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October 21, 2022

Quick Hits



Big news in the Republican AGs lawsuit against Big Tech and Democrat officials conspiring to censor conservative and dissident speech:


Details on that lawsuit from Julie Kelly, who focused on Elvis Chan as the conduit between the Biden White House and the Tech Monopolies, coordinating the illegal government-ordered censorship.

To hear some commenters talking, you'd think we'd be better off voting for the Democrat over Eric Schmidt. That would really teach someone a lesson.

What it would really teach a lesson to is the Democrats -- it would teach them the right is a gang of losers they can walk all over because any time we even have the chance of winning, we'll cut our own throats to lubricate the wheels of the tumbrels taking us to the guillotines.

So they might as well go as extreme as possible -- there will literally never be any kind of a political reckoning. The closer we come to one, the more the "hard core" of the party will agitate to give away the election to the Democrats, just to prove how incensed we are at what the Democrats have done so far.

Some people said "The Democrats aren't acting like they think they're going to lose."

Well, some sure are:


I'm not sure what people mean by this, but I think they might mean that if Democrats thought they were losing, they would reverse their more lunatic and alienating policy positions.

Well.... no, they can't. For one thing, it's too late in the season to do that. You cannot reverse yourself with 19 days until the election. This kind of reversal over positions they claim are absolutely fundamental -- and the belief in which claim make you a Good Person, and opposition to which make you a Racist, Sexist, Homophobe, Transphobe, Election-Denier, Democracy-Underminer, Russian Agent, and Nazi -- cannot just be flip-flopped in 19 days. This is the kind of thing that requires a Democrat Leadership Committee style treatment, as Clinton and other "centrist" Democrats did in the late eighties, arguing for years to get the party to abandon its commitment to Walter Mondale style left-liberalism.

Or at least: Pretending you were abandoning it by embracing entirely symbolic sops to centrism, like supporting the idea of school uniforms.

Reversing the damage they have done themselves will be a multiyear project, if they can do it at all.

And I question if they can do it at all. We say Wokism is a religion. That is not just a shorthand -- it is literally the central religious identity of these otherwise-atheists. They are fanatics for Wokism. They believe in this like a cultist believes in Quodzak the Disgruntled. This is quite beyond politics and tactics.

How do you deprogram a cultist? I don't just think you can show them charts and graphs and demonstrate to them that their cultism is causing them to lose Hispanics.

It's bigger than that, it's more transcendent than that.

This not who they are, this is what they are. This is their Being. This is their Doing. This is their Making. This is their All.

They are not virtue signaling: They literally believe that you are a Nazi if you do not bring your 7 year old son to have a fat drag queen waggle his pecker in the boy's face. Drag Queen Shows are their communion.

So I don't know what people expect Democrats to do to show that they believe they're losing.

I think they are showing they think they're losing, by talking they way they usually do when they're losing, by saying that "Democracy is crisis" and "Democracy is dying" and otherwise doomsaying and claiming we're entering a quasi-religious Apocalyptic Age because they will no longer control Congress, control Italy (remember the screaming there?), and control the most important thing of all, Twitter.

Like this panic-spreading pillow-biter Chris Hayes:


And speaking of:

Fear haunts the halls of Twitter as Elon Musk is rumored to be planning to cut 75% of Twitter's phony-baloney jobs, cutting the current staff of 7,500 to 2,000.

Shivering shadenboners, that's got me harder than the Hope Diamond.

streiff writes:

Only days away from Elon Musk closing on a $44 billion deal to take the hell-site Twitter private, word has leaked that one of Elon Musk's earliest acts will be to fire 75% of the magenta-haired, non-binary mouthbreathers who have mistaken their job for a lifelong sinecure and way to achieving social status.


Let's take a quick look at the numbers. According to the article, Twitter's manpower budget is $1.5 billion. That is $200,000 per employee. That is just mindblowing -- I'm assuming the $1.5 billion is salary plus benefits, if it is salary alone, it is unconscionable, and the Twitter board should be keelhauled under the yacht of some sanctioned Russian oligarch.

The article gives a good overview of Musk's general plans for turning Twitter around. In the tech and social media worlds, Musk's plan to cut costs and improve performance is radical. The big complaint is that cutting social justice warriors is "likely to have major impact on its ability to control harmful content and prevent data security crises." To call that bull**it is a disservice to all the top quality bullsh** generated by hardworking bullsh**ters every day. If you are relying on hundreds or thousands of humans to "prevent data security crises," you are in the midst of one of those crises right now and are just too stupid to realize it.

No, data security is not the concern; the left's concern is that they will lose control of the information on Twitter.

Want to know how important Muh Twitter is to the Media/Very Online Left?

This important:


"Sociopathic management style."

Via Clownfish, with further quotes.

This late-stage capitalist sociopath is taking our Twitter!!!

Are leftists more upset they're going to lose Congress or that they're going to lose Twitter?

Answer: Twitter, though it will be incredibly sexually wonderful to watch them literally suffer nervous breakdowns as they lose both in the span of a week and a half.

Broke-brained grifter:


Another reason that Liz Truss had to go: She broke the promises she made on immigration -- deciding that she had to increase immigration for "growth" -- and got into a 90 minute shouting match with the pro-Brexit, immigration-skeptic Home Secretary she'd brought on only to appease that side of the party over her betrayals.

That Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, resigned a day before Truss did.

Benny Johnson's tour of LA: It's a third world shithole.

"Study:" Women are getting fat because of... air pollution.

Looks like all that water weight might actually be from the air.

A new study suggests that long-term air pollution exposure is linked to women gaining weight -- particularly ladies in their late 40s and 50s, EurekAlert reported.

Observed women who were exposed to poor air quality, specifically higher levels of fine particles, such as nitrogen dioxide and ozone, had seen increases in their body size, according to study author Xin Wang, an epidemiology research investigator at the University of Michigan.

The exposure to air pollution was tied to higher body fat, fat proportion and lower lean mass for middle-aged women. EurekAlert noted that "body fat increased by 4.5%, or about 2.6 pounds."

The data came from a mix of 1,654 white, black, Chinese and Japanese women whose median age was 50. They had been tracked for eight years from 2000 to 2008.

A factor claimed to cause a gain of 2.6 pounds over eight years, or 0.466 pounds per year, is not what's driving obesity.

Our obesity problem is more, ahem, robust than that.

NYC women are charging men in advance for bad dates, which I assume means that "two women are claiming they're doing this."

Sara was fed up. The New York City social worker, who declined to give her last name, had had countless dates cancel on her at the last minute. So, when a man she met on an app recently pulled out of their date an hour beforehand, she agreed to reschedule with one caveat: He would Venmo her a $50 deposit.

"I'm just done with my time and energy being wasted," Sara told The Post. "In almost every other scenario, when someone books a time of their day dedicated to you, they have a no-show policy or security deposit."

The man agreed to the terms and sent her the money.


Dating in the digital age can take a toll -- both emotionally and financially -- and some city women have had enough. They're asking men to pay them back for their time and energy when they cancel, cheat or commit other indiscretions.

"For me it's a way to just be like, 'You're a d-bag, here's the monetary value of my time you wasted,'" Martha Duke, 38, told The Post.

Duke said she's sent around six Venmo requests -- ranging from $1,500 to $3,000, depending on their financial situation -- over the years to different men she's dated. She listed infidelity, secret marriages and hiding having multiple sexual partners from her as some of the reasons for the charges.

Putting a monetary value on caddish conduct helps men to better understand the error of their ways, Duke said, adding that she puts the phrase "the d-bag tax" in all her Venmo requests.

"[New York] is the narcissist capital," Duke, who works as a personal assistant, said. "They're not going to understand, 'What you did really hurt my feelings,' because they don't grasp feelings; they grasp money."


About half the time, the suitors have paid up. Duke has been surprised at the success of the requests, but hypothesized that men they would rather pay than deal with the emotional consequences.

"If you're dealing with narcissists, you're never gonna get closure," she said. "But I can get the mental image of them receiving [my Venmo request]."

Before you get mad: This is all bullshit. I mean, this woman claims people are sending her $2,500 to go on dates with her.


I wouldn't pay this woman $2,500 to remodel my bathroom, let alone for a date.

Mickey Kaus explained years ago that the rule used to be "You need three instances of something to write a 'trend' story." If I had to guess, I'd say that Suzy Fivehead there was bragging about this on Twitter, providing Instance One. Then the writer googled to try to find anyone else who claimed to have done this. She found Sara, who says that she got a guy to make a $50 deposit to make up for a previously cancelled date, and another woman, who got a guy to pay her money when she found out he was already involved with another woman. She cast that as Apology Money but it kind of sounds like the guy might have construed it as Blackmail Money.

Anyway, this isn't really a "trend."

A man played the saxophone... throughout the entirety of his nine hour brain surgery.

As I always hear, there are no nerve endings in the brain, so they just use a topical anesthetic on the surface of the scalp. Otherwise, you can be wide awake during brain surgery.

And you can apparently play the saxophone.

A musician undergoing complex brain surgery in Italy played the saxophone during his entire 9-hour operation.

The team at Rome's Paideia International Hospital operated on the 35-year-old man, identified only as GZ, in order to remove his brain tumor. The patient underwent an "awake surgery," so doctors could ensure they wouldn't compromise his neurological functions, the hospital said in a press release.

"Each brain is unique, as is each person," surgery leader and neurosurgeon Dr. Christian Brogna said.

"Awake surgery makes it possible to map with extreme precision during surgery the neuronal networks that underlie the various brain functions such as playing, speaking, moving, remembering, counting."

GZ told surgeons that his musical ability is his most prized function, Brogna told CBS. Allowing GZ to play the saxophone during "awake surgery" proved useful to the team, the neurosurgeon said, because it allowed them to witness the brain functions he utilized to play.

During the lengthy procedure, GZ played the theme song from the 1970 movie "Love Story," and the Italian national anthem, at various times throughout the surgery.

A cranky pissbably leftist that AllahPundit used to link all the time complains that Tucker called out An Journalist who may now be "harassed" -- despite the fact that this "journalist" herself works to dox ordinary citizens to deliberately, maliciously expose them to harassment and loss of employment.

At Twitchy, Glenn Greenwald explains to this pissbaby non-elite elitist that "journalists" are not an aristocracy with special privileges of Prima Noctae over the personally identifying information of the commoners, no matter how much they insist they should be.

Glenn Greenwald @ggreenwald

These people in media corporations think they have the right to attack, mock, criticize, dox and try to destroy the lives of anyone they want, including (especially) ordinary citizens.

But if anyone criticizes how they use their massive corporate platforms, it's "harassment."

Employees of the planet's large media corporations are 100% fair game for criticism. You have the absolute right to highlight all the damage they cause.

They do immense harm. They spread lies constantly. They're bullies who try to ruin the lives of people who think differently.

These liberal employees of media corporations have been trying for years to create a warped framework where they can unite to viciously attack their ideological enemies, but they're off-limits from criticism.

If you critique them, it's "harassment."

Reject this framework. These are powerful actors who use major corporate platforms to ruin people's lives for fun. They roam in packs, closing ranks, trying to punish ideological dissenters.

But the minute someone criticizes them, they whine and self-victimize. Ignore this.

A major reason we now have a censorship regime upheld by a union of state and corporate power is "journalists" at liberal media outlets agitated for it, knowing they're losing power and believing the only way to preserve it is by silencing their critics. This deserves scorn.

He linked to a substack article he wrote about this last year.

A girl posted herself singing a cover of Fleetwood Mac's (Stevie Nick's) "Dreams" -- and had a record deal in ten days.

It took just 10 days for the video -- posted to TikTok -- to land Lanie Gardner a record deal with the Jonas brothers!

It all started when a man filmed himself gliding down a highway on a longboard, drinking from a big plastic bottle of Ocean Spray Cranberry juice while lip-synching to Dreams, the song by Fleetwood Mac. The video immediately became a trend on TikTok with many people doing their own versions of the cool gliding motion using the song, but one young singer decided instead of longboarding, she would make a cover version.

And since then, Lanie has racked up millions of views. In fact, within ten days of the video going viral, Lanie's cover gained over 20 million total views and 340 000 total followers.

Lanie's jaw-dropping cover also caught the attention of Mick Fleetwood himself and Kevin Jonas Sr (father of the Jonas Brothers) who welcomed her to the "Jonas Group Entertainment" family.

Yeah I could do that.


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posted by Ace at 06:35 PM

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