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July 28, 2023

The Devil and the LibsofTikTok

A school board president announced a policy that it would not hide a child's social-contagion decision to "transition" from his or her parents.

Trans activists then threatened to dismember her, and murder her children.

The Chino Valley (California) Unified School District (CVUSD) Board of Education's new parental notification policy on transgender students is getting backlash from some community members who have reportedly launched death threats against the board president.

The policy adopted with a 4-1 decision last week requires the "principal/designee, certified staff, and school counselors" to, within three days of becoming aware of the preference, notify parents of a student's decision to identify with a gender that does not directly correspond with their biological sex, use different pronouns or a different name or use locker rooms and/or restrooms that do not correspond with their biological gender.

Days later, CVUSD President Sonja Shaw told "Washington Watch With Tony Perkins" that a death threat against her came through on an anonymous phone call the day after the decision.

"The next morning, our district got a phone call. A lot of things were said, but one thing was very clear -- this person was going to kill me, and they said they were going to dismember my body parts, my limbs more specifically," Shaw told the show on Monday.

"Thank God we have an amazing police department who jumped on it right away."

Hours later, she checked her district email and found it inundated with threats.

"[Things like] 'you're going to die' with other inappropriate words, 'your children are going to die,' and 'your animals are going to die...'" Shaw continued, telling the show that those behind the threats noted the types of animals she has. Members of Antifa also "declare[d] war" on her, she said.

I'm sure the FBI will investigate the antifa lunatics threatening a school board, right? Right?

They sure took it seriously when it was traditionalist parents objecting to the woke shit.

California will pay to put fake breasts into the chest of a transgender man who murdered two babies.

A man who beat two of his own infants to death is now allegedly waiting on breast implants after his transfer to a California women's prison.

Jessica Marie Hann, who went by Jason Michael Mann previously, started identifying as a woman in 2019, as reported by Reduxx.

Hann's previous arrest came after he admitted to killing two of his children once they were born. Their bodies were found 1,500 miles apart from each other in separate storage units.

The remains of his 10-week-old daughter were placed in a "blue Tupperware-type container" inside a unit in Arkansas. Hann had hit his daughter over the head, breaking her skull in 2001.

Prior to the murder of his daughter, Hann had also killed his one-month-old son. He was facing 30 years on the charge in 1999. He was moved to death row after his conviction for the killings in 2013.

His girlfriend, Krissy Werntz, also took part in the killing of the daughter and was put into the Central California Women's Facility (CCWF).

In 2019, he started identifying as a woman while on death row and was transferred to the general women's population in 2020 after an observation period. However, with legislation from an executive order from Governor Gavin Newsom, the death penalty has been suspended.

A group of moms interested in protecting kids from sexual indoctrination and abuse attempted to use Eventbrite to schedule a meeting.

Eventbrite deplatformed them, nuking their account.

But the left doesn't protect pedophiles, right?

Online ticketing platform Eventbrite recently unpublished two events from Purple for Parents Indiana, an organization fighting to protect children from indoctrination and sexualization in schools.

The first event, "RSVP America: Restoring Social Virtue and Purity to America," exposes the history and agenda behind laws allowing children to be sexualized in schools. Miller said her group used Eventbrite to sell tickets for a previous RSVP America conference.

Eventbrite's decision to unpublish the upcoming conference followed a July 11 Reddit post on the r/Indiana subreddit asking people to "Report a hate group event!"

"The registered hate group purple for parents is hosting an event," the post read. "Check out their eventbright [sic] event and report it." The user included a link, and more than 20 users confirmed in comments or replies on the post that they had reported the event to Eventbrite.

On July 18, Miller received an email from Eventbrite Trust and Safety notifying her the event had been unpublished. "We have determined that your event is not permitted on the Eventbrite platform as it violates our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service, specifically our policy on Hateful, Dangerous, or Violent Content and Events," the email said.

According to Eventbrite's Community Guidelines, this type of content includes "Hate speech, hateful ideologies, and hateful activities that incite, encourage or engage in violence, intimidation, disparagement, harassment, or threats" based on certain characteristics.


According to CNN Business, two of Eventbrite's 10 biggest stockholders are Vanguard and BlackRock, massive asset management firms that use their economic clout to push radical "environmental, social, and governance" (ESG) agendas.

As of press time, Eventbrite had not responded to a request for comment.

CNN boosted the false trans activist claim that you either have to "affirm" a young child's sudden request to "transition," or else he'll kill himself.

CNN ran a story Thursday on the parents of a transgender-identifying teen "fleeing" Florida that repeated debunked claims that bans on sex changes would lead to "trans kids" dying.

"When the Florida Board of Medicine started meeting, we realized that they were going to ban gender-affirming care for kids, that we might need to leave. Because that is lifesaving essential medicine and treatment for our daughter," the child's mother said in the CNN segment.

"There was times before she started getting hormones that she was suicidal. But after she transitioned she was much more outgoing, much more comfortable with herself," the father said.

Transgender advocates often claim that puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and sex-change surgeries prevent suicide in gender dysphoric youth. Medical professionals also frequently tell parents of gender dysphoric children to choose between a "dead daughter or a living son" (or vice versa).

Many of the studies used to back up this claim are funded by pharmaceutical companies and activist groups, psychiatrists pointed out to the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) in December. Dr. Miriam Grossman, a psychiatrist, said that the results of these studies tend to the biased since they are based off voluntary answers from respondents, meaning those who are more passionate about the issue are more likely to respond.

"Excessive focus on an exaggerated suicide risk narrative by clinicians and the media may create a damaging ... 'self-fulfilling prophecy' effect ... whereby suicidality in these vulnerable youths may be further exacerbated," another psychiatrist told the DCNF.

These statistics also tend to diminish the effects of other comordibities -- such as depression or eating disorders -- on a patient's risk of suicide, another psychiatrist said.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded a study claiming to find that taking cross-sex hormones had a positive impact on patients' mental health. While depression and anxiety did slightly decline among study participants, 11 patients developed suicidal ideation and two patients committed suicide during the study. The study also lacked a control group and found no mental health benefits for biological males.

That CNN coordinated Democrat Party hit on Ron DeSantis is here.

Her son, who she calls "Tori," came to her in tears, she says. She asked him what was wrong, and he said "DeSantis."

Oh. Ohhhh.

Not even trying to hide it, huh?

My eight-year-old daughterson Che-Che just turned to me with tears in xir eyes, and asked me, sobbing, "Mommy-Daddy, why does CNN run propaganda operations 24/7?"

Here's what they're fighting in favor of:

One of the first studies into the side effects of transgender surgeries has revealed alarmingly high rates of post-op pain, aching during intercourse, and bladder problems, raising troubling questions for this new frontier of medicine.

A huge majority - 81 percent - of those who had gender-affirming surgery in the past five years said they endured pain simply from moving around in the weeks and months after going under the knife.

Researchers from the University of Florida and Brooks Rehabilitation, a health non-profit, showed that more than half of trans surgery patients endured pain during sex, and nearly a third could not control their bladders.

Incontinent at age 15.

Dr Meryl Alappattu, a UF physiotherapy professor, said she would publish her report later this year, but released provisional findings in a private online workshop that was able to attend.

'There is a high percentage reporting musculoskeletal pain, difficulty moving, and pelvic floor dysfunction,' said Dr Alappattu, adding that more research is needed in a poorly-understood area.

'In terms of getting information related to the efficacy of these types of treatments ... we still have a lot of work to do.'


UF researchers studied 21 trans and non-binary people aged between 20 and 70 who had undergone trans surgeries in the past five years -- mostly mastectomies and vaginoplasties.

81 percent endured pain in their lower back, groin, pelvis, chest, or shoulders in the weeks, months, and even years after their procedures, researchers found.

Another 57 percent found sexual intercourse painful.

Meanwhile, 29 percent suffered urinary incontinence or a frequent and urgent need to go to the bathroom, researchers found.

The pink-hair trans Dr. Frankenstein admits against interest the high rates of side effects of his chop-shop butchery.

Pink-haired Portland surgeon who performs sex-change surgery on trans CHILDREN admits they face lifetime of infertility, incontinence and sexual dissatisfaction, in now-deleted video ...

A surgeon dubbed Dr Frankenstein has candidly revealed the downsides of performing genital re-shaping surgeries on transgender children and adults, in a video which has since been deleted.

In the video, Dr Blair Peters, a self-described 'queer surgeon' with 'he/they' pronouns, pink hair and a 'passion' for genital surgeries, says patients face fertility, sexual pleasure and other lifelong post-op complications.

Perhaps more concerning is how Dr Peters -- who works at one of America's most progressive hospitals -- presents his procedures, some of which involve robotics, as experimental.

<>He says he's 'figuring out what works' and that his team will know more in the next 'five-to-10 years.'

Oh okay. We'll know if it was justified to surgically alter children in 5-to-10 years.

Keep cashing your checks until then, Dr. Frankenstein.


Frankenstein more like Frankenberry am i rite

Democrats walked out a committee hearing rather than be present as a video about that video -- the one by Dr. Frankenberry talking casually about the horrible side effects of sex-change surgeries for children --was played.

Democrats walked out of a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing last week after U.S. Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., asked to play a video of a physician explaining what gender reassignment surgeries on minors entail.

The committee reportedly debated whether or not tax dollars should go toward children's hospitals to fund gender reassignment surgeries for minors during the hearing.

During Cammack's debate time, she asked to play a brief interview clip of University of Oregon's Health and Science Division gender affirming surgery expert Dr. Blair Peters explaining what gender reassignment surgeries entail.

After Cammack asked to play the clip, some Democrats objected and asked for the committee to be adjourned.

"It's a medical expert from your side," Cammack argued to those objecting the video be played.

"As you claim, if we do not understand how these surgeries work, I would like to show a video that articulates how these surgeries are conducted. I think that is completely germane to the conversation that we are having here today," Cammack continued.

The committee then took a recess, while the minority reviewed the video.

This girl wants to mutilate herself -- and just cut off "one boob," so she has "one boob and no boob" -- just to shock people.

Should we "affirm" her "genderfuck" identity? (Genderfuck is an "identity" that exists just to shock the straights with how weird and nonbinary and anti-gender-norms you are. It's acting out, in other words. Should acting out be a medical cause for unnecessary and irreversible surgery?)

This person discusses the "alters" -- multiple personalities -- in her "system" (the collection of multiple personalities she's hallucinating). "Headmates" are the other personalities in your head. They're like roommates, you see, but in your head. So, "headmates."

She discusses people who hallucinate they are birds -- "wingkin," I think -- and having "wing dysphoria."

Should this person be affirmed, or treated for mental illness?

Ryan Long discussed another mentally-ill girl who claimed to be a "human-bird hybrid" but to also have two birds, a cardinal and a blue jay, in her DID "system."

She was very condescending about it. She doesn't understand why you dummies don't understand she's got a flock of birds in her head and is also a human-bird hybrid./a>

Dylan Mulvaney is now asking for $40,000 a pop to talk about "women's empowerment." I presume he's against it?


Drink Bud Light, yayyy!

On a positive note: Chloe Cole rails against the dangers of "transitioning" young, immature children.

Like herself.

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posted by Ace at 06:19 PM

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