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It Sure Looks Like Disney Stole the Graphic Design for Its "Solo" Promotional Materials From Album Design Covers by an Artist They Didn't Pay
These are the same piece of art in which the blasters have been removed, as well as the graphic design that looks plagiarized.
Diversity & Comics Responds to Buzzfeed's Trash Piece on "ComicsGate"
It's always a scandal deserving a -Gate suffix when Normals decide they've had enough Social Justice Warrior lunacy from extreme leftwing alt-lifestyle freakazoids
As an example of the current SJW lunacy currently going on in comics, the SJW comics "press" (yeah, it's even less respectable than you're thinking) routinely decides to attack non-SJW comics creators using standard SJW coordinated shaming tactics
Hmm: Case Against Missouri Governor Eric Greitens Falling Apart?
Did the prosecutor commit a crime by hiring a defense lawyer to aid in the case, which is forbidden by Missouri law? And did the prosecutor bring this case only to politically grandstand?
SJW Disney Removing Blasters from Promotional Materials of SJW Star Wars Solo Movie
Ethan Van Sciver's headline notes that the SJWs like talking about punching (or worse) "Nazis," but in a movie featuring a Nazi stand-in organization (The Empire, of course), they still can't show fake space guns.
New York Times Hawking Tickets for an Evening With Sally Yates
Anyone who says there's some sort of collusion going on between the media and the Democrat/Establishment Deep State is just a conspiracy-addled crank.
What the Fresh Hell is Going On in Broward County and Stoneman Douglas?
The small percentage of the public paying attention is getting a look at a live case study in how government really functions, or dysfunctions
Alias Used by Austin Serial Bomber in Sending His Packages Was... "Kelly Killmore"
Dear FedEx Workers, the dude was wearing an obvious wig and had gloves on and said his name was "Kelly Killmore" during a bombing spree. Come on, wake up. If you see something, say something. At least run out to the parking lot and get his license plate number, then call the tip line.
Then again, the FBI has ignored clearer evidence than this in the recent past; why should we hold FedEx clerks to a higher standard of detective initiative?
Was The Last Jedi Profitable? Despite $1.3 Billion Haul, Disney Only Took About 266 Million of That, After Costs are Deducted, and Further, the Profitability of This Investment Must Be Compared to Other Possible Investments, Like Just Investing in a Money Market Fund
Interesting for people who like math, or investment talk, or just hate the f*** out of Star Wars. One thing he ignores, though, because they don't have those numbers, is how much money Disney made from licensing toys and games and stuff. They must have made a lot of money from that, but, here's the thing: they may not make that kind of money in the future because their toys have been selling badly, and the biggest toy distributor, Toys R Us, just filed for bankruptcy. And all of those unsold Star Wars toys sitting unwanted on Toys R Us shelves probably didn't help that company much.
He did a video seven months ago before The Last Jedi failed to perform as expected, noting that the merchandise from the last two films "rots on the shelves."
Bias Warning: This guy freakin' HATES SJW Star Wars. He's a great American.
Ethan Van Sciver also just posted his video review of TLJ, and he hated the guts out of it. I think he even said The Last Jedi is making him re-evaluate the terrible Lucas prequels.
PS, get off of my lawn.
Insult of the Day
If you don't feel like watching the clip, it's a picture of four unattractive people, and he says, "It's like there was a Swipe Left Contest, and they said "You know what? You're all winners, just take a picture of yourselves!"
Update: Police Now Say Incendiary Device Found at Goodwill Not Likely Related to Serial Bombings
Although they're investigating whether this was a deliberate incident, the cop giving the presser seems to think it's possible, or even likely, that this is a case of a family going through a dead family member's old war mementos and bone-headedly dropping it off at Goodwill, not realizing it was some kind of ordnance. The cop says it wasn't even an "explosive device," just an "old, military-style ordnance." Well that's kind of contradictory but I think he's saying he doesn't think this was intended to be a bomb that blew up in someone's hands.
Questions Still Surround Robert Mueller’s Boston Past "Mueller's actions while in Boston as a criminal prosecutor raised questions about his role in one of the FBI's most controversial cases involving the use of a confidential informant" [CBD]
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Trump Fires Attorney, Reportedly Over Disagreement About Whether Trump Should Sit for an Interview with Mueller's Team
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(Hint: A Republican Won)"

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February 23, 2017

Tucker Carlson: We've Done Such a Thorough Job of Dividing Society Into the Educated Class and Non-Educated Class We've Destroyed Most Bonds of Compassion and Fellow-Feeling Between Them

Hitting a note I've hit myself once or twice before.

To the extent that Carlson’s on-air commentary these days is guided by any kind of animating idea, it is perhaps best summarized as a staunch aversion to whatever his right-minded neighbors believe. The country has reached a point, he tells me, where the elite consensus on any given issue should be "reflexively distrusted."

"Look, it's really simple," Carlson says. "The SAT 50 years ago pulled a lot of smart people out of every little town in America and funneled them into a small number of elite institutions, where they married each other, had kids, and moved to an even smaller number of elite neighborhoods. We created the most effective meritocracy ever."

"But the problem with the meritocracy," he continues, is that it "leeches all the empathy out of your society... The second you think that all your good fortune is a product of your virtue, you become highly judgmental, lacking empathy, totally without self-awareness, arrogant, stupid--I mean all the stuff that our ruling class is."

Carlson recounts, with some amusement, how he saw these attitudes surface in his neighbors’ response to Trump’s victory. He recalls receiving a text message on election night from a stunned Democratic friend declaring his intention to flee the country with his family. Carlson replied by asking if he could use their pool while they were gone.

"I mean people were, like, traumatized," he says. And yet, in the months since then, "no one I know has learned anything. There's been no moment of reflection...It's just, 'This is what happens when you let dumb people vote.'" Carlson finds this brand of snobbery particularly offensive: "Intelligence is not a moral category. That’s what I find a lot of people in my life assume. It’s not. God doesn’t care how smart you are, actually."

I'd go further than that, and agree with Megan McArdle and Instapundit that while the New Mandarins are good at a very limited number of cognitive functions, they are sorely lacking in crucial ones, the ability to reject received wisdom among one of the most important.

Those who have the most ego invested in the skill of repeating what Teacher has told them are naturally going to be very averse to suggesting the heresy that Teacher might be wrong.

posted by Ace at 03:04 PM