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Stanford to introduce special Physics courses for minority students - courses featuring Critical Race Theory.
I didn't speak up when they came for the literature and history courses because I was a STEM major...
"The Adults in the Room" (heh). The resigning-as-of-today former editor-in-chief of Deadspin rails against the corporate pros brought in to turn things around. This is a bit like watching the Nazis and the Commies fight, while you munch on really good popcorn. [Fritzworth]
Amusing Beatles Parody (All Your Money). Sometimes, the goth Fonzie's boys make good stuff. [OregonMuse]
This is how real men shave.
Or maybe this way? [Broadway Joe Hat Tip: Bluebell] [CBD]
CALM DOWN about the Amazon fires.
Sat pictures show a below average amount of fires.
Woman posts 19th century painting of nude woman on FaceBook; the painting is propositioned 180,000 times
Well that's fake news. It got shared 180,000 times, and a lot of those shares involved romantic or sexual overtures.
Qantas is running 19-hour test flights to see how it impacts people’s health Almost 10,000 miles in less than 20 hours. We live in amazing times! [CBD]
The entire MSM is going to go SLAVERY RACISM until the Nov 2020 election is over
"What has started at the Times will not remain at the Times. ... As usual in American journalism, where the Times leads, its acolytes around the country will follow."
Bank of America’s CEO has one simple reason why he doesn’t see a recession looming "...the U.S. consumer continues to spend and that will keep the U.S. economy in good shape..." [CBD]
I blame pseudo-Republican women, especially habituees of Twitter, for making Taylor Swift a huge annoying phenomenon who won't go away
I guess now that I've officially come out as a Taylor Swift "hater," I'll soon have a song out with at least one stanza about me. I think that's a primary directive in this sexless, charmless robowaif egomaniac's programming.
Megan Rapinoe: My Daddy Issues voted for Trump. Wait, I mean my father voted for Trump.
I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend with my life my own right to not give a shit about soccer and women's sports and especially women's soccer.
When you can consistently beat a squad of 15 year old boys, maybe I'll listen to your opinion about something.
The Chin Flick gesture, what it means
It says that in Italy, this simply means "no." I think it means more than that. I've never seen a polite chin flick. Like your boss asks you if you want some overtime this week, and you flick your chin. I think it means lolgf.
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February 21, 2008

Oliver Willis: Barack Obama "Smells Like A Movement"

Ah, ODub. The days when I used to give shit movement.

Just for the sake of nostalgia, I'll note ODub has stepped in crap again in headlining a dump of a pro-Obama post as Smells Like a Movement.

A movement reeking of Filet-O-Fish, Funions, and failure, I imagine.

This is the first time in Michelle Obama's adult life she's been proud of the modern sewage and sanitation system.

Brand Democrat, baby.

Thanks to The Chap In The Deerstalker Cap.

Who's Oliver Willis? Well, no one. Cuffy Meigs wants to know what the backstory is on this.

Basically two people got me into blogging:

Karol from Alarming News was the first person I ever actually met who had a blog, and she told me it was easy to do. I had long thought you had to write your own code and buy your own server and that sort of thing. So she encouraged me.

And then there was Oliver Willis. Around 9/11 when I started reading blogs (as most of you did, I'm guessing), there really weren't all that many. One of them was Oliver Willis, and Instapundit used to link him all the time, despite the fact he was a drooling imbecile.

This pissed me off to no end, and as I have said before, somewhat comically, I decided that if there were dribbling morons out there who would get attention from the public for saying incredibly stupid and/or obvious and/or plainly erroneous shit, well, I was at least 10 IQ points smarter than the average spit-bubbling cretin and should have that attention myself.

I say that comically but it's the truth, actually.

So, the early history of this blog consisted of numerous posts in which I made fun of Oliver Willis and also sometimes Instapundit for linking this braying jackass.

I haven't done that in a long time -- I mean, look, there's a reason you haven't heard the name "Oliver Willis" before -- but I thought I'd slap his silly ass one last time based on this sorta-funny little tip.

posted by Ace at 03:58 PM