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Legendary theatrical musical composer Stephen Sondheim passes away at 91. Sondheim "collected nine Tony Awards, a Pulitzer Prize, an Oscar and eight Grammys during his incomparable career." RIP - [J.J. Sefton]
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Sefton & CBD rant about Rittenhouse, give a couple of mea culpas, and more!
I was a guest of the great Rob Schilling on his "Schilling Show Unleashed" podcast where we discussed my new book and "the dissolution of the United States, right before our eyes. From election tampering to January 6 and beyond Sefton details the indicators of a lost culture and a lost nation." Click here and have a listen. [J.J.]
It's Matt Taibbi's brand, put together by video contributor Matt Orfalea.
Both are lefties.
I'm sorry, what are we paying the Conservative Grifter Class for, again? What is the point of them? What would you say they do here?

Now any 17 year old will feel free to cross state lines. Heckuva job, America.

Note she's a lefty but apparently mocking the "HE CROSSED STATE LINES!" obsession of the shitlib media. She's even making fun of righties who are making fun of her for saying this. But, you know, can you blame us? We're literally hearing this seriously offered as Real Crime by every shitlib in the media and by ever shitlib on Twitter. And this is quite a subtle parody.
But this particular leftwinger sees the absurdity of it all and is mocking the shitlibs. Honestly a lot of the farther-left leftwingers are not buying into this at all. Unlike, say, the National Review "conservative" neoliberal types. "He shouldn't have been there," you know.
It is very eye-opening to see the " " " conservatives " " " trying to hang this kid and far-leftwingers grasping, against normal tribal interest, that he's completely innocent, and no, "crossing state lines" doesn't change that, and no, "he shouldn't have been there" doesn't make him a villain.
Notice how the Conservative Grifter Class simply repeats every single talking point they hear from their Very Good Friends on CNN and MSNBC and in the NYT and Washington Post. It's almost a if they're... politically and personally allied or something.
Harmeet K. Dhillon

Is anyone planning to CROSS STATE LINES for Thanksgiving? Be sure to check with your on-call lawyer or choice for legal advice!
The Brain Trust at ESPN has some piercing legal thoughts about the Rittenhouse Trial, starting with "he crossed state lines"
I'm going to make a Spaghetti Western style retelling of the Rittenhouse Justice Ride. It will be called,
I'm seeing freeze-frame introductions of the villains, "IL PEDO"/"Short-Eyes," "IL BIMBO SULLO SKATE"/"Skater-Boi," and "MANCINO"/"Lefty."
And of course a freeze-frame introduction of our hero, "L'UOMO DALLE MANI VIOLA"/"The Man With Purple Hands."
Hoo-hah, hoohah, hoo-hah, hoohah whipcrack...
Maybe I'll throw in Skater-Boi's unsatisfied, abused girlfriend as a love interest, "SIGNORINA ASSETATA"/"Miss Thirsty."
Guys, Gittenhouse (Gittings + Rittenhouse) is going to happen
Taketh thou thy bounty of battle-earnt quim, O Conqueror King
This whole compilation of highlights from week three of the trial is good, but the bonus at the end -- a supercut of Fatlock making stupid Chris Farley Show level observations, and then obsessively checking things off his stupid fat checklist with his stupid husky-sized pen -- is hilarious and a must watch
I want to Fat Shame this guy into bulimia
The clips from Fatlock here are almost all from his reBUTTal. It was embarrassing to watch. He made almost no eye contact with the jury-- he just maintained eye-lock with his stupid checklist. You could smell the flop-sweat wafting above the stink of the regular sweat. He was like a fat third-grader speed-reading through his book report in front of the class because he'd pooped his pants and wanted to finish before the smell hit the front row.
P3dophiles Lives Matter!
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April 11, 2010

Overnight Open Thread

Alrighty it's Sunday all so let's run out the weekend clock.

The Hiroshima Dome That Survived The Bomb

Originally the Hiroshima Trade Promotion Hall it was only 150 meters from the hypo-center yet it mostly survived due to its sturdy construction. Some people in building basements only 100 to 200 meters from the epicenter also survived the blast though the buildings were destroyed. Today you can still visit the dome and epicenter as part of the Hiroshima Peace Museum.


And last week Enola Gay crewman Morris ‘Dick’ Jeppson died at age 87. He was the last man to touch 'Little Boy' before it detonated over Hiroshima.

A personal note

Years ago when I lived in Japan I visited Nagasaki and the Atomic Bomb Museum. For a city that had been nuked there was almost no reminder except for the museum and adjacent park - everything was new and modern and I was told that there no residual radiation left at all from the bomb.

The museum there has exhibits about the bombing that have never been seen outside Japan. It was both fascinating and horrifying. Pretty much everything that can happen when something or someone is exposed to 100 millions degrees F can be seen there. And there will be an entire room of it: eyeglasses fused onto skulls, arms and hands melted into bricks, a thousand clocks all stopped at 11:01, shadows of people burned onto walls. I remember in particular the shadow of a man carrying an umbrella caught in mid-stride when the blast hit. It was truly horrific stuff - things that Dante or Bosch leave to the imagination.

And yet. And yet if I had been in charge in August, 1945 and had the same information available to me they had, I think I would still have dropped the bombs.

Because it would have been the least worst option.

People were going to die no matter what - it was only matter of how many millions. Until Japan was occupied, the war would never really be over. And based on the casualties from the Battle of Okinawa among the military and civilians, it was estimated that Operation Downfall (the invasion and occupation of mainland Japan scheduled for October 1945) would result in up to 500,000 US KIA and the deaths of 10 million Japanese civilians and continue the war for another year.

It was going to be a bloodbath and equal all US losses up to that point in WWII. Compared to that the nuking of a few cities, horrible as it was, was a relative bargain in the larger bloody scheme of things. Needless to say I don't find the revisionists' arguments very compelling. And based on this letter from President Truman they were already active in 1946.

ObamaCare now Requires All Companies Over 50 Employees To Provide Breast-feeding Room
And no it can't be the bathroom or have viewing windows.

Some Clever Ads


The Woman Who Spends $47,000 Per Year On Her Hair
She also has "POSH" tattooed on her knuckles. That's so you'll know that she's classy.


Is Naomi Wolf Now a Tea Partier?
Nope. Sure she compares Obama to Hitler but don't be fooled - she's just a paranoid nutjob who'll glom onto whatever's popular at the moment.

Wolf can speak moonbat, wingnut, and everything in between. But don’t be fooled. Camille Paglia may be right that Wolf has no “deep beliefs,” but those she has are reliably leftist, doused in conspiracy, and smothered in kooky sauce.


Carlsberg Brewery Workers Strike Because They Can't Drink On the Job Anymore
The Scandi company will only let them drink beer at lunch from now on. Bastards.


Take The European Geography Quiz
This one is kind of tricky - there are a lot more European countries than there were 20 years ago and they don't mark the water borders.

Weekly AoSHQ Commenter Standings
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The group. Yeah.

Tonight's post brought to you by witches:


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