January 20, 2021

Trump Considering Starting a Third Party


"The Patriot Party."

President Trump has talked in recent days with associates about forming a new political party, according to people familiar with the matter, an effort to exert continued influence after he leaves the White House.

Mr. Trump discussed the matter with several aides and other people close to him last week, the people said. The president said he would want to call the new party the "Patriot Party," the people said...

It's unclear how serious Mr. Trump is about starting a new party, which would require a significant investment of time and resources.

Well, Trump skimped on his own election campaigns so I can answer how much money he'd pour into it: Like, forty bucks, total.

That said, his biggest contribution could just be as a high-profile endorser. Third-parties remain fringe concerns because no one believes they could actually win. If people did think they could win, more people would vote for them.

It's a Catch-22.

But if you have a high-profile endorser/patron, you get over that hump pretty quickly.

Ross Perot was able to turn the Reform Party into a significant player in the 1992 election -- and that was with him flaking in and quitting and then unquitting.

It's time.

The GOP is as aggressive an enemy against us as the Democrats are. It's time to starve that beast. Let them see how far they can get without actual human voters.

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Mid-Day Quarantine Cafe


Let's take a break from the awful news of the day and just think about how grateful we are for [4].

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American Journalism is Back, Baby!: More Wisdom from Our Intellectual and Moral Betters


Chris Wallace of the Chris Wallace's Leftwing Opinions Network (CLOWN) didn't just declare that Biden's slurring was the "greatest inauguration I've ever heard."

No, Chris Wallace of the Chris Wallace's Leftwing Opinions Network also declared that the media -- meaning, his own conservative colleagues at Fox -- should especially heed the wisdom of lying rapist Joe Biden:

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Wyoming State Senator Files to Run Against Neocon NeverTrumper Liz Cheney in Primary Challenge


Thanks to redridinghood.

In a news release announcing his campaign Wednesday, the hard-line conservative state senator said he was running to oust Cheney for her vote to impeach former President Donald Trump for his role in inciting a riot at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6.

"Wyoming was President Trump's best state both times he ran," Bouchard said in a statement announcing his campaign. "That's because Wyoming voters are strong conservatives who want our leaders to stand up for America, defend our freedoms, fight for our way of life and always put working people first as President Trump did."

"Liz Cheney's long-time opposition to President Trump and her most recent vote for impeachment shows just how out of touch she is with Wyoming," he added. "Wyoming taxpayers need a voice in Congress who will stand up to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats, and not give them cover. That's why I'm running for Congress."

Bouchard had previously declared on FaceBook, after Cheney's impeachment vote: "I expect Never Trumpers to do this stuff. But Cheney should be run out of town, and back to Virginia for joining the blame game!"

Cheney has already been censured by the Wyoming GOP for her party-flipping impeachment vote:

"By announcing her decision to vote for impeachment Representative Cheney denied President Trump due process; she judged the 'evidence' before it was presented and refused to listen to the arguments made," the Wyoming GOP said in a statement last week.

Meanwhile, the House Freedom Caucus is pressuring leadership to permit a debate about stripping Cheney of her #2 leadership position.

"She did this for her own personal political gain," said Rep. Matt Rosendale. It was not a matter of conscience, the Montana freshman insisted. He told RealClearPolitics it was instead a betrayal meant "to elevate herself as one of the new leaders in the Republican Party," before pausing to add, "the 'New Republican party,' if you will." Who are these upstarts? According to Rosendale, they include those eager to put "the legacy of Trump behind them." He paused again, this time to clarify: "When I say legacy, I don't mean the legacy of the last 60 days that has been completely tainted and distorted."


Rep. Andy Biggs, a Trump ally and the current HFC chairman, was calling for Cheney's ouster before the impeachment vote on Wednesday. "The reality is she's not representing the conference," he said in a Fox News interview. "She's not representing the Republican ideals." She was "out there advocating for others to join her in impeachment," he said. "That's wrong, and I think she should resign."

Purge her.

They're joining with the left to brand 75 million Americans Uncharged Terrorists. Every time the neocon liberal Republican establishment people lose a primary contest, they defect to the Democrats to make sure the insurgent loses.

That's what Liz Cheney did. She doesn't like the insurgent politics of Trump, so she followed the neocon/Rockefeller Republican pattern of joining with the far left to defeat an internal party rival.

That's not how coalition politics are supposed to work. How it's supposed to work is this: We argue amongst each other, we even primary each other. But, within our own coalition, we accept the results of majority rule. If an establishment candidate wins, fine, the insurgents' supporters support the establishment candidate -- reluctantly, of course, but they still support him.

And if the insurgent candidate wins, the establishment is required to accept the will of the majority and support that candidate. Again, reluctantly, but again, they still must support their coalition partners.

As many commenters always -- rightly -- point out: We're always accepting the need to put internal party fights aside at the general election, and we always wind up voting for the Shit Sandwich we opposed, based on the promise that if and when our guy ever wins, the Establishment Corporatist Neocons will support our guy.

But this promise is a lie. They never do support our guy.

This is entirely a one-sided "partnership," where we have endless obligations to the self-declared "elite" and they have none whatsoever to us.

The Rockefeller Republicans, the "Kennebunkport Konservatives" of the liberal Yankee Bush wing, the corporate-humping establishment Never -- N E V E R -- accept the basic premise of coalition politics that sometimes, your interparty rivals will win an interparty dispute, and you are obligated to accept their win.

They never, ever respect an insurgent. They immediately begin scheming with Democrats to delegitimize that insurgent. They work with Democrats and the Deep State to enact a coup against him.

In the case of Richard Mourdock, a Tea-Party aligned insurgent candidate who beat ancient establishment liberal fossil Richard Lugar, they actually endorse the Democrat in order to prevent their rival from winning.

The Establishment wing of the GOP, and the grotesque corporate-sponsored "conservative" media that acts as its heralds, have now supported Democrats in the general election three cycles in a row -- 2016, 2018, and 2020. Some have done so overtly; most were too cowardly and dishonest to flatly state they were supporting the Democrat, so they did so by a thousand cuts.

But support the Democrats they did.

Because someone Not of the Corporate Body won an election.

This is not, then, actual "coalition" politics, because one side of the coalition absolutely refuses the right of the other parts of the coalition to have any political voice at all.

Any power given to the Establishment Neocon wing is just more power you're giving them for the next time you challenge them, and they decide, as is their standard operating procedure, to use the power you've given them to help the Democrats win and defeat your right to participate in representative politics at all.

They are not allies. They are not coalition "partners." They aim to rule us, and if they cannot do so themselves, they will ally with the Democrats to make sure that the Democrats rule us.

But make no mistake: No matter how it shakes out, the Establishment Corporate Neocons intend that you shall be ruled, by one master or another.

They must be purged. They must be purged, or we must form our own party.

4ward with honor.

A good question to ask Liz Cheney: Any real conservative in a media job should ask her, "If your Trump-supporting primary opponent beats you, will you respect the will of the voters and support him?"

She'll hem and haw. They never do support any Republican from the Republican Wing of the Republican Party. Only fellow Kennebunkport "Konservatives."

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Fox News: Best. Inaugural Speech. Ever.
CNN: The Lights At the Lincoln Memorial (That Taxpayers and Corporate Donors Paid For) Are "Almost Extensions of Joe Biden's Arms, Embracing America"


Reaching for your guns, your wallet, your unconsenting vagina (if a woman) and your throat.

American Journalism Is Back, Baby!

And if you recall, this Objective Nonpartisan Urinalist was considered so unbiased that he was made a moderator at a Republican primary debate.


TheHill, a thoroughly amateurish propaganda sheet, continues the very lazy non-journalistic practice of deciding the "news" is whatever word-fart the "journalist" read on twitter two minutes ago:


Nobel Prizes all around, I think.

Oh, and this decrepit old bone-jostler was just gushing. Fox News, through its Signature Opinion-Babbler Chris Wallace, declares it "The best inaugural I've ever heard."

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Fake President Biden Sworn In By Corrupt Justice Roberts
Trump: "We Will Be Back, in Some Form"


Biden being sworn in right now.

Earlier, Trump gave a speech from Andrews Air Force base as he left DC.

Full speech here.

Meanwhile, the leftwing media (in which category I include the NeverTrump Establishment GOP corporate media, which has supported Democrats three election cycles in a row) is fully unmasked:

American Journalism is Back, Baby! CNN's coverage of Trump's departure from the White House. Content warning: Jake Tapper is in full gloat mode.

American Journalism is Back, Baby!, Part 2.

American Journalism is Back, Baby! Part 3:


From the Biden transition team:

"Today, the President-elect is wearing a navy suit and navy overcoat, both by American designer Ralph Lauren. Dr. Jill Biden is wearing an ocean blue wool tweed coat and dress by emerging American designer Alexandra O'Neil of Markarian."


Meanwhile, per an aide to Harris: The Vice President-elect is wearing Christopher John Rogers and Sergio Hudson. Christopher is a young Black designer, from Baton Rouge, and lives in New York City. Sergio is Black designer from SC.
Doug Emhoff is wearing a Ralph Lauren suit.

Let the healing begin!

Now that Trump has left the White House, Politico reported on information they've had forever: That Biden is in steep cognitive decline and anything he says is a heavily-memorized line written by someone else.

And also: that he forgets having memorized and repeated the canned lines previously.

For higher-profile remarks, [Biden would] obsessively rehearse portions until he committed them to memory. And at times through the various iterations of outlining remarks, Biden could grow downright ornery.

"I would never say this," Biden once snapped at an aide, aghast over the prepared remarks he was reviewing, according to a person in the room during a speech prep session last year. "Where did you get this from?'"

The aide explained that Biden had just said it in a public speech a couple of weeks earlier.

Someone I know has dementia. Whenever he cannot remember something, he gets frustrated, and he "snaps" angrily, just as Joe Biden always does.

Dementia does not just ravage the memory: It also ravages the executive functions of the brain, including emotional control and judgment.

We're we told for five years that we could not afford to have Trump as president, because of his lack of emotional control and poor judgment?

But now we all have to support "President" Biden, who obviously has advanced dementia.

I guess the president, with the nuclear missile launch codes, doesn't need an intact brain any longer.

So we have that to look forward to. Thanks, National Review!

But you know, Biden's staff will write Nice Tweets for him.

And that's all that matters to our Twitter-Bound Political Class.

Here's his Fake Inauguration speech:

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The Morning Rant


talking ape.jpg


OK, listen up, all you morons! We got a bunch of new rules that have just been handed down and I've been told they go into effect today. Like, right now. Sorry for the lack of prior notice, but you know how these things are. So, let's get to it:

You all remember how "the #Resistance" was all the rage, right? All the cool kids were doing it. Well, not any more. Now it's a Bad Thing to try to oust the president. The new word is "insurrectionist", and it's a slur, not a compliment. We needed a new word, anyway, since "white supremacist" is starting to get worn out and it doesn't have the shock value it once had.

Any criticism of the Biden administration will now be called an insurrection.

The military is now good. Those brave soldiers are on our side now, right? At least, those we vet and approve of. Police, too. And military parades? Also cool now. 30,000 federal troops in the capitol should not raise an eyebrow, and any comparison to Nazis or Nuremberg rallies, which a year ago would've flooded the news cycles for days if Trump had done this, are to be discouraged.

You're going to have to drop the ACAB nonsense, too. Because we need the police to protect us from the insurrectionists. So you need to get on board with backing the blue!

Rioting is now bad. This rule was actually put in place on January 5th, but not many people knew that.

Fictional movies, plays, and books that depict the assassination of the sitting president as a good thing is now out of style. We don't do that any more. Our President should not be insulted that way. It's bad. For at least the next 4 years. Although there is an exception here for previous presidents, in particular, the last one.

FLOTUS is now beautiful again. Let a thousand magazine covers bloom. And her accomplishments, no matter how small or inconsequential, are too be praised.

This is not a new rule, but more of a continuation of an old rule, and you SNL writers should take note of this: no jokes about the president's mental capacity or how the vice president got a leg up (so to speak) in politics. Those topics are off limits. Bad taste, don't you know. Although I trust you guys, you did yeoman's work not making fun of the president's obvious quirks and flaws during the Obama yeas, so I know we can count on you to come through.

Another rule that is still in place is the hate speech/free speech dichotomy, only now the objects have switched.

Lastly, it's now OK to cover lighter stuff, like clothes and taste in music, in order to present the human side of the First Couple. So let the puff pieces and the tongue baths commence!

No, This is Insurrectional:

election 20201230 02.jpg

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Mid-Morning Art Thread


Kollwitz guillotine.jpg

The Carmagnole (Dance Around the Guillotine)
Kathe Kollwitz

[100 comment rule is waived...]

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The Morning Report - 1/20/21 [J.J. Sefton]

—Open Blogger


The stations of uncensored expression are closing down; the lights are going out; but there is still time for those to whom freedom... mean[s] something, to consult together. Let me, then, speak in truth and earnestness while time remains...

...A state of society where men may not speak their minds, where children denounce their parents to the police, where a business man or small shopkeeper ruins his competitor by telling tales about his private opinions; such a state of society cannot long endure if brought into contact with the healthy outside world. The light of civilised progress with its tolerances and co-operation, with its dignities and joys, has often in the past been blotted out. But I hold the belief that we have now at last got far enough ahead of barbarism to control it, and to avert it, if only we realise what is afoot and make up our minds in time. We shall do it in the end. But how much harder our toil for every day's delay!

- - Winston Churchill, October 16, 1938, Broadcast to the United States from London

Good morning, kids. In a few short hours, we are going to enter a phase of our lives where we will be confronted with situations, perhaps even of life and death, that are going to challenge us in ways that until recently seemed unimaginable. Not just physically and emotionally but in ways that will force us to confront who we are and what we believe as rational, decent, G-d fearing human beings. If anyone thinks this is hyperbole, you have not been paying attention to what has been happening all around us for the past four years and longer. Check that; it's more likely that those who had not been paying attention at all would be stunned at the implications of things like re-education camps and de-programming of conservatives, purging of our armed forces of anyone with impure thoughts (i.e. pro-American), businesses firing employees or refusing to serve customers for mere political affiliations, a daughter mocking her mother for being beaten up in DC on Black Wednesday and getting her fired because she protested the election theft, and on and on and on.

Just to be clear, it is not Orwell's 1984, it is the Soviet Union of 1937 returned from the hereafter with a human face. There will be no Gulags; millions of people will not be executed. The dissidents will be dealt with "humanely." They will be purged from the universities, media, government jobs, and major corporations. The Bolsheviks; motto, "who does not work does not eat," will be replaced with a new one -- "who does not obey does not eat."

Dissent will be suppressed by a brute force of government agencies, including the power of the DOJ to bring frivolous lawsuits and bankrupt its victims and destroy their families...

... The ubiquitous sentinel of American democracy infamous for its colossal failures, the FBI, will regularly discover plots against the government, find caches of weapons and fabricate preposterous accusations against political opponents. As a deterrent, they will be given harsh sentences. The administration will harness every incident to seize greater control over the nation.

The people and businesses are beginning to fear the all-powerful government that is perfectly willing to deploy a full arsenal of state weaponry, such as DOJ, FBI, IRS, EPA, DOE and its powerful FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission), DHS (Department of Homeland Security), DOL (Department of Labor), and other assets we may not know about. The corporations got the massage, ending contributions to the Republican Party...

... The Bolsheviks' aphorism: "We can only have two parties: one in power, the other in prison" will be replaced with "one in power, the other a permanent second-tier loser" assigned to maintain an image of the two-party system.

Neither education nor life experience has prepared Americans for grasping the epochal shift that took place this November. It is not surprising. From ancient times, the most tragic events of history have been triggered by people who, despite the obvious, failed to forecast the future.

And now, we have the National Guard - impugned and maligned by the Dems as perhaps infiltrated by "white supremacists" of questionable loyalty - guarding a sham inauguration behind barbed wire fences. It's a phony media stunt, but one that as Daniel Greenfield states has a more malevolent purpose.

D.C. isn't under military guard to protect our government, but a partisan political agenda.

The Democrats didn't want troops in D.C. when their own were rioting during President Trump's inauguration or violently attacking the White House. They don't need 25,000 troops to stop a few hundred protesters. They need them as a show of force to suppress political opposition.

Biden and the Democrats are using a military deployment for a show of political force, using a manufactured crisis to rally support behind their radical agenda, while suppressing dissent...

...America is not a banana republic. There is no place for military theater, lists of enemies, or declaring political opponents to be enemies of the state. The Democrats have already embraced fascism before even formally taking power. Fascists always claim to be seizing power in reaction to an emergency. The manufactured emergency is here. The power grab comes next.

I dread the future, but I am eternally grateful for President Donald Trump. Now more than ever, as the Enemy and Judases like Mitch McConnell try to eradicate him even after he leaves the White House, seemingly for the last time, they will not destroy what he started. A popular movement to restore this nation as founded as the beacon of freedom and the last best hope for a civilized, peaceful world.

Sir Edward Grey, the British Foreign Secretary, on the eve of the First World War, lamented to his friend, "the lamps are going out all over Europe. We shall not see them lit again in our lifetime."

The lamps are going out all over America. G-d be with us.

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Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (1/19/21)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

“This historic inauguration is especially meaningful for American women and girls. The glass ceilings are breaking and it is the time to #LeadLikeAWoman.” Vanderbilt Kicker Sarah Fuller

Simply historic.

Quote II

“[With a] fast-food experience, you get your order and you go eat in the car or whatever. When you went to Pizza Hut, it was typically a family thing. You went with a big party or a group of friends after a game or recital. So there are a lot of memories of your childhood, your friends, your school crush or your family getting together for a fun night out without having to do the dishes.” Rebecca Rose, from Santa Barbara

Quote III

“So if I understand you correctly, you’re telling me that an unauthorized, non-employee individual was allegedly living within a secure part of the O’Hare airport terminal from Oct. 19, 2020, to Jan. 16, 2021, and was not detected? I want to understand you correctly,” Cook County Judge Susana Ortiz

Quote IV

“The candle exploded and emitted huge flames, with bits flying everywhere," she said. "I’ve never seen anything like it. The whole thing was ablaze and it was too hot to touch. There was an inferno in the room.” Jody Thompson of Kilburn, North London

Quote V

"Yes, he was wearing a mask at all times. He was a physician. And he took all the protocols." Katy Amiri-Younesi friend of Dr. Payman Simoni

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Quarantine Cafe: Existential Dread Edition


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Federalist Society Ponders Purging All Trump Supporters


This is why I've made it easier for them by purging myself.

Good luck winning elections with ten million total voters, assholes.

Following the Jan. 6 siege of the U.S. Capitol, the conservative movement is aggressively folding to the Democrats – making capitulations designed to protect the wealth of the donor class even if it means the facilitating the death of American liberties.

The Federalist Society is one of the conservative organizations that is readying a pivot left-ward, with weak conservative members of the society agitating against pro-Trump lawyers involved with the group.

"Recent events... have me extremely troubled about the direction in which the Federalist Society is heading. While I embrace spirited debate and do not believe in the left's cancel culture instincts, I do believe there is a line that cannot be crossed-- insurrection and incitement to undermine the rule of law and our constitution,” attorney Jeremy Rosen wrote in an e-mail to Federalist Society leaders after the Capitol siege.

Trending: GOP Establishment Threatens President Trump with Impeachment Unless He Denies Election Fraud

Rosen, a former Trump judicial nominee who has served as the president of the Los Angeles Lawyers Chapter of the Federalist Society, is trying to engineer a purge of pro-Trump individuals, particularly those who supported an investigation into electoral fraud, from the group.

The Conservative Case for Leftwing Fascism, now.

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Report: Chris Stirewalt "Laid Off" Along With 20 Other Fox News Staffers



BREAKING --> Fox News political editor Chris Stirewalt was laid off today alongside just under 20 Fox News staffers. Stirewalt sat on the Fox News decision desk, which has come under fire for its early call on Arizona election night. Story forthcoming...

More at Breitbart.

Stirewalt previously worked for the Washington Examiner -- shockingly enough!

Gee, why do all these liberals keep coming out of these billionaire-funded vanity rags? Is there some kind of connection?

Could it possibly be that billionaires tend to be socially extremely liberal and have used their money to hijack a formerly conservative party and turn it into a left-liberal socially/archlibertarian economically party?

I'm really sick of "conservative" organizations hiring liberals, figuring that if the liberal comes from the old Dixie states, that "counts."

Like when they foisted Kathleen Parker on us as a "conservative," even though she was a raging feminist leftwinger.

They thought her accent made her "conservative enough" to represent us.

No, it doesn't.

I won't be returning to Fox.

This is something that should have happened in 2018, after Fox's first mad dash to be more leftwing than CNN in its election calls.

It's too late now. Fox is a dead brand.

Let them continue chasing the Phantom Audience they would prefer, which is apparently NPR listeners who appreciate CNN's hyperleftwing take but would like some more bad rock-and-roll guitar riffs in show bumpers.

By the way, CNN didn't carry Trump's farewell address -- even after they criticized FNC for not carrying an empty dementia-ridden Biden speech.

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Trump About to Deliver His Farewell Address


I imagine almost all of the leftwing media is suppressing it, or will claim he's "inciting" a riot when he exhorts his fans to "keep fighting."

Update: The Epoch Times has a print article with quotes from the speech.

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Tucker Carlson's Must-Watch Opener About the Occupied Capital, and the Left's Increasingly Violent Rhetoric


Turns out the people always on the hunt for Nazis needed only to look in a mirror.

Today, the military is being demanded to take a quasi-loyalty oath to the Democrat Party.

In a year, this will be official policy, no "quasi" about it.

12 National Guardsmen have been dismissed from patrol duty due to supposed "extremist" posts on social media.

But remember: these fuckers have declared that support of the Constitution is a racist, extremist notion.


I'm now hearing that National Guard troops are being sent home if they have "Pro-Constitution, or Pro-Trump" content on social media.

Hope this isn't true.




The System is about to criminalize opposition to it and you still have people on the Right who think Trump and his supporters are the problem.

We have much bigger fish to fry. This is really bad and you morons can't see it coming. Or maybe you don't want to.


WH source: The NRA, Turning Point USA & Patriot Guard Riders are three of many non-militia groups on the list CID / FBI are using to cross reference in vetting for potential "extremists"

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Biden's Moderate, Centrist Pick for Second-in-Command of HHS Is... The Pennsylvania Transgender Who Sent Thousands of Covid-Infected People to Nursing Homes to Infect More People, While Rushing to Get His Mother out of the Nursing Home


Ah, the moderate, centrist, sensible Democrat politicians promised to us by Never Trump.

Obviously this person is not chosen for the cabinet based on his qualifications or achievements, but for Identity Politics purposes only. Corrected: Not secretary of HHS, but Assistant Secretary of HHS.

National Review, Washington Examiner, all of the billionaires' playthings and PR firms-- burn in hell.




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Bill Sammon, Fox News' Managing Editor in DC and Patient Zero for Infecting the Network with NeverTrump AIDS, Announces His Retirement


Barely scratches the surface, of course.

Bill Sammon, Fox News Channel's senior vice president and managing editor in Washington, is retiring at the end of the month, a spokesperson confirmed to The Hill.

Sammon told staff during a morning meeting on Monday that he is leaving the network, where he has worked since 2008. It is not yet known if the position will be filled.

The Daily Beast article from Friday had a few details about who else might be on the Retire/Spend More Time with Family list.

"And the new year hasn't brought Fox News much positive ratings news either. Adding insult to injury, Newsmax once again beat the network in head-to-head ratings on Tuesday, this time topping Fox in the key demographic (viewers ages 25-54) during two separate hours.


Wallace, meanwhile, has been in hot water ever since Fox's decision desk accurately called Arizona for Joe Biden on election night--a matter of much internal consternation, often seen as a key reason a chunk of Trump-loyal viewers deserted the network for Newsmax.

Chris Stirewalt, the network's political editor who oversees the team that made the projection, has been missing from Fox's airwaves since mid-November.

This was not an accurate call. If they had an accurate sense of the race, they never would have called the race. You don't call a race in which millions of people have voted in which one guy supposedly has an 11,000 vote lead -- including many contested ballots.

The "too close to call" designation exists for a reason.

Fox News wasn't engaging in election analysis here, so much as wishful thinking and dreamcasting. Like many dying media companies, they decided to spurn their actual audience in favor of the political propaganda they personally wanted to push.

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Twitter Permits Video Calling for Liberals to "Fight Back" Against Trump Supporters to Go Viral


That video is below the fold. The video claims that Trump is literally forming a "new army" intent on violence, and then urges leftwingers to "fight back" against hypothetical, imaginary violence.

Given that he's saying his lunatics must "fight back" against hypothetical violence, I can't see how "fight back" can be read as "fight back with words."

The rules are different for the left. They have Violence Privilege.

Here are some of the Karen's who are sexually shriveled yet oddly aroused at the prospect of new opportunities to act as Stasi informers.


People, if you know someone who is serving in the National Guard, who you suspect has become a radicalized Trump supporter. . . If that person has been sent to DC for the inauguration, please share your concerns with the FBI tip line 1-800-CALL-FBI (1-800-225-5324)


This is a great post.

elizagn @elizagnnnn Replying to @ThaddMEvans

It is. Just call and report if they voted for him. Or if they said "I like how he passed the prison reform bill". This must not be allowed to stand. We must find anyone anywhere who dared support that monster in any way.


A friend notes ruefully that Covid gave these Stasi Karens just had a nine-month binge high for informing on non-compliance. They've become addicted, and they're not going to kick the addiction any time soon.


WH official -- "Zero active threats as of this morning, just tons of anonymous tips from paranoid Biden supporters though...lines have been flooded with psychobable and nothing burgers since Friday."

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The Morning Rant: Minimalist Edition



"The Invisible Hand" (Adam Smith's term) is often used to describe the millions of individual decisions that in the aggregate guide the economy. It is nothing more than self-interest multiplied by everyone on earth.

And that self-interest is a powerful driver of change. But not just economic; I refer to social and political change. And that is why it is imperative that conservative belief be channeled into behavior. The conservative movement in America is under unprecedented attack, and think tanks and strongly worded letters are not sufficient. In fact, our deeply held belief in the voting booth as an agent of change has been upended, so we are left with fewer tools with which to effect the change necessary to return our country to some semblance of sanity and respect for our founding and traditions.

But what is that self interest? It is more appropriately termed "enlightened self-interest," because the self-interest of the individual meshes perfectly with the desired direction of the country. And that "enlightened self-interest" is nothing more than fighting the encroaching fascism of the left. That means that we must push back at every incursion into the freedoms we hold dear. A small gesture or a large one...it doesn't matter. But as the Left is so fond of saying: "We Are The Resistance!"

If you see a politician in public? Harangue him. Tell him what you think. Do not allow them to flex their fascist muscles without confrontation. Boycott the most egregious violators of the idea that corporations are not agents of government. And do it loudly. Exercise your God-given rights as often and as publicly as possible. Speak freely! Buy guns! Go to church, and proclaim your beliefs. Attend local meetings and make sure that the powers that be, no matter how small and seemingly inconsequential are aware that you are watching and that you will hold them accountable. Tell your children's teachers and school administrators that leftist indoctrination is absolutely unacceptable. Say it in public. Call them out when they glorify the rot in our society. Go to their classes and record the perversions that they want to mainstream. Do what you can. But act! For yourself. For your family.

And that self-interest, multiplied by millions of us is the most powerful tool save one. After all, fascism is at its core a bundle of sticks. We cannot break the bundle, but we can break the individual sticks; the local sticks; the thin sticks!

We are "The Invisible Hand." It is up to us to exercise its power. If we act in concert then we have the power to achieve the change we desire for ourselves and for the society around us. But the longer we wait, the more perilous resistance to the state and its corporate lackeys becomes. The small injustices that we choose to ignore rapidly will become profound intrusions into our lives, and at that point it may be too late for peaceful action, and too late for any chance of success.

Is this Pollyanna-ish? Perhaps. But as many of you know, I am a firm and unyielding believer in American Exceptionalism, and I will continue to believe that it is a powerful and hopefully irresistible force until I have irrefutable evidence that it has left us.

Posted by CBD at 11:00 AM Comments

Mid-Morning Art Thread


Johnson Bridge.jpg

Natural Bridge
David Johnson

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report - 1/19/21 [J.J. Sefton]

—Open Blogger


Good morning, kids. I remember a comedian (Byron Allen?), back when we had actual comedians and not clown-nosed cultural revolutionaries, who said "I'm not afraid of flying. I'm afraid of plummeting on fire from 30,000 feet to a horrible death." Difficult as it is to describe my emotional state, I think that that comes close. As of noon tomorrow, it's going to be pedal to the metal on every horrendous, crackpot leftist/Socialist policy agenda imaginable, both foreign and domestic that has ever been tried before and proven to be at best a fiasco and at worst a lingering disaster -- inflicted a thousand-fold on a horrified, unwilling and extremely angry majority of people. That's the plummeting on fire from 30,000 feet part.

The horrible death part is uncharted territory, at least in this country, or what was this country since the United States of America as founded ceased to exist as of Black Wednesday. I'm referring to the purging from the public square of all voices of opposition and dissent to what is now the official regime line. That is, anything that goes against or protests any Democrat, Leftist, Progressive, Socialist dogma, meme or policy, from the legitimacy of Polident-elect Zhou Bai-Din to the insanity of men in dresses having access to female restrooms to the joys of post-natal infanticide to melanin as Caucasian kryptonite and everything in between.

It's funny, as in disgustingly hypocritical, how the Left always yammers on about multiple perspectives, how truth is purely subjective and how we cannot judge other cultures or societies through the lens of our own. Yes, tolerance, acceptance and that nauseating "Co-Exist" bumper sticker are their watchwords. And yet when it comes to anyone or anything that challenges them, they are so thoroughly intolerant, inflexible and absolutist in their belief that they are right than the most radical fundamentalist Tora-Bora cave-dweller enrolled at Embry Riddle (you can almost sense a theme here).

When odious, dim louts like Steve Cohen put forth a meme that National Guardsmen are not to be trusted because the vast majority are white, male and did not vote - to the best of their knowledge (nudge-nudge wink-wink) - for Zhou Bai-Din, it goes beyond the mere smearing of their politics, gender and race. He is not very subtly condemning them, and by extension all of us, as criminal enemies of "our democracy" (puke), meaning the regime. And that condemnation is a green light to all the thugs of BLM, Antifa and the James Hodgkinsons out there to take action.

Worse than that, it lays the groundwork for enabling acts of the sort last seen in the wake of the 1933 Reichstag Fire. Outlawing of opposition political parties, silencing of opposition media outlets and potentially mass arrests and show trials of opposition political leaders (not that the GOP-e is an opposition party in any sense of the word) and ultimately private citizens who dare speak out. Anyone who thinks that that's crazy talk is not paying attention.

"Brace for impact."

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Monday Overnight Open Thread (1/18/21)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

“I felt real bad. Then I thought about who he was and what he did because if there was no Phil Spector, there would be no Darlene Love.” Darlene Love

Quote II

“They will never let up. There are doctors out there saying we may need to wear [masks] forever. That is ridiculous, and that defies the science.” Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

Quote III

“Four years ago, we engaged in a very dangerous experiment by electing someone who was utterly unqualified for office, who had no moral or legal compass and frankly had impulses toward fascism and autocracy,Obama-era Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson

Quote IV

“I’d give my left testicle to go to an orgy,” Kenneth Play, co-founder of Hacienda Villa

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Quarantine Cafe


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Posted by Ace at 07:58 PM Comments

Open Thread


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Posted by Ace at 07:11 PM Comments

CNN: We Need to Stop Permitting Conservatives to Communicate With Other Conservatives


Full-on fascism.

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Posted by Ace at 06:25 PM Comments

A Logical Flaw In Conservative Thought (And Open Thread)



The Left is not rational. They are not logical. They do not base their political philosophy on anything resembling the thinking skills developed over 2,500 years by the West.

It is dangerous to assume, even for a split second, that they base their actions on anything other than the raw emotion of class divisions and racial hatred and ethnic animosity and, quite simply, jealousy. Of everyone!

Posted by CBD at 05:55 PM Comments

Washington Post: Any Black or Hispanic Trump Supporters You See Are Actually Examples of "Multiracial Whiteness"


Whiteness comes in many colors.

Just know that all the bad people who have to be put into camps are "white," even if their skin is brown or black.

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Posted by Ace at 04:23 PM Comments

"Representative" Cohen: We Can't Trust the National Guard Because They're Mostly White Males


As a friend says: This is definitely "saying the quiet part out loud."

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Posted by Ace at 03:19 PM Comments

Open Thread: The Forces of JEB! Try to Take Back the Party, Despite Representing Only 8% of Voters


They represent 95% of corporate donors, though.

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Posted by Ace at 02:18 PM Comments

Open Thread: New York Times Writes That Somehow, The Positive News About Covid Has Been Buried Until Now!


How could this have happened?!?!

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Posted by Ace at 01:14 PM Comments

Open Thread


Taking the day off.

Posted by Ace at 12:17 PM Comments

The Morning Rant


talking ape.jpg

I spent a few minutes scrolling through Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's Twitter timeline yesterday, and I thought, damn, I'm really going to miss this guy. He really gets it. And then I got to wondering, who else will I miss from the the Trump administration?

First, I've always liked Trump's press secretaries. Sean Spicer, Sarah Sanders were good, but Kayleigh McEnany was absolutely superb and she really knew how to shove it up the asses of the rat bastard White House Press Corp, whose work really should be declared an in-kind campaign contribution to the DNC and reported to the FEC.

I'm going to miss Kayleigh the most.

I liked Betsy DeVos. She came from the private sector, not some government bureaucracy, so all the lefties hated her. Good. I loved to listen to 'em wail when Ms. DeVos promoted school choice.

Ric Grenell. Where did he come from? He was great. He just seemed to have an intuitive understanding of what Trump wanted to accomplish and did whatever he could to help. He's man who gets it.

Nikki Haley. No, wait, hear me out on this: President Trump gave her a specific job to do, to go the United Nations and represent American interests forcefully and unapologetically, and she did. I think she did a good job. I wish she was still there, doing what she did. But not now. Now I think she needs to get off the national stage. She's getting pimped by the media as some sort of contender for the GOP candidacy in 2024, which means they think she's the candidate most likely to lose to Biden. From what I've seen from her, Nikki Haley is precisely the kind of candidate that we *don't* need. I think she's more like Jeb! than Trump.

My biggest disappointment? No, not Tillerson, not Mattis, and don't get me started on Jeff Sessions. The guy was as useless as a condom in a convent. I never had much expectations for him. The winner here is Attorney General William Barr, because with him, I did. Seriously, with all the criminal activity hurled at President Trump, what, in the end, did he actually do about it? Oh, I know he investigated and even assigned John Durham with the expectation of criminal indictments, but all of that sort of went poof on November 4th, now, didn't it? That means that not only did the Democrats get away with stealing an election in broad daylight, which is maddening enough, but all of that other stuff, the spying on the Trump and the bogus "dossier" and the phony collusion charges leading to impeachment, most likely orchestrated by a cabal of Obama loyalists, that started the very day that Trump was inaugurated in 2017, is going to be swept down the memory hole and everyone is going to pretend that it never happened. It's absolutely infuriating. I'd like to know, what, exactly were Barr and Durham doing for all this time?

It's Mourning In America:

coup 20210118 04.jpg

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Posted by OregonMuse at 11:18 AM Comments

Mid-Morning Art Thread


Simberg Angel.jpg

The Wounded Angel
Hugo Simberg

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report - 1/18/21 [J.J. Sefton]

—Open Blogger


Good morning, kids. Monday and I don't think I've had a more profound sense of dread in my life about what the next few days and afterward might have in store. About the only times that come close were the morning after Election Day and then 12 days ago on Black Wednesday, with Election Day 2008 bringing up the rear. In a bit less than 54 hours from the time of this post, the darkest, most malignant and dangerous enemy our nation, such as it was, had ever faced will seize power once and for all and never let go. Neither willingly nor, I fear, peacefully if at all. That enemy as Abraham Lincoln prophesied decades before the strife that tore this nation apart in the first Civil war sprang up amongst us.

We all know what will happen the moment Zhou Bai-Din lift's his filthy hand of The Bible and emits the words "so help me G-d" from a policy standpoint. We had more than a taste of it from 2009-2017. Blanket amnesty and instant citizenship alone for upwards of 30 million illegal aliens, and open borders for millions more mean not only further societal and cultural dissolution, but a permanent political majority for the Enemy's Democrat Party. On the bright side, at least you can be assured that elections will never again be rigged. Mostly because when Florida and Texas turn blue, they won't have to be.

For the past 50-60 years if not longer, the illusion of comity between the two main political and cultural factions, strained and often punctuated by bitter and sometimes violent confrontation, was maintained despite the vicissitudes of electoral politics. What everyone except the most perceptive of individuals failed to realize was that the rot had become so pervasive and so all encompassing that our house divided is now crashing down around us. We are now at a point where actual repression and persecution based on any political belief or opinion that contravenes the accepted meme of "Left = Good, Right = Evil" is not only acceptable but is demanded.

This is based on the so-called "riot" that took place on January 6th at the Capitol. As thousands of peaceful, patriotic Americans gathered to demonstrate their opposition to the certification of a stolen election, a few dozen or so Leftist confederates dressed in MAGA gear (and not very convincingly either) were allowed in by Capitol Police and other insiders, caused a ruckus and broke a few windows. Not exactly the Reichstag Fire in terms of actual damage, the cold-blooded execution of Ashli Babbit by an as yet unknown party notwithstanding. But the pretext was tailor-made to blood-libel two thirds of the nation as well as the President they support. So now, with January 20th almost upon us, is it just me or does anyone else think that another staged event of "right wing fascist white supremacist violence" is about to happen?

The failure to have any semblance of adequate security, despite apparent FBI warnings of possible trouble, is one of the baffling aspects of that day. It's why the Chief of the Capitol Police has resigned, and there needs to be a thorough investigation of how the Mayor of D.C. and others rejected requests for additional help.

Yet what is happening in D.C. now looks more like a military defensive posture than riot control or even an attempt to defend against small groups planning violence.

There are the National Guard troops, and bridges to the city will be shut on Tuesday. The 8-ft non-scalable fences around the Capitol are being replaced with 12-foot fencing. US Citizen and Immigration Services is closing its offices for two days.

AirBnb has declared a moratorium on people coming into the city using their services. Facebook has banned the creation of new event pages for D.C. It's likely these private entities took these actions at the request of security agencies...

...There are some possibilities. One is that this is a deliberate overreaction as a show of force to deter anyone even thinking about causing a problem. In a rational world, given the Capitol Hill riot, that would be an obvious explanation.

But this massive military show of force smacks of protecting against a threat that has not yet been disclosed publicly. They seem to be planning against a military mutiny. That's how it feels.

Something's happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear.

If there is some sort of Enemy action to remove Zhou Bai-Din and install Kamala-Toe or whomever, it's completely unnecessary. The Democrats and their RINO stooges can 25th Amendment his ass the hell out of there in a heartbeat. He's a puppet as it is and will go wherever Obama and Jarrett kick him. What I fear is some act being used as a pretext to declare a national emergency and shut down ALL voices of opposition. That includes not only the handful of patriots like Josh Hawley in Congress but this here website and all the others that are practicing actual journalism.

The sad truth is, given the brainwashing inflicted on at least two to three generations of Americans in the schools, the reinforcement of the messaging in the media and culture, the will to power of our elected politicians, the befehl ist befehl attitude of far too many in law enforcement and the rubber stamp of a corrupt judiciary, a pretext to "destroy the Constitution in order to save it" seems unnecessary. Then again, JFK was much more of an effective tool for the left in death than he ever was for his thousand days in the Oval Office.

Of course, there is always the possibility of DC being turned into an armed camp means the military is going to pull a Pinochet and ride to the rescue of President Trump and the nation. If you believe that, I have a bridge over the East River I can sell you. Cheap.

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Sunday Overnight Open Thread (1/17/21)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian



The Quotes of The Day

Quote I

“Because you’re connected to the Internet, even though there are firewalls and intrusion detection software… those things can be gotten around if you’re really good and skilled,” Max Kilger, with the University of Texas at San Antonio

Quote II

"Isn't it a strange thing that in every period of social unrest men have the notion that they can pass a law and suspend the operations of economic law?" Calvin Coolidge (1872 - 1933), Governor of Massachusetts and Republican presidential hopeful, 1920
H/T Isophorone Blog

Quote III

“The worst thing we can do is shut down our economy, kill our spirit,” Unanue continued. “You know, we need a reason to get up in the morning: God, family, work. And they’re taking away our spirit. They’re taking away our ability to work. They essentially declared martial law, I believe, in this country, shutting everything down. It’s the worst thing we could have done just for political gain. I think it’s criminal. I think it’s immoral. To shutdown this economy for this basically political reasons and, you know, we’re one nation under God. We’re not one nation under Twitter. We’re not one nation under big media, or under central government.” Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue

Quote IV

“Online dating has never really been something I’m into but in these circumstances, I thought I’d try it and it didn’t work out. Maybe it’s for the best." Tahlia Paris

Quote V

“Everybody’s in shock and everyone in the neighborhood is worried. Whoever did this is going to be hexed by all of us.

“Now there’s going to be hell to pay.” Church member, who goes by the name Isis Vermouth

Quote VI

This should serve as further proof that receiving the vaccine will not ‘return us to normalcy’ and that the elites plan to continue these anti human, draconian measures in perpetuity.” Twitter user Jordan Brown

Quote VII

Many a lido deck panel pontificated on the threat of censorship before everyone adjourned to enjoy a refreshing Zima and vie for the attention of the fussy likes of Jay Nordlinger as he made a pass through the throngs of assembled suckers. Ahoy! Kurt Schlichter

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Posted by Misanthropic Humanitarian at 09:45 PM Comments

Gun Thread: Final Trump Edition [Weasel]

—Open Blogger

PDT 011721 scaled.jpg

Howdy, y'all, and welcome to the ol' Sunday Gun Thread! It's time once again to gather 'round and discuss guns, gun stuff, and shooting. I have to admit I'm more than a little sad at the thought this will be the last Gun Thread with our beloved President Trump at the helm. What will next week bring us? How soon will it take the assault on our Second Amendment rights to begin? I have to assume it will not be pleasant, nor long in the making. This being the hand we were dealt, however, we're just going to have to figure out ways to make the best of it and to continue doing the things that we like to do under a much different set of circumstances. All is not lost. There are a lot of guns and gun owners in this country, and I suspect few are willing to just accept the new rules, whatever they happen to be.

With that, let's head below and see what we have this week, shall we?

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Food Thread: Saucy Ribs And Sharp Knives, A Match Made In Heaven



I am a purist when it comes to pork ribs. if you aren't making ribs good enough to eat on their own, why should I hide the mediocrity under a layer of sweet, gloppy, monochromatic sludge? But what about sweet sauces that aren't just sweet? A few weeks ago on these pages I revealed my snobbery when it comes to BBQ sauces, but I just made one, courtesy of commenter Bluebell's recipe, and I have to admit; it is damned good.

Sweet, but not too sweet, and with a savory/tart background that compliments the other flavors. Really impressive. So impressive that I figured it would be good on salmon. And it was!

But why did an admitted pompous BBQ-sauce-ass make his own sweet sauce? Well, I was poking around the cupboard and found a bottle of molasses. Why it was there, and for how long, is lost in the mists of time. But I am a cheap bastard and didn't want to waste it, so I asked around, and Bluebell rose to the occasion with a Kansas City BBQ Sauce recipe. I still have 2/3 of the molasses left, but I also have about a quart and a half of some mighty fine sauce in the refrigerator, just waiting to be slathered on the pork ribs that I have planned for tomorrow evening's dinner. Yes, I am breaking my own rule: but food rules are made to be broken. Well, except shaking Manhattans.

And then maybe I'll try it on French Toast...the stuff isn't nearly as sweet as maple syrup.

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Posted by CBD at 04:00 PM Comments

First World Problem – Random Covid-Era Shortages Of Favorite Grocery Items
[Buck Throckmorton]

—Open Blogger

The crisis is over – for the first time in almost two months I had Grape Nuts for breakfast today. Meanwhile, my stock of Hormel Bacon Bits continues to shrink, with none on any store shelves. The composition of my nightly salad could be facing a shakeup if Bacon Bits don’t return to the shelves soon.

Almost a year after our economy was turned upside down by economic illiterates, seemingly random grocery items still disappear from store shelves for extended periods. And then human nature kicks in – people stock up on products they use but which have gone scarce. When paper towels and toilet paper became scarce, I aggressively increased my household inventory of those products lest they become unavailable again. Which, of course, compounded the scarcity problem.

I recently asked a stocker at a grocery store why Grape Nuts are so hard to come by. She said that shipments have become infrequent, and when some finally shows up, people quickly buy it in bulk. Who knows - perhaps Grape Nuts will become a post-apocalyptic currency. I finally saw two boxes on the shelf this week. With great restraint I only bought one.

I know that as some of you read this, your main take-away will be “Buck eats Grape Nuts? WTH?” Well for starters, they’re wife-proof. Mrs. Throckmorton might go after my Raisin Bran in a midnight raid on the pantry, but she has no patience or interest while half-asleep in trying to make Grape-Nuts edible. In addition, I’ve liked the product since I was a child.

Unlike Ace’s childhood trauma with Kaboom cereal, I wasn’t denied premium-priced cereal as a kid. We had the good stuff. The only trouble was that it was the “good stuff” for adults. Grape Nuts, Shredded Wheat, Special K. The definition of “children’s cereal” in our house was “adult cereal with lots of sugar added.” And even the sugar was often in adult form – sugar cubes - which were on hand just in case guests wanted to sweeten their coffee. I recall adding crusty old sugar cubes to my Shredded Wheat or Grape Nuts. And I liked it. To this day, I’ll argue that a milky, half-melted sugar cube is preferable to a marshmallow in cereal.

By the way, whatever happened to sugar cubes? I better stock up on them too if I see some.

What random product shortages (outside of paper & cleaning) are you dealing with?

Thanks for letting me fill in this afternoon, but now I need to run to the store. Snow may be coming this way, so I need to run out and buy a couple gallons of milk and a dozen loaves of bread. Just to be safe.

(buck.throckmorton at gmail.com)

Posted by Open Blogger at 02:00 PM Comments

A Serious Question: What Makes The Most Sense, Switching Party Affiliation To Independent, Or to Something (Anything) Other Than Republican?


It's all done except for the check mark in the "Independent" box or one of the other minor parties that my state recognizes as a viable political organization.

Strangely, I see on the form that one of the choices is "Republican," but I don't see them as a viable political party as much as a funnel for money from the unwise to the head grifters. If I had hired a contractor or a car mechanic and got the kind of shoddy work I have received for my support of the Republican party in NJ (and nationally), I would have fired him that day and asked for my money back.

So...Conservative is tempting, but judging by the state of the website, I might be quite lonely.

And what about registering as a Democrat just to vote for the most idiotic and outrageous of their candidates? That would be fun but unproductive.

The U.S. Constitution Party is another option. That sounds like fun! But I might need a custom-made tinfoil hat. I mean, they are correct that our government is corrupt, but their perspective is right out of left field.

I can't see myself as a Green Party member. I just don't dig chicks with hairy armpits.

Libertarian? Yeah...no. I am not a stoner, and I want the damned borders closed.

Ooh! here's one! The Natural Law Party. I like their platform, all seven planks! It's nice and short and hasn't been touched since 2002.

In reality, it doesn't matter at all. the important message is that I am leaving the Republican party, not that I am going anywhere else. And it's not just that I am leaving them; I want to hurt them. They need to suffer; they need to bleed; they need to be driven from the public square, metaphorically chased by patriots with whips.

Posted by CBD at 12:00 PM Comments

Sunday Morning Book Thread 01-17-2021


Till's Bookshop Edinburgh Scotland 01.jpg
Till's Bookshop, Edinburgh, Scotland

Good morning to all you 'rons, 'ettes, lurkers, and lurkettes, wine moms, frat bros, crétins sans pantalon (who are technically breaking the rules). Welcome once again to the stately, prestigious, internationally acclaimed and high-class Sunday Morning Book Thread, a weekly compendium of reviews, observations, snark, witty repartee, hilarious bon mots, and a continuing conversation on books, reading, spending way too much money on books, writing books, and publishing books by escaped oafs and oafettes who follow words with their fingers and whose lips move as they read. Unlike other AoSHQ comment threads, the Sunday Morning Book Thread is so hoity-toity, pants are required. Even if it's these "pants", which are suitable only if you've been invited to Anderson Cooper's barbecue.

Pic Note:


Established in 1985, Tills is one of Edinburgh's oldest second-hand bookshops. It sits overlooking the Meadows, and has carved out a small literary corner in Edinburgh's South Side. First opened by Rick and Ann Till, the shop was taken over in 2019 by Kate and Joshua McNamara.

Open seven days a week, with a big selection of literary fiction both contemporary and classic, quirky sci fi, history and biography, philosophy and sociology, and the odd antiquarian gem. There are a few seats, a cosy fire, and staff ready for all manner of bookish discussions.

It Pays To Increase Your Word Power®

Here's something else we're going to be seeing a lot more of in the months ahead:

20210117 book pic 02.jpg

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The AoSHQ Amazon Store

Now Available!
The Deplorable Gourmet
A Horde-sourced Cookbook
[All profits go to charity]
Top Headlines

If you've ever been around Kevin Williamson, you're jaw drops at how down-to-earth, gifted, erudite, and flat-out smarter than everyone in the room he is. That’s what being around @ChrisStirewalt is like.

When Andrew McCarthy vouches for someone, that person is about to screw you.
Notice which performatively "conservative" pundits and outlets have been silent or agnostic on the issue of Dems declaring half the country domestic terrorists.

And those who are openly supportive!
Parody of Conservative, Inc.'s renewed efforts to grift money from you:
We need your help PATRIOT

We know you've been designated a domestic terror threat in your own country, and we're sorry we did nothing to stop that.

but if you don't whip out credit card and MOOOO donation AOC and the SQUAD will commence AMNESTY orgy with CHICOM spy gigolos!!!
Boycott Kohl's and Bed, Bath & Beyond. They have stopped selling MyPillows because of its owner's political beliefs.
Sportswriter Marlowe Alter of the Detroit Free Press sought to ruin the career of Lions coaching candidate Dan Campbell by digging up and publishing "homophobic" comments Campbell made as a college student 22 years ago. "However, it wasn’t long after the article was published that Alter found himself on the defensive after Twitter users uncovered some extremely anti-gay comments Alter made in the past." [Buck]
Surprise! Disney Lucasfilm's new Chinese Communist Party version of Star Wars is a pungent propaganda fart against running dog capitalism
CoRpoRaTIonZ aRE OUr FRenZ, COmradezzz!
Ignore the inelegance of the translation. But due check out the political messaging, which Disney Lucasfilm is using Star Wars' IP value to push on behalf of its Communist Chinese business partners.
Disney Lucasfilm now creating Chinese language Star Wars stories for Chinese market only; stories will not be translated into English
More, from "Disney Star Wars Is Dumb:"
Now that the CCP's pet gerbil has been placed into the U.S. Presidency, and with the possibility of Bob Iger being appointed as ambassador to China, the propagandist possibilities are endless.
James Waugh, VP of Franchise Content & Strategy for Lucasfilm, says that the author of this story will bring very specific Chinese perspectives to the world building. Though it’s likely that James conflates the perspective of the Chinese people with the perspective of the CCP, which are entirely different and separate.
Chen Yang, the Vice President & Chief Editor of China Literature, claims that this effort will show online literature's "inclusiveness." Amusingly however, we already know that this "inclusive" story will feature an exclusively Chinese sector of the galaxy.

CoRpOrAtIoNz ArE oUr FrEnZ
Woke Media now complaining that uber-woke Doctor (Karen) Who wasn't woke enough, because black people were among the people who suffered violence on the show
We demand representation! (But nothing bad can ever happen to the characters representing us.)
Some black commenters are shouting back at these idiots, telling them to stop their "quest for supreme wokeness"
Dan "Ben Sasse with an eyepatch" Crenshaw says that Trump's rhetoric is responsible for encouraging violence -- forgetting that he released a video portraying himself as a leader of a team of super-soldiers taking over the government
This is the game they have been playing for 100 years. They did the same thing with Sarah Palin's "target" map. "My rhetoric encouraging 'fighting' is just passionate politics. Your rhetoric encouraging 'fighting' is a literal call to violence." Fuck these people, and fuck Dan Crenshaw.
I mean, it's incredible, right?
Are you a DIY plumber? Check out this (new to me) tool. [dri]
"Lockdown is a luxury of the rich... luxury of the affluent. Lockdown harms the disadvantaged. We have given up looking after the vulnerable. I cannot understand how ppl cannot be sensitive to these issues. Much of the world does not have that privilege"
-Oxford Prof @SunetraGupta

Someone said: There are only lockdowns for the middle class. For everyone else, it's poor people delivering shit to rich people.
Nikki Haley -- Jeb Bush with a UTI* -- started a presidential PAC today. As expected.
We’re now 3.5 years away from the DC pundit-class being SHOCKED when Nikki Haley gets 5% of the vote in Iowa.

* Yes, I know, technically speaking, Jeb Bush himself is "Jeb Bush with a UTI."
Juanita Broaddrick

I'm officially an Independent.

Lot of that going 'round.
Whoops! Whoopsie! I had meant to link Ethan van Sciver (and Cecil) for the corporations are our frenz material, but I forgot to. The show's worth listening to. Good stuff to put on while you're on the treadmill or etc.
Like a bad rash...
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