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September 24, 2022

Saturday Gardening, Puttering and Adventure Thread, September 24



Happy Fall, everybody! The equinox arrived in the USA on Thursday. It's a nice time to go for a walk or do some fall clean-up. Have you got things to harvest in your garden?

Fall Flowers

Hi KT:

Since my wife got into flower arranging a couple years ago, I have been trying to grow more things that she can cut for bouquets. This was my first year attempting to grow dahlias. The few that survived have been beautiful. Here are a couple pictures.

Frankly, I'm lucky that any dahlias survived to produce blooms. I planted them too soon, then the rains came, so they sat too long in cold, wet soil when they weren't supposed to be planted until the soil was warm and dry. Then when some of them started sprouting, the deer ate most of those. The few that survived to this point were not staked, so they started falling over. But my wife loves the ones that ran the gauntlet of my gardening mismanagement and survived, so having learned from my mistakes, I am promising her a better crop next year. I'm also fencing in the flower beds to keep the cloven-hooved rodents out.

All the best,

Cumberland Astro

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King Harv Imperial Coffee

Thread before the Gardening Thread, September 24



Good morning! It's the first Saturday of fall, and some friends from Switzerland visited Monterey, before it was too late to visit California. Nice scenery there.

Have you been there? Thinking about going?


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The Saturday Morning Coffee Break & Prayer Revival

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

9 24 coffee.jpg


Mornin'. Welcome to our last Saturday Morning Coffee Break of September. Just a couple of rules.........

1) Opine and/or bloviate to your heart's content.
2) Be nice to one another.
3) No running with sharp objects.
4) Enjoy your weekend.

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EMT 9/24/22


EMT, or snooze. Choose wisely.

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Daily Tech News 24 September 2022

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

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The Benevolent And Protective Order Of Memes And ONTs


Friday night. Time for our ancient order to celebrate the marching of the memes. Lets start with a classic from the ancient texts.

bucket - ancient texts.jpg

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Bear Crossing Cafe



Carp Uber.

Duck wants to help bill-feed the fish.

Cranes (?) also want to feed the fish.

Neat 3D painting.

Who's winning?

Giving a thirsty squirrel a drink from a water bottle.

Another nice man gives a drink to a thirsty squirrel.

Tiny baby lion tamarin monkey rescued from road, and returned to its mother, who is suspicious of this huge human's motives.

Sea otters primping.

Not all heroes were capes.

Grandma knows how to move.

Two groups of penguins meeting and saying hi. One goofy penguin forgets which group he's supposed to be a part of, and a smarter penguin has to go collect this little dum-dum. Very cute.

Sea otter and pup.

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New York Times: What Killed the Women's March? Was It the Open Anti-Semitism Of Its Founders...?
Nay! It Was The Rusians!


Ellen Barry, How Russian Trolls Kept the Women's March Out of Step.

Linda Sarsour awoke on Jan. 23, 2017, logged onto the internet, and felt sick.

The Victim Framing Sympathy Play begins in sentence one.

By the way, settle in, this is going to be a long on.

The weekend before, she had stood in Washington at the head of the Women's March, a mobilization against President Donald J. Trump that surpassed all expectations. Crowds had begun forming before dawn, and by the time she climbed up onto the stage, they extended farther than the eye could see.

More than four million people around the United States had taken part, experts later estimated, placing it among the largest single-day protests in the nation's history.

But then something shifted, seemingly overnight. What she saw on Twitter that Monday was a torrent of focused grievance that targeted her. In 15 years as an activist, largely advocating for the rights of Muslims, she had faced pushback, but this was of a different magnitude. A question began to form in her mind: Do they really hate me that much?

That morning, there were things going on that Ms. Sarsour could not imagine.

More than 4,000 miles away, organizations linked to the Russian government had assigned teams to the Women's March. At desks in bland offices in St. Petersburg, using models derived from advertising and public relations, copywriters were testing out social media messages critical of the Women's March movement, adopting the personas of fictional Americans.

They posted as Black women critical of white feminism, conservative women who felt excluded, and men who mocked participants as hairy-legged whiners. But one message performed better with audiences than any other.

It singled out an element of the Women's March that might, at first, have seemed like a detail: Among its four co-chairs was Ms. Sarsour, a Palestinian American activist whose hijab marked her as an observant Muslim.

Over the 18 months that followed, Russia's troll factories and its military intelligence service put a sustained effort into discrediting the movement by circulating damning, often fabricated narratives around Ms. Sarsour, whose activism made her a lightning rod for Mr. Trump's base and also for some of his most ardent opposition.

So: Linda Sarsour wasn't anti-semitic. It was all just Russian Disinformation. And that's how they took down the Women's March.

Except... Linda Sarsour really is anti-semitic, and they have the receipts to prove it.

In addition, the Women's March wasn't taken down because Linda Sarsour was anti-semitic, but because the majority of the founders -- or the majority of the women who would up controlling it, after they purged the Jews -- were anti-semitic.

What evidence do I have of that? Oh, just the Russian Disinformation Operation known as The New York Times.

Women’s March Roiled by Accusations of Anti-Semitism
Within days of Donald J. Trump's election, a diverse group of women united by their concern about the incoming administration gathered at a restaurant in New York to plan a protest march in Washington. They had seen the idea floating on Facebook and wanted to turn it into a reality.

The unity did not last long. Vanessa Wruble, a Brooklyn-based activist, said she told the group that her Jewish heritage inspired her to try to help repair the world. But she said the conversation took a turn when Tamika Mallory, a black gun control activist, and Carmen Perez, a Latina criminal justice reform activist, replied that Jews needed to confront their own role in racism.

Ms. Wruble was pushed out of the organization shortly after the march, and she now asserts that her Jewish identity played a role. She went on to help found an organization called March On, which supports local women activists.


Ms. Mallory, meanwhile, who is now co-president of the Women's March group, has been criticized for attending an event by Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam who has been widely reviled for making anti-Semitic remarks. Ms. Mallory has called Mr. Farrakhan "the GOAT," or "greatest of all time," on social media.

The accusations of anti-Semitism, which were outlined in an article this month in Tablet, an online Jewish magazine, have prompted some women to reconsider their support for the group.


Ms. Mallory and Ms. Perez say they categorically condemn anti-Semitism, and that when they asked Ms. Wruble to leave the group, it had nothing to do with her being Jewish. But they acknowledged that the role of Jewish women was discussed in that first meeting.

"Since that conversation, we've all learned a lot about how while white Jews, as white people, uphold white supremacy, ALL Jews are targeted by it," Ms. Mallory said in a statement to The New York Times.


Now Women's March activists are grappling with how they treat Jews -- and whether they should be counted as privileged white Americans or "marginalized" minorities, especially in the aftermath of the October mass shooting in Pittsburgh, when 11 people were gunned down at their synagogue.


Ms. Wruble, a central organizer of the march, says she agrees that white women, including Jews, should grapple with their racial privilege. She put out a call for women of color to join the planning team and was connected with Ms. Mallory and Ms. Perez. At that first meeting, Ms. Wruble said, they seemed to want to educate her about a dark side of Jewish history, and told her that Jewish people played a large role in the slave trade and the prison industry.

"I was taken aback," said Ms. Wruble in her first extensive interview about her experience organizing the Women's March. "I thought, 'Maybe there are things I don't know about my own people.'"

She said she went home that night and searched Google to read about the Jewish role in the slave trade. Up popped a review of "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and the Jews," a 1991 book by Mr. Farrakhan, which asserts that Jews were especially culpable. Henry Louis Gates Jr., a Harvard professor, has called the book the "bible of the new anti-Semitism."

So the fans of Louis Farrakhan were quoting a Louis Farrakhan faux-history blaming the slave trade largely on the Jews.

I guess the Russian Trolls programmed Tamika Mallory to push this book at Jews with their QAnon brainwashing techniques.

At this point, the Jew-haters Mallory and Perez brought in an ally -- Linda Sarsour.

And that's not all they brought in.

She said she was told by one of the march leaders that "we really couldn't center Jewish women in this or we might turn off groups like Black Lives Matter." While Black Lives Matter is a diffuse movement, some activists have issued statements expressing solidarity with Palestinians under Israeli occupation.

At one point, Ms. Wruble said she asked about security for the march and was told by the leaders that the Nation of Islam would be providing it.

If you don't know Woke Code, when black and Hispanic racists say they don't want to "center" whites or Asians or Jews, that means they want to exclude them, and discriminate against them.

As the march grew closer, Ms. Perez gathered a diverse group of activists who created a set of "unity principles" that would tie all marchers together and highlight those viewed as the most vulnerable at the time.

"We must create a society in which all women -- including Black women, Indigenous women, poor women, immigrant women, disabled women, Muslim women, lesbian, queer and trans women -- are free," it read.

Ms. Wruble noticed that Jewish women were not included, but said she was too busy with logistics for the march to focus on it.

After the march, the dissension increased. Perez and Mallory became openly anti-semitic.

Ms. Mallory and Ms. Perez began berating Ms. Wruble, according to Evvie Harmon, a white woman who helped organize the march, and who attended the meeting at Ms. Mallory's apartment complex.

"They were talking about, 'You people this,' and 'You people that' and the kicker was, 'You people hold all the wealth.' I was like, 'Oh my God, they are talking about her being Jewish,'" said Ms. Harmon, whose account was first published by Tablet. "The greatest regret of my life was not standing up and saying 'This is wrong.'"

Mallory denies attacking Jewish people -- but is open about hating white people, the race that blacks are encouraged to hate, and rewarded for hating.

Ms. Mallory denied that she disparaged Ms. Wruble's Jewish heritage in that meeting, but acknowledged telling white women there that she did not trust them.

"They are not trustworthy," she said, adding that Ms. Wruble gossiped behind the backs of the other march leaders instead of confronting them when she had an issue.

Gossiped about them being openly antisemitic, instead of being silent about it and letting the antisemites spread their hate in peace.

Does the New York Times now officially retract and denounce their previous reportage or nah?

That Tablet article referenced by the Times -- actually, it was Tablet that did all the reporting; the Times merely descended like a remora to eat the meal Tablet had provided -- has more:

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How about before that?

Will the New York Times be reporting on the KGB's efforts at demoralization through the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, by funding leftwing groups to attack the basic normie culture of America?

Or nah?

Nah, right?


Accounts at the Internet Research Agency, an organization based in St. Petersburg and controlled by a Putin ally, had boasted of propelling Mr. Trump to victory. That year, the group's budget nearly doubled, according to internal communications made public by U.S. prosecutors. More than a year would pass before social media platforms executed sweeping purges of Russian-backed sock-puppet accounts.

For the trolls, it was a golden hour.

Say, did Russia/the Soviet Union promote/assist any candidates they saw as aligned with them in the past, I wonder?

After several thousand words claiming Russia Trolls Did This, the article, knowing no one is reading any longer, now admits: Oh right, maybe this wasn't all about Russia Trolls, and maybe it wasn't all about Linda Sarsour, either.

Maybe it had something to do with the Nation of Islam fanatic Tamika Mallory.

But note the New York Times rushes to defend her as well.


In 2018, a new internal crisis was triggered by Ms. Mallory's attendance at Saviours' Day, an annual gathering of the Nation of Islam led by Mr. Farrakhan.

Ms. Mallory grew up in Harlem, where many viewed the Nation of Islam and its founder positively, as crusaders against urban violence. Pressured to disavow Mr. Farrakhan, she refused, though she said she did not share his antisemitic views. After her son's father was murdered, she explained, "it was the women of the Nation of Islam who supported me."

"I have always held them close to my heart for that reason," she said.

The New York Times concludes by citing a leftwing rabbi who is sad that antisemites were exposed:

Rabbi Timoner sounded sad, recalling all that had happened. The wounds that opened up between progressives that year have never quite healed, she said.

"There is so much Jewish pain here," she said. "Those Russian bots were poking at that pain."

Note the New York Times never calls up any rabbis who have any words of sadness about white antisemites being "poked." Because, of course, there are none.

It's only the leftwing rabbis who make excuses for their leftwing Democrat antisemite allies. And the New York Times has all of these rabbis on speed-dial, to offer word of "sadness" about "right-wing" hatred over the latest anti-semitic emission by Ilhan Omar or whoever.

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Medical Student Observes "Transgender Care" and Has Observations -- and Questions


Someone identifying herself as "a woman" and a third-year medical student talks about her experiences observing how "transgender care" is actually delivered in a hospital.

She writes under a pseudonym, so people can doubt this, but of course she must -- you're not allowed to doubt "transgender care." Science no longer permits questioning, you know. Science now consists of only the complete affirmation of what confused 14-year-old girls tell you is true.

There's a lot of money in bottom surgery, you know.

Dr. McThickens

I'm a medical student, and spent a day in the Adolescent Medicine clinic on Gender Care day.

This was to my surprise, but of course, I have a lot of opinions & many questions on this topic. So let's dive into the observations & answers I received from the Providers....

First 30 minutes in the office:

It was by-far the wokest of all environments in my rotations so far. The PA acted as the mask police, scolding me for taking it down to have "too long" of a sip of water. Openly mocked trump & their supporters TO PATIENTS IN THE EXAMINATION ROOM.

To be clear, I am no fan of the orange man. But I hate practically everyone in politics, so let's leave it there.

Observation #1:
1st patient was a 13 y.o. female to male transitioner. During the chart review, it was reported that BOTH of their older siblings are also transgender.

*Fascinating*, I thought. [Thinky face emoji]

I think this finding speaks for itself. Let's move on.

Same patient, during chart review, noted the 1st therapist they saw did NOT think this patient had gender dysphoria

They sought out a new therapist who might give them the answer they want to hear. Of course, this new therapist did give them the diagnosis & the coveted "Letter."

I know from Libs of TikTok that transitioning now requires only a letter from a single therapist agreeing that you are transgender, and that these letters are extremely easy to get. You can shop therapists to get them, and people online offer to just write you one, sight unseen.

They were not interested in school, eating healthy foods (lives off poptarts & pepsi), & blames Mom for their anxiety (despite her bending to this patient's every whim) & openly disrespected her. They don't do any virtual school work because "the teachers suck at teaching."

In this example, I noticed a pattern of chronic victimization. Everything is someone else's fault. There is practically NO accountability for literally anything, including what they choose to put in their bodies for nourishment.

Another observation is that EVERY. SINGLE. Trans patient had multiple mental health comorbidities including:

- Depression
- Anxiety
- Autistic Features
- Oppositional defiant disorder

And EVERY single one was on an SSRI at least. FEW were regularly seeing a therapist.

Quick testimonial: When I had panic disorder, I would have tried any drug to cure it. When you are suffering with a debilitating problem, you will do anything someone tells you will help.

A friend of mine was taking Xanax at the time for depression. He said it really worked. I went out and got a prescription for Xanax. I was so excited to take it.

Of course, it did not work, because I wasn't depressed. I had panic. (I didn't know what to call it; I called it anxiety, and I think Xanax is sometimes prescribed for anxiety as well.)

Later, when I read Jay Mohr's autobiography and realized that I had panic and that the cure was klonopin, I got so happy I was floating on air. (Klonopin did work. It worked well enough that I went off of it after a few years.)

My point is, if someone with anxiety, depression, ADHD, etc., cannot find relief for these symptoms, but they are told by online influencers that everything they're feeling is caused by "gender dysphoria" and that if they just take hormone blockers and get their breasts chopped off everything will get better, plus they'll be part of an exciting subgroup that everyone pays attention to because if they don't they're bigots -- and if they're touched in the head enough that this sounds plausible to them -- a lot of people are going to buy into the "cure."

How someone afflicted with autism, feeling socially isolated, might respond to these claims that "everything will be better if you join our group," I can only guess.

The media routinely notes that people, especially young girls, are being convinced they have several "fashionable" mental illnesses, including Tourette's, OCD, and DID (multiple personality disorder). The girls see TikTok influencers who have these disorders -- or, rather, pretend to have these disorders -- and want to emulate them, because they want to be famous too.

The media documents all this. They warn that mental illness is being spread virally among young people, especially among young girls, because mental illness is being made to be seen as "cool" and an easy way to TikTok fame and Instagram celebrity.

But the media refuses to note that the mental illness of transgenderism is being spread virally on social media for the same exact reasons, because they're being bullied by the extremist Trans Lobby into pretending that transgenderism is the one mental illness that is never spread virally by teenagers just aping what they see on TikTok and Insta. No, this is the one mental illness that is always organic and real.

Because the Trans Extremists say so, and you'll lose your job if you contradict them.

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You Can't Spell GAINZZZ Without ZZZ's



A short GAINZZZ thread, about sleep.

This is no news to most of you, but I just figured this out. Yes, I know, I should have known this from far earlier.

The human brain is not designed to be awake past midnight.

[A] new research review, recently published in the journal Frontiers in Network Psychology, suggests that staying awake past midnight may have implications that stem beyond needing an extra cup of coffee the next day. In fact, the study authors suggest that the mind simply isn't "designed" to be awake into the wee hours of the night.

While prior studies have explored the effects of sleep deprivation on cognition, the new research focuses more specifically on what happens to the human brain when it's awake past midnight.

The resulting "Mind After Midnight" hypothesis states that the mind isn't set up to operate as it does in the daytime, and as a result, we're more likely to make impulsive and even "risky" decisions.

In the new review, researchers analyzed a large number of studies investigating the effects of nocturnal behavior on the mind and how the body's circadian rhythm might influence brain function.

The paper revealed that numerous physiological activities occur in the brain (when awake during nighttime) to contribute to poor cognition. The authors highlighted that being awake during the night is associated with an increased risk of:

suicide and self-harm
engaging in violent behaviors
use of alcohol and illicit substances
higher food intake

According to the researchers, our molecular levels, neuronal activities, and responsivity are attuned to our "usual behavior" of wakefulness during the day. At nighttime, however, these same parameters are attuned to the "usual behavior of sleep."

"If we are awake at these times, neurophysiology is prone to foster behavioral dysregulation, especially when these time-of-day effects are combined with sleep loss or disruption," the study authors wrote.

I was listening to Ya Boi Zach a few months ago, and he said he'd made an effort to go to sleep earlier, and it had really improved his life. I remember him specifically saying, "You may think you're naturally a night-owl, but you're not; no one is naturally a night-owl."

A big reason to sleep earlier is that the body is programmed to release growth hormone during sleep, with its biggest pulses occurring before midnight. I've heard that the body produces most growth hormone (which has anti-aging effects and is generally a good thing) between 10pm and 2am at night, during sleep. So if you're not sleeping at this time, you're missing out.

I started making an effort to be asleep by 12 (or 12:30) and it's been an upgrade in my life. I really have to be asleep by 11pm. That's the next step. Maybe night owls generally have that sickly, NeverTrump appearance because they're missing out on growth hormone during the night.

So I don't know, if there are any "night-owls" out there, maybe try telling yourself, as Zach told me, "You're not really a night-own, you're just in the habit of sleeping at the wrong time," and see how it works.

One bit of advice from Andrew Huberman about readjusting a sleep schedule, which 100% works: If you get up earlier than usual, and want to set that as a new wake-up time, make sure you go outside and get strong sunlight when you first wake up. There are neurons in your optic nerve which act as "zeitgebers" or time-setters, and key on strong sunlight. Once you do that for just two or three days in a row, your body will in fact reset itself so that that time becomes the new natural wake-up point, and your body and brain will also begin shutting down earlier to accommodate the new wake-up point.

That really works.

Here's a good What I've Learned about sleep routines:

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Brooklyn Citizens Are Taking a Bite Out of Crime


Not really.

Suzy Weiss writes, amazingly, of an effort to create a Guardian Angels type program to protect very affluent, very white, and very SJW Park Slope, Brooklyn from an unwelcome surge in vicious crime.

The problem is, of course, that SJWs do not want to fight crime.

They can only bring themselves to talk about "root causes." And they're almost too afraid even to talk about those any more.

This is amazeballs.

What prompted the interest in forming the group was a series of robberies, and especially a vicious attack on an old man and his dog by "a homeless man with a stick."

The old man survived -- but his beloved dog succumbed to injuries.

The attacker was never caught.

A few weeks later, on August 20, Kristian Nammack issued a call to action on Nextdoor, a social media site for local organizing: "Do we want to organize a community safety patrol, and take our park back? Think what the Guardian Angels did to take back the subways in the 70s/early 80s. We may also get to wear cool berets. I'm being serious."

Nammack, 59, had been part of the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011, and his financial consultancy firm focuses on themes of "climate, renewable energy, gender lens, racial equity, economic advancement." "How about PARK SLOPE PANTHERS as a group name?" he suggested.

Suzy Weiss saw the fliers and went out to meet with the nascent neighborhood watch.

When Nammack began pitching his plan to reduce crime in the neighborhood, the would-be crime-fighters were clear-eyed about the issues of rising criminality and disorder.

But then... they remembered they weren't allowed to be anti-crime.

The Venn diagram for Park Slopers and Democratic voters is pretty much a circle. No one wanted to be labeled Park Karens. This made the whole crime-fighting thing a bit awkward: "It's about finding a way that's non-biased to report these things and have people feel like it's safe here," said Emily, one of the Panthers."You don't want to fall into that stereotype of privilege."

A non-biased way to report crimes to police?

The anti-crime group quickly faced pushback from pro-crime residents.

A group of four who looked to be in their early twenties--three women and one man--rolled up about 15 minutes into the meeting. "Are y'all the Park Slope Panthers?" The one who asked was dragging a speaker on wheels and playing electronic music, presumably to drown out the meeting. "We are super not into you guys having your meeting or doing anything in the park."

The young activist--who was white, wore glasses, grew up in Park Slope, and had a medical-grade face mask on, like his three comrades--was also super not into the cops, or anything resembling the cops. When Nammack told him we were taking turns introducing ourselves, the activist informed Nammack that he wasn't "super into abiding by the structure that you're setting up."

Another "Interrupter" had an objection -- to culturally appropriating the name "Panther."

"What's with you calling yourself the Panthers?" said another dude who had just appeared wearing a black hoodie and looking to be in his forties. He seemed more of a weathered activist, a bit more hardcore than the kids, and he didn't want to wait his turn.

He was told that the reason the name "Panthers" was chosen is because the "park" for which Park Slope is named features two panther statues at its entrance, which had been there since 1898. (Most likely sculpted by Hwite men, but that's a side-issue.)

This did not quell dissension about culturally appropriating the "Panther" name from the Black Panthers of 1968.

Didn't matter. "Using the Panthers as your group's name is kind of abhorrent to me," said one of the girls. She was white, wearing cut-off jean shorts, loafers with socks, and a Baggu purse. "It feels antithetical to what the Black Panthers would stand for." The next girl to speak said her name was Sky. She, too, was white, and had also grown up in the neighborhood: "It's easy to be wrong about who you're going after, particularly when those are some of the few black people still living in the neighborhood, and they've been pushed out on the streets by all white, ultra-wealthy people."

"We can be the tigers!" suggested Dionne, the middle-aged woman next to me. Sweet Dionne.

Back to the matter of the homeless man with the stick who had beaten the man and killed his dog:

He'd reportedly been spotted swinging a stick on Flatbush Avenue, chasing down another woman and her dog in the park while screaming, "Let's see some action here!" The kid with the speaker spoke up: "So, it sounds like this person has been pushed out of an unimaginable amount of systems." He added that the assailant was probably "neurodivergent."

"Crime is an abstract term that means nothing in a lot of ways," said Sky. "The construct of crime has been so socially constructed to target black and poor people."


Damien--the one black guy here, who had emigrated to Park Slope from Trinidad and Tobago--chimed in. "Just to levelset the room, we're not here to cause harm or be vigilantes to anyone. Maybe we could work together to find a solution, because I don't fucking know what the solution is, but we all want the same thing." Do we?

A woman in a blue jumpsuit approached the group, pulling her gray hood over her blue cap that read "ACAB" (as in, "All Cops Are Bastards") in big white block letters. Her name was Cece.

She suggested we could build a community where we all took care of each other and no one ever had to call the police.

Read the whole thing. It's a kick and a half.

Meanwhile, in Chicago: the Scream.

As John Kass writes, the video and the woman's scream as she is beset by armed muggers during broad daylight on a leafy street is so arresting and such an indictment of the city and state government that there is only possible response: Direct all city and state resources towards fighting crime and locking up criminals.

No, just kidding. The only possible response is claiming that anyone who is sickened by that footage is a racist.

And by the way: The state is about to pass the "SAFE-T Act," which will let even more killers out on the streets, and stop cops from... removing trespassers from your property.

So if there's a thief in your house... oh well, just offer him a drink and a snack and hope he doesn't get too handsy with your wife and kids.

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The Day After One Of His Cultists Murders What He Claims Is an "Extremist Republican" 18-Year-Old Boy, Joe Biden Urges His Demented Followers to... "Fight Extremist Republicans"



Via Twitchy, despite having just incited one of his crazed followers to murder a teenager in the name of "fighting Republican Extremists," Joe Biden put out a statement telling his cultists to... fight Republican extremists some more.

#ThePersistence @ScottPresler

Replying to @JoeBiden

Shannon Brandt used his car to run over & kill an 18-year-old, Cayler Ellingson, because he thought the teen was part of a Republican "extremist group."

Joe Biden called Republicans a threat & Brandt listened.

This murder is a direct result of Biden dehumanizing Republicans.

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"100% Mobilization:" Russia is Drafting 300,000 It Admits -- Or Possibly 1,000,000 It Won't Admit -- To Rescue Its Failing Position in Ukraine


One of the advantages Ukraine has had in its war with Russia is that Russia thought the war would be easy. Russia won't even refer to it as a war -- they call it a "military exercise." I believe you can be arrested if you refer to it a "war" publicly.

They did not draft civilians or recall veterans to increase military strength. They went to war with the troops they had. 1, because they thought it would be easy, 2, because they did not want to make the public think it would be anything other than easy, and 3, because they did not want to stoke public resistance by drafting citizens into the army to fight the war.

I mean, the military exercise.

Ukraine has benefited from Russia's continued resistance to admitting it's losing the, uh, military exercise in Ukraine, and its refusal to get serious about it and mobilize for a, uh, larger military exercise.

But Ukraine's luck on that score just ran out -- Russia now is mobilizing for a genuine, serious military exercise.

They're trying to avoid stirring up resentment about the draft by native Russians by... selectively drafting non-Russian ethnics from the provinces.

Summons delivered to eligible men at midnight. Schoolteachers pressed into handing out draft notices. Men given an hour to pack their things and appear at draft centres. Women sobbing as they sent their husbands and sons off to fight in Russia's war in Ukraine.

The first full day of Russia's first mobilisation since the second world war produced emotional showdowns at draft centres and even signs of protest, while it appears Russia could be considering far more than the 300,000 new conscripts claimed by the defence minister, Sergei Shoigu.

One woman in a small village in the Zakamensky region of Buryatia, in eastern Siberia, said she first felt something was amiss when the dogs began barking about midnight.

In a community of 450 people, the village head was walking from house to house, seeking to hand out more than 20 draft notices. As men gathered before departing the next morning, she said, some drank vodka, while others hugged and told each other to stay safe. Women cried and made the sign of the cross over the small minibus that carried them away.

"It's not a partial mobilisation, it's a 100% mobilisation," said Alexandra Garmazhapova, president of the Free Buryatia Foundation, an activist group that has reported on the draft in the region. In the past day, she said, she and her colleagues had received and identified more than 3,000 reports of povestka, or draft papers, being delivered in Buryatia within just 24 hours of Vladimir Putin announcing the draft.

Despite assurances that Russia would be seeking men who had recently served in the army and had combat experience, activists pointed to a number of cases of men in their 50s receiving draft notices.

One woman said a 52-year-old relative had been delivered a povestka shortly before the president announced the draft the previous day.

Yanina Nimayeva, a journalist from Ulan-Ude in Buryatia, complained that her 38-year-old husband had received a draft notice despite never having served in the army.

Schumer and Manchin's 'dirty side deal' to fast-track pipelines faces backlash
"'Don't you have five children?' they asked him. My husband laughed and said 'yes, five kids'. 'Well, OK, expect your draft papers,'" she said.


During a televised interview on Wednesday, Shoigu said Russia would be targeting 300,000 draftees, mainly those with recent military experience. But the actual number in an order signed by Putin is secret.

Some think it could be far higher. The independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta Europe reported that a source in the presidential administration said Russia was seeking to draft more than 1 million people into the army. That reporting has not been confirmed by other news outlets.

But video and anecdotal evidence from around Russia has shown large drafts taking place even in small towns, suggesting that the numbers could be far higher.

Many are in Russia's ethnic minority republics, reinforcing a sense that the country has been disproportionately relying on ethnic minorities to provide its main fighting force in Ukraine. Those regions have also suffered a disproportionate number of deaths and casualties from the war.

This is a gamble for Putin. He's now putting Russia at-risk, too. My history was always spotty and it's gotten spottier as I've closed in on age 29, but I seem to remember a war sparking a revolution and change of regime in Russia once before.

It didn't turn out well for the ruling junta, either.

And I don't know if this is just a question of manpower. Russian trucks and tanks and self-propelled artillery, I've read, have been unreliable and prone to many breakdowns.

Last night, Tucker reported that the Ukraine and Russia had reached a tentative agreement that Russia would pull back to the territory it already held, if Ukraine would agree to not join NATO.

But the Biden Administration blew up the deal, because they're insistent on regime change -- because they still believe the Russiagate Hoax that Hillary Clinton invented, and want to risk World War III to punish Russia for not rigging the election for Trump.

Is this why NeverTrump is so gung-ho on this war? Must be, right? They're Democrats. And the Democrats all think alike, with the same NPC programming: We must go to war with Russia to avenge Hillary Clinton's non-stolen election loss.

Meanwhile, Putin is threatening to use nuclear weapons, and Zelensky is demanding the US use its nuclear weapons against Putin.

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Democrat Officials Abuse Offices, Hitting Trump, DeSantis With Political Lawfare


"Tish" James fulfilled a campaign promise she made to abuse her office to persecute Donald Trump and his family.

New York Attorney General Letitia James has filed suit against former President Donald Trump, three of his adult children and his business empire, accusing them of large-scale fraudulent financial practices and seeking to bar them from real estate transactions for the next five years.

The attorney general's civil suit alleges more than a decade of deception, including billions of dollars in falsified net worth, as part of an effort by Trump to minimize his companies' tax bills while winning favorable terms from banks and insurance companies.


Trump has repeatedly asserted that James, a Democrat running for a second term in November, is on a political vendetta, noting that during her 2018 campaign for AG she repeatedly vowed to pursue legal action against Trump and said he should be "scared" if she was elected. During her campaign, James promised to target Trump for investigation and told voters her election would bring pressure on him similar to that posed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

This is Politico, so:

Trump had fought efforts to force his deposition in the NY AG's case, but lost a series of court challenges on the issue. When he finally appeared for questioning last month, he invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination more than 440 times, an aide to James said.

"When your family, your company, and all the people in your orbit have become the targets of an unfounded, politically motivated Witch Hunt supported by lawyers, prosecutors, and the Fake News Media, you have no choice," Trump said in a statement explaining why he took the Fifth despite numerous past comments he'd made about such a move signaling guilt.

Yeah, why would Trump imagine that he's been targeted by abusive prosecutors who are just out to get him? I mean, they're just on videotape literally telling people to vote for them so they can sue Trump.


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THE MORNING RANT: The Science™ Regarding Climate Change and Hurricane Frequency Has Changed Again; More EV Towing Follies

—Buck Throckmorton

It’s been a historically quiet hurricane season so far, but it may finally be picking up. For several decades, one of the apocalyptic predictions of the Sustainable Organic Church of the Carbon Apocalypse has been that there will be more hurricanes.

Here are a few blasts from the past:

Study Blames Climate Change for Hurricane Rise [Reuters – 7/29/2007]

The number of Atlantic hurricanes in an average season has doubled in the last century due in part to warmer seas and changing wind patterns caused by global warming, according to a study released on Sunday.

And here is your tax dollars at work, this is from The National Climate Change Assessment (“NCCA”) of 2014

The intensity, frequency, and duration of North Atlantic hurricanes, as well as the frequency of the strongest hurricanes, have all increased since the early 1980s.

There has been a substantial increase in most measures of Atlantic hurricane activity since the early 1980s, the period during which high-quality satellite data are available. These include measures of intensity, frequency, and duration as well as the number of strongest (Category 4 and 5) storms.

The folks over at The Heartland Institute have put a lot of resources into debunking the climate hysteria. The chart below is from Heartland’s Climate At A Glance site. It tracks the total number of tropical storms every year since 1970, and also the subset of that total that were hurricanes. A few things stand out.

• The NCCA only referenced Atlantic hurricanes, not the global number of hurricanes. Perhaps their data was legitimate for that small section of the globe, but as shown in this chart, the lower line is the number of global hurricanes (or cyclones, or typhoons, or whatever you want to call them.) It has not trended upward in the past 50 years.

• The number of named tropical storms (top line) is increasing while the number of hurricanes is trending downward. I presume this is because of how aggressive the climatistas have been in slapping a name on every 39-mph gust of wind. It’s harder to fake the number of hurricanes though, because those require sustained winds of 74 mph.

Tropical Cyclone Frequence since 1970.JPG

With the frequency of hurricanes not behaving as The Science™ foretold, and now that we’re in a year in which there was an almost no tropical activity during the Atlantic’s peak hurricane season, The Science™ has changed!

This is from a New York Times article earlier this week about Hurricane Fiona.

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


Pickanoy Portrait1.jpg

Portrait Of A Woman
Nicolaes Pickenoy

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report — 9/23/22

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. The weekend is here and further to yesterday's editorial vis a vis the hounding and persecution of former FBI Agent and agency whistleblower Steve Friend, I give you this exchange from yesterday's comments:

I'm best buds with an FBI field agent. He's a Trump supporter and is sick to death of what is happening. At the same time he's scared to death of saying anything or getting above the skyline. Bad things have happened to agents who have spoken up...worse than what has happened to Agent Friend here. He's got a new baby and another on the way. He's not worried about pension or money...his wife is a doctor... he's worried about something much worse.

Posted by: Defenestratus at September 22, 2022 09:12 AM

(Note: Do NOT comment on old threads)

My response:

At some point - and we may be there right now - he's going to have to take a stand. If he and everyone he knows in the agency that feels like him all stood up together in unison, it might make the difference.

Lives, fortunes and sacred honor? Something? All of those things one fears losing are worth fighting for. Because if you don't, eventually you lose them all anyway. And your soul.

Believe me, I totally understand the position Defenstratus' friend is in. But at what point do you stop, look around and declare that enough is enough? At what point do you declare that your own personal safety and security, and the life you built up are worth risking, figuratively and perhaps literally to preserve/restore the society and order that allowed you to attain them in the first place? Our economy, our borders, our national security, law and order, and our society and culture are being intentionally destroyed, now at a faster and faster pace. Institutions that we thought we could rely on as impartial guardians of all of the above have been corrupted to such an extent that they are now to greater and greater extent the very instruments of our destruction.

Human nature dictates that the more we are stripped of our security and our identity, the more we will be forced to rely on the law of the jungle. Talk to anyone who survived a death camp, or listen to their testimonies and you will be shocked at the things that someone will do just to stay alive for one more day, or even one more minute. God help us but we are on that path right now. It's not a question of can we or will we reverse course. The question is when? When do we stick our neck out and openly protest?

That's what Steve Friend did and you can see what happened to him. I said to Defenestratus that "obviously, his friend is going to have to take a stand," but now that I think on it, that is not necessarily the case. Even if the majority of FBI agents, and indeed those working in every governmental bureaucracy, was a card-carrying Democrat-Leftist, there is still a sizable percentage that are not. They go along to get along. In normal times, they just do their jobs while looking the other way or just shrugging their shoulders at, say, mere sloth, incompetence or even graft. It's not your concern. The vaccine mandates suddenly changed that calculus. In a way, it was kind of a loyalty test, as has been demonstrated with those in the armed forces who refused on religious or other grounds.

And now, we have a man of integrity who sees that what the FBI is doing to ordinary Americans is nothing short of political persecution and the sharp end of the spear of tyranny. Where are all the other Steve Friends we are assured populate that agency? If they are not willing to stand up with him and refuse to go along with what are nothing short of Gestapo-like tactics, then at some point in the future, they will at best sit on their hands when things get a lot uglier than merely railroading innocent people into jail. At worst, they'll be the ones eagerly participating in the Garland version of Nacht und Nebel actions.

The pessimist in me sees Steve Friend as an outlier, a one-off. The optimist in me wants to see this as perhaps the moment when the dam starts to break. Maybe we're somewhere in the middle. But is the dam going to break or will the rotten center hold and we continue on our merry way to the moral or even literal equivalent of the ramp at Birkenau?

As Bob Dylan sang, "When you ain't got nothin', you got nothin' to lose." At that point, it's perhaps easy to do things that in your worst nightmare you never thought you'd do. But it's when you've got everything to lose that standing up, doing the right thing and calling out evil for what it is, really counts.

Have a good weekend.


  • "The Mullahs must be prepared."
    We Will Neither Forgive Nor Forget the Murder of Mahsa Amini
  • Richard Fernandez: "The lights are going out all over Europe, and they won’t be coming on again for a while, at least not on Green power. The hope in world capitals that the crisis which began with the [Chinese] Covid 2019 pandemic and deepened with Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine would soon blow over was rudely dashed . . . For the moment the visionaries will have their hands full just keeping the war from spreading; ensuring the lights stay on, keeping the supply chain connected and making it possible to put food on the table. The generation of politicians that promised us the end of history would do well to just get us to another tomorrow."
    Shifting From Utopia to Survival Mode

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Daily Tech News 23 September 2022

—Pixy Misa

Top Story

  • Nvidia's new graphics cards are two to four times faster than the previous generation - if you are using ray tracing and upscaling. (PC Magazine)

    If you're not using ray tracing and upscaling, they're not.

    Except somehow in the case of Microsoft Flight Simulator, where they are - and somehow the RTX 4080 is the same speed as the much more expensive RTX 4090.

  • Nvidia also explained why the new cards are so much more expensive than the previous generation: Because. (PC Magazine)

  • And to gamers who are saying that the 4080 is really just a renamed 4070 to justify the high pricing, Nvidia had this response: Nuh-uh. (PC Magazine)

    Nvidia is handing a golden opportunity to AMD and Intel here. Intel simply isn't in a position to take advantage of it, but AMD might be.

    We'll see what they have up their sleeves on November 3.

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We Are Kept Keen On The Grindstone Of Pain And ONTs


Greetings, Deplorables! How's everybody doing? I've been trying to get my new optic mounted. I got it from a left wing weapons manufacturer, I'm trying to get a feel for their tech.


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Olde Time Cafe


Torre Scola, Italy

Torre Scola, or Scola Tower:

The Scola Tower (Torre Scola on Italian), originally known as the tower of St. John the Baptist (Torre di San Giovanni Battista), is a military structure situated in the western part of the Gulf of La Spezia (or Gulf of Poets) in the coastal region of Liguria in north-western Italy. The tower, or what was left of it, is more than 42 feet tall and it looks like as it is rising from the sea. It was constructed by the citizens of Genoa (actually by the Senate of the Republic of Genoa) in 1606 on a rock in front of the northeastern side of the island of Palmaria in the town of Porto Venere, now in the Province of La Spezia.


A history of stupid inventions. Actually some of these are pretty cool.

Solving the problem of tight parking in Paris, 1927.

Hindenburg flying over New York City, one hour before the conflagration in Lakehurst, NJ.

This is how they used to pick pockets in the olden times.

In ancient times, people told the time according to to the tilt of a puppy's head.


In the olden times, little girls had amazing magical powers, and would glow wonderfully when we burned them at the stake for their witchery.

In the olden days, dogs used to eat while seated in Thrones of Oak.

The ancient Egyptians revered cats for their superior pottery skills.

Man learned the art of romance from the sea otter. No, not like that. I mean we observed them.

From time immemorial, man has always enjoyed bamboozling dogs.

Shop owners of the past feared three things: thieves, bears, and thieving bears.

When the world was filled with lions, and extraordinarily athletic oxen.

Back when the world was young, and Joe Biden was only 68.

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Quick Hits


All it would have taken was a single Republican "no" vote to defeat a series of Democrat anti-police bills in the House. The measure passed 216-215. One more "no" would have resulted in a tie, and a tie does not pass the measure.

Liz Cheney was the missing vote. She simply refused to vote out of spite. She could have voted -- Nancy Pelosi continues (illegally) permitting proxy voting because the pandemic "emergency" that Biden says is over -- but she chose not to, to deliver her actual party allies the win.


Can't wait for her Democrat-paid simps at The Dispatch and The Bulwark praise her for this latest show of Heroism, Principle, and Grace Under Fire.

Hillary Clinton and Chloe Grace Moretz (Hit Girl from Kick-Ass):


Yesterday, Black Orchid pointed out that inflation would be naturally eased if we just drilled more oil. That works, because if we create more actual wealth, by just uncorking it and pulling it out of the earth, we match more real value to the excess number of dollars in the economy. Inflation is driven by having too many dollars chasing too few units of value, so if we increase units of value, we dampen inflation. We better match the number of dollars to units of value, and the value of the dollar stops falling in comparison to goods. (That is, prices stop going up.)

Serendipitously, it was pointed out on Twitter yesterday that Reagan didn't just rely on Paul Volcker raising interest rates to soul-crushing levels to wring Jimmy Carter's inflation out of the economy.

He also had help from a huge boom in oil production -- which, again, matched real value to those dollars floating around in the economy and thus reduced inflation naturally.


But of course Wrong-Way Brandon is doing the opposite. He's reducing oil production. He's slowed the granting of federal oil leases to an "unprecedented trickle."

The Biden administration has leased fewer acres for oil-and-gas drilling offshore and on federal land than any other administration in its early stages dating back to the end of World War II, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis.

But his tweets. But he's "honorable" as he calls upon his partisans to treat his political opponents as enemies and maybe beat them and maybe even kill them.

Giancarlo Sopo @GiancarloSopo

According to a brand new POLITICO / Morning Consult poll, a plurality of Hispanics say it's appropriate for Republican governors to relocate migrants to liberal areas -- by nearly the same margin as whites.

Hispanic: +6
Whites: +7

Link to that tweet here, with a screencap of the poll's findings.

Kevin McCarthy staged a "Commitment to America" event.

Look what was printed on the bottom of the commemorative water bottles he handed out, highlighted in yellow.


If you can't make it out, it says: "MADE RESPONSIBLY IN CHINA."

The White House has once again issued a statement: "President Biden is not authorized to make statements on our behalf."

Now they claim he had no authority to declare the covid pandemic "over."

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We Just Want to Get Married: The Continuing Journeys


Christopher F. Rufo @realchrisrufo

EXCLUSIVE: The national teachers union's "LGBTQ+ Caucus" has created a website and badge for public school employees that promotes a how-to guide for "anal sex," "bondage," "rimming," "domination," "sadomasochism," "muffing," and "fisting."

Let's review the documents.

Before getting into those documents, which are suitably disgusting and borderline criminal, let's take a look at a gay man that Steven Crowder interviewed -- a gay man who's also disgusted by this Groomer shit.

And a gay man who unfortunately had to have his face blurred and his voice distorted, because apparently, his position is unpopular in the We Just Want To Get Married community.

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Is This Something?


Come to Ace of Spades HQ, which shows you the only good part of the movies -- the trailers for other movies. Which at least have the promise of possibly being good, and cannot disappoint you. Yet.

Did anyone hear, at all, that they made a new Fletch? With Jon Hamm?

And it's already in theaters?

Warning: This is not something.

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Miranda Divine: FBI Hero Punished For Protesting the Brutal Tactics Being Used Against People for the Crime of Being Conservative


Some ham-and-eggers are stepping up-- and the FBI is punishing them.

One big part in the below article that I haven't quoted concerns his attempts to have his complaints heard. If you're reporting misconduct in the federal government, your superiors are supposed to work with you, and if they can't, they're supposed to direct you to their superiors, and then ultimately to an inspector general.

The FBI ignored all of these rules and just kept telling him to shut up about the 6th and 8th Amendment violations. Every time he would object to something illegal or unethical, they would strongly suggest his job was in peril, asking him things like, "And how long do you expect to be working at the FBI?" or inviting him to do "some soul-searching" about how much he really wanted to be at the FBI.

Or telling him he was "a bad teammate."

Obviously, when an employee comes to you telling you that he has seen illegalities, you're not supposed to say "Shut up or you'll be fired and lose your pension."

But that's exactly what happened to Steve Friend.

And now he's out of work.

Bombshell allegations by FBI Special Agent Steve Friend contained in a whistleblower complaint filed late Wednesday with the Department of Justice inspector general reveal a politicized Washington, DC, FBI field office cooking the books to exaggerate the threat of domestic terrorism, and using an "overzealous" January 6 ­investigation to harass conservative Americans and violate their constitutional rights.

Friend, 37, a respected 12-year veteran of the FBI and a SWAT team member, was suspended Monday, stripped of his gun and badge, and escorted out of the FBI field office in Daytona Beach, Fla., after complaining to his supervisors about the violations.

He was declared absent without leave last month for refusing to participate in SWAT raids that he believed violated FBI policy and were a use of excessive force against Jan. 6 subjects accused of misdemeanor offenses.

This American hero, the father of two small children, has blown up his "dream career" because he could not live with his conscience if he continued to be part of what he sees as the unjust persecution of conservative Americans.

"I have an oath to uphold the Constitution," he told supervisors when he asserted his conscientious objection to joining an Aug. 24 raid on a J6 subject in the Jacksonville, Fla., area. "I have a moral objection and want to be considered a conscientious objector."

Friend, who did not vote for Donald Trump in the 2020 election, said he told his immediate boss twice that he believed the raid, and the investigative process leading up to it, violated FBI policy and the subject's right under the Sixth Amendment to a fair trial and Eighth Amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment.

Friend was taken off child exploitation cases to work the January 6th raids. He was told that child pornography was no longer a high priority at the FBI. The Insurrectionists were the real threat.

He repeatedly objected to using armed raids against citizens guilty of, if anything, minor misdemeanors. He pointed out that simple phone calls inviting them to come to the FBI office to answer questions would suffice.

But no, the FBI wanted to scare and intimidate families, so they sent men armed with M-16s to pound on doors.

And they insisted on sending Steve Friend, even though he repeatedly told them he wanted to be considered a conscientious objector and not go on these terror raids.

Among Friend's allegations:

The Washington, DC, field office is "manipulating" FBI case management protocol and farming out J6 cases to field offices across the country to create the false impression that right-wing domestic violence is a widespread national problem that goes far beyond the "black swan" event of Jan. 6, 2021.

As a result, he was listed as lead agent in cases he had not investigated and which his supervisor had not signed off on, in violation of FBI policy.

FBI domestic terrorism cases are being opened on innocent American citizens who were nowhere near the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, based on anonymous tips to an FBI hotline or from Facebook spying on their messages. These tips are turned into investigative tools called "guardians," after the FBI software that collates them.

The FBI has post-facto designated a grassy area outside the Capitol as a restricted zone, when it was not restricted on Jan. 6, 2021, in order to widen the net of prosecutions.

The FBI intends to prosecute everyone even peripherally associated with J6 and another wave of J6 subjects are about to be referred to the FBI's Daytona Beach resident agency "for investigation and arrest."

In Today's FBI, complaining about unethical Gestapo tactics gets you punished by your bosses:

In a Sept. 16 letter from the head of FBI human resources, he was told he was losing his security clearance also because he "espoused beliefs which demonstrate questionable judgment [and demonstrated] an unwillingness to comply with rules and regulations."

In his whistleblower complaint, Friend describes "reprisals" from his supervisors after he voiced his conscientious objections.


Federico [his superior] told him it would have been better to just "call in sick" rather than voice his objection and "threatened reprisal indirectly by asking how long I saw myself continuing to work for the FBI."

Four days later, Friend was summoned to Jacksonville to meet his next-level bosses, Assistant Special Agents in Charge Coult Markovsky and Sean Ryan, about his refusal to join the SWAT raid.

He told them about his concerns over "irregular" case handling of J6 matters that he believed were in violation of a legal rule known as "Brady" that requires prosecutors to disclose evidence that would exonerate a defendant.

They asked if he believed any J6 rioters committed crimes and he replied: "Some of the people who entered the Capitol committed crimes, but others were innocent. I elaborated that I believed some innocent individuals had been unjustly prosecuted, convicted and sentenced."

Markovsky then asked Friend if J6 rioters who "killed police officers" should be prosecuted, even though no such thing happened. When Friend pointed out that "there were no police officers killed on January 6, 2021," Markovsky told him he was being a "bad teammate."

Cops and prosecutors are indeed required to turn over exculpatory evidence to defendants. But crooked cops and prosecutors will often claim that exculpatory evidence isn't exculpatory, from a certain point of view, and hide it.

It's unethical.

It also happens every day, because there are a lot of crooked cops and prosecutors.

And you can't get rid of them, because when someone in the system like Steve Friend notes this crime, he's told he's "a bad teammate" and should find a different line of work.

Both agents "threatened reprisal again by warning that my refusal [to go on the SWAT raid] could amount to insubordination. References were made to my future career prospects with the FBI."

Friend was labeled AWOL the day the raid took place and stripped of his pay.

This is amazing. This is the real FBI.

A week later, he was told to meet the top agent in Jacksonville, Special Agent in Charge Sherri Onks, who told him he needed to do some "soul searching" and decide if he wanted to work for the FBI.

When he told her "many of my colleagues expressed similar concerns to me but had not vocalized their objections to FBI executive management," she told him his "views represented an extremely small minority of the FBI workforce."

She then shared the emotional experience of fearing for her own life on Jan. 6, 2021, when she was sitting on the seventh floor of the secure J. Edgar Hoover Building, FBI headquarters, after protesters one mile away "seized the Capitol and threatened the United States' democracy."

Special Karen In Charge Sherri Onks

I remember her from a Zoom video. When a Congressman asked her a question, I think about how many FBI agents and informants were at the J6 rally, she refused to answer.

Read the whole thing. It's an amazing scoop by Miranda Divine.

At Just the News, Jim Jordan explains what Friend means about the "case file manipulation."

Apparently he means that all of this "domestic violent extremism activity" is just phone calls and emails in preparation for the January 6th Stop the Steal rally. But they're assigning the cases outside of the DC Office, to local offices, to give the appearance that there are all these "domestic violent extremism" cases popping up all over the country.

No, it's all just the same bullshit case. They're assigning the cases to local offices so that they can put little "Domestic Violent Extremism" pins on a map of the US and show DANGEROUS RIGHT-WING PLOTS everywhere.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said in a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray that the "manipulative case-file practice" was being conducted by the bureau's Washington field office, which was instructing local FBI offices to open up cases on their books that were in fact simply related to the Capitol breach.

"The FBI's case categorization creates the illusion that threats from DVE are present in jurisdictions across the nation, when in reality they all stem from the same related investigation concerning the actions at the Capitol on January 6," Jordan wrote.

"Such an artificial case categorization scheme allows FBI leadership to misleadingly point to 'significant' increases in DVE threats nationwide," he added.

Dan Bongino's interview with FBI agent Kyle Seraphin is up. In the below clip, he says two FBI agents have been suspended without pay -- I assume for coming on the second year now -- for merely attending the Trump January 6th rally.

They did nothing illegal.

The FBI just doesn't like Republicans who support Trump. They've decided that's against FBI policy and borderline treason.

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Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin Mandates That Parents Must Be Consulted Before Any School Official "Transitions" A Student's Gender


It's incredible that such a common-sense position has to be forced on to the schools through a decree.

Christopher Rufo, who fought for this harder than almost any Republican official, shares the good news.

Christopher F. Rufo @realchrisrufo

Winning: The Youngkin Administration has created a new model policy that protects parental rights and mandates parental notification and consent before a public school can facilitate a child sexual transition.

Excerpts from the new policy at that tweet.

David Strom at Hot Air echoes a lot of what I've been saying.

It may seem radical, but Youngkin's policies will return care for the moral and physical development of students to their primary caregivers, not to some 25 year-old rainbow-colored-hair social justice warrior.

The current push to promote teachers and school bureaucrats as child development experts with superior knowledge and judgment to parents strikes me as totally bizarre.

First of all, it is really creepy to have non-caregiving adults speaking secretly to kids about their sexual identity and sexual practices, as is now common in the schools. There is word for that, but no social media site will allow it to be used without censorship. But sexualizing children is predatory behavior, especially since the people involved are promoting a particular identity or lifestyle.

Secondly, sad to say but many school teachers are barely equipped to do their primary job of educating kids in their subject matter. A quick look at student performance in the public schools will tell you that the public schools are doing a piss poor job of just teaching the basics. There are many good teachers, but as a class they are not especially impressive.

I was struck by the case in California of two mere teachers beginning the secret gay-trans club and transitioning kids themselves. As an angry parent railed at a school board meeting -- after their "transitioned" child attempted suicide -- what psychological or psychiatric training did these two know-nothings possess?

None at all. They were mere teachers. What they knew of psychology would be the one- or two- credit "Intro to Child Psychology" type stuff that is part of a teaching degree. Completely superficial, basic-bitch stuff.

And yet these two incompetent narcissists believed that this -- and their leftwing political fanaticism -- equipped them to decide which of their kids were gay and which were trans and when and how to properly transition them to their proper sexualities and genders.

The idea that teachers who can't teach will suddenly become intimates with students and guide their moral development is ridiculous and dangerous. The belief that schools that can barely maintain order could become nurturing environments for mentally disturbed children is utterly ridiculous.

It is indeed true that many children who have gender identity issues are at risk from severe mental health problems. That is an especially compelling reason to keep strangers who are ill equipped to deal with such weighty matters completely out of the issue. With kids who are suicidal it is probably best to keep the blue-haired body-pierced freak as far away from the child instead of encouraging that person to mentor them.

Those who can't do, teach.

Those who can't teach, transition.

It also seems to me that the teaching field has been inundated by mentally ill individuals who are evangelists for mental illness, and want to mainstream their own mental illness by infecting as many healthy children as possible with it.

And yeah, if you've got blue hair and fake genitals and you insist your pronouns are not pronouns but made-up non-words, you are mentally ill, and should be getting help from non-mentally-ill people, not training children in how to emulate your mental illnesses.

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Stacy Abrams Propagates Medical Disinformation That Fetal Heartbeat Is a "Manufactured Sound" Created By a Conspiracy of Doctors To Make Women Think That Babies Have Heartbeats


This is a medical conspiracy theory, which the tech monopolies and legacy propaganda media outlets say they're committed to eradicating.


Ultrasounds aren't real. The female penis, now that is real.
Posted by: bear with asymmetrical balls

Don't worry, though: Stacy Abrams' "interesting theory" will not only not result in her being censored by the leftwing media and the tech monopolies, but leftwing media is already claiming that yeah, maybe the fetal heartbeat is, in a way, a made-up, imaginary sound.

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Pfizer Sued Over Fellowship Offered Only to Blacks and Hispanics, Specifically Excluding Asians and Whites


"Anti-racism" now just means "anti-white."

Pfizer is being sued for excluding whites and Asians from its prestigious "Breakthrough Fellowship," a nine-year program that includes a fully funded master's degree and guaranteed employment with the pharmaceutical giant.

The lawsuit, filed on Thursday by the medical advocacy group Do No Harm, says that the program's exclusionary criteria violate five different civil rights laws: the Civil Rights Act of 1866, which bans racial discrimination in contracting; New York City and New York State's human rights laws, which ban race discrimination in internships, training programs, and employment; Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which bans race discrimination in federally funded entities; and Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, which bans race discrimination in federally funded health care programs.

Because Pfizer accepts reimbursements from the government, the lawsuit says, "All its operations--including the fellowship--are covered by" Title VI and Section 1557. That means the company could lose federal money if it does not change its application criteria, which explicitly restrict the Breakthrough Fellowship to "Black/African American, Latino/Hispanic, and Native American" students.

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The Morning Rant: Minimalist Edition



The current unrest in Iran is simply the boiling over of bitter resentment of a repressive regime doing what it always does, combined with the flagrant and unapologetic murder of an innocent. The people of Iran have been abused since the beginning of the mad Mullahs' reign, and only by brutal repression and refocusing their attention on external threats (The great Satan (America) and The Little Satan (Israel)) have they retained their power.

But it isn't only the people of Iran who have been injured...the entire world suffers from the terrorism that Iran exports wherever it can, and it is not just bombings and assassinations...it is terror directed at entire countries.

But is there an end in sight?

As Melanie Phillips describes:

As has been demonstrated by the suspension of the head of the morality police and the announcement of an inquiry into Amini’s death, the Iranian tyrants have been showing nervousness at this fresh eruption of street protest. As well they might: few know better than a revolutionary regime how fragile is the control it wields through brutality. If enough people have the courage to face that down, the regime falls.

Until now, the protests that have periodically erupted and have been viciously suppressed — including the “Green Revolution” that followed the disputed 2009 presidential elections — haven’t achieved the critical mass necessary to bring the regime down. But under the hardline president Ebrahim Raisi — who has presided over the execution of more than 300 people this year for political crimes — and the increasing privations of economic collapse, with an approximately 300 per cent increase in the cost of basic goods, public fury and desperation have been increasing.

Well, not if the Biden junta has anything to say about it! They have bent over backwards to accommodate Iran in the negotiations for restarting the nuclear deal that will guarantee a nuclear weapon for Iran in short order. And not just a relaxation of the sanctions, but the release of a huge amount of cash that will bolster the regime just when it is under significant pressure from within! Time and time again the Biden junta has acquiesced to most of Iran's demands, making clear to Iran and the world that America is comfortable with the Mullahs having the ability to threaten the entire region with nuclear war.

State Department made 'calculation' to prioritize Iran nuclear deal over human rights issues

"We are doing everything we can not only to support the human rights and the aspirations for greater freedom of the Iranian people, but also to hold accountable those within the Iranian system that are responsible for … violence against the Iranian people," Price said. "When it comes to Iran, though … there would be no greater challenge to the United States, to our partners and to the broader international system than an Iran with a nuclear weapon."

Price argued that any challenge Iran poses would ultimately grow more severe if Iran attained a nuclear weapon, citing the country’s support for terrorist groups and proxy militias in the region as examples of threats that might grow more severe.

Except that the nuclear deal will provide everything Iran needs to create a nuclear weapon and anyone who thinks otherwise is simply carrying water for the accommodationists in the West Wing and the state department.

It is the perfect time to support the anti-government protesters in Iran with regular public announcements and perhaps private support that could include communications assistance and even arms. If the Mad Mullahs are rocked back on their heels by country-wide protests against their rule, it is incumbent upon America to pause the negotiations and shift the world's focus on the abysmal human rights record of the Iranian dictatorship.

Why not let the people of Iran do the work for us...and the world? Aside from the pesky little fact that the Biden junta is for all intents and purposes on the side of the Mullahs, that seems like a great idea!

Too bad that they see Iran as a perfect foil against those filthy Jooos in Israel and their disgusting desire to be safe from their enemies. The administration and its handlers in Kalorama would rather see a nuclear-armed Iran that promptly launches against Israel, than a safe and prosperous Middle East with Israel as the militarily and economically dominant player.

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


Dolci Moses1.jpg

Carlo Dolci

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The Morning Report — 9/22/22

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Thursday and one of the frustrating things about writing this column, insofar as the way I do it, is that just as you're ready to focus in on one topic, you find a link to something else of equal importance that comes out of left field. I guess it's better than having nothing to sink one's teeth into, but in any case, this morning we seem to be trying to take the proverbial sip of water from a firehose.

The other thing that gets me crazy is forgetting the actual "crux of the biscuit" as it were when writing my rant. Yesterday, in describing how the junta has to walk back and disavow its puppet's brain farts with growing frequency, the main point that I wanted to make was that the one thing that they are not walking back is his incitement and blood libeling of their enemies. That's no gaffe. And despite having the brain function of a wilted kohlrabi, when it comes to delivering this message, Sponge-Brain Shits-Pants delivers them with as much clarity and gusto as a Viennese housepainter at the Berlin Sportspalast. Worse, he has an entire government including the courts, law enforcement and the armed forces either giving him a standing ovation or staying silent to save their own skin and pensions.

As Miranda Devine reports, there is at least one exception:

Bombshell allegations by FBI Special Agent Steve Friend contained in a whistleblower complaint filed late Wednesday with the Department of Justice inspector general reveal a politicized Washington, DC, FBI field office cooking the books to exaggerate the threat of domestic terrorism, and ­using an “overzealous” January 6 ­investigation to harass conservative Americans and violate their constitutional rights.

Friend, 37, a respected 12-year veteran of the FBI and a SWAT-team member, was suspended Monday, stripped of his gun and badge, and escorted out of the FBI field office in Daytona Beach, Fla., after complaining to his supervisors about the violations.

He was declared absent without leave last month for refusing to participate in SWAT raids that he believed violated FBI policy and were a use of excessive force against Jan. 6 ­subjects accused of misdemeanor ­offenses. . .

. . . “I have an oath to uphold the Constitution,” he told supervisors when he asserted his conscientious objection to joining an Aug. 24 raid on a J6 subject in the Jacksonville, Fla., area. “I have a moral objection and want to be considered a conscientious objector.”

Friend, who did not vote for Donald Trump in the 2020 election, said he told his immediate boss twice that he believed the raid, and the investigative process leading up to it, violated FBI policy and the subject’s rights under the Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial and Eighth Amendment right against cruel and unusual punishment. . .

. . . Friend says his concerns are shared with large numbers of rank-and-file FBI agents across the country who believe they are being used as pawns to pursue the political agenda of the bosses in Washington, DC.

These kinds of abuses of the law are a “morale killer” for field agents, he says.

Many agents, who joined the FBI in the wake of 9/11, are keeping their heads down because they are close to their 20-year retirement with full pension. But he says they are equally disgusted at being forced to take part in the politicization of federal law ­enforcement.

We are now at a point where I can no longer shake my head in understanding of the position these people are in. Just as a reminder, this is not some new phenomenon. The FBI has at best been a bureaucracy whose sole mission, as is the mission of every bureaucracy, is to perpetuate itself. I don't have to go into the litany of scandals and outrages it was at the center of over the course of just the past 30 years. Right here and right now, the FBI is nothing more than an instrument of political repression that is being wielded by a Junta that seeks nothing more than absolute power and the final destruction of the American republic.

My message to every employee of the FBI, as well as the DOJ, CIA and now the IRS and every other damned agency in Washington is unequivocal: to hell with your 20-year career and your pension. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. And that problem is going to lead to a "final solution" if you catch my meaning. I applaud Steve Friend. The problem is the thousands of others who will not stand with him right now, when the chips are down not just for him but for the nation itself. We hang together or we hang separately, and as of now that seems to be our fate. As one commenter noted yesterday evening:

People read history books about the beginning of something horrific like the Third Reich and ask "Why didn't they see? Why didn't they DO something?"

We are living in exactly such a time, and we are finding out why 'they' didn't do something. Trying to stop the horror brings the gaze of said horror to you. And that horror will use the power of the state crush you and everyone associated with you.

Posted by: AZ Hi Desert (Gringo fuertemente armado-Tempus belli)) at September 21, 2022 06:17 PM (l7Kbv)

If as fools like Andrew McCarthy and Sean Hannity, as well as what Miranda Devine herself states in her piece, that most or much of the rank and file in the Bureau agree with Steve Friend, then if they were to walk out en masse in solidarity with him, that would send a message all the way to Kalorama. But no. And while Steve Friend is having his life ruined (if you think the worst is over for him as he exits the Hoover Building with a box of his personal effects, think again; they want him crushed pour encourager les autres and to prevent the rise of, an influencer, shall we say) because he dared protest the treatment of the J-6 political prisoners, this is how the Junta treats its foot soldiers:

Shannon Brandt, the 41-year-old accused of murdering 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson for being a supposed “Republican extremist,” was freed Tuesday from the Stutsman County jail in North Dakota, Breitbart News has confirmed.

An official at the jail told Breitabrt News that Brandt had posted a $50,000 bond and was released . . .

. . . The killing occurred just days after President Joe Biden held a “unity” summit aimed at rallying Americans to fight so-called “MAGA Republicans,” whom Biden called a “threat” to the country in a speech earlier this month.

Someone like Buffalo-Headdress-Guy and scores like him is allowed in to the Capitol by cops — who hold the door open for him — and is still rotting in a DC jail somewhere for doing nothing more than gawking at the drapery and taking a selfie, but this bastard skates after posting bond. I'd be stunned if the money did not come from a Soros front group. We don't have a two-tiered justice system; we do not have a justice system. The justice system is more and more another arm of political repression wielded against the citizenry. Open your mouth and get your teeth kicked down your throat. At some point, the word "extremist" will no longer be needed as a modifier. Calling someone "Republican" will be a combination identifier/slander all by itself. Just like the word "Jew." And the rest as they say is history. Literally.

I wrote yesterday:

"We abhor violence. We detest it to our core. We beg and plead just to be left alone to live our lives as we want, within the constraints of our faith and our morals, and in return we gladly afford the same to anyone else. It is the anti-American Left and their party, the Democrats, that believe exactly the opposite. It is they who are the purveyors of death, violence, hate and incitement in the name of accruing absolute power."

Friend and friend of the blog Michael Walsh wrote me an e-mail and commented:
"Agree, but as we move forward to Armageddon, you might have to shoulder arms and pass the ammo…"

As I wrote back, although I neglected to include the very big qualifier beginning with "BUT," it was for sure implied. The situation we face is intolerable and will only get worse as everything this Junta is inflicting on us in the name of social justice, equity, saving the planet and every other cockamamie bullshit used to cover the real reason, their attaining absolute power "by any means necessary" comes crashing down on them and ultimately on us. This can't go on. If there were many more Steve Friends in the FBI as well as in the military, which like the rest of the DC bureaucracy is turning into a force of fanatics whose main enemy is not the ChiComs but the citizenry at home (thanks, Obama!) I'd sleep a bit more soundly at night. But that's just not human nature, sadly. We go along to get along.

In a not necessarily unrelated story, we have this going on in Iran:

In July, Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi ordered the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution to step up the enforcement of the nation's hijab law.

Just weeks later, a young woman standing with her family in a Tehran subway station was arbitrarily taken into a van by the "morality police" for an unknown dress code violation.  While in custody, Mahsa Amini, 22, fell into a coma and was taken to a hospital, where she died three days later.  Her father said her legs were bruised; others say she had been beaten on the head near her neck.  The government says she died of a heart attack.  But the Iranian people, who are already outraged over abuses by the "morality police" and other Iranian military forces, are protesting in the streets.  "Women, Life, Freedom" is a common chant.  So is "I will kill whoever killed my sister . . ."

. . . After Mahsa's burial, protesters held a rally outside the governor's office and confronted the security forces while chanting, "I will kill whoever killed my sister."  The police responded by firing tear gas and pellets at the protesters, arresting some people and wounding several others.

On the third day of protests, uprisings occurred in Sanandaj, Mahabad, and Karaj, and a demonstration was held by students at Tehran University.  The regime tried to hamper the protests by disrupting the internet in Saqqez and Sanandaj, but the crowds could not be stopped.  Women had a significant presence in the protests.  Mrs. Rajavi offered her sympathies to Mahsa Amini's family and called for public mourning over her murder.

Meanwhile, on the fifth day of the uprising in different areas of Tehran and dozens of cities across Iran, at least 25 provinces have continued. people in Tehran and other cities, including Mashhad, Sabzevar, Arak, Ilam, Marivan, Gorgan, Birjand, Isfahan, Sari, Tabriz, Karaj, Fardis Karaj, Kermanshah, Qazvin, Shiraz, Bandar-Abbas, Kish, Kerman, Rafsanjan, Sanandaj, Qom, Khorramabad, Zanjan, Rasht, Ahvaz, Urmia, Bukan, Mahabad, Ardabil and Hamedan took to the streets and demonstrated against the mullahs' regime.  

On Tuesday, the state-run website Eslam-e No reported a tweet by Mohsen Mansouri, the governor of Tehran, in which he wrote, "The main elements of tonight's gatherings in Tehran were fully organized, trained and had plans to create disturbances in Tehran.  Pouring diesel fuel on roads, hurling rocks, attacking the police, setting fire to motorbikes and garbage cans, destroying public property, etc. are not things that ordinary people would do."

I would remind you that an anonymous Tunisian man who immolated himself in protest to his government wound up setting the entire Middle East on fire and causing the so-called "Arab Spring." While that was not in any way, shape, or form a "democratic" movement to say the least, the salient point is that it caused several corrupt, repressive governments to fall. While, of course, I am thinking of the mullah-ocracy in Tehran, the parallels to what is happening to us right here in the former USA are apparent.

Psaki-psircling way back to the top and my observation about many other things happening all at once, first we have the situation in Ukraine, where Vladimir Putin is now calling up 300,000 more men and threatening to use nukes on Ukraine, despite massive protests in Russia at the escalation. Whether he uses them or not (and a cornered, desperate rat, especially one with nukes, is not a pleasant thought), recall back when we conned Ukraine into giving up the nukes on its territory, left there in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union, in exchange for security promises. Had they done the smart thing and declined that offer, I doubt old Vladdy would be making threats to light up Kiev. He might not have invaded in the first place.

And finally, a long distance "def" dedication to Senator Ted Cruz: Go fuck yourself.

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The Deplorable Gourmet
A Horde-sourced Cookbook
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Top Headlines
Planned Parenthood, a short while ago: In the second month of pregnancy, "A very basic beating heart and circulatory system develop,"
Planed Parenthood now: In the second month of pregnancy, "It sounds like a heartbeat on an ultrasound, but it's not a fully-formed heart..."

Boy, The Science (TM) of embryology is "evolving" faster than The Science (TM) of immunology and virology! And The Science (TM) of human sexual development! I wonder what accounts for this?! They must be making some really great strides in The Science (TM) of embryonic development, right? Maybe one of those "Moonshots" Biden keeps babbling about!
Gay guy goes off on sexual indoctrination in schools
He wants to know why we also aren't "affirming" anorexic girls' body dysphoria -- why aren't we "validating" their delusions that they are grossly overweight, and giving them dangerous diet pills to help them become thinner?
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click -- One Hit Wonders' Failed Follow-Ups Edition
A lot of one-hit wonders were one-hit wonders for a reason, you know
Here's their actual one hit

Vanderbilt has issued a statement in response to our investigation. They do not specifically deny anything in my report. Their only defense for drugging and mutilating kids is that their parents allegedly consent to it. That's all the confirmation you need.

Thanks to Jane D'Oh
National Review demands that Glenn Youngkin cancel his plans to campaign for Kari Lake, claiming she's a "proponent of the Big Lie"
National Review is The Big Lie. Just admit you're now a Democrat propaganda website. Why are you lying to people? You're funded by Democrats. You push Democrat talking points. You agitate almost exclusively for the election of Democrats -- well, Democrats and the "Republicans" Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who themselves ally with Democrats. If you want any credibility about calling out "The Big Lie," admit your actual current partisan affiliation, and your current financial backing.
By the way, I came across this because National Review's tech monopolist patron Google links it prominently as a "Top Story" for any search for Kari Lake -- of course. It's a mutually beneficial relationship. Google gives them money and traffic, and National Review, in turn, provides them with intellectual cover for their monopoly-powered censorship of conservatives, while also propagandizing for the leftwing politicians Google knows will protect them.
Oh, and commenters there are pointing out that this "article" is a barely-disguised DeSantis hit piece, contrasting the previously "sensible" Youngkin with the crude populist Trumpist DeSantis.
A commenter writes, "Why doesn't NRO get it over with and just run a 'Never DeSantis' issue already?"
Oh, they will. Believe me, they will.
NeverTrumpers always have to be reminded that they're posing as opposed narrowly to the Singular Evil of Donald Trump, and not any and all anti-Establishment, anti-Beltway populist and/or nationalist politicians in general. But they are opposed to them all.
"But his tweets" is The Big Lie. "But he said p*ssy" is The Big Lie. "But I'm terribly afraid he's not really a conservative!" is The Big Lie. They oppose him because they are neoliberals and always have been. They held a precarious grasp on power in the GOP, holding onto power despite having a very unpopular issues profile not only with the greater electorate but within the GOP itself, and could only hold on to that power by lying and smearing all possible challengers. When a single well-funded, credible (if only just) candidate arose to challenge them, we all saw just how very infirm the hold of the neoliberals' on the party was.
And they intend to grab power again the same way they held on to it before: by lying about their actual agenda, and smearing all opponents as racists and "extremists." And they will purge, purge, purge the party down to a few tens of thousands of neoliberals and suburban Karens living in the Acela Corridor if that's what it takes to put them back into control of the GOP again.
CJN podcast sidebar.jpg
S2 E4: J.J. and CBD discuss: A minute or two on NJ and NY rejection of the SCOTUS 2A Bruen decision, Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis expose leftist immigration hypocrisy on Martha's Vineyard, King Charles "da turd," Biden junta's marching orders to the entire bureaucracy to interfere with states' electoral procedures, How the Trump miracle broke the stranglehold on Democrat voting blocs, Fentanyl: "scourge" or distraction?, and much more!
Gina Carano on why the evil groomer corporation Disney fired and defamed her
She's a real sweetie. Very cute person. The evil groomer corporation should be made to pay for defaming her. I think she must have been advised that she can't sue Disney or "you'll never work in this town again," but so what? Disney's libel of her, she says, caused everyone in Hollywood to blacklist her. So sue away.
Forgotten 80s TV Themes Mystery Click
Here's the less well-known season 1 theme. I liked this one better. It reminds me of Joe Walsh.
This theme inspired the Greatest Event in Television History
Nice melons
It's artistic. Look at the color composition.
When Elon Musk made a joke about chess players having to bend over for an anal probe before matches, I wondered: Does he mean the cheating scam was accomplished via... a butt vibrator?
Apparently that is the suspicion.
Thanks to TCinNC. I mean, "thanks," sarcastically.
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