November 24, 2017

Black Friday ONT


Happy Black Friday! I hope all of you are rested from the feasting yesterday. I have a lot of links left over because I pretty much limited last night's ONT to Thanksgiving related stuff, so let's dive right in. We open with the eternal question: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Die Hard.jpg

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It's Official: Ivy League Students Are Children



Princeton issues guidelines for 'Consent on the Dance Floor'

I remember playing Spin-The-Bottle in 6th grade and being chosen to kiss some girl I couldn't stand, and who couldn't stand me. You know what we did? Nothing. Just passed on the turn. We didn't need rules or posters or hashtags.

We were apparently more adult at the age of 11 than the worthless babies at Princeton.

Do they need rules and guidelines and life coaches and directions on how to do everything? Where is the instruction manual for masturbation or wiping one's ass or tying one's shoelaces?

Part of growing up is learning how to navigate the complexities of society. And the best and fastest way to do that is to try and fail and observe and follow the leads of others and, most important, not follow the leads of others!

But this crop of elitists are sheep. They don't think for themselves, they don't observe the world around them, and they bring nothing of value to society around them.

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"Horrible and Cowardly" ISIS Attack on Sufi Mosque in Egypt Kills 235


The attack was made with guns and bombs.

Children in a creche were killed.

This is probably because ISIS was upset about Trump overfeeding koi.

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The Sexual Harassment Apocalypse... Why Now?


I'm old enough to remember when the progressive left first weaponized sexual harassment. It occurred during the early 90s when they thought they could use it to keep a conservative judge, Clarence Thomas, from SCOTUS.

And it almost worked; the Senate vote was very close.

That was when I first heard assertions such as: women don't lie about sexual harassment, women are always to be believed, and even the mere accusation of such crimes is sufficient to banish someone from public office. I don't remember hearing these assertions even being debated, they were just put forth as settled facts.

Of course, all that suddenly changed during the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, but that's another story.

But right now, the left is reeling from one hammer blow after another as women are lining up to claim that this Democratic senator, donor, or media figure tried to grope me, rape me, or ram his tongue down my throat.

So the question is, why now, in 2017, is the house of cards that the left has been building and expanding for over two decades suddenly starting to collapse on them?

(Yes, I know two Republicans have also been caught up in this. But Barton probably didn't do anything illegal, and in fact, may have been the victim of revenge porn, and the case against Moore is looking more shakier each day)

This longish blog post over at Bookworm's site attempts to explain how we got here by starting with the moral collapse of the 1960s. It's an interesting read.

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The Tragedy Of The Commons: Thanksgiving Style!


John Stossel is a bit too libertarian for my taste, but he makes rational and powerful arguments for economic freedom and privacy. The example he uses in the video to show the stark difference between the commons and private property is childish, but powerful nonetheless.

And maybe childish is good, because the leftists I have spoken with have been, in the main, pretty damned childlike in their ability to use logic.

Video below the fold....and Open Thread

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The Morning Rant: J.V. Edition



You know the guy who brings me food? I don't throw poo at him. I may be a chimp, but I'm not stupid. So why does the Left despise the very society that has allowed it to flourish? That seems stupid, and I will definitely throw poo at them.

This is a long and interesting refutation of the Left's intellectual underpinnings.
The Unified Field Theory of Madness
It is well titled, because let's face it, starting with their God -- Marx -- the logic behind Leftism is laughably, pathetically flawed.

Do not be deceived: Leftism is an enigma. We need a theorem that explains not one or two aspects of Leftism, but all their traits.

The theory must explain, first, the honest decency of the modern liberals combined with their astonishing indifference, nay, hostility to facts, common sense, and evidence; second, it must explain their high self-esteem (or, to be blunt, their pathological narcissism) combined not merely with an utter lack of accomplishment, but with their utter devotion to destructiveness, a yearning to ruin everything they touch; third, it must explain their sanctimoniousness combined with their applause, praise, support, and tireless efforts to spread all perversions (especially sexual), moral decay, vulgarity, and every form of desecration; fourth, their pretense of intellectual superiority combined with their notorious mental fecklessness; fifth, it must explain both their violence and their pacifism; sixth, the theory must explain why they hate the very things they should love most; seventh, the theory must explain why they are incapable of comprehending an honest disagreement or any honorable foe.

And, while we are at it, if we could also explain why the Rich, who are routinely vilified by the Left number among its most ardent supporters, or the secular Jews, our theory would be very potent in its explanatory power.

Just spend a little time with the Labor Theory Of Value and you will discover how positively nutty and stupid Karl Marx was. Adam Smith was a fan of the labor theory, but Marx twisted it to his own ends; reducing it to the point of absurdity. It is one thing to suggest that objects that require equal amounts of labor should trade at the same value, but it is an altogether different thing to assume that additional labor will add additional value. That's just...stupid! There are many flaws in the argument, and it is instructive to bat a leftist around using any number of the rational counter-arguments that anyone with any observational and intellectual power can create.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Steen revelry.jpg

Revelry At An Inn
Jan Steen

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The Morning Report 11/24/17

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Well, Thanksgiving Day has come and gone. Hope you all were surrounded by loved ones, "blessed their hearts" of your Lefty relations and most importantly stuffed yourselves to the gills with great food.

I'll keep things light for Friday but there are still some interesting things going on despite the long holiday weekend. First, and foremost, prayers for the sailors lost at sea and their families in the wake of a Navy plane crash in the Philippine Sea.

At home, there are reports that Michael Flynn may be cooperating with Robert "Hillary Mule" Mueller. Despite all the now confirmed evidence that there was not only no "collusion" with Russia by PDT to rig the elections but that Hillary, Obama and the Democrats worked hand in glove with them over a period of years and in ways that are borderline if not actual treason. And with Mueller and Comey as part of the conspiracy and coverup. He has got to go and yesterday.

Latest to jump on the destroy the Bill Clinton legacy bandwagon - in order to deflect the taint and blame Trump - is Kathleen Sebelius. And speaking of that boney fingered harridan who helped run our healthcare into the ground, another boney fingered harridan in the form of Lisa Murkowski has signaled that she will support the repeal of the individual mandate in the Tax Reform bill. That is potentially huge, the true nature of what's in the bill notwithstanding.

There are a couple of great articles near the top about the de-facto civil war we and the President are in. Roy Moore appears to be gaining back the momentum as the smear campaign is petering out. I did see a story over at American Spectator that alleges his campaign is making robo-calls that are of an anti-Semitic nature. I call bullshit; even the author who is a Jew and rightly concerned has flat out stated no matter what, vote for Roy Moore. Meanwhile, both John Conyers and Al Franken are stating that they will not resign, so pass the popcorn. Lastly a really amazing story of kindness and humanity in spite of what the world can do to you.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

And now that Black Friday is here, a little theme music from Steely Dan...

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Thanksgiving ONT


Greetings and happy Thanksgiving! Tonight's ONT will be brief, but I have a few links for those of you who are fighting through a tryptophan-induced stupor in order to post here. Hope everyone had a wonderful day, filled with something like this:


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Happy Thanksgiving!



Thanks to @comradearthur

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

You know, progressives sure do have a poor understanding of the whole 'equality under the law' thing that our country was founded upon.

Exhibit A:

You know, Weinstein, the ex-Gawker journalist, probably makes more money than I do, and undoubtedly has a louder voice than me and my 197 Twitter followers. Does this mean I can kill him and take his stuff? You know, because of the hypocrisy?

With all of the blowblack the left has been getting lately from the Sexual Harassment Apocalypse, based on rules they themselves put in place (that they never believed could be used against them), you'd think they'd realize they had better start being very careful about what they're saying.

Just saying.

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Thanksgiving Open Thread

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

dogs gods way of.jpg

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The Morning Rant: J.V. Edition



There is some old lady in a pants suit sitting in a puddle of her own urine, drinking from a bottle of bourbon and muttering something about a "vast right-wing conspiracy." I think I'll throw some poo at her!

Kurt Schlichter nails it with this column. But one in particular makes me smile....
Seven Things Conservatives Should Be Thankful For

No. 1: Be Thankful That Hillary Is Not Our President.

The other ones are important too, but this one makes me smile on this beautiful, crisp, clear morning. I am sitting with a cup of good coffee, ahead of my cooking schedule, thinking about the tough fight we all have ahead of us. It's not going to be easy; saving America from those who would destroy it, but we took a big step last November, and it no longer looks quite so dire.

Enjoy the day, eat and drink too much, poke fun at your liberal relatives, and rejoice that we live in a truly exceptional country.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Rockwell pilgrems progress.jpg

A Pilgrim's Progress
Norman Rockwell

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The Morning Report 11/23/17

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Thanksgiving day is here. I'll try to keep it light and let the headlines speak for themselves. As Groper-Gate grabs the attention and headlines, we tend to get lost in the luridness of the charges and forget about who and what these people really are and what they are after, beyond the tits, mishes and tucheses of their targets. Take for instance the latest to be touched by the hands of fate: one John Conyers. This is from his dossier at Discover the Networks, which IMHO is a must-bookmark site and a who's-who of those hell bent on bringing us down:

  • Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
  • Member of the radical Progressive Caucus
  • One of 13 founders of Congressional Black Caucus
  • Has longstanding ties to the Democratic Socialists of America
  • Advocates freeing convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal
  • Plotted with radical Ramsey Clark and others about ways to impeach President George W. Bush
  • Spoke in 2003 at anti-Iraq War rally of pro-North Korean Marxist group International A.N.S.W.E.R.
  • Voted against a resolution stating that "the United States and Israel are now engaged in a common struggle against terrorism."
  • His district has a higher proportion of Muslims than any other in Congress, and his official congressional web site can be read in Arabic
  • Spoke in 2005 at an event organized by accused anti-Semite Lyndon LaRouche
  • Orchestrated letter-writing and media campaign over so-called Downing Street Memo with help from George Soros-funded
And those are just the bullet points. Actually, it looks like his resume has not been updated in a while, but the picture is clear. Considering this fossil is pushing 90 and has spent almost half his life undermining this nation, too many people are not old enough to remember the things he's done and too many more have not been given the whole story thanks to the distortion or covering up of the MFM. Take a good long gander; it'll curdle your guts.

And on that note, I wish all of you a blessed Thanksgiving holiday. Let's count our blessings and celebrate with family and friends. And one big-ass Dagwood at 3:00AM tomorrow morning!

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

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Wednesday Overnight Open Thread (11/22/17) Thanksgiving Eve Edition

—Misanthropic Humanitarian


(dark,white or bacon?)


Quote of The Day

Washington, D.C.
October 3, 1863

By the President of the United States of America.

A Proclamation.

The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. To these bounties, which are so constantly enjoyed that we are prone to forget the source from which they come, others have been added, which are of so extraordinary a nature, that they cannot fail to penetrate and soften even the heart which is habitually insensible to the ever watchful providence of Almighty God. In the midst of a civil war of unequalled magnitude and severity, which has sometimes seemed to foreign States to invite and to provoke their aggression, peace has been preserved with all nations, order has been maintained, the laws have been respected and obeyed, and harmony has prevailed everywhere except in the theatre of military conflict; while that theatre has been greatly contracted by the advancing armies and navies of the Union. Needful diversions of wealth and of strength from the fields of peaceful industry to the national defence, have not arrested the plough, the shuttle or the ship; the axe has enlarged the borders of our settlements, and the mines, as well of iron and coal as of the precious metals, have yielded even more abundantly than heretofore. Population has steadily increased, notwithstanding the waste that has been made in the camp, the siege and the battle-field; and the country, rejoicing in the consciousness of augmented strength and vigor, is permitted to expect continuance of years with large increase of freedom. No human counsel hath devised nor hath any mortal hand worked out these great things. They are the gracious gifts of the Most High God, who, while dealing with us in anger for our sins, hath nevertheless remembered mercy. It has seemed to me fit and proper that they should be solemnly, reverently and gratefully acknowledged as with one heart and one voice by the whole American People. I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens. And I recommend to them that while offering up the ascriptions justly due to Him for such singular deliverances and blessings, they do also, with humble penitence for our national perverseness and disobedience, commend to His tender care all those who have become widows, orphans, mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife in which we are unavoidably engaged, and fervently implore the interposition of the Almighty Hand to heal the wounds of the nation and to restore it as soon as may be consistent with the Divine purposes to the full enjoyment of peace, harmony, tranquillity and Union.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the City of Washington, this Third day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, and of the Independence of the United States the Eighty-eighth.

By the President: Abraham Lincoln

William H. Seward,
Secretary of State


The true story of Thanksgiving.

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Happy Thanksgiving Eve!


I hope everyone has finished up any traveling and most cooking.

And I hope everyone is feeling warm and grateful.

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Of Course: Germany Arrests Six Syrian "Refugees" For Plotting Christmas Day Terror Attack


Pretending a threat doesn't exist does not end the threat. In fact, it aids the threat to maturation into a slaughter.

This sounds like a sequel to the attack that took place last Christmas in Berlin. That’s when Tunisian refugee Anis Amri drove a truck through an outdoor Christmas market killing 12 people and injuring dozens more. Amri had pledged allegiance to ISIS before the attack.

This raid comes at the worst possible time for Merkel. As Jazz pointed out Monday, negotiations to form a new coalition government in Germany just collapsed. Merkel had been trying to form a government that included a right-wing party and the green party in addition to two other parties. And underlying Merkel's inability to form the new coalition was disagreement on immigration.

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Harvard Being Investigated by DOJ for Possibly Imposing Racial Caps on Numbers of Asian Applicants Admitted


Gentleman's Agreement, East-of-the-Levant Version.

(That's a reference to the Cary Grant (IIRC) film "Gentleman's Agreement," about admission caps on Jews.)

The Wall Street Journal reports that Harvard University is being investigated by the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. The investigation is looking into claims that Harvard discriminates against Asian Americans in admissions. The DOJ claims Harvard is refusing to cooperate and has yet to turn over a single requested document...

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Washington Post "Reporter" Gives Briefing to Democrats at Secret Strategy Meeting


Hand in glove. They always were hand in glove, but they tried to pretend they weren't.

Now it's just out in the open.

Washington Post reporter Janell Ross gave a presentation at a secretive California gathering where Democratic politicians, liberal activists, and their biggest donors plotted the future of the progressive movement without notifying her superiors that she would be attending, according to a Post spokesman.

The Democracy Alliance went to great lengths to keep the identities of its members and guests confidential at its fall investment conference last week at the La Costa Resort, but the Washington Free Beacon obtained a detailed conference agenda that lists both events and featured guests.

Among them was Ross, a national reporter who closely covered the 2016 presidential campaign for the Washington Post and has since continued to cover the Trump administration.

Ross sat on a panel to assist conference-goers on the topic of "getting the economic narrative right" in future elections, according to the agenda, which can be viewed in full here.

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Pictures Released of Al "Fondles" Franken Groping Arianna Huffington in a Photoshoot


Remember when these two nothings were doing a high-larious sketch called "Strange Bedfellows" as they showed that people from different sides of the aisle could get along? Except of course they weren't from different sides of the aisle; Franken was a loud and boorish liberal, and Arianna Huffington was ending her pretending-to-be-a-conservative phase and being more honest about her progressivism too.

Anyway, these pics date from about that era. "Fondles" Franken again seems to think it's pretty funny to grope a woman in a picture.

Arianna Huffington is defending "Fondles" Franken just like she ran defense for another one of her progressive darlings, an editor who had multiple sexual harassment allegations against him.

[H]er history with a former managing editor whose "transfer" to launch HuffPost India was later revealed to be result of an HR investigation into whether he had sexually harassed multiple young women in the New York office. Gizmodo recently revisited those allegations and not only independently confirmed that the investigation was indeed the reason for that managing editor's transfer, but that Huffington knew about his actions before they were reported to HR, according to a former employee with direct knowledge of the investigation.

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Thanksgivingmanship, Reposted


Reposted Yet Again. This is once again a thing, as progressives talk up how they're going to inflict their lunacies on the rest of their families on a day that is dedicated to gratitude, not grievance.

Some other people just turned it into Thanksgrivance Day, like Joy Reid:

Frequent James Comey marionette Ben Wittes is also in the mood for pills and razor blades:

He's one X chromosome and 30 years away from chopping off one side of his hair and dying the rest of it blue.

Below, the repost on how to deal with these deeply damaged bits of once-human debris:

Thanksgivingship: How To Survive Your Dull-Witted Progressive Adultchildren Relatives Who've Been Reading Vox and Buzzfeed Articles About How to Survive You

Oxford Don Stephen Potter introduced the world to the principles of Gamesmanship [don't comment on old posts, the system will ban you] the way to win at games by resort to cheap ploys which were very close to cheating without being technically cheating. He later expanded his inquiries into the general field of "Lifemanship," the discipline of embracing life in a dickish and hostile spirit, sabotaging social rivals without quite breaching social etiquette.

Given that the progressive elder-children-yet-not-quite-adults you'll be encountering this Thanksgiving (who I will henceforth refer to as "grownchildren") will be armed to the teeth with Vox explainers and Obamacare propaganda, I herewith humbly submit these first sketches of a new branch of Lifemanship I call "Thankgivingmanship," which I define as the gentle art of insulting the stupid without alerting them to the fact that they've been insulted at all.

It is the goal of the dedicated Thanksgivingman, then, to achieve the sublime art of giving offense without offense being taken.

My basic strategy is thus: It would be as rude of you as it is rude of your cretinous grownchildren kin to allow a Thanksgiving dinner into a stupid game of Rachel Maddow Talking Points and their rebuttals.

So, rather than confront the unemployed idiots who will be assailing you, I propose instead to superficially avoid conflict and engagement on their dummy mouthflappings, and appear instead to agree with them.

But -- and here is the point -- a skilled Thanksgivingman will only appear to agree with the grownchildren to feeble intellects, such as those possessed by the grownchildren themselves. Instead of disagreeing with them -- which will cause argument and anger -- you will instead claim to agree with them, while in fact contradicting them, subverting them, of baffling them with statements that nearly, but do not quite, make sense.

Our definitions and mission now established, we turn to the first of our three primary Thanksgivingmanship gambits:

The Neutral or Nonsensical Statement Disguised as Agreement.Progressives do not process language the same way human beings do; they chiefly adduce meaning from tone and body language, like dogs.

This means that you can say many things which are either irrelevant, nonsensical, or otherwise not in agreement with the progressive subcreatures you're temporarily amidst so long as you deliver your words with a warm smile and a lot of nodding.

You may also use uptalk to express an insincere solidarity. As with dogs and babies, progressives find artificially high-pitched vocal tones to be soothing and possibly a prelude to Walkies and Snackies.

Whenever a progressive grownchild says something stupid and ignorant, which will be always, do not engage on the merits. Progressive grownchildren will become highly emotional and agitated at the slightest show of disagreement, and may wet the floor or claw at the furniture.

Instead, say something which is either neutral or nonsensical (which successfully communicates your true beliefs to other real human beings capable of deciphering obvious meaning) while deploying smiling, nodding, and uptalk to falsely convey agreement with to the more-stunted intellect of the grownchild.

For example, if a progressive grownchild says, "Rachel Maddow is just so amazing," you can respond by nodding and saying "Absolutely, Rachel Maddow is without doubt a mammal." (Or: "A mammal...?")

Possible responses to common grownchild mouthchatter include:

"Well I see that the 'Faux Noise Machice' has gotten everyone riled up about so-called 'terrorism' again."

"Doubtless! Terrorists only win when allow them to make us afraid, or dead." (Or: "Afraid, or dead...?")

"Can't people see that stupid cons are doing Just What ISIS Wants us to do?"

"It's so obvious-- the attacks in Paris weren't just an attack on human lives. They were an attack on our shared human capacity to be alive." ("To be alive, and stuff...?")

This is a very simple one, which can be deployed in a variety of contexts:

"None of this is Obama's fault -- he's doing the best he can to keep America out of another War of Choice."

"Boy that Obama-- he is really something, isn't he?"

As the evening wears on, and you are preparing to depart, you may become somewhat more blatant in your stealth insults, like so:

"I just read an explainer about this on Vox."

"Today's world is so remarkable! When I was young, we had to read books and derive our own thinking for ourselves. What a time to be alive, when sounding vaguely informed is no longer a luxury of the intellectual, but a cheaply assembled ware available to those of more common intellect!"

Fake Statistics. It was my old friend Boston Irish who alerted me to this ticklish little trope, when he observed that no matter how absurd the statistic you proposed to a progressive, if that statistic seemed to call attention to whatever bugaboos xhe was excited about, xhe would respond with a gushing "I know, right?!"

He demonstrated this to me at a party by interrupting a couple of liberals talking, and announcing to them:

"You know, based on current statistics, in ten years, the entire state of California will be homeless."

"Right! I know!" came the response.

By the way, that is not schtick. That is not a joke written for this blogpost. I was really there, he really said that, that really happened.

After having secured the agreement to his obviously-crank "statistics," he turned to me with a slightly arched eyebrow and sipped his beer in quiet triumph.

This propensity of grownchildren to agree to whatever fantastical "studies" and "statistics" you propose to them can be exploited for much private merriment at the holidays.

Other gambits include:

* "You know, the average family of four pays more in ATM fees to the Big Banksters than they spend on rent."

* "By the year 2030, global warming predicts that the entire North American landmass will be flooded by seawater and wolves."

* "99.4% of the world's wealth is controlled by six-tenths of a single person."

* "More people are killed every year by shooting accidentally shooting themselves than who died in all the wars in the world combined, except for the Korean War."

You need to throw that "Except for the Korean War" in at the end because the claim, on its face, is too preposterous, so you deduct out Korean War deaths to bring it into the real of the plausible. (Plausible, that is, for progressive grownchildren.) It makes like you've done the math and just have to make this one little adjustment to get the numbers to work.

You may follow Boston Irish's trope of the obviously-crank "liberal study" claim, or you can try your hand at claims which are simply baffling nonsense:

* "Studies have proven that if you have a gun in your house, you are more in danger of being struck by lightning than being bitten by a rattlesnake. Think about it."

A minor variation of the Fake Statistic ploy is the Fake Profundity gambit, in which you propose some ludicrous "deep thought" which derives not from social science, but from your own personal philosophical inquiry.

For example, this one is best delivered with chin uplifted, Obama-style, and a metaphysical glaze of the eye:

* "For what is it that gives the terrorists power -- their weapons, or our primitive, irrational fear that they will kill us with their weapons?"

It is generally a useful practice to prefix such bits of nonsense with faux-biblical language, such as "For what..." or "Lo" and "Thus and so."

Fake Quotes. Progressives love fake quotes -- they just love dressing up whatever passes for this week's SJW Conventional Wisdom and attributing it to some historic figure.

Generally, these historic figures are very well known, because progressives don't know any historic figures except the very well known. Thomas Jefferson is always a popular choice. For "bad sounding quotes," Hitler is preferred. Napoleon and Marcus Aurelius may be deployed as well, but be prepared for some confused looks as to who it is you're talking about.

Offering a ridiculous quote can bring you and any other lively minds at the table great amusement. Your target will probably not notice the quote is fake, because he is an imbecile, and also because you'll have a serene, self-satisfied smile on your face as you say it, which he will read as "A Fellow Progressive in Discursive Mode."

This minor camouflage will permit you to smuggle huge amounts of nonsense in the guise of Wisdom of the Ancients.

Feel free to subvert your noddingsmiles with messages that are blatantly mottos of the NRA, if only the grownchild could understand simple words, which they cannot.

For example:

"Wasn't it Mahatma Gandhi who said, 'It is not necessarily the first man to shoot who wins the battle, but it is always the last man shooting who wins the day'?"

"As Gertrude Stein said" -- and I should say here that this gambit works best when you pronounce this name, for no particular reason, in an outrageous German accent, as Gaertruude Schteinn.

So, let's begin again: "As Gaertruude Schteinn observed, 'The man who is slowest to arm himself is quickest to savor the bounties of Heaven.'"

Another gambit is to offer up the following quotes, which are applicable in a wide range of situations.

"I forget which scientist said it, maybe Neil DeGrasse Tyson, but it's worth repeating: 'Wars of religion always make me laugh because basically you're fighting over who has the best imaginary friend.'"


"A great philosopher, Gaertruud Von Schteinn, once said, 'Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true'?"

You will get big nods for these Aphorisms of the Sages. You yourself can take pleasure in the knowledge that both quotes are from the movie Point Break, delivered by Johnny Utah (Keanu Reaves) and Bodhi (Patrick Swayze), respectively.

If you get any verbal expressions of agreement, a "hear-hear" or an "amen," you can extend the joke by saying, "In the words of the spiritual master Boddhisatva, 'You can do what you want, and make up your own rules. Why be a servant to the law, when you can be its master...?" or "Six seconds and we're going to be meat waffles.'"

Make this trope your own. Have fun with it. If you want to claim that it was Niccolo Machiavelli who first advised, "Sweep the leg, Johnny," go with it, but try to get your more subtle Fake Quotes in before "going big" like that.

A Final Word. At some point, even an experienced Thanksgivingman will go too far, and give his game away. At that point, there will be sulks and silences, and the Thanksgivingman will have actually failed at his goal, which is to give offense without offense being taken.

In such straits, the Thanksgivingman, in order to be the polite person he wishes to be, will have to apologize -- it is the verminous grownchildren who have come to bicker and strife, after all, not the well-mannered Thankgivingman.

However, for the zealous Thanksgivingman, even an apology can be exploited for further Thanksgivingmanship points.

For example, if the childanimal you are speaking with declares:

"You're micro-aggressing me."

...then be sure to respond,

"Ah, then please sincerely accept my most micro apologies."

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Some Prominent "NeverTrumpers" Take Sharp Left Turn and Become NeverGOPers


Bret Stephens, Jen Rubin, and Bill Kristol have never been real conservatives, but have felt the need to pretend (slightly) so they could occupy positions of influence in a movement they were never actually a part of.

Now they're liberated to show their true liberal stripes.

Those are just some tweets illustrating this, but June Kelly's piece about the Dropping of the Masks is worth reading.

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ABCNews' Alleged "Proud Independent" Chief Political Analyst: There's a Big Difference Between Rapists and Molesters Working for "The Common Good" (i.e., Progressives) and Those Not Working for the "Common Good" (i.e., Conservatives)


When does this guy's scandal drop, someone wondered.

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Court Documents: Fusion GPS Made Payments To Three Journalists From 2016 to 2017


If you're going to work for the left anyway, you might as well get paid, right?

The revelation could be a breakthrough for House Republicans, who are exploring whether Fusion GPS used the dossier, which was later criticized for having inaccurate information on Trump, to feed anti-Trump stories to the press during and after the presidential campaign. The three journalists who were paid by Fusion GPS are known to have reported on "Russia issues relevant to [the committee's] investigation," the House Intelligence Committee said in a court filing.

But the recipients' names, the amounts, and purposes of those payments were either redacted from the documents that Fusion GPS filed to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia or were not disclosed.

Fusion has asked the court to issue a restraining order against the House committee, which is demanding documents from the company that, among other things, explain the payments it made to reporters. Most of the documents sought are banking records.

Posted by Ace at 12:36 PM Comments

The Morning Rant: J.V. Edition



The only thing this puffed-up clown deserves is a big pile of poo thrown at him. Why do you people take him seriously?

If you need to be convinced of the fundamental unseriousness of the American media, look no farther than the recent CNN interview with LaVar Ball, a self-promoting buffoon who has nothing to say of any importance, but is more than willing to tout his sneakers and criticize the President.

LaVar Ball responds to Trump, wishes him a 'great Thanksgiving'

That was a 23-minute interview! To be fair to CNN, Don Lemon, their crack journalist was unavailable, so they dug Chris Cuomo out of the play room and threw him into the mix. You have to give credit to their makeup department too...there isn't a speck of paste on Cuomo's face, and the contents of his diaper are nowhere to be found on his suit.

Continue reading

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Mid-Morning Open Thread


Kroyer artist festival.jpg

Hipp Hipp Hurra! Kunstnerfest på Skagen (Artist Festival In Skagen)
Peder Severin Krøyer

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The Morning Report 11/22/17

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Well, it's the day before Thanksgiving and in the midst of all the insanity we have much to be grateful for. Mostly it's the Left-Democrat-Media-Entertainment Complex absolutely immolating itself over the sexual abuse scandals now affecting dozens of its key figures. At the same time, the nearly two year campaign to destroy first candidate and now President Trump has utterly backfired on them. In fact, I think it's safe to say that his popularity and support has, shall we say, stiffened, in the face of it all.

And that brings us to two pieces I thought worthy of attention (since obviously the media will embargo and/or distort them), the first being the trashing by Ajit Pai's FCC of Obama-era Net Neutrality regulations and the news that despite the resistance and recalcitrance of the entrenched Establishmentarians in DC, the President's next agenda item is pure red meat: spending cuts and welfare reform. And to Enron advisor Paul Krugman and stunted socialist Robert B. Reichhhhhhh-uh I say THAT is how you "pay" for tax cuts.

Back to the Leftist Perversion scandal (we need a name for this), as the allegations against Judge Roy Moore are being exposed faster than Harvey Weinstein can drop his drawers at the Botanical Garden, the President has all but endorsed him outright. Too bad his hot but stupid daughter decided to give a soundbite that Moore's opponent is now using in his campaign ads; not that that matters since I have seen reports that Moore is rising in the polls and in the all-important donations category. Also, we have several links that delve into the political and social ramifications of what George Neumayr at American Spectator describes as "the beta male sexual predator."

By the way, the Fusion GPS bank records have been finally unsealed and surprise! - there are payments linked from Russia as well as payments going to journalists. And the Uranium 1 Scandal may be heating up for Hillary and Obama. Yes, I know, with Snoozy McSnoozerson at the DoJ and Tray "tres gaudy" Gowdy on the case, those two will more than likely skate. But still...

On a personal note, I would like to extend a heartfelt vayr-ge-hargit and gey-kok-in-offin-yom to my alma mater, Brooklyn College. Despite the typical hippie bullshit of the 60s, it was always a decent bastion of learning until its devolution seemingly overnight into one of the worst Leftist indoctrination centers in the nation. Now the inmates in charge of the asylum are forcing cops to use bathrooms that are dilapidated sewers on the far end of the campus so the students won't be "triggered" by the sight of them. Disgraceful.

Lastly, we note with sadness the passing of David Cassidy at the age of just 67. Despite the upheaval and turmoil of the late 60s/early 70s, America was a kinder, gentler place (doesn't every generation think that about their youth?). The antics of Keith Partridge, the good-looking yet goofy heartthrob of TV's "The Partridge Family" was part of an entertainment landscape that let us escape from our troubles and "get happy." No idea what his politics were but he was a talented musician and a consummate performer. RIP.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

Posted by J.J. Sefton at 07:00 AM Comments

Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (11/21/17)

—Misanthropic Humanitarian

ont suin above fold.jpg


Quotes of The Day

Quote I

We see soldiers in the media as sort of faceless characters, or sometimes just as the front of the conflict when unfortunately service in Israel isn’t a choice.” Mayan Toledano

Quote II

""Also in business environments, rubbing your penis against people — known as Frotteurism, in case you’re wondering — masturbating in front of them, or even showing your penis is wrong and humiliating and possibly illegal,

In fact, doing these things in almost all environments is wrong and possibly illegal." Charles Blow

Quote III

Man is fond of counting his troubles, but he does not count his joys. If he counted them up as he ought to, he would see that every lot has enough happiness provided for it. Fyodor Dostoevsky

Continue reading

Posted by Misanthropic Humanitarian at 10:06 PM Comments

Another Accuser of John Conyers Comes to Light


The former staffer later withdrew the complaint, stating that she had "affection" for the "civil rights icon."

Still, she didn't seem to much enjoy working under him.

Another former staff member to Michigan Rep. John Conyers alleged that she endured persistent sexual harassment by the congressman, according to court documents.

A former scheduler in the Conyers' office attempted to file a sealed lawsuit against him this February in the US District Court for the District of Columbia that alleges she suffered unwanted touching by the Democrat “repeatedly and daily.” She abandoned the lawsuit the next month, after the court denied her motion to seal the complaint.

The woman was not involved in the 2015 sexual harassment and wrongful dismissal complaint that Conyers settled in 2015, which was revealed Monday by BuzzFeed News, and is now under investigation by the House Ethics Committee.

The lawsuit centered on behavior that took place later, from 2015 to 2016, but involves similar allegations. The woman said that shortly after she started to work for Conyers he began to make sexual advances in the form of inappropriate comments and touching.

Posted by Ace at 07:37 PM Comments

Bill Kristol: My "Inner Socialist," "Inner Feminist," and "Inner Liberal" Are Being Awakened


What's happening, he asks? Well, the guy has always had a Cuck Kuato growing out of his torso but now he's opened his jacket and let Cuck Kuato take over the most important organ in his body: His twitter account.

@comradearthur also sent this short video by John Cleese on the "advantages of extremism." It's applicable to any extreme, but it's especially applicable to Social Justice Warriors.

Posted by Ace at 06:40 PM Comments

This Heroic Cat Is Doing Everything Within His Power to Fight the Demons Within


If I were a criminal profiler, I would say this cat is escalating in his fantasies, and may ultimately act on them.

But for now he's just a cute cat who wants to touch a bird.

Update: I totally posted this by accident. I was just changing the date so that I would have it handy for tonight or tomorrow night.

Ah well. It's up now.

Posted by Ace at 05:29 PM Comments

John Conyers Paid $27,000 to Hush Sexual Harassment Claim; First Denies, Then Confirms Payout


Who could have possibly suspected that this corrupt old f*** was corrupt.

I mean sure, his wife is in jail for taking bribes, but who would have imagined criminality would have extended to him?

He's also accused of being a "serial sexual harasser."

A leading Democratic congressman settled a wrongful dismissal complaint for more than $27,000 in taxpayer funding after he allegedly fired the staffer because she would not "succumb to [his] sexual advances," according to a new report.

The congressman, Michigan Rep. John Conyers, is described as a serial sexual harasser who would prey on his female staffers in sworn affidavits signed by four of his former staffers. BuzzFeed News first reported the bombshell allegations and accompanying settlement after right-wing blogger Mike Cernovich provided the website with the documents.

One former female employee filed a complaint with the Congressional Office Of Compliance in 2014, alleging that she was fired for rebuffing Conyers’'sexual advances. It was that employee who eventually received a $27,111.75 settlement in 2015, in exchange for a confidentiality agreement. The congressman did not admit to fault as part of the settlement agreement.

"In her complaint, the former employee said Conyers repeatedly asked her for sexual favors and often asked her to join him in a hotel room. On one occasion, she alleges that Conyers asked her to work out of his room for the evening, but when she arrived the congressman started talking about his sexual desires," BuzzFeed reported. "She alleged he then told her she needed to 'touch it," in reference to his penis, or find him a woman who would meet his sexual demands."

This demented old satyr first denied the payout, then, I guess, checked with his large team of Memory Helper Nurses, and admitted the payout, while denying all charges.

At Hot Air, it's reported that Buzzfeed says they also have proof that Conyers knew about this settlement all along, so he was straight-up lying in his first statement.

Except for maybe the dementia.

Posted by Ace at 04:28 PM Comments

CBS, PBS Both Fire "Playboy Before Dark" Host Charlie Rose


PBS announce it has "terminated" all relations with Ladykiller Godiva, and CBS fired him.

Below, a Jon Oliver (yes I know he's awful, but bear with me) clip from 2016 showing Charlie Rose's flirty relationship with his CBS co-hosts.

Not harassment here, though: These two ladies present themselves as DTFCR, if you know what I'm sayin'.

These two women are the like the bar thugs who clapped and cheered in The Accused.

Continue reading

Posted by Ace at 03:41 PM Comments

Of Course


Now that's a Hot Take.

Newsweek is not a real news outlet. It's a stupid clickbait factory, beneath even Buzzfeed's level.

In case you didn't know, Charles Manson is in his last prison, Hell.

Norm MacDonald always makes jokes like this. One of his gags is/was, "Say what you will about Charles Manson, but the man can write a song." Don't take him too seriously.

This wasn't Newsweek's only descent into self-parody recently, either.

Posted by Ace at 02:36 PM Comments

Lena Dunham: Believe All Rape Accusers, Except for This Slut Accusing My Buddy


Nuance. Apparently "Believe All Accusations" really just means "Believe All Accusations made against people we don't like."

Lena Dunham has issued a statement in support of a former writer on her show "Girls" who was accused of rape Friday by a young actress named Aurora Perrineau. Perrineau claims she met producer and writer Murray Miller in 2012 when she was just 17-years-old. Friday, the Wrap reported that Perrineau had reported her allegation to police in Los Angeles...

The accused denies and suggests, through a lawyer, this is a money-play, and the accuser says she passed a polygraph.

So, I have no idea on who's telling the truth here.

But Lena Dunham does:

During the windfall of deeply necessary accusations over the last few months in Hollywood, we have been thrilled to see so many women’s voices heard and dark experiences in this industry justified. It's a hugely important time of change and, like every feminist in Hollywood and beyond, we celebrate. But during every time of change there are also incidences of the culture, in its enthusiasm and zeal, taking down the wrong targets. We believe, having worked closely with him for more than half a decade, that this is the case with Murray Miller. While our first instinct is to listen to every woman's story, our insider knowledge of Murray’' situation makes us confident that sadly this accusation is one of the 3 percent of assault cases that are misreported every year. It is a true shame to add to that number, as outside of Hollywood women still struggle to be believed. We stand by Murray and this is all we’ll be saying about this issue.

I'm old enough to remember when Lena Dunham said women do not lie about rape, because I'm old enough to have been alive this past August:

It's pretty interesting that women never lie about rape, until her friend gets accused, and then she allows that 3% of rape charges are "misreported" (apparently not falsely reported -- just misreported).

See John Sexton's link for the fall-out, including Lena Dunham being accused of racism because the accuser is biracial.

She's now also retracted back her statement, saying she regrets with every fiber of her being, and that's a lot of fiber.

As Kurt Schlicter says: You're gonna hate the new rules, which are really the old rules you've long pushed, now being applied to you.

Also see Sexton's piece about Mika Brzezinski stating flatly that Hillary Clinton needs to Shut the F*** Up about sexual harassment until her husband (and, presumably, she herself) admit to their own crimes.

Oh, and the Women of SNL have written a letter praising and defending serial groper Al Franken.

He groped another woman, too - Arianna Huffington, during a photo shoot.

Posted by Ace at 01:32 PM Comments

Some ESPN Personnel Sending Out Resumes In Anticipation of Next Huge Round of Layoffs


A bankrupt ideology leads to... well, pretty obvious, isn't it?

In the next few weeks, the Worldwide Leader is expected to undergo another round of massive layoffs -- Sporting News cites 40-60 layoffs coming, with Sports Illustrated reporting the number will exceed 100 -- and the next wave of who’s-next worry has many scanning their options.

According to a Monday Sporting News report, which cited a source at a rival network, some ESPN staffers already are sending out "just-in-case" resumes to competitors such as FS1, NBCSN and Turner Sports.

"The narrative from many long-timers still there is: 'I know my day is coming. It's not if. It's when,'" another source told the site.

The SJW Clownshow Sports Center is expected to face some of the deepest cuts.

But whyyyyyyyy????!!!!

Bonus, via Instapundit: ESPN hosts insists that no one he knows has stopped watching ESPN, and never will, because what would people do without television at night?

Posted by Ace at 12:36 PM Comments

The Morning Rant: J.V. Edition



Chimps have big balls, but damn! This chick is something else entirely. If I were a reporter in that room I would be very careful about throwing poo at her....she's scary.

This is how it is done. Shoving the leftist media's narrative right down their throats.

Continue reading

Posted by CBD at 11:25 AM Comments

Mid-Morning Open Thread


Dore Andromeda.jpg

Gustave Dore

Posted by CBD at 09:30 AM Comments

The Morning Report 11/21/17

—J.J. Sefton


Good morning kids. Up front (heh) we have the continued fallout from the Al Franken sex-cade, as pictures from a 2000 photo shoot show him groping Arianna Huffington's considerable bits. Though she claims it was all in fun (well, yeah, I guess) several witnesses on the set say she was very uncomfortable and Franken was unrelenting in the groping and grabbing. And the mystery member of the Congressional Black Caucasians who has been paying hush money to his victims turns out to be Leftist Detroit fossil John Conyers. And the hits just keep on coming, folks.

In other news, the Trump Administration has put North Korea on the list of state sponsors of terrorism. More accurately, it has returned it to the list since a previous administration took it off. No reaction yet from Whoa, Fat! In California, rogue judge William Orrick has declared PDT's executive order on so-called "sanctuary cities" unconstitutional. Funny how a living and breathing document can have a clear, unambiguous meaning in the eyes of these momzers at just the right time. In a just and sane world, Orrick should be defrocked and kicked out, and the 9th Circuit dissolved.

Meanwhile, Lawrence "voices in my head" O'Donnell says that Bernie Sanders, thought leader of America's youth, would never go on his show because it was past his bedtime. The revolution won't be televised, evidently, mostly because its leader is a noddy alte-cocker and dozes off in front of the tele. And speaking of the Left, I know I touched on it yesterday, but Charles Manson was not just a sick mass-murdering cult leader; he was part and parcel of the counter culture who not only worshipped him but whose leaders were inspired by his actions and led their own campaign of political terror for almost a decade after. Then, temporarily forgoing the molotov cocktails, it's fair to say that the direct political descendants of the Manson Family ran the country from 2009-2016. And quite a few are still entrenched in the bureaucracy. See Paul Kengor's excellent piece in the sixth link.

Lastly, in the make-your-blood-boil department, TMR favorite Daniel Greenfield delivers another outstanding piece about how Obama's disastrous foreign policy fueled a resurgent slave trade in Africa, as he trashed America as irredeemably racist because of its original sin of slavery. Ironically, I find my hatred of what that man did to our wonderful country only intensifying as his eight year reign of error recedes in the distance.

Anyway, links from around the world, across the nation and up your street. Have a better one and remain blessed.

Posted by J.J. Sefton at 06:35 AM Comments

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