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October 21, 2022

Confessions of the Libs of TikTok

Detransitioners tell harrowing stories about being rushed into gender "transitions" they weren't ready for -- and didn't even want.

'I should have never done this': Transgender patients reveal their regret over NHS sex change operations and why they 'detransitioned' after they were 'rushed' into life-changing procedures

EXCLUSIVE: Ritchie and Amber tell film they both regret their treatment and claim they were rushed into it

Brave testimony will revive fears young people are being pushed into invasive and unalterable procedures

Ritchie said: 'This is not reversible, the experiment is over for me, there really really isn't any turning back'


Two transgender patients today revealed their regret at going through NHS sex change operations and claimed they were 'rushed' into the life-changing procedures.

In powerful testimony that will raise fresh fears that vulnerable young people are being pushed into invasive and unalterable surgery by zealous transgender activists, they spoke of the terrible impacts on their mental and physical health.

After describing in graphic detail the nature of the surgery required to remove his male anatomy, 35-year-old Ritchie said: 'This is not reversible, the experiment is over for me, there really really isn't any turning back.'

Meanwhile, Amber - who had a mastectomy and took testosterone to transition from female to male - described the pain and health difficulties she had experienced since being 'rushed' into surgery, and said she wished she had been given therapy instead.

Their brave testimony in No Turning Back, a new film from Branded Film Studios that can be viewed in full on media platform Ickonic, is a rare example of 'detransitioners' coming forward to reveal their regrets.

'When Mermaids and Stonewall always talk about the people who don't get the chance to transition, they don't talk about the people who regret the process of transitioning,' filmmaker Charlotte Fantelli told MailOnline - referring to two charities who have faced scrutiny for their stance on transgender issues.

Ritchie, a civil servant from the north of England, detransitioned after spending nearly a decade as a trans woman.

After feeling 'different' as a young boy, he discovered gender dysphoria while browsing online forums in his early 20s. When he explained his feelings to other forum users he was told he was '100 per cent trans and should act on it'.

In March 2014, Ritchie drove to a private clinic in Scotland where after just three appointments in two days he obtained a diagnosis which would allow him to be prescribed cross sex hormones on the NHS. He then went to an NHS gender clinic in Brighton.

'The first question I was asked when I saw the psychiatrist was whether I wanted gender reassignment surgery,' he recalled on the film. 'I said to her, ''I'm not sure, I'd like some time and I heard you could have therapy''.

'But I felt they communicated to me that they weren't a mental health service, they were there to help people medically transition. They wanted me to have surgery more than I wanted to have surgery - it was really bizarre.

'I refused it in 2015, I refused it in 2016, then in 2017 the psychiatrist said to me ''you're established on your hormones, if you don't want surgery we'll discharge you''.

'But I was in the middle of that critical therapy, which was the anchor I needed in the world to keep me well. Then they told me I'd be discharged if I didn't go on this list.'

Ritchie described the surgery he went through to transition from male to female as 'extremely brutal'.

I will refer you to the article for more details, which are unpleasant.


The film is set to be released amid an ongoing controversy over the charity Mermaids, which is currently being investigated by the Charity Commission following revelations that one of its staff had agreed to send a breast binder to an undercover journalist posing as a teenage girl.

Ah, Mermaids. Why does it have to have a cutesy, appeal-to-children name?

Oh. That's why.

The UK Department for Education removed a charity targeted at transgender children from its official government guidance as a mental health resource following several scandals, Fox News reported Wednesday.


The charity, Mermaids, is a nonprofit supporting transgender and "non-binary" children. Townhall reported this month how a trustee on the board of Mermaids, Dr. Jacob Breslow, resigned after a speech he gave to an organization that provides services to pedophiles resurfaced.

Breslow is an associate professor of gender and sexuality at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and served on the board of Mermaids. In 2011, he gave a speech with B4U-ACT, a Maryland-based organization focused on "ending stigma" around "minor-attracted persons," better known as pedophiles.


"This understanding may displace the stigma, fear and abjection that is naturalized as being attached to Minor Attracted Persons and may alter the terms by which non-normative sexualities are known," he continued.

Mermaids has been at the center of other scandals, as well. This week, Daily Mail reported that Darren Mew, who worked as the charity's digital engagement officer shared "explicit pictures and sexualised images" online. Following Daily Mail's report, Prime Minister Liz Truss said that the allegations against the charity should be "looked at properly."

The detransitioner Chloe Cole is starting an organization to support other detransitioners -- and to push back against fascistic, corrupt organizations like the AMA and APA demanding that people like her (and me, and you) be investigated and maybe prosecuted for "disinformation."

Chloe Cole @ChoooCole

I am announcing a new organization created by myself and fellow detransitioners called Detrans United. We were inspired by the criminal letter written by the AAP and APA to AG Garland to make our first initiative a letter written on behalf of detransitioners.

Letter here. She asks Merrick Garland to investigate the longterm health effects of "transgender therapy" on children and teens. Yeah, I wouldn't hold your breath on that.

Another trans-regretter shows the huge basket of pills she's now required to take, and advises against becoming a slave to Big Pharma: "It's not fun. The thrill wears off quickly." Warning: Actual TikTok video.

Here's the message that goes with the video:

My life after chemical & surgical castration has been so much more intense than I ever imagined. You think you can prepare yourself for the changes. You think that it sounds okay to be on hormone replacement. No big deal right? Until you realize you have signed up for a lifetime of this. The expense, the side effects, the constant upkeep and the unexpected serious issues that just seem to keep coming up. Our bodies were not meant to be stripped of our natal sex hormones. Our bodies WILL lash out and the systems start to fail. Like my transgender brothers and sisters, I understand making a decision that feels life-saving and affirming. I get that deeply. I am simply asking everyone to really take the TIME to understand what you are getting into. Don't just rush for affirmation and if ANY medical professional prescribes these permanently life altering drugs to you after a single visit…ask yourself what their motivations are. Please take your time and do some thinking and questioning. Question it ALL. I care about you all and don’t want anyone making a decision you can’t walk back from. I don’t want you to be me. #pubertyblockerssuck #pubertyblockers #oopherectomy #hysterectomy

The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital offers a full suite of gender transition services to very young children, because of course a Bush-branded children's hospital does.

Why wouldn't it. Why wouldn't it.

Libs of TikTok @libsoftiktok

THREAD: Barbara Bush Children's Hospital in Maine has a 'gender clinic' which offers puberty blockers to kids, cross-sex hormones, guides for boys on "tucking", and guides for girls on "chest binding."

See the full thread for details.

David Strom made a great point a couple of weeks ago-- trans "therapy" is the new frontal lobotomy.

It's no secret that transitioning to something you are not is a fad.

By this I do not mean that nobody experiences genuine dysphorias that require treatment, and I freely admit that my experience and education are insufficient to the task of developing treatment plans for people who are genuinely suffering from what appears to me to be a serious mental health problem. Dancing around a bit more to cover myself, I will also emphasize that calling dysphoria a mental illness is not a slam or slander: mental health problems run in my family and they are serious conditions that need treatment.

Unfortunately, the science of treating mental illness is not especially good, and the treatments themselves have at times been cruel, destructive, and sometimes downright evil. Portuguese neurologist Egas Moniz invented the Frontal Lobotomy and won the Nobel Prize for doing so. Countless people, including children who were deemed too disruptive, suffered from permanent damage to their brains because of a fad.

Tens of thousands of lobotomies were performed, at first only on those suffering from schizophrenia and severe depression, but later on patients with chronic headaches as well as criminals and even children as young as four years old. Beulah Jones was an adult when she underwent the lobotomy in 1953. Her granddaughter, Christine Johnson, describes what she was like after the procedure.

Ms. CHRISTINE JOHNSON (Beulah Jones' Granddaughter): She was strange because she would do things like rock in place. She didn't make a lot of sense when she talked. And she didn't talk about the same things that other adults talked about. She was--childlike is probably the best description.

WEINER: That was the case with many lobotomy patients. A few were helped by the procedure; their delusions, for instance, were diminished. But many more were left in worse condition than before. Christine Johnson was astonished to learn that the inventor of the lobotomy, Portugese neurologist Egas Moniz, was awarded the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1949. That legitimized the procedure in the minds of many doctors and led to a dramatic increase in the number of lobotomies performed around the world. Again, Christine Johnson.

Ms. JOHNSON: There were a lot of critics back then, but when he won the prize, they were all silenced. My grandmother was lobotomized in '53. So I believe that if he had not been awarded the prize in '49, that she and many other patients would have been spared the operation.

Schizophrenia, depression, chronic headaches, and children with behavior problems are all real and obviously it's important to address the problem. Scrambling people's brains is not the correct way to do so. Yet tens of thousands of people went through the procedure because it had a stamp of approval from doctors and the establishment.

We now look back in horror that human beings ever could have been so primitive as to think that cutting out sections of a brain would "cure" someone of mental disorder -- especially a minor mental disorder! We cringe to think of how savage and stupid and low and mean human beings can be, and we tell ourselves, "If we had been alive then, we would have opposed this barbarism!"

Well, we're all alive now, and I guarantee you that many of the people who will be saying in twenty years "I spoke out against it!" are remaining completely silent, as usual. Because they're cowards. Because they're weaklings.

And because they're savage and stupid themselves.

Below, a Standford medical doctor says let's not wait to cut off children's genitals. Time's a-wastin', and there's gold in them thar genitals.

She says why wait to cut out "her testes."

Her testes.

Christopher F. Rufo @realchrisrufo

Christopher F. Rufo

Stanford Children's doctor says "the demand for transgender surgery has increased by five-fold" and suggests that if a boy takes hormones and "her testes are non-functional," doctors should surgically remove them--even if the child is a minor.

We now have medical doctors saying "her testes" with a straight face.

I'm sure most of these gender doctors are otherwise intelligent, humane people, but radical gender theory has turned them insane. They're blocking out basic questions like "why has this increased by 500%" and "is it really a good idea to surgically remove a child's genitals."

I'm not at all sure they're good people.

Bring 'em young -- let's monetize those mental illnesses.

Note the logic here, and I do use that word advisedly, is completely circular. Why "her" testes nonfuctional? Because of all the dangerous, off-label, untested cross-sex hormones we've pumped him full of. Now that we've flooded him with female hormones that have crippled his testicles, geeze, seems like they're vestigial organs now. Might as well make with the snip-snip (and ka-ching ka-ching).

Via Twitchy: Wait, I thought puberty blockers were just like a "pause in puberty" and were completely reversible.

Abigail Prescott @RaisingCamelot

Replying to @realchrisrufo and @MattWalshBlog

"Puberty blockers -- which are HARMLESS and TOTALLY REVERSIBLE, by the way -- so stunted the normal development of this child's reproductive organs that they are now non-functional. Might as well cut 'em off!"

Trust the $cience.

They're having trouble keeping all of their stories straight, aren't they?

@4thWaveNow pointed out the "we made them nonfunctional, might as well cut them off now" line of attack in 2019:

4thWaveNow @4th_WaveNow

Apr 21, 2019
1. Thread: Among many other things, Stanford pediatric endocrinologist Tandy Aye says it's good to perform genital surgery on under-18 adolescents because they've already been sterilized by puberty blockers followed by cross-sex hormones.

[Link to YouTube video:
Is the Surgical World Ready for Adolescent Gender Surgery? |
Gender Affirmation Surgery is currently reserved for those who are 18 years or older. Rather, Tandy Aye argues for why it may be more beneficial for surgery...]

2. "Avery's testes never developed, so her ability to be a biological parent has been eliminated. Her testes are nonfunctional."

Quick point of personal privilege: Who made them nonfunctional, doctor?

Was it you? Did you prescribe the drugs that made his testicles nonfunctional, "doctor"?

3. "In medicine, don't we often recommend the removal of nonfunctional organs?"

Not benign tissues, not usually. I still have my appendix, for example. No one suggested taking it out just for the medical thrill of it.

And not the ones you first deliberately destroy, no. Usually we pull medical licenses for that. We don't let you "clean up your messes" with experimental surgeries on children.

The rest of his thread is interesting. Back in 2019 -- back before the Speech Police made it a crime to debate issues in need of discussion -- medical journals actually worried about "cowboys and cowgirls" "cashing in" on the fad of adolescent genital removal without good medica cause!

Remember -- this is when it was first happening, and before the US government and almost all major institutions had been mau-maued into enforcing a code of silence of questioning experimental genital-removal surgery for children.

Remember, before the fascism of the sexually strident? When we were allowed to read medical journals and comment on them?

That was nice. It was nice to live in the Before Times.

Here's another trans-regretter: KC Miller.

Matt Walsh makes a good point: KC was sold a lie. She was sold the lie that she would end up being a man. Does she look or sound like a man? Do you imagine this is the image of herself she had in mind, when she went through this painful, dangerous, expensive, grueling, draining process?

Do you think the sort of man she expected to be was one who looked, at most, like an odd, soft boy with a receding hairline? High levels of testosterone do that, even in actual men (and we have a higher tolerance for the stuff than women do).

As Walsh says, this is not said to belittle her. It's to point out the lie she was sold. Obviously, no one told her this would be the result, or else she would not have gone through with this.

Meanwhile, the Trans Enforcer are brutally mocking her. They're also calling her "he" and "him," despite she having decided to detransition and identify as her real, actual gender again.

As Walsh says: So much for the absolute inviolability of the rule of honoring someone's chosen pronouns.

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posted by Ace at 05:45 PM

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