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Revealed at Last: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Has the Same Hair as Jean Claude Van Damme in Hard Target
And I think he played a homeless guy
Man with long hair, fake boobs and a felony conviction still might be a soldier. Right hand, meet left hand and not knowing what the other one does. [Mis. Hum.]
Who knew that a government shutdown would stimulate SMOD? Maybe Washington DC should never reopen. [Mis. Hum.]
What Does "Coin a Phrase" Mean, Exactly?
I've never been sure if it meant say for the first time (as to strike a new coin) or to pass an old phrase (like to spread a previously-used coin). It turns out it originally meant the former, but people are more and more using it as in the second meaning, to just spread an old, well-worn saying. So I guess my confusion was justified.
The first meaning makes a lot more sense than the latter, but the phrase seems to be going through a "literally"-style transition, shifting meaning to almost its complete opposite meaning.
I think I just will continue not saying it because it's stupid anyway.
Uh oh. Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor Treated by Paramedics for Low Blood Sugar. She's evidently better and back to work. Get her two scoops of Vermont Commie Crunch, a Big Mac and a 12-pack of Diet Coke, stat! [J.J. Sefton]
Not Sure This is Worth a Link, But Here Are Some "Fun" Mission Patches Shot Down by Bureaucrats
I don't know how fun or funny the proposed patches are, or if I really want government agencies designing dumb mission patches. Eh, whatever. If it's a tradition, fine, it's a tradition.
Russia has a 100 megaton Doomsday torpedo.
Would be used to wipe out a coast.
Kurt Schlichter Kickin' ass and takin' names on immigration. [Mis. Hum.]
Next time you see the Honorable (**SPIT**) Lindsey Graham ask him what the difference is between a hell hole and a shit hole. Thanks, I knew you would. [Mis. Hum.]
Convicted traitor and certifiable mental patient Bradley Manning files paperwork to challenge run-of-the-mill goniff Ben Cardin for Maryland Senate Seat. Considering the state of the nation, and considering it's Maryland, I'd say new-age Corporal Maxwell Klinger has a shot. Then again, Democrat National Committee. [J.J. Sefton]
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February 21, 2008

Oliver Willis: Barack Obama "Smells Like A Movement"

Ah, ODub. The days when I used to give shit movement.

Just for the sake of nostalgia, I'll note ODub has stepped in crap again in headlining a dump of a pro-Obama post as Smells Like a Movement.

A movement reeking of Filet-O-Fish, Funions, and failure, I imagine.

This is the first time in Michelle Obama's adult life she's been proud of the modern sewage and sanitation system.

Brand Democrat, baby.

Thanks to The Chap In The Deerstalker Cap.

Who's Oliver Willis? Well, no one. Cuffy Meigs wants to know what the backstory is on this.

Basically two people got me into blogging:

Karol from Alarming News was the first person I ever actually met who had a blog, and she told me it was easy to do. I had long thought you had to write your own code and buy your own server and that sort of thing. So she encouraged me.

And then there was Oliver Willis. Around 9/11 when I started reading blogs (as most of you did, I'm guessing), there really weren't all that many. One of them was Oliver Willis, and Instapundit used to link him all the time, despite the fact he was a drooling imbecile.

This pissed me off to no end, and as I have said before, somewhat comically, I decided that if there were dribbling morons out there who would get attention from the public for saying incredibly stupid and/or obvious and/or plainly erroneous shit, well, I was at least 10 IQ points smarter than the average spit-bubbling cretin and should have that attention myself.

I say that comically but it's the truth, actually.

So, the early history of this blog consisted of numerous posts in which I made fun of Oliver Willis and also sometimes Instapundit for linking this braying jackass.

I haven't done that in a long time -- I mean, look, there's a reason you haven't heard the name "Oliver Willis" before -- but I thought I'd slap his silly ass one last time based on this sorta-funny little tip.

posted by Ace at 03:58 PM