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Tim Pool Vidcast: Gender Studies Professor who claimed that Jordan Peterson's message was "if women put out more, men wouldn't have to rape" accused of sexual harassment
"An internationally well-known expert on masculinity" and the "world's most prominent male feminist," LOL
Have I mentioned LOL?
Apparently he's widely hailed by feminists for always lecturing men on "how to be better"
Men have better sex with emotionally unstable women Wait a second! I thought we had a rule about this! [CBD]
The Washington Post's Aaron Blake Suggests the Daily Caller's Report on Peter Strzok's New Twitter Account is FakeNews, Then Actually Bothers to Look Into It to Find the Daily Caller is Right; Amazingly, He Then Cautions People to "Be Careful" with Claims Made on Twitter
What he does is introduce a fake Strzok Twitter account, one that the Daily Caller did not report as being Strzok's, and claim a partial victory by saying many people are retweeting that fake account, so somehow this means he was right to be cautious about the Daily Caller's correct and accurate reporting on the real account
The RINO Cutie-Patooties Are Having Another Fake Flirt-Fight, This Time Over the Important Issue of Mayonnaise
What bothers me about this, I realized, is that these people all use a form of tweeting that broadcasts this nonsense out to all of their followers, instead of merely spewing their nonsense back-and-forth in conversations with each other, in which case, people would have to follow the chain of replies back-and-forth to read the bullshit. There's a way to tweet to get maximum exposure and a way to tweet to get less exposure; these princesses always opt for the "Maximum Exposure" method.
They think this is so amusing and so wonderful they think Everyone on Twitter should see it, Must see it.
They seem to think they're actually celebrities here to delight us with their wit, and they think everyone is just so excited to see these glittering nothings banter homoerotically back and forth, like they're panelists on the world's worst 24/7 talk show for ugly people.
Oh My: The Fun-a-Palooza just never ends. The lovely and talented Bill Kristol is talking up his Mayonnaise Act on the Weekly Standard's podcast today.
Washington Post Now Pearl-Clutching Over "Sexist" Patch Worn By Biker With Whom Trump Posed for a Picture
The patch said something like "Tits & Guns" over a cartoon rendition of a pair of boobs and a pair of pistols. Heavens to Murgatroyd! I feel the vapors coming on!
Democracy dies in Goth Girl hysterics
And so I guess it stands to reason that the Washington Post must have been really scandalized by this! But no, of course not; that they found earthy and charming.
Observation from an Anonymous Commentator About CNN Bragging That It Gets the Most Mentions on Twitter, Without Noting That It's Only Getting the Most Mentions Because It's a Garbage Fire Everyone Makes Fun of and Has Absolutely No Respect For: "It's like the cookie in the middle patting itself on the back for being the focus of everyone around it in the circle jerk."
Jeff Flake White-Knights for Omarosa, Calling Trump's Attacks on Her "Unbecoming"
These soft little girls sure are decorous, ain't they?
Over now. If you want to see it, watch the first fifteen minutes of the repeat.
Moron author and self-defense attorney Andrew Branca does a quick analysis: Manslaughter Charges Filed in Florida Handicap Parking Spot Shooting [CBD]
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Slublog Strikes Again | Main | Bleg (Bleg Found, Thanks)
February 21, 2008

Oliver Willis: Barack Obama "Smells Like A Movement"

Ah, ODub. The days when I used to give shit movement.

Just for the sake of nostalgia, I'll note ODub has stepped in crap again in headlining a dump of a pro-Obama post as Smells Like a Movement.

A movement reeking of Filet-O-Fish, Funions, and failure, I imagine.

This is the first time in Michelle Obama's adult life she's been proud of the modern sewage and sanitation system.

Brand Democrat, baby.

Thanks to The Chap In The Deerstalker Cap.

Who's Oliver Willis? Well, no one. Cuffy Meigs wants to know what the backstory is on this.

Basically two people got me into blogging:

Karol from Alarming News was the first person I ever actually met who had a blog, and she told me it was easy to do. I had long thought you had to write your own code and buy your own server and that sort of thing. So she encouraged me.

And then there was Oliver Willis. Around 9/11 when I started reading blogs (as most of you did, I'm guessing), there really weren't all that many. One of them was Oliver Willis, and Instapundit used to link him all the time, despite the fact he was a drooling imbecile.

This pissed me off to no end, and as I have said before, somewhat comically, I decided that if there were dribbling morons out there who would get attention from the public for saying incredibly stupid and/or obvious and/or plainly erroneous shit, well, I was at least 10 IQ points smarter than the average spit-bubbling cretin and should have that attention myself.

I say that comically but it's the truth, actually.

So, the early history of this blog consisted of numerous posts in which I made fun of Oliver Willis and also sometimes Instapundit for linking this braying jackass.

I haven't done that in a long time -- I mean, look, there's a reason you haven't heard the name "Oliver Willis" before -- but I thought I'd slap his silly ass one last time based on this sorta-funny little tip.

posted by Ace at 03:58 PM