June 26, 2017

Guest Post: Observations From Flyover Country (Cumberland Astro)


Since Donald Trump was elected I have seen a spate of local news stories about companies building, expanding, or investing in manufacturing plants within a 50 mile radius of Chattanooga. With these new plants there will be hundreds of new manufacturing jobs. Although pundits in Washington who are much smarter than me (just ask them) keep saying that manufacturing in America is dead, I'm observing a multitude of companies behaving otherwise, including several foreign companies. I don't think the Acela crowd is aware that manufacturing is expanding in business-friendly states.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread



Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows
John Constable

It looks like a crossword jigsaw puzzle, and a damned complicated one at that. The artist's technical prowess and patience is obvious, but I wonder if that is all that is necessary? It's certainly not evocative of any personal triumph or tragedy. I guess it could be seen as social commentary.

Or just a cool painting.

I don't know, but it's fun.

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The Morning Report 6/26/17

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. Another week is upon us and first up we have the continuing meltdown of the Media/Democrat Complex as their Russia collusion/obstruction-of-justice meme is crumbling like a wet blini. Propaganda outlet CNN is front and center after having pumped out and then been forced to retract a complete fable (pushed most notably by Senator Elizabeth Warpath among others) their own media critic Brian Stetler was refused comment by his own employer. Wow.

Next, there is a push to ram home the Senate Obamacare Rehash and Relabel Bill by the July 4th holiday. I find it infuriating that a) it doesn't go nearly far enough in dismantling the monster and bolstering free market solutions (as promised) but that b) those who point this out are labeled as "purists." Sorry, but no amount of ketchup and Everclear will wash down a feces sammich and make it taste like sirloin steak. If it's not obvious by now that this is all kabu-kakke theater to keep in place a bureaucracy that keeps DC denizens empowered and swimming in lucre, then you (the royal you) should not be coming here any more.

Lastly, the final link about this shyster lawyer who scammed over half a billion dollars in SSDI money is infuriating to say the least. It is a perfect example of why we need tort reform, judicial reform, entitlement reform as well as why government functions best when it functions least. And if Obamacare remains whole, in part, or as Mark Levin warns we get single payer, the fraud and abuse outlined above will look like a rounding error in what's to come. Sadly, to paraphrase Oberst von Scherbach "you will not get them." Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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Sunday Overnight Open Thread (6/25/17) Rusty Edition

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

rusty truck.jpg

(Here's hoping this isn't the entire ONT)


Quotes of The Day

Quote I

A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking. Earl Wilson

Quote II

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. Steve Jobs

Quote III

Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not. Samuel Johnson

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C'est La Vie (MJ)

—Open Blogger

Our civic debate and the intellectualism surrounding it has become boring. We all know the prism through which Charles Blow (racism), Thomas Friedman (globalism), or any left leaning publication will present its view. Everything the Left does is predictable.

The Right is oftentimes similarly rote, although there exists a stronger willingness to debate an issue beyond the merely emotional. It's more about the construct than the destruct; the depth and breadth.

Whereas speech is the hallmark of the Right, it is anathema to the Left. Their adherence to a limited cadre of acceptable words has led directly to their stunted and sheltered views.

I believe this unwillingness for honest diagnosis is leading to a growing, if not already fatal wound in Europe; the pinnacle of Leftism.

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Food Thread: When I Use A Word, It Means Just What I Choose It To Mean -- Neither More Nor Less


fancy chef.jpg

Good morning to all you 'rons, 'ettes, lurkers, and lurkettes. Welcome once again to the stately, prestigious, internationally acclaimed and high-class Sunday Afternoon Food Thread, where men are men, all the 'ettes are gorgeous (and naked under their aprons), knives are always sharp and never used to cut tofu or kale, and special snowflakes starve to death. And unlike other AoSHQ threads, the Sunday Afternoon Food Thread is so hoity-toity, we have a book! And bacon...

Or at least we will have a book, if you get off your asses and submit some recipes (and just once, could you color inside the lines please? We have rules!) And if Weasel and Bluebell and the rest of the reprobates and voluptuaries and debauchees (who claim to be assisting this grand project but really are just stealing the booze samples), put down the bourbon bottle and actually get something done.


Now that we have spent weeks touting the Moron Cookbook, nagging you to refine and submit Aunt Tillie's recipe for rutabaga mash with chopped chicken feet, it is time to discuss the inescapable reality that recipes are not received wisdom, that they are, at least for people who are comfortable in the kitchen, guidelines and ideas, not rigid and immutable laws.

Sort of like the US Constitution is for liberals.

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The Human Cost Of Government Regulation: 79 Dead In One Day


This NYT article is a mass of evasive and sneaky explanations for the failure of government regulations and regulators to create and enforce reasonable building codes. At every turn it seems it was pressure from "business friendly" politicians that forced the regulators to allow substandard materials to be used. Why Grenfell Tower Burned: Regulators Put Cost Before Safety is a typical NYT article; it wows the unwary with seemingly in-depth reporting but it is clear that the conclusion was written before the reporting was complete.

Promising to cut "red tape," business-friendly politicians evidently judged that cost concerns outweighed the risks of allowing flammable materials to be used in facades. Builders in Britain were allowed to wrap residential apartment towers -- perhaps several hundred of them -- from top to bottom in highly flammable materials, a practice forbidden in the United States and many European countries. And companies did not hesitate to supply the British market.

How this would have turned out worse without the existence of any regulation is difficult to imagine. The only difference would be that the people responsible would go to jail. The fire-safety regulators and the building code writers and the inspectors and all of the other government bureaucrats whose very existence is to prevent exactly this catastrophe will be carefully insulated from any blame. There will be a large and expensive government inquiry, and they will find irregularities in the regulatory apparatus, but mostly they will find that it was private industry that is the real culprit. "Mean old Alcoa should never have sold us that exterior cladding!"

A formal government inquiry into the fire has just begun. But interviews with tenants, industry executives and fire safety engineers point to a gross failure of government oversight, a refusal to heed warnings from inside Britain and around the world and a drive by successive governments from both major political parties to free businesses from the burden of safety regulations.

So the very people who failed so spectacularly will be doing the inquiry? Brilliant!

And let's not forget to blame rich people!

Survivors have charged that the facade was installed to beautify their housing project for the benefit of wealthy neighbors.

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Sunday Morning Book Thread 06-25-2017


city library, oslo.jpg
Central Public Library, Oslo, Norway

Good morning to all you 'rons, 'ettes, lurkers, and lurkettes. Welcome once again to the stately, prestigious, internationally acclaimed and high-class Sunday Morning Book Thread, where men are men, all the 'ettes are gorgeous, safe spaces are underneath your house and are used as protection against actual dangers, like natural disasters, or Literally Hitler, and special snowflakes do not last. And unlike other AoSHQ comment threads, the Sunday Morning Book Thread is so hoity-toity, pants are required. Even if it's these pants, which look like they can also be used as a sail for a good-sized yacht.

When The English Stopped Being Gentlemen And Started Fighting Dirty

Going all the way back to WWII for this:

In preparation for D-Day, a highly secretive British department known as Baker Street worked to drop 250 saboteurs behind enemy lines with one purpose: to stop the German army from sending supplies and reinforcements to Normandy. These guerillas were tasked with a massive coordinated sabotage mission to frustrate and block Hitler’s war machine in any and all ways possible. Especially important was stopping Germany’s most lethal division, the 2nd SS Panzer Division, Das Reich.

One saboteur destroyed all of Das Reich’s tank transporters by replacing the axle oil with axle grease mixed with an abrasive, forcing the division to travel by road and damaging six out of every 10 tanks. A separate team then barraged Das Reich with sabotage after sabotage, including felling trees in their path and planting bombs beneath them. In the end, what should have been a 72-hour journey took Hitler’s crack tank division 17 days—enough time for the allies to establish their beachhead.

All of this is detailed in the book Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare: The Mavericks Who Plotted Hitler’s Defeat by Giles Milton. The D-Day operations of this group was part of a larger, more comprehensive war effort:

In the spring of 1939, a top-secret organization was founded in London: its purpose was to plot the destruction of Hitler's war machine through spectacular acts of sabotage.

The guerrilla campaign that followed was every bit as extraordinary as the six men who directed it. One of them, Cecil Clarke, was a maverick engineer who had spent the 1930s inventing futuristic caravans. Now, his talents were put to more devious use: he built the dirty bomb used to assassinate Hitler's favorite, Reinhard Heydrich. Another, William Fairbairn, was a portly pensioner with an unusual passion: he was the world's leading expert in silent killing, hired to train the guerrillas being parachuted behind enemy lines. Led by dapper Scotsman Colin Gubbins, these men—along with three others—formed a secret inner circle that, aided by a group of formidable ladies, single-handedly changed the course Second World War: a cohort hand-picked by Winston Churchill, whom he called his Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

Perhaps this is the last great untold story of the Second World War.

It Pays To Increase Your Word Power®

‘All their geese are swans’ is a 17th century expression implying that everything that somebody says is wildly exaggerated or overblown.

Usage: All of CNN's geese are swans.

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Overnight Open Thread (24 Jun 2017)


It looks the firm behind the dubious intelligence dossier on DJT is really an opposition-research group for Democrats and are political activists. You don't say. No wonder they are stonewalling the congressional investigators.

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Saturday Evening Movie Thread 06-24-2017 [Hosted By: TheJamesMadison]


Starting at Zero

theater interior.jpg

When the lights go down and the movie comes up, the audience is opening up to new experiences, new adventures, and new connections. Most of the time, these new things are fake, but the audience is willing to suspend disbelief and try to connect with what's happening on the 60-foot screen before them.

But no matter how successful or abysmal the effort on the part of the artists is, the audience always starts at zero. They have no emotional connection with any of the characters. Because of the artifice of fiction in general, there's a wall between the audience and the film on basic things like setting even if it's set in a familiar place.

What happens next is the movie tries to convince the audience of its authenticity. It's not always an authenticity around placing the events in a real world context, but an authenticity that creates an emotional connection of some kind.

You can take this a bit more granularly and say that individual sequences need to build up to specific emotional payoffs. Without the buildup, the emotions meant to derive from the payoff never really materialize. Think of it like a punchline without a joke. That drumbeat and clash of symbols without any humor before it.

What I show next is three examples of payoff. Two have, in my opinion, well established buildups, and the third does…not.

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Saturday Afternoon Chess/Open Thread (Featuring Dress Pr0n) 06-24-2017


dogs playing chess.jpg
"OK, so you know the loser has to go over to the Obamas' house for dinner, right?"

Good afternoon morons and moronettes, and welcome to the Saturday Afternoon Chess/Open Thread, the only AoSHQ thread with content specifically for all of us chess nerds who pay homage in the temple of Caïssa, goddess of the chessboard. Also, dress pr0n. Each week, I pick out a few lovely, modest, conservative dresses for the 'ettes to admire and appraise. And, for those of you who aren't nerdly enough for chess, you can use this thread to talk about checkers, or other games, or politics, or whatever you wish, only please try to keep it civil. Nobody wants to get in the middle of a pie fight on a Saturday afternoon.

“A bad day of Chess is better than any good day at work”

Problem 1 - White To Play (198 )

Hint: White can force a win of material, or the game

20170624 - Problem 1.jpg
rbb2r1k/p3qp1p/1p2pp2/8/3P2Q1/P2B4/1P3PPP/R4RK1 w - - 0 1

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Ace of Spades Pet Thread (6/24/17)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

pethread 6 24.jpg

Welcome to the almost world famous Ace of Spades Pet Thread. The thread is a little different today as I've been away and off the grid. So a light thread today. Still grab yourself a beverage and enjoy.

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Saturday Gardening Thread: Firewater [KT]

—Open Blogger


Oregon Tiger Lily, Photographed by Kindltot

Well, we've got something pretty close to "fire" going on all over the southwest. "High pressure system", they call it. "Miserable" I call it. And some actual fires in a few places. One near my cousin's home. And there is a lot of water in the Southeast about now. Is everybody OK?

The closest thing I have had to actual "firewater" this week has been sedatives for a rather unpleasant medical procedure. And we are adjusting to someone who works a night shift moving into the house. I have not been well-organized, so don't expect much of a theme today. There are some garden news items today, though.

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Thread below the Gardening Thread: Roman Drama [KT]

—Open Blogger

Serving your mid-day open thread needs


All-male theatrical troupe preparing for a masked performance
House of the Tragic Poet, Pompeii

A week ago, before Johnny Depp, um, made the news, Neo-Neocon wrote:

The current New York production of "Julius Caesar" in which Caesar is portrayed as a Trump-like figure is no ordinary propaganda.

Caesar is a particular figure with particular characteristics. Why was he assassinated? Because the assassins thought he had become a tyrant. They met a bad end themselves, as assassins often do, but along the way they felt they were doing Rome a service by ridding it of a dangerous leader. They considered it to be not an assassination, but tyrannicide. . .

She goes on to make some interesting comparisons with the theatrical visions of John Wilkes Booth. But she also includes commentary on a writer at HuffPo calling for Trump's legal execution. The HuffPo writer also called for additional executions. The HuffPo writer's plan for purifying the land is considerably more disturbing to me than Johnny Depp's recent foray into heroic fantasy. Because Johnny Depp is kind of crazy. And because the HuffPo piece actually got published.

And because Julius Caesar was not the only guy assassinated in Rome.

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Saturday Morning Weird News Dump (6/24/17)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian


Damn dog!! Doesn't he know it's Vacation Day Saturday??????

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EMT 06/24/2017


I've spent every free moment the last 2 weeks rehabbing my first house to put it up for sale. Been a rental property for the last 6 years or so. Good tenants, but lots of stuff to do.

I think I am about 2 days from done.

New paint inside, pressure washed the siding, new kitchen counter, re grouted all the tile, fresh stain on the deck, repainted the garage, new caulk everywhere, reseeded the lawn... I contracted out for the counter install and some of the exterior trim repairs and painting. The rest is all me. The wife doesn't know this yet, but when this place sells, daddy gets a new TV.

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Overnight Open Thread (23 Jun 2017)


It's going to take years to build back up trust in the FBI and other government agencies. Who does the FBI work for?

Considering how ludicrous the FBI's conclusions are as it relates to an attack on the third ranking member of the House of Representatives, you might reconsider whether to trust the FBI's conclusions in other areas, as well. And this is how our faith in institutions is degraded: steadily, gradually, with incident after incident where men in suits stand in front of microphones and make claims we know are not the whole truth.

If CIA contractors are willing to hack vending machines, what else do you think they're willing to do with capabilities they have access to in their official capacity? No one has really been punished at the IRS for their political shenanigans and the DOJ obviously interfered with the Hillary private server investigation. Until big name folks are held accountable for their violations, public faith in these institutions will continue to crater.

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"Russia, Russia, Russia!:" Kellyanne Conway Goofs on Indian-Slurring Alisyn Camarotta


Alisyn Camarotta was most recently embarrassed when she asked a girl of Indian descent who'd just won a national spelling bee to spell "confeve," and then, when the girl got it slightly wrong, excused her mistake because "it doesn't have a Sanskrit root, which is what you're probably used to."

The Indian girl in question lives in the United States, speaks English, and wouldn't know Sanskrit even if she lived in India, where less than 1% of the population speaks it as a primary language.

Apart from being an expert on Languages That Indians Don't Really Speak, Camarotta also fancies herself a bit of a "player" in matters of national security and geopolitics.

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Matthew Continetti Gets It, Finally: What if the Political Class Knows Absolutely Nothing About Anything?


Continetti had been a populist critic of the puffed-up, jumped-up false elites, but then backed off that position in reaction (I speculate) to Trump's populist victory.

But he seems to be permitting himself to get it again.

Events are turning me into a radical skeptic. I no longer believe what I read, unless what I am reading is an empirically verifiable account of the past. I no longer have confidence in polls, because it has become impossible to separate the signal from the noise. What I have heard from the media and political class over the last several years has been so spectacularly proven wrong by events, again and again, that I sometimes wonder why I continue to read two newspapers a day before spending time following journalists on Twitter. Habit, I guess. A sense of professional obligation, I suppose. Maybe boredom.

The fact is that almost the entirety of what one reads in the paper or on the web is speculation. The writer isn't telling you what happened, he is offering an interpretation of what happened, or offering a projection of the future. The best scenario is that these theories are novel, compelling, informed, and based on reporting and research. But that is rarely the case. More often the interpretations of current events, and prophesies of future ones, are merely the products of groupthink or dogma or emotions or wish-casting, memos to friends written by 27-year-olds who, in the words of Ben Rhodes, "literally know nothing." There was a time when newspapers printed astrology columns. They no longer need to. The pseudoscience is on the front page.


"Like a bearded nut in robes on the sidewalk proclaiming the end of the world is near, the media is just doing what makes it feel good, not reporting hard facts," Michael Crichton once said. "We need to start seeing the media as a bearded nut on the sidewalk, shouting out false fears. It's not sensible to listen to it."

Don Surber coincidentally has a piece demonstrating that they're literally always wrong about everything, noting that they have learned absolutely nothing since November.

That's not just laziness. Even a lazy person learns by osmosis.

To actively reject all information is a purposeful exertion. They're remaining proudly ignorant as a demonstration of mule-headed willful stupidity.

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The National Laughingstock: Our Deep State Embeds and Criminal Leakers Have Exposed Major US Covert Operation to Infect Russian Computer Networks with Malware


There apparently is only one Law the Deep State follows now: Get Trump.

Rather than reading the article, see Comrade Arthur's thoughts about this being primarily a blame-shifting exercise excusing Obama from acting: Obama didn't deploy his weapons, but Trump is somehow to be blamed for following Obama's lead.

I guess that makes Trump a Russian stooge -- but not Obama, for some reason.

In any event, it's pretty clear that serious natsec secrets are being leaked here, and there must be a legal reckoning.

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Love Trumps Hate, They Threatened: Swishy Bankrupt Actor Most Famous For Silly Hats and Stupid Accents Dreams About Assassinating the President


The name "Johnny Depp" is synonymous for "late in age one-note formerly famous person who is broke and is now making even more awful movies than he used to.

So now he's musing about the last time an actor killed a president, and wondering if it isn't time for another one to do the same.

The Secret Service should take this seriously -- Johnny Depp has been alleged to have a history of violence, though usually against women even smaller than himself.

The Black Mass actor split [with Amber Heard] last year amid accusations he was abusive, and although he has always denied the claims, The Management Group (TMG) stated they knew he was 'volatile' in filings submitted as part of their ongoing legal battle with their famous former client.

In documents submitted this week, the company said: 'During his recent divorce from Amber Heard, Depp publicly and repeatedly denied having physically assaulted his former wife and accused her of manufacturing the allegations to 'extend her 15 minutes of fame'.

'However, [TMG were] informed well after the fact through communications with various house staff and security that Depp had been extremely volatile and sometimes "gotten physical" with Heard. [They] were also later informed that Depp had violently kicked Heard during an incident that took place in or around 2014.'

During the bitter divorce battle, Amber made public texts she had exchanged with the 54-year-old star's assistant, in which the employee apologised for his boss' behaviour, but the actor denied the texts were real - a claim which TMG dispute.

Heard later settled for $7 million, with no party admitting fault.This article mentions other instances of Depp's alleged "volatility."

The deal came on the eve of a hearing scheduled to begin on Wednesday and last five days, unleashing combative, high-priced lawyers to battle over lurid claims of jealous paranoia, drunken rages, manipulative greed and a severed fingertip.

Heard, 30, filed for divorce in May and obtained a temporary restraining order, alleging her Oscar-nominated husband assaulted her after a drunken argument in their LA apartment. Her filing said Depp, 53, “began obsessing over something that wasn’t true” and “became extremely angry”, throwing a phone at Heard, striking her cheek and eye “with extreme force”.

A separate statement from a friend of Heard’s who witnessed the scene, Raquel Pennington, supported Heard’s version, including a description of Depp swinging a magnum-sized bottle of wine “like a baseball bat”.

Heard, who stars in the upcoming London Fields, supplied photographs of her bruised face and smashed wine bottles and said the incident fit a pattern of abuse, including a violent row in Australia which disrupted filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Io Tillett Wright, another friend of Heard’s, wrote in an essay for Refinery 29: “The reports of violence started with a kick on a private plane, then it was shoves and the occasional punch, until finally, in December, she described an all-out assault and she woke up with her pillow covered in blood. I know this because I went to their house. I saw the pillow with my own eyes. I saw the busted lip and the clumps of hair on the floor.”

Apparently the "severed fingertip" claim went like this: Depp accidentally severed the tip of his finger when raging about his suspicions that Heard was having an affair with much-more-manly actor Billy Bob Thornton. So he "dipped the stump" into blue ink and wrote "Billy Bob" and "Easy Amber" on a mirror.

Which isn't crazy or worrying at all, and the Secret Service should definitely not take a long look at this "volatile," drunk, financially distressed asshole.

We have nothing to fear from broken drunks with Nothing Left to Lose.

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Senate Announces Probe Into Loretta Lynch's Possible Interference in Email Matter During 2016 Election


Notice the media doesn't want to talk about the interference that's actually evidenced.

The Senate Judiciary Committee has opened a probe into former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s efforts to shape the FBI's investigation into 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, the committee’s chairman announced Friday.

In a letter to Ms. Lynch, the committee asks her to detail the depths of her involvement in the FBI's investigation, including whether she ever assured Clinton confidantes that the probe wouldn’t "push too deeply into the matter."

Fired FBI Director James B. Comey has said publicly that Ms. Lynch tried to shape the way he talked about the investigation into Mrs. Clinton's emails, and he also hinted at other behavior "which I cannot talk about yet" that made him worried about Ms. Lynch's ability to make impartial decisions.

Remember, the leftist media all reported that email between Lynch's confidantes claiming she wouldn't let the investigation get too far was "faked" or "forged" - these anonymous leakers swearing it, but not publicly -- but Comey himself gave no indications he thought the emails were faked.

The FBI never asked the writer of the email nor the addressee if it was "forged" by the Russians or real.

Maybe it's time for someone to ask them that, under oath.

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Court Dismisses 14 of 15 Charges in the Persecution of Those Who Exposed the Trade in Organs of Aborted Babies


When you charge someone with 15 counts, and 14 of them are so obviously without merit a judge dismisses them pre-trial, it shows the prosecution to be a politically motivated exercise in weaponized government.

On Wednesday the San Francisco Superior Court tossed for lack of evidence 14 of 15 criminal charges against journalists who recorded high-level Planned Parenthood employees discussing trafficking the body parts of aborted babies, reports LifeSiteNews. California’s Department of Justice says it will re-file the charges within the ten-day deadline for providing more evidence.


As a Democratic member of Congress, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra received thousands of dollars in campaign donations both from Planned Parenthood and fellow abortion promoter NARAL. His predecessor, whose department initiated the action, received $81,000 from Planned Parenthood for her campaigns.

In May, another California judge, who had contributed a quarter of a million dollars to former president Barack Obama’s campaign, slapped Merritt and Daleiden with contempt charges for releasing another video despite a restraining order. Their attorneys say the videos are already public thanks to their opponents’ public court filings, and the already released videos remain on CMP’s YouTube page.

In April, California’s Department of Justice raided Daleiden’s home and seized the recordings.

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Nebraska State Democrat Official: I Wish Our Leftwing Assassin Had Succeeded in Murdering Steve Scalise


The official has been removed from her post, but that wouldn't be enough if he were a Republican.

The recording was made during a conversation between Montag, party official Chelsey Gentry-Tipton and a friend of hers. Gentry-Tipton faced criticism last week for saying the GOP members of Congress crying about the shooting on television were funny because they supported the National Rifle Association’s agenda.

"I'm glad he got shot," Montag says in the recording. "I'm not gonna (expletive) say that in public."

"Well then what are you saying it to us for?" someone else in the recording asks.

"I wish he was (expletive) dead," Montag replies.

Here's the thing: The media milks one-day bad stories about Republicans into two, three, or four day stories by adding on secondary, follow-up, and spin-off stories. The easiest and most obvious way to milk a one-day story into multiple days is to turn to asking each and every Republican in the world if he denounces the person in question, and if he himself has contributed to the "Climate of X" that (unstated assumption offered with no evidence) caused the Recent Unpleasantness.

By doing so, you not only keep the story alive, so that more people hear about it, as it dominates all media chatter, but you subconsiously link the bad story involving one Republican to all Republicans.

This is deliberate.

But notice that the press never does that for Democrats. No one in the press -- not even in the conservative press -- will be asking Democrats if they denounce this Democrats' death-wishes, and if they think that Democrat hate-speech has encouraged this death-wish-speech, and if death-wish-speech encourages all the political violence on the left.

The media knows how to make a one-day bad story for one Republican into a weeklong bad story for all Republicans.

It also knows how to make a one-day bad story for a Democrat a half-day story about a minor office-holder of unknown party affiliation.

Corrected: I incorrectly wrote "she" when referring to Montag. The article identifies him as male, but who knows any more.

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I Never Knew This Had A Name


Feminist: All men are rapists.

OregonMuse: What, are you high? You know that's complete bullshit.

Feminist: No, it's not, it's why we need feminism -- to smash the patriarchy.

OregonMuse: Feminism is bullshit.

Feminist: You're obviously a h8r. "Feminism is the radical proposition that women are people, too." How could you be against that?


Do you see what the feminist did there? She led with a controversial, hard-to-defend statement, and then, when pressed, retreated to a safe, no-sane-person-can-be-against-this platitude. And then pretended the two are the same. I've seen this in one form or another for years and it's just infuriating. But I never knew until about an hour ago that it has a name.

Ladies and gentlemen, behold, the Motte and Bailey trick:

Motte and bailey (MAB) is a combination of bait-and-switch and equivocation in which someone switches at will between a "motte" (an easy-to-defend and often common-sense statement, such as "culture shapes our experiences") and a "bailey" (a hard-to-defend and more controversial statement, such as "cultural knowledge is just as valid as scientific knowledge") in order to defend their viewpoint. Someone will "support" the easy-to-defend (motte) temporarily, to ward off critics, but does not actually believe what they're saying. The "difficult" (bailey) version always remains the desired belief, but is never actually defended. For all intents and purposes, the MAB'er is defending a "ghost" belief.

So MAB is a specie of the genus "bait and switch." I found this graphic on Twitter that illustrates the MAB with a couple of examples:

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Boldini Fete.jpg

Scène de fête
Giovanni Boldini

And from the Cookbook committee:

We are looking for some Horde artists to do some pen-and-ink drawings for our Moron cookbook. We don't need the art just yet until we find out the file lay-outs required by the printer, but we would like to collect some names of artists who might be interested. They can email Weasel and Bluebell at the email address at the cookbook link, which is shared by both of us: recipes at moroncookbook dot com

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The Morning Report 6/23/17

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. The weekend is here once again and the top story is the rolling out of the Senate Obamacare Repeal/Replace Bill. As expected, there's no repeal and the replace component essentially anchors the original 2010 monstrosity in our lives for all time. On a positive note, McYertle apparently does not have votes to move it forward and there will be amendments. Thankfully, Cruz, Paul and Lee are in the mix so that at least some of the more odious, economy-killing, freedom-killing aspects of this disaster are removed. To be sure, no matter what, parts of the original are here to stay. As someone once said, the one thing that you can never destroy is an entrenched government bureaucracy, but perhaps it can be made as benign as possible. Obviously, the Democrats are fueling the fires of more violence claiming millions will die in the streets if it passes. I would not be surprised if someone, somewhere steps forward and threatens GOP lawmakers with death if the bill becomes law. And Obama opened his cake-hole because the one good thing about this is that if it passes, there goes the single most important legacy of his 8-year reign of error. Amazingly, he's so wrapped up in his own little world that he doesn't appreciate the fact that a good sized chunk of his original namesake poison will no doubt continue to course through the veins of an atrophying America, perhaps forever. Meh, screw him to Hell.

If you look past our rage at and disappointment in the party that is allegedly ours, the Democrats are in absolute free fall. The Robert Mugabe Leadership of octogenarians has no clue about how to deal with PDT and who he represents; us. Their puppet masters in the MFM are equally clueless as are the cadres in academia and the culture complex. To them, it's all about the messaging and not their message itself. As Ive said before, if we only had a fraction of support from the GOP, the Democrats could become less relevant than "The Rent Is Too Damn High." But as we have seen from this insult from McYertle and Ryno, their interest is in preserving the power of the State. What a crying shame. But, thank G-d for Donald J. Trump.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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ONT-88 Lines About 44 Congressmen


Kamala was an AG once
Bent the law to her own whim
Cory was a different type
He invented all his friends
Charlie was an orange guy
I've never seen a tan like that
Charles avoided taxes
claimed he couldn't do the math

Hmmmm HmmHmmmmHmmHmmm
Hmmmm HmmHmmmmHmmHmmm

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Granny Rictus McBotoxface's Allies Circle the Wagons Around Their Incredible Shrinking Crone


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Love Trumps Hate, They Threatened


1. Illinois Man Indicted and Held Without Bail For Threatening Life of President, Citing Media's Unproven Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory.

The Real Democratic base -- not the celebrities they trot out every four years.

Before I die I want our president and congress to sign a treaty to never side with Russia or any enemy of the United States of America! If one will then that person deserves to be shot," his post read. "Guess what Trump? I'm waiting for the right time...and I KNOW your (sic) Putin's (expletive)!

Maybe he was just making a dark joke and didn't actually intend to threaten an assassination.

" The secret service now has a heads up as to my plan to assassinate Trump...let's see if they act."

Whoops, there goes that defense.

But maybe he didn't mean it honestly.


"Honestly am I really going to have to kill trump before our fine Government (the jack booted thugs they are) actually takes me into custody for threatening to assassinate President Donald Trump? I mean he sold our country to The Russians. He is a Benedict Arnold but hey the (expletive) is our President even though he needs a blade in his neck. And you dumb, asses who stick up for him...who's gonna protect you when someone like me comes t (sic) take you out."

2. Man Charged With Threatening GOP Rep and "every g**damn one of you."

"I've seen the prayer ya'll were saying at the baseball diamond ... I think ya'll better hit your knees and pray for the people that you're screwin' up their lives...

"We're coming to get every g**amn one of you and your families. Maybe the next one taken down will be your daughter. Huh? Or your wife. Or even you."

3. 30 GOP Congressmen have been attacked or threatened since May.

May 8: Wendi Wright, 35, was arrested after stalking Rep. David Kustoff (Tenn.) and trying to run him off the road. After pulling over, Wright "began to scream and strike the windows on Kustoff's car and even reached inside the vehicle."

May 9: Virginia Rep. Tom Garrett needed heavy security at a town hall after receiving a series of death threats in May that police "deemed to be credible and real."

"This is how we're going to kill your wife," one message said. Others detailed how they would kill his children, and even his dog.

May 12: A town hall participant accosted North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer, shoving fake dollar bills into his suit jacket. A Kramer supporter grabbed the same man by the neck. Both men were ejected by law enforcement, but neither were charged.

May 12: A Tucson, Ariz. school district employee was arrested by the FBI for sending several death threats to Arizona Rep. Martha McSally. The man threatened to shoot McSally and told her to "be careful" because her days "were numbered."

And that's not even up to the Ides of May.

4. Jason Chaffetz Receives Threat: "Prepare for the Battle, Motherf***er."

So: How are Democrats responding to the fact that their colleagues were shot at just a few days ago due to their blood-and-thunder rhetoric?

Like so:


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Wisconsin Bill Would Expel or Suspend Students in the University of Wisconsin System Who Attempt to Shut Down Public Speakers



Under a new bill approved Wednesday night by the Wisconsin State Assembly, such student protesters in the UW system could be suspended or even expelled if they repeatedly disrupt campus speakers they disagree with.

The Republican-backed legislation, called the Campus Free Speech Act, is part of a national effort by conservative groups to crack down on protests intended to silence controversial speakers on liberal college campuses. Similar measures have been enacted in Colorado and introduced in Michigan, North Carolina, Virginia and California.

Demonstrations like the one that interrupted Shapiro’s speech last fall have become an increasingly common sight at universities around the country as debate has roiled over how to curb hate speech while protecting free expression and intellectual diversity. Some demonstrations have turned violent, like the recent protests and riots in Berkeley, Calif., that shut down a planned lecture by conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos.

Bizarrely, this law (should it become one) will probably be successfully challenged on free speech grounds, with plaintiffs arguing their shutting down of free speech is their own free speech. The fact that the state is an actor here will be held against the measure.

But it shouldn't -- the UW system is itself a state actor, and is therefore obligated to defend free speech rights itself. It isn't doing so -- and therefor the "state actor" is already acting against free speech. This is more correctly seen as a corrective to that illegality.

A better option is simply to defund any universities -- for, say, a year per offense -- that don't vigillantly protect speech rights.

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Senate's Obamacare Bill Is Primarily Designed to "Fix," Expand Obamacare


Of course.

My anger about this is tempered by the fact that I was pretty sure this program would remain on the books forever, as soon as it went operational.

Reform of the individual market, intended to give those who do not get coverage through work or a federal program access to subsidized, regulated coverage. The law created a new federal subsidy, based on income, for lower- and middle-income households to purchase health insurance. It set up federal rules requiring insurers to sell to all comers while limiting their ability to charge based on health history. It mandated that all individuals obtain health coverage or pay a tax penalty. And it erected a system of government-run health insurance exchanges on which consumers could purchase subsidized, regulated individual market coverage.

Those exchanges have never been fully stable as either business or policy propositions. Premiums have marched steadily upwards; last year, the price of a typical plan rose by 22 percent, and early reports show large spikes coming this year as well. The non-profit health insurance organizations that Obamacare funded have mostly shut down. Large, for-profit health insurers, meanwhile, have lost money and either scaled back their participation or dropped out entirely.

Republicans have repeatedly criticized these marketplaces for being expensive and unstable. As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who spearheaded the drafting of this bill, likes to say, "Obamacare is collapsing around us."

Yet even more than the House plan, the Senate plan retains the essential structure of Obamacare's individual market reforms. It would likely result in fewer people being covered, and it would not stop the destabilization of the market.

Like the House plan, the Senate plan retains Obamacare's major insurance regulations, including the requirement to cover pre-existing conditions, at the federal level. Unlike the House plan, it does not allow states to apply for a waiver to opt out of those rules. It also eliminates Obamacare's health insurance mandate.

Every state that has attempted this combination of coverage regulations without a mandate has seen a swift meltdown in the individual market. There is every reason to expect that the same would happen under the Senate plan, especially since Obamacare's exchanges were struggling with a too-small, too-sick enrollee pool even with the mandate in place.

The Senate bill attempts to manage this instability by buying off health insurance companies with payments that Republicans previously argued were illegal and should be stopped.

Populism, the uncouth and ill-informed belief that Your Social Betters are incompetent and are lying to you, must be stamped out due to its total divergence from reality.

Alternate Opinion: Avik Roy is a rightist health care policy expert. I tend to disagree with his assumptions, which tend to include the liberal imperatives of some kind of government-sponsored health care.

You know -- achieving Liberal Policy Imperatives Through "Conservative" Market-Based Solutions.

However, he's certainly no crank. He's very enthusiastic about the bill:

I'll read his own lengthier response once he posts it.

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Trump: No, I Never Made Tapes of Comey


As he said in response to a Jon Karl's question a couple of weeks back: You'll be finding out soon, and you'll be disappointed in the answer.

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Florida Sheriff: If You're Not Afraid of Guns, Then Get One


Not only is he advising people to arm up and keep their shooting skills honed, he's training personnel at a college in his jurisdiction to serve and protect in an active-shooter situation -- in fact, the moment an active-shooter situation is declared, they'll become legal deputies, granted legal authority to stop a crime in progress.

The countdown to the media savaging this guy and going through his garbage begins now.

"The armed assailant doesn't plan on you fighting back," said Sheriff Grady Judd. "He plans on having a gun, doing all the shooting, and you're just a sitting duck. Well, the ducks need to shoot back."


"If you're not afraid of a gun, get one," said the sheriff. "And if you need to shoot somebody, shoot 'em a lot."

Florida Man (Partly) Redeems Florida.

BTW, "Sheriff" is a contraction of "shire-reeve," or the keeper/protector of a shire.

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Hyperpoliticized, Captured-By-Progressives Garbage Institution the FBI Claims James Hodgkinson Had No Particular Target In Mind, Didn't "Surveil" the Minor, Ugly Park When He Repeatedly Scouted It and Took Pictures of It


I don't think I'll ever trust the FBI again, and would be very skeptical of any case they made, were I sitting on a federal jury.

Another institution successfully destroyed by Obama.

You have to read the piece and compare what we know as facts with the FBI's bizarre, acid-dosed "conclusions."

Just another arm of the DNC, this one carrying weapons and subpeonas.

Update: Maybe the FBI felt the need to protect the SPLC, whose FaceBook account James Hodgkinson "liked."

James T. Hodgkinson, the Bernie Sanders supporter who targeted Republicans at a congressional baseball game practice and gravely wounded Congressman Steve Scalise (R-La.), gave moral support to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the group whose "hate map" inspired a terrorist attack in 2012. The SPLC had repeatedly attacked Scalise, along with former presidential candidate Ben Carson and women's right activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

"Over the decades, the SPLC has refined a method of defaming its political opponents that is extremely effective when combined with the massive war chest it can rely upon," explained Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William Boykin, executive vice president at the Family Research Council (FRC) in a letter to Senators on Tuesday.

"The SPLC targets people by using the 'hate' or 'extremist' label against them seeking to destroy them," Boykin explained. "Few people or organizations have the resources to fight back, so the SPLC typically has a clear target."


Laird Wilcox, one of the foremost experts on American political extremism, said the SPLC has "specialized a highly developed and ritualized form of defamation ... a way of harming and isolating people by denying their humanity and trying to convert them into something that deserves to be hated and eliminated."

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Reach Out And Touch Someone: Longest Confirmed Sniper Shot In History


sniper kills.jpg

The ballistic calculations are impressive, but observation of the conditions across two miles of space plays a huge part. And all of this while in combat. Canadian special forces sniper kills an ISIS fighter from TWO MILES away in the longest confirmed kill shot in history
And I love the touchy-feely euphemism for killed: "disrupted!"

It must be a tremendously demoralizing circumstance when every now and then somebody around you gets shot, and you have no idea where the bullet came from, and probably didn't even hear it.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Gerome Phryne revealed.jpg

Phryne Devant L'areopage
Jean-Léon Gérôme

[Pli de chapeau: OregonMuse]

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The Morning Report 6/22/17

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. Top stories today include the impending crashing and burning of the State of Illinois. From a Leftist point of view, how did capitalism, conservatives and American greed rob poor welfare recipients of their money and destroy the state? While Tubby Riefenstahl, Robert B. Reichhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-uh and their ilk ponder a way to craft that message into something rational Americans will swallow whole, the GOP Senate leadership is set to unveil its version of Repeal/Replace. Although I have not seen the details, it does allegedly end Planned Parenthood funding completely. We shall see. In the wake of the huge win in GA-6, it's wise that the GOP not waste the momentum. Hopefully the bill will be worth it. Lastly, on this date, June 22nd, 1941, the Germans invaded the Soviet Union and began the bloodiest, most violent land battle in human history. Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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Overnight Open Thread 6/21/17 (tmi3rd)

—Open Blogger

Good evening, Morons and Moronettes. I'm tmi3rd,, and I'm filling in this evening. The fact that there just happens to be a tropical system about to go ashore on the Gulf Coast is merely a coincidence.


More beneath the fold...

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Bits and Bobs Open Thread


David Frum had a bit of a snit today.

Charles Cooke demolished his spasmodic, full-auto-ignorance tweets in two posts, the second one specifically mentioning David Frum, who, by the way, looks like he spent twenty years in Barad-Dur being raped by Gollum and learned to love it.

His every spastically uninformed argument rubbished, he then turned to -- get this! -- emotively shrieking like the sad Gollum bitch he is.

Jazz Shaw digests a good Peter Bienart piece about how Democrats -- who once routinely spoke in favor of border enforcement and even noticed (gasp!) that of course an unlimited stream of new foreign workers must depress native-born wages, have since decided that to repeat any of the things they uncontroversially said just 8-10 years ago is a vile heresy.

They did the same thing on gay marriage and Choose Your Own Adventure bathrooms, too, of course.

The FBI has bizarrely claimed that James Hodgkinson had no "particular target in mind," and that his assassination attempt was -- of course -- definitely not terrorism.

I forgot to mention this classic excuse earlier -- a Democrat operative said Ossoff lost because it was impossible to reach his voters, because they live in their parents' houses.

Sounds about right!

A precinct captain for Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff's congressional campaign complained recently that many of his constituents are hard to reach because they still live at home with their parents.

"Those were the angriest people," Jessica Zeigler told Slate, referring to the Republican parents of the young Democrats. "When you are targeting their child, or heaven forbid their child might not think the same way as them, it becomes ugly."

Living with your parents at age 27 does tend to make one angry.

The parents aren't too thrilled, either.

Speaking of Monster Babies, I linked this earlier, but it's worth highlighting: The President of Evergreen State Day Care Center says he's issued a "stern warning" to some of the thugs at his Monster Baby Nursery.

And that's all I got. Night!

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