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March 11, 2022

Tucker Carlson Goes After Jen Griffin, and the Deep State, On Their Biolab Lies

Mollie @MZHemingway

Good point here for all war coverage -- simply repeating Pentagon talking points is not reporting. Certainly not sufficient for "debunking." And that would be true even if we didn't have many examples, recently, of Pentagon talking points being flat out wrong or inadequate.


Flashback: Jen Griffin "reporting" on the heroic
strike that obliterated a family and did not
even touch a single terrorist hair

To disclose my own feelings on the Ukranian biolab:

I don't particularly care that a foreign country that doesn't threaten the US has a bioweapons program. Most countries do. I guess in a perfect world I'd like no one to have these programs, but I also don't worry about it. Countries are going to make weapons.

I also don't care that Israel spies on the US. The UK also spies on the US. It happens. Grown-Up Countries sometimes do Grown-Up Things. Little Kid Countries shouldn't do these things, but Grown-Up Countries can do them if they're responsible.

I also do not remotely believe this supplies Putin with some justification for invasion. Putin himself has a bioweapons program that dwarfs anything the Ukranians could come up with.

In addition, the Ukranians already had the old Soviet bioweapons. Are they really afraid that Ukraine has come up with some incremental advance that makes anthrax 1% more transmissible and 4% more deadly?

But what I do care about is the endless, endless remorseless lies from the government, and the insistence that we are not allowed to ask questions. And that if we point out that their obvious lies are in fact obviously lies, we're Russian Agents.

We're Russian Agents for not having IQs in the room temperature range.

What the Deep State and the Brandon Regime is telling is are lies so stupid and so unbelievable that my chief objection to them is the insult to my intellect, not the moral defect of them.

I no longer expect the US government to behave with morality or honor. But can it lie with something approaching everyday-joe intelligence?

I actually do not expect to find anything especially shocking or nefarious at the end of this spool of lies. But I will not hold it against people who do harbor those suspicions. And I'll also say that people like me who say "Eh, probably nothing here" are not the people who crack cases. People who are outraged and compelled to find the answer to the mystery crack cases.

As Lee Smith told me, brilliantly, every good investigative journalist is a little bit crazy. You have to be: You have to be a bit of a paranoid schizophrenic, and you have to be a bit manic, and you have to be a bit of a narcissist in thinking that you, of all people, can bring the whole rotten system down.

And if you don't have that, you'll never get anywhere. You'll just give up after a couple of hours. You'll say, as I almost always say, "Eh, probably nothing here anyway."

But while I don't expect any huge government-toppling revelation at the end of conspiratorial yarn here, here's what I can say right now:

I am sick of the endless lies.

I am sick of one crisis rolling into the next.

I am sick of each crisis being used as the next reason why we must not ask questions but must Believe and Obey people who are proven liars and proven malefactors.

I am sick of every crisis coming with its own #HashtagSmears -- #ConspiracyTheorist, #VaccineDenier, #Traitor -- eagerly deployed by the Cult of the Believers (who believe, literally, everything the Deep State God-State tells them to) to shame and punish and deplatform and debank the nonbelievers.

And no, I do not believe the absolute horse-shit peddled by the incompetent, lazy Deep State "fact sheet" repeater Jennifer Griffin.

Let's start there, for those who just want to dip in for the drama and then jump to the comments:

FoxNews has a rule that you can't personally name any other FoxNews employee you're disputing, but when Jennifer Griffin goes on her neocon/neoliberal shows to "debunk conspiracy theories," she's attacking Tucker Carlson, and right there, Tucker Carlson has dialed her right into his sights and is attacking her right back.

As I mentioned yesterday, Griffin is a Deep State Talking Points Parrot to begin with, but her performance yesterday was particularly egregious. She claimed that the only bio facilities in Ukraine are leftover ones from the Soviet era, which the US has been trying to shut down... since 2005.

I said "since 1991" yesterday, but apparently the US entered this very, very long project to pour bleach on Soviet bioweapons in 2005. Seventeen years ago.

Seventeen years ago, and they still haven't gotten the cap off the bleach.

Maybe you're turning it the wrong way, fellas. I did that once with a drill.

This is obviously preposterous, and when Hannity asked just the most simple question about how she knew this as a fact, she responded, "It's on my fact sheet."

Well, if it's on your "fact sheet," obviously it's a fact. Otherwise it wouldn't be on the sheet.

Excellent work as usual, Jen. You exemplify the very best of what we've come to expect from "Journalists."

Again, I want to stress that, personally, I don't really care if Ukraine has bioweapons labs. And I don't even care all that much if the US is funding them.

Well -- I care because of the likely Fauci connection but not because of the geopolitical questions.

But these fucking stupid, remorseless Junkie Lies have to stop.

Ever talk to a junkie? All they do is lie, and all the lies are stupid, because junkie brains are addled and rotten with drugs, and all the lies are just blunt, stupid gambits to get you to do what they want, which is to let them do their drugs.

Tucker's report from a couple of days ago is worth a watch:

So... these are not "bioweapons" facilities. These are... biodefense facilities, for researching bioweapons to develop defenses against bioweapons.


Funny, you know what a lab researching defenses to anthrax has an awful lot of?

It has an awful lot of anthrax.

Little known fact!

This distinction between "bioweapon" and "biodefense" is obviously just more stupid bureaucratic nonsenselies.

The Ukranians have biodefense labs, not bioweapons labs, because they are The Good Guys, and the Good Guys are Miyagi-Do, and only train for defense.

Never for attack, Daniel-san. That is the way of Cobra-Kai, and of Russian Agents.

Also: Victoria Nuland said, in response to that question from Marco Rubio, that the US is now racing to "prevent those research materials from falling into Russian hands," and that she was "quite concerned" about the possibility that Russia would capture them:

If the claim that the Ukraine labs are "biodefense" labs is supposed to mean they are non-weapon materials, what the hell does the US care if the Russians seize them or not? What are we afraid of, that the Russians are going to get their hands on... cures to diseases?

No, this is stupid. The fear is that they'll get their hands on biological weapons. Which are at these labs. OBVIOUSLY.

Tucker Carlson also made a good point about that answer: Why would Nuland care about Russia seizing "old Soviet-era bioweapons"? Russia already has those, of course.

The only thing that would be "quite concerning" to the US would be the capture of new, um, "research materials."

All this stupid pettifogging about "bioweapons" versus "biodefense" is obviously just so much nonsense after the Wuhan outbreak.

Wuhan lab is supposedly a lab just for researching viruses to learn how to cure them. But strangely enough, it cooked up a virus that killed six million people and shut down the world for two years.

Supposedly that just leaked out accidentally (well, supposedly, it came from a bat that flew 1000 miles from its cave to mate with a pangolin in the wet market), but the only thing that makes a biological agent a biological weapon is intent.

Did you intend to release it as a weapon? Then it's a weapon.

If you're just storing it and researching it... then it's just research material.

But someday, maybe... you might have a different intention, huh?

Again, I don't begrudge Ukraine working on biological weapons.

The US does. Russia sure does.

And as I said yesterday: If the Ukranians had a Plan Z to defend themselves against Russia that maybe involved releasing a little somethin'-somethin' into Moscow, I wouldn't blame them. Not one bit.


In last night's show he blasted Jen Griffin and the other Deep State Talking Points Parrots, which I already linked.

He also noted the evolution of the spin.

First, the claim was that these facilities were "eliminating" the "old Soviet-era" bioweapons.

But the US started "helping" them do that in 2005. Surely this is something that can be done in a year or less? If the Ukranians really want to "eliminate" the weapons?

So then CNN changed the story: Now we were trying to help the Ukranians "secure" the weapons.

Oh, secure them.

You mean... store them.

Or we could use an even more provocative word: stockpile them.

But of course we and the Ukranians are doing more than that: We helped fund a Level 3 biohazard research lab in Odessa, Ukraine to research "especially deadly pathogens."

Originally posted on June 18th, 2010, the article "Biolab Opens in Ukraine" details how Obama, while serving as an Illinois Senator, helped negotiate a deal to build a level-3 bio-safety lab in the Ukrainian city of Odessa.


A 2011 report from the U.S. National Academy of Sciences' Committee on Anticipating Biosecurity Challenges of the Global Expansion of High-Containment Biological Laboratories explained how the Odessa-based laboratory "is responsible for the identification of especially dangerous biological pathogens."

"This laboratory was reconstructed and technically updated up to the BSL-3 level through a cooperative agreement between the United States Department of Defense and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine that started in 2005. The collaboration focuses on preventing the spread of technologies, pathogens, and knowledge that can be used in the development of biological weapons," the report continues.

That story has now been removed from the web. Don't ask why -- only Russian Agents ever wonder why the government is deleting the information that citizens can view.

And did they say 2005? Isn't that right when we started to help Ukraine pour bleach on to its old Soviet-era bioweapons?

And Level 3-- say, wasn't Wuhan a Level 3 biohazard lab...? Why yes it was.

Now, researching "especially dangerous pathogens" sure is going beyond "securing" them.

Again, I'm not saying they don't have the right -- but don't tell me they're "eliminating" old Soviet-era bioweapons when they're running research on "especially deadly pathogens."

Look at covid-19: The only distinction between "biohazardous research material" and a "bioweapon" is your intention to deploy it against an enemy.

All diseases are pre-weaponized: All you have to do is infect a few people with them and send them into a subway car.

This may just be make-work to keep Ukranian bioweapons scientists from selling their expertise to terrorist groups, but if so, just tell me.


This is the story so far. Here is what you are now expected to believe, to be considered a patriotic American who is not an Agent of Russia:

It's a complete lie to say the US "owns or operates" Ukranian bioweapons labs

Well okay we do fund a bio lab or two but that's not "owning or operating"

(Although frankly let's face it, you know we're bankrolling this entire operation, all of Ukraine's money is tied up in Hunter Biden's crack fund)

And they're not bioweapons labs, they're "biodefense" labs... doing research on bioweapons

And anyway they're only eliminating "old Soviet-era bioweapons," not making new ones

Okay maybe they're not eliminating them so much as "securing" them and/or stockpiling them for later possible use

Okay maybe they're also "researching especially deadly pathogens," but that's just to prevent outbreaks of highly infectious diseases, you know, like they did in Wuhan

And anyone who questions any of that, including the glib double-speak and childish parsings and redefinitions of words, is a Russian Asset who is Working for Putin

Do I have all of this straight now?

Gosh I'd sure like to be accused less often of pushing "Russian propaganda" by people who have turned the US into a Soviet propaganda state.

Maybe people wouldn't be so susceptible to "Russian Disinformation" if they could turn on the TV and not have the fucking Regime and fucking Regime Media fucking lie to their faces about every single thing that happens in the world.

For the Deep State and its lovers, there is ALWAYS a good reason to lie, always a good reason for the next propaganda campaign, always a good reason for the next disinformation campaign against the American people, accompanied by the next smear/coercion campaign that anyone who won't repeat the mantra is a Traitor and an Enemy of the State.

They can always find an exciting new reason to lie.

They just can never seem to find a good reason to tell the truth.

Oh, and guess what?

The government is again "working with the tech companies" to "take down" "false stories" the regime deems propaganda.

Google is now censoring Oliver Stone movies -- at the request of the US Government.

I hate Oliver Stone myself. But is that where the Patriots and Defenders of Democracy are now -- censoring movies made by annoying opposition iconoclasts?

He's always done this. He has always been "pro-Russia."

Now, that's illegal? And the US government is demanding that illegal-but-tolerated monopolies, which it could break up if they don't obey them, censor Oliver Stone movies on their behalf?

Is that how we "fight the Russians" now?

This is protecting democracy?

National Review, is this what you signed up for when you started cashing Google's checks?

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posted by Ace at 12:06 PM

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