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Hey maybe if we really make a lot of noise, Jim "Googlebitch" Jordan will do us all the favor of giving Google, FaceBook, and Twitter a Stern Talking To for the twenty-fifth time. While arranging things behind the scenes so that no actual action is ever taken. Who knows, maybe the twenty-fifth time's the charm, huh?
This is like watching the f#cking cigarette CEOs testifying, only we get to watch this bullshit Failure Theater three times per year.
Very Cynical. Also: Very Close to Accurate.
228 The core part of controlled opposition is that the Republicans say what you expect an opposition party to say but then never actually stop the Democrats from doing what they want, let alone role it back.

Sometimes it is silly procedural things. Sometimes it is oh we need 60 solid Senators and the House and the Supreme Court and the judges on the Voice. Sometimes it is "the conscious" of one otherwise conservative legislator.

But to better understand this look at the Dems. How many times has a rightwing measure gone through because Dems have aided it (when it would have failed otherwise). How many times did the Dems get stopped by procedural nonsense?

Posted by: 18-1 at September 23, 2020 06:05 PM (qlFIA)

There are issues where the GOP isn't allowed to win and there are issues where the Democrats aren't allowed to win. When you look at those areas the political desires of our ruling class become apparent. Low taxes with a lot of loopholes for the wealthy, and a very, very friendly attitude toward big business. However, the GOP is never allowed to win a social issue. No matter how many Justices Trump appoints abortion will never be endangered. These general policies clearly matches up with the preferred policy choices of the large donors.

Posted by: DFCtomm

As Instapundit said some time ago: When the lower class loses faith in the government, you have riots. When the middle class loses faith in the government, you have revolutions.
Governor Wolf of PA loses in court again; federal judge (not from Hawaii) denies his motion to stay his previous injunction against Wolf's illegal, unconstitutional lockdown orders
That is, the judge enjoined PA from enforcing these orders a week and a half ago. Wolf wrote a motion that said "Come on brah, be nice" and the judge wrote back "Nah brah, get f#cked"
Antifa now getting violent, and cops are arresting them and shooting them with pepperballs
Juris Doc's Theories of Gentle Soy-Mediated Deescalation just don't seem to be holding up to a real-world stress test
They should be subject to lawsuit for any damages caused by their incitements.
They've left up this incitement from a leftwing professor to murder former Trump NSA spokesman Michael Anton for nearly a week, despite being repeatedly warned about it
This guy is faking everything. I sense a fake seizure coming on.
Actually -- this is the same guy I saw flopping around faking a seizure earlier, I think. Now he's claiming that the fake seizure flopping he did gave him a concussion. Which is undoubtedly the cops' fault.
I hope people are watching this farcical Oppression Theater, and waking up to the fucking stupid game that's being played on them.
"So inhumane! I've never seen a human be carried like that! Not in my life!" -- real (rehearsed) quote from Disinterested Spectator #3
Twitch feeds of the rioters preparing to riot
Bumped: Antifa pushing the cops now, getting violent
As Juris Doc virtue-signaled to us, there is no quicker path to dispersing an unlawful assembly than to let them beat the shit out of cops until they're all tuckered out
"WHO'S STREETS? TRUMP'S STREETS!" says a commenter in the stream
A chemical agent deployment has been issued. The rioters are refusing to disperse. I can't wait.
"Protesters" storm a restaurant and tear the place up.
Well, like Juris Doc says, just wait for them to get tuckered out from destroying other people's businesses.
406 Constitution To Be Replaced By List Of Ginsburg's Last Wishes
Emma Lazarus Poem To Replace Immigration Law
Posted by: Shooter McGavin
Male rugby player patiently explains why trans "women" should not be allowed to play in women's rugby
"I am a 6'2 former forward. If I announce I identify as a girl, stonewall says its OK for me to smash full tilt into a female fly half who weighs 4 or 5 stone less than me. When she has a life changing spinal injury because of it, thats fine, because no ones feelings got hurt...."
From SCReviews video on JK Rowlings' war on her former SJW allies
192 Most, if not all people need a god in their lives. If they aren't led to the true ones, they create their own.
Every communist state has had a pseudo religious cult of personality for its leader. Posted by: Oldcat at September 23, 2020 03:18 PM (eoQWY)
Goes back to Jung, and his work on magical thinking.
It exists across all races and nations. Organized religion builds a box around it and sets boundaries. "Magic inside the box, everything else isn't."
When you get rid of the box, you don't get rid of the magical thinking. You only set it free to infest something else... or everything else.
The Subjectivist, observer-dependent, 'my truth' pseudo-intellectual trash the Left believes in is magical thinking.
Instead of an almighty, perfect God to be their dispenser of cosmic justice and protector, they have imagined an almighty perfect government.
Whoever came up with the phrase "The God that Failed" in reference to Communism nailed it.
Posted by: Cato, Collectivism Delenda Est
Tip: "Annals" is pronounced ah-nulz not ay-nulz. A small distinction but an important one.
By the way: Fox News, with Harris Faulkner, was running a chyron saying that Louisville was "braced for protests." Really? They're bracing for protests, Fox? Do protests endanger anyone or set things afire? Or are they bracing for riots, arson, and violence?
Fox News' "news" side is not the news. It's just Chris Wallace's leftwing opinions, stamped as Official News Product.
And also -- Chris Wallace's outright lies. No one is bracing for "protests," Chris Wallace. Stop fucking lying.
Compilation of leftist meltdowns and fails
Language and lunacy warning, obvvo
Breeona Taylor grand jury decision due at 1:30; Louisville braces for riots, having declared emergency and shut down the city center; liberal Democrat governor Basheer will probably let BLM burn a lot of shit, though
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Political Chat Network ESPN: Violent Antifa Riots Are Neither Violent Nor Riots and Also Aren't Antifa, But Are Instead Caused by "Rightwing Agitators" Pretending to be Antifa
Is This Something?
Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Granddaughter: Ginsburg Didn't Retire Under Obama Because She Wanted a Woman (Hillary) to Name Her Successor
Update: Antifa/BLM Unload Mobile Riot Center, Start Taking Over Intersections
Kentucky AG: "Mob Justice is Not Justice"
Burn Loot Murder Is Already Pulling Out Their Guns in Louisville

Seems Like Old Times: Getty Images Publishes Photo of Joe Biden... With a Halo
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August 31, 2004

No Link Between Saddam and Terrorism: Iraqi Intelligence Service Sleeper Agent Arrested in Chicago

That's Chicago, Illinois, and not, say, Chicago, Jordan or Chicago, Syria.

But there's no link between Saddam and terrorism. None. As Michael Moore's powerful, courageous film instructs us, the IIS spent all of its days flying beautiful kites for the delight of Iraqi children.

Coming Democratic Spin: Sleeping is not a threat. In fact, it's very healthful.

posted by Ace at 02:19 PM