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The B-21 Unveiling, live video
Tennessee Jed says it's white rather than matte black. I guess it's a daylight bomber?
Update: It's a jip. They give you sense of the thing's basic outline then they end the "unveiling." The image is blurry like Sasquatch.
"Night Stalker" thread coming at 3:45
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click: Cupid and Psyche 85 Edition
I took a backseat, a backhander, I took her back to her room/I better get back to the basics for you, yeah
Happening now (7:18 PM EST Dec 1): Awful people are streaming into Biden's state dinner with the Macrons, including Joe and Mika.
Elon Musk

Good conversation [with Apple CEO Tim Cook]. Among other things, we resolved the misunderstanding about Twitter potentially being removed from the App Store. Tim was clear that Apple never considered doing so.
Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie is dead at age 79
"You Make Lovin' Fun," from Rumors
If you care, here's Tim Pool and Adam Crigler cross-sniping about why Crigler left the Tim Pool show
TL;DR version: Tim Pool wanted to cut his pay when he realized how much the show was making, and how much Crigler was making from it
Sundance from Conservative Tree House: C'mon, it's obvious that Harmeet K. Dillon is an Establishment undercover operative with a mission to destroy the MAGA base
Even the wheels within these wheels have wheels, inside which are even smaller but more sinister wheels
Here's another possibility: The RNC put together a panel containing people who would represent the Establishment like Barbour, and people they thought would make the panel credible to nationalists and populists, like Harmeet K. Dillon and Blake Masters. In other words, it's a typical bullshit attempt to appease everyone and accomplish nothing. But no, let's go with the conspiracy theory that Harmeet K. Dillon has been an secret agent for the establishment all along. She's a master of The Long Con.
I'm sure he'll be announcing that he's put together a Detailed Spreadsheet that proves all of this, presently.
I'm less bothered that there's a high-strung conspiracy theorist prone to wild fits of fancy on the internet -- Breaking News, Film at 11 -- than the fact that there's going to be a hundred people repeating "Harmeet K. Dillon has been a Regime Agent for years, Sundance has Data Matrices proving it" by sunrise tomorrow, and meanwhile calling other people NPCs.
Jimmy Dore: the government has made it illegal to question the government online as regards the most important public questions
Notice that Conservative, Inc., on the payroll of monopoly tech, continues being all but silent about this -- while sometimes accusing its opponents on the right of favoring "fascism"
Grammy-winning Fame and Flashdance singer Irene Cara dead at 63 No cause of death was given. RIP [J.J. Sefton]
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click: Rush Limbaugh Show Open Line Fridays Bumper Music Edition
Ain't no personal thing, boy, but you have got to stay away, stay away from my heart
She's wearing the t-shirt of this band made semi-famous by Ferris Buehler
Clarification: The pages from the Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition were not part of Balenciaga's disturbing terrified-children-with-bondage-teddy-bears campaigns, but from a separate Balenciaga ad campaign for handbags. They did push both kid-pron messages -- just not in the same campaign.
Neat song you probably never heard of, sung by Roger Daltrey, about (superficially) Shoeless Joe Jackson.
The somewhat more interesting thing is that it's originally by this guy, last seen in a golden cloister. I literally didn't know that guy had a career. I thought he just walked in off the street into the studio one day to sing That One Song.
CJN podcast sidebar.jpg
S2-E12: Joe Mannix joins CBD and J.J. Sefton with his take on the midterms vis a vis the challenge of institutional fraud, how the road back is really in the hands of the states, the DOJ's anti-Semitic/anti-Israel driven "investigation" into the death of a so-called Palestinian journalist, the laugh riot of the multi-billion dollar FTX collapse, and more!
WDW_Pro (the Drudge of Disney, I guess you'd call him) speculates on the Disney coup: Chapek upset the DEI people, who have a close relationship with the ESG people at Vanguard and BlackRock, and Vanguard and BlackRock told Disney's board they were ready to start pulling money out of Disney (401k investments, for example) unless they took Chapek out. Sounds possible. An awful lot of people seem to think Chapek was "anti-woke." I don't see it. I hear from a friend in the know that he is a " " " Republican " " ", quotation marks drawn in the air with fingers. That is, weak and cvcky and Jeb!ish. It is true that his first instinct as far as the DeSantis Parental Rights in Education bill was to stay quiet but when DEI/gay activists pulled his chain leash, he turned attack dog. Who knows, maybe that was Iger getting his leftwing buddies at Vanguard and BlackRock to pull his chain, too.
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Elon Musk Says He Will Release the Full Truth About Twitter's Suppression of Hunter Biden Laptop Story at 5pm
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February 21, 2008

Oliver Willis: Barack Obama "Smells Like A Movement"

Ah, ODub. The days when I used to give shit movement.

Just for the sake of nostalgia, I'll note ODub has stepped in crap again in headlining a dump of a pro-Obama post as Smells Like a Movement.

A movement reeking of Filet-O-Fish, Funions, and failure, I imagine.

This is the first time in Michelle Obama's adult life she's been proud of the modern sewage and sanitation system.

Brand Democrat, baby.

Thanks to The Chap In The Deerstalker Cap.

Who's Oliver Willis? Well, no one. Cuffy Meigs wants to know what the backstory is on this.

Basically two people got me into blogging:

Karol from Alarming News was the first person I ever actually met who had a blog, and she told me it was easy to do. I had long thought you had to write your own code and buy your own server and that sort of thing. So she encouraged me.

And then there was Oliver Willis. Around 9/11 when I started reading blogs (as most of you did, I'm guessing), there really weren't all that many. One of them was Oliver Willis, and Instapundit used to link him all the time, despite the fact he was a drooling imbecile.

This pissed me off to no end, and as I have said before, somewhat comically, I decided that if there were dribbling morons out there who would get attention from the public for saying incredibly stupid and/or obvious and/or plainly erroneous shit, well, I was at least 10 IQ points smarter than the average spit-bubbling cretin and should have that attention myself.

I say that comically but it's the truth, actually.

So, the early history of this blog consisted of numerous posts in which I made fun of Oliver Willis and also sometimes Instapundit for linking this braying jackass.

I haven't done that in a long time -- I mean, look, there's a reason you haven't heard the name "Oliver Willis" before -- but I thought I'd slap his silly ass one last time based on this sorta-funny little tip.

posted by Ace at 03:58 PM