September 28, 2016

Chelsea Clinton Objects to Trump's Threat to Bring Up Her "Father's" Sexual Misdeeds;
Juanita Broaddrick Responds


The Stepford Daughter spits out her sing-songy, scripted lines like a good little robot:

Chelsea responded to the businessman's threats to bring up former President Bill Clinton's infamous infidelities at the first presidential debate in a Cosmopolitan interview, published Tuesday.

"My reaction to that is just what my reaction has been kind of every time Trump has gone after my mom or my family, which is that it's a distraction from his inability to talk about what's actually at stake in this election and to offer concrete, comprehensive proposals about the economy," Chelsea, 36, said, "or our public school system, or debt-free college, or keeping our country safe and Americans safe here at home and around the world."

Funny, but your mom seemed to think past indiscretions were more important than any of those things when she used every moment of her debate time for a massive oppo dump on Trump.

But now one of the meaningless women who's "not at stake" in this election -- or any other, according to the media's non-coverage of her -- responds:

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The Story That Hillary Wrote, Cast, and Produced For the Media Is Falling Apart


Fat Miss Universe won't answer the question of whether she was a getaway driver in an attempted murder. "I'm not a saint girl," this very English-fluent US citizen (as of May 2016 -- gee, I wonder if Hillary and Obama pulled strings) says.

The Daily Mail revealed her alleged involvement in the murder of a judge's brother and death threats against that judge. Oh, and having a child with a notorious drug baron.

The US Media did not explore these issues very much.

Well, to give him credit, Anderson Cooper did ask about it. (He's in the top video, linked above.)

Megyn Kelly, who does it all #ForTheGirls and believes that #FeminismMeansNoCriticism, did not.

Her interview with the non-English-speaking Ms. Machado was embarrassing. She did not ask about any of these things. The one thing she asked about -- whether or not she had an eating disorder before she was crowned Miss Universe, as she said in 1997, or only after encountering The Beast Donald Trump, as she says now, she inarticulately deflected away. Whether her English is really this bad, or just very bad when she wants to evade a question, is unknowable.

Now, the interview appeared pre-recorded, and maybe she didn't know about this at the time of the recording; but then why run the video of a woefully incomplete interview with a subject whose credibility is very much in doubt as originally planned? Why make no reference to these allegations before or after running the tape?


I'll tell you why: Because MeAgain Kelly is still traumatized for being Violently Tweeted by Donald Trump.

She apparently still has PTSD due to her being forcibly Tweeted.

I always half-expect MeAgain Kelly, when interviewing a badly wounded war veteran, to say, "I know exactly what you're going through. Donald Trump once tweeted me."

How will MeAgain Kelly deal with her embarrassment tonight?

If she covers it at all, here's a prediction: She has on two soothing Authoritative Male Presences -- my guess is her mentor Brit Hume, and Howard Kurtz -- to reassure MeAgain Kelly that she did nothing wrong and any reporter would have rushed Hillary Clinton's concocted Hitjob to the air without doing any fact checking or vetting.

Think I'm wrong?

She does this -- whenever Fox's Most Fabulous Feminist feels chastened by #AntiWomanCriticism, she has on two Reassuring Male Figures to coo to her that she did everything right.

So tonight I predict she will Summon the Male Defenders/Reassurers.

More At Conservative Treehouse: They link a video they purport to be by Alicia Machado, but I've seen no confirmation of that -- then again, someone seems to be cleaning up her Wikipedia page like crazy.

But check it out.

And go there to see MeAgain Kelly delivering the lines Hillary Clinton scripted for her.

You get to see MeAgain Kelly's favorite look -- she's got her Concerned Face on.

It's like Blue Steel but with added Social Justice Warrior content.

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Hillary Clinton: I Worked Hard For My Graft


The Washington Insider Power (Marriage of Economic Convenience) Couple who made $57.5 million while Hillary was Secretary of State and Bill was scooping up donations from countries and corporations with business before his (alleged) wife is claiming they worked so hard you guys for their graft.

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Morning Consult Poll Has Clinton Getting a Big Bump From Debate;
In LATimes Tracking Poll, Trump Gains Slightly


But the LATimes poll shows Trump getting a tiny half-point bump.

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Girl 27: The Case Against Hollywood Is An Old One [MP4]

—Open Blogger

Girl 27 Patricia Douglas.jpg

As a diversion from the pending "Fat Man On White Ottoman; Part Deux," we have an interesting article about early Hollywood, which exposes the roots of its current misogyny, lawlessness and arrogance.

From esteemed commenter and Hollywood scholar MP4

Morning, ‘rons and ‘ronettes.

In the “Golden Age” of movies, no studio was richer or more powerful than MGM. “They owned everyone – the D.A., the L.A.P.D. They ran this place,” recalled Budd Schulberg, author of the 1941 novel What Makes Sammy Run? and himself the son of Hollywood mogul B.P. Schulberg. Between the heavy power of studio “fixer” Eddie Mannix (reputed to be responsible for the death of “Superman” George Reeves) and publicity chief Howard Strickling, there was, practically speaking, no crime a Metro star – or valued associate - couldn’t commit, from Clark Gable’s drunk-driving homicide to the brutal rape of a young dancer in 1937.

Patricia Douglas, a Missouri girl, was the daughter of an ambitious mother who longed to design high couture dresses for Hollywood stars, but never got closer than gowns for expensive call girls. A convent school dropout at 14, Douglas had no desire to be in the movies at all, though that didn’t stop her from being a popular bit of innocent arm candy for stars as varied as crooner Bing Crosby to tough guy George Raft to frizzy-haired Stooge Larry Fine, a hep-stepper who taught her every hot dance move he knew. She finally ended up in front of the camera, “just for something to do” and became a fairly well-regarded dancer, good at learning complicated routines and teaching them to other chorus girls. So when she was told about a casting call at the Hal Roach studio in Culver City on May 2, 1937, she ambled on over.

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Tuesday Overnight Open Thread (9/27/16) [Mis. Hum.]

—Open Blogger

Two-For Tuesday Edition

Two-For Journalists

hellen thomas.jpg

andrea m.jpg

One is a zombie the other, well, you know............

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This Friday, A Black Moon Shall Rise



It's a full moon which is eclipsed by the earth's shadow. So... It's black. Like a new moon. But I guess it's different.

It's not even all that rare -- once every 32 months.

Still, I'll be looking for it.

And stay off the moors.

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University of Tennessee Ends Its "Investigation" Into Glenn Reynolds Illegal Use of Free Speech


Ah, but it's the threat, isn't it? The process is the punishment, isn't it?

We are supposed to be free to speak -- and know without equivocation that we are free to speak -- precisely so we are not menaced by the threat of official persecution.

So that we do not become the Censor's inside man and censor ourselves out of fear.

Do you think the University of Tennessee wishes Glenn Reynolds to know -- to reallly know -- he's free to speak?

Or do you think they intended to install a Censorship Inside Man in his head, causing him to mind his p's and q's?

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Trump's Equivocal, Maybe-He-Should-Wait, I-Don't-Know Answer on Cavuto


I wouldn't say this proves Trump's claim that he was "totally against the Iraq War," but it definitely proves the media are liars in claiming that his one casual "I don't know, guess we gotta do something' statement on Howard Stern (in 2002) was his only statement on the matter.

He is not strongly against the war here -- but he is leaning against it.

And he's certainly more against it than Senator Hillary Clinton was, who voted to go to war.

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Mislaid Monday Moron Medical Monitoring Thread


I forgot to put this up yesterday.

I've got no particularly good advice. I do not know how i broke my stall. I've been drinking a lot more water -- who knows, maybe that helped.

I have heard it said that while people debate this expensive supplement or that one, they ignore the cheapest and most effective supplement of all: Just water.

Oh, and sleep. My sleep's been better. Not sure why. But they say that sleep is as important to getting into shape as exercise (or, well, pretty much as important).

A friend and I were talking about the frustration of attempting a body recomposition (not really trying to "lose weight," exactly). It's not that things move slowly -- if they moved slowly but consistently, it would be reassuring.

The problem is that nothing seems to happen for a couple of weeks, then suddenly you drop weight. Even after, say, you said "Ah the hell with this Manorexia, I want Taco Bell."

It's the fact that, past the first two months, inputs and outputs seem correlated in only a slight way, if at all.

I also started having more protein powder. In theory, that should slow weight loss. But then, I only have it before and after workouts, so who knows. Maybe it gets used up without turning to fat.

Anyway, my gains have been very slow but are pretty consistent (consistently slow, that is) since I broke the plateau. I almost put up a Bonus Medical Monitoring post on Saturday for one reason: Because after working out I dropped to 176, the lowest weight I've seen since college. I wanted to put up a thread and say "176!" because i was pretty sure I just sweated two pounds off and it would be back by Sunday.

Well it was. I'm back up to 179 but still, under 180. That was a big goal and a major reason for this thread: To keep myself going past 180 (I've been at 180 a lot) and finally get myself down to a reasonably trim 170.

I guess I'm losing a pound a week now...? Or a half a pound..?

And I suppose that's... something?



Holy Crap: So, for four or five months, I've been putting butter in my coffee, and MCT oil.

But not blending it, as many recommended.

Why? Because I'm a dude and I'm lazy and I always look to Reduce Steps and Increase Efficiency even if it means I'm drinking horrible coffee with a quarter inch pool of buttery fat on top of it.

After all, Real Men do not seek comfort. It's indulgent and womanly.

Real men drink disgusting coffee. Because they're Men.

So, anyway, I discovered I actually had an immersion blender. I bought it a year ago at Target or something, when I had planned to start this, and never opened up the box.

I started blending the coffee.


Now it's no longer black coffee with a yellow pool of grease on top of it. Now it's.... well, it tastes like coffee with luscious cream in it.

Now I actually enjoy coffee again instead of just wolfing down black coffee with a skin of partially melted butter.

How did you goofs not insist to me I just blend it?

If you're drinking it the "Ace Way," that is, the Moron Way, you're missing out. Spend $20 or $30 on an immersion blender -- you just stick it in the coffee and blend. You'll be glad you did.

One thing, you have to put the coffee in a taller glass to blend (otherwise it will get sloshed around, out of the cup), but that doesn't take long. You can just rinse that glass after you use it, stick the blender in it, and set it aside for tomorrow.

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Breitbart/Gravis Marketing Poll: Trump, Clinton Tied 43-43... In Minnesota?


The other states polled in this round aren't so great for Trump -- the Breitbart/Gravis poll has him behind in North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

It is interesting to see Minnesota tied, though.

Obviously, this could be an outlier, one of those one-in-twenty polls that are straight-up wrong.

But... eh, I'll be keeping my eye on Minnesota now.

The previous poll of Minnesota, by a different firm, had it Clinton +6.

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NFL Players Association: Yeah, We're Worried About the Decline in Viewership


Sunday Night Football's ratings dropped again.

While NFL teams continue to pile up the stats, the NFL’s television ratings continue to come in with lower and lower numbers each week. NBC’s Sunday Night Football matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears last night drew in 18.62 million viewers, scoring a 6.8/21 rating in the 18-49 demographic, the group most coveted by advertisers.

That marks a fall from last week’s 7.4 rating in the 18-49 demo. Last night’s game also scored a 12.9/21 in Nielsen’s metered-market rating, a decline from last week’s 13.7/23.

This Forbes article, written before this weekend's games, notes the general trend.

Just last year some opined that the league’s ratings had no ceiling. That appears to be false.

To summarize Sports Business Daily: NBC’s three primetime games, which includes the NFL Kickoff game, have averaged 23.7 million viewers, down 12% from the same period last year. ESPN also is seeing a 12% decline for its three “MNF” games to date. While CBS CBS +1.45% and NFL Network have only one Thursday night game to date, that lone game (Jets-Bills, 15.4 million viewers) was down 27% compared to the opening “TNF” game last season. Looking at Sunday afternoons, Fox is off (-0.2%) through two weeks, averaging 20.9 million viewers. CBS is averaging 17.3 million viewers through the same point, down 5%.

While some suggest that the drop in ratings may be due to the lack of “marquee” match ups, I don’t buy it. For starters, none of the recent PR debacles, such as drugs, beatings or concussions, created something like #boycotnfl. Two, Kaepernick is the most-disliked player in the NFL. Three, I challenge anyone to look at the comments on stories about the NFL national anthem protests and tell me the anecdotal evidence does not strongly suggest many, if not most viewers are fed up either because they are against the protests, or just don’t want politics of any kind to interfere with their football.

The NFLPA says they're concerned by the amount of blood gushing from this very pale formerly golden goose.

"This is a huge issue for us obviously," NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith said on Friday's PFT Live. "We spend a lot of time looking at trends. I was thrilled to see the game being streamed on Twitter. We're interested about where media is going. Viewership is an important issue, stadium attendance is a very important issue to us. So as we look forward knowing that there are a couple of television contracts that are going to come up. I think it is smart for us to look at the impact of whether fans are watching on TV or not."

A decline in TV viewership won’t be a factor until after the current TV contracts expire, assuming there isn’t a renegotiation before the existing deals expire after the 2022 season.

Well, there's only one possible way to arrest the decline of the NFL:

Coed bathrooms for everyone!

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The Plural of Anecdote is Not "Data;" It is WINNING


Okay, this is a little hackish, even for me, but I just don't buy the claims of the Twiddiots that Trump lost badly.

McClatchy held a focus group to watch the debate in North Carolina. Who won? Well...

Presidential debate surprise: Clinton loses ground among some voters in swing state

Kae Roberts and Jay Eardly were leaning toward Hillary Clinton before Monday night's debate.

By the end, they had both pulled away.

John Kokos and Hank Federal were undecided going in, potential Clinton backers.

By the end, they'd ruled her out.

Indeed, while polls said that Clinton won the first general election debate with Donald Trump Monday, she may not have won actual votes. And she may even have lost some, at least in the battleground state of North Carolina.

In a focus group of 21 voters from around Charlotte conducted by McClatchy and the Charlotte Observer, four who were up for grabs before the debate moved away from her by the end.


For the four who emerged less impressed by Clinton, it was the seeming familiarity of her proposals for the economy and national security that was a turnoff.

Roberts, who is unaffiliated with a party, wrote in her notes several times during the debate that Clinton offered "pie in the sky" ideas. By debate’s end, she had moved from leaning toward Clinton to undecided.

"The things she says she’s going to do, there’s no substance behind it," Roberts said.

And in a bar in Youngston, Pennsylvania...

Letosky entered the evening undecided in a town that is heavily Democratic in registration. Her sister and father are on opposite sides of the political aisle. Donald “Trump had the upper hand this evening,” she said, citing his command of the back-and-forth between him and Hillary Clinton.

Reed, 35, is a registered Democrat and small businessman. “By the end of the debate, Clinton never said a thing to persuade me that she had anything to offer me or my family or my community,” he said, sitting at the same bar that has boasted local icons as regulars, such as the late Fred Rogers, and Arnold Palmer, who had his own stash of PM Whiskey hidden behind newer bottles of whiskey for his regular visits.

"Have to say Trump had the edge this evening, he came out swinging but also talked about specifics on jobs and the economy," Reed said.

Reed said Clinton came across as either smug or as though she was reading her résumé, adding there was nothing on her resume that touched on his life.

One thing that has impressed me more and more over the past two years is how powerful the left is in colonizing the thoughts of all citizens -- including commentators on the right.

Andrew Breitbart used to say -- he said this the first time I met him -- that the left creates a "Matrix," as in the movie, a prison of illusion and reality distortion. When you are in the Matrix, he said excitedly, you can't see the Matrix itself.

Many commentators on the right -- I included -- are thoroughly colonized by leftist memes. How could we not be? We are constantly mesmerized by them, a thousand cult chants a day whispering at us from our electric soma boxes.

Many are looking at Hillary Clinton's answers and saying "She won on points."

Did she?

Because what did she really say? On national security and ISIS, she offered the novel thought that we must work more closely with our allies.

Really. You don't say? I'm glad someone had the guts to finally say it.

Now, those whose brains are colonized by leftist viral memes will call that a "good answer." It's the accepted Conventional Wisdom answer of the Davoisie and the Davoisie wannabes.

But is it a good answer?

Or is it just insect-talk? (Insect talk being my own word for something so trivial and brainless it doesn't even rise to the level of small-talk.)

Clinton said a lot of crap like this last night -- she said that to improve race relations, we needed to build more trust in the community in police, and more trust in police in the community.

Um, that is not an answer. That is simply a way of re-stating the problem. Her husband used to do this a lot. How do we improve education? Why I have a five-point plan. (Ticking off points on each finger.) One, improve the curriculum. Two, improve the administration. Three, improve teacher-school relations. Four, encourage children to learn. Five (now put up the thumb in a big thumb's up like Fonzie) improve education.

Um, you didn't say how we were going to improve education. You simply broke the problem into several sub-problems and said we have to solve each of the sub-problems.

We know that. And we also knew all of the sub-problems associated with the main problem of improving education.

You said exactly nothing, but took three minutes to say it.

Yet people were always impressed by this -- at least among the chattering classes -- and praised Clinton for being soooo detailed.

Hillary tried this last night with her various bubble-headed Unsweet Nothings responses.

She's not as good as it as her husband.

People have heard all these non-responsive no-answer evasions before, and I don't think they're more impressed with them on the umpteenth repetition.

I think that our current politics has been organized around the central concept of Emptiness for a long time, and I think maybe this year, a year of rejectionism, is the year when people begin to see through the Emptiness.

So I would just suggest to the Chattering Classes and the Twitterati:

Are you really judging what she said, or are you simply regurgitating the Conventional Wisdom as to what is credited as counting as an "informed answer" in these moronic affairs?

Because people less colonized by parasitic, invasive leftist memes might have seen this show differently than you did.

Just because you know the Matrix exists does not mean you can see the Matrix.

To see the Matrix, you actually have to escape the Matrix.

You have to purge the Matrix from your brain.

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Note: 1996's Miss Universe Winner Really Did Gain So Much Weight In Her Year of Reigning That Even CNN Had to Fat-Shame Her Ass


Hillary tossed this out in her last big Oppo File dump at the end of the debate -- that Trump had allegedly called a former Miss Universe "Miss Piggie" and criticized her for her weight gain.

So did CNN, at the time.

She'd gained 60 pounds during her year of reigning as Miss Universe -- obviously not the weight she'd won the contest at -- and apparently was in danger of losing sponsorships.

Apparently we've now reached that phase of Political Correctness and Fat Acceptance Celebration that even beauty contest winners, contractually obligated to, you know, look like the person who won the crown, can't be critiqued about their beauty.

Here's how mean Trump was:

"Some people when they have pressure eat too much. Like me. Like Alicia," said Donald Trump, the executive producer of the Miss Universe Pageant.

Defending her, that is.

Since winning the crown, the former Miss Venezuela went from 118 pounds to -- well -- a number that kept growing like the size of the fish that got away.

And as her weight grew, so did reports that Kellogg had canceled a deal for her to appear on boxes of Special K in Venezuela or that Kellogg modified her body on the box. But a Kellogg spokesman said the contract simply expired in December and that they were "real pleased" with the promotion.

"I don't eat Kellogg's and for this maybe I gain weight," the young Machado said simply.

Rumors also surfaced that she might be forced to give up her Miss Universe crown.

But Trump, as co-owner of rights to the pageant, said he would never let that happen. "We had a choice of: termination or do this," he said. "We wanted to do this."

The pageant's meaning of "do this" was for Machado to get her weight down to about 130 pounds. At a recent photo op, Machado -- hardly a blimp at 5-foot-7 -- pedaled a stationary bicycle and jumped rope in front of a pack of photographers and reporters who could themselves use a little training.

Apparently Trump mocked the reporters making an issue of this fat broad's weight:

"A lot of you folks have weight problems. I hate to tell you," Trump told the rowdy pool of reporters.

So let us all cry for the Miss Universe who got so fat she almost had her crown taken from her.

CNN did another story on the heavyweight Miss Universe, too.

So this was an actual thing and a point of embarrassment for the pageant (and for the woman herself).

By the way: This was twenty years ago.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread [CBD]

—Open Blogger

Magritte 22.jpeg

The Enchanted Pose
René Magritte

This black-and-white photo of "The Enchanted Pose" by Rene Magritte is the only image of the painting that disappeared in nearly 80 years ago. A piece of the missing painting was just discovered in Britain.

Apparently Magritte just cut the damned thing up.

And that is just fine with me.....

H/T Mis. Hum.

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Monday Overnight Open Thread (9/26/16) [Mis. Hum.]

—Open Blogger

The Non-Debate The Education Overnight Open Thread Edition


Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.
-President John Adams

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Post-Debate Thread: Final Thoughts


Trump did not attack Hillary very effectively. She had her attack lines memorized. He was improvising his from memories. I suspect he might bother studying for the next one. Because she pissed him off.

Hillary dinged Trump up a fair amount. However, some people view these debates and their candidates like a new car -- ever fearful of the smallest ding.

Look, have you ever had a car that didn't get a ding?

The idea that a candidate has to come through a debate without having had a glove laid on him to win is simply wrong. Its an idea borne of a lack of perspective -- people get so emotionally invested in a win that every single error seems unbearable.

Trump made lots of errors -- I can't believe he brought up taking the oil again, for example -- but Hillary's goal here was to disqualify him.

What did she do? She painted him like every other Republican gets painted in a debate. She did not succeed in extraordinizing him -- making him an extraordinary threat the Republican can not bear.

By repeating the same sorts of attacks lodged at every Republican -- wants to cut taxes, "racist," etc. -- she actually ordinized him.

Trump's demeanor was generally strong and calm. He got rattled a few times. He looked pissy when she was dropping her programmed attack modules on him.

But by and large, he kept it together.

Was he good? No. He wasn't sharp. I know people's jaws were falling open when Trump failed to pounce on her for daring to bring up emails, disclosures, and cybersecurity.

He was meh.

Hillary delivered the exact same message that all of her ads are playing around the clock. The viewer really got no new information on that front.

On the other hand, Trump stood up at the podium and kept to his basic message without melting down. (Well, except that "take their oil" like.)

Her goal was to disqualify him; his goal was to seem like an ordinary Republican. Or, at least, ordinary enough to not seem scary (while attempting to seem like a big change agent).

Neither did a very good job. But Trump did a slightly better job at is job than she did at hers.

The one good thing -- I hope -- is that sometimes Trump has to get his ass kicked a little before he starts listening to other people. He didn't get whooped by Hillary, but she did make him angry.

Maybe that will animate him to study up and make himself prepared to deliver crisp attack lines.

By the way: Lester Holt directed every single hostile question towards Trump, and purported to "fact check" him every five minutes.

We'll leave this up until around 11:30 for your own discussion. Then I'll post a late edition of the ONT (courtesy, of course, of Misanthropic Humanitarian).

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Debate Thread 3: Hillary Keeps Reading Her Rubio-Like Memorized Policy Modules


Below, another Luntz Dumm-Y-Dial showing Trump doing well. But be aware, this is still from the beginning of the debate, when Trump was doing better.

For a long patch now he's been doing very meh, but then, so has Hillary.

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Debate Thread 2: Trump Keeping Cool So Far


...but he's beginning to run a little hot.

Meanwhile, Hilary just cried out for the media to help her: "'Fact checkers,' aid me in my time of greatest peril!"

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Debate Thread: The Donnybrook at Stony Brook


Yeah I know the debate's at Hofstra, not Stony Brook, but I've been sitting here trying to think of something that rhymes with Hofstra and the closest I've gotten is "Mothra."

And there are two problems with that: 1, it makes no sense, and 2, it also doesn't rhyme.

So I'm changing the debate locale, for the purposes of this post, to Stony Brook.

It's on all the cable news channels, and NBC. And CBS. And ABC.

My take: I have no take. This could go any which way. Trump could end his campaign in a single sentence. Hillary could do the same.

Joe Trippi's analysis struck me as dead-on: The swing demographic, now that non-college educated men have almost all defected to Trump, are college-educated white men who consider themselves too erudite and upper-crust to vote for the same guy the commoners do.

That suggests that Trump should be trying his level best to sound normal and informed, and Hillary should be trying like hell into baiting him to playing to his base. She wants him to turn off the college educated men; if she does, she'll probably win the election.

If Trump can win most of them back (Romney got a much higher fraction of them in 2012 than Trump has now), then Trump has almost sewn the whole thing up.

If Trump just does what he's done for 90% of this campaign -- playing for votes he's already had since June 2015 -- he loses. Or rather, he does himself no good. And if he plays to his base in a raucous way that offends the, um, more refined sensibilities of the college-educated set, he loses.

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Benghazi Survivor Mark "Oz" Geist To Have Front Row Seat for Hillary's Conniptions


She can tell all of her Benghazi lies right to his face.

Oh, and Hofstra is posting TRIGGER WARNINGS outside the debate hall, because students might be triggered to hear political opinions that they disagree with.

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Debate Odds


Suggested by Not_Steve.

PROPOSITION: ODDS (amount paid: for amount wagered)

Hillary wears something white: 3:1

Hillary wears something ill-fitting and ghastly: even

Hillary wears something that looks like she stole it from a homeless ghost cursed to haunt the earth until she tells 10,001 lies: 9:1

Trump says "Believe me:" 1:3

Trump pays himself a compliment, and adds "You all know, you've all said this many many times yourself:" 1:2

Trump says his dick smells like frankincense and winning: 10:1

Trump says his dick smells like frankincense and winning, then adds "You all know, you've all said this many many times yourself:" 25:1

Trump exhales loudly through his nose when the camera's not on him: 2:1

Trump exhales so loudly through his nose you an Amber Alert goes out for an immigrant child running out of air tied up inside his podium: 13:1

Hillary talks some bullshit smack like "You ask MOAMAR QADAFFI if he thinks I'm tough enough!:" 3:2

Hillary talks some bullshit smack like "You ask VINCE FOSTER if he thinks I'm tough enough!:" 40:1

Trump denies voting for the Iraq War: No bets accepted (guaranteed)

Hillary denies voting for the Iraq War: 7:1

Hillary has a cough: 1:6

Hillary has a wet cough: 3:2

Hillary coughs up something that looks like lung and Scrapple: 10:1

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Trump Appoints Noted Climate Change Skeptic to Lead EPA Transition Team


Well this doesn't sound very conservative at all.

True conservatism consists of making soft, timid noises and then going along with the leftist-mediated narrative.

ld Trump is tapping a high-profile climate change skeptic to lead administration transition efforts for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Myron Ebell, director of energy and environment policy at the conservative think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute, is heading Trump’s EPA transition preparation, E&E Daily reported Monday.

Ebell is an outspoken, long-time skeptic of the scientific consensus that human activity is dramatically changing the climate. He often refers to warnings about global warming as climate "alarmism," and is a vocal critic of President Obama’s climate change regulations.

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It's Not 100% Conclusive, But Frame-By-Frame Screencaptures Seem to Show that Keith Scott Had a Pistol in an Ankle Holster, and Later Was Holding the Gun


Taken from the cops' camera.

Meanwhile, the NYT and WaPo are in the forefront of the media's latest trend: Blazing the race of a cop involved in a shooting when he's white, and burying his race when he's black.

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No Indication of Terrorist Motivation: Washington Mall Shooter Had Picture of ISIS Leader on His Blog


Now they're even recruiting "Hispanics"!

The Turkish immigrant accused of gunning down five people at a Washington mall smirked at his first court appearance Monday even as reports revealed he had a blog with photo posts of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

That smirk is probative in and of itself.

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538: Trump Now Is Favored to Win This Election Over Hillary


From zombie, who says "the entire left just sharted."

Nate Silver's site now says Trump is 54.5% likely to win, and Hillary is just is at just 45.5%.

Oddly, those two figures sum to 100% -- yet I was told this was not a "Binary" election!!! I don't understand.

Update: Another poll came out, the Monmouth Poll, showing Hillary ahead 46-42, which might be why Nate Silver has now adjusted Trump's odds downwards to 50.9%.

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John Schindler: We Now Have Incontrovertible Proof That the FBI's "Investigation" of Hillary and Her Henchmen Was a Sham From the Start


You're saying the system is rigged by the Washington insiders, then?

How shabbily populist!

From the moment the EmailGate scandal went public more than a year ago, it was obvious that the Federal Bureau of Investigation never had much enthusiasm for prosecuting Hillary Clinton or her friends. Under President Obama, the FBI grew so politicized that it became impossible for the Bureau to do its job – at least where high-ranking Democrats are concerned.


This week, however, we learned that there is actually no mystery at all here. The FBI was never able to get enough traction in its investigation of EmailGate to prosecute anybody since the Bureau had already granted immunity to key players in that scandal.

Granting immunity is a standard practice in investigations, and is sometimes unavoidable. Giving a pass to Bryan Pagliano, Hillary’s IT guru who set up her email and server, made some sense since he understands what happened here, technically speaking, and otherwise is a small fish. The wisdom of giving him a pass now seems debatable, though, since Pagliano has twice refused to testify before Congress about his part in EmailGate, blowing off subpoenas. Just this week the House Oversight Committee recommended that Pagliano be cited for contempt of Congress for his repeated no-shows. That vote was on strictly partisan lines, with not a single Democrat on the committee finding Pagliano’s ignoring of Congressional subpoenas to be worthy of censure.

Now it turns out the FBI granted immunity to much bigger fish in the Clinton political tank. Three more people got a pass from the Bureau in exchange for their cooperation: Hillary lawyer Heather Samuelson, State Department IT boss John Bental, and – by far the most consequential – Cheryl Mills, who has been a Clinton flunky-cum-factotum for decades.

Mills served as the State Department’s Chief of Staff and Counselor throughout Hillary’s tenure as our nation’s top diplomat. Granting her immunity in EmailGate, given her deep involvement in that scandal – including the destruction of tens of thousands of emails so they could not be handed over to the FBI – now seems curious, to say the least, particularly because Mills sat in on Hillary’s chat with the Bureau regarding EmailGate.

Yes, let's talk about Cheryl Mills -- and ponder, briefly, why on earth James Comey of all people would grant her immunity, except if the Fix was in.

As a Whitewater investigator for the Senate in the mid-1990s, Comey sought information from Mills; but wouldn’t you know, the then-deputy White House counsel claimed a burglar stole her notes.

Comey concluded that Hillary Clinton ordered Mills to block investigators. The obstruction, the Senate committee found, included the "destruction of documents" and other "highly improper . . . misconduct."

Two years later, Mills was in the middle of another Hillary scandal, involving the then-first lady's integration of White House and Democratic National Committee computer databases.

This time the House subpoenaed information from Mills, who not only withheld the documents but, a government committee said, "lied under oath" -- prompting staff lawyers to send a criminal referral to the Justice Department demanding prosecutors charge Mills with obstruction of justice and perjury.

In 2000, a Commerce Department official testified that Mills ordered her to "withhold" from investigators e-mails and other documents exposing yet another scandal involving the first lady -- the selling of seats on foreign trade junkets for campaign cash.

At the same time, a federal judge suggested Mills helped orchestrate a cover-up that blamed a technical "glitch" in the White House archiving system that conveniently resulted in the loss of 1.8 million e-mails under subpoena in the Monica Lewinsky, Filegate and other scandal investigations.

Fast-forward to Hillary’s tenure as secretary. In October 2012, Mills sorted through key Benghazi documents and decided which to withhold from a review board. She also leaned on witnesses. Deputy ambassador to Libya Gregory Hicks testified before Congress in 2013 that Mills told him in an angry phone call to stop cooperating with investigators.

Let's talk about that immunity deal. Comey wanted documents on her laptop. He could have compelled them by the simple and routine expedient of a subpeona.

Instead, he granted her immunity for any documents he found on her system.

And what was on her system? Classified documents which are illegal for any non-authorized person to have copies of.

Instead of prosecuting her, he made the problem go away by fixing her up with immunity for the very crime she was red-handedly guilty of.

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Neck and Neck: National Polls Put It At A One Point Race, With Trump Ahead in Some; Trump Ahead By One Point in Colorado, Behind By One Point in Pennsylvania


Here are the latest polls from Real Clear Politics.

Quinippiac: Clinton 44, Trump 43.

Blooomberg, 4-way: Trump 43, Clinton 41. In the two way, no third party candidates offered as choices, it's tied at 46 apiece, but it's silly to even mention that, because Binary Thinking is like so 2015.

The Morning Consult poll, which has generally been favorable to Hillary, now has Trump ahead by 1, 39 to 38.

A Washington Post/ABCNews poll has Clinton up by two with likely voters, 46-44, but with registered voters, it's all tied up at 41.

That may suggest that Trump has a greater upside with new/irregular voters... if they turn out. Which they usually don't -- unless it's for a candidate they're enthusiastic about. And many do seem enthusiastic about Trump.

In two blue states -- Colorado and Pennsylvania -- CNN has it a one point race in either. In Colorado, it's 42 Trump 41 Hillary; in Pennsylvania, it's Hillary 45 Trump 44.

In more bad news for Hillary, Trump voters used to say they were backing him just to stop Hillary; now a plurality say they're affirmatively voting for him.

Obviously, the debate tonight is very important. The most important one of all three.

More: Trump absolutely blowing Hillary out of the water with one of the largest cohorts in the voting public, non-college educated white men. He's leading her by 59 points with this group, 76 to 17. Mitt Romney won this group too -- but only by 31 points.

Of course, the reason that Trump isn't destroying her in the overall numbers is that he's lost almost an equal number of college educated voters.

So tell me again how crazy I was to posit a year ago that this was largely a class-based race and that the college-educated crowd was feeling resentful and scared at having their hegemony -- their ability to cast a class-wide veto over a candidate -- challenged and ultimately scotched.

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Mid-Morning Open Thread [CBD]

—Open Blogger

Reluctant Bride.jpg

The Reluctant Bride
Auguste Toulmouche


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Sunday Night Overnight Open Thread [Mis. Hum.]

—Open Blogger


Why are these Canadians being asked to sell their homes?

On the far eastern edge of Canada sits Little Bay Islands, a beautiful, dying village divided by crisis. The fish plant was shuttered half a decade ago, and most supporting businesses – as well as the school – have closed with it. Perry Locke is among the tiny population that’s left. He served as the mayor, the fire chief and now runs the power-generating station. His son was the last student enrolled in town.

Fishing villages like this one built Newfoundland and Labrador, a coastal province sent into a tailspin by a fishery collapse, oil-price slump and mounting debt that left it with Canada’s most severe fiscal and demographic crisis. The provincial government now is pushing to close places like Little Bay Islands altogether rather than service them, offering Locke and his neighbors at least $250,000 (US$189,000) each to leave — and spurring a bitter, three-year fight over whether to cash out or endure.

It’s like a disease. Once a community gets infected, there’s no cure for it
“It’s like a disease. Once a community gets infected, there’s no cure for it. You’ll either stay sick from it, or you’ll die,” said Locke, 51, standing on his porch in July overlooking the bay. He voted to stay, worried he’ll lose his job if everyone leaves and the power station closes. Many residents now blame him for ruining a windfall. “Nothing we can do to change it now. The damage is done. And the damage is irreversible.”

It looks like a beautiful location. What would you do? Personally, I'm glad that I do not have to make that decision.

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Move Along, Nothing To See....[CBD]

—Open Blogger

Shooting Attack In Malmo Sweden

Very little information, so the 24-48 Hour rule should apply.

But just between you and me, I think it's those damned Lutherans again.

And...Open Thread

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Food Thread: Maillard....It Isn't Just A Duck [CBD]

—Open Blogger

caramel maillard.jpg

Pastry chef Michael Laiskonis explains Maillard reactions and why browned foods taste so damn good Our very own Y-not sent this article to me, and it's fascinating and, at least for me, a revelation. Of course I knew that those luscious caramels that destroy my will power were brown, and taste good, but it never clicked that it can be the same reaction that makes those steaks I love taste marvelous. Hell, I have made caramel dozens of times (it's easy) and watched it brown.

Yes, I am a moron, and not just with a capital M.

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Sunday Open Thread [CBD]

—Open Blogger

For those of you who don't want to go off topic in the Book Thread. gun talk.*

Bovine Aerodynamics


*What's the over/under on the first gun comment?

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Sunday Morning Book Thread 09-25-2016: E Deplorobus Unum [OregonMuse]

—Open Blogger

Public Library, Bogota, Colombia, Interior and Exterior

(h/t to Rod for the library pic)

Good morning to all of you morons and moronettes and bartenders everywhere and all the ships at sea. Welcome to AoSHQ's stately, prestigious, internationally acclaimed and high-class Sunday Morning Book Thread, where men are men, all the 'ettes are gorgeous, safe spaces are underneath your house and are used as protection against actual dangers, like tornados, hurricanes, and the election of Hillary Clinton, and special snowflakes do not last. And unlike other AoSHQ comment threads, the Sunday Morning Book Thread is so hoity-toity, pants are required. Even if it's these.

Alphabet Soup

Via WeaselZippers, science! has discovered that words, not just some words, but words in general, indeed, the very concept of "words", are responsible for the oppression of women.

The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: The Conflict Between Word and Image by Leonard Shlain, who claimed, among other things:

"Literacy has promoted the subjugation of women by men throughout all but the very recent history of the West...Misogyny and patriarchy rise and fall with the fortunes of the alphabetic written word."

Teh stupid, it burns!

First off, hasn't the idea of some sort of primeval feminist paradise, a matriarchal golden age of Goddess worship and universal peace shown to be a complete load of hooey? Second, if the literate word is so oppressive to women, then why do women dominate the writing and publishing industries? Schlain hedges his sweeping statement with the qualifier "...all but the very recent history of the West", but if the oppression is so pervasive, there is no adequate explanation for why it should suddenly be different now. I think that Schlain has managed to get things precisely backwards: the truth is that literacy has actually *empowered* women and liberated them, because facility with words does not depend upon physical strength or agility, which favors males.

The 1-star reviews complain about his bad science and pseudo-science, and Schlain's admission that "By profession, I am a surgeon... I am by nature a storyteller" kind of gives the game away. He's telling a story, or constructing a myth, not conducting a scientific investigation. It's not the way things are, it's the way he would like them to be.

Also, one of the things words have allowed us to do is to accumulate medical knowledge. This enables us to learn about the human body so we can ameliorate the effects of disease, injury, and old age. So all of us, both men and women, can live healthier, happier lives. Because of words. This should have been something that the author, who was an associate professor of surgery at University of California, San Francisco, until his death in 2009, ought to have been able to appreciate.

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EMT 09/25/16 [krakatoa]

—Open Blogger

Heading to Philly for a relatively quick hitter, he said, tempting the fates.

Just close enough to drive. My general rule of thumb is anything inside 9 hours (that doesn't include NYC or NJ), I'll drive.

What's your favorite form of travel?

I loved taking the train between Amsterdam & London last year. That was far more enjoyable than I anticipated, and there's a very good chance I try Amtrak here some day to see how it compares.

Car is generally the best for me. Air travel has never recovered from the effects of 9/11. Hell, if time isn't a factor, Greyhound is probably more comfortable than air these days.

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Overnight Open Thread (24 Sep 2016)


Are aliens avoiding Earth? Well, wouldn't you with all this dumbassery going on.

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25 Years I've Been Flying This Airspace Sir, I've Never Had A Controller Talk To Me Like That [CBD]

—Open Blogger

Air traffic controllers and pilots going at each other, all while flying us around. It's funny, but damn, I would prefer not to have heard some of the idiocy on display here. [Below the break, because the hamsters are, let's be frank, sort of wimpy lately.]

So what kind of tussles has The Horde had with officialdom or waitresses, or clerks or Judges or whatever was maddening and amusing at the same time?

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Researchers Think They Might Know What Is Causing Crohn's Disease
Which of course might lead to a cure... if they're right. Fingers crossed:
A slimy, thin layer of microorganisms able to cling to the intestines could cause the symptoms experienced in Crohn's disease, according to a new study highlighted in the Huffington Post.

Researchers identified the key bacteria and fungus that produce the slimy layer, opening the door to new treatments for the disease.

Alas this story first appeared on the Huffington Post (USAToday seems to have swiped it from them, rather than vice versa), which throws a bit of doubt into it all. [Doreen, the D2]
Muslim Sympathizer's POTUS veto overridden. [Mis. Hum.]
Uh, Hillary, Your Hubby Caused the 2008 Recession "What caused the market crash was the collapse of the subprime market. If that collapse had an architect-in-chief, his name was Bill Clinton. This is not a speculation. It is an easily documented fact." [CBD]
Playboy has jumped the shark. Playboy features first Muslim woman in hijab. [Mis. Hum.]
Equity vs. Essentialism "Whether human beings are tabula rasa upon which society can writ large vs. the idea that human nature actually exists; and society should reflect an equal distribution of power, wealth, &c. vs. the idea that we should be free to be unequal in our own way." Lots of big words, and only two pictures, but it's worth a read [CBD]
James Comey, Federal Bureau of Incompetence (F.B.I.). Why did they even go through the song & dance? [Mis. Hum.]
(no quote - just read it and weep) [ArthurK]
Headlines: 9/27/16
The Religion of Pieces approves of Crayola Crayons. Surprising that there isn't one color worth a severe lashing or worse. [Mis. Hum.]
Clock Boy suing several news outlets, including Glenn Beck. Not sure how suing in the infidels judicial system squares with Sharia. Guess we will find out. [Mis. Hum.]
Man with toy gun shot and killed by police. Don't worry about looting and riots. It was a white guy. His death doesn't fit the template. Because only certain lives matter. [Mis. Hum.] Update, this was over a month ago. News travels fast doesn't it?
We all know that if Heather Bresch was say, Chuck Grassley's daughter there would be hell to pay. But, if you're the daughter of a Democrat Senator you can pull a Hillary. Let's lie, deceive, stretch the truth misspeak before Congress. Consequences? Don't hold your breath or have an allergic reaction where you need an EpiPen. [Mis. Hum.]
Mosque bombed in Dresden, Germany. The city's police chief said officials were "now in crisis mode."[Mis. Hum.]
Headlines: 09/26/2016
The you-know-what will be flying. Git yer debate Bullshit BINGO cards here.
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