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"I don't accept a Jew, Israeli or Zionist, or anyone else who speaks Hebrew. I'm with killing them wherever they are: children, elderly people, and soldiers." -- Fady Hanona, New York Times Contributing Reporter
...until Friday, when the NYT got called out and had to dump him.
The importance of diversity, accessibility, diversity, updating, diversity, modern sensibilities, diversity, Female Dwarves of Color (FDOCs), and diversity in Amazon's Lord of the Rings billion dollar fanfic
Not mentioned: fidelity to Tolkein
The scuttlebutt is that Amazon is attempting a Game of Thrones-style intrigue and politics show, set in Tolkein's world. But... that's not really Tolkein, is it? I know this won't help you get that sweet sweet Game of Thrones audience (if that still exists?), but Tolkein wrote male-skewing adventure and war stories. There's not really too much skullduggery and backstabbing because morality in Tolkein is pretty well-defined. There's not going to be a redemption arc for Hot Sauron. Or at least... I hope there's not going to be one!
Whatever. Everything's hilariously, wretchedly terrible, it's kind of awesome. There's never been so much Not to Watch. We're living in a Golden Age of Television Not-Viewing.
From What the Hell is Going On, Ari Fleischer discusses his favorite fresh anecdote of leftwing media bias -- and ignorance -- in his new book:
On the Saturday after the election when the networks declared Joe Biden the winner and Fox News declared Joe Biden the winner, church bells went off in Paris. Fireworks went off in London. ABC, NBC and CNN all reported, live on the air, that this was part of the international celebration of Joe Biden's victory, celebrating Donald Trump's defeat, people around the world, because that's how they thought of it. When you were in a newsroom and everybody you know is celebrating Donald Trump's defeat and then you see fireworks or hear church bells, you think, "Aha, the world thinks just like we do." Well, you know what? It was the weekly call to mass in Paris. It happens every Saturday night. And the fireworks in London was a commemoration of a 500 year old holiday called Guy Fawkes Day, Bonfire Night, celebrating the failed assassination attempt on King James in 1605. Nothing to do with America's election.

When your mindset is the world celebrating, you shoehorn events into it, and then because you're a reporter you have the power to go on the air and just tell people that. Well, they were all wrong. And did they retract it? Nope. @disclosetv JUST IN - Hadi Matar, 24, of Fairview New Jersey, is identified as the suspect of stabbing Salman Rushdie, according to law enforcement.

"We will work tirelessly to obscure, confuse, and conceal the motive for this easily-solved crime," the FBI vowed. "Our record in pretending ignorance in violent crimes perpetrated by favored constituencies of the left, and our allied street paramilitaries such as antifa and BLM, speaks for itself."

Thanks to andycanuck
Analysis: Twitter is probably 25% bots, and maybe as high as 50% bots
He says Twitter knows this but allows it, and lies about it, because the fact is that people are abandoning Twitter and they don't want the public to know that -- because once people start realizing everyone else is leaving Twitter, it will cause a feedback cycle in which the Cool Thing is to leave Twitter. He says something like this happened to MySpace, and collapsed the service, and its share price.
joerocks.jpeg Tickets for Joe Scarborough & The Premeditations on sale now... and tomorrow... and the day after that... and all the way through showtime...
Anne Heche dead at 53 after fiery cocaine-fueled crash one week ago: Actress has NO brain function
No word yet on whether she died OF covid or WITH covid; guess either one counts
A friend tips:
At a bar having lunch and NFL Network is on. On the crawl, they keep repeating "the midterm elections will be some of the most consequential in our nation's history. Register to vote and make your voice heard. Go to (whatever dot com) for more information"

It wasn't easy to boycott the NFL, but I did it.
Salman Rushdie attacker in custody
"We may never know the motive," vowed the FBI...
CJN podcast sidebar.jpg
We're back with Season 2! CBD and J.J. discuss: the horrendous Gestapo-like raid on Mar-a-Lago, the political ramifications for the midterms and '24, how do we defeat the Leviathan, prospects for turning disaffected Dems into MAGAs, the lack of pizza, bagels and a decent museum in shiksa-land and more!
Armond White on Kevin Costner's "I'm With Liz" T-Shirt, and the shallow hippie liberalism on offer in the movies he produces:
"This career arc demonstrates how a political mindset can curdle and -- through sanctimony -- turn toward promoting that authoritarianism that liberals now embrace."

You know who was stung by that line about a liberal political mindset curdling, through sanctimony, into authoritarianism? Grossly fat cvckold Kevin D. Williamson:
With all due respect to Armond White, it is the people who attacked the government of this country on January 6 who are the turncoats, not the people investigating that assault. To call the January 6 hearings "show trials," calling to mind the Stalinist festivals of brutality, is foolish and irresponsible.
As for Kevin Costner, it is true that movie stars sometimes say ill-considered things about politics. Movie critics, too.

Go Shame-Eat another Dunkin Donuts 18-pack, Williamson. Your sugar is dropping again.
From the Things That Definitely Happen All the Time Department:
Alex Thompson

On the plane to NH the night of the Iowa caucuses, [Elizabeth] Warren said: "Everyone comes up to me and says, 'I would vote for you, if you had a penis.'" link to Elizabeth Warren's penis fantasies
Author Salman Rushdie, still living under fatwah of death from Iran, stabbed at a book event in Western New York state
Feels "Trump Inspired" to me
Video of the attack
The attack took place at the Chataqua Institute, which Mark Hemingway says has security. Chataqua is a lake resort that has fashioned itself into a kind of "intellectual" getaway destination, with authors and thinkers visiting to give lectures throughout the summer.
Joe Kent defeats Jaime Herrera
Herrera Beutler's district does not lean as heavily Republican as Newhouse's, prompting her to vie for the favor of Democrats and independents during her campaign, which was not enough to save her.

I'm so surprised that a NeverTrump liberal sought the votes (and approval) of Democrats. Blow me over with a feather.
Hot Air's Official Bulwark Linker links The Bulwark
Oh great, Noted Genius Amanda Carpenter has thoughts. Thanks for alerting me, Allah. Say, has Salem cautioned you about linking your next employer so much while not linking any Salem properties?
An imponderable from Robert...
Who is more Christlike?

A. Jesus
B. David French

Honestly I think it's a trick question -- the more important question is, "Who is more David-French-like?" Did Jesus ever throw open the doors of his wife to the indigent? I think not.
Jesus, let's face, had a good run, but David French is the New Hotness Messiah.
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December 16, 2015

A Brief Comparison of the Establishment's and Base's View of the GOP Hierarchy

What the Base thinks the GOP Hierarchy is:

1. The Establishment
2. Insiders and Major Donors
3. Lobbyists and Corporate Interests
4. The Base Voters

What the Establishment knows the GOP Hierarchy is:

1. The Establishment
2. Insiders and Major Donors
3. Lobbyists and Corporate Interests
4. Saudi Princes Loaded With Hookers and Blow
5. Illegal immigrant children
6. The parents of illegal immigrant children
7. Cousins of the parents illegal immigrant children
8. The pot dealer of the cousins of the parents of illegal immigrant children
9. The Corn Lobby
10. The Corn farmers
11. The corn. The actual stalks of fucking corn
12. The Ex-Im Bank
13. The Bank of America
14. Citibank
15. Banksy
16. Right-leaning Independent voters
17. Left-leaning Independent voters
18. "Our Democratic Friends across the aisle"
19. That wayward lad who shot Reagan who seems "persuadable"
20. People who haven't voted for a Republican since 1960
21. People who are barred from voting Republican because they were convicted of a felony
22. People who are barred from voting Republican because they were convicted of a felony and are also foreigners and also dead
23. Mohammad Atta
24. Other foreign terrorists
25. The illegal immigrant children of foreign terrorists
26. A stalk of corn once touched by the illegal immigrant children of foreign terrorists

and finally:

27. The base, aka "The Garbage People Who Embarrass Us So"

You see, it's all a difficult political balancing act.

posted by Ace at 03:24 PM