July 23, 2016

The Sunni-Shia Schism Ain't What It Used To Be [CBD]

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The news that we have taken official action (writing their names on a list!) against some al-Qaeda thugs isn't news. Where they are operating shouldn't be news either, if any of us were actually paying attention to that mysterious motivating factor common in essentially all terrorist activity on earth.

U.S. Levies Terror Sanctions Against Iran-based al-Qaeda Leaders

Three senior al-Qaeda operatives landed on the Treasury Department's Specially Designated Global Terrorists list on July 20, joining the U.S. government's international who's-who of terrorist operatives. What's perplexing is that two of the three al-Qaeda figures aren't based in the stereotypical al-Qaeda hangouts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Yemen. Instead, they're hiding out in a country that's seen its relations with the U.S. and the broader international warm considerably in recent years: Iran.

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Ace of Spades Pet Thread [Mis. Hum.]

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zz pet cover irish setter.png

Welcome to the AoS Pet Thread, where hairballs and slobber are a way of life.

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Saturday Gardening Thread: Summer Foraging [KT]

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The mysterious, but not elusive, common daylily

Good afternoon gardeners. And a special welcome today to foragers, preppers, campers, and hobos. And those with an interest in genetics, developmental biology or related fields. Are you out there this afternoon, Y-not?

For today's thread, I went foraging through the comments on some recent AoSHQ threads. A couple of weeks ago, in the Food Thread, WhatWhatWhat? took us foraging for common daylilies, "one of the very best and easiest to harvest of the wild foods." Sounds fun. Here's a sample, but read the whole thing:

The common Day Lily stands about chest-high and grows in clonal groves. You rarely see just one. The buds and flowers (including opening and withered flowers) are edible. So are the roots and young shoots, but July is the time for the buds and flowers. The buds sort of resemble green beans and taste, to me, like a combination of green beans and mushrooms all in one (but it's very difficult to describe the taste of wild foods.)

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Thread below the Gardening Thread 23Jul16 [KT]

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General Mills is trying to tap into the kid demographic that wants turmeric in its Trix.

They haven't found a good natural blue or green color yet. The red color is iffy, too. They like the purple.

Actually, this content is only an excuse to re-post Ace's famous Kaboom thread.

Note to those new to Ace of Spades HQ: Do not try to comment on old threads. Ask me how I know. There is still time today to comment on Y-not's topical thread below this one.

Open thread. Have a great weekend.

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Our Common Ground [Y-not]

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Now that the GOP convention is over, it may seem as if the divisions within the Republican party (and on the Right more generally) are sharper than ever. To some extent they are, but I'd like to encourage the horde to find something - ANYthing - constructive to do in the public arena to stop the Left's continued attacks on freedom. Despite all that has happened, I believe there IS common ground on which we can fight together.

In my case, I plan to focus on identifying Senate and Congressional races where a conservative candidate needs my help.

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Open Thread [Y-not]

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Open thread for those of you who don't want to talk about Senate or House races.

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Saturday Morning Weird News [Mis. Hum.]

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zz sat weird news 7 23.jpg

Good morning Morons, it's Saturday.

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EMT 7/23/16 Windy City Edition [krakatoa]

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Halfway through my Chicago trip. Not as bullety as I'd feared, so that's good.

The nice thing about my schedule here is I'm eating just one meal a day, so the intermittent fast thing is in play. Taking an extended meal from 6ish to 8ish every night. Plus I'm walking around 3 miles per day.

Although tomorrow morning I may need to have some pancakes. More than likely I'll just sleep though.

Will be interesting to see what the weight is when I get back home.

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Overnight Open Thread-The Friday Edition [Mis. Hum.]

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You wanted CDR-M, after last night's Yokopalooza you might take Maetenloch, however tonight you will have to settle for me.

sick day.jpg

Run, run like the wind for moar content..........................................

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Hillary Picks Tim Kaine as Her Running Mate, for Some Reason


I guess because he speaks Spanish, poorly, as most Democrats do.

(FoxNews is now claiming he speaks it well.)

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Batman V. Superman: Ruminations on Deicide With Occasional CGI Sparkles


I finally saw Batman V. Superman.

I did not see it, however, with the 30 minutes of footage they'd cut out, but then offered earlier on PPV. I saw the theatrical cut.

How was it?

Well, before I say, let me say I heard a lot of bad things about this movie before hand. Therefore, my expectations were pretty low.

That's important.

How was it? It was... not bad. Pretty good. Flawed. I can barely remember it, to be honest with you. But I thought it was okay.

First things first: Ben Affleck made a good Bruce Wayne and Batman. Oddly -- I don't know why he made this choice -- he sort of has a light southern drawl in his guise as Bruce Wayne.

Why? Bruce Wayne's a damn yankee. Gotham is obviously a New York City analogue. Is Ben Affleck's idea of "rich" the same as his idea as "Georgian"?

But that little odd choice aside, he was good. He looked like Wayne. He had -- for once -- the almost glowing playboy handsomeness I imagined Wayne would have. (See him portrayed in the WB animated "World's Finest" where he suavely picks up Lois Lane, stealing her right from Clark Kent, using nothing but his looks, charm, and billion-dollar trust fund.)

He was physically large and carried himself with the weight of age -- a bit like the Frank Miller Dark Knight, except around early 40s instead of middle 50s. (Alfred in the movie says he's been fighting crime "for twenty years.")

Also, Batman finally wore something that looks like the actual Batman costume: Dark cowl and cape, gray body.

Let's move on to Lex Luthor. I thought I would hate this performance. Luthor was portrayed perfectly in the WB animated series: A large imposing genius who had made himself physically strong not due to any need to be physically strong, but because he was a megalomaniac who could not live with himself if he were not strong enough to kill a man with his bare hands.

This film offers the waifish Jesse Eisenberg, as far from the new cartoon Luthor as you can get.

I was able to accept his performance for a while because it was stated he was Alexander Luthor, and he got his company from his dad; therefore, I reasoned, this is just the "Real" Luthor's son.

Later on, though, they say that the orginal Lex Luthor is dead. (They couldn't stop themselves from making Bruce, Clark, and Lex all be the sons of dead fathers.)

However, by the time they confirmed this was the real Luthor, I had begun to appreciate Eisenberg's take. No, this is not my favorite sort of Luthor, but this was a good Luthor, even if not the choice I would have made.

This Luthor is waifish, vain, callow, needy, and obviously psychopathic. I think the Red Letter Media guys noted this Luthor has a great deal of The Joker's DNA in him. Indeed, he does -- this Luthor reminded me a lot of the Joker maniac minion who Harvey Dent tries to torture in the Dark Knight, the one Batman stops him from hurting, saying "He doesn't have any information. Look at him -- he's psychotic."

Would I have gone this way? No, I would not have stepped into The Joker's Character Space to make a character that was kind of like The Joker. But what is on screen is still pretty good.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman: One of the toughest characters in the world to cast. Think about it: Wonder Woman must be physically hot, and therefore ripely, voluptuously feminine. But, simultaneously, she must be heroically athletic, because she's a superhero.

How do you find a woman who is both Lynda Carter and Rhonda Roussey at the same time?

I don't think you can. So instead they hired a very skinny model. However, even though she doesn't really fit the busty raven-haired pin-up model take, nor the muscular athlete take, she has a kind of strong, confident presence that makes you say, "Okay, sure, this is Wonder Woman. Close enough."

She's Israeli. I mention that because Wonder Woman herself is Greek -- she shouldn't be Anglo. She should be Mediterranean-looking. Gal Gadot is that, so it works for me.

She isn't given much to do. But the little she's given, she does pretty well. She's meant to come across as pretty, mysterious, and maybe dangerous. She does.

I really loved Henry Cavil as Napoleon Solo, and I do like his corny, wholesome take as Clark Kent. But I have to say, this is really much more of a Batman movie than a Superman movie. I always feel bad that Superman gets short shrift. I like Supes. I don't love him like Batman, but the fact that I like him makes me feel bad when they don't really do much with him.

Cavil was fine, Clark was fine, Superman was fine. But... Wanted more.

Amy Adams is not at all my idea of Lois Lane. Just... no. I'm going to have to insist on the fast-talking spitfire Lois Lane, not this quiet, vulnerable mousey version.

The plot operates on two levels: the emotional, meta-level, where details don't matter so much, and the actual specific mechanisms of the plot.

The emotional, overarching plot is good: Bruce Wayne hates Superman because he personally witnessed the carnage Superman (accidentally) caused in Metropolis, and lost a lot of his own employees in the fight in Man of Steel. (He seems to have an office in Metropolis.) He has made it his last major goal to defeat the most dangerous threat to humanity on the planet: Superman, a much bigger threat -- potentially -- than even Joker.

Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is, somewhat cleverly, the Nietzchean Uberman, the man who must make himself greater than God by killing God. Or, God's closest physical analogue, Superman.

Luthor entertains himself by noting various myths of deicide, and thinks of himself as Prometheus, the Titan who wanted to save humanity from the gods.

All this chatter about Man Versus God and the need for man to bow to god -- or to make god bow to man -- is actually pretty decent. It's clever without being overclever, I think. It's literate without being show-offy and pretentious.

So it works.

Then we have the actual plot, the things that actually happen in the movie.

I'll make this short: very little of the actual plot makes sense. Luthor's specific plans don't make sense, Batman's specific desire to kill Superman -- based only the possiblity that Superman could go rogue -- doesn't make sense.

In the comics, Bruce always had a plan to kill Superman, if it became necessary to do so. He plotted it; he prepared for it.

Just in case.

In this movie, Bruce doesn't just plan; he executes. And I do mean executes. (Or tries to, at least.)

Again, just based on his hunch that this Kryptonian could be a problem down the road.

Does this make sense? Is this Batman, or is this Luthor? Luthor would just kill Superman because he wants to kill Superman.

But would Batman?

No. No, he would not.

Superman's desire to oppose (not kill-- just warn off) Batman makes sense, but it's also not really that dramatic. Superman actually behaves rationally. He doesn't act like a God-Murdering Zealot like Batman. So I have to say, while Superman makes sense, he's just not as interesting as the lunatic Batman, who makes no sense, but is compelling, as lunatics often are.

The only reason Superman even fights Batman is because... Luthor has some kind of idiotic plan to force him to.

It doesn't really make sense.

The action is not particularly good. There's too much CGI -- a favorite effect is to have Superman speed into a blur; but the blur looks like a fast, blurry cartoon -- and there's too much obvious computer cartooning and nothing really feels visceral and real when they start flying around.

Can Batman really survive some of the concussion hits he takes just because he's wearing armor? If I wear plate armor, can I survive being hit by a truck?

That said, I have to tell you, the non-action parts, the parts where Batman is investigating Luthor and Superman, or when Superman is looking into Batman's increasingly-violent crime control in Gotham, or Bruce Wayne following around the mysterious Dianna Prince -- is all pretty good.

It all looks pretty good (the actual physically photographed stuff, rather than the computer generated crap). It's "dark," tonally, but not so dark you can't see. It conveys darkness, while actually having enough light and color in it to please the eye.

It's just the plot is kind of stupid, and there's a bunch of set-up for the next one, whose plot is now completely spelled out. See, Bruce Wayne keeps getting some kind of psychic images -- not his own psychic power, I came to believe, but rather, he is being sent signals from a psionic on another planet -- of a coming apocalypse.

What's obviously going to happen is that "Darkseid" from the planet Apokalypse is going to come to earth and enslave Superman and make him Champion of Apokalypse and have Superman pummel the earth into submission, and Batman and Wonder Woman will have to recruit the rest of the Justice League to fight Superman.

Um... didn't they just sort of fight Superman? They're going to do that again?

Ah well.

Lot of stuff in the movie taken from videogame interpretations; you'll see bits of the Arkham games design aesthetic, as well as some stuff from Injustice.

Overall, I liked it. Not a disaster.

But also not a triumph, alas. It's a shame; they had almost all the ingredients of a real winner here. All they managed, though, was a single.

Oh Wait: I forgot the dumbest thing in the movie.

For some bizarrely stupid reason, Luthor conspires to make it look as if Superman... killed a bunch of terrorists. Because, he thinks, this will turn American opinion against him.

Killing terrorists. The American public will say, "How COULD you, Superman?!!?"


But even worse, how are these terrorists killed?

Remember, Luthor's trying frame Superman for their deaths.

So the terrorists are killed.. with bullets. Because, you know, Superman carries a gun.

Why not kill them with ruby red lasers to simulate a projectile weapon Superman actually carries -- you know, his eyes?

Nope. Bullets.

And not just bullets-- but super special hypermetal bullets that are made by exactly one company: LexCorp.

Gee, that'll really throw people off the scent, huh?

"General, these men were killed with bullets."

"I see. Sounds like Superman."

"Indeed. And there's more -- the bullets were made by Superman's archenemy, Lex Luthor."

"Well, I've heard enough-- arrest Superman!!!"

Later on, Luthor tries to frame Superman again.

But this time, he's smart enough not to use bullets.

This time, he uses a bomb.

You know -- he blows them up with a bomb, Superman-Style.

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American Satisfaction in Country Drops from Horrific 29% to Abysmal 17%; Right-Leaning #SmartSet Complains Trump's Tone Was Too "Dark"


Fingers on the pulse of the national mood, these guys have.

Last night I observed of the #SmartSet's (and CNN's) finding that the speech was "too dark:" "I congratulate those of you living in comfortable circumstances that many Americans do not."

Various geniuses -- geniuses because they had the acumen to open a Twitter account -- pronounced that a good convention speech should have "uplift" in it. Many -- including the dummies at CNN -- contrasted Trump's speech unfavorably with Reagan's "Morning in America" theme.

Here's the problem with that: It's fucking stupid. "Morning in America" was Reagan's 1984 election theme. That was the happy, uplifting campaign, because the country was doing well and Reagan already had the job as presidency.

OF course he's going to paint an uplifting picture! If he painted a "dark" picture, he'd be criticizing himself.

But what was his 1980 theme, when he was the insurgent, trying to kick Jimmy Carter out of office?

Well: It was a searing indictment of America under Carter. It was, in fact, dark.

And how could it not be? You can't convince a country to make an abrupt change in direction until you have convince them that the present circumstances are no longer tolerable.

This is obvious.

But our genius #SmartSet doesn't get it.

One of the reasons they're plugging for this ridiculous theory is that it serves to push their Water-Fueled Robot Boy favorite, Marco Rubio, a famous happy-talker.

As I said many times: One of the problems I had with Rubio was his sunshiney-everything's-happy tone. If everything is sunny, shiny, and happy, Marco, why would I bother changing the current political team in charge of the country?

If they have America in this swell of a shape, why shouldn't I keep them in charge?

Anyway, if you don't believe me about Reagan, here's his 1980 convention speech. Not his sunny "Keep me office" 1984 speech; this is his dark, angry "this other guy sucks and is destroying everything" 1980 speech.

By the way, the #SmartSet is angry because Trump, by "running down" America, seems to be saying America isn't great right now. And it is, darn it!!!

Reagan's 1980 campaign theme? "Let's Make America Great."

As if it wasn't so great under Carter. As if it needed to be made great.

And just remember this the next time you get your information from CNN or the slightly more liberal GOP #SmartSet.

So here you go: Here's that sunny, uplifting, Gee Isn't America Doing Swell Under Jimmy Carter speech Reagan gave in 1980. Feel the Rubibot Happytalk.

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Munich: Three Suspects on Run; Police Suspect "A Terrorist Attack;" Attack Took Place Near Stadium


Here's a French account. The American media lies.

LIVE: A hail of gunfire burst out in mall near the Olympic stadium of Munich, causing at least six deaths. The police suspect "a terrorist act." Three alleged shooters are still on the run.

All the trains coming into Munich are cancelled.


Remember, terrorist act doesn't mean Islamist terrorist attack -- terrorists come in different flavors.

Other reports claimed he was "ranting about immigrants."

That's not quite dispositive, though, as there are conflicting accounts. For example:

We only know two things:

1. Barack Obama will continue being confused about the motive long after the rest of the world knows the motive.

Unless the motive is anti-immigrant xenophobia -- then he'll be Johnny on the Spot.

2. It's Germany's easy-breezy gun culture which is to blame for this. America must give up its childish fetish for guns posthaste.

Check out Obama in the upper left:

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New Regular Feature: The Monday Moron Medical Monitoring Thread


I'm going to do this Monday because -- you may have noticed -- it really takes me a while to get going on Mondays. Might as well do a post on Sunday that I can hold over for Monday.

Anyway, if you're now doing some kind of health regime, get your data ready to post on Monday. If you're on the "Take weekends off" type regime, maybe take your data today or tomorrow a.m.

I'll also post those stupid health tips I see. Like I'll mention cinnamon in the next one. I know most of this is crap, and I know some will say, "Ace, boy you're dumb. All that supplement crap is for the dummies. It's a sales gimmick."

Yeah, I kind of know that, Ill-Tempered Hypothetical Critic, but I have to tell you, there's often a good psychological benefit to this bullshit. If I accept -- wrongly -- that St. John's Wort will give me an extra boost in muscle growth when I lift, buying St. John's Wort will probably give me bigger gains.

Not because If-I-Believe-It-It-Must-Be-True or the placebo effect.

No, I'll probably have better gains because, now armed with a (fake) magic potion, I'll probably hit the gym more often than I otherwise would have. After all, gotta get the full benefits of this Magical St John's Wort Muscle Stimulator.

And of course, there is real stuff mixed in with the bullshit or "bro-science" as weightlifters call it; cinnamon is a stimulant, and, like any stimulant, it will help reduce weight a bit simply by boosting resting metabolism.

But, you know, there's like five things that actually have proven effects (beet juice powder will knock about 5 mm Hg off your blood pressure, for example; not a lot, but it's something), so expect mostly bullshit.

I might just make shit up like Chocolate Gives You Longer, More Spiritually Fulfilling Orgasms. Seems to be what "nutrition scientists" and the media do, anyway.

Also, there was continuing chatter in the last thread. Check it out if you like. For eample, if you like pizza, buy those low-carb tortillas they have at every supermarket. It makes for a low (6g) carb "pizza crust" for oven-baked pizza. 8-9 minutes at 450 or 500 degrees. Watch it, because when it's ready at this temperature it turns and burns fast.

That's actually my own recipe, by the way. I think. I think I just noticed those in the market and realized I could use them for pizza.

Hmmm... Solution to bunless burgers: Toast a portobello mushroom and use it as the bottom bun for a burger.

It will retain some of that sweet sweet fat that has most of the burger flavor.

From Tami and Bosk.

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Multiple Dead Feared in Shooting in Munich Mall Fast Food Court


And so it goes.

Note this has not been related to terrorism yet, and also keep in mind there are plenty of mass shootings having nothing to do with Islamism.

Still, given the recent up-tempoing of ISIS attacks on soft targets where civilians gather in Europe, one certainly has suspicions in that direction.

Police: Up to 15 Dead. More horror.

Corrected: It happened in Munich, not Berlin.

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Twitter's Stock Downgraded from "Hold" to "Sell"


That's because it's essentially a petri dish for stupidity, cowardice, cruelty, and impotent hatred, and we already have plenty of that without it.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread [CBD]

—Open Blogger


Golden Gate Bridge
Ray Strong

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Overnight Open Thread (7-21-2016)


Know Your Enemy Part XXVI: The Ginger


Moar below the fold.

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Trump Speech Reactions Thread


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New Thread For RNC (Ivanka!) [OregonMuse]

—Open Blogger

WHEREAS in the courfe of human events, old threads grow long and new ones do not appear, and

WHEREAS the old thread was getting fo uuuge, it was ftarting to load right funkily, and

WHEREAS the old thread was ftarting to fmell like Michael Moore's ufed fpeedo, and

WHEREAS nobody wants to put their pants back on,

I hereby declare that this new thread shall be free, open, and independent for all!!

(...until Maet shows up)

And below the fold, the RNC live feed so you don't have to listen to a bunch of yammering lefty blowhards lying about what you're seeing and hearing

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Final Convention Night: Peter Thiel, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump


So here we go.

I'm still in the health thread, by the way. I only want to here three speeches.

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How About a Health Thread?


So several of us have a Moron Health Club going, where we're following one or more aspects of the strategies in this post.

Here's my own update: Continue losing weight. Some muscles now kinda-sorta visible in stomach. At least... if you know what you're looking for. Feel pretty good. Started weightlifting. Immediately hurt shoulder with jackass benchpress form (and no spotter). Now off weightlifting for two weeks.

Here's a thing. I realized a while back that I'm relatively good at losing weight and getting into something that resembles normal shape. What I'm horrible at is keeping it off.

I'm sure many have this same problem -- yes, at first, it's easy, because you're full of enthusiasm and curiosity. it's fun to experiment with your body, like a scientist.

Then you get bored. You get down to those last stubborn 20 pounds and give up. And start... gaining weight again.

So: I did something I thought I'd never do. I joined a weight maitainence program. It starts in a couple of weeks, which is pretty good timing, because that's when I tend to get bored and say "You know what are good? Apple fritters, that's what."

I joined the program not because I think they have anything to teach me -- I think I now have a good strategy. Low carb high fat combined with Intermittent Fasting 16-20 hours a day with occasional (4 times a week) 22-24 hour fast days.


No, my reason for gong is not to learn how to do this.

It's to keep myself accountable to others for it.

Whenever I have to see the doctor, I lose weight that month. I just don't want to embarrass myself.

When I'm done with the doctor, well. No sense staying lean now, huh?

In the 4-Hour Body, a decent book by Tim Ferris, he repeats the truism "What gets measured, gets improved." And, conversely, what doesn't get measured -- when you don't check your weight; when you don't check your look in the mirror -- devolves.

he notes a study, by the way, in which people were asked to write down what they ate in a diary. They were given no dietary advice or restrictions. They could eat anything they wanted. They could do what they had always done.

Yet, they lost weight.

The simple act of being mindful of what they were eating -- journaling their food intake -- was enough to cause them to put themselves on a regime the researchers hadn't asked for.

So, what gets measured gets improved; what is not measured, devolves.

So I joined this health maintenance program to finally avoid the Aw Fuck It Let's Get Fribbles thing.

I need a nurse taking my weight every two weeks. Yes, I'm already checking it every day.

But I need someone else to tell me, "You've lost 6 pounds." Even though I already know I lost six pounds, it doesn't count unless someone acknowledges it.

That's my plan to stick on this.

But I also thought: Why not open a weekly Moron Health Club thread where other people can post their goals and gains, their strategies and the outcomes from them?

Again: What gets measured, gets improved.

So here are my stats.

Last year I got way overweight (after quitting smoking) then lost about 32 pounds. But then, of course, I gained about 27 back.

From that recent high point, I've lost 20 pounds, and am getting kind of sort of back to my best recent weight. The I can fight through my real resistance point: My problem comes at 180 pounds. I want to be 170, or even 165. But when I hit 180 my body resists further weight loss. I can get to 178 but then I stop losing.*

Then come the Pop Tarts.

I'm on a fat fast right now, to help me get some momentum to break through my 180 pound wall.

Anyway, if you're already in the Moron Health Club, or would like to start, please enroll below.

By the way: Um, I'm not a doctor. You shouldn't listen to me. Everything I say about health is poison and will kill you. That's my disclosure. Listen to any of the stupid things that come plopping out of my mouth about any topic at all at your own risk.

* I'm kind of hitting a new resistance point at 187 but then, I'm also taking creatine -- a muscle volumizer that just stuffs water into your muscles, giving you a purely cosmetic "muscley" look -- so that's adding some water weight.

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Yes, #NeverTrumpers, You Are In Fact Morally Responsible for the Hillary Clinton Presidency You're Agitating For


Sorry, I was on Twitter. I felt it was necessary to dispel the widely-held myth, adored by #NeverTrumpers, that somehow attacking Trump relentlessly does not aid Hillary Clinton, and that they are not choosing Hillary Clinton by choosing to be NeverTrump.

All choices have consequences. By supporting Trump, I am responsible for the consequences of a Trump victory -- and those consequences could indeed be dire.

But a childish morally-unserious fantasy has infected the #NeverTrump not-so-intellgentsia, that they can agitate for Hillary Clinton -- by relentlessly disparaging Trump -- and somehow, they are not responsible for the consequences of the Hillary presidency they are bucking for.

They've dreamed up this self-pleasing, responsibility-evading dreamscape in which those who plump for Trump are responsible for the outcomes of a Trump presidency, but, for no explanation thusfar discoverable, they are not responsible for the outcomes of the Hillary presidency they're agitating for.

I tried to explain to them that there is no such thing as a consequence-free choice -- all choices have consequences, both on the upside and the downside -- and both the upside and downswide consequences must be considered by any adult, intellectually-serious person in making his choice.

But they like this idea that, like little children, they are free to gambol and play in the fields and this does not even perturb the leading edge of a butterfly's wing, and so they just keep teling me "No you're wrong" without saying why I'm wrong.

Which, seriously, is a rather important part of any argument beginning with the words "You're wrong."

I ask people: When you knocked Obama in 2012, and wrote posts and comments noting his flaws, did you think you were doing nothing to improve Mitt Romney's chances of winning the presidency?

If so-- why the fuck did you bother?

Of course, this is silly; everyone knows that when one buys ads attacking a candidate, one is helping that candidate's opponent win.

The #NeverTrumpers are filling their blogs, magazines, and Twitter timelines with nonstop political advertising (free) against Trump, and maintain, just because they say so and because it pleases them to think so, this does exactly nothing to help Hillary, and they are therefore not responsibe for her election.

Or let me put it this way: I am not hoping for Trump to get into some serious international snafu by supporting him. Yet I know that is a very real possibility if he's president.

Should this happen, I can't just say "But I didn't want trump to screw up so badly."

People would say -- no, but you knew the risks in supporting him, and you supported him anyway; you are therefore morally responsible for this.

Yet the #NeverTrumpers claim that the obvious, inescapable outcome of their position -- that Hillary Clinton will be the president -- is not their responsibility, just because they didn't intend that as a pirmary matter.

No, but they were completely aware it was the natural and inevitable consequence of their position.

So why would a Trump supporter be responsible for a foreign policy catastrophe he didn't even know for a fact would happen, when a #NeverTrumper claims to be innocent of the Hillary Presidency they know beyond a shadow of any doubt is the direct and inescapable consequence of the NeverTrump posiition?

They're responsible for it. They don't want to be, but they are.

I don't particularly want to be on the hook for a Trump presidency, but, being a morally serious person who has not yet delegated my thinking to the Twitter Hivemind, I recognize that by taking the action of lending him my support, I am responsible for the conseqyences of that act.

Why do the childish #NeverTrumpers mewl that they, alone in the universe, are not responsiblee for the consequences of their own choices?

I understand the #NeverTrump impulse. I've expressed it myself. After Trump's boorish, vulgar, half-insane attack on Cruz's wife, I announced "I'm done" with Trump and vowed to never vote for him.

I understand #NeverTrump, emotionally. I think there's merit in the position.

However, we have difficult choices to make. And difficult choices should be treated as what they are -- difficult, hard choices requiring moral seriousness and rigorous cost-benefit analysis.

They should not be made --artificially and falsely -- into easy-breezy decisions where one just says "I will do everything I can to make sure Trump is defeated, and I shall never give a thought to the prospect of a Hillary presidency, and I should never allow my shoulders to feel the burden of the consequences of the choice I am making."

Real men -- and tough-minded women -- do not go fleeing tough choices by simply hallucinating an "Officer Dimes, please come and save me" miracle solution.

Either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be president in November.

If you think Hillary would be a better president -- or if Trump is so repulsive to you you cannot support him even if you think Hillary would be worse -- fine. I respect your opinion.

We all have different brains. We all have different priorities.

But what I must insist you cannot do -- what i will not permit you to do -- is fantasize that while a Trump supporter is resonsible for the gaffes and disasters of a President Trump, you are somehow innocent of the purges and witchhunts of a President Hillary.

Trump supporters will own the consequences of a Trump presidency -- and Hillary supporters, both those who declare it proudly and those who wish it secretly -- own the consequences of a Hillary presidency.

Adults accept the consequences of their choices.

Only children run from them, or cross their fingers behind their backs and claim that's a charm insulating them from the consequences of their choices.

Some decisions are hard. They should be respected as being hard.

And no, Officer Dimes is not coming to save you from the dilemma you face.

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Posted by Ace at 04:19 PM Comments

Nice Truck Attacker Had Help, Planned Murders for Months


Barack Obama issued a statement declaring the murders "a stone-cold mystery."

Posted by Ace at 04:00 PM Comments

Cruz Doubles Down at Texas Delegation Speech, Says He Can't Support a Guy Who Insulted His Wife


One of the most retarded aspects of GOP politics -- and there are many retarded aspects -- is the childish and embarrassing spectacle of idiots choosing their Pokemon Champion and brooking no insult to their cuddly avatar.

People freak out of if you say you didn't like Rush Limbaugh's last statement. Rush Limbaugh is our Hero. You cannot speak ill of him.

Now the Trumptards (not all people are Trumptards, but man, are there some Trumptards) are freaking out that Ted Cruz is slighting the dignity of Orange Julius Caesar by refusing to endorse him explicitly.

You know, after Trump called his wife ugly and said his dad might have plugged Kennedy.

The Trumptards think that Ted Cruz should submit to the Might of Trump and bend the knee.

People are so horrifically stupid that I cannot wait until the aliens come and kill us all. I'll actually be on their side. When they show up, I'm going to sneak towards their space armada and offer my services as a behind-the-lines saboteur and quisling.

It is amazing to me that while we debate who will be president, stupid motherfuckers continue focusing on the only thing their little minds can grasp: whether this Personality was deferential to my Hero Personality.

Listen up, morons: It's not just about your Personality Pokemon Battles.

Trump treated Cruz viciously enough that Cruz is completely disburdened of the obligation of supporting him. At some point, you've insulted your way out of an endorsement.

Trump picked the Rules of Engagement. He has to live with him.

Now I still favor Trump over Hillary Clinton.

But increasingly, I guess, I don't care who wins. This country is just fucking stupid. The entire GOP is fucking stupid. I cannot tolerate this unending stupidity from maniacs.

Here's Cruz defending his remarks.

Here's how the hero-worshipping, Cult of Personality promoting brain trust at Breitbart reported it:

And this, via Hot Air, is Donald Trump himself repudiating this pledge, now claimed by Breitbart to be holy and inviolable:

Continue reading

Posted by Ace at 01:28 PM Comments

A Zero Content Open Thread [CBD]

—Open Blogger

You'll get no content and you'll be grateful.

Posted by Open Blogger at 01:22 PM Comments

Mid-Morning Open Thread [CBD]

—Open Blogger

Sunset at lavacourt.jpg

Sunset At Lavacourt
Claude Monet

The impressionists have gotten a chilly reception by The Horde, and from some technical standpoints they are not particularly impressive. But holistically they can be magnificent.

I'm going to make a confession That's contrary to my profession I first thought "No way!" But this pic by Monet Is leaving a lasting impression

-- Seamus Muldoon

Posted by Open Blogger at 09:46 AM Comments

Overnight Open Thread (7-20-2016)



Quote of the Day I - DoD Instruction 1300.28 Edition

Ah, I remember my own days in the military fondly, but one of the biggest adjustments we had to make was learning that there was a set of instructions for doing everything from operating heavy machinery to washing your socks. Hey. that's just military life for you. There's always a manual to be referred to and if you get confused, there's a manual listing all of the manuals. Take for example the rules about getting a sex change operation. You'll want to make sure that you've checked in with the correct sources and.

Wait a minute. What was that again? A sex change manual for the military?

Bio-Quote of the Day II

For 2016, the Navy has purchased just under 80 million gallons of the 10/90 biofuel blend, about 6 percent of the 1.3 billion gallons of fuel the Navy uses annually. The Navy paid $2.05 per gallon, which is roughly in line with the cost of regular marine diesel thanks to robust biofuel subsidies from the US government, though that hasn't satisfied the program's detractors.

"There's more important shit to spend money on in the military, period," says US Representative Duncan Hunter, a Marine Corps veteran and Republican congressman from San Diego, principal homeport of the Navy's Pacific Fleet.

He describes the decision-makers behind the Great Green Fleet as "all the smartest guys that went to the John F. Kennedy School of Smart People," and calls their interest in biofuels "just stupid."

Flag-Burning Protester in Cleveland Accidentally Sets Self On Fire

Which reminds me of this classic Reno 911! scene.

Continue reading

Posted by Maetenloch at 11:32 PM Comments

Provisional ONT [OregonMuse]

—Open Blogger

Until the real ONT shows up.

Open Thread for all of your RNC needs

Posted by Open Blogger at 10:48 PM Comments

Milo Yiannopolous "Permanently Banned" from Twitter for Calling a Lady Ghostbuster a "Dude"


Or something. He got into it with Leslie Something or Other (I'm not going to learn her name; she's a non-entity) and after she called him racist he went into his standard schtick that he can't be racist, given all the black penises he's entertained.

(Yeah that gets kind of old. But it's not racist.)

She sassed him again he said something like "rejected by a black dude." See, she's a large woman, and not very feminine-looking.

So he got banned for "racism" or something.

How was that racism?

Apparently some of his followers did hector her with more racially edgy stuff -- so is that Twitter's policy now? that if your followers say something untoward, you get banned?

Why does it seem likely to me this is a special rule meant only for conservatives?

I should note the obvious here: This isn't just about anti-conservative bias (though it is that, obviously). It's also about Twitter's entire business model.

Twitter's entire business model is falsely selling users on the idea that they're at a great big online party where they can mingle with celebrities!

ergo, celebrities must be protected like the dainty little queefs they are.

But this whole salespitch is, of course, a lie. Celebrities, by and large, aren't on twitter to talk to the hoi polloi. They're there to impersonally plug their projects. Many celebrities aren't really on twitter at all; they just have assistants tweeting for them.

I've only talked to four celebrities on Twitter, and I knew all of them independently of Twitter. All my time on Twitter, zero additional celebrity contacts made through twitter.

Okay, I "met" one celebrity. He followed me out of the blue -- I wasn't following him -- and I asked why on earth he'd followed me, and he said he thought I was funny.

I had three back and forth interactions with him of about thirty words altogether.

Yeah it was cool. But... one time in nine years. It's not like we're friends now.

And for all I know he followed me randomly and then, out of simple tact, claimed he'd followed me because he thought I was funny.

So that's it. In nine years on Twitter, exactly one -- 1 -- celebrity reached out to me that I didn't already know. And I'm relatively famous -- at least compared to most twitter users.

So what are the odds the average Twitter user is going to strike up a conversation with Allison Brie or Hugh Jackman or whoever?

Zero. Zero percent.

And yet it's this fiction they sell their sad users (and it was this fiction that drew me in), so they have to protect the celebrities who are themselves pretending to actually be on Twitter so that they can have some free advertising.

Twitter is a stupid lie selling the illusion of access to celebrities, and the phantasmal promise that you are just one tweet away from being Discovered, that is packaged and sold to lonely people, hungry for any kind of acknowledgement beyond the four walls of their apartment that they really exist.

Posted by Ace at 08:14 PM Comments

Cindy Sheehan vs. Patty Smith: One Was Praised as Having "Absolute Moral Authority."
One Had a Media Writer Call For Her to be Beaten to Death.


Any question of which is which, and why the different outcomes obtained?

GQ writer Bethlehem Shoals called for patty Smith to be beaten to death.

She later apologized -- and of course will suffer no consequences.

Think any right-winger would be allowed to keep his job if he called for one of the Black Lives Matter moms to be beaten to death?

Oh -- and remember, you must always Celebrate Women.

Posted by Ace at 05:40 PM Comments

Two Suspects in Killing of Kansas City Police Captain Arrested; Police Claim The Killing "Does Not Fit The Narrative" of Anti-Cop Ambushes, but Is Merely Murder by Two Perps Attempting to Flee


Yes yes yes -- but then, Obama corrupts, and Obama corrupts absolutely, and we've seen a spate of terrorist attacks classified by Obama's minions as acts of workplace violence or "man-caused disasters."

What faith should i have in the government to tell me the truth any longer?

The Burning Times Will Feature Low-Quality Pizza. Papa John's stock up as nervous citizens remain locked in their homes, fearing the breakdown of society.

And no, that's not a joke.

Posted by Ace at 04:50 PM Comments

Daily Show Tries to Intimidate Cameraman From Filming Them as They Film Others


For the first time in my life I'm proud to be an American.

The arrogance of these liberals -- the lies, the silly claims of Special Authority, the pathetic attempt at intimidation by a pencil-necked dweeb -- is just breathtaking.

Continue reading

Posted by Ace at 03:58 PM Comments

A Little Background And Commentary From Daniel Pipes On Erdoğan And The Failed Coup [CBD]

—Open Blogger

Remember Daniel Pipes? He is the guy who thinks that ISIS will self-destruct from internal pressures within the year. I have my doubts about that, judging from the the pathetic response to its provocations (read: savage murders) in Europe and here at home. If we don't exert significant pressure on them externally, they have the leisure time to fix what ails them internally.

But the guy knows the Arab and Muslim world better than most, so for background information he is a very worthwhile source. Interestingly, he publicly rooted for the success of the coup, unlike the testicle-free leaders of the free world.

Continue reading

Posted by Open Blogger at 02:20 PM Comments

Culprit of the Greatest Crime Since the Holocaust Confesses


Trump has a signed confession from History's Greatest Monster -- and yet he encourages her to commit further crimes.

Good day to you, Sir!

Continue reading

Posted by Ace at 12:54 PM Comments

The Good Parts of Day Two of the Convention: Dana White, Chris Christie, Donald Trump Jr.


One of the lucky breaks Trump got is that by having his convention boycotted by many of the Same Old Politicians (many of them failed and forgotten) that usually populate these snoozefests, he wound up grabbing more novel speakers, like UFC President Dana White.

The speech I'm really looking forward to is Peter Thiel's.

Chris Christie presented his "indictment" of Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump Jr. laid out a fairly strong document for conservative governance -- with one big exception. He railed a bit about a rigged system in which corporate cronies benefit at the expense of the country.

I know the donor class considers that a heresy -- all 2000 of them. The other 50 million Republicans don't, though.

The best speech is Trump, Jr.'s. Even Trump critic Rich Lowry said of his speech that he wouldn't mind if Trump, Jr. turned out to be the "chief ideologist" of a Trump presidency. It's reassuring to hear actual conservative notes being sounded by a Trump -- even if you do strongly wonder if it's all just a continued scam.

By the way, Trump Jr. deftly handled the potential class-envy issue. Rather than running away from the fact that he was born with all the advantages, he noted that explicitly, and said he wanted everyone to have the advantages he was lucky enough to have -- like being able to have school choice.

I should note his worst line comes early, when he portrays the millionaire's son Trump as an underdog who everyone told couldn't "make it Manhattan" because he was a born a lowly "Queens boy."

Continue reading

Posted by Ace at 11:44 AM Comments

Mid-Morning Open Thread [CBD]

—Open Blogger


Portrait of Baldassare Castiglione

As some of you may have noticed, I really like portraits, and this one is particularly appealing because of the openness and friendliness of of the subject. Whether that is true, or an embellishment on Raphael's part? I have no idea. But Baldassare Castiglione was no slouch. He was a political master, so I may be misreading his face.


The face of a man at peace, knowing that all of his enemies are dead.

-- Grampa Jimbo

Posted by Open Blogger at 09:45 AM Comments

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