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April 10, 2022

Gun Thread: Shootin' at WeaselAcres Edition!

WA pic scaled.jpg

Howdy, Y'all! Welcome to the wondrously fabulous Gun Thread! As always, I want to thank all of our regulars for being here week in and week out, and also offer a bigly Gun Thread welcome to any newcomers who may be joining us tonight. Howdy and thank you for stopping by! I hope you find our wacky conversation on the subject of guns 'n shooting both enjoyable and informative. You are always welcome to lurk in the shadows of shame, but I'd like to invite you to jump into the conversation, say howdy, and tell us what kind of shooting you like to do!

Q: Has Weasel been to WeaselAcres?
A: Yes! Yes Weasel has been to WeaselAcres, and there is an exciting range report on the trip from our pal blaster, below!

Also, have I mentioned the 2022 NoVAMoMe is scheduled for Saturday, June 11th? Have I mentioned this thing? Well, in case I have not, the 2022 NoVaMoMe is scheduled for Saturday, June 11th. That's the day after the 10th and the day before the 12th. You should register. Really. If you do not register then our pal bluebell will be disappointed and sad and may very well take it out on your ol' pal Weasel. Help me. Please. See below for details and registration info!

As I mentioned last week this is MoMe season, with other Moron gatherings on the calendar in Colorado, Washington, Alaska and Texas. Holy Shitballs! It's a dang MoMe-palooza!. Take a peek at the main page left sidebar, find a MoMe near you, and sign up to attend one. You won't regret it!

With that, let's get to the gun stuff below, shall we?


Shootin' at WeaselAcres

range pic 041022 scaled.jpg

I had the pleasure of shooting with members of the DMV Moron Gun Club at WeaselAcres this past weekend and let me tell you they all came to shoot, and shooters they are! I also invited my main shooting buddy Geoff to come down and we both had a great time hosting the group. A day and a half was simply not enough. Below is the range report from our pal blaster.

You've seen the videos. It's just as advertised. A remote undisclosed location where one can shoot at hanging steel targets outside and make them go ping or clang, depending (I don't have an onomatopoeiac word for the 12 gauge slug hitting it.) The one surprise is that it is not an actual bunker.

Attendees were the founding members of the DMV Moron Gun Club, sharon(willow's apprentice), Iris, Hrothgar, sra blaster, and your humble correspondent, blaster. Range master was one Weasel, ably assisted by Weasel's friend with machine gun benefits - WFWMGB.

Wait - did he say machine gun benefits? Yes he did. We will get to that.

So what did we shoot? As Neo said, guns. Lots of guns. Actually, and I know it is hard to understand these words in this order, but too many guns. We didn't have enough time in a day and a half shooting exercise to get to them all. I could enumerate all the things that had been dredged from the ponds in order to arm up this trip, but it would be way over allowed word count. But to give you an idea, this was the array of long guns.

b 041022 long guns scaled.jpg

We were shooting to practice shooting. No thousand yard shots (the longest configuration was 100 yards), and we weren't, as Weasel said, trying to create the smallest hole on a piece of paper. We were working on fundamental things, stance and grip and manual of arms and trigger discipline and reloading and mostly making sounds on steel. And some exposure to new guns and try them out. Everybody had something that just made them smile after shooting it.

Okay blah blah we want to know about the machine gun! Weasel's shooting buddy, WFWMGB (he is infamous as a participant in the tree clearing by Uzi 9mm) brought an H&K MP-5. The giggle switch on that thing is ridiculous!

b 041022 selector scaled.jpg
No pew/pew/pew pew pew/pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew

In yet another movie reference, it is sooo choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend it. If you have to ask the price on a full auto MP-5, well, you know the saying. And, a 30 round mag full of 9mm at todays price's is about $10-$12 per. The smile, though? Priceless. This is the only target picture in this range report: this silhouette steel target got a mag emptied onto it in 4 bursts.

b 041022 target scaled.jpg
This zombie is dead!

Another highlight was a Weasel special built "practice gun." The bolt was from Savage but everything else was custom custom custom. Weasel said the barrel was like a truck axle. I don't know how to describe the scope other than big. It's up there in the long gun picture. You can probably pick it out. How did it shoot? Let's just say if you could put the crosshairs on something you were going to hit it. Wow wow wow. The 100 yard range was not a challenge for it at all. I am sure it can reach WAY out.

Honorable mention to the Mossberg Scout. It's just an off the shelf bolt action rifle, but the Jeff Cooper Scout rifle concept is a winner. A forward mounted long eye relief scope that lets you acquire targets rapidly and a carbine length - everyone who shot it hit the 100 yard steel every time. Aside from the bruise it left on swa's bicep (7 pound weight in a .308 means you really have to hold it hard on your shoulder) I'm going to call it a good utility rifle.

Shooting with morons (and the moron adjacent) is really a great time. But going to WeaselAcres is sublime. Having real shooters advising you is the best. And Weasel and WFWMGB as those advisers is about perfect. They are very patient and kind to those they are coaching. You can't help but learn something.

b 041022 weasel scaled.jpg

I will make a pitch here for the "Win a Dream Date with Weasel" raffle. Whatever you bid - IT IS NOT ENOUGH. You will get some one on one instruction that isn't available anywhere at any price. You will be a better shooter for it, I promise you.

If you can't tell, I had a great time. 5/5, would shoot again! The DMV Moron Gun Club is very grateful for the invite. Expect individual perspectives in the comments.

Thank you, blaster! I had a great time and can tell the consistent practice you all have been doing is really paying off. You and the gang are welcome back anytime!


Match Shooting
Next up, our pal Blake sends a range report on a competition he recently entered.

I finally made it to 7 mile Hill Shooting Range and participated in an evening shoot.

It was a local club match, not affiliated with any national organization, so, local match rules. Minding the 180 rule and trigger discipline were pretty much the only thing that mattered.

The match itself was interesting, sort of a hybrid of USPSA and IDPA, but, without the pesky rules of IDPA, such as magazine retention if magazine isn't empty, etc.

The first setup was as follows: Three shooting positions, in a line, shoot the first position, move, shoot the second, move, shoot the third. The targets were a mix of steel and cardboard silhouettes, closest silhouette was 5 yards, max overall distance was about 12 yards.

First time through, shot left to right, second time through, shot right to left.

After we were done with this set up, targets were re-arranged, and, 5 shooting positions were created. Rearranging everything also changed the round count per position, allowing me to completely game this particular run. The maximum round count was 6 per position, so, rather than shoot to slide lock, then reload, I dropped the mag, and reloaded for every position, knowing I had one in the chamber, ready to go. Huge advantage, time wise, when running a 1911 with an 8 round magazine.

What made the match even more interesting was the changing light conditions. We started out with daylight and gradually transitioned to shooting under lights. It always interested me how much changing light conditions affects shooting and it was a great to experience with this match.

As of this writing, I'm not sure how I did, overall, against the other single stack shooters, though, I think I did pretty well. Obviously, the double stack people went through the stages with pretty much 1 reload, unlike us single stack guys, and, for the most part, their times reflected the advantage.

Overall, a fun match and, because of the very relaxed attitude, easy to get going and remain focused.

Great report as usual, Blake! Thank you!

Allow me to add my 2 cents on club matches. They are just about the best practice and training you can find at any price and they are surprisingly affordable, with most costing $10 or so to enter. You have to practice all the elements of whatever discipline you are shooting, with the added incentive of performing your very best for score. When I was learning to shoot I eventually reached a plateau and wasn't seeing much continued improvement until I decided to start entering club-level matches. I am not talking about competing simply for the sake of competition, but shooting for score focuses your attention like few other things will. Seriously. I am not making that up.

Check and see if your local range or gun club hosts matches. If they do, find one that interests you and sign up. If not, the NRA Competitive Shooting Programs division is something the NRA actually does very well. I don't care if you are an absolute beginner or an expert marksman, competition will make you a better shooter.

For the first-timers, you just have to get over the idea you don't know how matches are run and aren't sure what you're doing. That's the way I felt. Find out who the match director is and explain your situation in advance, and ask to be squadded with someone who will show you the ropes. I promise you will have a good time, and will make some like-minded new friends. Nothing would make me happier than to have one or more of you commit to signing up for a match and later reporting back here on how much fun you had!


Model 64 Revisited
Remember this gun from way back in the olden days of last Sunday?

M64 1 041022 scaled.jpg

Welp, confession time. I have never been particularly in love with the Pachmayr Grips that are on it. They are perfectly fine grips, they are just a little on the small side for my hand which bugs me a little bit every time I pick it up. The rubbery stuff is also a little squishier than the Hogues, a selling point feature on their Decelerator line for large magnum calibers.

M64 041022 hogues scaled.jpg

So I went all wacky and put these Hogue Combats on it, which I have on most of my other guns, and which seem to fit my hand better. I think I originally chose the Pachmayers because of their slightly smaller size and concealability, but was never completely satisfied with the way they felt.

The grips on most handguns are changeable, and don't overlook this as a way to improve the feel of a gun you're not quite happy with or feel you are not shooting well. Even a minor difference in ergonomics can make a difference on the target. I happen to like the feel of the Hogues better, and will probably shoot a little more consistently with them as a result. They cost about $30 on Amazon and attach with a single screw which is generally within my gunsmithing skill set.

Do you have a handgun that doesn't feel quite right? From a purely aesthetic point of view, which do you like better, the Hogues or the Pachmayers? For those that have tried both, which do you feel softens recoil better in large calibers?


Ax Weasel

Time again to answer reader mail!

question-mark scaled.jpg

Our pal hogmartin is thinking about rifles and is considering two, a Tikka T3X and a Howe 1500.

In 6.5 Creedmoor. Worth $530 or should I come in next week and see if they have a T3X with a threaded muzzle? The Tikka is a little more, but I've heard good things about the brand. The Howa 1500 is a little less expensive but the action and trigger feel just as nice, I'm just not at all familiar with them. I have guns, but nothing scoped for ranges past about 200 yards, and I have a Riton on the way and nothing to put it on. Opinions?

Weasel does not have direct experience with either rifle. Like Hogmartin, I have heard good things about Tikka and would also take a look at the Howa. I don't think you could go wrong with either platform as long as you keep in mind that ultimately performance will depend on the ammo used. What do all y'all smart people think?


trigger warning pic scaled.jpg

Our pal GWB has a question on triggers.

What difference do triggers make (especially on rifles, since that's what I most often see upgrades for)? How can I tell if my trigger is not as good as it could be? How can I test my trigger? What things should I notice (and what do those terms mean - wall, break, etc.) when I'm, for instance, handling two different guns and deciding which one is more to my liking?

Personally, I think way too big a deal is made regarding triggers. As long as you like the feel of a trigger, then it's the right one for you. I mostly keep the stock triggers on my guns, the exception being my match rifles where I use the exact same Timney triggers, all set to the same 1.5 pound pull. Many will feel 1.5# is heavy, but that's what I'm used to and comfortable with, and I want the feel to be exactly the same across each of these rifles. I do not personally like the ultra-light triggers favored by many of my shooting buddies who may have theirs set as low as 8 ounces. I have also seen these same people have unintended discharges on the line during a match string as a result of their ultra-light trigger settings.

Another exception is an AR I built and invested in a Geissele trigger mostly for funsies just to see what all of the fuss is about. It's a great trigger and I do not regret the purchase but I cannot honestly say it makes me shoot the rifle noticeably better. Here is a 2022 review of AR drop-in triggers for those interested. As far as bolt rifles go, I absolutely 100% recommend the Timney brand. Great people who make a great product and support the shooting sports. There are lots of pricey options in the aftermarket so look around but personally I'd invest the money in a shooting lesson or practice ammo.

What about some of the various terms GWB mentioned above? Below are a few brief explanations:

Trigger Creep - positive trigger movement which does not cause the sear to move
Trigger Wall - the point when the trigger mechanism first engages the resistance of the sear
Trigger Break - the point where the trigger movement causes the sear to release the hammer

Here is a good article on trigger discipline and trigger control strangely titled Ultimate Guide to Trigger Discipline and Trigger Control.

What about you all? Do you have a favorite brand? Do you agree or disagree with my opinion regarding "premium" triggers? Does anyone feel their shooting has improved after upgrading from a stock trigger to a premium one?


Since we talk a lot about concealed carry, here's Mas Ayoob taking a look at a number of different shoulder holsters. I'm not sure if I have featured this before, and if I have, here it is again - so quit yer bitching.


Gun Basics 101

Here's the She Equips Herself gal with a video on concealed carry and athletic wear.


Cigar of the Week

cuaba scaled.jpg

Here's a feisty little amigo, the Cuaba Divino from Cigar One. I like these when I want a nice cigar but don't want to invest 45 minutes or more in smoking one. A little pricey at $8 each, but worth the price for a special occasion. Bonus! Here's a video review I found on the cigar.



The social and cultural event of the season, NoVaMoMe 2022 is on the calendar! That's right, you people have a chance to meet many of your online pals on Saturday, June 11th beginning at 1pm until dark, or such time as it gets busted up by the cops. We have an exciting location in the Northern Virginia area which allows extended time for visiting. Admission is $25 which includes food and soft drinks, with a cash bar. This year the menu is BBQ chicken and pork with the usual sides and cookies for dessert. Appetizers begin just after 1pm and dinner is 3pm. Want to be one of the cool kids? Just send an email to novamome at protonmail dot cee oh emm, pass the rigorous screening process to obtain registration details, then sign up to attend! Easy-Peasy!

Each year, I spend a fair amount of time encouraging people to come to a MoMe. Any MoMe! I cannot overemphasize how much fun these things are, and how much we want YOU to come! We plan for the crowd in general but also consider the needs of the introvert lurkers and provide plenty of potted plants for those so inclined to hide behind. All kidding aside, you are completely welcome to slink-in, eat, drink and people-watch, and then slink-out. It is a 100% zero pressure event. If you can handle a backyard picnic, you can definitely handle this.

Win a Dream Date with Weasel!
Back by tepid demand, a separate raffle for the Gun Thread gift basket will be held. This fabulous prize includes an entire day of shooting and personalized one-on-one handgun & rifle coaching and instruction at Weasel Acres on a mutually agreeable date with yours truly. The lucky winner will be able to not only bring and shoot their own weapons, but also try out a variety of WeaselWeapons using WeaselAmmo!

We will end the day with dinner at a good Mexican place in nearby Appomattox. Pretty much a dream date with Weasel! The winner will be responsible for their travel to and from Central Virginia, hence the separate drawing.

Don't be a pathetic girly-man loser, register today!



I'm really very seriously not kidding around anymore. Buy Ammo
AmmoSeek - online ammo search tool
GunBot - online ammo search tool
SG Ammo
Palmetto State Armory
Georgia Arms
Target Sports USA
Bud's Gun Shop

***Mail Bag***

Not sure if you want to register for the NoVaMoMe? Allow me to show you part of a certain someone's shank collection as a motivator.

bigshankcollection004 scaled.jpg


Please note the new and improved protonmail account gunthread at protonmail dot com. An informal Gun Thread archive can be found HERE. Future expansion plans are in the works for the site Weasel Gun Thread. If you have a question you would like to ask Gun Thread Staff offline, just send us a note and we'll do our best to answer. If you care to share the story of your favorite firearm, send a picture with your nic and tell us what you sadly lost in the tragic canoe accident. If you would like to remain completely anonymous, just say so. Lurkers are always welcome!

That's it for this week - have you been to the range?

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