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April 03, 2020

Between The Desire And The Spasm, Between The Potency And The Existence, Between The Essence And The Descent, Falls The ONT


So, no negative Wuhan Flu stuff tonight. Instead, I'm going to try and have any flu stories be positive. Lets start off by checking our horoscopes, shall we?


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Quarantine Cafe/
Tim Pool "Extorted" by Brother for Money in Dispute Over Company?


Only some readers like or follow Tim Pool, so I figure I'll just make this part of the quarantine cafe.

Two videos below from The Quartering explain the Chris Pool allegations against his brother Tim Pool. Tim Pool, Chris Pool, and others involved have talked to the Quartering and shared DMs, so he's informed, though definitely on Tim Pool's side.

The short story -- as related by The Quartering, who, again, seems to support Tim -- is that Tim Pool's brother had a company called "Subverse." I don't know how much of a company this was -- all that seems to be talked about is the company name (or "brand," as Tim Pool's brother now calls it) and a domain name.

Apparently they all planned to work together on Subverse, but Chris Pool admits in an email that he did no work on the project for a year. His excuse is that he had a "broken hand." A boxer doesn't take off more than a few days with a broken hand; he only avoids hitting with the hand itself for a 4 or 5 weeks. I don't know how someone skips out of office work for a year and says "but I had a broken hand."

Anyway, Tim Pool doesn't dispute that Chris Pool "founded" this company, whatever it was, and did register a domain name. But in texts and DMs, Chris Pool admits that the company, as it stands, is "worthless," and that he did no work on it, and further, he offers to give it to Tim Pool.

Flash forward until the last couple of months. Apparently Tim Pool did a Go Fund Me for the business, and he got $1.2 million to start the company up (for real, this time). And now Chris Pool starts making complaints that Tim Pool schemed to take away his company and his "brand," and wants $333,000.

Also, apparently Tim Pool let this guy stay at his house for free, for months. He seems to be YouTuber who doesn't make many YouTube videos, so I don't know if he has much income.

When Tim Pool refused to hand over the cash, Chris Pool started threatening to release information about Tim Pool online, like "who he voted for" in 2016. (Confronted with this by The Quartering, Chris Pool now says the threat was just a joke. Um, okay.)

It seems to be the case that the company was worthless when Chris Pool quit it and gave it to Tim, and now it seems to be worth something, with almost no contribution from Chris Pool. But now Chris Pool wants a cut of the value he did not create.

Anyway, the videos are short. Watch them if you're interested. The second video shows relevant DMs and emails.

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FISA Court Demands FBI Provide the Names of the FBI Agents Who Repeatedly Abused the System and Perpetrated Frauds Upon the Court
Demands To Know Which FISA Applications Contained "Material Misstatements"


You know what "material mistatements" are, right?

They're the predicate for a criminal prosecution.

18 U.S. Code § 1623.False declarations before grand jury or court U.S. Code

(a)Whoever under oath (or in any declaration, certificate, verification, or statement under penalty of perjury as permitted under section 1746 of title 28, United States Code) in any proceeding before or ancillary to any court or grand jury of the United States knowingly makes any false material declaration or makes or uses any other information, including any book, paper, document, record, recording, or other material, knowing the same to contain any false material declaration, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

Nadler is refusing to even accept testimony from the IG for these crimes!

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Watch The Media Downplay Coronavirus and Repeatedly Claim It's Less Dangerous Than the Common Flu
Plus: Trump Presser, Continued


The presser continues here.

The same media that repeatedly attacks Trump for "lying" when he said the coronavirus might turn out to be less deadly for the flu seems to have overlooked their own lies -- they say that mistaken guesses are lies, so their bad guesses are lies too -- in claiming the same thing.

Over and over and over again.

I especially like seeing Dr. Anderson Cooper weighing in.

Tucker Carlson points out the New York Times publishing an article titled, "Who Says It's Not Safe to Travel to China?," insisting coronavirus was no big deal and nothing we should delay travel plans over.

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Trump Press Conference
Trump To Recommend Wearing Masks In Public?


The press conference is scheduled for 5pm but it's usually 15 or 20 minutes late to start.

As you may have heard, Trump is considering reversing the stupid prior CDC advice and recommending that people wear masks in public.

CNN claims that Trump advised people not to wear masks. Another CNN lie. Trump didn't advise people against it -- the CDC did.

It's just a naked propaganda outlet.

As for questions about how one can even get a maks:

Trump has invoked the Defense Production Act to tell 3M to stop shipping masks to Latin America and Canada and prioritize production for the US.

The Trump administration on Thursday invoked the Defense Production Act, compelling 3M to prioritize orders for desperately needed N95 respiratory masks for the US government’s national stockpile.


But 3M criticized a previously unreported request from the White House that it also stop sending any N95 masks to Latin America and Canada, citing “significant humanitarian implications” given the great need for them in the US and complaints from governors around the country, including New York’s Andrew Cuomo, that they wind up in bidding wars for supplies against each other and other countries.

“The Administration also requested that 3M cease exporting respirators that we currently manufacture in the United States to the Canadian and Latin American markets,” the Friday morning statement read.

“There are, however, significant humanitarian implications of ceasing respirator supplies to healthcare workers in Canada and Latin America, where we are a critical supplier of respirators,” it continued.

Apparently the humanitarian needs of their overseas clients exceed the humanitarian concerns of the United States.

Gee, I'd sure like to do more favors for multinational corporations who spit at the notion of loyalty to America. Do you think if we beg real hard, the Republican Donor Class and Coservative, Inc. would let us do more favors for transnational corporations?

But anyway, yes, it seems likely that Trump will recommend the wearing of masks in public.

In some jurisdictions, they're already making it mandatory.

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After Mocking Trump For Suggesting Hydroxychloroquine Might Be Effective Against Coronavirus, Media Starts To Admit That Maybe It Is


But they're not crediting Trump, and they're not admitting their own stupidity and lies, and the social media monopolies will not be banning their accounts for having promoted dangerous Fake News.

After repeatedly mocking President Trump for suggesting on March 19 that hydroxychloroquine could be an effective treatment for coronavirus, media organizations have begun acknowledging that the drug -- now approved for emergency use to treat coronavirus by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) -- may be useful after all.

Journalists and top Democrats have beaten a similarly hasty retreat from their previous claims that Trump's ban on travel from China was both xenophobic and ineffective. But media outlets' misinformation on hydroxychloroquine was unique because it involved not simply policy disagreements but also suggestive medical advice and directives that could have dissuaded some from seeking certain treatments.

"Malaria Drug Helps Virus Patients Improve, in Small Study," The New York Times reported this week, adding: "A group of moderately ill people were given hydroxychloroquine, which appeared to ease their symptoms quickly, but more research is needed."

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, went from threatening doctors who prescribed the drug with "administrative action" to requesting that the federal government ship her state some. Other state leaders have followed suit, including Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak, also a Democrat.

It wasn't always considered acceptable to use that kind of optimistic rhetoric, however.

"Trump peddles unsubstantiated hope in dark times," read a March 20 "analysis" by CNN's Stephen Collinson. Saying Trump was "adopting the audacity of false hope" and embracing "premature optimism," Collinson charged that "there's no doubt he overhyped the immediate prospects for the drug" because the FDA had not provided an explicit timeline on approving the drug to treat coronavirus.

The media's also now admitting that Trump's earlier statement that the fatality rate from the Wuhan Flu would maybe be lower than 1%... also may be true.

After they accused him of "lying." About what was stated as being a hunch or guess.

Guesses and hunches which depart from CNN's and the NYT's guesses and hunches are now "lies" which require censorship, deplatforming, and possible prosecution.

Watching the media response to President Trump's handling of the pandemic has been an educational experience for anyone who has been paying attention. It seems no matter what actions the President takes or what comments and opinions he offers, somebody at the major cable networks and newspapers is standing by to jump all over him. Unfortunately, on several notable occasions, Trump has turned out to be right. And then comes the embarrassing moment when the media talking heads have to reluctantly deliver the same news.

One key example of this phenomenon popped up a few weeks ago when the President offered an opinion about the mortality rate for the novel coronavirus. At that time, Dr. Anthony Fauci was estimating it to be "around two percent." Some other medical authorities had put the figure as high as 2.6%. Trump declared that he thought it was going to be considerably lower, "way lower than one percent," specifying that this was just "a hunch" that he had.

That was all it took. The press was all over him. He was "misleading" the nation. He was "contradicting the medical community." Trump was "at odds with what health experts are saying." But yesterday, CNN found themselves describing the mortality rate for the virus in new terms. Oops.

The media's insistence that only the alleged "facts" they claim are true are permitted to be publicly uttered has now been extended to cover hunches, guesses, estimates, and speculations.

Anyone who Subversively departs from the media's approved (allowed) range of guesswork risks severe penalties.

The media are leading this country to the edge of a revolution, but it's not the revolution they have in mind.

The media has been eagerly attacking everyone else's right to free speech -- Wait until we have our turn.

You're not the only people capable of inflicting punishments for speech, Media.

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Thanks to Trump's Emergency Order to Seal the Border, Illegal Border Crossers Are Being Deported Back to Mexico in an Average of 96 Minutes from Apprehension


We asked the former Republican leadership class, as well as the operatives and grifters of Conservative, Inc., to close the borders and take citizenship seriously for thirty years.

They ignored us. They made illegal border crossing de facto legal and they made illegal aliens de facto citizens.

We asked again in 2008. We asked for a wall.

They ignored us again. They offered us instead a "high tech virtual fence."

We had begun to understand that when they made these alleged compromise counter-offers, they were just trying to put us off.

Like they put off and waylaid the pro-life movement every two or four years, always promising to do something, but always funding Planned Parenthood in the end.

They were hoping that with rhetoric and "high tech virtual fences," we'd be suckered again and let them continue their de facto open borders policies.

We demanded a border in 2012.

Again, they ignored us, and in the official 2012 RNC "post-mortem," the same corporatists and open borders libertarians that dominate the Cash Money Wing of the Republican Party demanded that we embrace amnesty and open borders.

Now we began to understand that the corporatists, paid shills, and corporate-sponsored operatives and "journalists" were not working for us, but instead working for corporatists who wanted open borders.

We were not their clients. Their actual clients were the big-money interests paying them through the front groups Cato, AEI, and CEI. The open borders corporate class were their clients -- we were merely the targets of their bought-and-paid-for advertising campaign.

As they say with "free" internet services: if you're not paying for the product, you are the product. If you're not paying someone for their product, you are the product that they're packaging up and selling.

And so it is with Conservatism, Inc., and the bought-and-paid-for corporate-sponsored allegedly "independent" Conservatism, Inc. "journalists."

You're not their actual clients. You're the suckers they're advertising to, the chumps they're propagandizing to on behalf of their actual clients.

Same thing with National Review.

And even though we were waking up to the hustle, and becoming increasingly impolite in our demands -- still they ignored us.

In 2015-2016, we finally fully realized that our alleged representatives and our "journalists" -- supposedly arguing our agenda to the powers that ran the country -- were actually only interested in arguing the agenda of the powers that control the country to us.

And so we finally declared our independence from them and took a chance on an uncouth businessman and reality tv show host.

This wasn't because we loved Trump.

It's because we had been betrayed, abused, lied to, and sold out by the current leadership, and were willing to take the chance on anyone who was not from this coterie of proven liars and traitors.

I always laugh when I hear the corporate owned-and-operated propagandists of Conservative, Inc. attacking Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity for being mere broadcast pundits, as if attempting to reflect the broad consensus of actual conservative thinking was ignoble, cheap, and "cheating."

Here's the thing: I know who Levin's, Limbaugh's, and Hannity's bosses are. Their bosses are the audience. If they don't please the audience, they lose their shows.

It is true that an audience can be wrong and lead you astray.


Does that mean they have to pander to the audience?

Sure, sometimes. Anyone cultivating an audience does in fact have to attempt to please that audience.

But the thing is: I know who Rush Limbaugh's boss is. I know the biases of its boss.

He has done full disclosure on who his boss is.

But who are Tim Carney's and Ramesh Ponuru's bosses? No, don't say AEI - AEI takes money from specific corporations and foundations to fund its "fellows."

Who are the people actually funding Tim Carney and Ramesh Ponuru?

Who are they pandering to?

Again, I know who's pulling Rush Limbaugh's and Mark Levin's strings.

Who's pulling theirs? Who is their actual client?

Whose favor do they have to curry and cultivate, or else lose their jobs?

Why won't they disclose it?

Now, after four years after we told this class to fuck off, they're still butthurt and assmad about it and wondering why we "crazy unreasonable deplorables" rejected their generous offer to continue being our "thought leaders."

And meanwhile: they're still pushing open borders bullshit.

Would a single one of these unamerican traitors have closed the border to Mexico, even during a major pandemic?

NO. They would have offered us further "high tech virtual fences" and "sophisticated online monitoring of border area hot spots for epidemics."

And still they wonder -- Why did they reject us?

Bolstered by emergency measures brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Border Patrol agents at the U.S.-Mexico border are able to return illegal crossers at an extremely fast rate.

Aliens who unlawfully cross into the United States are being sent back to Mexico at an average of 96 minutes, according to government officials who spoke with The Washington Post. The rapid return rate is largely thanks to the Trump administration’s emergency order, which was put into place earlier in March.

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf, following orders from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), announced on March 20 that the northern and southern borders would be closed to all non-essential traffic to stop the spread of COVID-19, and that nearly anyone caught illegally crossing into the United States would be immediately sent back.

Since that announcement, Department of Homeland Security leaders have reported a roughly 50% decline in illegal border crossings. Wolf and Mark Morgan, the acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, have publicly confirmed the dramatic fall in illegal crossings in March.

The emergency measures are also allowing Customs and Border Protection (CBP), which oversees Border Patrol, to quickly return those that do choose to illegally cross the southern border.

Per the guidelines, Border Patrol agents are processing foreign nationals from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala “in the field” before they enter a Border Patrol station. Medical exams are reportedly not administered to these aliens, which dramatically shortens processing time, and then they are ultimately rushed back to Mexico.

An agent said the hastened process diminishes the risk of exposure to everyone involved.

"The goal is to minimize the exposure to the alien, agent and our country," a CBP official told WaPo.

Patron Saint of the Conservative, Inc. Grifter Class John McCain Shows How the Hustle Is Done:

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Japan's Deputy Minister Weighs In on China/WHO Controversy: "China is Asshoe"


He didn't actually say that, exactly, but that's the gist of it. See below the fold.

China has meanwhile opened its "wet markets," where living animals, many exotic, are sold in open stalls and kept close to each other, making possible the interspecies jump that sets exotic new plagues loose on humanity.

Cages full of cats and dogs waiting for slaughter and the unsanitary preparation of animals is again reportedly a common sight in Chinese food markets, often called wet-markets, according to in-country correspondents with the Daily Mail.

Lindsey Graham demands China shut down its "disgusting" wet markets, or else face trade restrictions.

Sen. Lindsey Graham threatened that the US-China trade relationship will "change" if Beijing fails to shut down wet markets that sell wild, and at times live, animals that could transmit viruses to humans once eaten.

Speaking during an interview on "Fox & Friends" Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman said he would be writing a letter to the Chinese ambassador to tell him, "If you don’t shut those wet markets down, our trading relationship is going to change."

Wet markets are an outdoor series of stalls selling meat, fish, produce and other perishable goods that are popular throughout Asia and Africa. Living and dead animals being sold at these markets include pigs, oxen, ducks, chickens, bats, dogs, monkeys and cats.

"What can China do to help the world? Shut those markets down," Graham added when talking to the network.

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CNN Fails to Place a Single Show in the Top 20, While MSNBC Ratings Fester


Nolte on LOLCNN:

Far-left CNN failed to place even one show in the top 20 during the first quarter of this year.

Yes, you read that correctly... Despite the impeachment of a president and the coronavirus pandemic, the cable channel America used to automatically turn to in times of crisis could not do any better than number 22.

Fox News placed eight shows in the top ten and 14 in the top 20. The openly left-wing MSNBC filled those other slots.

CNNLOL finally arrives way behind its cable news competitors, at number 22, with Jake Tapper’s basement-rated The Lead, which still only managed to attract 1.387 million viewers. And Tapper probably only did that well because some of President Trump’s popular daily briefings aired during his otherwise anemic timeslot.

Sean Hannity topped everyone during the quarter with an average of 4.22 million viewers, which more than triples CNN’s top show.

In fact, the only Fox program CNN was able to beat was Fox and Friends First, which broadcasts before dawn and still managed to come in 40th with 721,000 average viewers. The pre-dawn Fox and Friends First humiliated CNNLOL's disastrous morning show, New Day, which was only able to attract 580,000 average viewers.


CNNLOL was only able to average 1.43 million primetime viewers, with MSNBC coming in at 1.93 million.

Meanwhile, MSNBC's ratings are flat, despite the bonanza of impeachment and pandemic.

The first first three months of 2020 have been full of one breaking news story after another, ranging from the impeachment of President Trump to the arrival of the coronavirus outbreak. Yet the liberal MSNBC "news" channel failed to attract new viewers and matched the same ratings from a year ago.

The stagnation in numbers comes in stark contrast to the Fox News Channel, which gained 38 percent during the same period, and even the ratings-challenged CNN, which actually grew its numbers by a surprising 18 percent.

According to an article posted by Brian Flood, who covers the media for FNC, experts stated that this result "is a serious issue to the far-left network" and "should concern the MSNBC hierarchy" even though that channel has not made any changes in its programming for a long time.

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The Morning Rant


talking ape.jpg

Well, here's an interesting piece that came out before the plague smacked us in the face like a dead fish. It says, quote, former members of the Communist Party in Sweden plan to build a new Socialist worker's party that's free of multicultural dogma, climate alarmism, and LGBT issues that currently plague the modern left, unquote.

A vigorous communism that rejects identity politics would indeed be an interesting political development. Perhaps Bernie would be wise to take note of this.

The article quotes a Swedish old-school commie who is fed up to the back teeth with multiculturalsm, LGBTBBQ++ identity politics, and Greta the Pest. He's is mad because all of these multi-culti issues have crowded out those that commies like him have traditionally fought for. He says, quote, Pride, for instance, has been reduced to dealing with sexual orientation. We believe that human dignity is primarily about having a job and having pension insurance that means that you are not forced to live on crumbs when you are old, unquote.

It's very unlikely I would agree with his proposed solutions to the problems he's talking about, but I have to admit he's trying to address some actual problems of actual working people. Rat bastard commies used to be all about the working people, or so they said. Now, the mountains of skulls produced by rat bastard commie regimes said otherwise, but I could at least respect the brawny steel-worker or coal-miner labor organizer. Those guys actual knew what a hard day's work was. The working class isn't going to be lifted up by a bunch of boutique-level soy boys and rainbow-haired androgynous baristas, who are about as useless for the left as the NeverTrumper are for conservatism.

He's upset that the worker's movement has been hijacked by a bunch of college student commie wannabes, who are definitely not proletariat no matter how much they pretend to be.

The Swedish commies aren't real big on open borders, either, nor with the creeping Islamicization of their country.

Progressivism does not come off well here. I mean, how bad does the multi-culti cult have to be when even rat bastard commies are getting tired of it?

compare and contrast - communists.jpg

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


Perov Dostoyevsky.jpg

Portrait Of The Author Feodor Dostoyevsky
Vasily Perov

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report - 4/3/20

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. Friday and another day of America held hostage by Leftist lies, Chi-Com damned lies and statistics as the lifeblood of our nation, what was the greatest economic miracle of all time, drains from its slit wrists. I was talking to a friend last night who asked if I watched the President's presser (I hadn't) and he was shocked at his seemingly fatigued demeanor and tone, which is in sharp contrast to his usual energy and ebullience. The press has been playing this up, not so subtly hinting that he seems defeated by all of this. I would not go that far, and neither did Rush Limbaugh on his show when he attributed the President's bearing as natural concern for the well being of the citizenry.

While this is certainly the case, my gut tells me that I think he realizes he may have made a blunder in relying on the "experts" and their models in going along with the shuttering of our economy. All of the assaults he has had to endure over the past four years were political in nature. But this one is different; it's a nebulous disease that he cannot dispatch with a Twitter storm of truth bombs. With the lives of nearly 320 million people in his hands, he's forced into a corner. Yet, the situation very closely parallels the one he was in during the transition period after the election up until and beyond the 2018 midterms. As an outsider, Trump relied on people inside DC to staff the administration and thought, perhaps naively, that everyone had the best interests of the nation at heart whatever their political bent may be. We, and he, know how that turned out.

And here we all are again, relying on so-called "experts" and computer models to predict how, where, for how long and how lethally a virus is going to strike, when we're not even sure just how deadly to the entire population it is in the first place. In any case, the problem with computer models is that they are only as good as the data put in to them. If that doesn't remind you of something, here's a hint: Global Warming.

Circling back to Trump, I think he now realizes he's made a mistake by allowing himself to be driven solely by numbers that are being given to him by people who, if history and the nature of DC teach us anything, do not have his best interests at heart. And that's being charitable. Is it too late for him to backtrack? Maybe. But, given the fact that putting millions of people out of work and destroying their economic security for years to come is clearly (to me anyway) much more deleterious to our collective health than this Pox Oriental, I cannot see him allowing this madness to go on much longer.

No doubt, it would be a massive political gamble for him to say "look, the situation on the ground compared to the projections just don't add up" and then call for a phased in lifting of the quarantines and closures until either we're clear of the danger or actual confirmed deaths from Asiatic Lung AIDS spike. I am still not convinced that this particular virus will cause the massive amounts of deaths predicted but for arguments sake, let's say Trump gives the all clear and they spike; I still believe tragic as the loss of life may be (and is, as I am not a heartless bastard), it still pales in comparison to the carnage and suffering that will result from the quarantine.

No doubt the Democrat-Media Complex will accuse Trump of being literally Hitler-Hitler (he's already merely Hitler in their eyes as it is) if just one person gets so much as a runny nose. Hell, Malig-Nancy Pelosi and Schiff-for-Brains are already firing up the Shampeachment Express which will sabotage and tie the hands of the sane adults in the room trying to alleviate the situation. So, what does Trump have to lose, really?

I think the choice is lift all social distancing guidelines with the exception of those already confirmed infected and sick, the elderly and anyone else whose cardio-pulmonary and immune systems are compromised and get America back to work. The problem is the governors and mayors, especially in Democrat-controlled areas and most especially New York State and City. Let's face it; New York City is still America's and the world's economic Mecca. If you think the Democrats, who by destroying the economy can both get rid of Trump and use the economic and societal collapse to capture the nation, are going to let that opportunity slip through their fingers, you've been eating the bad fish tank cleaner.

We've already seen the Democrats true colors in the wake of 9/11. We could be hit with Clinton bought-and-paid-for Chinese MIRV'd warheads and the first thing they'd do is toss the Constitution into the fire while preserving The 1619 Project and Howard Zinn's filthy tripe with which to rebuild upon the ruins. Given the success of the MAGA agenda from January 2017 until late February 2020, this pandemic - that is the panic surrounding the pandemic - is perhaps the Left's last best chance to overthrow the nation. That means it is President Trump's last best chance to thwart them, restore sanity and put us back on track.


NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

ALSO: The Morning Report is cross-posted at if you want to continue the conversation all day.

Follow us on Twitter: @CutJibNews

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What Rough ONT, Its Hour Come Round At Last, Slouches Towards Bethlehem To Be Born?


As a boy scout once said, “Be Prepared”.


If things get worse, I'm gonna start using the above as the backdrop for online meetings.

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Quarantine Cafe/Eighties Movie Thread


A quiz to start it off:

1. What was the license plate number of the Ghostbusters' car?

2. What planet did the Marines go to for their bug-hunt in Aliens?

3. According to the legend on the headpiece to the Staff of Ra, how tall was the staff supposed to be, using the ancient units mentioned on the headpiece?

Bonus questions: How tall was this supposed to be in feet? And: Was the actual staff Indy used anything close to this height?

4. What was the name of the slope that served as the site of the climactic race in Better Off Dead?

5. What was the number of the most haunted room in The Shining (film version)?

Bonus: What was the room number in the book? Why did they change it for the movie?

6. What was the name of Hulk Hogan's character in Rocky III? What was his nickname?

7. in WarGames, what was NORAD's name for the supercomputer? What was the name given to it by its creator?

Bonus: As Lightman is walking up the stairs in his home, a tv news report says that there was an explosion or fire at a local factory. What did this factory produce?

8. In Clue, who were the killers according to the first solution, the second solution, and the last ("this is what really happened") solution?

Bonus: In Clue, what was a "red herring," and what was not often to be found on the dining tables of Washington, DC socialites?

9. Who played the competitive New York Yuppie-type business guy who races Steve Martin for the cab in the beginning of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles?

10. What was the song Ducky lipsyncs to Annie Potts and Mollie Ringwold in Pretty in Pink?

11. What's the connection between Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior and Weird Science?

12. In Fast Times at Ridgemont High, what album (and what side) does Demone tell "Rat" to play when he's driving his date to the restaurant?

Bonus: What album does he actually play (according to what's actually heard during the drive)?

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Pelosi, Schiff Plot Third Coup Operation Against Trump


Honestly, Trump should actually test the limits of the Constitution by just flat-out refusing to deliver any witnesses or documents during this epidemic.

Let the Supreme Court rule that officials managing the crisis must make themselves available constantly to participate in DNC electioneering efforts.

The team is back in action. On Thursday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the creation of the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis. The new panel will have the authority to investigate any aspect of the virus emergency and the Trump administration's handling of it.

Pelosi's announcement came a day after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff called for a 9/11-style independent commission to investigate "mistakes" in the virus response. Shortly after that, Schiff told the Washington Post that in Congress, House Democrats must investigate the Trump administration's handling of virus testing and the government's distribution of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers.

"We need to make sure there's no favoritism in terms of political allies, no discrimination against states or governors based on lack of presidential flattery," Schiff said, indicating the probe would be aimed squarely at President Trump.


Pelosi also gave Democrats room to go after Trump for whatever reason they choose. "The committee will be empowered to examine all aspects of the federal response to the coronavirus," she wrote. Among those powers, she added, will be the ability to "press to ensure that the federal response is based on the best possible science and guided by the nation's best health experts." That could mean just about anything.

Maybe we can have a 9/11-style investigation into why Nancy Pelosi urged citizens to come to Chinatown in the middle of an epidemic which was spread to the US via travelers from China.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi toured San Francisco's Chinatown Monday to send a message. She said there's no reason tourists or locals should be staying away from the area because of coronavirus concerns.

"That’s what we’re trying to do today is to say everything is fine here," Pelosi said. "Come because precautions have been taken. The city is on top of the situation."

Trump's already saying: WRONG.

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To Help Poor and Working Families, Nancy Pelosi Pushes SALT Tax Break for Millionaires In Blue States... Including Herself


Party of the 1%.

The SALT deduction lets very wealth taxpayers in high tax blue states, and blue cities, to deduct the money their liberal governments take from them from their federal taxable income.

So New York City and San Francisco can jack up tax rates, but their wealthy inhabitants won't mind too much, because at least they can avoid paying some taxes to the federal government.

Trump (and Congress) limited how much one could deduct from one's federal taxable income.

Blue state leftists -- who constantly cry about the need to raise taxes while conveniently crafting themselves shelters from the high taxes they demand -- are aghast that they would actually be expected to pay the high federal tax rates they champion.

And Nancy Pelosi is riding to their rescue.

Can't wait to hear her explain how a tax sop that benefits only the blue state millionaires concentrated around NYC, LA, SF, and DC will really "help the working people in the heartlands."

So is Nancy Pelosi officially embracing trickle-down economics?

Is anyone in the media going to ask her?

Spoiler alert: No, no one in the media is going to ask her, including reporters from FoxNews, because FoxNews is itself a tool of the neoliberal blue state millionaire establishment.

They're just in the dirty business of selling products to a deplorable red state audience.

The Murdoch Boyz -- and Paul Ryan -- want their Pelosi Stimulus Check.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is pushing for a new stimulus bill that would roll back the state and local tax deduction (SALT) cap, a proposal that would predominantly help wealthy individuals -- including most residents in Pelosi's district and perhaps even Pelosi herself.

A 2019 report from the Joint Committee on Taxation projected that of those who would face lower tax liability from the elimination of the SALT cap -- which only affects those who itemize tax deductions -- 94 percent earn at least $100,000. The government would lose out on $77.4 billion in tax dollars, with more than half of that amount being saved by taxpayers earning $1 million or more. Those earning more than $200,000 would reap most of the balance.

California's 12th congressional district, which Pelosi represents, is among the wealthiest in the U.S., with a median income of $113,919, according to census data. The average household income is $168,456 -- meaning most residents would benefit from any significant cut to SALT.

Pelosi and her husband have a property tax liability of approximately $198,337.62 considering their two homes, a winery and two commercial properties, public records show, indicating that the couple could reap substantial benefits in the event of a full SALT repeal.

Fuck these people.

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer is playing further partisan games, demanding things Trump is already doing and demanding silly thing so that when Trump refuses, he can say, "Oh, that's why 1000 more people died!"

Trump repsonded Trumpishly:

We have given New York many things, including hospitals, medical centers, medical supplies, record number of ventilators, and more. You should have had New York much better prepared than you did, and as Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx said yesterday, New York was very late in its fight against the virus. As you are aware, the federal government is merely a back-up for state governments. Unfortunately, your state needed more back-up than others.

If you spent less time on a ridiculous impeachment hoax... and instead focused on helping the people of New York, then New York would not have been so completely unprepared for the "invisible enemy." No wonder AOC and others are thinking about running against you in the upcoming primary. If they did, they would likely win.

Fortunately, we have been working with your state and city governments, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill DiBlasio. You have been missing in action, except when it comes to the "press."

This is a line I want Trump to use on Schumer. I offer it gratis.

"When there's work to be done, some men put their shoulders to the load, and others just run their mouth. You are famously a man with a very big mouth and very small shoulders."

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Pandemic Briefing


Livestream here.

So far it's about the Small Business Administration's loans to businesses in distress.

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FDA Approves First Serology Test for Coronavirus, Which Can Detect If You've Previously Been Exposed to Wuhan Flu


If you were previously exposed to it, but are now free of it, you wouldn't have the virus in you, but you would still have the antibodies your body produced to fight it.

I guess this would be important because... I don't know, if a doctor knew he'd already been exposed but beat the flu, he could work the ICUs without worrying too much about his health?

And I guess if you knew you'd already had it, you could de-isolate.

But that assumes you can only get the bug once, which I believe there's still some doubt about.

I know they're talking about farming the antibodies from healthy people who've beat the flu so they can inject them into the sickly. I dunno, is this a needed first step for that?

Seems like good news. To me, at least. But I'm not one of those Instant Experts in Epidemiology as you see have proliferated like crazy on Twitter.

A lot of people read five tweets and skim a Wikipedia article's first paragraph (the one written for complete noobs) and then start pontificating on Twitter about their current theories about the virus.

Like MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who used his nonexistent expertise in genetics and viruses (I doubt he's even taken a science class, apart from "The Science of Global Warming" sophomore year) to decide that the theory that the Wuhan flu was made in a lab is false:


I share his skepticism about that theory. But, unlike Chris Hayes, I did not get a degree in viral genetic reproduction and recombination on Twitter University this past week, so I can only couch my hunch as a, well, hunch.

Chris Hayes apparently checked all the genes and found they were 100% organic, grass-fed and pasture-raised.

If only I had his beakers and erlenmeyer flasks....


27 I will put out again what I think is coming as this serology test is part of it:

- red/yellow/green zones with different rules for each
- interzone travel restrictions
- continued restrictions for 60yo+ (just a note MA had 33 deaths on April 1, 3 were
- public masking requirements
- antibody testing and reduced restrictions for the immune (probably some sort of marker like a wristband see Contagion)

Yes, I am saying we are going to become a "papers please" society.
Posted by: blaster

I don't know about that, but I guess it's worth a mention.

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Obama Depleted the Nation's Strategic Reserve of Ventilators, Respirators, and Surgical Masks -- Stockpiled in Case of Bioweapon Attack or Pandemic -- and Then Refused to Restock the Reserve for 8 Years, Preferring to Spend on His Socialist Priorities


He also repeatedly sought to cut the CDC's budget -- again, I assume so that he could spend that money on socialist boondoggles.

The 2005 plan created the Strategic National Stockpile of medical supplies and equipment under the auspices of the Department of Health and Human Services and called for the distribution of supplies from six highly secured sites to state and local sites after a pandemic "surge." This Strategic National Stockpile is totally separate from the site in Dubai that the U.S. government uses for international distribution under the Foreign Assistance Act.

According to a Center for Disease Control report published after the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, 39 million N95 masks were initially distributed from the stockpile, followed by 59.5 million more in second wave. According to Johnson, the stockpile originally was about 100 million masks.

From April 12, 2009 to April 10, 2010, there were over 60 million cases of H1N1 requiring 274,304 hospitalizations and resulting in 12,469 deaths in the United States.

After the H1N1 virus slowed down in 2010, according to Johnson, "it was important to restock." That did not happen as the national stockpile budget focused on other priorities deemed higher.

I'm sorry, I'm totally phoning it in and have been all week. I'm beat. I'm not sick, I'm not even lacking sleep. I don't have any excuses. It's just, damn, I cannot fucking write about the same fucking thing every day.

The Twitter class spends every day having hysterical meltdowns -- Twitter is their preferred self-medication for their hysteria and neuroses. They don't realize that it's actually intesifying their mental illness, because they're mentally ill. And stupid.

And the rest of us have to deal with these fucking meltbrained lunatics. They sneeze and cough and vomit their mental illness all over us every day.

15 Rush just reminded us that medical device manufacturers off shores because of the Obongo Care tax on medical devices -- such as ventilators and Trump was only able to squash that late in 2019. Posted by: Captain Josepha Sabin -- current occupation: cat furniture

Meanwhile, the Galaxy Brained NeverTrump Twitter Addicts are trying to get their senile rapist Joey Fingers elected, because he'd sure teach this Coronavirus feller a lesson, you betcha and how.


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DNC Agrees With Joey "Fingers" Biden on Need to Postpone or Cancel Democratic National Convention


Scheduled for July, but apparently it will be delayed or outright cancelled.

Update: It's now been scheduled for August 17-21.

I guess they'll do an "online convention," maybe?

Democratic Party leaders across the country are calling on party bosses to curtail, postpone or dramatically rethink the party's national convention scheduled for July in Milwaukee, concerned that holding a mass gathering just as levels of infection are expected to ebb could expose thousands to the coronavirus once again.

Calls from the party faithful to rethink the Democratic National Convention come as the party's presumed presidential nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden, for the first time publicly expressed doubt that the gathering could proceed as it has in the past.

"It's hard to envision that," Biden said Tuesday in an MSNBC interview this week. "We ought to be able -- we were able to do it in the middle of the Civil War all the way through to World War II -- have Democratic and Republican conventions and primaries and elections and still have public safety. And we're able to do both. But the fact is it may have to be different."

On The Hill's podcast, there's even speculation that Biden will refuse a face-to-face debate, insisting on a Skype "debate."

That would have the not-unwanted effect for Biden of driving down ratings and causing most of the public to not see him babbling incoherently like an old man lost in the Walmart parking lot.

The media has pushed Trump to accept a phone call from Joe Biden, so that Trump may have the benefit of the Sage of Scranton's expertise in epidemiology.

I say: Okay, but require Biden (and Trump) to make the phone call a video phone call.

Why? Because otherwise Joe Biden is going to have gotcha questions fed to him by aides.

Sure Trump can take Biden's call -- as long as it's actually Biden talking, not just repeating attack lines fed to this senile old rapist by his handlers.

Let's see how Joey Fingers' mental acuity holds up on a high-stakes phone call with someone who isn't actively trying to protect and help him, as his media shills are.

And let's actually see it. Let's see this senile, demented old rapist react in real time and offer his own advice.

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Fish Tank Cleaner Woman Called Trump "Psycho Prez" One Month Before Taking This "Psycho's" (Hallucinated) Advice to Feed Her Husband Poison


The media is of course offering no corrections nor any new updates.

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Dr. Steven Smith: Hydroxychloroquine Works; "This is the beginning of the end of coronavirus"


This is not a study with a control group. It's a doctor giving the regimen to his patients and observing the results.

But the results are very encouraging.

How any flu kills you (well, usually) is by causing respiratory arrest. The alevoli which are supposed to let oxygen into your lungs and carbon dioxide out fill up with liquid due to inflammation. This liquid then keeps the lungs from exchanging oxygen -- so you go through the motions of breathing, but you can barely get any oxygen into your blood.

The last step doctors take to save a patient dying of respiratory arrest is to intubate him -- sticking a tube down his throat into his lungs to puff in air. Because most patients will fight against a tube down their throats, they have to be medically paralyzed -- or put into a medically-induced coma.

Obviously, this not a good state to be in. People who are intubated often die. I heard -- don't quote this -- that once you're intubated, the odds that you'll ever come off it are basically fifty-fifty. It's a coin flip as to whether you'll die.

This Dr. Smith did not have a control group, but he suggests that his patients can be divided into two different groups: those who arrived late to treatment and who therefore only got two days or less of hydroxychloroquine, and those who got in earlier and got the five days of hydroxychloroquine treatment he seems to recommend.

Not really an actual control group but there is a difference in treatment.

He says that of the patients he treated, only patients who had been on hydroxychloroquine for two days or less needed intubation. Anyone who was on hydroxychloroquine for five days or more did not need intubation.

He said zero patients getting hydroxycloroquine had to be intubated.

And intubation is really the sign that you have a good chance of dying. If that level of severe respiratory distress can be avoided by a cheap out-of-patent pill, then coronavirus just turns into a nasty but not very lethal flu.

And no one shuts a country down due to Sneezing and Running Nose season. It's only the risk of severe respiratory arrest that makes this scary.*

So he claims -- again, this is observational only; he did not divide his patients into control group and testing group and leave half his patients off the drug -- that based on his son's statistical analysis, it's close to impossible that it could just be random chance that only people who did only had two or fewer days of treatment would get intubated, and that no one getting five or more days of treatment would be intubated.

Not proven -- yet. But as more and more "merely observational" reports come in, the case in favor of hydroxychloroquine gets stronger.

And on the vaccine front: the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine says that might have the vaccine ready.

University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine scientists today announced a potential vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus causing the COVID-19 pandemic. When tested in mice, the vaccine, delivered through a fingertip-sized patch, produces antibodies specific to SARS-CoV-2 at quantities thought to be sufficient for neutralizing the virus.

An Israeli firm announced that it was ten days away from a vaccine.

One or more of these groups will nail it.

* Okay I've also heard that coronavirus is also killing via heart attack, but the heart and lungs are interrelated. I have to think that a lack of oxygen will lead to heart attacks, as the heart needs oxygen to work, too.

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The Morning Rant: Minimalist Edition



Well this is interesting! The usual trope about how armies always seem to fight the last war seems to be on the minds of our military planners. Whether this makes strategic and tactical sense is a question that can be answered only after the next war, but the supposition that it will be against China is not one that appeared out of thin air. And the timing seems quite interesting too.

Semper Modify: Marine Corps to undergo 'radical' overhaul in pivot to take on China

The Marine Corps plans to give up its tanks, dramatically remake its artillery batteries, cut its helicopter fleet and take a host of other "radical" steps in arguably the most sweeping American military overhaul in a century -- all with the goal of preparing for a potential 21st-century conflict with China.
Tradition is a grand and glorious thing, and the United States MArine Corps has plenty of it. Holding on to their traditional roles is a fine thing, unless it gets one marine killed. So I am all for any shift that makes them a better fighting force.

But the pessimist in me sees many years of infighting and cost overruns and political manipulations that will damage the marines without improving anything.

I hope I am wrong.

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


Guglielmi South Street.png

South Street Stoop
O. Louis Guglielmi

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The Morning Report - 4/2/20

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. Why bother saying what day it is? It's simply another grim milestone: the next day, in which we are stuck in a surrealistic limbo as we watch our lives ruined, our economy put into a coma, and our enemies foreign and domestic salivating at the prospect of seizing power - all because of a virus. Yes, it is highly contagious, yes there is no vaccine for it (yet), and yes it has killed several thousand people. But after four years of a press aiding and abetting an attempted coup to overthrow a duly elected president and exposed as liars, (after decades of lies to advance the Leftist cause) and government bureaucracies charged with protecting our national security and safety in on the plot, you'll have to excuse my reticence in believing a damn thing they're telling me. Horrible as it is that people are dying, the way this is being portrayed still does not jibe when you dive into all the numbers. But for argument's sake, let's say I'm wrong. Let's say that in fact tens of thousands actually do - God forbid - die of the Shy Knees Affliction, could you blame me for being skeptical?

In any case, I still maintain that we are cutting off our legs with a rusty hacksaw in order to cure a case of pink eye. Rush Limbaugh has the numbers to chew on to put this in context. In the first three months of this year, here is a list of worldwide deaths:

Coronavirus, 21,000 deaths.

Seasonal flu, 113,000.
Malaria, 228,000.
Suicide, 249,000.
Traffic fatalities, 313, almost 314,000 deaths.
HIV/AIDS, 391,000 deaths.
Alcohol related deaths, 581,000.
Smoking-related deaths, 1,162,000.
Cancer deaths, 1,909,000 deaths.
Deaths attributed to starvation, 2,382,000 deaths.
And death by abortion, 9,900,000.

Remember that the world's population is 7.8 billion. 7,800,000,000. Limbaugh also makes the salient point, to counter the Left's disgusting hypocrisy that all we care about is money and not human life, that they are willfully ignorant of the amount of money, public/taxpayer and private (including charitable donations in the millions from evil one-per-centers and corporations), time and resources allocated to try and prevent all of the above. We don't just say to hell with it and accept it. If we did, you could multiply those numbers easily by at least 100. But life goes on. And that means work. No not jut for the sake of work or "greed" as the Sandersnistas will spout at you. You cannot have life if you do not have economic activity. Period. In a free society, work gives us something beyond merely money. It gives us a purpose. Even working the most menial, unfulfilling job still means one has the sense of responsibility and pride in being able to provide for himself and his family and not rely on others for his sustenance. By others, I mean the government. Now you understand the socialist Donkey Chompers hatred of free market capitalism.

And that's why it's kind of hard to swallow the line that the cure for what ails us is destroying our economy and surrendering our freedoms to the State. Of course, only temporarily. Nudge-nudge-wink-wink.

Anyway, let's dive into the links.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

ALSO: The Morning Report is cross-posted at if you want to continue the conversation all day.

Follow us on Twitter: @CutJibNews

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Wednesday Overnight Open Thread (4/1/20)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian


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Train Conductor Charged For Deliberately Attempting to Ram His Train Into the Navy Hospital Ship Mercy, Because He Believes It Is Part of a Government Plot


The charge is called "train wrecking." Hm. Well, just like it says on the tin.

An engineer deliberately ran a train off the tracks at high speed near the Port of Los Angeles in an attempt to crash into and damage the USNS Mercy hospital ship, prosecutors say.

The Pacific Harbor Line train derailed Tuesday, running through the end of the track and crashing through barriers, finally coming to rest about 250 yards from the docked naval ship.

Federal prosecutors allege train engineer Eduardo Moreno, 44, of San Pedro intended to hit the ship, saying he thought it was "suspicious" and did not believe "the ship is what they say it's for.'"


He allegedly made statements to a CHP officer that included "You only get this chance once. The whole world is watching. I had to. People don't know what's going on here. Now they will."

Eduardo Moreno?

Must be one of those rightwing White Hispanics the leftwing press keeps telling me about.

Thanks to bicentennial guy.

Unrelated: Trump makes Easter declaration.

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Quarantine Cafe


Very cute livestream from Ian Galt -- two pairs of sea otters just floating on their backs, holding hands with their spouse.

The only organ these otters penetrate by surprise is your heart.

Just so you know, it is a livecam, so sometimes you'll click on it and no otters.

This isn't cute, but it is quarantine-themed: Photos from the biggest tourist destinations and busiest highways and crossorads on earth, at noon, almost completely deserted.

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Presser Highlights and Corporate Propaganda Roundup


Update: Mean Girls Twitter Club votes to shun a rival.

Weird how the press' rights are sacrosanct until oh yeah they're not.

Speaking of the media suddenly deciding that sometimes the press should not be protected from government murder squads -- the American press isn't pushing too hard on this, huh?

Remember all the grandstanding over the assassination of the Qatari agent the Washington Post was giving false cover as a "journalist"? Well now their Chinese partners disappear a reporter and it's crickets.

This isn't from the presser, but it's great:

Highlights from the presser and other items below.

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Fake Tapper Gets Put Hard Into Check On His Anti-Trump Bias-- By... Gavin Newsom??!?!


Fake Jake, it seems your partisanship is too partisan even for the hyperpartisan Democrat politician from California who hopes to run for President in 2024.

Look at Fake Tapper's face. It looks like he just walked in on his wife and a stranger -- definitely not the nice clean fellow he'd recruited on Craigslist for the sesh.

He looks like someone just walked over his grave, while he was watching his ghost-wife get dicked by a drifter-phantom.

He looks like a dog when instead of throwing the ball, you show him a sketchy videotape of high school boy's lacrosse team gangbanging his wife.

More from Daily Caller.

Meanwhile, White House "reporter" Jonathan Karl has a book coming out, in which he rips adulterous propagandist Jim Acosta as being an "opinion journalist" and clown.

The president of the White House Correspondents' Association criticizes CNN's Jim Acosta in a new book, writing that the combative reporter's "soapbox" approach to journalism has bolstered President Donald Trump.

Acosta has at times acted like an "opinion journalist" who has played "right into the explicit Trump strategy of portraying the press as the opposition party," ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl writes in Front Row at the Trump Show, his account of reporting on the president since the early 1990s. Karl told the Washington Free Beacon that many media figures have mistaken editorializing for journalism since Trump took office.

"A sub-sub theme [of the book] is those of us reporters make a mistake if they appear to be too much like an opposition to the president or the resistance," Karl, who is also president of the White House Correspondents' Association, told the Free Beacon. "That's not our job. We're not the opposition party. We're supposed to report and report aggressively on the president, on any president, but not to go over the top."


"The surest way to undermine the credibility of the White House press corps is to behave like the political opposition," Karl writes. "Don't give speeches from the White House briefing room…. Don't talk about holding protests against the president in Lafayette Square."

Meanwhile, the partisan political actors continue asking Trump the same five gotcha DNC-scripted questions while ignoring all matters of national health.

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Joe Scarborough: Unlike Trump, I and All of My Liberal Genius Media Friends Saw Coronavirus Coming In Early January


Update: Trump presser scheduled for 5pm but running late.

So Joe Biden says that he and all his media palz and NeverTrump sycophants and jock-sniffers saw this coming.

Really, queen?

Greg Gutfeld demanded proof from Juan Williams about his assertion that he and the rest of the leftwing corporate media knew all about the Wuhan flu from the start and all had meticulous plans for fighting it. Juan Williams, of course, failed to produce proof that he even heard of this before March.

Similarly, Joe Scarborough and the leftwing media -- and the rest of the NeverTrump Twitter Obsessives who only twitter-chatted about impeachment throughout December, January, and February -- are all claiming they were




on the looming threat of coronavirus, and scoffing at the idea that the government might have been paralyzed by their impeachment political gamesmaship.

And note, even the timing of impeachment was political -- Nancy Pelosi wanted to make sure it was far enough out from the election that it wouldn't hurt Democrats in November 2020.

So all of these stupid, ignorant self-delusional malignant narcissists are now pinning the blame for their own corrupt and lunatic obsession on Trump.

Hey, meltbrains? It's now been almost four fucking years since Trump won.

It's time to get the fuck off twitter and stop your endless gibbering and self-medicating on Twitter and see a fucking psychiatrist.

Ask the psychiatrist about perseveration:

Perseveration according to psychology, psychiatry, and speech-language pathology, is the repetition of a particular response (such as a word, phrase, or gesture) regardless of the absence or cessation of a stimulus. It is usually caused by a brain injury or other organic disorder.[1] Symptoms include "lacking ability to transition or switch ideas appropriately with the social context, as evidenced by the repetition of words or gestures after they have ceased to be socially relevant or appropriate",[2] or the "act or task of doing so",[3] and are not better described as stereotypy (a highly repetitive idiosyncratic behaviour).


Perseveration may be confused with habitual behaviours in a number of other conditions and disorders, such as obsessive–compulsive disorder, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), body dysmorphic disorder, trichotillomania, and habit problems.[14] However, in animal experiments it can be shown when repetitive behaviour is a cognitive perseveration rather than a motor disorder. For example, under low doses of amphetamine an animal will perseverate in maintaining an arbitrary object preference even when different motor responses are required to maintain that preference.[15]

I will pay $1000 to any liberal or NeverTrumper (but I repeat myself) who can produce proof -- and this should be easy, as you stupid motherfuckers live all day on Twitter and in your listserves -- that any of them said, "Say, this coronavirus looks very serious, maybe we should pressure Pelosi to speed this process up so that Trump and Congress can deal with the virus."

Of course none of you said that. But you all claim you were Super-Thinking that at the time.

It's just coincidentally one of the very, very few thought-queefs you had that you failed to record on Twitter.

You are obsessives and the only thing you were thinking was, "Drag this out as long as possible to hurt Trump's numbers so that we can get a leftwing liberal Democrat -- the Vice President to Obama, who we previously pretended to oppose so "severely" -- elected into office and resume our preferred roles as the left's Kapos guarding the right."

The only fucking health issue you've been chattering about for fucking four years --


is the 25th Amendment you stupid, crazy fuckers never stop perseverating about.

Trump... Drumpf...



...muh princibuhls...

... muh normz....

... Orange... Man...


...need... to...

...virtue signal...

...on... muh... twitterz....

...must... pray to...

... Our Savior...

...John Oliver...

...and our Holy Mother...

...Samantha Bee...

...Orange... Man... Bad...

...oh no muh mentions....

...the cheeto-fingered Jesus...

...may take muh freedom...

...but he'll never take...

...Muh NORMZ!!!

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Dow 50,000... With This One Neat Trick!

—J.J. Sefton

Despite the Sino Sinus Syphilis/Chi-Com Lung AIDS, also known as Chinese COVID-19 Coronavirus, being used as a pretext to put America's $22 trillion economy into a nosedive, at some point all of this has got to end. Unlike the financial crash of 2008 which was solely the fault of Democrat policy creating a bubble by forcing banks to give home loans to people who could never repay them, the Trump economy of January 2017 to January 2020 - the greatest economic boom in history - was and still is fundamentally sound. It is being artificially strangled with the quarantines.

Do not misunderstand me; the uncertainty surrounding the origins, lethality and morbidity of this Chinese contagion as well as a lack of a vaccine as a preventive (unlike flu and other viruses) meant that quarantine was perhaps the best of a Hobson's choice. But this cannot go on forever. The clock is ticking and the longer we keep our economy in an intentional coma, the more we risk destroying it and leaving us not only bankrupt but vulnerable to the baser, totalitarian instincts of the Democrat-Media-Globalist enterprise.

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Does Andrew Cuomo Have Pierced Nipples?


Looking at this photo -- I do think it's a bit odd that he has the definite outline of a horizontal-bar piercing on both nipples.

A spokesman claims it's not true.

Okay, but when it's cold and my own headlights come on, I have one peak for each. Why does Cuomo have three for each?

Update: Leftwing (hysterical, mentally-ill) women are writing erotic bean-flicker slashfic about Andrew Cuomo.

Like a velveteen gravity blanket for my soul, the second I see this man's perfectly weathered face and tousled curls, the moment his Pacino-like accent fills my living room with its mafia-like authority, my blood pressure drops, my breasts seem to perk up on their own, and a tingly feeling of optimism washes over my imprisoned body as I think to myself. . . I think we're gonna be okay

Bean Status: Flicked

Thanks to Lizzy.

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Red China Now Pushing Propaganda Videos of "American" "Journalists" Parroting the Very Propaganda Red China Fed to Them in the First Place


Red China gives its orders to its corporate partners in America to claim that any criticism of China is "racist."

"American" "journalists" dutifully repeat their scripted propaganda lines.

Then Red China puts together a supercut of "American" "journalists" pushing Red Chinese propaganda, as proof that the propaganda is accurate.

Investigate now.

The Global Times is Chinese state media, the Washington Examiner says.

The Global Times, a state-run Chinese tabloid, released a video recently highlighting various U.S. media personalities and Democratic leaders, who have pushed the Beijing-approved talking point that it is racist to refer to the virus by its country or city of origin.

The video features CNN's Chris Cuomo and NBC News’s Richard Engel. The Chinese-produced propaganda also cites failed two-time presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Engel said earlier this month in one of the dumber soliloquies ever to grace television screens, "It is easy to scapegoat people, and that is what has always happened when there have been pandemics or epidemics. This is a virus that came from the territory of China but came from bats. This is a bat virus, not a China virus."

The Chinese propaganda video also features [Hillary] Clinton's tweet wherein she wrote, "The president is turning to racist rhetoric to distract from his failures to take the coronavirus seriously early on, make tests widely available, and adequately prepare the country for a period of crisis."

She adds, "Don't fall for it. Don't let your friends and family fall for it."

Say, does anyone remember that in 1996, the Red Chinese government illegally donated to the Clinton campaign and the Clinton campaign pretended it really thought that hundreds of thousands of dollars were coming from vow-of-poverty Chinese nuns?

The Clintons' cash-money partnership with Red China goes back decades.

Here's their propaganda reel, featuring their Partners in Propaganda reciting the propaganda script.

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Republican Senator Rick Scott of Florida: We Need Congressional Investigations Into Why the WHO -- Which the US is Funding -- Is Acting as a Pass-Through For Propaganda Written by the Communist Chinese Intelligence Services


Yes and after that: Investigate what the "American" media is so eager to propagate Chinese intelligence service propaganda as well.

Sen. Rick Scott on Tuesday called for a congressional investigation into the World Health Organization, suggesting the U.S. should cut off its funding for "helping Communist China cover up" the full extent of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Florida Republican, a noted China hawk, has long raised concerns about the WHO’s relationship with Beijing, which has undercounted the number of coronavirus cases in the country.


"We know Communist China is lying about how many cases and deaths they have, what they knew and when they knew it -- and the WHO never bothered to investigate further,” Scott added. "Their inaction cost lives."

He said the WHO "willfully parroted propaganda" from China’s Communist Party, and he called for hearings and a full investigation when Congress returns to Washington next month.

Among the lies the WHO has pushed for their Chinese Communist patrons: That the coronavirus could only be transmitted from animal (bat) to human, not from human to human, so there was no need to limit travel to and from China.

In fact, Communist China already knew the virus could pass with epidemic speed from human to human.

In fact, the Chinese government knew at that point to could be transmitted between humans and they had hundreds of cases even though they were reporting only 41 officially on Jan. 11, according to the South China Morning Post. Chinese doctors and labs had identified the virus at least by December and there are now reports that there may even have been cases in November.

But China tried to shut down the information from getting out.

From NY Post:

Chinese labs ID'd the new virus in December, but the regime ordered them to stop testing and quietly destroy their samples. Officials even squelched health care workers, like the late Dr. Li Wenliang, who tried to warn colleagues of the coming epidemic.

Li and others knew in December the virus was spreading through human contact. But the government publicly denied it until Jan. 20.

What is WHO's answer? They won't respond.

Are they merely China's dupes, or are they China's coconspirators? I think they won't answer either way because they don't even want to admit their patron lied in the first place.

Legal Insurrection has a good roundup of China's aggressive lies on behalf of its pet plague.

One of China's propaganda pushes is to claim that the country does not need to change its food and health practices, despite the fact that one new plague after another keeps coming out of the country.

They just don't want to change -- and so any suggestion that they should is, of course... racist!

From the Spectator:

Meanwhile, several articles have decried the problematic ways in which Chinese eating and hygiene habits have been discussed in light of the outbreak, especially because they may lead to stereotyping Chinese people as a whole for being barbaric and uncivilized. These stereotypes, they fear, will only end up fueling xenophobia and racism. The temptation here is to avoid falling into the trap of cultural relativism. It’s perfectly appropriate to criticize China’s rampant consumption of exotic animals, lack of hygiene standards and otherwise risky behavior that puts people at risk for zoonotic infections. Until these entrenched behaviors based on cultural or magical beliefs are divorced from Chinese culture, wet wildlife markets will linger as time-bombs ready to set off the next pandemic, which in a globalized age is proving only too easy to do. We already know that more than 75 percent of emerging diseases originate in animals and that in the last century, at least 10 infectious diseases jumped from animals to people. China should be aghast at its role setting off the global domino effect at Wuhan Seafood Market in late 2019.

After countless infections and death, the obliteration of trillions of dollars and the radical retooling of modern life as we know it, the least China could do is introduce higher food safety regulations, eradicate all wet markets and ban the wildlife trade, once and for all.

The Center for Security Policy is updating its timeline of China's aggressive propaganda efforts.

60 Minutes did a great piece on China's active efforts to propagandize and propagate their plague.

Wait, did I say 60 Minutes? Major error on my part -- the American media is in bed with China and would never dare report on China's misbehavior.

I meant 60 Minutes Australia.

Don't expect Anderson Cooper to pick up this reporting thread any time soon!

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Avoiding Gyms During the Pandemic: I "Ain't Havin' It"


The left is really fascinated with the workout routines of an elderly woman.

Might be Testosterone Envy.

Law360 (March 31, 2020, 6:42 PM EDT) -- Gyms are closed around the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the personal trainer for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told Law360 that the justice "ain't having it," and is still working out with him twice a week at the U.S. Supreme Court's private facility.

Justice Ginsburg, who turned 87 on March 15, is sticking to her twice-weekly routine of planks, pushups and other exercises with longtime personal trainer Bryant Johnson in the justices' private gym inside the Supreme Court building, Johnson said in a phone call Tuesday.

The two are taking extra precautions to wipe down equipment and keep their distance. Johnson, a federal judiciary employee, has canceled appointments with his other clients and now is only working with Justice Ginsburg.

If this is an April Fools joke, blame this MSNBC producer for spreading it.

Posted by Ace at 12:08 PM Comments

The Morning Rant


talking ape.jpg

What have we learned from the coronavirus crisis?

Just like the entire Trump presidency, the coronavirus crisis has unexpectedly turned out to be a Great Revealer. Some of the things we already knew, but now they seem to be getting a much more broad exposure - which is why the progressives are caterwauling so loudly. Much of what they've built their hopes, dreams, and various rent-collecting schemes on are turning out to be fluff.

So, in no particular order:

1. The Democrats' main fear is not that people may die or that our economy might tank, but that under Trump's leadership, the country will successfully beat back the virus threat and emerge stronger than ever. Also, that Trump's reputation will be enhanced, both at home and internationally.

2. In January, when Trump was mulling over travel restrictions from China and setting up a coronavirus task force, the Democrats were focused entirely on impeachment.

3. Our MSM is the CCP's butt-boy.

4. The WHO is the CCP's other butt-boy. Seriously.

5. If there's one profession that really enjoys the smell of its own farts, it's journalism.

6. They're also yuuge crybabies.

7. Many police departments don't really want to do any actual policing. Which pokes a hole in the progressives' article of faith that only the government can protect you. I'm hoping that this might also cause the formation of citizens groups in some cities that will ask the question "so what, exactly, are we paying you for?"

8. Tom Nichols is a complete dick. Yes, I know we already knew this, but I think the extent of his dickitude was not fully known until now. It's a like some guys spelunked down into a good-sized cave and then saw a small opening behind some stalactites that, upon investigation, leads to a hitherto unknown second cave which turns out to be ten or twenty times larger than the original cave, complete with an underground river running with a species of transparent, bioluminescent fish. That's how big a garbage person Nichols actually is. Kind of takes your breath away.

9. In a national, life-threatening crisis, the progressives' first response is to funnel money to themselves.

10. Trump has got this.

Our Clown-Show Media:

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Mid-Morning Art Thread [Kris]

—Open Blogger

Naked Man back view.jpg

Naked Man, Back View
Lucian Freud

Lucian Freud is the grandson of Sigmund, the psychoanalyst. Because of this connection, some have described the artist’s approach to portraiture as a type of aesthetic analysis of the figures make-up and structure. He was also concerned with the relationship of the form to the painting’s elements and unique traits. Freud was part of a group of artists who reintroduced traditional figurative art into a culture soaked in modernist abstraction. He took this rebellion against contemporary aesthetics and made a reputation out of it. His uppity-ness manifested in his younger years by being expelled from several schools and causing a fire in another. He fostered a relationship with the trend-setters and taste-dictators of his day and so was able to find a following.

In this work, it’s hard to pin down which elements are key. He seems to be drawing influences from several artists of early modernism, such as van Gogh and Cezanne. I also see a little of the Realists here, Courbet especially, and their insistence on an unromanticized depiction of the human body.

Freud presents a very large, nude male sitting on a white ottoman. His back is to us. His head is turned to the left so we see a little of his face, but not enough to identify him. He is posed over an orange shag carpet, in front of a white tarp or drape. The man’s form looks constructed, like a sculpture made of clay. I can almost imagine Freud slapping globs of clay on top of each other to create the basic form and them smoothing it out to form the back. This gives the underlying structure a lumpiness that would be expected from this type of physique. The overlying skin also looks constructed, but like a patchwork quilt of pigment laid over the clay to smooth it out.

The work’s perspective is very steep and sharp. This distorts the man’s form further. It stretches out his back, making him seem wider. It also seems to flatten him. Because of this steep perspective, this work is both three-dimensional and two-dimensional. The two perspectives clash with each other. Freud also uses opposing diagonals to further this tension. The leg of the man is pointed to the extreme upper right, but his face and eye-line point to the lower left. These contrasting lines and angles enhance the steep perspective, flattening the work even more.

For me, the orange rug and Pollock-like wall are very distracting. The rug seems uninteresting when compared to the patchwork of tones on the figure and tarp. In the figure, there is a careful application of tones and shades that meticulously molds the man’s entire form. These colors are warm. These pigments are repeated in the tarp but they are cooled and neutralized. Freud creates unity and distinction between these two areas. The rug, by contrast, seems out-of-place. The right wall even more so. This could be an attempt to enhance the theme of clashing and contrasting elements.

The entire center of this work is filled with a neo-traditional rendering of the most classical of images—the male nude, rendered in a color-scheme resembling aged marble or ivory. Freud then disrupts that visual with some of the most contemporary imagery—the drip-painting and a shag rug. The artist presents an image full of inner conflict, of calm and chaos. Perhaps this is where his family heritage is most observable.

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The Morning Report - 4/1/20

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. Midweek, the start of a new month, and confusion continues to reign supreme about the nature of the Oriental Lung AIDS. The statistics are a complete hash partly because the Communist Chinese who unleashed this pestilence on the world are either lying or not forthcoming with the data we need, and the Democrat-Media Complex is using this as a last desperate wunderwaffe with which to be rid of President Trump, we the people and "We The People." I'll delve more into the alarming stirrings of totalitarianism in a moment. The fact that the DMC is also parroting virtually verbatim the line coming straight out of the Beijing offices of the Communist Party Central Committee is both revelatory and despicable.

Unfortunately, even some of our own outlets can't resist taking shots at the President whose actions early on definitely mitigated the actual spread of this disease, the morbidity and lethality of it in context to all other manner of disease and afflictions still a matter of debate, over his initial comparing it to common flu. Here's what the President Tweeted on March 9th:

"So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down, life & the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of CoronaVirus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!"

So, after yesterday's presser, The Daily Caller did a story on that quote with this headline:

"Trump Finally Abandons Saying Coronavirus Is Not As Deadly As Seasonal Flu"

Writing that is like hacking your arm off and then jumping into a school of tiger sharks for a relaxing dip. The headline would have been equally accurate without becoming political fodder for the Left by phrasing it thusly:

"Trump Reverses Position On Chinese Coronavirus; Not "Like the Flu. It's Vicious"

First of all, before the trolls earn their $1.50 in Soros-lucre, my intention is not to defend Trump but to rip the gotcha sensationalism of the media, sadly in this instance an outlet that should know better. Second, and more importantly, even as the numbers of infected and even deaths climb, given the nature of the Chinese government, the nature of the media and sadly the nature of the bureaucracy in DC, fully weaponized and politicized in service of the Democrats, Trump's initial assessment is a hell of a lot closer to reality. Matt Margolis at PJ Media writes:

... Earlier this month, Dr. Anthony Fauci estimated that the mortality rate of the coronavirus was about 2 percent. "If you look at the cases that have come to the attention of the medical authorities in China, and you just do the math, the math is about 2%." The World Health Organization estimated a 3.4 percent mortality rate. President Trump endured a lot of criticism for saying that he had a "hunch" that the WHO's estimate was too high.

"Well, I think the 3.4 percent is really a false number. Now, and this is just my hunch, and - but based on a lot of conversations with a lot of people that do this. Because a lot people will have this and it's very mild. They'll get better very rapidly. They don't even see a doctor. They don't even call a doctor," Trump said. "I think that that number is very high. I think the number, personally, I would say the number is way under 1 percent."

That would make Trump's "hunch" correct. That's not to say the coronavirus shouldn't be treated seriously. Assuming that the .66 percent fatality rate is the most accurate estimate, that's still higher than the seasonal flu, which has a mortality rate of .1 percent, and H1N1 (swine flu), which had a mortality rate of .03 percent...

Yes, Peking Pulmonary Pox is not like common flu, yes there is no vaccine for it, and yes it is lethal. Yet even if "the experts" current predictions of 100,000 to 200,000 dead are even close to being accurate, is our reaction to it in terms of a medical prophylaxis that brings the world to a halt the right thing to do? Much like after he was elected when he was beholden to the very people in politics who did all they could to sabotage him for their assistance and advice, he is beholden on people like Fauci and Birx for advice in making the right decisions. And that's not a good place to be in. Adam Selene writing in American Greatness:

The Chinese virus is a clarifying agent. Among other things, one can see the choice between republican and progressive government - the rule of the people on the one hand and the rule of experts on the other. President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden perfectly embody this choice in response to the crisis.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the way the two men approach the expert advice of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and member of Trump's COVID-19 Task Force.

Trump is adamant that he will listen to and consider what Fauci has to say, but in the end he, as the elected president, will determine the right course of action. For Trump, politics is the overarching art: immunology and epidemiology are subordinate sciences. Biden promises the opposite, saying "If I'm elected president, I will always lead the way with science. I will listen to the experts and heed their advice. I will do the opposite of what we're seeing Donald Trump do every day."

This is the choice before us. Are we to be ruled by experts as if they are our guardians simply because they might be smarter than us in specific fields, or are we to rule ourselves?

The supposed legitimacy of the former approach comes from fear. We are told the world is too complex. We need the experts to guide us, protect us, and save us. We need an elite guardian class to rule over us because we cannot make it on our own. But this cowardice makes us nothing more than slaves, not citizens...

Again, given all the facts as we know them and guided by our past experience in similar situations and common sense, I am still sticking to my belief that while this Chi-Com plague is certainly to be taken seriously, we are going to destroy a hell of a lot more lives than those who have and will tragically succumb to it. It's funny, as in hypocritical in the extreme, how Leftists who hold life so cheaply (think abortion, euthanasia) are now up in arms about saving just one even if it means wiping out our economy forever. I seem to recall a quote from Bernie Sanders' and Malig-Nancy Pelosi's hero Josef Stalin, "the death of one is a tragedy, the death of a million is a statistic." Not in any way do I believe that, but they sure as hell do. To the tune of over 150 million and counting in just over a century, but I digress.

What we are sorely lacking, or I should say what the Democrat-Media Complex is ignoring and obfuscating, is CONTEXT.

... National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday that the death toll could reach 200,000. Another model says 82,000 will likely die, with daily deaths peaking in mid-April at more than 2,000. By comparison, the last pandemic - the so-called swine flu - claimed 18,000 lives.

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump said he's extending the federal government's "social distancing" guidelines through April. In Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam announced a "stay at home" order through June 10. School systems are starting to consider whether they will even be able to open in the fall.

It's unprecedented, to be sure. But the problem with all the numbers being bandied about is that they lack any context.

On its own, 3,000 fatalities might seem like a tremendously large number. But that's before you learn that an average of 7,700 people die in the U.S. every single day. Which means that over the past week, when the coronavirus took 2,000 lives, nearly 54,000 people died from other causes...

The link to the editorial at Issues and Insights is very much worth your while. Tragic as the death toll may ultimately be, when you put things in context to all other causes of death, what we are doing with the quarantining, especially if it continues past the end of this month is insane - and dangerous. In keeping the economy in a coma and imposing restrictions on our movement, tempting even more draconian measures, we add fuel to the already raging fire of anti-American Leftism and risk snuffing out the republic itself. Maybe not now or next year but within a span of years that G-d forbid we may be around to witness.

Going over the links, there seem to be some inklings of hope coming from the task force as well as around the country. Washington state, the initial hotspot is reporting a considerable drop in hospitalizations, a NYC doctor predicts the end in sight, Fauci concurs on the drop, HCQ should be used and possibly a 100-year-old smallpox vaccine might also do the trick, an actual vaccine is still a way off but is coming, Julie Kelly wants an end to the quarantine ASAP, profs pushing back on lockdown data vis a vis a future outbreak, Trump rips Ned Lamont lying about our stockpile of supplies, GOP reminds everyone that Malig-Nancy Pelosi's impeachment obsession is the real killer, De Bolshevik is a friggin' grandstanding ingrate, and Oriental Lung Gleet gives us two choices: bad or worse. Meh, lift the quarantines and use common sense if you're sick, old or susceptible.

NOTE: The opinions expressed in some links may or may not reflect my own. I include them because of their relevance to the discussion of a particular issue.

ALSO: The Morning Report is cross-posted at if you want to continue the conversation all day.

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Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (3/31/20)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

“They have access to technology allowing them to livestream their services over the internet and broadcast to their 400 members from the safety of their own homes, but instead they chose to gather at church,” Sheriff Chad Chronister

Quote II

“We’re delighted that Gov. Murphy has reversed course on this matter, even if it took a lawsuit to get him to do it,” SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb

Quote III

"Every premature death is a tragedy, but death is an unavoidable part of life," US Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI)

Quote IV

"You want a husband," he said. "But when God gives you a nice husband with a six-inch, you — hallelujah — cannot be satisfied." Marlon Bolton
H/T Cuthbert J. Farnsworth IV

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The AoSHQ Amazon Store

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The Deplorable Gourmet
A Horde-sourced Cookbook
[All profits go to charity]
Top Headlines
John Durham investigation intensifies focus on John Brennan "U.S. Attorney John Durham’s review of the Russia investigation is putting increased scrutiny on former CIA Director John Brennan, searching for any undue influence he may have had during 2017’s intelligence community assessment of Russian interference. " Hat Tip: Some stoner from RI [CBD]
Shocker! The Washington Post's make-pretend "fact checker" retweets fake news to his hundreds of thousands of readers without, you know, fact-checking it
These people think their job is just feeding their twitter readers a constant dopamine drip. They seem to spend 90% of their "working hours" just tweeting and retweeting.
Joe Biden says he has five grandchildren on Jimmy Fallon; in fact, he has seven
Note that even if you forgive him for omitting Hunter's illegitimate son -- which he really should acknowledge -- there's still another grandchild he just forgot.
Grampa's forgetting a lot of things lately, isn't he?
Lunatic, liar, and admitted domestic abuser Amber Heard admitted to shitting on Johnny Depp's bed as a "prank;" Depp claims he decided to file divorce immediately after
If Depp lost his jobs because Amber Heard made a false claim of abuse against him, why does this toxic bitch still have a job on Aquaman 2 after admitting she punched him? And after admitting she lied about abuse?
Fire this crazy bitch and make her pursue her destined career: hardcore filthy pornography
Amusing video about life in lockdown
You need the volume on.
"My moral support gay"
The thot who did the "Coronavirus Challenge" in which she licks a toilet seat drops this video. She has her gay friend hanging out in background, and actually refers to him as "my moral support gay." There's always been this weird thing among liberal women and sluts, to have the One Gay Friend, the Gay Fashion Accessory, but this is the first time I've seen it put so crudely, as if the gay prop is just a, well, prop. Or a pet. A purse puppy, in fact!
Via ItsAGundam
Check out this SJW attack -- attacking him for "berating" his underlings -- on the French doctor championing HCQ, from "Science" Magazine's blog
80% of the attacks here are not based in science, but in politics. Or stuff that Millennials whine about, like "my boss doesn't treat me like the genius I've always known that I am." This is not science. This is you imagining he's a member of The Patriarchy and then Twitter-destroying him for it.
"Update: more at Slate, who refer to Raoult as "Trumpian", which I have to say is an adjective that I had considered as well."
Orange Man Bad isn't just an all-purpose political disposition -- it's also peer-reviewed SCIENCE!!!
Marvel's SJW "New Warriors" update: 189,000 dislikes, 3,900 likes
And this is Kevin Feige's baby. He's creative director at Marvel Comics now.
And this is almost certainly a pet project of Marvel's political commissar, Sana Amanat, who is Huma Abedin's cousin
Funny new comment added, about the "healthy at any size" hero "Trailblazer:" "I find it politically incorrect that the obese character is named after an SUV"
Also politically incorrect: this character seems to be an American Indian, so they call her "Trailblazer" and Indian-give her Dora the Explore's magic backpack. No but seriously, this is just the "medicine bag" of American Indian myth. I mean, this doesn't bother me, but shouldn't good little NPCs be outraged over this cultural stereotyping?
Neat Israeli public awareness ad dramatizing a pandemic being spread by touch
I'm no expert, but I get the sense that what makes this more contagious than the normal flu is the resilience of the virus on surfaces, and the ease of transferring it by touching the same object a carrier touched.
Privileged Pampered Pop Princess Taylor Swift hallucinates "oppression" this wealthy white women has suffered in order to make her posh, plush life seem like a heroic struggle
You see this all the time with white liberals: They have sworn fealty to the "Progressive Stack" and "intersectionality," but they just can't handle the fact that that means they're the most "privileged" and therefore the ones to be made the least privileged. To escape this trap, white liberal men will suddenly declare they're "trans" or "non-binary" to jump up the Progressive Stack. White liberal women, on the other hand, simply declare that it's a terrible burden to be Wealthy While Female, and invite the rest of us to take inspiration from their Captivity Narratives.
I'm pretty sure Taylor Swift will announce that she's "non-binary" or "bisexual" by next year. Not because she really is -- her past history suggests that she's a big enough fan of The D -- but because she needs to valorize herself by claiming some niche status of oppression.
The Hill vlog: Democrats panicking over Biden's falling acuity
As well as his being behind Hillary Clinton in head-to-head polling and at a historic low for any Democrat candidate in voter enthusiasm
I get nervous thinking about November. One thing that seems to help is seeing the other side panicking. That makes me feel less nervous myself.
The trouble is: I have been saying forever that I do not expect Joe Biden to be the candidate in November. He'll be off the ballot for one reason or another. And I don't know who the Democrats will use the Torricelli Gambit to nominate.
Snake Juice Diet guy has a cure for coronavirus: drinking your own urine
"Urine looping." It goes in, it goes out, it goes back in.
Um, yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and say "No"
I'm starting to think that this Snake Juice Diet guy might be some kind of loose cannon hothead
The soyworm who wrote the Safespace & Snowflake comic had previously been a "geek seeking love" on Millionaire Matchmaker. It's cringey. It is what you're expecting. Starts at 3:10 or so.
This seems like a scripted show. It seems like he's playing a role. But I imagine they cast him because he was just a natural at playing a sub-beta simp. It's the episode "The Prince and I" (available, but costs money).
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