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The Crossbow vs. Longbow debate is over: Why not both in the same weapon, with bonus rapid fire capability?
What the hell is this thing? It looks like something out of the Van Helsing movie, but it's real and workable.

More. Dang, you could have conquered the world with these things.
A company started making a consumer version of the Instant Legolas, out of aluminum.
Case Closed: Ilhan "Omar" Nur's real father proven to be Nur Said Elmi, proving that she was assigned the fake name "Omar" to emigrate to America as a member of the Omar family (that family haven been granted US visas for all their children)
This is also proof that that Elmi character is Omar's brother -- both of them are the children of Nur Said Elmi. Only Ilhan Elmi got the fake name swap to become an Omar.
Sky News Australia: Major Medical Researcher says covid can be cured by Hydroxychloroquine plus Z-pac plus zinc; Australian government takes no interest
The Australian government says that additional clinical trials are necessary. This reporter notes that we ordered world-wide shutdowns without clinical trials and in fact with no science whatsoever demonstrating their effectiveness, but the minute you mention HCQ, we cannot do anything without years of rigorous double-blind clinical studies.
Spotted outside of Hazleton PA
Hat Tip: Hogmartin [CBD]
Rain now coming from an unexpected source -- the clouds
Is every single thing we say in public now demanded to be a Stasi-enforced lie?
U.S. Manufacturers Are Coming Back Thanks to Trump "Prior to Donald Trump's stop at the city's Whirlpool manufacturing plant, no U.S. President had set foot in Sandusky County for more than a century. Much like Ohio's manufacturing sector, the region was sorely neglected by the political elites, who cared more about maximizing America's GDP than they did about the lives and livelihoods of millions of American workers. " [CBD]
Holy Shit, Government "Republicans" are just liberal Democrats who sometimes go to church. Purge these statist liberal fucks.
Remember, Andy McCarthy, and virtually every other "Republican" who takes a government check, vouched for the integrity and competence of Robert Mueller, as well as for the unbiased, incorruptible professionals of the DOJ, every single fucking day.
Government "Republicans" are government men first and foremost, and government is, was, and always will be a fundamentally progressive venture.
Thomas Sowell
Aug 6
People who talk incessantly about "change" are often dogmatically set in their ways. They want to change other people.

Big truth right there.
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click
People talking
And they're saying that you're leaving
So unhappy
With the way that you've been living
Is Tiger Woods walking around The Masters wearing a thin blue line face mask?
The thin blue line pattern is intended to show support of cops. But is that how Tiger Woods means it? I doubt it; he's very corporate and tries to be noncontroversial. I don't think he'd show any pro-cop sentiment just as I don't think he'd come to the Masters with a Black Lives Matter cap. But I imagine the leftist (mostly white) headhunters will come after him for this.
Ryan Long: The Future of Comedy
This video is from March when the "Karen" put-down was still relatively new
Transexual Wachowski Brother (now a "Sibling") Andy (now "Lilly") Wachowski now says The Matrix was always intended as a transexual allegory
Can't wait to see the sequel, now that the Wachowski's feel more empowered to put their original transexual vision on the screen
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Kuwait PAO: "Burned Woman" Incident An "Urban Legend Or Myth" | Main | Max Blumenthal, Unreliable Smear Merchant (Not That There's Anything Wrong With That!)
August 03, 2007

Enough With The Gay Shit

If lefties (such as Max Blumenthal, currently serving in the Peshewar area; google it, I won't link) want to say an allegedly gay dude's claims are inherently suspect because he digs on cock, then maybe they ought to address Beauchamp's apparent deficiencies in this area:

Rehn "The Bird" was in town (you can see him staring at my ass in my profile picture), along with a cheeky limey bastard named Sam. I wish I could say that we three queens had an insightful conversation about the recent British elections...

I will stress again: I have not said a word about this since the story broke. I knew about this since Beauchamp's name was released. I have not made an issue of it. It didn't occur to me this could be an issue, even though it does tend to suggest a reason for anti-military animus.

However, if full and umblemished record of lifelong heterosexuality is now, according to lefties, some sort of requirement for reliability, well, it seems Scott Beauchamp's got a whole new credibility problem.

I'm so sick of the fucking left. If someone says something they don't like, they just bleat over and over "FAG! FAG! FAG! FAG!"

Well, fuck self-restraint. If that's the game we're playing, then game on.


That's Scottie and "Rehn," mentioned in the post above, who is "obviously gay" by his own self-assessment.

Now, I'm not going to say anything about that picture, but I think if I worked for Page 6, I just might call that some light-to-moderate "canoodling," if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

We havin' fun now kids?

Isn't this a riot?

I don't like being the first guy into the gutter.

I have less of a problem with being the second.

Yeah I Know... He claims to have had any number of girlfriends in Germany and proposed to, I think, half of them.

Which is, you know, completely consistent with typical heterosexual behavior.

Some days I can barely make it to lunch without proposing to a woman.

Gay Porn = Dishonesty: Does this pic, from Scottie B's myspace page, count as gay porn?


I guess not. What's the rule for gay erotica?

I wonder if we'll have any stories along these lines on the Scott Thomas: International Soldier of Mystery blog.

I'm informed that if one goes to his My Space page one can find all sorts of pictures in which he looks... well, I don't want to say gay. I'll say, possessed of a colorful and far-ranging sex life.

Since This Is Relevant... I had not previously understood this to be relevant. But now Max Blumenthal (son of "Sid Vicious" Blumenthal, who called Monica Lewinsky a crazed "stalker") attacks Matt Sanchez, yet again, for supposedly have been in gay porn.

Along the way he implies a source in the TNR story is gay too, just for fun. Depsite the fact that everything this source has said has been accurate, unlike the "reportage" of Scott Beauchamp. And despite the fact that Matt Sanchez' major contribution to the story thusfar has been his finding that no soldiers at FOB Falcon ever saw a "melted" woman -- something TNR itself now concedes, as it admits "error" in mistaking Camp Beurhing in Kuwait for FOB Falcon in Iraq.

So why on earth would someone push the Sanchez-is-gay thing so hard? He contributed one major bit to the story (before today), and that is already proven. We don't have to rely on his credibility for that -- it is now a fact admitted by TNR.

Today he breaks the major story that investigation has "proven the claim to not have been true," but then, Blumenthal didn't know that when he penned his little smearjob.

So why, of all the hundreds of military men, bloggers, and milbloggers adding to this story, focus only on Matt Sanchez?

Well, because he's one of the few Blumenthal can call a queer, of course.

So, given that heterosexuality is now required as regards credibility--

What's Max Blumenthal's sexuality, I wonder? I have no idea, but he kind of looks like the sort of guy who might enjoy a colorful and far-ranging sex life.

These questions need to be answered. A man's sexuality is a crucial component of his credibility, so we really need to know if Max Blumenthal maybe experimented a bit in middle school.

posted by Ace at 11:44 AM