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Shocking: The Failing Restaurant Aboard the Cuck Cruise Line Refuses to Update Its Ancient Recipes
As the left keeps taking our right to free speech away, David French will continue reprinting the same column about never doing the same to them. I'd like one of these #FakeNewsIntellectuals to answer the question, one time: If this same trope has not produced positive results as regards our right to free expression the last five years, the last ten million time these pieties have been ritually uttered, what are the odds that this time it will do the trick?
Or is worrying about our own rights and privileges and Americans something that "True Conservatives" aren't supposed to do? Are we only supposed to worry about the rights of David French's leftwing palz?
The only passion the #FakeNews conservatives show on free speech issues is when a leftist's free speech rights are threatened -- or one of their cocktail circuit pals', like Kevin Williamson and Bari Weiss.
Has David French roused himself to write a single word about Lauren Southern being banned from England for passing out an "Allah is gay" pamphlet? Is she not in The Club? Does England's actions not sufficiently threaten David French's career aspirations to write for a leftist journal?
Prediction from "LoveBreedsAccountability:" Because Jake Tapper Knows Comey is a Sinking Ship Who's Damaged His Own Credibility, and That Going Easy on Clapper Will Damage the Only Thing That Matters to Tapper (His Post-Salon Career), Tapper Will "Bravely" Give Him a Tough Interview (and Collect All the Usual Plaudits From the Ususal Suspects on the Right)
"And rather than wait for it to happen and then get annoyed when I see everyone singing his praises, I figured I’d get out front this time around and tell you exactly what to expect. And why it shouldn’t make a lick of difference to you relative to Jake Tapper’s credibility. He’s a Democrat propagandist masquerading as an impartial journalist, and that he spends 1% of his time trying to disprove that reality falls wildly short of actually doing so."
He also links a list of Tapper's greatest partisan hits
A resident of The Swamp to face prosecution? Wait and see. Personally, I'm not holding my breath. [Mis. Hum.]
McKayla Maroney: Larry Nasser Molested Me Hundreds of Times, At Every Single Visit for Treatment, Since I Was 13; I Don't Know if My Olympic Career Was Even Worth It
McKayla's disappointed face at receiving the silver no longer seems funny -- it seems like a girl wondering if putting up with constant molestation by a pedophile was really worth it just to win second place
Secret drug raid by feds backfires in Portland: 'Someone could have been killed' "The "sneak-and-peek" warrants, as they’re more commonly called, allow investigators to search a house, car, computer, other property or item, seize evidence and not tell anyone until much later." Because we don't have enough secrecy in government! [CBD]
Breaking: Barbara Bush dead at 92
Court adjourned. Harry Anderson, star of Night Court and Dave's World, dies at age 65. RIP. [Weirddave]
Listen up Colorado Morons: Saturday May 5th: Cinco de Quattro Colorado Morondezvous. Email:
acewestminsterdogshow at the gmail for details.
Jordan Peterson - The fatal flaw lurking in American leftist politics: The doctrine of equality of outcome is impossible because Intersectionality is infinite. An overweight, Asian, transgendered, poor person experiences racism differently than a queer, underweight, Latino, handicapped person does. Equality of results would require an infinite combination of oppressed person characteristics to be understood and rectified to make everyone equal. [dri]
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"Collusion" Narrative Skeptics a Year Ago: Was The Dossier Briefing Just a Set-Up to Give CNN a News Hook to Run the Dossier Story They Otherwise Could Not?
Comey Memo: I Told the President "CNN Was Looking for a News Hook" for the Dossier

McCabe, Now Criminally Referred by the OIG For Possible Prosecution for Making False Statements, Suing Trump for Defamation?
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February 21, 2008

Oliver Willis: Barack Obama "Smells Like A Movement"

Ah, ODub. The days when I used to give shit movement.

Just for the sake of nostalgia, I'll note ODub has stepped in crap again in headlining a dump of a pro-Obama post as Smells Like a Movement.

A movement reeking of Filet-O-Fish, Funions, and failure, I imagine.

This is the first time in Michelle Obama's adult life she's been proud of the modern sewage and sanitation system.

Brand Democrat, baby.

Thanks to The Chap In The Deerstalker Cap.

Who's Oliver Willis? Well, no one. Cuffy Meigs wants to know what the backstory is on this.

Basically two people got me into blogging:

Karol from Alarming News was the first person I ever actually met who had a blog, and she told me it was easy to do. I had long thought you had to write your own code and buy your own server and that sort of thing. So she encouraged me.

And then there was Oliver Willis. Around 9/11 when I started reading blogs (as most of you did, I'm guessing), there really weren't all that many. One of them was Oliver Willis, and Instapundit used to link him all the time, despite the fact he was a drooling imbecile.

This pissed me off to no end, and as I have said before, somewhat comically, I decided that if there were dribbling morons out there who would get attention from the public for saying incredibly stupid and/or obvious and/or plainly erroneous shit, well, I was at least 10 IQ points smarter than the average spit-bubbling cretin and should have that attention myself.

I say that comically but it's the truth, actually.

So, the early history of this blog consisted of numerous posts in which I made fun of Oliver Willis and also sometimes Instapundit for linking this braying jackass.

I haven't done that in a long time -- I mean, look, there's a reason you haven't heard the name "Oliver Willis" before -- but I thought I'd slap his silly ass one last time based on this sorta-funny little tip.

posted by Ace at 03:58 PM