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December 10, 2023

Sunday Overnight Open Thread (12/10/23)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

Most people wouldn't know music if it came up and bit them on the ass. Frank Zappa

Quote II

“Being fat, you're constantly proving yourself. You're constantly proving that just because you're fat, you're not dumb, you're not rude, you're not stupid" TikTok user named Kaitlin (@kaitlin_elisabethh)

Quote III

“But you have to start somewhere. And if we didn’t prove it can be done, you would never, ever get sustainable aviation fuel.” Sir Richard Branson

Quote IV

“I can tell you that by the end of this week, that is actually factual. I will have made more money in seven days than I would’ve made in an entire year in Congress,” Former NY Rep. George Santos


The Comments of The Week

AceCorp, LLC appreciates all of those who enter The Comments of The Week Contest. Here is just a small sampling of the best comments in the biz...........

use 2.png

use 1.png

use 3.png

Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 9.03.14 PM.png

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Posted by Misanthropic Humanitarian at 09:56 PM Comments

King Harv Imperial Coffee

Gun Thread: More Re-Runs Edition!


121023 liberal tears scaled.jpg

Howdy, Y'all! Welcome to the wondrously fabulous Gun Thread! As always, I want to thank all of our regulars for being here week in and week out, and also offer a bigly Gun Thread welcome to any newcomers who may be joining us tonight. Howdy and thank you for stopping by! I hope you find our wacky conversation on the subject of guns 'n shooting both enjoyable and informative. You are always welcome to lurk in the shadows of shame, but I'd like to invite you to jump into the conversation, say howdy, and tell us what kind of shooting you like to do!

Holy Shitballs! How in the ever-loving Hell did it get to be December 10th?! How many days until Christmas? Why, there are 15 days left until Christmas! Also, you probably know the drill by now December = Weasel Busy = lame-ass Gun Thread effort.

With that, step into the dojo and let's get to the gun stuff below, shall we?

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Posted by Weasel at 07:00 PM Comments


Food Thread: Prime Ribs! Put A New Starter In The Jar!



I'll tell you a secret; I like grilled rib steaks better than roasted prime rib. I think that the lovely fat in a nice rib steak handles the grill perfectly, with that unctuous and delicious combination of richness and crispiness that is so very difficult to achieve in the oven.

And when I say difficult, I mean impossible, at least in my oven with my skills. But there is something undeniably impressive about a large rib roast sitting contentedly in the middle of your Christmas* dinner table, and while I might prefer a different preparation, I will happily sit down as close as possible to that roast and angle for the first slice! Besides, grilling a bunch of steaks for a full table of guests is a pretty big undertaking. Roasting them as a single impressive chunk of beef is far easier!

I'll even help with the Yorkshire pudding which, when done well, risks a lovely burn or two as the cook wrangles the hot pan before it cools off and he is left with Yorkshire biscuits. Yes, that has happened to me, and yes, I ate them, and yes, they were pretty tasty.

Anyway, there are lots of great ways to cook a roast...I have tried a bunch of them and I don't recall ever being disappointed.

One tremendous advantage is that timing is pretty straightforward, and the roast will probably need to rest, so there is that lovely 20 minutes before dinner when everything is ready to go and you can sneak a glass of champagne or another beer or even a Manhattan made with maple syrup.

*For whatever reason, I have never made a rib roast for a religious holiday. Birthdays? Absolutely. New Year's Eve? Sure! But Jewish culture doesn't see a rib roast as festive as lamb and brisket. Although I have a dim recollection of my mother making one for Passover, so maybe I'll shut up now.

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Posted by CBD at 04:00 PM Comments

First-World Problems...


I have been reliably informed by The Guardian, the woke paper of record, Why the phrase 'first world problem' is condescending to everyone.

Apparently the phrase "third-world" is insulting and sexist and racist and causes terrible angst among a certain class of people. You know...the people who are profound assholes who would rather tell us what to do than actually do anything of value.

And "first world" is even worse!

To pre-emptively concede that my problem is just a first world one is to ostentatiously check my privilege before anyone else tells me to do so. At the same time, I remind myself and everyone in earshot that we are indeed living in the “first world”. So it is also a humblebrag.

Such privilege-checking becomes a more violent intervention when demanded by someone else. If, after listening to your pathetic account of how your Uber cab took a whole 10 minutes to arrive, I respond “first world problem”, then I am aggressively staking out the moral high ground and portraying myself (almost certainly dishonestly) as someone who only ever worries about the plight of starving children. Naturally, our powers of sympathy are limited and we all conduct psychic triage on the sufferings of others. But when “first world problem” is just a mealy mouthed way of saying “shut up”, it sounds distinctly compassion-free.

I have no idea who this person is, but I am confident that he is a stupendous asshole...a lecturing, hectoring, keffiyeh-clad leftist who does nothing of import in the world except preach his particular brand of authoritarian post-modernism. I will now be even more confident of the term "first-world problem," and I will also strive to use "third-world" even more in my writing and speech. It's the least I can do!

PS. I know all of you were worried about my door thumb latch. Rest assured...all is well. I contacted the manufacturer (Baldwin), and they guarantee their products unconditionally. They sent me a rebuild kit, which works fine! Although the instructions were awful beyond compare. Tiny little images that seemed to be photos of photos of photos. And steps that didn't apply to my style of lock, but there was no indication of that. So it was a fun 45 minutes, accompanied by much cursing.

Posted by CBD at 02:00 PM Comments

Nation-Building Is Back, And It's Going To Work Just Fine In Gaza...Just Like In Iraq And Afghanistan!



Petraeus says Israel should try U.S.-style counterinsurgency in Gaza

“You have to, therefore, destroy them,” Petraeus said. Israel cannot allow Hamas to reconstitute as a militant group and it also must dismantle the group’s political wing, he argued, adding that military force alone won’t accomplish that goal.

“But there are some big ideas missing,” Petraeus said. “You can’t kill or capture your way out of an industrial strength insurgency.” The Hamas challenge echoes what U.S. forces faced in Iraq and Israel should take a similar approach, he said.

“The campaign should be a counterinsurgency campaign,” Petraeus said. “Don’t clear and go on. Clear, hold and build.”

I cannot write intelligently about General Petraeus' military skills, but anyone who touts "Nation Building" as a strategy after 20+ years of data that show it is a pathetic, expensive, and most of all bloody failure is immediately suspect as a thinker. I do know that he did not comport himself well in his personal life, and his handling of sensitive material may have been flawed. It is also entirely possible that the prosecution and conviction for that behavior was politically based, but that is the risk one takes!

Does he not see that trying to manipulate a recalcitrant society into a pie-in-the-sky Jeffersonian democracy is doomed to failure? Counter-insurgency leads to favoring one clan over another, which leads inexorably to all sorts of ridiculous alignments and alliances that cannot last once the occupying power is removed from the equation.

But the concept of nation building in Gaza is even more laughable. The two successes of the last 80 years -- Japan and Germany -- were the happy result of many influences, none of which exist in Gaza....yet. The Germans and Japanese were both regimented people with respect for authority. They were also thoroughly cowed by the might of the Allied war effort, and they knew, deep in their bones and their psyches that they and their ideologies had been destroyed. In addition, there was essentially one actor who held power, and that power was absolute.

Gaza satisfies none of those prerequisites for nation-building success. The Gazans are a corrupt population without any significant work ethic, without a cohesive society larger than Family and Clan, and their respect for authority rests primarily on the exercise of brutality, and not the political and social structure that buttresses authority in the West. Israel has not yet cowed the Gazans, although the sea change in Israeli political and military doctrine may very well change that dynamic.

But the biggest initial difference will be the chaos of a rebuilding effort. Israel will not have the final say in the construction of a civil society in Gaza. The controlling power will be the United States and its "partners" at the UN and in the Arab world. The effort will be a horrific mess of competing interests, corruption, a fierce fight (led by the UN) to return to the status quo ante bellum, and untold billions of American dollars lost in the miasma.

The ultimate difference of course is militant Islam. Its goal is the creation of a caliphate, and that drive will not be diminished by some wet dream of a Gazan Singapore, which is a fairy tale anyway. The Gazans had autonomy when Israel withdrew in 2005. What did they do with their freedom?

Posted by CBD at 12:00 PM Comments

Sunday Morning Book Thread - 12-10-2023 ["Perfessor" Squirrel]

—Open Blogger


Welcome to the prestigious, internationally acclaimed, stately, and illustrious Sunday Morning Book Thread! The place where all readers are welcome, regardless of whatever guilty pleasure we feel like reading (Remarkably, there were no pictures of politicians...). Here is where we can discuss, argue, bicker, quibble, consider, debate, confabulate, converse, and jaw about our latest fancy in reading material. As always, pants are required, unless you are wearing these pants...

So relax, find yourself a warm kitty (or warm puppy--I won't judge) to curl up in your lap, spin that dreidel, and dive into a new book. What are YOU reading this fine morning?

NOTE: I will not be around on today's Sunday Morning Book Thread as I volunteered to assist at church this morning, which means I need to get there early. I'm learning how to run the tech behind the scenes. Please be nice to one another!

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Posted by Open Blogger at 09:00 AM Comments

12/10/23 EMT



Posted by krakatoa at 06:00 AM Comments

Daily Tech News 10 December 2023

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

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Posted by Pixy Misa at 04:00 AM Comments

Saturday Overnight Open Thread (12/9/23)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

12 9 230nt.jpg


The Saturday Night Joke

An old tired-looking dog wanders into a guy's yard. He checks the dog's collar and feels his well-fed belly and knows the dog has a home.

The dog follows him into the house and jumps on the couch, gets comfortable and falls asleep. The man thinks its rather odd, but lets him sleep. After about an hour the dog wakes up, walks to the door and the guy lets him out. The dog wags his tale and leaves.

The next day the dog comes back and scratches at the door. The guy opens the door, the dog comes in and jumps on the couch, gets comfortable and falls asleep again. The man lets him sleep. After about an hour the dog wakes up, walks to the door and the guy lets him out. The dog wags his tale and leaves.

This goes on for days. The guy grows really curious, so he pins a note on the dog's collar: "Your dog has been taking a nap at my house every day."

The next day the dog shows up with another note pinned to his collar: "He lives in a home with four kids-- he's trying to catch up on his sleep. Can I come with him tomorrow?'(H/T Hrothgar)

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Posted by Misanthropic Humanitarian at 09:58 PM Comments

Saturday Evening Movie Thread 12/09/2023 [TheJamesMadison]

—Open Blogger

Joe Dante

There's something Joe Dante says near the beginning of his commentary on the Blu-ray of his movie Innerspace that, I think, perfectly sums up who he is as a filmmaker. He's commenting on the scene where Martin Short's hypochondriac character goes to his doctor for the first time in the film, and Dante points out that the doctor was played by William Schallert who Dante cast in the role of the doctor because Schallert played a doctor in many 50s B-science fiction movies. He also mentions that he expects no one to get the joke but him.

Having watched all of his feature films and some of his television work, I think it's safe to say that that propensity for in-jokes is pretty much one of the best ways to define him as a filmmaker, and I don't say that derisively. He was a big kid who got to make movies, and he made movies that entertained him, filled with references to the media that he had grown up with, and always just trying to be fun. Early on, I was making comparisons in my head with Robert Zemeckis, but there were key differences. Firstly, Zemeckis had an early writing partner in Bob Gale with whom he cowrote most of his 80s output. Dante, never had a regular writing partner, but he was obviously someone who wanted the best talent he could get around him. The second difference was that Zemeckis eventually grew up, making movies like Cast Away and Forrest Gump that allowed him to play with his cinematic playthings in more mature stories.

Dante simply never got to the point where he wanted to tell a grown up story. The closest would probably be Matinee, but that's a celebration of B-movie filmmaking and spectacle in genre more than anything else. It's just that the storytelling has a maturity to it that the rest of his films don't (a lot of credit goes to his writer on that, Charles A. Haas). The financial failure led to him just returning to his roots (though with a much higher budget) in Small Soldiers. Despite the fact that his later career was mostly studio compromised product that deadened his voice to a whisper, he never lost the desire to simply entertain on his own anarchic wavelength.

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Posted by Open Blogger at 07:40 PM Comments

Weekend Hobby and Crafting Thread

—J.J. Sefton

Greetings, all. Hope the weekend is going well. Time to head for the basement, shop, garage, studio or craft room, get creative and have some fun.

NOTE: This is not an open thread. Please limit comments to the subject.

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Posted by J.J. Sefton at 04:42 PM Comments

Ace of Spades Pet Thread, December 9


* * *

dog family photo.jpg

* * *

Good afternoon and welcome to the almost world famous Ace of Spades Pet Thread. Thanks for stopping by. Kick back and enjoy the world of animals.

Would you like a treat?

Let's relax a little with the animals and leave the world of politics and current events outside today.

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Posted by K.T. at 03:31 PM Comments

Gardening, Puttering and Adventure Thread, Dec. 9


froggie ark.jpg

Holiday Lights
Garvan Woodland Gardens, Hot Springs, AR

Greetings on a cold, foggy December day (at least here)! Anything going on in your garden, yard or neighborhood? Doing any decorations? Going on a family adventure to a holiday display? The one above started the weekend before Thanksgiving and ends on New Years Eve.

USA Today has published their list of the 10 best botanical gardens to visit for their holiday displays. Many of them are in the Southeast. The one with the froggie is number 7.

Throughout the holiday season, spectacular light shows brighten up botanical gardens across the country. Instead of spring flowers, visitors find twinkling holiday lights, often accompanied by a range of other festivities.

To find the best places to visit this holiday season, we asked a panel of experts to nominate their favorite light displays at botanical gardens throughout the U.S., then readers voted for their top picks. Here are the 10 best botanical gardens for holiday lights this year.


Hanukkah began at sundown on Thursday, December 7, and continues through Friday, December 15 this year.

Happy Hanukkah!

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Posted by K.T. at 01:22 PM Comments

California Rant


colobus monkeysHogle.jpg

Members of The Horde consider
the sorry state of California government


How long has it been since you communicated with one of your government representatives? What were the results? They say that letters are more effective than emails or other forms of online communication, but I think it probably depends on the recipient. Letters do provide a nice record, though. And sometimes you have to push back.

NorCal Sierra Foothills Lurker sent us a copy of a letter to the Governor of California (slightly altered here to protect the innocent). BOLD. The first part of the letter includes a partial description of personal travails in dealing with the Government of California regarding a simple short-term disability claim. The description of these struggles with inane government actions was followed by a timely rant on more general issues with state government. They are related.

I think this letter may have been triggered by the Newsom/DeSantis debate on November 30, which brought several of Newsom's shortcomings out into the open. But here are some other reminders of Newsom's heavy-handed and disastrous policies and actions.

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Posted by K.T. at 11:04 AM Comments

The Classical Saturday Morning Coffee Break & Prayer Revival

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

coffee spinach smoottie.jpg

(H/T KT)

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Posted by Misanthropic Humanitarian at 07:58 AM Comments

Daily Tech News 9 December 2023

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

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Posted by Pixy Misa at 04:00 AM Comments

Do You Take This Post To Be Your Lawfully Wedded ONT?


HO! HO! HO! Christmas is bearing down on us fast, how about some memes to get in the mood?

Texas Clause.jpg

Got a Moron wedding tomorrow. Won't say who because I don't know if he's mentioned it on here, but congratulations! Hope it's as nice as the last wedding I went to, a couple of friends of mine who met on a website devoted to ham radio enthusiasts. The service wasn't much, but man, I'm telling you, great reception.

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Posted by WeirdDave at 10:00 PM Comments

Mystery Man Cafe

—Disinformation Expert Ace

by @yeraysg
via theglobalphotographycommunity

Riomaggiore, Italy.

Big iceberg breaks off and tumbles like an ice cube in whisky.

Amazing causeway towards a church on a hilly island in Spain. It's the church of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Vasco, Spain. Date of construction unknown, but no later than 1119.

Mountains at dawn.

Abandoned dog at risk of being put down in a high-kill shelter gets adopted.

Santa's doing some pre-flight route-scouting!!!

Diving a sea cave in Mexico.

China is absolutely demolishing us in illuminated dragon technology. Also, in most other areas of engineering and construction.

Nice waterfall.

Ocean sunset.

Lake Oeschinen, Switzerland. Wow.

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Posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 07:32 PM Comments

Quick Hits

—Disinformation Expert Ace

Squad member and insurrectionist Jamaal Bowman has been censured over the criminal act of pulling a fire alarm in order to stop a House vote (which is a Constitutional act). Apparently the DOJ will not be prosecuting him.

Only three Democrats voted to censure him. 105 Republicans, on the other hand, voted to expel George Santos. One side is doing this right and one side is doing it wrong and it doesn't matter which -- both sides must act the same way, no matter who is right and who is wrong. We cannot go on perpetrating 2-tier justice on ourselves.

The "journalists" and other "workers" at the Washington Post staged a very, very symbolic one-day walkout.

Why. Even. Bother.

They got me all excited about a strike, but then they all returned to their, and I use this term advisedly, " " " jobs " " " within 24 hours.

The Babylon Bee walked out in solidarity with their fellow fake-news providers:


Speaking of fake news: The hot new concept in " " " journalism " " " is the "duty to not report."

Specifically, to not report on the immigration status of criminals and terrorists. (And race, of course. And transgender status. And affiliation with the Democrat Party or leftwing causes.)

Yes, they've been doing that for over a decade, but now they've made it into an acknowledged and explicit code of Fake Journalism.

We have been discussing the latest Irish law to crackdown on free speech. Yet, even with the criminalization of speech, there is apparently still the danger of citizens reading or hearing facts from reporters that are best kept from them. Thus, Kitty Holland, a correspondent with the Irish Times, is defending the media's decision to suppress stories that would "incite hatred" and undermine journalistic viewpoints.


Holland... said that they had to be suppressed in the best interests of the public:

"I think elements of them were not good,. They were incitement to hatred, and I think that's why the media left out aspects of them. I think they were right to not include [Casey's full comments in news reports]. I don't think that they were helpful, and this is the kind of thing that the far right latches on to."

What was striking was the ease with which Holland moves directly into the suppression of a story as the guardian of the public good. Some news is simply "not helpful" so the media should not allow the public to be exposed to it.

Holland previously won the Journalist of the Year, News Reporter of the Year, and the Overall winner of the Justice Media Awards.

Holland's view is consistent with many in the media in the United States today.

I have long been a critic of what I called "advocacy journalism" as it began to emerge in journalism schools. These schools encourage students to use their "lived expertise" and to "leave[] neutrality behind." Instead, of neutrality, they are pushing "solidarity [as] 'a commitment to social justice that translates into action.'"

For example, we previously discussed the release of the results of interviews with over 75 media leaders by former executive editor for The Washington Post Leonard Downie Jr. and former CBS News President Andrew Heyward. They concluded that objectivity is now considered reactionary and even harmful. Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, editor-in-chief at the San Francisco Chronicle said it plainly: "Objectivity has got to go."


[A]merican politicians (including Barack Obama) have called upon the media to actively frame news to shape public opinion. This includes support for the widespread censorship of opposing views on social media.

The Holland interview shows how matter-of-fact the cause of censorship has become for reporters. The immediate question is not whether it was news to report (which it certainly was), but whether the news would further the cause or narrative of the media.

There has always been media bias, but it is now openly acknowledged and embraced by reporters. They view themselves now as the guardians protecting citizens from harmful information or news that they cannot put into the proper perspective. Information is treated like sugary drinks under the Big Gulp laws, you are better off having others decide what is healthy for you to consume . . . or to know.

And yet they continue to insist that they are objective, and in fact that they are so objective that they should be the only voices permitted in the public sphere.

Instapundit: Why aren't we talking about the real vectors of disinformation? The real pool of the ignorant easily infected by stupid nonsense?

The "elite," in other words?

In modern America, after all, very few important matters are put to the voters.

They're decided by unelected administrators: government bureaucrats, college administrators, corporate executives.

After George Floyd's death, we didn't have a national election on what to do. Institutions just executed a simultaneous turn to the same policies -- defunding police, for example -- most of which wouldn't have passed muster with voters and have been disastrous.

But everything from TV commercials to civil-rights policies to educational curricula changed all at once, in the same way.

And the armor is thinner.

Educated people, trained in school, tend to believe what they're told.

Working-class people tend to be more cynical about media and "experts."

Our ruling class is a monoculture of people educated in the same schools, in the same ways and with the same values.

Whatever fools one of them will probably fool all of them or enough to make a difference.

And they can be easily bought. Not just our political class but the entire upper stratum is for sale.

You can buy universities with donations, grants and institutes, you can buy politicians with campaign donations and jobs and consulting fees for families (see, e.g., Hunter Biden), you can buy off corporations even more directly.

They're for sale, and they're not even ashamed of it anymore.

Our ruling class mostly believes Israel is an "apartheid state" committing "genocide" -- it's not, and it's not -- capitalism produces poverty (rather the reverse, actually), "Western colonialism" is responsible for the ills of the Third World (nope) and whether one is male or female is purely a matter of social construction (also nope).

It thinks the only way to defeat racism is by being racist and the way to end urban violence is to disarm people in the suburbs.

So we need to look at armoring the top of our society against bad ideas instead of trying to limit what ordinary people can read online.

That would require limits on foreign funding, the cultivation of strong moral and patriotic values in our leadership and the reduction of top-level influence on society as a whole.

Breaking up big businesses and shrinking big universities and big government would make them less appealing targets and take away some of their power.

But doing that would reduce the amount of graft available, and it's hard to imagine our leadership class going along.

One in four people's bodies created unexpected "nonsense proteins" in reaction to the non-vaccine covid vaccines.

They claim that none of the gibberish proteins created by people's bodies were harmful at all. Not a single adverse effect, not one! Not one in all the hundreds of millions of cases!

How they could possibly know that will remain, forever, a mystery. Just more of that Magical Godscience we'll just have to pour all of our Faith into.

More than a quarter of people injected with mRNA Covid jabs suffered an unintended immune response created by a glitch in the way the vaccine was read by the body, a study has found.

No adverse effects were created by the error, data show, but Cambridge scientists found such vaccines were not perfect and sometimes led to nonsense proteins being made instead of the desired Covid "spike", which mimics infection and leads to antibody production.

mRNA jabs, such as the ones created by Moderna and Pfizer, use a string of genetic material to tell the body to create a specific protein that safely imitates an infection.

Research in the field, spanning decades, had been slow work. It often stalled because RNA itself is often attacked by the body as a foreign invader.

But in 2023, the Nobel Prize for Medicine went to the pair of scientists who had spent years working to fix the problem. It was done by taking one of the RNA bases, uridine, and swapping in a very similar synthetic alternative.

This breakthrough allowed scientists to create proteins in the body without the immune system attacking the jab.

It allows for quick and precise vaccines that are highly effective and was the backbone of the Covid vaccine response.
Not a perfect fit

It was thought the minor tweak to uridine caused no problems in cells, but a team of researchers at the University of Cambridge's Medical Research Council (MRC) Toxicology Unit have now found when this partially synthetic code is read, the protein-making machine in the body sometimes struggles with the uridine analogues.

Because it is not a perfect fit for what is expected, there can be a momentary pause which causes the process to stutter and a letter in the code can get skipped, much like a bike slipping a gear.

This process, called frameshifting, throws out the way the code is interpreted as it relies on groups of three bases, known as codons, being read in the right order.

500 Parisians line up to sample the wares at the country's first Krispy Kreme shop. Good. I can't wait till these f***ers all get fat so they can drop the superiority act.

Just kidding, they'll never drop the superiority act.

[T]o succeed in its 39th foreign market, Krispy Kreme's director general for France, Alexandre Maizoue, has pulled out all the stops: home delivery starting early next year, opening a production site in the eastern suburb of Creteil in 2024, and reaching 500 stores within five years.

"I think we have some great years ahead of us," he said. The company has already invested more than two million euros ($2.2 million) in its first store and production facility.

To ensure buzz, Krispy Kreme launched a huge publicity campaign -- with the Paris City Hall even accusing it of illegal postering -- and handed out some 100,000 doughnuts at various places around Paris.

A deejay and a red carpet welcomed clients to the Wednesday opening of the new store in the Halles shopping centre in central Paris.

According to Maizoue, around 400 people were in line at 8 am for the opening, with a total of 3,000 coming the first day.

The chain's first French store is offering 13 varies of doughnuts, or "donut" as it known in France, with clients able to observe the production behind a glass wall -- a hallmark of the brand.

I don't think I've seen it called a "doughnut" in America since I was a wee lad.

This is France24's English language unit. Must be staffed by Britishers.

Microsoft's making deals with Chinese communist party propaganda outlets, naturally. Probably coaching the Chinese communists on how best to censor their political enemies.

Microsoft helped Chinese state-run media outlets disseminate propaganda as part of previously unreported partnership agreements, documents obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show.

The nation's second largest corporation signed collaboration deals with state-run Chinese media outlets including China Daily and People's Daily, the latter of which is the official newspaper of the Central Committee of the Chinese government. Summaries of the deal state Microsoft would provide China Daily with technology that lets the paper target potential readers and gave the People's Daily access to an artificial intelligence bot specially designed to be controlled and censored by the Chinese Communist Party.

The deals have not been widely reported outside of China, nor have the financial terms been disclosed. A spokeswoman for Microsoft said both agreements "expired years ago and were not renewed." But experts say the fact that Microsoft inked the deals at all is a major win for the Chinese Communist Party.

"These are major propaganda outlets that publish outright falsehoods attacking the ideas of democracy, attacking the very concepts that undergird our society, and yet an American company is working to spread this," said Geoffrey Cain, policy director at the Tech Integrity Project, which fights Chinese Communist Party influence in American tech companies. "The purpose of all this is to show the Chinese Communist Party that it's firmly on the side of China and the Chinese system," Cain added.

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Posted by Disinformation Expert Ace at 06:30 PM Comments

Tears of the Libs of TikTok

—Disinformation Expert Ace

This will get the Tear of the Libs of TikTok flowing -- a father in Colorado wants to hang a Straight Pride flag in his kid's school, as other parents fly "Gay Pride" flags, and a court might just support his right to equal pride in his own kid's socially-disfavored sexuality.

A lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court by one Denver Public Schools father alleging his two children have been denied their First Amendment rights to have a "straight pride" flag in school may stand a chance in court.

"This is not a groundbreaking lawsuit. This is just a controversial lawsuit," said David Lane, a civil rights attorney based in Denver.

CBS News Colorado has been following this lawsuit closely, which was first filed back on Nov. 10 by two Washington D.C. lawyers, Mike Yoder and ChadLaVeglia. The lawsuit argues Nathan Feldman, a father of two children attending the K-8 Slavens School in Denver, was denied being able to put up a cisgendered, heterosexual flag at school. He says a "straight pride" flag represents his children's beliefs and should be allowed on campus in the same way LGBTQ+ flags are allowed.


This lawsuit has riled up a lot of discussion and concern on social media, especially among the Slavens School community. Slavens' parents created a change.org petition supporting the school's teachers and inclusivity and calling for Feldman to stop the lawsuit.

"People are under the mistaken belief that offensive speech or hate speech is not protected speech. The U.S. Supreme Court has said the government doesn't get to choose and decide what is offensive, what is not offensive," said Lane. "If they're going to allow any political speech, they're going to have to allow all political speech of a related nature."

"Straight Pride" is apparently "offensive" "hate" speech.

A spokespyrsyn for LGBTQ Colorado argued that a Straight Pride flag shouldn't be allowed, because that is "divisive" and all about "us vs. them" whereas a gay pride flag is "inclusive."

Weird, I'm not feeling "included" when they claim that heterosexuality is "hate."

More Democrats say that Biden is a better president than... George Washington.

In its latest survey shared with Secrets, Rasmussen Reports asked, "Is Joe Biden a better president than Washington or a worse president than Washington? Or is there not much difference between Washington and Biden?"

Thirty-nine percent of Democrats said "better," 25% said "worse," 20% said "not much difference," and 16% said "not sure."

Across the aisle, 12% of Republicans said "better," 75% said "worse," 9% said "not much difference," and just 4% said "not sure."

Rasmussen also found that 40% of Democrats approve of removing memorials to Washington, 21% "strongly." Some 55% of Democrats disapprove.

The BLM rioters who burned down a Wendy's in Atlanta have been sentenced: Their punishment is... a five hundred dollar fine.

For criminal arson.

Is the American justice system tipped in favor of Black Lives Matter rioters who burnt a Wendy's to the ground and Portland, Oregon rioters who tried to burn down a federal courthouse?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and many on the right say we're not dealing with an equal justice system that has sentenced 561 defendants to jail or a combination of jail and house arrest. "J6'ers are being locked up for years for walking into the Capitol and some never walked inside at all, but the guys who plead guilty to arson and burned down the Wendy's in Atl in 2020 BLM riots only have to pay a $500 fine!!!" Greene tweeted this week.

The Wendy's case that she's referring to concluded last week when Chisom Kingston and Natalie White pleaded guilty to first-degree arson charges and were sentenced to five years of probation, a $500 fine and 150 hours of community service that has to be completed in one calendar year.

Kingston and White helped set a fire on June 13, 2020, during a protest over a police-involved shooting that killed Rayshard Brooks, who was supposedly sleeping in his car in the drive-thru lane. Brooks struggled with officers that night and eventually gained control of one of the officer's Tasers. Brooks was shot twice in the back, according to an autopsy.

LibsofTikTok says "2-Tier justice system" and links this:


This plea deal comes from Fulton County -- from the DA's office run by Fani Willis, currently attempting to imprison Trump on fantastical RICO charges.

But if BLM thugs burn down a Wendy's, they have to pay a $500 fine and pick up some litter on the side of a highway.

Stanford professors were "blacklisted" for not acceding to woke student demands, such as reducing their expectations of black students allegedly suffering from racial "trauma" and other nonsense excuses made up to excuse failure.

A new report suggests that Stanford University students, acting in pursuit of racial and social justice, emailed hundreds of professors during the COVID-19 pandemic, demanding they lower academic standards and blacklisted them if they chose not to comply.

In the spring semester of 2020, at the start of the pandemic, Stanford made all courses pass-fail. Despite this, many students pushed for more radical changes, according to recent reporting by The Stanford Review.

Forming a coalition, Stanford students cold-emailed hundreds of professors, demanding that academic standards be lowered even further.

The Stanford Review writes, "Professors who met and supported the extreme demands of students to radically overhaul their academic standards received a green check." Additionally, "Those who didn't--and retained even some basic academic standards, or those who merely did not make 'any announcement acknowledging current events'--were blacklisted."

An image of an email template that The Stanford Review reports was used by students to message professors began with the suggestion that, "I am a Black/non-Black student in your ... class and am reaching out for support with balancing academics and the weight of various world events occurring all at the same moment."

Citing the "trauma" being experienced by African American students at the time, students asked for favors like "[p]roper academic accommodations for Black students," professors be "[a]ttentive and compassionate to individual requests for academic support," assignment extensions, and "solidarity and support to Black students."

The report also suggests students maintained a blacklist of professors, in effect grading them by how they gave in to the demands of the cold emails.

The Stanford Review shows that among those 200 individuals on the blacklist for not complying was Professor Dawson Engler, who was marked down because he did not "feel comfortable gutting the class ... more than it [had] been by the pandemic." Professor Aaron Lindenberg was also placed on the list because he did not "make any announcement acknowledging current events."

What is the point of affirmative action placement into elite schools, if those students are just going to turn around and use their race to demand to do none of the coursework expected of them? Should we just let them take four years off and mail them their diploma?

Wokal Distance @wokal_distance

Dec 7

The reason woke activists have huge freak outs over small, mundane, everyday thing is to try to make you walk on eggshells to avoid setting them off. However, learning how to appease them forces you to learn and internalize woke ideas so you know how to avoid upsetting them.

People generally want to keep the peace, and the woke abuse this bynusing the threat of freak outs to make you think "how can I avoid upsetting the activists." This forces you to learn woke ideology and think in woke terms, so you can figure out how to avoid setting them off.

The goal of this is psychological: they want you to have to integrate woke ideology into your everyday thinking so that you begin to get a little voice in your head that says "don't do such and such so you can avoid a woke activist freak out."

By doing this the woke are effectively hijacking your psychology by forcing you to integrate woke ideas and norms into your own thinking. When this happens eventually it is your own conscience that is always telling you "don't do such and so or you'll get freaked out on"

Because wokeness has no stopping point it always reaches into every area of life. So, when wokeness hijacks your conscience it turns your conscience into an inward facing woke "eye of sauron" that endlessly searches your mind for any thought that violates woke ideology...

If you do not resist and instead try to avoid troubld you end up being forced to integrate the voice of woke activists into you own thinking, and the result is that you end up having flare ups of conscious guilt every time you have a thought that isn't woke.

Once that happens the woke will have entirely hijacked your conscience and soon you'll be self policing your own thoughts and behaviours in order to avoid getting mobbed or freaked out on.

See how this works?

The woke have a concept called the "unbearable searchlight of complicity." It's their term for constant, unending, hypervigilant searching for anything complicit with "systems of oppression" (racism, sexism, etc)

It's the conceptual equivalent of an all seeing eye of wokeness

The unbearable searchlight of complicity is essentially the same as what @ConceptualJames called the "eye at the end of history." It's an omnipotent eye that looks back on history and judges everyone according to the strictest interpretation of woke ideology.

It's looking back and judging every moment of history, and every thought of every person for even the slightest hint of anything that is complicit with any system or structure that the woke think is oppresive.

When you internalize woke ideology and integrate wokeness into your thinking your own conscience becomes it's own little "unbearable searchlight of complicity" that ruthlessly searches your own mind for anything thought that goes against wokeness...

And once that happens you will end up censoring even your own thoughts in order to avoid the judgement of the "unbearable searchlight of complicity" AKA the woke eye of sauron.

There is only one way to avoid this: stop trying to appease woke activists...

The only way you end up letting your conscience get hijacked is if you try to appease wokeness, avoid conflict, and walk on eggshells. However, if you refuse to do that then thebwoke virus never gets a foothold in your thinking.

Speaking the truth is the antidote here.

By telling the truth and refusing to appease wokeness you avoid having to internalize woke ideology, and this will allow you avoid having your conscience hijacked.

So tell the truth and quit walking on eggshells. Don't let the voice of woke activists get in your head.

A new Will "Lia" Thomas is destroying puny women in swimming. As a man, he was a mediocre/bad swimmer. But as a fake woman, he's shredding their records.

A collegiate transgender swimmer is being compared to Lia Thomas after winning races and smashing a program record, prompting renewed calls for the NCAA to take action to ensure competitive fairness in female athletics.

Meghan Cortez-Fields, a senior at Ramapo College of New Jersey who swam for three years on the men's team, broke a school record in the 100-yard butterfly with a time of 57.22 seconds at the Cougar Splash Invitational held Saturday in Dallas, Pennsylvania.

Cortez-Fields also won the 200-yard individual medley with a time of 2:12.05. Four days earlier, the swimmer won the 100 butterfly and was part of the winning 200 medley relay in a meet against William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey.


Gaines said that Cortez-Fields' record-setting time would have been a nonstarter on the men's side.

"As a swimmer myself, I can attest to these times and what they mean," she told Fox News. "Fifty-seven seconds in the 100-yard butterfly for the men is atrocious, for lack of a better word. That's not competitive by any means."

She said policies allowing male-born athletes to compete against women based on gender identity are "only adversely affecting women."

"We don't see females going into men's sports and becoming record-smashers," Gaines said. "This is only going one way."

Tennis great Martina Navratilova also weighed in, saying on X: "Women's sports is not the place for mediocre male athletes who compete as women. Period."

Riley Gaines commented that it seemed very familiar to see a mediocre male similar suddenly blossom into a record-smashing "female" one.

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