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April 11, 2022

John Hayward/Doc_Zero Has Thoughts on "Establishment" GOP Liberals Always Stabbing the Right in the Back

Let me quote him. It's mostly good stuff.

But he's wrong on the fundamental issue.

It's far worse than he thinks.

John Hayward @Doc_0

There is a part of the conservative sphere that has always felt populism is the ultimate sin, only the Left should be allowed to fight culture wars, and genuine conservative grassroots movements should be immediately run down with rhetorical lawn mowers.

There are different reasons why some conservatives gravitate to this way of thinking. Some are paid grifters. Some live deep inside the left-wing information sphere and inherit its prejudices, such as the notion cultural combat is toxic for conservatives but OK for lefties.

Some remain convinced there is a crucial group of "moderates" and "independents" in the electorate that will abandon Republicans forever if they fight the way left-wingers do. Perpetual fear of offending indy voters explains a great deal of conservative timidity since the 90s.

Some believe they can win ideological struggles without sullying themselves with filthy politics. If they just hold their principles high and visibly disdain effective political strategy, people will someday realize the Right has been right all along, and rally to its banner.

Some are quietly fatalist, believing conservatives can never hope to prevail against the absolute media domination of the Left or the vast power it wields through government institutions like schools. Engaging on cultural issues is like challenging Godzilla to a cage match.

For these timid elements of conservatism, the worst offense of the Right is questioning the motives of the Left. Nothing makes them spring into action against other conservatives faster than insinuations of bad faith or sinister motives against the Left.

The Left must always be regarded as the loyal opposition, good people who want the best for everyone, but are simply mistaken about how to achieve these noble ends. Accusations of malevolence or hidden agendas against the Left are denounced as ugly conspiracy mongering.
John Hayward

This attitude holds among timid conservatives even as the Left wages all-out war and loudly asserts there are no honest, sincere, good-faith arguments against its agenda. Is there a political argument on the Left that doesn't begin with denying the good intentions of opponents?

Run through the list of top issues: if you want border security, you must be a xenophobe. If you oppose abortion, you must be a blind religious fanatic or misogynist. If you want smaller government, you're cruel and greedy. Question global warming? You're a tool of Big Oil.

But as soon as any head of steam builds among grassroots conservatives for questioning the motives of the Left on similar grounds, the timid conservatives leap into action. Tut tut! That language is out of bounds! How dare you imply Lefty's agenda is deliberately destructive!

They'll tell you it's paranoia and slander to talk about the destructive agenda of the Left even as hyperventilating lefties are busy laying out their agenda with hundreds of social media videos and vowing to destroy anyone who gets in their way.

A great deal of the cancerous growth of the Left in the post-Reagan era was facilitated by this conservative mindset. No matter how blatant the Left was about its agenda, noticing that agenda and questioning its motives was considered rude, improper, and out of the mainstream.

You don't want to fight an ugly culture war? Well, guess what? EVERYTHING is culture. Everything either feeds into culture, or is shaped by it. The Left gets that, and deployed legions of paid shock troops to capture institutions and corporations while you kept your hands clean.

Too much of the conservative commentariat is exactly that: commentators. They were comfortable remarking on the passing scene, not changing it. "Activism" was a dirty word, something the OTHER guys did. Tossing harmless Nerf footballs of theory around op-ed pages was good enough.

Now we've arrived at the final destination, the fatal terrain, the fabled Hill to Die On: political and sexual indoctrination of goddamn FIVE YEAR OLDS using public money and state institutions - and it's STILL not time to take the gloves off, huh? Still time for tone policing?

Still out of bounds to ask what the Left's full agenda looks like, to question the motives of people who do this to children - and those who defend them? They think nothing of denying the very humanity of all who oppose them - and you insist WE must remain polite and respectful?

It's as if some conservatives fear the Left's true agenda is so hideous - as carefully laid out by lefties themselves - that if we expose it and speak honestly about it, the public will turn against US for putting such ugliness into their Twitter feeds and Facebook pages.

You've got a legion of parents out there, a real honest-to-gosh grassroots movement, sickened and disgusted by what they've learned about public education, enraged at the way they were treated by the establishment when they raised their voices. They come from every demographic.

What that grassroots army of parents needs right now is REPRESENTATION. They're looking for candidates to support at every level. And they need intellectual firepower, ideological support, a movement that understands their concerns and offers a philosophy to illuminate them.

That's where you're supposed to come in, conservatives - from activists to professional pundits. Or do we get another Tea Party debacle where the grassroots gets trashed by the establishment and left to the mercy of grifters because they threatened to rock the boat too hard? /end

He's far too charitable. In a post all about doubting the good faith of the left, he seems to have a blind spot as far as doubting the good faith of the left's frequent allies, the GOP "Establishment."

He casts this as the "Establishment" actually supporting the right's policy positions, but being too cowardly and too weak to stand up to the media to push for them.

In fact, the "Establishment" despises the right's positions. They are liberals. They always say the same thing: "Guys we're totally on your siiiiiiide on this issue, it's just not the right tiiiiiime for this, we have to worry about the meeeeeedia..."

But they're not on our side. They support the leftwing position -- they're just too chickenshit to say so. Instead, they use the left as a bogeyman to frighten the right from pushing for its own interests and agenda.

That's why they are so supportive of the left and constantly defend them from "unfair" attacks like calling them "groomers:" Because 1, the "Establishment" (liberal) GOP needs the left to fight for the leftwing position on issues, because the fake pseudoright cannot fight openly for these positions but wants them to prevail, and, of course, 2, slurs like "Groomer" also apply to the pseudoright.

They claim they're selflessly defending their political enemies, the left, from these attacks. But that's doubly a lie: The left are not their political enemies, but their primary political allies, and they're not defending just the left from the "groomer" insult: They're defending themselves, because they approve of grooming.

David French is screaming that he's defending the left from the groomer insult while himself defending all the grooming that the actual right objects to.

For anyone who still believes that the "Establishment" just avoids taking the right side in culture war issues out of fear of losing elections -- as opposed to simply supporting the left's side in culture war issues -- consider what they're willing to do when someone, like Trump, outrages them and threatens their monopoly:

They're willing --eager, even -- to throw elections to the Democrats. They're willing -- again, eager -- to Burn It All Down.

So you tell me: If they really are on the right's side of, say, immigration, why are they worried about the media destroying us and causing us to lose elections? They have demonstrated for six straight years they are completely willing to cede elections to Democrats, and even vote and campaign for Democrats, when the right upsets them by advancing a rightist agenda.

They're not "timid." They're not afraid of culture wars -- as we see in the case of David French and Jonah Goldberg and AllahPundit, they are in fact snarling beligerents in the culture wars.

They're just fighting them for the other side.

Yes, their preferred method of fighting the culture war is in the coward's way of embedding themselves in the right as saboteurs and destroying us from within.

But, when they're discovered as saboteurs, they are very willing to run to the enemy's position and put on the enemy's uniforms.

Bill Kristol is not "too timid" to fight the culture wars. No, he is a fierce culture warrior.

He's just leftwing.

And AllahPundit as well. I point him out because he is not only a cultural leftist, but he fights the culture war in the same way all culture leftists do: He claims he actually hates culture wars, and then attacks the right for starting them and fighting them.

He pretends the left has not been waging unending culture war on the country for decades.

Because he agrees with the left, and he agrees with the left's own narrative on culture wars: "We're not fighting any culture wars, because our positions are not leftwing ideological positions. Our positions are 'just right' and simply 'pure justice.'"

They deny there is any ideological preference to their positions; their positions are manifestly the just and right way to consider these issues. There is only one just and good position to have on these issues, and, coincidentally enough, they happen to have the just and good position on every single culture war issue.

In this Narrative, there is no "political struggle" here because the opposing political side does not have any legitimate position at all. It is not a case of the left fighting a culture war which the right opposes; it is a case of the left fighting for the manifest public good and the right evilly opposing it because they're low-minded bigots who Hate.

That is why Allahpundit can repeatedly say he opposes "the right's culture warring" while himself taking the left's position on every culture war issue: Because he doesn't believe this a collision of two ideologies. He simply believes one side is simply Right (as in correct) and the other side is simply... evil.

All of these "Establishment" GOP voices believe this.

They do not resist clamping down on the border because it's "unpopular" and the media would "destroy us" if we "go too far."

No, Trump proved that the border is potent issue... and that the right has the more popular take on it.

There are not "two sides" on cancer, the left says. There is just one side-- just as there is only one side on illegal aliens, the border, Critical Race Theory, grooming young kids to be open-minded about their gender, etc.

That's how AllahPundit always disdains a culture war while fighting it, red in tooth and claw: Because there just is no opposing side to credit as legitimate.

If this were just about the "Establishment's" timidity about taking an unpopular side of a culture war issue and their worry about losing seat, they would have adopted the strong-border position long ago.

Instead, the "Establishment" GOP is back negotiating... amnesty for illegal aliens again:

Screenshot (1975).png

Yes, even though the GOP is killing the Democrats on this issue, Thom Tillis and his gang of liberal "Republicans" is back negotiating with Democrats to amnesty illegal aliens and give the Democrats one less thing to worry about in November.

The political winds are at hurricane force level right now and it's all to the back of the Republican Party. They're cruising to a red tsunami come November. Democrats by the dozens are retiring, so how does the GOP take advantage of all these political winds? They're going to hold talks with Democrats...on immigration reform.

Are you kidding me? What the hell is going on, and what the hell do they think will come out of these talks. It's a trap. First, of course, Democrats want to have a bipartisan meeting with the Republicans. They're going to put forward proposals that simply will not fly with our side, and then plaster the airwaves about the GOP's willingness to hash out a deal to depress GOP turnout and infuriate the conservative base. They'll tease that they're close to some agreement only to pour more salt into the wound. Then, the news breaks about the inevitable collapse of the talks which by then will have done its job by casting doubt and righteous fury among those the GOP base.

If there is one issue that will cause Republican voters to stay at home, it's a deal on immigration reform. We all know Democrats want an 'open borders/every illegal gets citizenship' bill. They're going to play on the Republicans' affinity for regular order, tradition, and all-around naivete to slowly push for this. Will it work? No, but the point now is to make this a 2022 strategy if they can. The Select Committee on January 6 was their original ploy, but that's dead. Too many domestic crises and no one cares about January 6 anymore. Playing 'Weekend at Bernie's' with a bill that everyone knows is dead but seems alive to depress GOP turnout is a hail Mary, but that's all Democrats have. Wait, Republicans aren't that dumb, right? Folks, they're dabbling with this nonsense when they don't need to, and for what? For what? The Democratic Party has only become more extreme.

This behavior cannot be called merely "timid."

No, Tillis and the rest of the liberal "Republicans" are actually courageous enough to tell conservatives to go fuck themselves and die.

They're not cowards avoiding a fight. They're partisans on the other side eager to fight.

And so they continue to fight for the left's less-politically-popular side of it.

Not because they worry that the immigration hurts the right.

No, it's just straight-up because they support the left's position on immigration and believe that the right's position is... (wait for it...)


They avoid saying that, because they know they'd be kicked out of even pretending to be on the right if they just start slinging around the Racist slur like their leftwing comrades do.

But the minute they actually make it official and decamp to join the left -- they do start accusing the right of Racism (and homophobia, and transphobia, etc., etc.) as all of their leftwing comrades do.

While they're still pretending to be on the right, they avoid saying what they believe and accusing the right of racism; but they moment they decide they can make better money grifting the left, they start letting the charges of racism fly.

I love John Haywood, but he is just dead-wrong here.

One more black-ish pill for you:

A lot of the liberal Republicans, who are actually neoliberal Democrats, have been forced to unmask.

But only those saboteurs in one area of the movement: The area of actually writing about politics.

The neoliberal Democrats posing as Republicans have mostly outed themselves, because their jobs require them to express their beliefs (even if those beliefs are often expressed in as deceptive a way as possible).

But most of the Republican Party's workers do not have to publicly announce their beliefs. Most of the Republican Party's grifters work in positions where they can be relatively silent on policy, at least as regards speaking publicly about it.

All the Acela Corridor grifters in fundraising, consulting, polling, etc., can remain masked as they continue to work to sabotage the actual political right.

We need to unmask these people and purge them.

Remember: David French used to pose as rootin'-tootin' sixgun-shootin' Severe Conservative himself for years and years before Trump's embrace of actual rightwing culture war issues caused him to show his real belief system.

David French is no longer pretending he's against the GOP's push to get CRT out of the schools because he worries that it might cause suburban PTA Moms to desert us.

No, he knows that suburban PTA moms hate this CRT poison and want to get it out of the schools themselves.

He supports CRT because, get this, he just supports CRT.

And he says you're not a Christian if you oppose it:

Screenshot (1976).png

This is what they really believe. All the bullshit about just opposing this stuff because they worry we'll lose seats is chum for the chumps.

7 I'm at the point where I think every fight should be fought, no matter how miniscule the issue. It's the Broken Windows theory of policing brought to culture wars: Fight the "little fights", the small shit, just so there are fewer Big Battles that need to be fought. Posted by: Huck Follywood
They screw us because we let them do it. No, strike that. Not "we." I quit voting for them. As long as conservatives keep crawling over broken glass to vote for GOP Democrats (and they are *all* - all of them - Democrats, at least at the national level), they'll keep on laughing their way to the bank.

They said, loudly and clearly, in every way imaginable "we just need to get rid of Trump, and the rubes will come back to the fold, and we can have our precious shell-game back on track."

I said that was a terrible miscalculation on their part, and it was a miscalculation on mine. They were right; I was dead damned wrong. And when you hand them their big "win" in November, you'll go right back to complaining about how they've buggered you once again.
Posted by: Yudhishthira's Dice

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posted by Ace at 05:03 PM

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