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Saturday early morning thread that is open.

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Friday Night Overnight Open Thread (12/2/16) CDR-M-less Edition

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

friday ont.jpg

Round up the Corgis. It's the ONT! Woot-Woot!!!!

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"Drain The Swamp" Sounds Great, But There Will Be Pushback...From Everyone...Maybe Even Trump


I like John Stossel. And here is a good example of his levelheadedness and lack of partisan excitement when it comes to politics and politicians. Drain the Swamp! doesn't tell us anything new, but his perspective is quintessentially conservative.

When you're in Congress, people ask you for money all day. "I need a grant for my charity—we do so much good!" "My business needs a subsidy/protective tariff—we employ so many people—in your state!" So it goes, week after week.

Few people bother to go to Washington to ask for spending cuts. Even though America is heading toward bankruptcy, 90 percent of congressional testimony comes from people who want more stuff.

He asks a fair question: Is Donald Trump going to do what he said he would do? I have no idea, and Trump is keeping us off balance with his usual tactics. And that's okay with me. I would much rather judge him on his actions than his sleight-of-hand with the media. However, as Stossel says:

But it's easier to believe Thomas Jefferson who, with greater eloquence, said, "It's the natural progress of things for government to gain ground, and liberty to yield."
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This Is Why We Have Trump


Elephants Have Long Memories, They Say

This first one was from 2009.


A reporter snarkily confronting the Wrong Kind of protestors. Apparently she thinks it's her job to fight her subjects, and that this is somehow not unprofessional behavior. Gee, I wonder why they're so angry with media? Mysterious.

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CNN Crew, Archliberal Suzanne Malveaux Caught on Tape Joking About Trump's Plane Crashing


And #ThatsHowYouGotTrump, you inbred, provincial, bubble-bound hate-addicts.

BTW, thanks to the cobs for letting me have this day off, and the readers for not complaining about it!

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They Lie About Everything: Inherit the Wind, Evolution and the Scopes Monkey Trial [Warden]

—Open Blogger

Cultural Marxism relies heavily upon left-wing mythology. There's an entire series of heroic progressive narratives that have fixed themselves to our culture with the help of Hollywood, the media, and academia. All serve the same purpose--to prop up the intellectually and morally bankrupt ideology of progressivism while demonizing and discrediting oppositional individuals and institutions.

The seeding of our culture with these false narratives has been highly effective. It's accomplished by repetition, appeal to authority and manufactured consensus. Even the most cynical people believe some of these myths simply because they've never encountered a historically accurate account of the matter. People take most things at face value and the progressives understand this well.

One of the left's favorite and most effective myths is the Scopes Monkey Trial and its apparent triumph of reasoned, scientific thinking over the ignorant, backward foolery of Christian fundamentalism.

The story most Americans believe is the one portrayed in the movie, Inherit the Wind. Many of us were even shown this film, presented uncritically as a factual account of an American historical event, while in school and it remains the basic foundation for our culture's understanding of Darwinian Evolution.

What most people don't know is that both Inherit the Wind and the Scopes Trial itself were both calculating pieces of propaganda.

The Scopes trial was born out of the Butler Act, a Tennessee law that prohibited teaching "any theory that denies the Story of the Divine Creation of man as taught in the Bible, and to teach instead that man has descended from a lower order of animals." Breaking this law was a misdemeanor punishable by a fine from between $100 and $500 dollars.

Eventually John Scopes was brought to trial in Tennessee for breaking this law and teaching evolution to his students. Scopes, however, wasn't victim of persecution. He was recruited by the ACLU, to whom he admitted he couldn't remember if he'd taught evolution or not, for the very task of challenging the law.

Contrary to popular belief, Scopes wasn't a biology teacher. He taught algebra, chemistry and physics. His supposed role in teaching evolution only came during a two week stint as a substitute teacher.

The prosecuting attorney, William Jennings Bryan, was interested only in proving that John Scopes broke the law, but the leading defense attorney and militant atheist, Clarence Darrow, had been trying to lure Bryan into a public debate about Christianity for years and intended to use this forum to put Bryan's Christian beliefs on trial.

Darrow brought forth his own experts on evolution to testify, but the judge ruled that no expert testimony was necessary to answer the question of Scopes' guilt or innocence. Darrow was allowed to submit his expert testimonies as affidavits for appeal. This prevented Bryan from cross examining them. Bryan, perhaps frustrated by this event or possibly out of personal pride, then agreed to be cross examined by Darrow as an expert on the Bible.

Progressive mythology asserts that the scrappy underdog, Darrow, made a fool of the haughty, narrow-minded Bryan by cross examining him. A review of the actual transcript reveals nothing of the sort.

In fact, Darrow had played Bryan. In any cross examination, it is the examiner who has the advantage because it is he who controls the questioning. Bryan could only answer what was asked. He could not steer the debate. Darrow used his advantage to badger and mock Bryan repeatedly for his beliefs.

When Darrow was finished, he then escaped a return cross examination from Bryan by agreeing that Scopes was guilty. It had all been a ruse designed to embarrass Bryan and escape a similar examination of his own beliefs.

Decades later, Inherit the Wind takes advantage of fading memories to twist almost every salient fact about the trial.

In the movie, Henry Drummond is Cates's (Scopes's) sole attorney, portrayed as the underdog fighting the system-represented by the state, Brady (Bryan), and a bigoted judge. In real life, Clarence Darrow brought a team of lawyers to Dayton, including ACLU heavyweight, Arthur Garfield Hays.

In the movie, Brady is an ignorant bigot opposed to all science. He says: "The way of scientism is the way of darkness." In real life, Bryan was a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. What he really said about science during the trial was: "Give science a fact and it is not only invincible, but of incalculable service to man."

In the movie, Brady is completely unfamiliar with Darwin's works. In real life, Bryan quoted Darwin extensively, in both the courtroom and his own writings. In the movie, the prosecution objects when the defense tries to introduce Darwin's books as evidence. The bigoted judge agrees and excludes them. But in reality, not only were Darwin's books allowed as evidence, but Bryan himself introduced them.

In one of the movie's worst misrepresentations, the judge disallows any testimony from eminent scientists whom Drummond (Darrow) has brought to the trial. The judge declares that "zoology" (which he can barely pronounce) and other scientific topics are "irrelevant to the case."

In reality, after a zoologist testified at length, the prosecution correctly protested that testimony by Darrow's experts was irrelevant to the legal question (had Scopes violated the Butler Act?). Judge John T. Raulston agreed. However, Darrow argued that if the judge heard more scientific testimony, he would realize he was wrong. The court consented to hear more.

And, of course, Bryan's actual testimony is altered to reinforce the narrative that Darrow is brilliant thinker while Bryan is an ignorant, narrow-minded fool.

In the movie interrogation, Brady (Bryan) is a Biblical literalist:

Drummond: You believe that every word written in this book should be taken literally?
Brady: Everything in the Bible should be accepted, exactly as it is given there.

In real life, we discover Bryan's answer was lifted out of context:

Darrow: Do you claim that everything in the Bible should be literally interpreted?

Bryan: I believe everything in the Bible should be accepted as it is given there; some of the Bible is given illustratively. For instance, "Ye are the salt of the earth." I would not insist that man was actually salt, or that he had flesh of salt, but it is used in the sense of salt as saving God's people.10

In the movie, Drummond asks Brady how old the Earth is:

Brady: A fine Biblical scholar, Bishop Ussher, has determined for us the exact date and hour of the Creation. It occurred in the year 4004 B.C.

Drummond: Well, uh, that's Bishop Ussher's opinion.

Brady: It is not an opinion. It is a literal fact, which the good Bishop arrived at through careful computation of the ages of the prophets as set down in the Old Testament. In fact, he determined that the Lord began the Creation on the 23rd of October, 4004 B.C. at, uh, at 9:00 A.M.

Drummond: That Eastern Standard Time?

In real life, here's what was said:

Q: Mr. Bryan, could you tell me how old the earth is?
A: No, sir, I couldn't.
Q: Could you come anywhere near it?
A: I wouldn't attempt to. I could possibly come as near as the scientists do, but I had rather be more accurate before I give a guess.

Clarence Darrow was a sneering bully and a coward. His confidence in his ability to defend Darwinian evolution was so weak that he wasn't even willing to allow it to be tested.

Instead, he put his thumb on the scale and subjected William Jennings Bryan to a blistering cross examination that he dared not allow be inflicted upon himself. Yet even with this overwhelming advantage, Darrow needed Hollywood to lie about the facts of the case to create today's current mythology that he scored a humiliating victory over William Jennings Bryan and biblical beliefs.

This twisting of historic fact is not an isolated case. Progressive heroic mythology is a tool that's critical to the left's cultural domination. It's what they do. It's what they've always done.

They lie about everything. They have to because they can't win on the merits. It's a just one long con after another.

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Dictatorships And Double Standards


Castro Pinochet.jpg

Translation: (Fidel to Pinochet: "Your problem was always marketing: Being 'left' was more 'cool'")

This should probably be yet another chapter of the continuing chronicle of "Why Trump Won". Upon hearing the news of Castro assuming room temperature, large parts of Miami erupted into a wild, joyous street party. All of those Cuban-Americans dancing in the streets had loved ones who were beaten, raped, tortured, imprisoned and murdered without trial by Castro's totalitarian thug regime. Some had escaped Cuba in leaky rafts. Others had fled using more conventional means, but like the others, they left literally everything they ever had behind, and built new lives in America, from scratch.

So, how was the hated, murderous dictator's death described by our media and ruling elites?

Here is how the New York Times, opened its Castro obituary:

Fidel Castro, the fiery apostle of revolution who brought the Cold War to the Western Hemisphere in 1959 and then defied the United States for nearly half a century as Cuba’s maximum leader, bedeviling 11 American presidents and briefly pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war, died on Friday. He was 90

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The Conceit of The Intelligentsia That Politicans Are Intelligent


John Podhoretz is a smug and arrogant pundit...pretty much the epitome of inside-the-beltway journalism and thought, in spite of his right-of-center leanings. He's a fan of an open immigration policy, which he justifies at least partly on the basis of his Jewishness. I find that offensive and stupid in the extreme. The great waves of immigration that brought Germans and Irish and Italians and Jews to America occurred during a slightly different time. That he can justify an open-borders policy in light of our current economic difficulties suggests to me that he isn't nearly as smart as he thinks he is. Needless to say, he is no fan of Donald Trump, but this article has some interesting points, chief among them that Donald Trump is not playing by the rules because he is not operating with some grand plan.Trump makes sense once you realize you're watching improv

But we're missing one profound thing about Trump, and we keep missing it, and we will continue to miss it: Trump is not a politician. He doesn't think of himself as a politician, and he doesn't act like a politician, and we're all desperately trying to fit him into our understanding of what he's supposed to be.

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Religons Of The World And What Is Acceptable

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

In case you don't recall, A&E TV has a program called Duck Dynasty. A family (The Robertson's) of rednecks who struck it big with duck calls. Silly show. Sometimes funny, sometimes entertaining.

The Robertson's show doesn't discuss politics or culture. The ending of the show concludes with dinner and a dinner prayer. The patriarch of the Family, Phil Robertson spoke out about his beliefs off camera in a 2014 magazine interview. Of course his conservative Christian views about homosexuality were not accepted by the MSM. After a brief suspension because of Phil's off-screen comments, Duck Dynasty returned to A&E's lineup.

Fast forward to 2016. HGTV has a remodeling show "Fixer Upper" featuring Chip & Joanna Gaines. I've seen it a few times. They appear to be nice couple and seem to do a good job. No religious overtones that I've seen.

One problem, the Gaines belong to a church where SSM is not accepted. The Gaines' have kept their mouth shouts but are under pressure to state their beliefs.

So Christians who stay true to their beliefs are fair game? Right? Well, if Christians are to be held accountable for their beliefs. What about Muslims?

So if the Gaines' church and pastor can lead to their suspension and/or termination. (Stay tuned) What about a Muslim congressman?

Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) hasn't come out publicly for the exclusion of SSM. But it appears that his Imam has.

“It’s not within our paradigm, really, to change the word of God,” said Imam Makram El-Amin, leader of Masjid Al-Nur in Minneapolis. “Our religion is clear about this matter. It’s not a lifestyle that we accept as being part of the natural way of things for human beings. When it comes to that, that’s my position, and that’s Islam’s position. And this incident as tragic and terrible as it is that does not change that,” he said.

Until Congressman Ellison comes forth and denounces his Imam, his mosque and anti-homosexuality Keith Ellison is not in a position to run the DNC. Hell, he shouldn't even be a congressman. We won't even get into his Anti-Semitism and his ties to the Nation of Islam.

If we can't have a Christian couple star in a 30 minute cable show about home fixer uppers, certainly we can't have an anti-homosexual bigot run the DNC.

But when it comes to the hypocrites left we know which religion is acceptable, don't we?

[Note: Ace is taking the day off to attend to some things, so it'll be mostly cob-on-cob action today. --OregonMuse]

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


copley children.jpg

The Western Brothers
John Singleton Copley

I haven't plagued you with my favorite portraitist in quite some time, and this is a fine example of his work. Superb technique, a grand eye for detail, and my favorite....slightly odd subjects. Or maybe he is just sending a message to his clients that while they may ask to be painted as magnificent examples of the human form, they'll take what they are given and they will like it!

I noticed an amusing passage (in wikipedia, so it may be FakeNewsTM) that suggests a caustic wit....

Copley's personal appearance was thus described by his uncharitable comrade: "Very thin, a little pock-marked [presumably a souvenir of the Boston smallpox epidemic described by Copley in a letter of January 24, 1764], prominent eyebrows, small eyes, which after fatigue seemed a day's march in his head." Copley afterward wrote of Carter: "He was a sort of snail which crawled over a man in his sleep and left its slime, and no more."


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The Morning Report 12/2/16

—J.J. Sefton


"So are we all, so are we all . . ."

Good morning, kids. The weekend is upon us. One thing that has my blood boiling is the unmitigated temerity of Clinton stooges Mook and Palmieri to rattle off that "racism" bromide right to Kellyanne Conway's face. She slapped them both down but I wish she would've called out the genocidal failure and racialist politics of the Democrat Party. It really is high time for our leaders to publicly use the truth weapon. With Trump, for once I think that that will happen. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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Thursday Night Overnight Open Thread (12/1/16)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

thurs ont opener.jpg

For all intents and purposes, Charlie Hedbo is dead.

Your Dummy's Guide to Lowbrow Culture.

Overall, if you’re going to get involved in celebrity culture you need to start worrying about butts. The Armenian family that runs the show runs on ass. They are reality stars but seem to be placed above all other stars despite coming from a lower art form.

The fall of the mainstream Christian Churches of the U.S.A.

Part of what has destroyed the mainline Protestant churches is their full-throated embrace of Progressive lunacy. At my friend’s ordination, three of the people ordained were woman. Judging by the haircuts, all three were lesbians. Gay marriage is a huge issue in these churches, driving off the sensible and leaving only those who see Christianity as a vehicle for Progressive activism. Many of these churches are no longer Christian, as a theological matter. They are just Progressive meeting houses for the deranged.

If you are a normal person, the mainline Protestant churches have nothing to offer but endless lectures about the joys of liberalism. It’s a familiar pattern. First the women take over, then the men leave, except for the guys willing to take orders from the gals. Then the normal women bolt. This boiling off of the sensible eventually leaves the crazies in charge of the organization. Before long the freak flag is hoisted and it is the bar in Star Wars. It’s the pattern we saw with Labour in Britain and the Democrats in the US.

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Snotty, Smug, Know-Nothing Students At Ohio State Decide Now Is A Pretty Good Time To Lecture Everyone On Their Bigotry [Warden]

—Open Blogger

It's not even been a week since a crazed Somalian immigrant went on an ISIS inspired, jihad-style stabbing spree and SJW cry-bullies at Ohio State have already crassly seized upon the event as yet another opportunity to play the victim.

Well, that's a very nice message. And now I have a message of my own for these students.

Stabbing a bunch of people for not believing the same things that you do is the very definition of hatred and intolerance, yet you self-absorbed little shits dare project the guilt for this heinous act upon the rest of us? No. Here's the deal. The disgusting piece of trash who attempted this slaughter was here in this country as a guest, funded by taxpayers like me who've been in the workforce for 20+ years. We literally rescued him and his family, and this is how he repaid us--by whining about oppression and microaggressions as he plotted a murderous act of terrorism against innocent people.

We will not let you make this about your self-centered agenda. This is not your show. Your callow sloganeering "thoughts" on tolerance, diversity, microaggressions and general butthurtedness are unwelcome at this time, precious snowflakes. Never, ever presume to lecture the rest of us again.

See that seat over there? The short table with the cute benches on either side? That's yours. Grandma cut up some yummy hot dog bites for you next to your own very special ketchup dipping pile. Won't that be fun to do your ketchup dip-dips all by yourself? Sure it will be!

Eat up all Grandma's num nums, have a super fun time and be sure not to interrupt the adults, sweethearts. Children should be seen and not heard, after all.

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Um: "Insider" Claims CNN's Jeff Zucker Is Trying to Move The Himalayas to Land Megyn Kelly


Drudge's own reporting here.

CNN President Jeff Zucker is actively perusing FOX star Megyn Kelly to anchor 8 or 9 PM on his network, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. And Kelly might just say, YES!

"He is moving the Himalayan mountains to get her," a top insider explains. "But they are tripped up on money. He simply can't pay her the $20 million a year FOX has on the table."

1, they can have her. Dead to me. Tired of her wasting Tucker Carlson's timeslot.

2, I note this "insider" isn't identified as being in the CNN camp. That is, the reportage here by Drudge seems deliberately obscure as to who, precisely, is leaking this.

I personally suspect it's Megyn Kelly, or her "camp," if she has a camp. Because,

3, MeAgain Kelly is very vain and seems stung that she's not been in more demand than she actually has been. It seems a very MeAgain move to brag on the claim that everyone desperately wants her.

Anyway, I hope she goes. I suspect she won't.

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Trump Picks "Mad Dog" Mattis for Secretary of Defense?


It's official, say many outlets.

But Trump spokesman Jason Miller says Trump hasn't made any decision yet.

Maybe Trump just wants the Carrier news to be the story of the day, and doesn't want to give the networks a chance to bury that story in favor of the Mattis one.

The Free Beacon has a list of Matthis' greatest quotes. Among them, the very famous (and rightly so): "Be polite. Be professional. And have a plan to kill everybody you meet."

Here are some I didn't know about, but which are inarguably awesome.

"The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event. That said, there are some assholes in the world that just need to be shot." (Business Insider)

"I come in peace. I didn't bring artillery. But I'm pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I'll kill you all."
(San Diego Union Tribune)

"Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they're so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact."

For the first time in my life as an American, I just had gay thoughts.

My dick just went out and did a Hate Crime.

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Flashback: Obama Mocked Trump for Promising to Keep Carrier in the US



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Boycott Part 2: Destroy Kelloggs


In the last thread, eforhan wrote:

I'm a happy boycotter, but I wish these companies were more like Nissan:

"[Nissan] places ads in a variety of sites in order to reach as many consumers as possible."

"The placement of Nissan advertising is not intended to be a political commentary and there are no plans to change the advertising mix at this time," the company said.


I think that's what we'd like -- we'd like the Culture War fought in the fewest arenas as possible. We'd like to keep the war at the front lines -- just in the actual fields of politics and political thought.

We'd prefer if not every fucking consumer purchase were part of the War.

But that's not the way the left rolls. The left is determined to pressure all corporations to join them in the culture war, and most corporate personnel -- being largely socially liberal anway, and viewing compliance with the left's demands to be the path of least resistance-- tend to sign up to be part of the Left's Social Justice Army.

This is an amoral business decision. And frankly it makes sense as an amoral business decision -- because one side is making demands, taking hostages, and organizing boycotts, and the other side says things like "Leave the poor corporations alone" and "It's a business decision you have no right to interfere with" and "A corporation's relationship between themselves and the politcal left is between it and God Himself."

This is, for reasons I sketched out in the last post, utterly stupid and results in more and more corporations explicitly joining the left's Social Justice Brigades to impose the left's twisted religion on the whole of the country.

As I said: It's a rational business decision. Because when you look at the incentives, a company's incentives plainly lay on the side of going along with the left, because the right doesn't play this game out of misplaced "principle."

The left is a bully, the right is a patsy who will go along with anything, including its own denigration.

So what would any rational company do?

If you want to change corporate behavior, you have to change the incentives as far as picking sides in the culture war.

You have to stop giving corporations a free pass to hurt you merely because they've added up the plusses and minuses and the math says It's a smart business play to treat you like garbage.

You have to start using the same tactics and making the same demands that the left does.

Well, not the same demands -- what we'd really like is for corporations to declare themselves netural in these things, like Nissan has.

Not to make them partisans of the right. Just to keep the fuck out of it.

But we should use the same tactic -- if you defy us, we will punish you economically.

We will change the incentive scheme: It will no longer the case that you can give in to every leftist demand without negative consequence.

We will start imposing consequences on you for doing so.

The left has demanded Kellogg's stop advertising on Breitbart, and Kellogg's has eagerly joined the leftist army.

How long are we going to play this game where we accept that left can organize boycotts against corporations to forceably (or even not-so-forceably) enlist them in the leftist army in the Culture War, but we are to act "principled" and do nothing as the left continues organizing every institution, media group, and corporation as bases of operation to destroy us?

Kellogg's wants to be a part of their army -- fine. They they are now Enemies and to be treated as such.

Don't eat another damn thing made by these fascists.

As someone said -- forget who, maybe Kurt Schlichter -- Kellogg's chiefly sells to parents buying cereal for their kids.

Does Kellogg's really want to get into a #War with the part of the country that actually has children, siding with those that don't?

If so, that was a bad business decision -- or at least it should be made such, if we can get over our dreamy stupidity that if we just Act Better Than They Do they'll see the error of their ways and give up all the Winning Every Cultural Battle They Join thing.

Do you think people really give up on that which has proven time and time again to be a not only a winning stratagem, but an easy-win, automatic-gimme-win stratagem?

I'm tired of hearing the claim made by conservatives that corporations are essentially holy things that can never be punished for their "business decisions" -- while we see the same corporations using bullying punishment tactics against other companies and even private individuals.

They can take scalps, but it's some kind of weird violation of Reagan's Eleventh Commandment to take a corporate scalp in response?

I want to be left alone. And if a corporation is siding with the fascists who won't leave me alone, I have no obligation to keep peace with them.

If they want Peace, then they shall have Peace,

But if they want #War, let them have more #War than they can bear.

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Boycott Part 1: Boycott All of Buzzfeed's Advertisers. Note Them, List Them, Write to Them Telling Them You'll Never buy Their Products Again Until They Cut all Ties With Buzzfeed.


Gabriel Malor, in his first (I think) column at his new home at Ricochet, wrote about Buzzfeed's unhinged attack -- and subsequent disingenuousness -- on a popular home fix-up show for merely belonging to a church that considers, like most churches do, homosexuality to be a sin.

So Buzzfeed reporter Kate Aurthur wrote a post about popular HGTV hosts Chip and Joanne Gaines which informed the world that the Gaineses' have a pastor who is opposed to same-sex marriage. This post had one purpose and one purpose alone: to harm the couple. The post served no news purpose—even Aurthur concedes she never learned the Gaines’ view of same-sex marriage. The post cannot be termed "activism" since it fails at every level to persuade readers of the rightness of the same-sex marriage cause. Even the most generous alternate topic of Aurthur's post, "Texas pastor opposes same-sex marriage," is as dog-bites-chew-toy as a news item can be. The only conceivable purpose of targeting the popular television couple in this manner was to cost them viewers and, perhaps, their jobs.

To forestall the protestations, there can be no serious doubt that Aurthur specifically targeted the Gaineses as the object of her post. The headline, subhead, and first, second, third, and fourth paragraphs were solely about the Gaineses, their popular HGTV show "Fixer Upper," and the fact that they are (gasp!) openly Christian. Only in the fifth paragraph does Aurthur wander into the question of whether gay people will appear on their television show (like with other HGTV programming), and the rest of the piece is about the Gainses' pastor’s views.

The word for Buzzfeed publishing this garbage is "harassment." Even as Aurthur (and her boss) hide behind a pretense of journalistic standards, there is no journalistic content in the piece. The Gainses cannot be blamed for declining to volunteer themselves as victims for Aurthur’s bullying. After years of contemptuous boycotts and Twitter outrage storms directed at individuals and companies over their views on same-sex marriage, harassers like Aurthur have taught many of their victims -- reasonably! -- to hunker down and say nothing.

RightScoop also wrote about the "Party of Tolerance's" latest venture in scalp-hunting and Social Justice Firing.

The interesting thing this time is that the Social Justice Punishers are getting some well-earned Social Justice Punishment themselves.

this is total dogshit

— Paul Szoldra (@PaulSzoldra) November 30, 2016

Szoldra is a Business Insider journalist:

We don't know where Chip and Joanna Gaines stand on gay rights, gun control, or the Standing Rock protests. Their silence is deafening.

— Paul Szoldra (@PaulSzoldra) November 30, 2016

Crap like that BuzzFeed piece is why so many people reflexively hate the media.

— Paul Szoldra (@PaulSzoldra) November 30, 2016

He then goes on to note Ben Smith's laughably disingenuous defenses of the piece.

ExJon is remixing Buzzfeed's story:

I and others have asked BuzzfeedBen if he intends to run an exposee on Keith Ellison's imam's thoughts on gay marriage.

And yes, as Jim Geraghty notes, Keith Ellison's imam does have some specific ideas on homosexuality.

If this social-media-mob-stirring, guilt-by-association, drive-out-the-heretics philosophy is how the game is going to be played now… I'd like the folks at BuzzFeed to turn their attention to Imam Makram El-Amin, leader of Masjid Al-Nur mosque in Minneapolis.
[Suggestions] about creating safe spaces for LGBTQ members aren't welcomed by all Muslims, especially religious leaders. Munhazim says mosques in Minnesota don’t accept openly gay people and he’s been kicked out of mosques in the past. Imams say they take issue with those promoting homosexuality.

"It's not within our paradigm, really, to change the word of God,” said Imam Makram El-Amin, leader of Masjid Al-Nur in Minneapolis.

"Our religion is clear about this matter. It's not a lifestyle that we accept as being part of the natural way of things for human beings. When it comes to that, that’s my position, and that’s Islam's position. And this incident as tragic and terrible as it is that does not change that," he said.


Lest you think that was an off-the-cuff, one-time comment from the imam…

The Qur'an is "pretty explicit in the fact that it is saying that this is not a lifestyle, or life choice, that is recognized as legitimate for Muslims," said Imam Makram El-Amin of Minneapolis's Masjid An-Nur. "It is not recognized as being what God intended for humans in terms of their relationships with one another."

You know who worships at the Masjid Al-Nur in Minneapolis, right? Congressman Keith Ellison, now considered a leading candidate to be the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee. And from news accounts, the two men are pretty close: "Imam El-Amin has counseled Ellison on religious issues and accompanied him on international trade trips."

I asked Ben Smith if he was going to inquire into this relationship, given that Keith Ellison seeks a post which has far more influence than the Gaines' have -- they only have power over a random couple's backsplash and Open Concept remodeling.

As Buzzfeed would say: Until this point, BuzzfeedBen has refused to answer very simple questions.

Take that as you will.

Find their advertisers and boycott them. Hurt them.

It is folly to treat kindly those who seek to hurt you.

If it's #War, then let it be #War for all sides; this stupid game of restraint by conservatives where we try to convince people to follow our example by acting "better" than they do is pure foolishness, for a simple reason: They are arrogant and think they need to learn nothing more than they knew in kindergarten, and furthermore, they literally believe you to be subhuman.

In what world does someone who thinks you're literally subhuman learn "lessons" from you by observing your behavior and then imitating it?

Most of us want the Peace State. I know I do.

But it is foolish in the extreme -- foolish to the point of delusion -- to continue insisting that a tactic that has a long, long track record of simply not working at all -- acting as if one is in the Peace State when one's enemies have decided to attack you -- will lead to the Peace State.

No. Continuing to unilaterally disarm ourselves will lead to further attacks.

If you want to be in the social-war Peace State -- as most do -- then one must, as one must do in real life, temporarily go into the War State to punish one's enemies until they are willing to discuss terms and themselves move to the Peace State.

Weakness in the face of aggression is provocative.

Weakness in the face of unceasing harassment is volunteering for this treatment.

To treat kindly those who treat you cruelly is to make oneself an accomplice in one's own debasement, denigration, and subjugation.

Si vis pacem, para bellum -- if you wish peace, prepare for #War.

As Andrew Breitbart said: "Fuck you. #War."

Let it be so.

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Naturally: Abdul Artan Was Taking a Course in Microaggressions, and Had a Group Project Due This Week


I guess he was going for Extra Credit.

Before he was shot dead while attempting to murder a bunch of people with a car and a butcher's knife, Ohio State University student Abdul Artan--a Pakistani immigrant who reportedly became radicalized after learning about injustices committed against fellow Muslims--was enrolled in a class called "Crossing Identity Boundaries."

In fact, he had a group project on "microaggressions" due later this week. The assignment, worth 15 percent of his grade, required students to find a dozen examples of microaggressions on social media and explain which identity groups were the victims, according to the syllabus.

The purpose of the class is to promote "intercultural leadership" and transform students into "actively engaged, socially just global citizen/leaders." It seems to go well beyond merely educating students, though—it actually requires them to become social justice activists.

I keep asking the same question:

If whites were tribing up and "studying" the violent crimes inflicted on them by minorities, and generally whipping themselves up into a lather about the Minority Peril, would the media find this dangerous and a Cause for National Concern?

Of course they would. This would be "martial rhetoric" which produces a "climate of hate" in which violence against the outgroup is encouraged.

But when #BlackLivesMatter tells people that white cops are prowling the street looking for young black men to assassinate?

Apparently that's not dangerous -- either because only whites are so evil as to be encouraged into violence, or because White Lives Really Don't Matter.

By the way, it will probably surprise you buttloads to hear that sources say that Artan was inspired by ISIS propaganda. Fox Tweet mentioning this (and nothing else) here.

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The Left Birthed Identity Politics, and Now Their Wretched Child Has Stabbed Them in the Back


The New York Times last week permitted a professor to question the Democrats' fixation on "identity liberalism," arguing that the fixation on division by race, gender, and orientation was a recipe for political failure.

[H]ow should [America's increasing] diversity shape our politics? The standard liberal answer for nearly a generation now has been that we should become aware of and "celebrate" our differences. Which is a splendid principle of moral pedagogy --but disastrous as a foundation for democratic politics in our ideological age. In recent years American liberalism has slipped into a kind of moral panic about racial, gender and sexual identity that has distorted liberalism's message and prevented it from becoming a unifying force capable of governing.

One of the many lessons of the recent presidential election campaign and its repugnant outcome is that the age of identity liberalism must be brought to an end. Hillary Clinton was at her best and most uplifting when she spoke about American interests in world affairs and how they relate to our understanding of democracy. But when it came to life at home, she tended on the campaign trail to lose that large vision and slip into the rhetoric of diversity, calling out explicitly to African-American, Latino, L.G.B.T. and women voters at every stop. This was a strategic mistake. If you are going to mention groups in America, you had better mention all of them. If you don't, those left out will notice and feel excluded. Which, as the data show, was exactly what happened with the white working class and those with strong religious convictions. Fully two-thirds of white voters without college degrees voted for Donald Trump, as did over 80 percent of white evangelicals...

[T]he fixation on diversity in our schools and in the press has produced a generation of liberals and progressives narcissistically unaware of conditions outside their self-defined groups, and indifferent to the task of reaching out to Americans in every walk of life. At a very young age our children are being encouraged to talk about their individual identities, even before they have them. By the time they reach college many assume that diversity discourse exhausts political discourse, and have shockingly little to say about such perennial questions as class, war, the economy and the common good. In large part this is because of high school history curriculums, which anachronistically project the identity politics of today back onto the past, creating a distorted picture of the major forces and individuals that shaped our country. (The achievements of women's rights movements, for instance, were real and important, but you cannot understand them if you do not first understand the founding fathers' achievement in establishing a system of government based on the guarantee of rights.)


This campus-diversity consciousness has over the years filtered into the liberal media, and not subtly.... [It] appears to have encouraged the assumption, especially among younger journalists and editors, that simply by focusing on identity they have done their jobs.

It's worth reading in full. He goes on to discuss the media's "newfound anthropological interest" in the long-disparaged figure of the "angry white male."

Rich Lowry discussed that article and the cult of identity politics generally.

Mark Lilla, a professor at Columbia and highly respected intellectual historian, wrote that "American liberalism has slipped into a kind of moral panic about racial, gender, and sexual identity that has distorted liberalism's message and prevented it from becoming a unifying force capable of governing."

His piece [the one quoted directly above] itself occasioned a moral panic, focused overwhelmingly on how Lilla is, in fact, himself a white male. His op-ed was denounced from the left as "the whitest thing I've ever read," and part of an "unconscionable" assault on "the very people who just put the most energy into defeating Trumpism, coming from those who will be made least vulnerable by Trump's ascension."

Most reprehensibly and sophomorically, a Columbia colleague, Katherine Franke, accused Lilla of promoting a "liberalism of white supremacy" (and, for good measure, of "mansplaining"). One wonders if Franke has any conception of words and arguments as a means to persuade rather than to excoriate and shut down debate, or any inkling of her own self-satisfied intolerance.

Ah, I see. We're now just using "White" as a general derogatory term. Apparently the goal of the Social Justice Warriors is not to show respect for all people, but simply to swap out one Out-Group deemed socially acceptable to casually denigrate for another Out-Group who really deserves such treatment. (More on that later.)

Reason, Robby Soave argues that Democrat identity politics spurred those outside the permitted identity politics coalitions to form their own.

After noting that one of Hillary's minority-outreach staffers called Bernie Sanders a white supremacist for saying that you can't just play identity politics and expect to win, Soave writes:

This baseless accusation is emblematic of a specific problem for Democrats who, having successfully galvanized certain segments of the population into identity-based political coalitions, lost the presidential election because the people outside this group--working-class whites-f-ormed a coalition of their own.

The Democratic Party has itself to blame, of course: you can't cheer for white men to go extinct and then be surprised when they desert your candidate. Or, as Spiked magazine's Brendan O'Neill put it, liberals essentially did the following:

"You are a white man. Your whiteness defines you. Everything you think is because you're white, everything you say is because you're white. Don't try to be post-white. Don't try to be colourblind. Don't say you are 'over race'. You're white, own it and deal with it."

"Really? Oh. Okay. I identify as white."


His point is we shouldn't be surprised to see people vote in keeping with the ill-defined interests of their designated identity group: that's the game the Lena Dunham Left has been playing with increasing fervency for years.

So: Can the left jettison identity politics?

I don't think so. Identity politics is the whole of leftism now. They have nothing else. They have no other brand, except for this.

Hatred is the central component of the alleged Anti-Hatred Coalition.

Identity politics is in fact racism. And the dirty little secret about racism is that it's popular (in some quarters) for a reason: It makes one feel better about oneself for no particularly good or logical reason. People with little achievement in their accounts may pat themselves on the back for the simple happenstance of belonging to an allegedly superior race, feeling a swell of unwarranted pride of not being among the supposedly inferior races.

But note the constant bleat from the identity politics warriors that all other races/genders/etc. than their own are inferior. They're constantly insulting, for example, men as rapists (or rape-enablers).

They're constantly insulting whites as secretly longing for pogroms.

Think about it: If these sorts of slurs were hurled at any other group -- the claim that certain people are born criminals and born wicked due to their race -- would we acknowledge it as racism?

Would we call it sexism if we said something like "Women, by virtue of their gender, cannot help but make false claims of rape to elevate their social standing"?

Of course we would.

But when this sort of racism/sexism is perpetrated by Favored Groups expressly permitted to indulge its inner hatefulness, the media and the mediating institutions of government, law, academia, etc. just (condescendingly) wink at it.

I long ago observed that Anti-Americanism is the way Europeans demonstrate their nationalism. Europeans have been taught by decades of leftist swill (as well as a pair of world wars that weren't so much fun) that nationalism is a scourge.

And yet Europeans are as patriotic/chauvinistic as any other people on earth.

How then to express one's nationalistic impulses while also paying lip-service to the bromide that nationalism is bad?

Simple -- merely sneer that "Those stupid Americans are sooo nationalistic."

Note that this is a passive-aggressive boast-- and a rather ugly one. Rather than going the traditional route and throwing praise on oneself by declaring "My nation is the best," or "USA! USA!," they get at the same notion crab-wise and cowardly by merely implying it.

If the Americans -- until recently, the top dogs in the world -- are so stupid, uncultured, boorish, and nationalist, what do you think that makes French or British or German people making this observation?

Well it makes them better, of course -- they're better, because they don't have this backwards, ugly nationalism the Americans have.

They express their nationalism by professing their strident opposition to nationalism, then finding other nations (America in particular) to be bankrupt in this area.

The people accusing all whites of racism are racist in the same way. They've declared that the anti-racist impulse is the most important moral impulse there is; and they find that whites -- almost all of them -- are deficient in anti-racism impulse, and therefore are immoral and inferior human beings.

Intellectually inferior too, of course, because they're so ignorant as to not be able to see their own racism, their own "privilege."

Once again, we get to the crabwise, cowardly pronouncement that one's own race is superior not by openly declaring it to be such, but by implying it by choosing other races to put down and thus, by inevitable logic -- if B is inferior to A, A must be superior to B -- suggesting one's own race is superior.

Feminine Supremacists do the same thing -- they plainly do not believe the sexes to be equal, and they're increasingly bold about saying so. They suggest that feminism is the highest morality, and guess what group is singularly ill-equipped in that moral priority? Why, men of course.

Note that they're not saying women are superior per se -- but when you've only got two sexes (until recently), and one of those two is marked inferior by inescapable encoding in their very DNA, then that must make the other one superior, right?

Those crying the loudest about "racism" are in fact racists looking, praying for any damn reason to think that their accomplishment-free lives are somehow superior to tens of millions of others due to the minor happenstance of their skin tone. And those crying the loudest about "sexism" are just attempting to prove that men are inferior, so that they can take their rightful, God-Promised place as the Superior Sex.

And frankly, they've made this all too obvious in recent years. The stealth, polite-company racism and sexism we've long tolerated from these hateful people has been emboldened and envenomed by the Cult of Identity Politics and Social Justice Warriorism to the point where they barely bother to hide the fact that they literally hate people of different races or genders and want them to either 1, assume the correct posture of deference and second-class citizenship as God has willed it or 2, simply die away and depart the planet forever.

And now people are saying what we frankly should have said 30 years ago:

I do not believe you must defer to me, but I'll be damned to Hell before I'm bullied into deferring to you. Go fuck yourselves in the heart with a knife, Racist. Sexist. Islamist. Whatever brand of hateful Other-hating I'm-superior-because-of-my-DNA-or-randomly-determined-cultural-baggage supremacist you are.

Have I mansplained this too harshly?

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Mid-Morning Open Thread



Andrew Wyeth

Most of you would instantly recognize Christina's World. And, probably, his nudes, which have always disturbed me. I want to pull a sheet over some (but not all) of the women, because the works seem voyeuristic without even a semblance of sexuality.
[Dr. Freud? Paging Dr. Freud]

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The Morning Report 12/1/16

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. Wow, December already. Lots of items of interest and one in particular is worthy of note, the last link about the expulsion of thousands of Jews from Arab/Muslim lands in the wake of Israeli independence in '48. The world only knows of the lie that so-called Palestinians were expelled from their alleged homeland by the evil Jooz (they were actually begged to stay and have full citizenship) so the truth needs to get out. Have a better one and remain blessed. And be nice to your concubine.

And since it's December . . .

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30 Days Hath November ONT


Well, it's that time of year again. No matter how much it seems like just yesterday it was spring, tomorrow is December 1st.


I rather like Christmastime. It may seem silly and old fashioned to people of the more cynical sort, but I enjoy the Christmas spirit. For me it usually kicks in about the second or third week of December and it makes everything brighter. And yes, unless I happen to know that someone is of a different faith, everyone gets a cheery “Merry Christmas” from me. You can take that happy holidays crap and shove it up your....chimney.

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Old Rich White People's Party Continues Losing Tradition


Pelosi may be a fine parliamentarian, and she certainly wields the whip effectively, but if the Democrat Party thinks that she is just the woman to lead them to the promised land of election success, they are deluded. Pelosi holds onto leadership

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Wednesday fended off a challenge to her long leadership reign, defeating Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) in a closed-door vote prompted largely by Donald Trump’s unlikely ascension to the White House.

Pelosi got 134 votes to Ryan's 63 — winning 68 percent of the votes after declaring before the election that she had the support of two-thirds of the caucus. The victory sends a message that while there's a growing appetite for major changes in the party's leadership structure and messaging tactics, it's not strong enough to loosen Pelosi's grip on a liberal-heavy group that's rarely challenged her authority.

She is a San Francisco millionaire whose husband is a rent-seeking businessman. She is completely out of touch with the electorate, but has remained in power because she is completely in touch with inside-the-beltway money and influence. If Trump's victory taught them nothing else, it should have taught them that after many years of status quo leading to our current mess, voters sort of like change, even when that change is Trump.

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Romney After Trump Meeting: "I've Been Impressed by What I've Seen"


My (weakly-held) theory is that Trump really wants that public apology, and a lot of the drama going on right now is an attempt to extract it from Romney.

This isn't explicitly an apology, but he praises Trump enough (almost) as to be in contradiction of his campaign-season statements about Trump, in which he called Trump a "con man" and a "fraud."

Will Trump take Romney's plain contradiction of his past claims as a de facto apology, or is going to insist on the "I apologize" formulation?

(Yeah, I meant to post this earlier and never did. Let's call it an Open Thread. Lot of stuff in the sidebar.)

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Pence, Trump Used Carrots and Possible Stick to Convince Carrier to Leave Close to 1000 Jobs in the US


Carrier was singled out by Trump repeatedly on the campaign trail due to its plan to shutter a US factory and move it to Mexico.

Carrier has now said it's reached a "compromise" and will be keeping almost 1000 jobs in Indiana. (They had until now employed 1,400 there.)

Carrier's mind seems to have been changed by Pence offering some level of subsidy to the company (a tax break or what not; terms are undisclosed) and United Technology -- Carrier's parent corporation -- realizing that their big, huge military contracts might be in jeopardy if they moved the plant out of the US.

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Adam Carolla, Dennis Prager Teaming Up For Documentary on College "Safe Spaces"


The title is "No Safe Space" but I sure hope that's a working title. We can do better than that. How about Adult Babies Making Pee-Pee and Poo-Poo All Over the School?

I hope they really blast these brats.

"When did everyone become such a colossal pussy? Having your beliefs challenged is as American as apple pie,” says podcaster-comedian Adam Carolla, who will tour the country's college campuses with radio talk-show host Dennis Prager for a documentary movie titled No Safe Spaces.


The movie will also explore the phenomenon whereby conservatives who are invited to speak at universities are routinely shouted down or, in some cases, disinvited due to liberal opposition, say the filmmakers.

"College campuses are supposed to be where diversity of opinion is celebrated, not silenced," Carolla said.

Via Safe Space Ekdahl (@johnekdahl).

Oh, and this is worth reading -- a social justice warrior alarmed the Secret Service about her menacing Trump tweets that they paid her a visit. A professor on campus wrote an editorial about this very special snowflake. He got in this delightful little burn:

"Her claims to be a 'queer Muslim' are probably part of an act designed to fit into as many victim categories as humanly possible," Adams elaborates. "Sometimes I wonder whether LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Thespian. So much drama, so few letters in the alphabet."

Now the other snowflakes are claiming his criticism of her is "threatening" or whatever.

The university has said, properly, that the fact that something is upsetting does not mean it's "threatening."

Update: Mark Wahlberg tells his fellow celebrities living in "the bubble" that they should probably shut their pie-holes about politics.

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Obama On Why Democrats Failed: See, It's Because FOXNEWS! Is On the TV In "Every Bar and Restaurant"


Really. Because the only news channel I ever see in any public venue is CNN.

In an interview with decrepit hippie Jann Wenner, the guy who blames every defeat on the media (Fox in particular) and "messaging" blames the newest defeat on, get this, the media (Fox in particular) and "messaging:"

The challenge is people are getting a hundred different visions of the world from a hundred different outlets or a thousand different outlets, and that is ramping up divisions. It's making people exaggerate or say what’s most controversial or peddling in the most vicious of insults or lies, because that attracts eyeballs.


In this election, [white working class voters] turned out in huge numbers for Trump. And I think that part of it has to do with our inability, our failure, to reach those voters effectively. Part of it is Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country, but part of it is also Democrats not working at a grassroots level, being in there, showing up, making arguments. That part of the critique of the Democratic Party is accurate. We spend a lot of time focused on international policy and national policy and less time being on the ground. And when we're on the ground, we do well.

The guy who only interrupts his Golfing Administration to do public rallies and bathe in the electricity of cultish adoration claims, once again, that he's too busy doin' hard policy stuff to really engage "on the ground."

Of course, that's also another backhanded slap at Hillary -- he ripped her for not being on the ground enough during the campaign.

I saw two points made about Obama's claims on Twitter: Michelle Malkin noted that Obama and Hillary had ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, 95% of print newspapers, Hollywood movies, most network TV shows, PBS, the academy, most professional organizations, etc., all flacking for them. But a single dissenting tone in the chorus, like Melchion's discordant song in the Simarillion, apparently injected Evil into the otherwise untainted world.

RedSteeze said he'd like the media to ask Obama which bars and restaurants he's been to that had FoxNews on.

That's a good question. As I said above, I've never personally seen FoxNews on in any public venue. It's too "controversial." It would be like, as in that episode of Seinfeld, having Penthouse magazines on the side-tables in a dentist's waiting area.

Oh, and do enjoy this article about the media's unhinged foot-stomping over Trump's win, which shows little sign of abating.

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Islamist Mole Discovered in, Get This, German Intelligence


Via the French site Le Parisien.

Pardon the very convoluted sentences here. I didn't feel like unparsing this gibberish. The French sentence structure is pretty much like the English one, except in newspaper writing, which seems to have its own dumb style.

Also, this might just be a french translation of a German article in which they retained the convoluted German sentence structure.

You'll get the gist. Some of these sentences are so sliced-and-diced into clauses all rushing to interrupt each other it would just be a real pain in the ass to put the parts into sensible order.

After the arrest last week, according to FAZ [Frankfurt Allgemein Zeitung], a 51-year-old agent in the German Office for Protection of the Constitution (Bndesamt Fur Verfassungsschutz, BfV), the internal security service, suspected of having infiltrated this organization for planning an Islamist attack, the Interior Minister sought to be reassuring this Wednesday. But many questions remain.

The arrest was revealed Tuesday by the daily site Der Spiegel and the daily paper Die Welt. "This is an isolated case," insisted the spokesman of the Interior Minister, asked about the existence of any precedents or a similar case in the heart of the intelligence services.

According to a spokesman of BfV, investigators cautioned this agent recruited in April 2016, father of four children born in Spain but naturalized as a German, who had appeared in gay pornographic films (!!!), of having "made Islamist propaganda statements on the internet" and of having been a bit too loose about his activities on behalf of BfV during his chats.

But he is further suspected of having sought via the internet would-be accomplices for committing an act of violence targeting the very heart of the interior [Security?] services in Cologne, the largest city of North Rheine Westphalia. In the "name of Allah" and for "helping his brothers."

Alas for him, during these [chats], his chatbuddy was none other than an informant for interior security. The investigation lasted several weeks before his arrest. The head of the BfV [said on Wednesday to another newspaper] the attack was no further than in the planning stage without specific elements plotted.

The prosecutor of Dusseldorf was asked about the circumstances of the recruitment of this man. The BfV had to nevertheless admit that the agent must have succeeded in hiding his conversion to Islam which occurred in 2014.

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Dispatches from the Alternate Reality Where Hillary Clinton Won the Election


via Alex the Chick, this Newsweek article -- astonishing that I'm linking that useless rag, but what the heck, this is actually kind of good -- rounds up the pre-written articles about Hillary's victory, which were written, but of course not actually published.

Warning: Consult a doctor if your shadenboner lasts for more than four hours.

JONATHAN CHAIT (writer and columnist, New York magazine)

Sparing the Republic from the whims of a twisted maniac is no small triumph. Clinton's skeptics have already been denying credit for her expected victory by noting that she benefited from facing the least popular major party nominee in history, and that a normal Republican could have defeated her. This misses the extraordinary nature of the opposition that produced this unpopularity in the first place. Clinton has absorbed 25 years of relentless and frequently crazed hate directed at her husband, compounded by her status as a feminist symbol, which made her the subject of additional loathing. Her very real missteps were compounded by a press corps that treated her guilt as an unexamined background assumption. She is almost certainly the first president to survive simultaneous leak-attacks by both a faction of rogue right-wing FBI agents and Russian intelligence.

I don't want to be rude, but my dick and balls just started pumping out pheremones so sweet they smell exactly like waffles drowned in Maine maple syrup.

MARIN COGAN (contributing editor, New York magazine, but this piece was prepared for

And yet: Hillary Clinton's victory is historic--a triumph that should not be overlooked. It marks the end of centuries of exclusion of women from the nation's top job. Even more remarkable was the way she won it: by running as a woman, who championed policies aimed at women, against an avatar of reactionary sexism. She won under politically tainted investigation, in spite of plenty of legitimate criticism, and in the face of an incredible amount of sexism. In voting for her, Americans rejected Donald Trump's old, macho vision of leadership and embraced a new paradigm, one that values not only a new style of leadership but also a policy outlook that prioritizes women and children.

I don't want to offend anybody, but my dick just got dressed up like it's a pimp.

Update: My dick is now actually a pimp. It's turnin' out ho's and tricks and givin' them the back of its dick-hand if they give it any sass.

CHRIS CILLIZZA (writer, "The Fix"—taken from this piece published on the Washington Post's site)

Clinton's path to the presidency--much like her last two-plus decades in public life--was not an easy one, defined more by her relentless drive forward than any sort of soaring movement like the one that propelled Barack Obama into office in 2008. And even in victory, Clinton survived rather than overwhelmed. Expected to cruise to an electoral vote victory, Clinton squeaked by--with Democrats fretting deep into the night about her prospects.

In short: It was a uniquely Clinton campaign--with all the good and bad that connotes.

I don't mean to "work blue," but my boner just launched a smaller auxilliary sub-boner. It looks like the escape pod in Star Wars, only instead of droids, it has bickering sperm inside of it. One of the sperm is carrying the secret plans to DESTROY Kate Upton's clam canyon.

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ESPN's Subscriber Numbers Plummet for Second Straight Month


They lost 550,000 subscribers in November, which follows October's losses of 629,000 subscribers. These numbers are per Nielsen. Though ESPN challenged Nielsen's numbers last month, Nielsen reviewed them but still found big losses for ESPN's subscriber numbers.

[T]he worst month in the history of ESPN has now been followed up by the second worst month in ESPN history. ESPN has now lost a jawdropping 1.176 million subscribers in the past two months.

Putting that into perspective, that means nearly 20,000 people a day are leaving ESPN for each of the past two months.

If that annual average subscriber loss continued, ESPN would lose over seven million subscribers in the next 12 months. And at an absolute minimum, these 1.176 million lost subscribers in the past two months will lead to a yearly loss in revenue of over $100 million.

According to Nielsen ESPN now has 88.4 million cable and satellite subscribers, a precipitous decline from well over 100 million subscribers just a few years ago


The rapid decline -- and apparent escalation -- in cable and satellite customers abandoning the bundle is the biggest story in sports, and there isn't a close second. That's why I've been writing about it for the past several years.

He goes on to analyze ESPN's business model. ESPN is set to pay $7.3 billion in broadcast rights to various sports organizations this year. This is all contractual; they can't get out of it. ESPN can afford to pay that amount only because they have huge subscriber base and they charge every single cable subscriber in America $7 per month (which, of course, you can almost never get out of paying).

The broadcast rights are ESPN's selling point, but also a huge cost. If ESPN makes less money, they're still on the hook for that massive rights cost. ESPN is still making a lot of money (just less of a lot of money), and will make money for the next five years, but if people keep cord-cutting and abandoning ESPN, at some point, ESPN just won't be able to pay such huge amounts for broadcast rights, which then undermines their whole raison d'etre: Who wants to watch a "sports channel" that doesn't broadcast big sports?

ESPN used to be like that, 30 years ago, featuring a lot of pro bowler league and other cheap-to-buy broadcast rights. In fact, it used to look a lot like "The Ocho." (If it's almost a sport, we've got it here). I can't see them going backwards back to that. Not while extorting $7 per month from every cable subscriber in America.

T. Becket Adams links this piece and discusses the Social Justice Warriorification of the onetime sports network.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


John Sloan.jpg

The Lafayette
John Sloan

The Ashcan School. What the hell is that? Well, A fair number of famous artists, including a Horde favorite Edward Hopper are counted among its members.

By the way, this hotel was at 9th Street and University Place in Greenwich Village. I wonder what is there now? J.J. Sefton has undoubtedly walked past it a few hundred times....and if it's a bar, probably been thrown out of it...

[And a little present for Bluebell below the fold]

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The Morning Report 11/30/16

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. First and foremost, prayers for the people of Tennessee. Stay safe and hope your lives get back to normalcy quickly. So, old and busted: Make America Great Again to new hotness: We Have to Pollute the Swamp to Drain the Swamp?? I mean, Elaine Chao and Steven Mnuchin? And then there's Romney and G-d help us Bob f**king Corker. Whatever Bannon, Priebus and Pence are thinking, the optics are, to be charitable, sub-optimal. But at least Alison Camerota is here to show us how utterly disgusting and unwatchable television is. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (11/29/16)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

Congratulations! You made it through the second Monday of the week Tuesday. Enjoy tomorrow!!


You didn't now there was a STAY HOME BECAUSE YOU’RE WELL DAY? Now, you do. The things you learn here at the ONT are amazing.

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Democrats Will Have Secret Ballot Vote to Either Keep Pelosi as Minority Leader, or Dump Her for Tim Ryan


I say they keep her. Identity politics is not just part of the Democrat platform; it is the Democratic platform, the whole of it, the entirety.

"There's a generation of Democratic leaders who have been stymied or held down or even cut off at the knees to keep her and [Maryland Rep. Steny] Hoyer and others in power," the former aide added.

"So you have a number of members who look at the agendas and question why, when the country is worried about the economy and jobs, the Democrats are out talking about women power and some of the core liberal issues that aren't going to play well in the places that Democrats have to win if they’re going to take back the majority."

Sensing that unrest, Pelosi last week proposed to carve out several new leadership posts and make some of them eligible only to newer members. The changes are designed to empower the next generation of Democratic leaders, but there’s been some early pushback, as members of the Congressional Black Caucus are warning they would erode the power of African-American lawmakers. Ryan, for his part, said the proposals "will only serve to further consolidate her power over the caucus."

Although Pelosi is the favorite and Ryan the underdog, Ryan has told people to get ready for a "big surpise" tomorrow.

But that's what people always say, of course. Trying to encourage one's wavering supporters and possible supporters by suggesting there's a big wave coming.

Ah well. Not sure what I'm rooting for here.

Posted by Ace at 08:34 PM Comments

Disgusting Progressive Monsters Behaving Exactly As You'd Expect After OSU Attack


1. Use the incident of a terrorist using a car and a knife to attack people to demand more gun control.

2. Give the jihadist Artan the Djohar Tsarnaev treatment, romanticizing him as a misunderstood loner, kind of like Matt Dillon in The Outsiders, rather than the psychopathic rampage murderer he was:

Continue reading

Posted by Ace at 05:27 PM Comments

ISIS: OSU Attacker Was Our Soldier
Media: Still No Motive in Knife Attack
John Kasich: We May Never Know the Attacker's Motive


ISIS has claimed the OSU attacker was one of their soldiers.

Here's how ABC "News" chose to headline a story about this:

ISIS Attempts to Claim OSU Attacker as Its 'Soldier'

I've italicized the words that are plainly editorializing, essentially saying ISIS is lying about it. Also note the sneer-quotes around "Soldier."

ABCNews blathers some more:

ISIS has repeatedly called on its followers to conduct attacks in the U.S., but no evidence has emerged publicly to suggest ISIS had foreknowledge of the OSU plot. The language used in this claim is similar to that used when previous so-called "lone wolves" were believed to have acted independently of the terrorist organization.

While in some previous cases it was later revealed that attackers had pledged allegiance to ISIS or its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, in a message posted on Facebook and believed to have been written by Artan, he did not mention ISIS. Instead, he aired more general grievances against American foreign policy.

"I can't take it anymore," he purportedly wrote in the post, which has been reviewed by ABC News and appeared on a page that has since been disabled. "America! Stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim Ummah. We are not weak. We are not weak, remember that."

The "Muslim Ummah" is the pan-national community of Muslims. In other words, it kinda-sorta means "The Caliphate," when a Caliphate is claimed to exist.

Guess who claims to have re-started the Caliphate? That's right, ISIS.

Meanwhile, something ABCNews "forgets" to mention is that he warned of "lone wolf" attacks -- which ISIS specifically called for -- if persecution of Islam did not stop. And also, praised Al Qaeda propagandist al-Awaki.

"If you want us Muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks, then make peace. We will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims" his FB post further said, ABC News reported.

Artan also praised Anwar Al-Awlaki, a radical American-born al-Qaida terrorist who was killed in 2011. Artan described Al-Awlaki as a "hero." ABC said Al-Awlaki's "propaganda has been linked to several domestic terrorist attacks in the years after his death."

I guess ABCNews is in the #FakeNews business now. Oh wait, they always were.

Meanwhile, #FakeRepublican liberal John Kasich, who is an Asshole, has opined that "We may never know" Artan's motivation in using a jihadi tactic (vehicle driving into crowd, "stabbing intifada" knife attack on random non-Muslims) after making numerous pro-Jihadi statements and jihadi-style declarations of aggrievements and threats that Muslims will rise in defense of their Ummah.

John Kasich, who is, as mentioned previously, an Asshole, is coming under fire for his pro-Somali-refugee-resettlement policy. Some are tweeting at him that these attacks are on his head (which is, as pointed out supra, an Asshole's head).

Others are pointing this out as well.

Columbus is home to the second-largest Somali-American community in the U.S. after Minneapolis.

And how did all the Somalis and other north Africans get in Columbus?

As WND has reported in a series of articles, the main route into the United States for Somali nationals is through the refugee resettlement program. The U.S government has since 1992 worked with the United Nations to permanently resettle more than 110,000 Somali refugees into dozens of U.S. cities, including Minneapolis, Columbus, San Diego, and smaller cities in Maine, Texas, Idaho, Washington, Georgia, Michigan, Colorado, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas.

More than 99 percent of Somali refugees are Sunni Muslims, and the FBI has confirmed that at least 40 young Somali men have left their adopted homeland since 2007 to join the ranks of foreign terrorist organizations including al-Shabab in Somalia and ISIS in Syria. Dozens more have been charged and convicted of providing material support to overseas terrorists.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has been supportive of the refugee resettlements in his state. Like many GOP governors, he has questioned the quality of the vetting process for Syrian refugees, but nothing has been said about the Somali refugees who have been arriving in large numbers for years and struggling to assimilate. They continue to arrive in U.S. cities at a rate of 500 to 800 a month without so much as a word from the GOP governors.

Meanwhile, Ohio state Democrats are claiming that a likely Senate candidate for 2018 stating that this certainly looks like an Islamism-inspired attack constitutes "Islamophobia coming to my state today."

Michael Premo, chief of staff for Ohio Senate Democrats, blasted Mandel, tweeting, "Looks like knee-jerk islamophobia came to my state today. So sad what @JoshMandelOhio said. We must remain vigilant against prejudice."

Which prejudice? The imagined prejudice of people who aren't attacking Muslims, or the real prejudice of Islamism-crazed jihadis who actually are killing people?

Is that not also prejudice?

Is it just not the kind you care about?

PS: Anyone think the media would be more in a speculating kind of mood about Artan's motive if his FaceBook profile pic looked like this?

Update: ABCNews is straight-up lying: Artan did mention ISIS, by its Arabic name.

Posted by Ace at 03:55 PM Comments

Jim Geraghty: OSU Jihadi Proves That the Progressives' Victim Mentality Kills


Excellent column by Jim Geraghy hitting on a theme I've hit on dozens of times myself:

The media is always fretting that ginning up "white rage" will produce "backlash" -- violence -- against minority communities.

Okay, let's say I accept that's a possibility.

Is it not also a possibility that ginning up minority rage over agrievements, both those that can be characterized as possibly real as well of those of the #FakeNews contrived paranoia variety, can spur non-whites into their own "backlash" mode?

If not, why not? Are whites singularly evil in this world? Are they alone the only race capable of being whipped up into a hateful, violent lather by racial paranoia and racial grievances?

Geraghty notes that the OSU Killer had a lot of "fears" of "The Other" -- and he acted on them.

I don't hear the media talking about this kind of "whitelash."

Take a good look at the Facebook post of the Ohio State University attacker.

Sure, there’s plenty of that familiar jihadist rhetoric. "America, stop interfering with other countries, especially the Muslim Ummah. We are not weak… By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims. You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday."

But what comes through most is this whining sense of victimhood, that he’s forced to commit these atrocious, barbaric attacks on innocent people out of a righteous sense of self-defense to protect his feelings.

"I am sick and tired of seeing my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters being killed and tortured EVERYWHERE. Seeing my fellow Muslims being tortured, raped and killed in Burma led to a boiling point."

See, Muslims aren’t being killed and tortured everywhere. It would be nice if someone close to him had told him that, and if fewer people helped fuel that rage-inducing falsehood. If he ever bothered to read a book or the news about places like Syria and Iraq, he would have learned that Muslims are mostly being killed and tortured by fellow Muslims.

If it's dangerous for a strain of white identity politics to nurture a fear and hatred of "The Other" -- different races -- and that such a strain of grievance-mongering and paranoia may result in the murders or assaults of minorities, why is it (as the media and mediating institutions seem to believe) not dangerous at all for minority ethnic groups to gin up their own fear, paranoia, and hatred against whites or society in general?

Will the media or any government official ever address this, given the weekly assassinations of police, and the newest barbarism committed against OSU students due to one lunatic steeping in the hatreds of identity politics?

Or does the media simply believe that White Lives Don't Matter, especially when compared against the Democrats' keep to make Identity Politics Grievances and Hatreds Against Whites the central organizing principle of their party?

(By the way: Cops are widely considered "White By Association" by many of the people ginning up racial resentments, no matter what their actual ethnicity. So blue lives are essentially white lives, and no, they don't seem to matter.

As Kurt Schlicter noted, media interest in the OSU story dried up immediately upon discovering the attack did not involve 1, a gun or 2, a white perpetrator who could be characterized as "Trump voter" harassing minority victims.)

Posted by Ace at 02:32 PM Comments

Even Hillary's Loyalists Think the Recount Is Silly; They Just Feel the Obligation to See It Through to Appease Their Supporters


I'm old enough to remember when cynically suggesting, just to play to one's lunatic base, that the election was rigged was considered dangerously anti-American.

That was three weeks ago.

Update: Democrats fear recount efforts will wind up hurting them. And Jill Stein whines that Wisconsin will charge her $3.5 million for her recount, above the $1.1 million they'd estimated.

So you know what time it is -- time for some more Green Party fundraising!!!

Posted by Ace at 01:08 PM Comments

Trump: Flag Burning Should be Illegal, Maybe Punished by a Year in Jail or Forfeiture of Citizenship


The media is screaming about this, but failing to note that Hillary Clinton proposed outlawing flag burning in 2005.

Below, Chris Cuomo lectures a Trump aide on the unconstitutionality of anti-flag-burning laws -- completely forgetting that he notoriously claimed that a "Chaplinsky rule" in the Constitution made it okey-dokey to criminalize speech if it offended someone.

It's amazing that this illiterate dum-dum dares to lecture people on what the Constitution says. He's so damn smug in his towering ignorance.

Update: AllahPundit notes that a lot of Trump defenders are offering (as we once did for Bush) a lot of 11th-dimensional chess-type explanations for Trump's outburst, claiming he's playing the long game from wicked angles you can't even see -- trying to deflect from this, prepare the battlespace for that, and generally troll and bait his opponents into making some sort of error.

The most obvious explanation (which Allah notes) is that Trump saw something on "the shows" about flag-burning, decided he didn't like it on a purely gut level, and tossed out his tweet to the world.

Well, it turns out that Trump tweeted at about the time FoxNews had on a segment about flag-burning.

Now, I don't buy the "Trying to Deflect from News He Doesn't Want You to Pay Attention To" explanation (given that a much simpler explanation exists and accords with what was on TV at the time). But it's wrong to say there's no bad news to deflect attention away from -- probably.

Chris Christie is giving a press announcement today, without taking any questions from the media.

I am guessing -- without knowing -- that this has something to do with Bridgegate, or simply noting that he's decided not to seek re-election in 2017.

Eh, would Trump care about that? Probably not really. Still, it does seem there is likely to be some indirectly-affecting-Trump bad news later.

Continue reading

Posted by Ace at 11:48 AM Comments

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