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Wes Pruden, Washington Times editor and columnist, dies at 83
Thanks to "Ha" for alerting me. (And no, that's not any kind of insult to Pruden; "Ha" is the name he always goes by. A bit awkward in this context but it is just his screen-name.)
LOL reply to the sanctimonious David French, bewailing the country's divisions: "O! Why is the country so divided!?" shrieked the Russia Truther.
Liberal atheist AllahPundit just can't stop attacking Christians
It's "racist" to attack any group you don't belong to, but the liberal atheist AllahPundit attacks conservative Christians, accusing them of Godcrime, four or five times per week
It's also cool that he's quoting Real TruCon Conservatives like MSNBC flunky Michael Steele, too
It's like AllahPundit is saying Christians aren't real Americans and should go back to their own countries, except he says it 5 days a week
The Washington Monument "For three nights, July 16, 17 and 18 -- the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum will project the rocket's image onto the east face of the monument." [CBD]
I'm avoiding the full pile on, because I understand this person is nice and personally loyal, but a Leading NeverTrumper and Fusion GPS conspiracy theory promoter just tweeted, about Stevens' death: Man, the confirmation hearings over John Paul Stevens' replacement is going to be pure fire!
This wouldn't be such a big deal except we keep being told by this crew that they're the Smart Ones who Really Understand Politics. In fact, they're almost all unaccomplished and a bit dim. They mistake "Famous among a tiny subculture addicted to Twitter" for actually famous. Or actually accomplished.
A friend cracks: "Maybe she got this wrong because she was reading from Fusion GPS' dossier on Stevens."
You know, people involved in writing and communications might want to consider that Twitter Is Not Their Friend. It encourages lazy writing and thoughtless #HotTakes. Why bother checking to see the last decade that Stevens worked as a justice when precious seconds for getting in your #EarlyHotTake are slipping away!
Really Super-Forgotten 80s Mystery Click
Hint: it's King Creole and the Coconuts doing "My Male Curiosity"
Let's face it, you weren't going to get it anyway
Here's a topic: Can you think of bands that seemed to get a lot of promotion in movies and tv but didn't go anywhere? I seem to remember David Johannson (especially in his "Buster Poindexter" persona/act) getting a lot of tv/movie push and not being very good; Oingo Boingo too. (Danny Elfman eventually made it as a composer, but not as a rocknroll front man.)
Forgotten 80s Mystery Click
Somethin' in the moonlight catches my eye...
Baseball Cuck is, as usual, convinced he is smarter than everyone else in the world, despite continents of evidence to the contrary
The ability of the NeverTrump pseudo-intellectuals to maintain such passionate belief in their intellectual supremacy despite overwhelming evidence that they are wrong about literally everything is... how do I say it? ... rather Millennial in its delusional self-regard, no?
How do you spell "hamster," BaseballCuck?
An ocean of smug, a thimbleful of brains
Flashback: Glenn Reynolds on How David Brooks Gave Us Donald Trump
" It's clear that [Brooks would] like a social/political revolution that was more refined, better-mannered, more focused on the Constitution and, well, more bourgeois as opposed to in-your-face and working class.
The thing is, we had that movement. It was the Tea Party movement...
Yet the tea party movement was smeared as racist, denounced as fascist, harassed with impunity by the IRS and generally treated with contempt by the political establishment and by pundits like Brooks, who declared "I'm not a fan of this movement." After handing the GOP big legislative victories in 2010 and 2014, it was largely betrayed by the Republicans in Congress, who broke their promises to shrink government and block Obama's initiatives.
When politeness and orderliness are met with contempt and betrayal, do not be surprised if the response is something less polite, and less orderly.
Surprising exactly no one, David French once again teams up with the leftwing Vox's leftwing "reporter" on "The GOP, the right, and white supremacy" to smear his enemies, and Jonah Goldberg recommends the leftwing Vox "reporter's" thread to his Twitter following
Once again, they attempt to get an insult they don't like -- "cuck" -- censored, claiming it is only about black men having sex with white wives. The cuck kink isn't limited to black-on-white cucking -- it's a term oblivious to race, and refers only to weakness and submissiveness -- but they keep saying it is entirely racial, contrary to the dictionary definition and contrary to a cursory perusal of the offerings in this category on Xhamster. Just to falsely tar their opponents as "racist" for daring to criticize them. Same as their liberal friends do, oddly enough!
Or maybe I'm too cynical. Maybe they're not deliberately misrepresenting "cuck" porn as exclusively black and white; perhaps they're just prisoners of their own experience and their own kinks, and that's just their personal favorite type of cuck pornography.
I don't know. What I do know is that cucks come in all colors and shapes. Well, one shape, mostly -- Eggs With Legs. But again, it's not exclusive to that.
The silly little brokebrain bitch David French spends more time damseling for himself on Twitter, asking his beta orbiters to protect him, than he spends on his actual job(s). Shouldn't he at least put up a Patreon with "nude and lewd" pictures of himself on offer if he's going to keep begging his beta orbiters to White Knight for him? Shouldn't his Beta Brigade get some sexy boudoir shots for their services?
Coming soon: The Conservative Case for Anita Sarkesian, Who Showed Us The Way
Ain't No Rest for the Triggered, by Chris Raygun
Actually, given that these fine gentlemen are now making The Conservative Case for Vox, why bother with NR and the much, much anticipated Hayes/Goldberg newsletter -- why not just patronize Vox, the site that they're such great fans of? Cut out the middleman -- the Lucky Pierre -- I say.
How Prince wound up doing the "Batman" corporate synergy album (the first such album, not saying that's a good thing, mind you)
The studio wanted Michael Jackson, and for a time, it was going to be a Michael Jackson/Prince album (Jackson doing ballads for the heroes, Prince doing rougher music for the villains), but it wound up just as Prince
Star Wars: Saved In the Edit
Good short video about how Marcia Lucas saved a disaster called "Star Wars" by re-editing the beginning and the ending.
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Assassination-Gate Explained | Main | John Kerry: "I actually supported my country during the Vietnam War, before I aided the enemy's propaganda efforts"
October 26, 2004

MSM Runs With Fraudulent "Republican Fraud" Story

Desperate to find some shenanigans on the GOP side for once, ABCNews & AP get suckered by an obvious Democratic plant

The ABCNews piece:

Oct 22, 2004 — In several battleground states across the country, a consulting firm funded by the Republican National Committee has been accused of deceiving would-be voters and destroying Democratic voter registration cards.

Arizona-based Sproul & Associates is under investigation in Oregon and Nevada over claims that canvassers hired by the company were instructed to register only Republicans and to get rid of registration forms completed by Democrats.


Substitute teacher Adam Banse wanted a summer job with flexible hours, so he signed up to knock on doors in suburban Minneapolis and register people to vote.

He quit after two hours. "They said if you bring back a bunch of Democratic cards, you'll be fired," Banse contends. "At that point, I said, `Whoa. Something's wrong here.'"

He actually said that. He said "Whoa." And then he said "Wyld Stallyns rule," and played some air-guitar with Napoleon.

Nathan Sproul, a former head of Arizona's Republican Party and the state's Christian Coalition branch, denies any wrongdoing and accuses Democrats of making things up.

"This is all about making accusations," Sproul said Thursday. "They allege fraud where none exists and get the media to cover it."

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Heather Layman responded that her party accepts all voters, and she accused the Democratic Party of operating under this mandate: "If no sign of voter fraud exists, make it up, manipulate the media into covering baseless charges and spread fear."

So, is Adam Banse an "unimpeachable source" akin to Bill Burkett? You won't find your jaw dropping into your lap when you read he's not. From an interview he gave, now pulled, as it undermines his tale of Republican skulduggery:

Marc: So how's disenfranchising the masses going for ya?

Banse: Difference between me and them -- I registered 8 voters -- all Republicans or people undecided. I then used the information I gleaned from my time with them and went to the Kerry-Edwards campaign headquarters where I sat down with Ted Irgens, the campaign organizer in Minnesota and told him everything I knew. I met with the group one more time after that and again called Ted and told him what I knew.

Marc: Did the rotten Republicans at least pay well?

Ahem. The rotten Republicans weren't the ones moling around.

Marc: You want to tell the story yourself....

Banse: I was told to not get Kerry supporters to register -- they said we'd be fired if we did, but they also said they were obligated by law to turn them in. It's a felony in Minnesota to alter or throw away voter registrations. This state has a history of incredibly ethical elections. We'll see about this year....

Ah. So the registrations weren't being destroyed after all. They "rotten Republicans" explained that they were required by law to turn them in; they just didn't want their workers making herculean efforts to register Democrats.

Which is their right.


Marc: Describe orientation.

Banse: They handed out a packet entitled, in big, bold letters, "THE LAW." It basically told us what we could and could not do. He then gave us a script that we had to write down -- it was not already printed out for us.

Marc: He read it? Read it to you?

Banse: Yeah. It went something like this:

Everyone is supposed to wear a Bush-Cheney sticker -- to attract Bush-Cheney supporters and repel Kerry ones. We were told to introduce ourselves by first name to passerbys at malls in front of stores, wherever we could get away with it. He even told us that we could stand out in front of stores, but that it wasn't necessarily legal. He told us that if they told us to leave we had to leave, but to stand there as long as we could get away with it. He also told us how to sneak into apartment buildings and that it wasn't legal, but a good way to pick up registrations and you didn't hear it from him.

Anyway, we're supposed to introduce ourselves and then ask people if they plan on voting in the election if yes, then are they supporting Bush, if no -- walk away from them! Don't make eye contact or discuss politics. If they say they're undecided, try signing them up, if they're Bush-Cheney supporters, sign 'em up. If they're Kerry supporters, and they insist sign them up, but try to get them to send the card in on their own -- that way you're not held responsible for it and you won't get in trouble (Ben said he wanted a 9-1 Bush-Kerry ration, minimum). If they said they're Nader supporters, sign 'em up because Ben said (and I'm not making this up) a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush. That's about it. He told us not to get in political discussions with any Kerry supporters because we didn't want to draw attention to ourselves.

Again, no suggestions that this douchebag break the law. They just didn't want him registering Democrats on the GOP's dime.

Democrats have this weird notion that they're entitled to take other people's money without doing anything to earn it. That's kinda what makes them Democrats.

...Marc: Describe your first day on the job.

Banse: It was unsupervised. I told him I'd be going to some car dealerships in Coon Rapids, Minnesota (about 40 minutes from Ben's office) to sign some people up. Knowing that the UAW supports Bush (how sick is that -- a union supporting Bush? nice union leadership) I thought it'd be easy pickings. It was. About half said they were undecided.

Oh wait, I forgot to tell you. ... Ben said they had a "voter fraud" person calling to confirm each person's identity (they told us that they were doing it to make sure we weren't forging cards), when these people were called they were asked who they support. I signed up my brother, sister and brother-in-law and they all lied and said, "Bush."

Marc: Nice touch.

So, the guy's an admitted liar. But we should believe everything else he says.


Banse: I went to everyone I could find (except the customers) and asked people if they were registered voters, if they weren't I'd sign 'em up. IF they happened to be Democrats I'd already arranged it with the party to drop those forms off with them.

More moling. More drawing pay under fraudulent pretenses.

Marc: So you only put in one day?

Banse: Yeah. I wasn't willing to sell my soul, for crying out loud. I haven't even cashed the check and am not sure I will.

"Selling his soul"? Okay.

Somehow I have a feeling that Mr. Banse will be cashing that enormous $60 check.

No shit.

Thanks to AnthonyP. The cached interview -- now apparently pulled because it so utterly undermines this guy's original story and credibility -- can be found

I have a feeling that Josh Marshall just saw another "story of his life" go down the drain.

More! Temple of Jennifer notes that even this forged story got trumped-up by the Times-- looks like they added 150 tons to the falsely missing explosives, because they couldn't figure out the difference between imperial tons and metric tonnes.

posted by Ace at 11:31 AM