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Shocker, Lindsay Graham (lifetime 99% conservative record on Fox & Friends; record in the Senate, 28%) is going on a lavish junket to treat with our very good friends and paymasters in Qatar
Maybe he can say hello to Russian Conspiracy Theory Truffle Pig "The" Rick Wilson while he's there
BTW, who funds Rick Wilson?
New Nerd Crew, savaging Disney and Star Wars
"There's a major religious holiday coming up in December. It's called Star Wars Episode 9, The Rise of Skywalker."
They also accuse Disney of planting fake "viral" news stories in order to gin up any fake enthusiasm for a movie literally nobody cares about
They say Disney actually got the corporate shill sites to run this headline: "The Rise of Skywalker already on track to be one of the most popular and successful films of all time." Multiple sites ran that exact headline, offering no evidence for this claim.
Disney also made up, they say, a fake hashtag called "#StormDisney" which supposedly involved 500,000 fans marching into Disney HQ to demand to see an early screening of the film. They claim this was entirely fabricated by Fusion GPS Disney's PR operation.
Boris Johnson: I have a "stonking mandate" for Brexit
With two races left to call, the Conservatives have 364 seats, just four shy of the 368 predicted by exits
Jo Swinson, who began this campaign announcing she was ready to lead the Lib Dems into victory and then serve as PM, is no longer even in Parliament, as she's lost her seat
I don't even know who this is but I'm pretty sure I'm happy she lost.
Crusty Jew-hating socialist (but aren't they all?) Jeremy Corbyn resigns as leader of the socialist Labour, as expected demanded
Read Michael Doran's thread to see this guy's history of antisemitism and support for terrorism, which compares favorably to that of Yasser Arafat
Conservatives have already won an outright majority, now they're looking to pad their majority. They have 353 seats; Labor has 200. The exit polls somewhat overstated the Conservative lead; they'll probably end up with 358 or so, instead of 368.
Oh, FYI, a party needs 320 seats for a majority, even though a true majority is 326. That's because certain members and the party of Sinn Fein usually don't vote in government-empowering elections.
Recriminations! Labour argues over whether they should stick with Corbyn and his hard-left socialist program, or abandon the "Movement Group" and its 'University politics" (which I take to mean, hardcore Twitter Identity Politics) and get the F*** out
The old crusy lefty diehard is saying the Labour Party only lost because there's a "climate emergency" which... causes Labour to lose?
This brought to you by Ace, the World's Foremost Expert on UK politics. Contact my media representative for inquiries.
Labour voters defecting to... Brexit Party. In some cases, Labour only holds its seat because disaffected voters shift away from Labour to Brexit, instead of voting Conservative Party.
194 The Communist Morning Star paper, yesterday:
115 poets back Labour
Posted by: the ARC of history
A Tory Remainer who betrayed Boris Johnson and the Brexit wing of the party now admits this is an "extraordinary victory" which proves "the popularity of this brand of Toryism"
Another narrative taking hold: The public voted to resolve Brexit, for once and for all, whether they're pro or anti Brexit. Ergo, the narrative seems to be settling in that the fight is over and this election was the last fight, and now it's FINALLY time to Brexit.
Also saying that this is a message to the EU, that it's time for them to stop blocking Brexit by offering horrible terms, and that the UK has spoken, once and for all, so it's time to accede to their decision
As America's foremost Expert on the UK Zeitgeist, I hereby Expertly pronounce that the Big Takeaway from this election is Relief. Relief that the issue has been resolved, and that we can move on.
I am now an expert. I said so on the internet. I did about three minutes of research and formed a glib, quickie soundbite and now I'm Smart.
What do you think our "Intellectuals" and "Experts" do? Not anything different, except maybe they read less and watch more Quality Premium Cable TV Dramas
For media inquiries: Just comment in a thread. I am willing to travel to the UK (on your dime) to share my Expertise.
Say, weren't the latest UK polls claiming the race was tight...? Gee, where have I seen polls skew heavily in favor of the socialist/totalitarian leftist camp before...? And where might I see it again?
BBC: Conservatives are on verge of stealing hard-core, deep-socialist seats from Labour that you would "never" imagine could be at risk
The left has agreed on its narrative, and they're all repeating it: This is not a defeat of the left, the election was just in favor of Brexit and against Corbyn's antisemitism.
Apparently Brexit Party did run in Labour held areas, and they took enough votes from them to deliver the seats to the Tories
"510 So when do the Russian collusion charges begin?" - Posted by: Dude1394
They already did -- a month ago Christopher Steele released a report on "Russian interference in the Brexit vote," which claimed, with lots of "verification" from anonymous sources, that yes, RUSSIAN COLLUSION was behind Brexit as well
Actual results are coming in: Big result as the first Conservative flip comes in, as Blyth Valley -- a mining community which has been for Labour since the nineteen fifties -- flips to Conservative. "Thanks to Boris," says the new MP.
This is a real result and not just a projection and suggests that the exit poling is at least baseline accurate
You're gonna have so much Brexit you're gonna get sick of all the Brexit
The tears... the exquisite glittering-silver tears...!
Emma @[redacted to protect the stupid and hysterical]
1h1 hour ago
I'm really happy for you that you've been vindicated in your dislike of Jeremy Corbyn but quite a few of us might actually die under five years of a strong Conservative majority and if you could just give us a minute
--- Emma is a mental health worker.
Labour Spin: This was just about Brexit, not a referendum on our precious socialism or our antisemitic leader Jeremy Corbyn
So you admit the will of the people is in favor of Brexit, finally? Forced to choose between Remain and Socialism, you decide that Socialism must be saved?
Talking head says that antisemism was in fact a factor in Labour's huge 71 (projected) seat loss. I'm sure they picked up a lot of votes due to their antisemitism, too, but they lost more
BBC live coverage here
Pound surges on Tory win
I wonder if it is finally beginning to dawn on the media that We the People absolutely, viscerally despise them and they no longer influence us, except to the extent we do the opposite of what they demand, just to denigrate and reduce them further.
Liberal Dems blame their own lame performance on Jeremy Corbyn, claiming that he is so reviled by the public that Liberal Democrat voters chose to vote Conservative to keep Corbyn out of office
That's spin, of course. This was generally an anti-left and anti-Remainer vote. But it's interesting that they're throwing their antisemite, pro-terrorist leader overboard. What do they say afterwards? "Hey guys, we gave 1930s-style Jew hatred a go and it didn't work out for us. Now we're going to just roll up our sleeves and get back to basics." I mean, that only works for Ilhan Omar (Nur).
This doesn't mean much to me, but someone despised by all right-thinking people, Lib Dem Jo Swinson, is expected to lose her seat to the SNP.
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August 31, 2004

No Link Between Saddam and Terrorism: Iraqi Intelligence Service Sleeper Agent Arrested in Chicago

That's Chicago, Illinois, and not, say, Chicago, Jordan or Chicago, Syria.

But there's no link between Saddam and terrorism. None. As Michael Moore's powerful, courageous film instructs us, the IIS spent all of its days flying beautiful kites for the delight of Iraqi children.

Coming Democratic Spin: Sleeping is not a threat. In fact, it's very healthful.

posted by Ace at 02:19 PM