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August 16, 2022

Insiders: Jeffrey Toobin Was Yanked Out of CNN's Lineup Like Jeffrey Toobin's Shriveled Shrimpdick During a Conference Call


The official word is that Jeffrey Toobin left of his own accord to spend more time with his hand lotions, anal stimulators, and Mentertainment magazines, but insiders say it is more likely he was thrown into the trash like a tissue filled with three pitiful drops of male effluent and the tears of a saggy clown who knows he's entered the final sad chapter of his life where he won't have to pressure any more friend's daughters to abort his children.

Longtime CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin announced his split with the network late Friday afternoon, only 14 months after CNN welcomed him back following the infamous Zoom incident that tarnished his reputation and embarrassed the network.

Did it really embarrass the network?

Doesn't everyone assume that everyone at CNN is a deranged claw-handed chain-masturbator or worse?

While Toobin announced that he "decided" to leave CNN, many feel he wasn't exactly given a choice considering new CNN CEO Chris Licht is thought to be attempting to "tamp down spectacle" and restore the network's credibility. If anyone brought spectacle to CNN, it was Toobin.


A longtime media industry insider with ties to CNN doesn't believe the Friday news-dump announcement was Toobin's decision.

"Jeffrey Toobin was almost certainly pushed out," the industry insider told Fox News Digital.

"You can't have someone on air like that representing you and only someone with Jeff Zucker's power-- which Chris Licht doesn't have-- could have protected him," the insider continued. "Look for many, many more cuts to come. CNN is notoriously bloated compared to Fox and MSNBC and Licht could probably halve its size with no noticeable change on air."

A current CNN insider agreed that more cuts are looming.

"They're going to cut back on [contributors] I think. Toobin clearly was first on the list, but I think it's going to be a broader thing," they told Fox News Digital.

Shelley Ross, a longtime TV news producer who made news last year after her revelation that ex-CNN anchor Chris Cuomo harassed her once at ABC News, took to Facebook with her thoughts on Toobin's exit.

"It was just too difficult to concentrate on anything he was saying. Good decision. I hope he gets help," Ross wrote. "There are many many pundits who are brilliant and don't have his personal baggage, sex offenses, paternity denial, arrogance, creep factor."


A former CNN contributor told Fox News Digital that simply ditching Toobin won't help restore the network's straight-news credibility.

"They're in such a hole. It will take major changes, and not atop the network, but amongst the producers and show bookers. They are almost all of one mind -- liberal," the Zucker-era contributor said. "You'd have to make wholesale personnel changes, and I don't think they have [a] capacity or desire to do that."

If CNN is firing every "news" "personality" who appeared without pants on camera, I just got a chill of fear for a certain little potato.

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King Harv Imperial Coffee

Kamala Harris' Super-Fans -- the "#KHive" -- Begin to Worry That No One Is Coming to Save Her and Position Her for Success


The #KHive.

The #KHive.

How lost do you have to be to be a Kamala Harris stan?


After noting that Kamala Harris' popularity has fallen -- excuse me, when was her popularity ever high? -- AllahPundit's second-favorite website The Daily Beast turns to her online stans, the #KHive.

[W]hile they may not be as rabid as they once were, Harris can still count on the backing of one bastion of supporters: the #KHive.


"I am consistently seeing people ask, 'Where is Kamala?'" [a member of the #KHive said].


The Daily Beast reached out to more than a dozen high-profile members and former members of the #KHive to see if, after 18 months in office, the vice president has lived up to their hopes. And while most still say that they have her back until the end, some quietly admit that the comedown from the high of a victorious campaign has been harsher than they'd expected--not that they would ever say so publicly.

"I would never, ever say that I regret supporting the first Black woman vice president, ever. But the disappointment is real," said one self-described former member of the #KHive, who requested to speak anonymously so as not to alienate themselves from friends made through the movement. "I was obsessed with the idea of this person who could undo the systemic, the systematic racism and sexism and heterosexism in government with one fell swoop, and now I'm thinking to myself, did I just make up a person in my head who could do those things?"


By and large, the #KHive, being composed of the vice president's most fervent--and, like most online fandoms, occasionally insane--supporters, does continue to largely support her. As they have since her relatively short-lived primary campaign, they still sport bee emojis in their Twitter handles and many who spoke with The Daily Beast pointed out that the vice presidency is an office that is, by design, second fiddle. Many feel that Harris is being held to a higher standard by dint of both her race and gender.

Gee I wonder if that would be because the Harris team claims that every single failure is because people are holding her to a higher standard of success because of her race and gender.

When in fact for all her life she's been held to a lower standard. That's why she has continually advanced in politics while continually failing.


But even the #KHive has slowed its roll since 2020, with use of the hashtag on social media now being used to antagonize the vice president's fandom as often as it is used to rally it. A Google Trends review shows that interest in the #KHive has decreased substantially since the 2020 election, and some of the biggest figures have left the movement, if one can leave a technically leaderless group of online stans.


Some supporters, Evans said, have moved on to help other candidates and causes that they see as allied with Harris' goals.


The question of Harris' political future still remains top-of-mind for many #KHive members, who remain confident that despite current polling indicating otherwise, she is best positioned to lead the Democratic Party whenever the opportunity presents itself.

But won't someone have to position her for success for her to be positioned to lead the Democrat Party?


But some admitted they got caught up in the stan-ification of politics that became widespread in the extremely online political circles of the 2020 Democratic primaries. Coordinated harassment and doxing campaigns between supporters of Harris, Sanders, Yang, then-Mayor Pete Buttigieg and others caused increasingly frequent headaches for candidates, particularly when they targeted "rival" supporters, staff, and reporters who were seen as insufficiently based.

"We all went a little nuts during the pandemic," said another member of the #KHive, who still uses the hashtag on Twitter but has their mentions turned off so as to avoid being drawn into "my ten-millionth flamewar with some #BernieBot that just gives us both palpitations." Nearly 1,000 days since they were last rivals for the presidential nomination, the blood feud between #KHive members and supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) continues, to the member's exhaustion.

"Let's chill and let the Vice President do her job," they said of their more laid-back approach. "Acting clownish on Twitter isn't going to make her job any easier."

Her stans are freaking out about this article, accusing the "white" author of attacking a black woman, and accusing him of... "media bias."

Kaivan Shroff @KaivanShroff

Okay so the @scottbix article about Kamala Harris supporters is just as bad as people are saying. Another tone-deaf smear by white male media to paint a predominantly minority political identify as rabid against the backdrop of Republicans threatening violence against the FBI

Of all the news and all the takes one could make during this hugely consequential week, instead @scottbix forces an unsupported narrative to attack the first Black woman VP... who wouldn’t see that as media bias?

Okay dude.


Kamala Harris, who supported the Defund the Police movement, supported those who attacked police and called them murderers, and raised money to bail out rioters who attacked police, now insists that Donald Trump is wrong to... criticize the FBI, because our flawless law enforcement officers are owed are complete respect.

Miranda Devine @mirandadevine

Kamala Harris suddenly demanding respect for law enforcement after drumming up bail and giddily encouraging the riots of summer 2020: "This is a movement, I'm telling you. They're not going to stop and everyone beware, because they're not going to stop."

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Report: Alec Baldwin Must Have Pulled the Trigger in the "Rust" Shooting


I would have noted the report was issued by the FBI but I wanted you to be interested in the story.

The firearm involved in the fatal "Rust" movie set shooting must have had the trigger pulled, an FBI report found, despite the fact that actor Alec Baldwin previously denied pulling the trigger.

Baldwin fatally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza last October while filming "Rust" in New Mexico. During an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos later that year, Baldwin denied pulling the trigger on the gun.

"Well, the trigger wasn't pulled, I didn't pull the trigger," he said at the time, adding, "No, no, no, no, no, I would never point a gun at anyone and pull the trigger."


With the hammer quarter- or half-cocked, the Colt "could not be made to fire without a pull of the trigger," officials said.

Even with the hammer fully cocked, the weapon "could not be made to fire without a pull of the trigger while the working internal components were intact and functional," the report observed.

The local medical examiner then issued his report, stating that the shooting was "an accident."

Which... I mean, yeah, we figured that.

The fatal film-set shooting of a cinematographer by actor Alec Baldwin last year was an accident, according to a determination made by New Mexico's Office of the Medical Investigator following the completion of an autopsy and a review of law enforcement reports.

The medical investigator's report was made public Monday by the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office along with numerous reports from the FBI on the revolver and ammunition that were collected following the shooting.

Prosecutors have not yet decided if any charges will be filed in the case, saying they would review the latest reports and were awaiting cell phone data from Baldwin's attorneys.


While it's too early to say how much weight the medical investigator's report will carry with the district attorney's office, Baldwin's legal team suggested it was further proof that the shooting was "a tragic accident" and that he should not face criminal charges.

"This is the third time the New Mexico authorities have found that Alec Baldwin had no authority or knowledge of the allegedly unsafe conditions on the set, that he was told by the person in charge of safety on the set that the gun was 'cold,' and believed the gun was safe," attorney Luke Nikas said in a statement.

Well, no, the medical examiner just said it was "an accident." An accident can include something as grave as criminally negligent homicide.

The DA has made no decisions about any charges in the case.

Alec Baldwin would never make an angry, impulsive decision or anything. Like if a woman was barking orders at him and questioning his Act-Ting choices, maybe he might have pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger to make a point.

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The Fake News Crew Claims, Without Evidence, That the FBI Did Not Seize Trump's Passports


More lies from the Truth Tellers.

Reportedly, CBS is considering not renewing Norah O'Donnell's contract. She's reportedly a diva and a b-word and her ratings aren't good.

The DOJ spun her with a claim they weren't "in possession" of the passports -- note that that's not a denial of having stolen them in the first place, just a lawyerly claim about not currently being in possession of them -- and Norah rushed right out, without asking follow-up questions, to claim this meant the DOJ was contradicting Trump.


The DOJ later confessed the truth: The FBI had stolen the passports.


There was no search warrant signed by an Epstein lawyer for these passports so they were illegally stolen by Biden's Gestapo.

Norah had better be careful. There must already be chatter that she's too old to be a news anchor. Stupid Senior moments like this only add to the perception that Granny Norrie needs to be put in an Old Anchors Home.

Of course, the Smart Set of NeverTrump completely failed to notice that the DOJ, in claiming they were not "in possession" of the passports was pointedly not denying they had previously been in possession of them.

That's because they're so smart!!! And so honest and honorable! They're so truthful they can't even comprehend that others might twist the truth!

Leftwing propagandists and Gestapo supporters Adam Kinzinger, David Frum, and Peter Strzok -- the last, an actual Gestapo agent -- seized on the lie and propagated it:

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The Morning Rant: Minimalist Edition



The idea of an all-powerful government that ignores our rights protected by the United States Constitution used to be an academic exercise for the vast majority of us. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the rule of law was paramount, and stories of the clearly guilty being freed or never found guilty because of overreach by government agents was troubling for the obvious reason, but in some ways reassuring, that eventually (to paraphrase Longfellow) the mills of justice grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small.

But that's not true...maybe it never was! The insanity of the police state executing searches whenever they want, based on personal desires or the needs of the Deep StateTM has come to the fore with a vengeance. President Donald Trump is being persecuted by an unaccountable law enforcement apparatus under the control of the ruling party currently occupying the halls of power.

But the enemies of the State include not just its most important and conspicuous interlocutor (Trump); the enemies of the State include anyone with the temerity to stand in the way of the natural progression of totalitarianism. That means you! And the Weaver family, and the Bundy family, and the Branch Davidians and dozens of others who stood up to government overreach and were exposed to the full might of the United States government.

But the nobility or benignity of their actions is not justification for the case against the government. It is a hugely important concept in our once marvelous legal system that the rights of the accused are protected no matter what. So the principled law breaker and the rapist and the murderer and the church-funds embezzler are granted the same protections.

Except of course if the State wants to send you to jail...

Police Used a Baby's DNA to Investigate Its Father for a Crime

If you were born in the United States within the last 50 or so years, chances are good that one of the first things you did as a baby was give a DNA sample to the government. By the 1970s, states had established newborn screening programs, in which a nurse takes a few drops of blood from a pinprick on a baby’s heel, then sends the sample to a lab to test for certain diseases. Over the years, the list has grown from just a few conditions to dozens.

The blood is supposed to be used for medical purposes—these screenings identify babies with serious health issues, and they have been highly successful at reducing death and disability among children. But a public records lawsuit filed last month in New Jersey suggests these samples are also being used by police in criminal investigations. The lawsuit, filed by the state’s Office of the Public Defender and the New Jersey Monitor, a nonprofit news outlet, alleges that state police sought a newborn’s blood sample from the New Jersey Department of Health to investigate the child's father in connection with a sexual assault from the 1990s.

Crystal Grant, a technology fellow at the American Civil Liberties Union, says the case represents a “whole new leap forward” in the misuse of DNA by law enforcement. “It means that essentially every baby born in the US could be included in police surveillance,” she says.

This is unbelievable on so many fronts that it is difficult to choose where to start!

First, what are the rights of the newborn's parents to refuse blood testing? Why are those blood samples saved after testing is complete? Why can the police go on fishing expeditions into medical records without clear evidence and a warrant signed by a judge?

The lesson is clear; none of our medical records are safe from government search. In fact, any time our personal data are in hands other than our own we must assume that the government will access them at their leisure. And that includes supposedly private genetic testing for any number of reasons...genealogical research, genetic testing for disease markers, etc.

Most of us are 29, or fast approaching that age...how many of our blood samples are peacefully sitting in laboratory freezers, waiting for some overzealous jackbooted thug of the government to demand testing because of some 30 year old cold case sitting on his desk? Never mind those pesky rules of evidence and chain of custody...

The government is our enemy, and any accommodation is anathema to a free society. That means we should think long and hard about where our personal information is, and how much of it we release to third parties, most of whom are passive agents of the state. Medical laboratories, health departments, hospitals, genealogical companies, doctor's offices...all have the potential to provide the authoritarians in power with evidence against us, and there is nothing we can do about it.

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


Curry Baptism.jpg

Baptism in Kansas
John Steuart Curry

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The Morning Report — 8/16/22

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. Tuesday and despite all the media spin that Trump lied about the DOJ seizing his passports, only to have the DOJ come and admit that indeed they were taken, the most important points to remember about this entire horrific, nightmare scenario is that in a sane and just world, there was absolutely ZERO legal justification for this Gestapo-like raid on Mar-a-Lago, period, full stop. The records that Trump has in his possession were first and foremost legal insofar as the ones in question had been declassified by him during his tenure in office. And the idea of him having nuclear codes is ridiculous on the face of it.

In any case, former presidents do retain documents mostly for the purposes of memoirs, presidential libraries and such as a matter of time-honored tradition and routine. Prior to the raid, the FBI and DOJ were aware of the nature of the documents and Trump cooperated with them, in fact if I remember correctly (and please do correct my timeline and details if I'm fuzzy), they were present at Mar-a-Lago several times to deal with the re-classifying of some materials by the current illegal junta. Again, do chime in to correct me on these details, which are getting into the weeds. Although, that said, the video of the braindead liberal who spouted crap about Trump finally be nailed for a host of provable crimes, when queried by the interviewer to name one of them, was seen doing the "Norman! Coordinate!" boogaloo and replied "I'm done talking." That right there tells you everything you need to know as to why, as Rush Limbaugh of blessed memory would often say "the left doesn't want to level the playing field, they want to clear it." When confronted with the truth and with facts their arguments fall to pieces faster than a drunken muumuu-wearing harridan at a 9/11 memorial service. Same goes for that freak Jamie Raskin when confronted by a random act of journalism on this "Inflation Reduction Act" farce and asked point blank how specifically it will reduce inflation responds "Next question."

In any case, the salient point in all of this is whatever pretext was used to conduct this revolting incident was complete and utter bullshit. To my dying day I will maintain that Donald Trump is probably among the most honest individuals to ever hold public office in the last 50 to 100 years, bar none. Say what you will about his personality or vibe or whatever other things really have no relevancy to his tenure as president and to his oath of office, from day one, he told the absolute truth about what he was going to do if and when he took office. The only "crime" he committed was daring to try to overturn the tables of the money changers and reverse the course of history that as we now are seeing and experiencing are taking us over a cliff, and much of the western world with us courtesy of this Global Reset. Concomitant with that was the other "offense" if you will of exposing and exploding so many myths about the nature of our government and how rotten and corrupt the whole system is to tens of millions of people, myself included, who deluded themselves into thinking the republic, flawed from time to time though it may be, still functioned mostly as intended.

It is obvious that it does not and has not for many years if not decades. And for sure, it is dead. If it didn't die on Election Night 2020 or even on January 6th, 2021, there can be no doubt that August 8th, 2022 put the nail in the coffin. Like everything else Trump has had to go through with the impeachments, the NY AG investigations and all the rest, they are gunning for him, figuratively and I have no doubt likely quite literally now. It doesn't matter that there is no real evidence (manufactured by Hillary Clinton and Marc Elias or not), or if, as one link describes that they violated his 6th Amendment rights by seizing his passports, thereby supposedly putting whatever case they have in jeopardy. "Show me the man and I'll show you the crime" as Lavrenty Beria would say.

They want vengeance against Trump for winning 2016 and doing things that exposed the Democrat Deep State Global Reset Crowd as the frauds, criminals and incompetents that they are for all the world to see. They cannot allow him back in power again. So he will be gotten rid of. The estimable Julie Kelly warns us to prepare for the inevitable.

It now appears inevitable that the Justice Department will bring criminal charges against the former president. FBI Director Christopher Wray’s stunt at Mar-a-Lago on August 8 is part of creating the optical illusion that Donald Trump is guilty of any number of crimes related to January 6 or the mishandling of secret government documents—or both. On Monday, the Justice Department subpoenaed another Trump White House lawyer as the legal momentum accelerates.

Attorney General Merrick Garland is doing his part to build the public case while Lisa Monaco, his deputy, runs the day-to-day lawfare operation against Trump. Monaco, a longtime Obama confidant who worked in his White House until the last day, is a rabid Trump hater. She intends to finish what the Obama Justice Department started in 2016 by indicting Donald Trump. . .

. . . This is the legal and judicial circle of hell now fired up to come for President Trump—a vengeful Justice Department run by Obama loyalists working with a weaponized FBI to bring criminal charges against hundreds of Trump supporters who then face the wrath of enraged judges of both political parties. There is no way out.

And at this point, there’s no way out for Merrick Garland, either. Democrats have raised expectations that Trump soon will be in handcuffs; failure to do so will result in a harsh backlash by their own voters this fall. After six years of promises, Democrats better deliver the goods on Trump or face intra-party revolt.

Kelly of course reminds us of the kangaroo courts that have already thrown the book at J6 entrapment victims while scores still rot away in the Garland Archipelago awaiting the same fate. You think a DC jury pool with scum like Beryl Howell and Emmett Sullivan on the bench are going to give a flying fuck about minor annoyances like due process and actual evidence? We joke about the fantasy of frog-marching a handcuffed Hillary Clinton to an arraignment but that is more than likely what will happen to Trump soon enough.

And remember, this is not just about Trump. It's about you and me, especially now that the IRS has been supersized into what is effectively another branch of the same Stasi/Gestapo apparatus that is our FBI and DOJ, DHS, ATF, CIA, EPA and every other bureaucracy that is also now armed to the teeth and authorized to use deadly force if necessary. As Trump himself warned "they're after you." And now they are doing whatever they can to get him out of the way.

This is bigger than merely Trump as a candidate. Trump is quickly taking on the mantle of leader of a movement that could very well become among the greatest political movements in history. Nailing him is a warning shot to anyone else who dares pick up the mantle of restoring America and our freedom. Not just politicians running for office but anyone who dares speak out in defiance of the shackles being prepared for us as we speak. If Trump is arrested and tried, what will be the reaction and what will be the effect down the road?

The world wonders . . .

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Daily Tech News 16 August 2022

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

  • Android 13 is here, bringing with it uh. (Thurrott.com)

    Apparently you can stream certain things from a thing to another thing, and it has spatial audio support for headphones - it makes the sound feel like you're walking around in a room.


    I think the last Android release which was really a must-have was version 6 with adoptable storage. Of course, most of the major manufacturers - particularly Samsung and Sony - immediately broke adoptable storage and leave it broken to this day, and Google's own hardware can't support adoptable storage because it has no storage to adopt.

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Monday Overnight Open Thread (8/15/22)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

8 15 22 0nt.jpg


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

“But also, I think what we also need to recognize is that it does reduce inflation. I didn't realize this until we started negotiating and working on this, but 40% of inflation is fueled by fossil fuels. So what we are doing now is moving forward quickly, I must say not quick enough for some of us, but quickly toward a green economy, creating good-paying jobs. Rep. Barbara Lee(D-CA)

The stupidity oozes from her pores.

Quote II

“There are lots of good people in the FBI. It’s the top that is the problem. Some of these good agents are coming to us, telling us what is baloney, what’s going on — the political nature now of the Justice Department — God bless them for doing it — talking about the school board issue, about a whole host of issues.” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH)


Quote III

Well, I don’t think we’re a republic anymore. I would say we're in a transition to a radical democracy, and by that I mean that what anybody wants to do on any given day, if they have power or the votes, they do it. Victor Davis Hanson

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Red Skies Cafe


A Himalayan vulture.

It is one of the two largest Old World vultures and true raptors. The average weight of these birds is 20 pounds, with males weighing up to 28 pounds. The wikipedia entry does not mention any kind of warning-coloration to make it look larger, so the apparent "fake face" you see on the bird must just be happenstance in this particular shot of this particular bird. The skin of the vulture is blue; that is what is showing through the feathers to give the appearance of the bluish "eyes" on its shoulders.

Not today, Satan.

Rats are super-survivors, you might have heard.

Local news anchors reporting on their baby.

The Prestige.

Very nice prosthetic Predator suit from the new woke-ish Prey movie. The suit looks like the painted latex it is, but that's probably exaggerated by the unforgiving natural light. Maybe with color correction and Hollywood lighting they can make it look organic. (I wouldn't know, I'm not going to see it. I've already seen Predator, multiple times. I'm starting to realize it's insane to keep making the same movie again and again, and also insane to keep watching the same movie again and again.)

Bring it in for a hug, boys.

The Vandals.

Human and fox have to find a way to cooperate, so that they can get the fox out of a deep pit.

Why socialism doesn't work.

Distracted by a cute bitch with long legs.

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Trump Claims The FBI Stole Three of His Passports; The FBI Admits It Took Documents Protected by Attorney-Client Privilege


Trump says the FBI seized three of his passports in their raid.

Former President Donald Trump said the FBI seized three of his passports during its raid on Mar-a-Lago last week, calling the unprecedented search an "assault."

"Wow! In the raid by the FBI of Mar-a-Lago, they stole my three Passports (one expired), along with everything else," Trump posted on his Truth Social account. "This is an assault on a political opponent at a level never seen before in our Country."

He added: "Third World!"

The FBI carried out a search warrant at the former president's private residence in Palm Beach, Florida, last week, as agents seized classified records, including some marked as top secret. Trump is disputing the classification of those records, saying the records have been declassified.

Sources familiar with the investigation told Fox News Digital over the weekend that the FBI also seized boxes containing records covered by attorney-client privilege and potentially executive privilege during its raid.

Sources familiar with the investigation told Fox News Saturday that the former president's team was informed that boxes labeled A-14, A-26, A-43, A-13, A-33, as well as a set of documents -- all seen on the final page of the FBI's unsealed property receipt -- contained information covered by attorney-client privilege.

Whoops -- they took attorney-client privilege documents when searching for National Archives papers.

Megyn Kelly says "Bull. Shit!"

This is about January 6. If you believe this has to do with classified documents, having to do with bullshit Trump took with him when he left office, your head is in the sky. This is about January 6 and the never-ending desire to get Donald Trump on something. They don't want him to run for election again. They're mad that he did not get convicted on the first or second impeachment, they are mad that he did not get pursued criminally by the New York D.A.

They are mad Russia-gate fell apart and they are made he is ahead in the polls, crushing DeSantis, and that his candidates of choice all [won primaries] last week, and the Democrats are prepared to play dirty.

[Attorney General] Merrick Garland is clearly willing to go along with that. He's been moving in, in concentric circles toward Donald Trump over the past several weeks, going after his top advisor with subpoenas, we've seen close Trump advisors in handcuffs, dragged away as if they're like mobsters. This is really getting alarming and the American public deserves answers.

Kash Patel says that the secret agenda here is to gin up another Fake Russiagate so that all of the Russiagate documents Trump declassified can be re-classified.

President Trump named me his -- his representative to the National Archives months ago. And we have been in a bureaucratic battle. As Devin and I have always had to, we found whole sets of documents we meted out to the American public from Russiagate. We got out about 60 percent.

That's why President Trump made it his mission to declassify and be transparent. In October of 2020, he issued a sweeping declassification order for every Russiagate document and every single Hillary Clinton document. Then, on the way out of the White House, he issued further declassification orders, declassifying whole sets of documents.

And this is a key fact that most Americans are missing. President Trump, as the sitting president, is the unilateral authority for declassification. He can literally stand over a set of documents and say, these are now declassified, and that is done with definitive action immediately.

The fact that the bureaucrats at NARA, who referred -- remember, the National Archives are the ones that referred this to the Department of Justice. But they -- the same principle failed to refer Hillary Clinton to the Department of Justice when they got their hands on the classified e-mails from those servers.

And switching gears a little bit to the national security officials involved, me, as a former national security prosecutor in the National Security Division, where this case is being run out of, it's no surprise that the likes of John Carlin, who was the assistant attorney general for national security, who authorized the Russiagate hoax to begin with, is now the number three officials at DOJ.

And Lisa Monaco is the number two official, who was his superior back then.

These folks -- and this is -- this is a thing I want to stress with. Now that this is a -- quote, unquote -- "ongoing FBI counterintelligence investigation," they will come out to the American public and be able to say, ongoing C.I. investigation. You will never be allowed to see the Russiagate docs or any other docs that President Trump lawfully declassified.

And they will hide it from the public.

And Congress has a monumental lift ahead of them. Come November, they better start subpoenaing these documents immediately and putting these people before the American public. Merrick Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray have failed in their mission to uphold the law. They have become political hucksters. And they are completely destroying our Constitution and putting on a two-tiered system of justice.

John Solomon had a scoop last month -- the Justice Department once again committed gross and illegal insubordination by defying a valid presidential order, refusing to declassify the Russiagate documents Trump ordered declassified. Only on January 19th, 2020, hours before Trump left office, did they sneak over a note to Trump stating that they would have to take a look at the documents he'd ordered declassified and examine them for further redactions.

That's bureaucratese for "We're ignoring your order and we've let the clock run out on your presidency and now we've fortified the election so there's a new president and the Deep State always wins, ha-ha."

If a lot of these documents the feds seized were Russiagate documents -- and I bet they were -- then these "classified" documents were not in fact "classified."

In the final hours of the Trump presidency, the U.S. Justice Department raised privacy concerns to thwart the release of hundreds of pages of documents that Donald Trump had declassified to expose FBI abuses during the Russia collusion probe, and the agency then defied a subsequent order to release the materials after redactions were made, according to interviews and documents.

The previously untold story of how highly anticipated declassified material never became public is contained in a memo obtained by Just the News from the National Archives that was written by then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows just hours before Trump left office on noon of Jan. 20, 2021.

Meadows' memo confirmed prior reporting by Just the News that Trump on Jan. 19, 2021 declassified a binder of hundreds of pages of sensitive FBI documents that show how the bureau used informants and FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign and misled both a federal court and Congress about flaws in the evidence they offered to get approval for the investigation.

The declassified documents included transcripts of intercepts made by the FBI of Trump aides, a declassified copy of the final FISA warrant approved by an intelligence court, and the tasking orders and debriefings of the two main confidential human sources, Christopher Steele and Stefan Halper, the bureau used to investigate whether Trump had colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

In the end, multiple investigations found there was no such collusion and that the FBI violated rules and misled the FISA court in an effort to keep the probe going.

The documents that Trump declassified never saw the light of day, even though they were lawfully declassified by Trump and the DOJ was instructed by the president though Meadows to expeditiously release them after redacting private information as necessary.

"I am returning the bulk of the binder of declassified documents to the Department of Justice (including all that appear to have a potential to raise privacy concerns) with the instruction that the Department must expeditiously conduct a Privacy Act review under the standards that the Department of Justice would normally apply, redact material appropriately, and release the remaining material with redactions applied," Meadows wrote in the memo.

Just the News obtained the memo after going to the Trump collection at the National Archives and asking it to look for the binder of documents Trump had declassified. The Archives said it did not possess the documents, the Justice Department did and provided a copy of Meadows' memo.

In an interview Tuesday night on the "Just the News, Not Noise" television show, Meadows said he was dismayed that DOJ ignored a lawful instruction from a sitting president and said it was part of a larger dynamic in which the permanent federal bureaucracy repeatedly tied to undercut Trump to protect itself.

People need to go to prison.

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As Ezra Miller Is Charged With Felony Burglary, Pressure Grows for Warner Discovery To Cancel His Movie


Alphabet privilege, Gary from Nerdrotic calls it.

The fate of Warner Bros.' The Flash hangs in the balance as actor Ezra Miller continues to make headlines for their controversial behavior and various arrests. An outright shelving of the film is not off the table, though it would be a last resort.

Warners -- and its new parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery -- had hoped to avoid the line of fire, because its big-budget DC superhero tentpole isn't scheduled to hit theaters until June 23, 2023. But the pressure is mounting by the day.

On Monday, the actor was charged with a felony burglary, and on Wednesday, Rolling Stone reported that Vermont's child services department is attempting to locate a mother and three children who have allegedly been residing at Miller's farm in the state.

That's not necessarily terrible, but... it's not anything good.

A source with knowledge of the situation says the studio appears to be preparing for three possible scenarios.

First, Warners has received indications that the 29-year-old Miller, whose mother has accompanied the actor in recent days, will seek professional help after returning home to their farm in Vermont after being away. If that happens, Miller, who goes by they/them pronouns, could give an interview at some point explaining their erratic behavior over the past few years. The actor could then do limited press for The Flash, and the movie would open in cinemas as planned.

The second scenario: Even if Miller doesn't reach out for help, Warners could still release the film. But don't expect Miller to play a prominent role in terms of marketing and publicity. Nor would Miller be the Flash going forward, as the role would be recast in future projects.

The third: The situation with Miller deteriorates further. This would see Warners killing the movie outright, as it could not be reshot with a different actor. Miller plays multiple characters and is in almost every scene. Scrapping a $200 million film would be an unprecedented move.

The movie is scheduled to be released June 23, 2023. Gary from Nerdrotic said something like, "That means that Warner Discovery has to spend the next year praying Miller doesn't murder someone in the meantime."

Last week, Business Insider ran this headline:

Ezra Miller's unraveling: Friends concerned as the 'Flash' actor travels the US in body armor and faces claims of running a cult in Iceland

But as Midnight's Edge pointed out, you can see the original headline in the URL:


I know the leftwing media gets overly panicked about guns, but... this guy should not have guns. He's got red flags sticking out of his ass, and that's not a metaphor. I mean, he actually inserts red flags into his rectum.

This was that "major negative story" that was on the horizon that Discovery Warner wouldn't be able to contain.

Reportedly, Alan Horn, hired to serve as a consiglierte of sorts, has advised David Zaslav to take the hit and just cancel the $200 million movie, reasoning that the damage to the DC movie universe and to Warner Bros. generally will be worse than $200 million.

Here's some quotes from the Business Insider hit on Ezra Miller, whose They/Them status no longer is enough to protect him in the media:

For years, Miller has been hailed as a hero of New Hollywood... When Miller came out as queer [in 2011] -- telling The Daily Beast, "I'm open to love wherever it can be found" -- fans had found their icon.


In June, Tokata's parents obtained a temporary protection order demanding Miller stay away from their child. In tribal court documents, the parents said the actor had been grooming Tokata for six years and was physically and emotionally abusive.

Tokata was 12 when Miller started "taking an interest in her," aka grooming her.

She's now 18.

Tokata herself denies this, but, you know. Patty Hearst defended the SLA for a while, too.

A week after Tokata's parents obtained their protection order, a Massachusetts mother of a 12-year-old was also granted a temporary harassment-protection order against Miller, who she said showed an inappropriate interest in her child.

Insider has spoken with 14 people who had recent interactions with Miller in which the actor exhibited frightening emotional outbursts, carried firearms, or left them feeling unsafe. Some people said Miller sought out impressionable young women and nonbinary people whom they could isolate from their families and control. In some cases, Miller had sexual relations with these people. In 2020, during a roughly two-month stint in Iceland where Miller walked the streets barefoot, rumors spread that the movie star was running a cult out of an Airbnb.

I will also omit parts about his emotional and mental instability -- he frequently turns on people savagely, out of nowhere, over nothing at all.

There's worse stuff that that. That just seems like nit-picking compared to the rest of it.

I do want to mention his smells, which is a sign of mental decay.

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Professor: Optional Masks are Mandatory in My Classroom, Racists


An "interdisciplinary Latina feminist performance studies scholar" declares that anyone not wearing a mask in her class -- where the school policy says that masks are optional -- is a racist.


More from Outkick.com.


The CDC finally said we were allowed to do what we all sane people have been doing for a year anyway.

Dissolve the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Last week, the CDC released updated COVID-19 guidance. The agency now believes we should be taking an individual approach to mitigating our COVID risk. In layman's terms, we are all Florida 2020 now.

The new guidance suggests ending "test to stay" so kids exposed to someone with COVID-19 can remain in school. Of course, this was only related to known exposure. People are exposed to COVID all the time, but only children who were aware of that exposure were punished. Kids lost so much throughout the pandemic because of terrible, irrational CDC guidance like this.

The fresh guidance also says people without symptoms no longer need to be routinely tested.

And the CDC permits us to come within six feet of each other again. Finally! Husbands, tell your wives it's on!

But most important, the agency has finally faced some truths about the vaccine that it should have long ago. "CDC's COVID-19 prevention recommendations no longer differentiate based on a person's vaccination status because breakthrough infections occur." And it's admitted that "persons who have had COVID-19 but are not vaccinated have some degree of protection against severe illness from their previous infection."

Cities across the country fired teachers, firefighters, health-care staffers, police officers, sanitation workers and so many others because they refused to get vaccinated. Many of these people had worked through the early days of the pandemic -- and contracted COVID many times over -- while we baked banana bread and patted ourselves on the back for ordering from Uber Eats. Now the CDC acknowledges this was the wrong thing to do. Whoopsie!

The new guidance is all fine and good, sane even, but it’s August 2022 and fully absurd that the CDC is only now recognizing that people aren’t staying six feet apart and that a previous COVID-19 infection offers a layer of protection similar to the vaccine.

Certified literal-hair-tearing freak and Seasoned Citizen Taylor Lorenz greeted this news in her usual non-mentally-ill way:


It's not the world's obligation to climb into the plastic bubble with the boy, Taylor.

And I have a feeling that you have self-diagnosed with every trendy #FashionForward disease you've read about online.

This was nice:

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Not a Recession: New York State Manufacturing Index Falls Into a Major Contraction, The Worst Collapse Since 9/11


The price of gas is falling.

Because the price of energy always falls when economic activity falls off a cliff.

When the factories are working partial hours, and the trucks are shipping fewer shipments, yeah, the demand for energy is going to fall.

This is not the way you want to cause the price of energy to fall, though.

New York Empire State factory gauge plunges in August deep into contraction territory

General conditions index drops 42 points to negative 31.3 -- the second largest decline on record

The numbers: The New York Fed's Empire State business conditions index, a gauge of manufacturing activity in the state, plummeted 42.4 points to negative 31.3 in August, the regional Fed bank said Monday.

This is the second largest monthly decline on record and among the lowest levels in the survey's history, the regional Fed bank said.

Economists had expected a reading of 5.0, according to a survey by The Wall Street Journal.


They expected it to fall to positive 5.0. Instead if plummeted to negative 31.3.

Any reading below zero indicates deteriorating conditions.

Key details: The index for new orders dropped 35.8 points to negative 29.6 in August.

The shipments index fell 49.4 points to negative 24.1.

Unfilled orders fell for the third straight month.

Labor market conditions weakened. The prices-paid index fell 9 points to 55.5, its lowest level in over a year.

In addition, manufacturers were not optimistic about the six-month outlook.

Big picture: Economists were expecting a small retreat in the factory index, not a rout. The U.S. manufacturing sector, which was a strength during the recovery from the pandemic, is facing a steep drop-off in new business.

The New York data, and a similar reading from the Philadelphia Fed, are seen as early indicators for the health of the factory sector in August.

I can't find the numbers for the Philadelphia's manufacturing index for August, but in July, they expected it fall to zero.

Unexpectedly, it fell to negative 12.3.

"The index for new orders declined for the second consecutive month, from -12.4 to -24.8."

Why do liberal Wall Street analysts always massively miss in their predictions, missing high when their beloved Democrats are in office and on the downside when the hated Republicans are in office?

I guess I answered my question.

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Kemp Up Big, Walker Up Slightly In Georgia, New Poll Finds


This is the Philips Academy Poll -- a prep school out of Andover.

Everyone's doing polls now, I guess.

Kemp tops Stacey "Tank" Abrams 51.4% to 43.5%, which means that Abrams is cruising for re-election, according to her count of "the missing vote."

A FaceBook face-check rates that last sentence as "transcendentally true." It also added that "The Georgia election is rigged" and "Democracy is a Whyte Lie, yo."

Strangely, however, a related article claims that the 2020 election was immaculate with not a single voting irregularity and stated that "anyone disputing this fact should be put to death."

Trump's bete noir Brad Raffensberger is crushing Democrat Bee Nguyen 50.0% to 34.1%.

Herschel Walker is just barely edging out Raphael Warnock, 45.2% to 43.6%.

But I'll take that for the moment -- Democrat hatchet man Bill Kristol's Democrat front group, " " "Republican" " " Accountability PAC, just ran ads against Herschel Walker featuring old charges by Walker's ex-wife that he had threatened to kill her and her boyfriend.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

A new 30-second ad from the Republican Accountability PAC is among the first to include footage of Republican Senate hopeful Herschel Walker's ex-wife graphically describing him choking her and threatening to shoot her during their marriage.

"Do you think you know Herschel Walker?" the ad says. "Think again."

The attack ad is backed by a six-figure buy and is part of RAPAC's plan to spend at least $10 million in six swing states to defeat fellow Republicans who echoed former President Donald Trump's election conspiracies.

He was never charged with domestic abuse or anything like that. He did acknowledge having some difficulties during this period.

He did once run over his wife with his car during a dispute.

Oh wait, no, my mistake, that was his opponent, Democrat Raphael Warnock.

I guess the very honest, very honorable Bill Kristol forgot to include that in his ad.

​The ex-wife of Georgia Senate candidate Rev. Raphael Warnock told police he deliberately ran over her foot during a March 2020 domestic dispute, and that her ex-husband is a "great actor," according to a report.

Ouleye Ndoye told Atlanta police that Warnock ran over her foot during a dispute, "and all he cares about right now is his reputation" because of his Senate run, according to bodycam footage aired on Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Tuesday.

"I've tried to keep the way that he acts under wraps for a long time, and today he crossed the line. So that is what is going on here. And he's a great actor. He is phenomenal at putting on a really good show," a tearful Ndoye told police.

Given that Walker has had a bad week, I'm.... well I'm not happy about an inside-the-margin pseudolead, but it's better than being behind.

Joe Squire of RedState sees it as positive, noting that Walker has room to grow.

The Phillips Academy Poll shows Warnock trending downward from his high of 50 percent in the beginning of July while Walker is continuing to trend upward from recent polling.
Warnock is leading by 64% among Black voters even though both Warnock and Walker are African American. Warnock also has strong support among low-income and urban voters, where he leads by 23% and 16% respectively. Conversely, Walker receives most of his support from rural voters, where he is up by 20%. Georgia's suburban voters, a key voting block in the 2020 election, favor Walker by 5.1%.

That last sentence is a big red flag for the Warnock campaign. The suburbs helped turn Georgia's two Senate seats blue in 2020 and when coupled with a resurgence of the rural vote in Georgia, a lot of whom stayed home in the 2020 runoff, that could potentially mean that Walker is actually about 2-3 points higher than where he is polling currently.

I think I might start a PAC called "Republicans For Actual Republicans." I don't think I'll get one one millionth of the donations that a single one of Bill Kristol's many Democrat front groups get.

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Democrat Candidate for Pennsylvania Senate Returns to Campaign Trail After Hiding For Months Post-Stroke -- And Shows Signs of Cognitive Impairment


The good news is that he can probably live a mostly normal life.

The bad news is that he cannot live a normal senatorship.

But then, America elected -- or, "elected" -- a basement-hiding dementia patient as "President" so maybe we're just open to mentally impaired leaders now.

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Joe Scarborough Brings On the Perfect Pitchman to Vouch for the Integrity of the FBI


Next up: Joe Scarborough explains his five-step plan for keeping lockers free of the unwanted bodies of inconvenient interns.

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The Morning Rant: About Those Georgia Elections

—Buck Throckmorton

Stacey Abrams – Election Denier

You’ve certainly noticed how the partisan left-wing media keeps demanding that Republicans running for any race – local, state, or national - acknowledge that Joe Biden was elected fair and square with no fraud, and that if the Republican states otherwise, he is smeared with the conspiracy label “Election Denier.”

Can we co-opt that stupid term and turn it back on the media like we did “fake news”?

As you’ll recall, the term “fake news” was originally a smear used by the media against conservatives who used social media to share stories that the liberal media was trying to embargo. Donald Trump brilliantly hijacked that term and started using it against the media until they had to add it to their list of banned words, because people thought of CNN first when they heard the term “fake news.”

Let’s do that to “Election Denier.” And let’s start with Stacey Abrams. This is from just a week ago.

Abrams - Yahoo News.JPG

Stacey Abrams is still talking about how her 2018 gubernatorial election was stolen from her, and she still won’t concede.

No conservative pundit, politician, or partisan should ever refer to Stacey Abrams again as anything but “election denier Stacey Abrams.”

No Republican being asked to confirm the integrity of the 2020 election should answer with anything but a demand that the questioner acknowledge that Stacey Abrams is an election denier.

Stacey Abrams - Election Denier.JPG

Hillary and every other Democrat who’ve claimed that the 2000 and 2016 elections were stolen should also be labeled “election deniers” whenever they are spoken of.

Oh, look who else is an election denier – President Biden’s Press Secretary!

Karine - election denier.JPG

Election denier Karine Jean-Pierre is roundly mocked for the awful job she is doing as Press Secretary, but shouldn’t we also be discussing how having an election denier as the President’s spokesperson is a Threat To Democracy™ too?


Erick Erickson Smearing MAGA While Trying To Re-elect Raphael Warnock

Erick Erickson captures two infuriating GOPe talking points in this petulant tweet, in which he assigns the blame for passage of the Build Inflation Higher legislation (or whatever it was called) on MAGA Republicans, whom he blames for the loss of both Georgia Senate seats.

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


Collier Handmaidens1.jpg

Pharaoh's Handmaidens
John Collier

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The Morning Report — 8/15/22

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning, kids. Monday, and while the Gestapo-like raid on Mar-a-Lago still dominates the news, a couple of stories that occurred over the weekend frame it rather fittingly. First, Salman Rushdie, the author of the book The Satanic Verses was stabbed multiple times at an event in upstate New York and remains in grave condition. Published in 1988, the book caused much of the Islamic world to lose whatever of its mind it hadn't lost in the previous 1,300 years with the Ayatollah Khomeini issuing a fatwa on him, the Muslim version of what's commonly known as "putting out a contract" on someone. To many, in the obtuse up-talk Valley Girl lingo of Obama mouthpiece Tommy Vietor "1988, that's like a million years ago, dude!" Not to these barbarians, dude. The goal of achieving paradise on earth via conquest and subjugation, as well as silencing by any means necessary (heh) enemies, heretics and unbelievers is eternal. No matter how long it takes and wherever you may go, you're forever in the crosshairs. Sound familiar?

While Rushdie himself is not exactly a likable guy, mostly because of his antipathy towards Britain, which protected him at great expense for decades, as well as his antipathy to this country, he has somewhat ironically become a symbol of free speech.

"The moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision or contempt, freedom of thought becomes impossible."
"If you're offended, it's your problem."
"Free speech is the whole thing, the whole ball game. Free speech is life itself."

Absolutely 1,000 % right on. And now, Salman Rushdie is on a ventilator after getting ventilated by a man who was born nine years after his "blasphemous" book was published.

Take away the fancy calligraphy, the pseudo-religious trappings, substitute the beliefs of Marx and Engels for Mohammed and you have today's leftists. Just like this fatwa fan-boy, someone like Alexandria "Titty Caca" Ocasio-Cortez was born and came of age decades after the real societal upheavals brought about by the Industrial Revolution and Great Depression that added the fuel to the fire of the American socialist movement. In fact, the America she was born into was the absolute negation of everything Marx and Engels proclaimed. She was a school kid but she no doubt saw the Soviet Union itself come to an end and the Berlin Wall dismantled. Yet there she is, representative of her generation and perhaps upwards of a third of the nation, spouting and believing utterly stupid, but nevertheless dangerous drivel.

Nowadays, to refute or even laugh at someone like her is to face retribution that can range from banning in media to losing one's job, or even worse. That brings me to the second story that frames the Mar-a-Lago incident, which is the House passing the Orwellian "Inflation Reduction Act" that principally helps destroy our economy with Green New Deal crap but notably expands the IRS to a size larger than the Marine Corps and gives the newly formed cadres the power to use deadly force. No, it's not about audits. It's about punishing the average American citizen who dares go against this junta. It will take a few years for this to really get going but even if the GOP is swept into power this November and in '24, Dao-Min Yen notwithstanding, will they have the stones as well as the veto-proof majority to repeal this law? The Obamacare repeal kabuki-bukkake theatrics does not exactly fill me with strength and confidence.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves and into the weeds. The broader picture remains insofar as these criminals in power have indeed, as friend and friend of the blog Michael Walsh states, crossed the Rubicon with this raid on President Trump.

It's [a] step of breathtaking audacity, but hardly surprising. Not for nothing is the Democrats' unofficial motto "by any means necessary." Since the days of Burr and Jefferson Davis and John Wilkes Booth, violence has always lurked just below the surface of their "higher" patriotism. Indeed, as the Sixties exemplified, it's part of their appeal. "The worst are full of passionate intensity," wrote William Butler Years in his widely quoted poem, The Second Coming, written in 1919. "Surely, the Second Coming is at hand. . ."

. . . The key to understand the Left, pretty much from Rousseau on, is that they believe in an "arc of history," which amazingly bends toward their preferred transient policy prescriptions in the here and now. It's a kind of misplaced messianism, with an imminent savior ready to descend to earth to establish a new kingdom of heaven, one in which they will witness the destruction of their enemies, and over which they will rule for ever and ever, amen. "The country is on fire," Trump reportedly wrote to Garland in a message sent after the raid. "What can I do to reduce the heat?"

The answer, of course, is: nothing. . .

. . .they know their fingernail-hold on power can all disappear this fall, and the specter of an enraged Trumpzilla returning to stomp them into matchsticks in 2024 absolutely terrifies them. As it should.

Like Caesar, they're playing for keeps now. Either they complete their overthrow of the Republic or, in Ben Franklin's memorable phrase, they'll all hang together. The die is cast: "by any means necessary"? You ain't seen nothing yet.

As you may know, Walsh is not a supporter of Trump running in '24. But with this column, I think he recognizes that the issue is no longer Trump. This unwarranted, illegal raid, whatever the intent by the junta in going after him, is yet another crossing of a bright red line into uncharted and dangerous territory. Uncharted insofar as our history, yet we have seen this time and again throughout history, especially in the 20th century. If you think things were already "interesting" per the Chinese proverb, I refer you to Walsh's last line.


  • "From the end of [Chinese] Covid restrictions to Elon Musk’s Twitter bid to the Dobbs ruling, startling developments threaten progressives’ grip on power."
    The Elite Panic of 2022
  • Michael Walsh: "Biden, Garland, and the Democrats cross the Rubicon. . . Like Caesar, they're playing for keeps now. Either they complete their overthrow of the Republic or, in Ben Franklin's memorable phrase, they'll all hang together. The die is cast: 'by any means necessary?' You ain't seen nothing yet."
    Alea Iacta Est
  • Victor Davis Hanson: "Is the attorney general disingenuous or simply naïve?"
    Why Merrick Garland Is Losing the People
  • Horowitz & Perazzo: "How the IRS abuses taxpayer dollars to advance leftwing causes illegally and unconstitutionally."
    Internal Radical Service
  • Karol Markowicz: "No one has been fired for this dereliction of duty. No one has even been openly chastised for allowing a special-interest group to control our health-care policy. This alone is why the CDC must go."
    Too Little, Too Late: Disband the CDC Now
  • Daniel Greenfield: "Leftists import bigoted killers and blame 'Islamophobia.'”
    An Afghan Muslim Refugee Carried Out America’s Worst Islamophobic Killings

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Daily Tech News 15 August 2022

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

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Sunday Overnight Open Thread (8/14/22)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

8 14 22 0nt.jpg


The Quotes of The Day

Quote I
“It is stunning. It’s like a lost world. It feels almost like Jurassic Park – different from anywhere else on the estate.” Project manager Ben Eardley

Quote II

“From their vantage point, it’s a million dollars very well spent. It’s pretty rare you see this direct of a return on your investment. So, I guess I would congratulate them.” Dean Baker, a senior economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, a liberal-leaning think tank

Quote III

“The situation is entirely unique because the actions of the prosecutors here are incredibly outrageous. There’s no question in my mind that the [Justice Department’s] flagrant disregard of President Trump’s clemency order is motivated by acrimony towards him." New York criminal defense attorney Joe Tacopina


The Comments of The Week

(In no particular order)

Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 9.21.23 PM.jpg

Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 9.06.05 PM(1).jpg

132 You are watching the whole Federal government lose its collective mind obsessing over one man who no longer holds office, never accepted a salary and likely has foregone his pension.
Posted by: Hadrian the Seventh at August 12, 2022 06:41 PM (1Nxff)

(Submitted by Clutch)

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Gun Thread: Mid-August Edition!


August-2022 scaled.jpg

Howdy, Y'all! Welcome to the wondrously fabulous Gun Thread! As always, I want to thank all of our regulars for being here week in and week out, and also offer a bigly Gun Thread welcome to any newcomers who may be joining us tonight. Howdy and thank you for stopping by! I hope you find our wacky conversation on the subject of guns 'n shooting both enjoyable and informative. You are always welcome to lurk in the shadows of shame, but I'd like to invite you to jump into the conversation, say howdy, and tell us what kind of shooting you like to do!

Well we're motoring through August like a hot fork through cotton, now aren't we? I managed to get to the farm for a couple of days to do battle with the weeds and vegetation which I have managed to avoid cutting all year. Frankly, I was a little scairt to get down there to see what the place looks like. Anyhow, two notable accomplishments over the weekend, I managed to a) get stung on my trigger finger by a wasp (ow!) and, 2) break the sickle bar mower by trying to cut down a tree with it.

The finger swole up like a June bug in Arkansas, or about 1.5x normal, and I'm not quite sure what I did to the sickle bar mower other than to prove it's intended for use on hay and not trees. The finger is mostly back to regulation size now, and I'm sure the sickle bar mower can be fixed with some hammering and creative profanity on the next trip. All in all, it was a great weekend!

With that, step into the dojo and let's get to the gun stuff below, shall we?

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Food Thread: Tomatoes And Inflation...Not Inflated Tomatoes!


wasted tomatoes.jpg

Well, that's one way to deal with extra tomatoes, but there are others that are less messy!

Late last summer as the local tomato harvest was winding down, we lucked into a huge amount of pretty ripe and good tomatoes. There wasn't enough mozzarella and basil and balsamic vinegar in the world to eat that many tomatoes, so I decided to slap them on the grill for a few minutes and see what happened.

And what happened was a very good thing. The tomatoes lost some of their juice (but not much), picked up a delicate smoky flavor...more like roasted really, and I was able to peel them about half way.

So now what? Hell, I plopped them into a blender and was left with sort of a thin tomato sauce that tasted great, was a fantastic addition to pretty much everything, and best of all? It froze perfectly. So in the deepest darkest days of winter I had a taste of high summer. I dug up the last of it out of the freezer a few weeks ago, and used it to tune up some plain old sautéed squash, zucchini and onions. It turned into sort of a vegetable stew, and it was delicious.

Yes, even I, a committed carnivore will eat vegetables when they taste good! Of course it was complemented by a very large grilled pork chop, so that may have helped...

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First-World Problems...



We have hard water, and in spite of a reasonably effective water softening system, our glasses eventually pick up that irritating embedded staining that is impossible to remove. Oh, I have tried vinegar and other acids, but short of an Aqua Regia bath, those stains aren't coming off!

Just imagine how it makes my beer feel! How insulting that I have to pour good beer into tainted glasses!

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Too Little, Too Late. And More Of A Wait.

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

Gibson's Bakery a small family owned bakery is located in Oberlin, Ohio. You may recall in 2016 this business made the news.

If you don't the following comes from Wikipedia.

2016 shoplifting incident
On Wednesday, November 9, 2016, an underage African-American Oberlin College student and Student Assistant Treasurer,[7] Jonathan Aladin (aka Elijah Aladin), attempted to purchase a bottle of wine using a fake identification card.[6] The store clerk, Allyn D. Gibson, a son and grandson of the owners,[4] rejected the fake ID. Gibson noticed that the student was concealing two other bottles of wine inside his jacket.[8][4] According to a police report, Gibson told the student he was contacting the police, and when Gibson pulled out his phone to take a photo of the student, the student slapped it away, striking Gibson's face.[9] The student ran out of the store. Gibson followed and then grabbed and held onto the shoplifter outside the store after the shoplifter had also assaulted the store owner, David Gibson.[4] Two other students, Cecelia Whettstone and Endia Lawrence, friends of the shoplifter, joined the scuffle.[4] When the police arrived, they witnessed Gibson lying on the ground with the three students punching and kicking him.[9] The police report stated that Gibson sustained a swollen lip, several cuts, and other minor injuries.[5][10] The police arrested the students, charging all three with assault and the shoplifter with robbery as well. In August 2017, the three students pleaded guilty, stating that they believed Gibson's actions were justified and were not racially motivated.[9][11][12] Their plea deals carried no jail time in exchange for restitution, the public statement, and a promise of future good behavior.[11][13]

Fast forward to 2017.

Civil complaint
In November 2017, Gibson's Bakery filed a civil complaint against Oberlin for libel, slander, interference with business relationships, and interference with contracts in the Lorain County Court of Common Pleas. Gibson's argued that the college supported the protests that damaged its reputation and that the college unlawfully broke its contract with the bakery.[9] In the complaint, the Gibson family alleged that some Oberlin College professors attended the demonstrations, joined in the chants with a bullhorn, and gave course credit to students who skipped class to attend the demonstrations. It also claimed Oberlin employees distributed boycott flyers and allowed them to be photocopied for free on school machines.[6]

The Jury comes back with its decision.

Verdict and responses
In June 2019, the jury found in favor of the Gibson family, awarding $11 million in compensatory damages, before further hearings on punitive damages and legal fees.[19]

Today is August 14, 2022 and and the Gibson family still hasn't seen one red cent.

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Sunday Morning Book Thread - 08-14-2022 ["Perfessor" Squirrel]

—Open Blogger

(ht: David Carter)

Welcome to the prestigious, internationally acclaimed, stately, and illustrious Sunday Morning Book Thread! The place where all readers are welcome, regardless of whatever guilty pleasure we feel like reading. Here is where we can discuss, argue, bicker, quibble, consider, debate, confabulate, converse, and jaw about our latest fancy in reading material, even if it's nothing more than the secret documents hidden in Melania Trump's underpants drawer. As always, pants are required, especially if you are wearing these pants...

So relax, find yourself a warm kitty (or warm puppy--I won't judge) to curl up in your lap, tap a keg of maple syrup for your pancakes, and crack open a new book. What are YOU reading this fine morning?

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EMT 8/14/22


Happy Sunday.

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Daily Tech News 14 August 2022

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

  • Running Android without Google. (Tom's Guide)

    Okay, so the hardware in the two tests reported here is sold by google - the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 - but the software is two versions of Android - /e/OS and GrapheneOS - stripped of all the Google-specific software and tracking.

    You can still install the Play Store and install all your usual apps, and they will (mostly) work the same as before. The one thing highlighted here is that you will lose Google's custom camera app - and this results in a marked drop in photo quality because the software is doing most of the magic there.

    But if you want out of the Google trap without losing compatibility entirely, either of these might be a viable option.

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Saturday Overnight Open Thread (8/13/22)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

8 13 ont.jpg


The Saturday Night Joke

A pastor was 10-minutes into his sermon when he noticed his young son in the balcony with a pea-shooter.
He was leaning over the "balcony"—aiming, and popping people in the head.
As the pastor prepared to deliver a very public scolding of his boy – the 7 year-old son hollered out, “You keep preaching Dad, and I’ll keep’em awake! (H/T Isophorone Blog)


Yes indeed folks, it is the Overnight Open Thread, but it's Saturday night as well. So let's try and have some fun, okie dokie?

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Now Available!
The Deplorable Gourmet
A Horde-sourced Cookbook
[All profits go to charity]
Top Headlines
WNBA commercial pushes Black Lives Matter in its second image and also pushes ESPN so definitely start watching that, guys
Pretty much they're telling you, "Watching the WNBA is not entertainment, it's a social responsibility that progressives and feminists have to be pressured into"
Bill Burr responds to Megan Rapinoe whining that women's sports don't pay as much as men's: "Feminists failed the WNBA. It's their job to support it, not mine!"
"I don't accept a Jew, Israeli or Zionist, or anyone else who speaks Hebrew. I'm with killing them wherever they are: children, elderly people, and soldiers." -- Fady Hanona, New York Times Contributing Reporter
...until Friday, when the NYT got called out and had to dump him.
The importance of diversity, accessibility, diversity, updating, diversity, modern sensibilities, diversity, Female Dwarves of Color (FDOCs), and diversity in Amazon's Lord of the Rings billion dollar fanfic
Not mentioned: fidelity to Tolkein
The scuttlebutt is that Amazon is attempting a Game of Thrones-style intrigue and politics show, set in Tolkein's world. But... that's not really Tolkein, is it? I know this won't help you get that sweet sweet Game of Thrones audience (if that still exists?), but Tolkein wrote male-skewing adventure and war stories. There's not really too much skullduggery and backstabbing because morality in Tolkein is pretty well-defined. There's not going to be a redemption arc for Hot Sauron. Or at least... I hope there's not going to be one!
Whatever. Everything's hilariously, wretchedly terrible, it's kind of awesome. There's never been so much Not to Watch. We're living in a Golden Age of Television Not-Viewing.
From What the Hell is Going On, Ari Fleischer discusses his favorite fresh anecdote of leftwing media bias -- and ignorance -- in his new book:
On the Saturday after the election when the networks declared Joe Biden the winner and Fox News declared Joe Biden the winner, church bells went off in Paris. Fireworks went off in London. ABC, NBC and CNN all reported, live on the air, that this was part of the international celebration of Joe Biden's victory, celebrating Donald Trump's defeat, people around the world, because that's how they thought of it. When you were in a newsroom and everybody you know is celebrating Donald Trump's defeat and then you see fireworks or hear church bells, you think, "Aha, the world thinks just like we do." Well, you know what? It was the weekly call to mass in Paris. It happens every Saturday night. And the fireworks in London was a commemoration of a 500 year old holiday called Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night, celebrating the failed assassination attempt on King James in 1605. Nothing to do with America's election.

When your mindset is the world celebrating, you shoehorn events into it, and then because you're a reporter you have the power to go on the air and just tell people that. Well, they were all wrong. And did they retract it? Nope.
Disclose.tv @disclosetv JUST IN - Hadi Matar, 24, of Fairview New Jersey, is identified as the suspect of stabbing Salman Rushdie, according to law enforcement.

"We will work tirelessly to obscure, confuse, and conceal the motive for this easily-solved crime," the FBI vowed. "Our record in pretending ignorance in violent crimes perpetrated by favored constituencies of the left, and our allied street paramilitaries such as antifa and BLM, speaks for itself."

Thanks to andycanuck
Analysis: Twitter is probably 25% bots, and maybe as high as 50% bots
He says Twitter knows this but allows it, and lies about it, because the fact is that people are abandoning Twitter and they don't want the public to know that -- because once people start realizing everyone else is leaving Twitter, it will cause a feedback cycle in which the Cool Thing is to leave Twitter. He says something like this happened to MySpace, and collapsed the service, and its share price.
joerocks.jpeg Tickets for Joe Scarborough & The Premeditations on sale now... and tomorrow... and the day after that... and all the way through showtime...
Anne Heche dead at 53 after fiery cocaine-fueled crash one week ago: Actress has NO brain function
No word yet on whether she died OF covid or WITH covid; guess either one counts
A friend tips:
At a bar having lunch and NFL Network is on. On the crawl, they keep repeating "the midterm elections will be some of the most consequential in our nation's history. Register to vote and make your voice heard. Go to (whatever dot com) for more information"

It wasn't easy to boycott the NFL, but I did it.
Salman Rushdie attacker in custody
"We may never know the motive," vowed the FBI...
CJN podcast sidebar.jpg
We're back with Season 2! CBD and J.J. discuss: the horrendous Gestapo-like raid on Mar-a-Lago, the political ramifications for the midterms and '24, how do we defeat the Leviathan, prospects for turning disaffected Dems into MAGAs, the lack of pizza, bagels and a decent museum in shiksa-land and more!
Armond White on Kevin Costner's "I'm With Liz" T-Shirt, and the shallow hippie liberalism on offer in the movies he produces:
"This career arc demonstrates how a political mindset can curdle and -- through sanctimony -- turn toward promoting that authoritarianism that liberals now embrace."

You know who was stung by that line about a liberal political mindset curdling, through sanctimony, into authoritarianism? Grossly fat cvckold Kevin D. Williamson:
With all due respect to Armond White, it is the people who attacked the government of this country on January 6 who are the turncoats, not the people investigating that assault. To call the January 6 hearings "show trials," calling to mind the Stalinist festivals of brutality, is foolish and irresponsible.
As for Kevin Costner, it is true that movie stars sometimes say ill-considered things about politics. Movie critics, too.

Go Shame-Eat another Dunkin Donuts 18-pack, Williamson. Your sugar is dropping again.
From the Things That Definitely Happen All the Time Department:
Alex Thompson

On the plane to NH the night of the Iowa caucuses, [Elizabeth] Warren said: "Everyone comes up to me and says, 'I would vote for you, if you had a penis.'" link to Elizabeth Warren's penis fantasies
Author Salman Rushdie, still living under fatwah of death from Iran, stabbed at a book event in Western New York state
Feels "Trump Inspired" to me
Video of the attack
The attack took place at the Chataqua Institute, which Mark Hemingway says has security. Chataqua is a lake resort that has fashioned itself into a kind of "intellectual" getaway destination, with authors and thinkers visiting to give lectures throughout the summer.
Joe Kent defeats Jaime Herrera
Herrera Beutler's district does not lean as heavily Republican as Newhouse's, prompting her to vie for the favor of Democrats and independents during her campaign, which was not enough to save her.

I'm so surprised that a NeverTrump liberal sought the votes (and approval) of Democrats. Blow me over with a feather.
Hot Air's Official Bulwark Linker links The Bulwark
Oh great, Noted Genius Amanda Carpenter has thoughts. Thanks for alerting me, Allah. Say, has Salem cautioned you about linking your next employer so much while not linking any Salem properties?
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