not know what this term meant, but was guessing at its meaning, not reporting, authoritatively, what it meant, and 3, I corrected and added the right information in about 20 minutes when two readers told me what it meant.

BTW: I also forgot that "saint" actually means "holy" in French, and just took it to have the meaning we associate it with in English, that is, a person elevated to sainthood.

This bit of forgetting led me down a crooked path of mistranslation.

Mark Hemingway points out the New York Time's very provincial ignorance:

Just in time for Easter, The New York Times has been forced to run yet another correction that speaks to the paper’s profound ignorance regarding the basic beliefs of Christianity.

In a Thursday report on the fire at Notre Dame, The Times highlighted the actions of Father Jean-Marc Fournier, the Paris Fire Department chaplain who exposed himself to certain danger in order to recover the cathedral’s treasured relics.

"I had two priorities: to save the crown of thorns and a statue of Jesus," the Grey Lady quoted him. The story was full of gripping details about the scramble to preserve this statue. "As the chaplain began removing a statue of Jesus, he said, his colleagues were fighting the fire from the cathedral's towers," the paper reported. "With the statue in hand, Father Fournier, alone in the nave, gave a benediction to the cathedral, he said."

There’s one small problem here. There’s no statue of Jesus inside Notre Dame. What Father Fournier was referring to was the Blessed Sacrament, communion bread that, according to Catholic doctrine, contains the real presence of Jesus Christ.

Sure enough, The New York Times later appended this correction to the story: "An earlier version of this article misidentified one of two objects recovered from Notre-Dame by the Rev. Jean-Marc Fournier. It was the Blessed Sacrament, not a statue of Jesus."

They did what I did, I think: They tried to translate the French term used here, "saints sacraments," and they guessed it referred to some kind of relic or statue, as I did, though they added this bizarre specificity that it was definitely a statue and furthermore a statue of that most famous saint, St. Jesus.

Okay, so: Are the New York Times' French translation resources no better than my own?

In fact, they seem worse, because I never had any confidence in my guess. The New York Times reports -- as if it's a verified fact! -- that saints sacraments refers to a statue of Jesus.

By the way: Here's a hint that that couldn't possibly be right:

Saints sacraments."

Does the New York Times not know that the French plural is just like the English plural -- you add an -s, 98% of the time?

And, though some singular words end in -s (as they also sometimes do in English), you can tell that this is indeed a plural because the adjective, sacrament, is also pluralized to agree with the noun?

Seriously? There is no possible way that someone with even the most basic acquaintance with French could think that saints sacraments referred to A statue (singular) of Jesus.

Wait, I mean Saint Jesus.

How could the newspaper possibly confuse these two things? The most logical explanation is that Father Fournier referred to the “body of Christ,” and the reporter took his words literally and not seriously. It doesn’t appear to be a translation error; the reporter who wrote the story, Elian Peltier, appears to be fluent in French and tweets in the language regularly.

Yeah, I'm going to guess "No" on this. To repeat, I myself found a French news source reporting that le couronne d'epines et les saints-sacrements s'ont sauvee', or words to that effect, and I guessed (because the crown of thorns is itself a relic) that the saints-sacraments might be other relics.

I'm going to guess that this idiot saw the same reference and made the same religiously-ignorant guess that I did -- but stated it as a fact, and a correct translation.

Okay, so I don't want to steal everything from Mark Hemingway. So I'll just tell you that if you click the link to see the Times' previous Body of Christ-related corrections, you'll find out that the New York Times thinks that Christians believe that Jesus is buried in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre -- which seems to me to be another wild-assed, Bart-Simpson-Book-Report-style guess based on context.

Also, they think that Easter is the day Christ was resurrected... into Heaven.

And they think the crook'd staff a bishop carries is a "crow's ear," rather than a crosier or crozier.

I mean, it just goes on and on.

Professor Henry Jones Jr. is baffled at the ignorance of the curators of the supposed holy repository of all the facts that need knowing.

Is there a single Christian employed at the New York Times?

If not -- that's awfully strange, isn't it? Perhaps it's time to open an EEOC investigation into this Hate Group.

By the way: Here's the priest the New York Times is quoting-- the chaplain of the French fire brigade who was brought with them into the cathedral to rescue objects of inestimable value.

He does say that his second goal was to save "Jesus," but then follows that with "present en les saints-sacrements" -- taken together, "Jesus, present in the saints-sacrements."

Not "present in a statue."

Also: plural.

And also, not just "Saving Jesus." Saving Jesus, present in the holy hosts.

Here's how another French source put it:

Le père Fournier se fixe deux objectifs : d’abord, « sauver la couronne d’épines et les reliques de la passion », puis « sauver Jésus » en récupérant le Saint-Sacrement, c’est-à-dire les hosties consacrées.

"Father Fournier set himself upon two objectives, first, "saving the crown of thorns and the relics of the Passion," then "saving Jesus," in recovering the Saint-Sacrement, which is to say the consecrated hosts."

Here's the thing: the French word for statue is, get this, "statue," and I find it strange that in no quotation from this guy does he ever mention the word "statue" but repeatedly specifies Jesus as present in the saints-sacrements.

But the New York Times and its Pulitzer winning reporters and editorials just guess that saint-sacraments means "statue."

Bonus: Real Headline from the AP. This is real. This is not The Onion or the Babylon Bee.

Tourist mecca Notre Dame also revered as place of worship


Thanks to Dr. Spank.

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Kim Foxx's Top Ethics Officer and Conviction Integrity Officer Resign in Wake of Corrupt Smollett Whitewash

—Ace of Spades

The article doesn't say they resigned in protest of that corrupt swindle-- but it's hard to avoid that conclusion.

Two officials have resigned from their positions in the office of Cook County, Illinois, State’s Attorney Kim Foxx in the wake of her decision to drop charges against disgraced "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett.

April Perry, Foxx's chief ethics officer, and Conviction Integrity Director Mark Rotert have both tendered their resignations and will serve their last days on the job in May.


Perry, Cook County's first ethics officer, initially encouraged Foxx to recuse herself from the Smollett case after learning that she had spoken about the case to members of the actor's family

Of course, she did not recuse herself. She merely told the public that she was recusing herself, while retaining authority over the case (and meddling in it).

She would later explain that she recused herself "colloquially," which is not a thing that actually exists.

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Chris Buskirk: William Barr Was Right and the Media and Ruling Class Were Wrong About Everything. It's Time for Them to Admit It.

—Ace of Spades


Read the whole thing.

Chris Buskirk of American Greatness, writing at the New York Times:

For nearly four years, members of America’s ruling class, especially those in the media, the academy and government, have operated on one central, unquestioned assumption: orange man bad. This stifling orthodoxy led to a blind, counterfactual faith in the theory that Mr. Trump had somehow colluded with "the Russians" (never well defined) to win the election. Again, the specific charges were always amorphous -- plastic enough to change as needed. That's hardly surprising: That's the way conspiracy theories always work. The Russian collusion hoax was in fact nothing more than a massively multiplayer coping mechanism for people who couldn't accept the results of the 2016 election.

But why is it not enough to simply acknowledge that you dislike Mr. Trump and disagree with his policies? What psychological purpose does adding the fiction of a conspiracy serve?

The French philosopher and literary critic Rene' Girard held that such scapegoating and ritual sacrifice is an essential part of group identity and solidarity. That seems to apply here. Mr. Trump ran against American elites and their insular culture. Their response was to load onto him all of the sins they see in American society and attempt to sacrifice him to appease their gods.

Mr. Girard asked a question that is pertinent today: "Why is our own participation in scapegoating so difficult to perceive and the participation of others so easy? To us, our fears and prejudices never appear as such because they determine our vision of people we despise, we fear, and against whom we discriminate."

But the ritual sacrifice of Donald Trump didn't work -- at least not in the sense of removing him from office. It certainly did have the effect of catalyzing and uniting his opponents. Still, one of the many ironies here is that the Trump-hating media has handed him an incredibly powerful weapon for the 2020 campaign, one that may ensure his re-election.

Again, the operating principle was that of the zealot: Believe the narrative regardless of the lack of evidence, squint to see justifications where there are none and then in an intoxicated frenzy of moral superiority use any weapon at hand to destroy your enemy.

He also briefly talks about the NeverTrumpers, always eager to be Useful Idiots for their true political allies, the upper class left.

Speaking of, let's check in with another NeverTrump Collusion Truther, deftly mutating his conspiracy theory to avoid previous refutations:

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Deranged: McClatchy Comes Up With New Fake News to Rescue Its Old Fake News

—Ace of Spades

Months ago, McClatchy, citing anonymous sources (of course), claimed that Michael Cohen actually was in Prague -- they claimed that his cell phone hand pinged a tower in Prague.

Now, the Mueller report says (again) that Michael Cohen was never in Prague. Never. Nev-er.

Neh-heh, veh-her.

But don't worry: McClatchy has an answer to that.

Sure, they now say, maybe Michael Cohen was not in Prague -- but what about his treasonous phone itself?

From McClatchy:

"The Mueller report states Mr. Cohen was not in Prague. It makes no statement on whether the investigation ever had evidence that Mr. Cohen's phone pinged in or near Prague, as McClatchy reported," said Kristin Roberts, McClatchy's East Region Editor.

McClatchy's Dec. 2018 reporting was based on information from five individuals with foreign intelligence connections, who all requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information shared and concerns about sources and methods. Each obtained their information independently from each other. McClatchy stands by the reporting.

You idiots need to stop printing up every bit of bullshit one of Fusion GPS' paid sources/shills sticks in front of you.

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Mid-MorningCrack-of-Noon Open Thread


Dali Last Supper.jpg

The Sacrament of the Last Supper
Salvador Dali

(By request...Kallisto)

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The Morning Rant


talking ape.jpg
"I remember, a month or two before the 2016 election, that I did something I don't normally do: I actually went to the main page of the CNN website, and I was shocked. The page contained links to 6 of their main 'news' articles, all of them relentlessly negative toward Trump, and a couple of them virulently so. That's when I first realized that something had gone very, very wrong. There wasn't even a pretense of objectivity. So I was reminded of this yesterday when the Mueller report was released and there on CNN was this huge desk on the set (must've cost them a fortune) and behind it, there was a human centipede, 8 or 9 commentators, all relentlessly bashing Trump, eating and regurgitating each other's crap talking points. Again I was amazed, just like 2016, that any pretense of objectivity was gone. but now I guess that's just naivete on my part. The journalism standards have changed from 'you can run anything that you can corroborate with verified sources' to 'you can run anything that bashes Trump.' And then they get offended when Trump calls them the enemy of the people. I know because I hear them complaining about it when they're handing out journalisming awards to each other. Which I suppose they have to do, to shield themselves from the truth that most normal Americans hold them in the same regard as infomercials or used-car salesman. The guy who comes on Me-TV in the afternoon and promises you big money from suing some company if you've contracted mesothelioma is more reputable. Saul Goodman > Brian Stelter. Goodman actually works for a living. Stelter is just a pasty lump of dough."

"We're Going To Need A Bigger Desk"

cnn panel mueller report.jpg

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The Morning Report - 4/19/19

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. A blessed Good Friday and ziessen Pesach to one and all. The top story is of course the release of the redacted Mueller Report cum two-year deception as well as the reaction from all quarters. The Democrat-Left-Media complex is in total freakout mode as they a) refuse to believe this President is not guilty in any way, shape or form, b) are convinced that AG William Barr is covering up his guilt and c) thanks to Mueller and his pro-Clinton team's feckless and reckless punting on the obstruction angle, as well as verbiage that not only continues to unfairly smear the President's character but more horribly upends centuries of legal tradition by putting the onus on him to prove he's not a reprobate criminal as opposed to them proving beyond any reasonable doubt that he is. That is utterly inexcusable, but what did you expect from Robert Mueller? He was, is and always will be an agent of the Deep State Leftist cabal and as such, dragged this whole thing out for more than two years in the vain attempt to find something, anything, with which to destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump, either by removing him from office or essentially kneecapping his agenda.

The latter is what happened and for sure it affected the outcome of the midterm elections in the GOP losing the House. But circling back, the GOP-e at best was diffident or averse to Trump because it, too, is part and parcel of the anti-American globalist enterprise. I find it extremely hard to believe that turds like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell did not know from the get-go that this entire collusion story was a complete crock. Hell, John McStains himself sent an aide to go fetch the fraudulent Steele dossier from the Brits and then was instrumental in disseminating it back here in DC. They knew. They all knew - Democrat and Republican alike. But still they persisted.

Back here in the real world, the President has been "exonerated." But I put that in quotes because that word implies that Robert Mueller and company were legitimate, impartial arbiters of justice who have nobly executed a fair and just process when the cold, hard truth is that this process was completely illegitimate from the start; they were put there to hang this President if they could, on whatever flimsy excuse they could find or manufacture. And even after ruining the lives of Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort they came up with nothing. Mueller turns my stomach as much as Clinton, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Priestap, Steele, Halper, Mifsud, Strzok, Page, Ohr, Ohr, Rosenstein and all the other smug, elitist traitors who very nearly pulled off the overthrow of a President and really, by extension, the will of the American people in electing him. And before it gets lost in the sauce, none of this would have happened had Jeff Sessionszzzz not recused himself and then appointed Rosenpenis, who turned around and appointed Mueller with no specific boundaries and carte blanche to do anything he wanted. If there is any justice in this world, all of the aforementioned would be behind bars at Leavenworth for the rest of their lives, or have a date with the hangman for what they tried to do. And what is still going on now in the House of Representatives with such morally bankrupt frauds as Nadler and Schiff.

All things considered, you have to marvel at Donald Trump. The entirety of a feral, criminal bureaucracy and politicians along with a complicit mass propaganda machine was hurled at him non-stop for a period of nearly four years going back to the summer of 2015 when he announced his candidacy, and yet he not only survived, but he thrived. Part of it was because the base and now a growing number of people outside of that base see that he has either kept his word or has done everything within his power to advance the agenda despite the opposition, even from within his own camp. And even despite losing the House (or perhaps as a result of it), the Democrats are in an open internecine war that has exposed who they are and what they believe for all the world to see... and it's not pretty. More on that later.

So notwithstanding my rage against Mueller, semantics aside, the President has been exonerated, but the Dem-Media-Complex will now use Mueller's "insinuendos" on obstruction as well as the mythical crimes not mentioned in the report to advance to yet more persecutions and smearing of him, his allies and supporters among the American people. Bring it on. The more they attack the more Trump fights back twice as hard and the more support he garners. I don't have the links handy but there is polling indicating that a growing number of people across all age and demographic categories are in agreement that this entire thing was indeed a witch hunt to get Trump. And if the Left collectively continues to fuck the innards out of that chicken, 2020 is going to get ugly for them, no matter who they put up to run.

Then there's the media. Tucker Carlson calls their reaction the single most embarrassing thing to happen to the White House press corps in American history, Great One Mark Levin rightly says that their attacks on Trump are really attacks on the American people and R.S. McCain edits his erudition and examination of the embarrassment of American journalism to just three words - "Orange Man Bad!" Switch to any channel or grab any paper and you'll find plenty of cringe-worthy embarrassment to go around, but the icing on the cake has got to be Brian "Commander McBragg" Williams, who was all set to dispatch Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow.

Williams: "My first question, I'm afraid, is going to verge on plain English. Where did the attorney general get off with that characterization this morning, including four mentions that there was no collusion? What document was he reading, compared to the one we're left with?"

Sekulow: "Well, page two of the document says, 'The investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign coordinated with the Russian government in its election of interference activities.' So it's right from the document itself."

Earlier, Williams had the temerity to refer to the attorney general as "Bagdhad Bill Barr." This from a confirmed liar and fabulist. Brian, you're not a journalist despite being paid millions of dollars to portray one on television. I have some advice for you. Stop talking. Forever.

On to the rest of the news starting with Amnesty and Immigration, and as the migrant hordes continue to jump the border the administration is trying its best to stem the flow as well as the massive fraud being perpetrated in the name of asylum. A previously deported illegal is charged with raping and sex-trafficking a teenager, Rancida Tliban calls for hunger strikes to end ICE, and a two-part series on the health hazard coming across the border.

Dem Scandal Sheet: Two potential huge scandals involving a billion in dark money cash finding its way into Democrat coffers and the looming UkraineGate scandal that could hit the BIdens. In the Joo-Hate subsection, our Rancida feels more Palestinian in Congress than anywhere else (is that a Michael Kors suicide belt or are you happy to see me?), and an exposed Islamist politician responds to the charges.

Civil War 2.0: Seattle sick-o punches a priest when he spots his crucifix.

General Politics: Conrad Black rips into Bernardo Sandersnista, while Tom Styrene is itching to impeach Steny Hoyer is not so sure about that (he knows its a loser before 2020), the openly gay ambassador to Germany Richard Grennell rips Mayor Buttplug for his attacks on VP Pence, "Jello-Brain" Gillibrand hires actual former Soviet propagandists, "Blotto" Beto hates America so much, he wants to rule it, and a look at this electoral college sabotage in the states and how to deal with it.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: Aside from the psychotic reaction to the Mueller thing, the press did not appreciate Edelweiss being played at the news conference, Chicago press ignoring black crimes, and shockingly Time names Trump, Bolsonaro and Guaido to their top 100 list.

Guns: The judge who threw out the California magazine ban suddenly reverses himself after getting a talking to by Xavier Becerra. Disgusting.

Abortion: NC governor vetoes anti-infanticide bill.

Foreign Desk: IDF general warning about a Hezbollah invasion from the Galilee, Citgo court ruling could have repercussions for Venezuela, a look at the disaster of the Globalist mass migration plot and Notre Dame is latest of three great conflagrations and what it could mean going forward.

DEE-fense: US Intel community is 99.99% leftist (and see the Ledeen piece about the entirety of the CIA, FBI and DoJ as a nest of foreign spies [as if foreign foes need to infiltrate those places given our homegrown commies]).

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: Girl who complained about her madrassa teacher harassing her gets incinerated for her troubles. Paging Bro-Fo Omar to pick up the courtesy jerry can...

Domestic Affairs: Leftist DC housing policy turns out as well as you'd think, and metro areas are depopulating faster and faster. Gee, why is that do you think?

Crime and Punishment: USCG scores big drug haul off the Central and South American coasts and SCOTUS to decide on another violent felony law.

Healthcare: Senator Bill Cassidy as a better health plan (meh, I prefer free markets but let's see what he's got), and "Blotto" is a big fat hypocrite.

Education: Minneapolis public schools dish up the pro-Bro-Fo propaganda to the kiddies while bashing OrangeManBad, Austin schools infect young brains with the tranny psychosis, high school students do the Nuremberg Law 2 Electric Boogaloo, and Florida governor DeSantis with some good news in the sunshine state.

Red Greens: Hack sportswriter delves into nihilism and ludditism.

Hither and Yon: Christian Toto on new Christian movie Breakthrough, on the passing of noted man of G-d James V. Schall, and the Progressive scapegoating of a noted British contemporary scholar.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

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Thursday Overnight Open Thread (4/18/19)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under. H.L. Mencken

Quote II

“We had clear lines between ‘this is alive’ and ‘this is dead,’” “How do we now think about this middle category of ‘partly alive’? We didn’t think it could exist.” Nita A. Farahany, a bioethicist and law professor at Duke University

Quote III

"Like similar state and local laws that have been used to prosecute cake artist Jack Phillips and florist Barronelle Stutzman, this federal law would force Americans to participate in events and speak messages that violate their core beliefs. Tolerance and respect for good-faith differences of opinion are essential in a diverse society like ours." Greg Baylor, Director of the Center for Religious Schools

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Babylon Bee Goofs on CNN Cutlists

—Ace of Spades

Faith tested is faith strengthened.

ATLANTA, GA--Anchors at CNN headquarters have made a bold statement of unwavering faith after the Mueller Report revealed no actual evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. "We believe in collusion with all our hearts and will never let the world's teachings get in the way of that," said Jim Acosta while mumbling mantras quietly in a room misty with burning incense.

"If God allowed this report to be written in the manner that it was, He did so to test our unshakable faith in what we know to be true," said Anderson Cooper.

"We believe in the one true Russian collusion, the one that was spoken into truth and made real far before any evidence was brought before this dark world," added Natalie Allen.

They then recited the Collusion Catechism, but you'll have to click over for that.

Oh -- and who will CNN be criminally blackmailing (threat to dox + demand that one give up a right one has, such as free speech) the maker of this gif?

They've blackmailed a guy before; are they going to commit blackmail again?

Caution, CNN: You'd better read the blackmail and extortion laws of the state your next victim lives in closely. Threatening to release information that someone wants to keep private, but promising to not release that if they do something they are not legally required to do, or not do something they are legally entitled to do (such as post memes on the internet), does in fact satisfy the elements of blackmail and/or extortion in many states.

Pro-tip: It's generally good to avoid sentences that include the elements 1) I will reveal this thing about you that you do not want revealed and 2) unless you do this thing for me, or stop doing this thing I don't want you to do.

Sometimes prosecutors take a look at sentences like that and find the grammar to be criminal.

Now that Trump is unchained, who knows what investigations his DOJ might undertake?

And speaking of journalists engaging in dubious behavior when they feel that someone isn't properly Respectin' Their Authoritah:

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Andrew C. McCarthy: Robert Mueller Violated Prosecutorial Standards By Smearing Trump Without the Evidence For an Actual Criminal Charge

—Ace of Spades

Dirty cop.

In his report, Mueller didn't resolve the [obstruction] issue. If he had been satisfied that there was no obstruction crime, he said, he would have so found. He claimed he wasn't satisfied. Yet he was also not convinced that there was sufficient proof to charge. Therefore, he made no decision, leaving it to Attorney General William Barr to find that there was no obstruction.

This is unbecoming behavior for a prosecutor and an outrageous shifting of the burden of proof: The constitutional right of every American to force the government to prove a crime has been committed, rather than to have to prove his or her own innocence.

This is exactly why prosecutors should never speak publicly about the evidence uncovered in an investigation of someone who isn't charged. The obligation of the prosecutor is to render a judgment about whether there is enough proof to charge a crime. If there is, the prosecutor indicts; if there is not, the prosecutor remains silent.

If special counsel Mueller believed there was an obstruction offense, he should have had the courage of his convictions and recommended charging the president. Since he wasn't convinced there was enough evidence to charge, he should have said he wasn't recommending charges. Period.

Anything else was -- and is -- a smear. Worse than that, it flouts the Constitution.

The Federalist's Margot Cleveland agrees:

After two years and spending an estimated $35 million, Robert Mueller issued a 448-page report that ignored the governing special counsel regulations. Those regulations required Mueller, at the conclusion of the special counsel's work, to "provide the Attorney General with a confidential report explaining the prosecution or declination decisions reached by the Special Counsel."

Yet, instead of issuing the mandated closing documentation, Mueller explained that his team "determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment" of whether "to initiate or decline a prosecution."

Attorney General William Barr spoke during today's press conference of Mueller's failure to perform this regulatorily required duty. When asked why he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein felt it necessary "to take it to the next step to conclude there was no crime," Barr retorted:

The very prosecutorial function and all our powers as prosecutors, including the power to convene grand juries and compulsory process that’s involved there, is for one purpose and one purpose only. It’s to determine yes or no, was alleged conduct criminal or not criminal. That is our responsibility and that’s why we have the tools we have. And we don’t go through this process just to collect information and throw it out to the public. We collect this information. We use that compulsory process for the purpose of making that decision. And because the special counsel did not make that decision, we felt the department had to. That was a decision by me and the deputy attorney general. Yes.

Yet Mueller wrote that if Trump had proven that he clearly was innocent, then Mueller would have declared him such.

The burden lies on Trump? And at the "clear and convincing evidence" standard of evidence?

The "clear" standard is a high standard of evidence, a midpoint (or so) between the civil courts' preponderance of the evidence standard and the criminal courts' requirement of the state to prove every element of its case (including intent) beyond a reasonable doubt.

And this burden, we're now told, did not lie with the state but with with the accused.

It's not just that Trump must prove his innocence by the lesser preponderance-of-the-evidence standard -- he must prove his innocence by the clear evidence standard.

That's one step shy of saying that Trump must prove his innocence beyond a reasonable doubt.

Why stop at the "clear and convincing" level? Why not shoot the moon, Andrew Weissman?

And because Trump did not meet this made-up standard of providing the prosecutor "clear" evidence of his innocence, Mueller hits him with a "talking indictment" and smears him.

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Media Running Around Giving Itself Participation Trophies, For Some Reason

—Ace of Spades

BTW, Bret Baier is actually going to permit Mollie Hemingway on the panel tonight. I imagine that's because he's brought in two other guests to argue that No Seriously There Was Obstruction and Stuff, even though a prosecutor with unlimited resources couldn't establish evidence of it, and even though members on his own team could not agree that there was obstruction.

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Hilarious: Tucker Carlson Pronounces Beto O'Rourke's Campaign for President "Dead;" Mocks Media's Infatuation With Him

—Ace of Spades

Video below the fold; it's the opening segment.

He mentions the very-rich trust fund Irish WASP's refusal to donate more than 1/3 of one percent to charity, and his claim that essentially his whole life counts as charity.

From The Federalist:

Last night, The Washington Post reported that Beto O'Rourke released his tax returns for the past ten years. Of course, the feel-good, inevitably government-expanding presidential contender should probably have been more hesitant to release his returns because it doesn’t take much sleuthing to figure out from them that the O'Rourkes made $370,412 in 2017 while giving a measly $1,166 of that income to charity. As The Post noted, this makes Beto's charitable giving less than one-third of 1 percent of his household income.

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Man Who Brought Lighters, Butane, and Gasoline into St. Patrick's Cathedral Arrested; He's a "Philosophy Teacher" Who Had Just Booked a Flight to Rome

—Ace of Spades

Here's what we knew as of last night: A "New Jersey Man" arrested with filled gas cans inside St. Patrick's cathedral in NYC. When police stopped him, he claimed his minivan ran out of fuel.

I don't see any plausible reason given for bringing gasoline into a church.

"As the man was turned, police say gasoline spilled out onto the floor. Security then notified nearby police who questioned the man outside the church and took him into custody.

"Police say the man was carrying over four gallons of gas, two bottles of lighter fluid and two butane lighters."

Now he's been arrested for attempted arson -- and he'd been arrested at another church earlier in the week, after refusing to leave at closing time.

A 37-year-old man who was arrested Wednesday after entering St. Patrick's Cathedral carrying two cans of gasoline, lighter fluid and butane lighters had also been arrested at a New Jersey cathedral this week and had booked a flight to Rome, the New York Police Department said.

Marc Lamparello, a college teacher, has been charged with attempted arson, reckless endangerment and trespassing, according to police.

"There doesn't appear to be any connection to any terrorist group or any terrorist-related intent here," said John Miller, the New York Police Department's deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism.


Miller said surveillance camera footage showed Lamparello circling St. Patrick's several times in a minivan Wednesday well over an hour before he parked outside the cathedral on Fifth Avenue, walked around the area, returned to his vehicle, and retrieved the gasoline and lighter fluid. When he entered the church, he was confronted by a security officer, who notified counterterrorism officers standing outside.

Lamparello told the officers his car was out of gas and headed in a direction away from where he was parked, Miller said. Officers found his vehicle and determined it was not out of gas, Miller said.

Mb>Before going to St. Patrick's on Wednesday, Lamparello booked a $2,800 ticket on a 5:20 p.m. Thursday flight to Italy, according to Miller.

On Monday, he had been arrested at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark, New Jersey, after he refused to leave at closing time, Miller said.

Monday is of course when Notre Dame was burning -- and assuming the church's closing time was in the late afternoon or evening, he would have been attempting to remain in a church after seeing Notre Dame burn all afternoon.

Had he been inspired?

Was he up to something there, too?

And what was he planning to do in Rome, a city famous for cathedrals?

Why did he buy a ticket last-minute, when it's so expensive? And was it only a ticket, singular, as the article says -- a one-way trip?

I'm going to take a guess that his philosophical inquiries focus mainly on the areas of atheism and anti-clericalism. (Update: Actually, that might not be a good bet; I'm not sure if he is anti-catholic or anti-religious. He might just be a depressed incel loon.)

Update: The Heavy says that the NYDN reports the ticket to Italy was indeed a one-way ticket.

Note the lighters are even more incriminating that normal lighters -- those are grill lighters. The long tube helps keep your hands safe when you ignite a potent flame.

Why was he carrying those lighters? What was he planning to grill?

You don't light cigarettes with those.

The Heavy says that police are looking at him as a possibly emotionally-disturbed individual.

In August, he wrote about his own appearance, “I’m going through a phase. After not giving a shit about my appearance for 20 years, I’ve swung in the opposite direction. Now, I’m very vain and appearance-obsessed. I’ve lost 70 pounds, 25 more to go. Thinking about doing other stuff, too. Learned a lot about what makes people beautiful in the process, though, and thought I could share my knowledge on here to help people. I’m hoping that, in time, I settle down somewhere in the middle, conscientious of my appearance, in shape, stylish, but without a dozen plastic surgeries.”

He also wrote about struggling on a dating app, "Honestly, I'm getting murdered on Tinder. It’s a total self-esteem killer. I'm a pretty in-shape guy, and I'm going for in-shape women who are a little attractive, and have a few nice features. Not models, but just generically attractive women. I've "swiped right" on 500+ women. So far, not a single match. Depressing. I think I should probably give up on dating for the time being, and focus really hard on school and work and saving up as much as I can for plastic surgery. Based on the consults I've had with my plastic surgeon, I'm confident I can go from a 4/10 to a 7.2–7.3/10. That’s what I'll focus on now."

This may be terrorism. It might also be an attempted act of destruction without any real political terroristic motive, a "Nova" type of explosive, senseless destruction before hoping for the cowardly euthanasia of suicide by cop.

I guess I should also say "It's possible he had no bad motives," though I do not believe that for a moment.

("Nova" is a term I've heard used to describe depressed/emotionally disturbed men who do something terrible on their path to suicide, like kill their whole family.)

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CNN in "Meltdown" Trying to Spin Report to Save Their Own Reputations

—Ace of Spades


CNN hack and Gender Flexible Eggbody Chris Cillizza got butthurt when someone said CNN was in meltdown:

Meanwhile, if you can believe this, ridiculous joke and corporate tool Brian "Butterball Powerbottom" Stelter was earlier shrieking at people that no "partisans" should speculate about the report.

Annnnnd... simultaneously, on his own network, a panel of eight ludicrous partisans were speculating about the report.

Meanwhile, AG Barr is getting a little edgy with his redactions:


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Media is, Get This, Embarrassing Itself over Conspiracy Theories

—Ace of Spades

Trust all agents of the state.

Except Robert Barr. He's a traitor and a RUSSIAN AGENT.

"What do you say to people on both sides of the aisle, who are concerned that you are trying to protect the president," [a reporter] asked.

"It just seems there's a lot of effort to go out of your way to acknowledge how this was difficult for him," quoting the portion of the remarks where Barr said, Trump "faced an unprecedented situation."

"Well, is there another precedent for it," replied Barr.

"No, but it's unusual that..." replied the reporter.

"Okay, so unprecedented is an accurate description, isn't it," said Barr.

Yes sir, indeed it is.

MSNBC Perma-Guest Neal Kaytal declares that no one ever says "collusion" because it's not a real crime, saying that Trump is the only person who uses that word -- precisely because it's not a crime he could be charged with.

Is it true that no lawyer uses the term "collusion"?

Well, Neal Kaytal is a lawyer.
He used the word a lot when that allegation was in play.

Now that it's rubbished, he claims "no one ever even talked about collusion, except Trump."

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Super-Spy Christopher Steele Refuses to Cooperate With Inspector General

—Ace of Spades

Nothing to hide.

Even Politico notes the irony of a guy who used to pass documents to the DOJ every few weeks now claiming that Sacred Honor forbids him from cooperating with the DOJ.

Steele declined the inspector general’s request on the grounds that it would be improper for him to take part "in an internal Justice Department investigation as a foreign national and former British intelligence agent," Politico reported Wednesday.

The explanation is somewhat ironic given that Steele, a former MI6 officer, provided his anti-Trump research to the FBI as well as to Bruce Ohr, a Justice Department official.

Meanwhile, word is that IG Horowitz is in fact investigating Steele -- and whether he really was a Super-Spy, after all.

As you read this, bear in mind that the FIFA investigation is the only thing cited to establish what a world-beater of an intelligence operator this guy is.

In 2010, Steele delivered information to the bureau's Eurasian Organized Crime squad about corruption within the international soccer league FIFA, with links to Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, that led to the ouster of longtime FIFA president Sepp Blatter and the indictment of several FIFA officials.

The inspector general's office has concluded that Steele inflated his worth to the bureau in that case, and did little more than introduce agents to a journalist who had obtained hacked documents, according to two people who were interviewed and briefed on the matter. For the FBI to have formalized its relationship with Steele -- paying him an undisclosed amount beginning in 2013 -- as a result of his FIFA role may therefore have been bad judgment, the inspector genera'’s team has intimated. Horowitz's probe also appears set to cast doubt on the veracity of the information Steele provided about Page that the FBI included in its application for a FISA warrant.

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Trump to Give Press Conference on Mueller Report Shortly
Barr's Press Conference: No Collusion, No Obstruction

—Ace of Spades

Trump's upcoming presser will be livestreamed here.

Barr's presser (which already happened, at 9:45) below the fold.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


von Max Monkeys.jpg

Monkeys As Judges Of Art
Gabriel von Max

[This has absolutely nothing to do with the coming media frenzy over the Mueller Report. I would never suggest that our noble 4th Estate are, in the main, a bunch of slobbering monkeys who fling poo and chatter nonsense. I have far too much respect for them.]

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report - 4/18/19

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Thursday and breaking late last night a man has been arrested trying to enter New York City's St. Patrick's Cathedral with two cans of gasoline, lighter fluid and lighters. We've been trying to reach Shepherd Smith and Neil Cavuto to get their expert analysis, but we've been told they're under an I-95 overpass near the Meadowlands, servicing the local chapter of Vermin Supreme. All seriousness aside, the code 10 whack-a-doo in question is identified as one Marc Lamparello, 37, a Jersey resident and a grad student at CUNY seeking a PhD in philosophy. Perfect! Meh, given the political landscape here in New York, this guy could be a future mayor or governor... if he doesn't flame out along the way.

We now return to our regularly scheduled meshugas, where the big story for today is the long anticipated release of the Mueller Report, which as we all know is the aftermath of the world's longest running smear campaign against a sitting president in an effort to stall and coverup the revelation that the Clinton/Obama/Deep State perpetrators of the aforementioned are the actual colluders, traitors and criminals worthy of a long drop from a short rope. The "report" such as it is will of course find Trump guilty of zero crimes but, as it is authored by a few dozen Democrat/Hillary loyalists led by shyster-cum-Roland Freisler Andrew Weissman, every page will no doubt be jam-packed with "insinuendos," smears and other swipes at the President's character that will be the fodder for the Democrat-Media-Complex to fill every minute of airtime and every column inch every day until November of 2020. And since anti-Trump co-conspirator Mueller conveniently omitted any statements clearing the president of obstruction of justice, that will also sustain the attack on him going forward. But how can you obstruct justice for crimes that were never committed? Oops, I forgot; the Lavrenty Beria codicil. Silly me.

Of course, adding fuel to the fire is a press conference that has been called by AG Wiliam Barr that will precede the release of the report, with former deputy AG Rod Rosenpenis in attendance. The Left is going positively ape over this and ever since Barr's four-page summary that essentially exonerated Trump, they've thrown every accusation at him for covering up Trump's crimes that are sure to be in the unreduced report that has been denied them. Forget the fact that had there been any, Mueller would've gone to the press immediately. And, much as I loathe Rosenpenis, recall in July of last year, that late Friday press conference where 12 Russians were indicted for hacking where he declared:

...There is no allegation in the indictment that any American was a knowing participant in the alleged unlawful activity or knew they were communicating with Russian intelligence officers. There is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct altered the vote count or changed the outcome of the 2016 election...

That was July of 2018. And yet Mueller persisted for another 8 months, after knowing full well probably on the day he was given the assignment that there was zero evidence that Trump was guilty of anything. But of course, he had his job to do like a good little Fifth Columnist. Meanwhile, Christopher Steele, the author of the tripe that was used as a pretext to dupe (or not) the FISA courts to give a rogue DoJ and FBI the wiretaps to spy on the campaign and then the nascent presidency of Trump, is refusing to meet with the department's IG. I wonder if there'll be a 3AM raid on his house where he too can be dragged away handcuffed in his tidy whiteys in front of the TV cameras like Paul Manafort. Meh, who am I kidding? Two Americas, yo. And on that note, Great One Mark Levin takes us on a trip down memory lane where we relive the real collusion between the Clintons and the Chinese during the 1996 campaign. Funny how none of that ever gets spoken of in the media.

To the border we go where the migrant invasion crisis continues. And it plus our non-immigration system in general tops the Ipsos poll for Republican voters as their top issue. Meanwhile, Ben Carson and HUD come in from nowhere to announce they are going to crackdown on illegal aliens abusing the public housing system. Bravo, and let this spread to every agency that illegal aliens leech off of, as well as enforcing the laws strictly and with harsh penalties of knowing employers of same. And as a DHS panel calls for more action (I thought you guys at DHS provide the action), Yuma, Arizona is declaring a state of emergency. Also, send the dreamy DREAMers to live in Bernie's six plush dachas and one of Obama's sparks of humanity is charged with murdering the father of 10.

Dem Scandal Sheet: Kim Foxx fixxed Jussie Galore's case after recusing herself, the UAW bribery scandal deepens with implications for unions fighting right-to-work legislation, and T.J. "B.J." Cox is indeed a goniffing Democrat weasel (BIRM).

In Democrat Joo-Hatred, Rancida Tliban hosts terror-affiliated Joo-haters on Capitol Hill, Nancy Palsi insists the Democrat Party has no taint of anti-Semitism, right after meeting with rabid anti-Semite Jeremy Corbyn, and perhaps there is a distancing of some Dems from "Bro-Fo" Omar. Legit revulsion or political expediency? You make the call.

In general politics, Dems think Florida is key to beat Trump in '20, Dems hate "dark money" except when they get it, Jim Messina not high on Bernie's chances, Bernie and Blotto are cheap bastards and hypocrites, Bernie attacks legit redskin for attacking Fauxca-Has-Been, a look at entrepreneurship, the electoral college and reparations, Spengler on the Democrat klown kar, and a victim of socialism has some choice words for those pimping it today.

First Amendment and Fake News Fakery: He may look like a mincing milquetoast but Butthead Buttplug will demand you bake that cake and Schiff-for-Brains is the pinup girl in every city room.

Guns: Gun grabbers gunning for pro-gun Nevada sheriffs.

Abortion: OB-GYN challenges the storyline of Unplanned and don't believe the phony polling about American approval of Roe v Wade.

Notre Dame Fire Aftermath: The priest who rescued the crown of thorns and other relics is some guy, jihadi savages ululate and masturbate over the conflagration, let the rebuilding begin and yes, whether it was terrorism or not, what happened serves to underscore the mass desecration of churches all over France.

Foreign Desk: Trump hoping to create a commie-free hemisphere ("charity" begins here at home too, Mr. President), the administration turns the screws tighter on Venezuela, reports indicate the NorKs are testing a new weapon, more Brexit analysis including an American angle vis a vis independent trade deals with the US and their fate in Congress, the latter directs all maps and other paraphernalia to officially indicate the Golan Heights as part of Israel, Canuck conservatives score big win in Alberta, and the Chi-Coms are a threat to freedom everywhere.

Military Affairs: What's this? F-35s and naval assets being deployed to the Gulf region.

We-All-Slam-For-I-Slam: Some court just threw out years of rulings from military judges against the USS Cole terrorists, and Instagram cuts off IRGC officials. How can we get their cool swag now?

The Economy: California is leading the way... in the highest gas prices in the nation, and where are the GOP YIMBYs?

Crime and Punishment: Kamala-Toe regrets being hard on parents of juvies, that 5-year-old boy thrown from a balcony at the Mall of America is in critical condition, and a NY parole board frees terrorist Judith Clark. Disgusting, but hey, it's Democrat-controlled New York.

Education: North Carolina public schools announce May Day off for the commies to hold a #Red-for-Ed protest, Middlebury College censors conservative lecture on totalitarianism (hey, they obviously are experts in the subject), and what the hell happened to the University of Tulsa? That's a rhetorical question.

Red Greens: Chiquita Khruschev AOC releases an insane, even for her, agitprop cartoon video pimping the Green Leap Backwards to children, and a look at radical environmentalism and something known as "transhumanism," which involves immortality, and the conflict between the two.

Feminazism: Dennis Prager on the heavy price of femme rage.

Hither and Yon: "You gotta fight. For your right..." to choke the chicken? Christian Toto on two anti-Fox propaganda flicks, a rave for the play Hadestown, on the Left's need to rewrite history and the great Victor Davis Hanson with a high level view on where things are heading.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

Posted by J.J. Sefton at 07:48 AM Comments

Wednesday Overnight Open Thread (4/17/19)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

"Despite repeated claims that CAIR is a benign, mainstream civil-rights advocacy group, the truth remains that CAIR has a long history of financing terrorist groups like Hamas, Hezbollah and al Qaeda. Since 9/11, 15 CAIR leaders have been criminally convicted or implicated in terrorism investigations—including one convicted for violating sanctions of Iraq and another for financing al Qaeda and the Taliban." Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry (R.)

Quote II

“I don’t think I know a single judge who has allowed religion to interfere with their jobs. “I think if you start the day on your knees, you approach your job differently from when you start thinking that someone anointed you to impose your will on others.”Justice Clarence Thomas

Quote III

America is a land that bans books, has political prisoners and condemns people to a form of internal exile where they cannot have a job or maintain a normal life. Ten years ago, if someone said Americans would lose their jobs because they liked something on social media, only the aluminum foil hat types would have believed it. Such things were considered impossible just a decade ago. In the 1980’s, these were the sorts of things that happened in the Soviet Union, which was why communism was considered evil. The Z Blog



Continue reading

Posted by Misanthropic Humanitarian at 10:00 PM Comments

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Top Headlines
This is a longer clip (the whole interview) of Brie Larson with Chris Hemsworth and Don Cheadle. Based on their faces, it looks to me like Brie Larson really is pissy, and both guys know they have to walk on eggshells around her. Chris Hemsworth makes a face that says, "Oh shit, that's going to set Little Miss Thang off" when Don Cheadle says "All Brie has to do is not screw it up."
Oh my: her joint interview with Jeremy Renner is pretty cringey, especially with their divergent answers on the first question (about using their celebrity to promote change -- Renner says, "Nah, I don't do that bullshit," basically).
Via Instapundit: Can deep-brain electrical stimulation cure not one but several disorders, like OCD and depression?
Interesting stuff. They also mention Parkison's as a candidate for amelioration via deep-brain stimulation.
"New Jersey Man" arrested with filled gas cans inside St. Patrick's cathedral in NYC; claims his minivan ran out of fuel
"As the man was turned, police say gasoline spilled out onto the floor. Security then notified nearby police who questioned the man outside the church and took him into custody.
"Police say the man was carrying over four gallons of gas, two bottles of lighter fluid and two butane lighters."

And he decided to pop into church with filled petrol cans for what reason, now? Just a quick benediction from a priest to spur him on the last 100 yards of his journey? Or did he want the priest to bless the gasoline? Does his car run on Holy Petrol?
Via Instapundit
Liquid blood found inside prehistoric, 42,000 year old proto-horse foal's corpse; scientists plan to use the DNA to clone the extinct proto-horse breed
We might see a bunch of de-extinction events in the future. Or at least, that's what was happening when I viewed the future, one hour from now
Large ‘object’ in man’s pants leads to Stratford CT drug bust. "“During a pat down of Johnson, the detectives felt a large object secreted in his groin area which they knew was not part of the male anatomy." [dri]
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